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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 2, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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coming up on 5:00 a.m. good morning and welcome. wednesday, august 2nd. >> we're glad you're making a part of your morning with us, and also hope that you're wearing very light clothing today. >> yeah, that would help. if you're going to be outside, listen to your body. hydrate now and don't wait until you're thirty-firsty. those are some of the keys to stave off the heat. here's a live look at doppler 7. those are high clouds around 20,000 feet. thal. be increasing today, but they're not going to dim the sunshine enough to stave off the heat. here's a look at the 12-hour day planner. 55 to 69. warmer when you step outside this morning. bottom line, those are your temperatures at the coast. mid 60s at noon and 4:00. 92 to 98 inland. i'm sure a lot of us, our car thermometers will be over 100. if you're heading out this evening, 62 at the coast and 88 inland. notice the lack of clouds. let's find out if there are issues on the road. >> thought too many. overnight construction projects
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that are in the wrapping up stages. here's a look at southbound 680 through walnut creek between 680 and pleasant hill road, we had lanes scheduled to be closed until 5:00. looks like they're picking those up right now. we're still doing okay for that walnut creek commute. mass transit looking okay, too. want to pass along this note. same thing as yesterday. if you ride the golden gate ferry from larkspur, we'll have capacity issues for the next few weeks. a smaller capacity vessel is in its place. especially the 7:50 a.m. trip and the 5:00 p.m. return trip from san francisco, get there early. we'll look at drive times coming up next. that breaking news coming in from hayward right now where police are investigating a shooting at this very moment. i want to show you this new video just coming in to our live desk. this is near the intersection of ocean view and apple. bullet holes can be seen on a house and car in that area. there are reports a car drove by
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and sprayed bullets in the area, but we're working to confirm those details with police. when we were able to speak with hayward police moments ago, they confirmed there was one victim in this shooting. right now, though, unclear if that person was seriously hurt. also unclear if police have a suspect in this case. as soon as i learn any more details, i'll pass those along. natasha. >> thank you. an east bay woman says a local kennel did not do enough when her dog was killed. this was henny. she was hit and killed by a car after she was boarded at a kennel in brentwood. as abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard explains, her owner is still waiting for answers. >> like your new toy? >> jessica campbell can't stop watching video clips of her dog henny. campbell was moving and needed to board her in a kennel short term. she found dirty dog canine retreat in brentwood. just hours after dropping him off on saturday -- >> we got a call she had escaped. and as you can imagine, our
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hearts just dropped. >> kennel staffers say henny had jumped a fence and took off. campbell was panicked. she drove to help search, but says no one at the facility seemed very concerned about finding henny. so she made an appeal on facebook to help find her dog. sadly, someone did, monday morning. >> she had been hit by a car. and she passed away. >> last year, another dog named bella escaped from the same kennel. and was tossed or fell from the antioch bridge. she was badly injured but alive. at the time, derty dog denied any responsibility. >> i'm making this post to let everyone know what happened. >> derty dog owner denied our request for an interview but addressed his critics in an emotional facebook live post. he says he tried searching for henny and promises to make changes. >> now that this has happened, i'm planning on redoing the fence on the back side of my property.
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this is -- this is my worst nightmare coming true. >> why don't you answer questions for us? our dog is dead. and you have nothing to say to us. but you have everything to say to the world. >> campbell received a refund from the kennel. she's now hired an attorney. in brentwood, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> we learned about this story through a viewer e-mail, and you can tell us what's happening where you live by e-mailing >> a san francisco judge expected to decide if three people charged in a political corruption trial will go to trial. this involved three people. the trio is accused of soliciting bribes in return for political favors to help mayor ed lee's 2011 re-election campaign. much of the evidence in the case comes from a wire tapped conversation with an undercover fbi agent. today, the judge is going to rule whether there is probable
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cause to proceed to trial. cal-osha inspectors have given the okay for the reopening of a ride at california's great america. the delirium ride was shut down by park operators following wednesday's fatal malfunction at the ohio state fair. the rides are similar but designed differently. great america closed the ride as a precaution. it has been reopened after it passed all the required tests. however, the fireball ride at the santa cruz beach boardwalk will remain closed until cal-osha inspectors finish more tests. that ride is manufactured by the same dutch company that made the ohio state fair ride. well, concern over the rise in crime on b.a.r.t. and this number this morning. violent crime has risen by 41% across the system this year. so you can see which stations are the most crime ridden. in terms of robberies, right here, coliseum and the bayfair stations top the list. more than ten at each stop this year. in terms of assault and battery, lake merritt and coliseum both in oakland.
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and finally, property crimes are up, car break-ins, 14%, daly city, fruit veil, coliseum, dublin, pleasanton all top that list and those numbers include the robbery in april when 40 teenagers stormed a train and terrorized passengers at the coliseum station. >> new details novato's high school prince pal said there may be a varsity football team this year after all. they told our media partner that if 20 to 25 juniors and seniors show up to the first official practice, novato high will field a team. earlier this week, the school announced it would petition to drop varsity football for the upcoming year. the principal says just three to 9 athletes showed up to voluntary summer practices. one junior blames poor communication for the low turnout. >> think carefully before you pick out your out fd today. depending on where you live, you could be sweating it out. >> matt keller is live within of our hot spots, san jose. hey, matt.
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>> good morning, natasha and reggie. yeah, the key to today is taking it easy. and i'm taking my own advice. i found a chair here at the plaza de cesar chavez. i have my red gatorade that was in the freezer overnight, and i'm relaxing. the good news about being here at the plaza de cesar chavez, they have fountains that will be turned on later today. the water will be shooting out. let's show you video of what it looks like when the foundens are on. you can see how much fun it is, especially for the kids and the adults. there are also five community centers throughout san jose that are being used as cooling centers. that includes camden community center which has a pool. they have swimming lessons and other things there, but the public can also take a dip to cool off. there's also seating in the shade. >> she is sensitive to heat. it's all about staying cool for us. air conditioning, fans. nice and breezy out here, though, so with the shade and breeze, it's not too bad.
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>> the cooling centers are open until 9:00 at night. that's later than usual. if you would like more information on the cooling centers, we have set up a link on our website, my favorite is the red gatorade. i think i would go with this, then the purple, then the blue. what do you guys think, natasha and reggie? >> i think that you look very relaxed and i'm jealous of that chair and i think i should have one up here. thank you. this isn't really gatorade. >> got you. >> just waiting for someone to come out and start fanning him or at least, you know, he's wearing loose, light colored clothing. we'll just leave that there. 65 in san ramon this morning and danville. how about 70s in walnut creek, pleasant hill, lafayette, pittsbu pittsburg, and antioch. low to mid 70s. some of the warmest temperatures, mt. diablo, 85 degrees. that's why in the higher elevations we have a heat advisory.
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63 in hayward. 66 in san jose. vallejo, 66. pacifica about 53 degrees. here's the way it looks at the golden gate bridge. one of those localized really foggy spots you're going to run into this morning. that will hang around through the entire morning commute. if you're going to the beach, strong sunshine. exercising the earlier the better. if you're on the bay, much calmer than the last couple days. no small craft advisory. areas that will exceed 100. palm springs, fresno, sacramento, redding. 97 in yosemite. our best chance of thunderstorms will be down around santa barbara towards palm springs and up across the sierras but that will also start moving up our way starting tomorrow. look at the heat, not only frus. medford, 114. 106 in portland. even seattle at 94 degrees. for us, today is going to be one of the hottest days moving forward. i see a little relief. 60s, 70s, and 80s by friday. we'll look at the weekend forecast.
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it promises more heat relief. >> good morning. we're looking at a really quiet start to our wednesday morning commute. really one of the only blocking issues we have, not causing a backup, but for a couple hours. probably will be here for a couple more. northbound 238 is closed. that's due to a flipped big rig. it flipped over about 2:00 this morning. they're saying maybe 6:30 for the opening time for that off ramp, but as you can see, that's not causing any delays. quick check of pretty good looking drive times. westbound 580, just seven minutes. westbound 92, 12, and westbound 84 in the green at nine minutes. >> thank you. 5:10 now. happening today, you can learn more about the transformation of san francisco's van ness avenue. construction has started on building a right of way for bus rapid transit and the median of the cross town corridor. tonight's meet the expert begins at 6:00 on van ness avenue and eddy street. if you go to our web page, you
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can find out more on the meet the expert talk. >> explosive new allegations coming to light. the connection between the death of a dnc worker and the trump russia investigation. >> plus, a truly out of this world job. the six-figure position to protect our earth. >> 11 minutes after 5:00 a.m. there's a live look at the bay bridge this morning. we keep weather and traffic we keep weather and traffic information right o
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democratic party staffer hopes a new lawsuit puts an end to conspiracy theories regarding a young man's death. a supporter of president trump denies working with the white house to craft a fake fox news story about seth rich's ties to wikileaks. you're about to see a tens exchange between cnn's chris cuomo and ed putowsky. >> you went to this family and offered it up to them. that was your only motivation, to give them this piece of information? >> so chris, i resent you trying to characterize me as an insensitive jerk. >> those are your words. i'm asking you a question. >> he and fox face a lawsuit by an investigator and fox contributor who worked with rich's family. broad wheeler explained his side to abc news. >> the worst call that was attributed to me was the fact that i supposedly said that i knew for a fact that seth rich was in contact and sending e-mails to wikileaks when in fact i had never made that statement ever. >> you can hear more from
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wheeler on "good morning america" starting at 7:00 right here. >> now to a murder mystery at a maryland beach. >> a 30-year-old woman swallowed alive by sand. investigators can't figure out how this happened. linzie janis a has the details in this horrible investigation. >> in this morning's "gma" first look, maryland authorities warning against digging large holes on the beach after a 30-year-old woman died. >> beach operator is telling me all they can see is an arm sticking out of the sand. they think they have a deceased body. >> ashley o'connor was vacationing in ocean city with her parents. her family last seeing her around 2:30 a.m. monday. that's when police say she was walking on the beach alone and may have fallen into or possibly sat down in a hole dug by another vacationer. >> we have a policy in ocean city about holes in the stand because of the danger of collapse. >> for nearly ten hours monday, investigators standing waist deep in the sand where o'connor was found.
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searching for clues. and we'll have the latest on the investigation coming up at 00 a.m. with your "gma" first look, i'm linzie janis, abc news, new york. 5:15. look at this dramatic effort to save a man from a burning car in minneapolis. this happened a week ago, but dashcam video has just been released. a car caught on fire after it crashed on the highway. officers pulled the female driver out first and then the passenger. unfortunately, he died at the hospital. his passenger, though, survived. alcohol was not a factor in this crash. the white house is preparing to open a broad investigation into china's trade practices. foreign companies have long complained over rampant piracy and technology theft by chinese companies. the investigation will focus on alleged chinese violations of american intellectual property. this comes amid growing worries over a chinese government-led effort to make the country a global leader in technology by 2025. that includes things like
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microchips and electric cars. >> happening today, theaters on broadway in new york will dim their marquees in honor of the late playwright and actor sam shepherd. 4:45 p.m. our time, lights will be dimmed for one minute in honor of shepherd. he was 73 years old. his broadway career included tony award nominations in 2000 and 1996 for buried child, for which he also received the pulitzer prize. >> prince philip will make his last official public appearance at the parade of royal marines in london. he's the captain general of the command force. prince philip has accompanied the queen on her royal duties since 1952. he became the longest serving british consort in 2009. he's had some health challenges in recent years including a hospitalization in june for the treatment of an infection. >> this is kind of disturbing. an air france flight flew past the location where a recent
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missile landed in the sea of japan within minutes. the flight was traveling from tokyo to paris, 323 people were onboard. the airline contents north korea's missile test zones do not interfere in any way with its flight paths. however, the pentagon has expressed concern over the potential danger a missile could pose to commercial aircraft in that region. >> talk a lot about the hot weather over the next few days. today is certainly going to be one of those days where you want to, if you can, wear ligh er clothing and drink a lot of water. >> anything you can to beat the heat. movies, malls, my big joke, freezer section, supermarket. loved it as a kid. here's a look at what's going on today. partly cloudy. warm to hot. tonight, partly cloudy. cool a the coast but warm inland. the heat will slowly release through the extended forecast. all right, i was doing some research. you know, because i'm a big fan of the pets, the asphalt today, think about that, could be 145 degrees.
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protect your pets' paws from that heat, if you have to take them out in the afternoon hours when the temperatures are around 100 to 103 degrees. in the north bay, above average highs from santa rosa at 94. look at sonoma, 95. napa, 92. even vallejo warm at 91 degrees. in the south bay. 95 at san jose. a couple 100s. gilroy, los gatos, morgan hill. santa cruz at 80, under sunshine. on the peninsula, 82 at san mateo to 88 in palo alto and redwood city. on the coast side, half moon bay, 66. looks like daly city, about 64 degrees. union city, about 86. oakland, 80. berkeley, 79. then let's go to san francisco. 73. that's where you'll find some relief from the heat. mission, 72. south san francisco, 74. daly city, about 64. let's take a look at the lows tonight. not bad. 56 in san francisco. to about 67 in san jose. livermore at 68. the hot spot, antioch and your neighbors in the mid 70s once
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again. my accuweather seven-day forecast, slight chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow. lingering chance friday. by the time we get to the weekend, 60s, 70s, and mainly 80s by sunday. hey, alexis. >> we're off to a quiet start here on this wednesday morning. we have had just two blocking issues so far today. one is westbound 580 just past harrison street. we had a vehicle that sounds like the tire fell off here this morning. still trying to take care of that. that's blocking the slow lane. no delays as you head to the maze. also seeing heavier traffic, westbound 205 to 580. you're not surprised. 13 miles per hour, 16 miles per hour, approaching altamont pass. we're hearing about a two-car crash. it's already off on the shoulder, so hopefully that won't have a big impact. bay bridge toll plaza starting to look good. we will have metering lights flipped on. if you're traveling from the toll plaza into san francisco, we're still in the green at nine minutes. >> alexis, thank you. check this out. a research team was reporting a
5:21 am
12-foot great white shark when it tried to take a bite, there it is, out of the camera. yikes. the massachusetts deserve of marine fishery sent this out. they were on a research trip to tag and identify the white park population. it includes an up close view of the shark's razor sharp teeth. that's probably the only time you want to see that. >> true. >> if you're a space geek, fresen up your resume. >> nasa is looking for a few good men or women, actually just one person. the position is planetary protection officer. the official job description, the avoidance of biological contamination in human and space exploration. that means protecting our planet against alien contamination. before you laugh, pay starts at $124,000 a year. they're looking for people with broad engineering experience and for people who like to travel. >> right. okay. i'm still trying to wrap my brain around that. to protect against alien waste?
5:22 am
>> contaminants. >> contaminants? >> yes. basically saving the world from aliens. >> cool. >> next, the seven things you need to know to start your day. and who runs the world? beyonce may soon be the baddest chick in the game. >> she's already the baddest chick. >> the mooch may be out of the white house job. he's still making news in the bay area. the reason people are talking about the former white house communications director. >> mike and alexis, always helping you to make it a better helping you to make it a better day, keeping up to date
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you'dreamt about it, it, maybe you should just go ahead and do it. we're legalzoom, and we've helped over a million people just like you start their own businesses. legalzoom. legal lp is here. i know you worry i can't keep up with our weekly tee times. dear son, but i've been taking osteo bi-flex ease. it's 80% smaller but just as effective. which means you're in big trouble, son. improved joint mfort in seven days. osteo bi-flex ease. made to move. hey, good morning. it's 5:24. here's the seven things you need to know before you go. i get to be number one. which means there's something going on weather wise. look at these extremes 102 in los gatos. 104 in brentwood. it is not a spare the air day. >> number two, cities across the bay area oipenning cooling
5:25 am
centers to help you beat the sweltering heat. san jose has extended operating hours at five of its communities centers to provide a safe, cool place. >> number three, from the live desk, a flight out of southern california to florida had to make an emergency landing in oklahoma city overnight. after several people fell ill from a strange smell. an investigation is under way now. >> and number four, so far so good with the commute this morning. if you're just about to grab the keys and head out the door, you should have a smooth commute. here's a live look at golden gate bridge, one of our foggier spots. no major slowdowns. >> number five, crime is way up this year on b.a.r.t. violent crimes like robberies and assaults have spiked 41%. the coliseum station is one of the most crime plagued for both violent crimes and thefts. >> number six, the u.s. air force successfully launched an intercontinental missile overnight. this is the fourest test this year. this is video from a test that happened in may. >> number seven, gamestop is
5:26 am
flipping the switch on holiday shopping. it has announced it will open on thanksgiving this year. it has been closed on thanksgiving for the past several years. >> beyonce is reportedly interested in buying a stake in the houston rockets. according to, she's mulling over the idea. last month, the owner announced he was selling the team. he bought it for $85 million in 1993. the rockets could now go for more than $2 billion. beyonce, as you probably know, is from h-town. her husband, jay-z, was in the nba game, but he sold his less than 1% stake in the brooklyn nets, so they obviously need to have this in their portfolio. >> solid investment. >> can you imagine? yeah, i own a team. >> yeah. >> and rule the world. >> yeah. >> amazing. >> we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including what a new report says president trump really thinks about the white house. >> also, a big overhaul in the works for san francisco's market street. what it can mean to drivers. >> and i'm at the live desk
5:27 am
tracking all the latest breaking news coming in. watching all the feeds from around the nation and the world. we'll have the latest coming in next. >> 5:27. here's a live look outside at the embarcadero. the embarcadero. you can always
5:28 am
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good morning. it's wednesday, august 2nd. hope you have those fans on full blast. if you have ac, when can we come over? >> yeah, like right now maybe? at least by the time the sun comes up. >> trying to find the key to the house. that's where we should do the show from tomorrow. hello. >> hi. >> yeah, the air conditioner did run over night. i noticed that. it was running this morning too when i was getting ready for work. it always seems weird, using the hair dryer and air conditioner at the same time. 1st world problems.
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quarter mile visibility as i have the layer over top. two miles in petaluma. a little better there. here's the way it looks at 280 and 17 in san jose. you can see the high clouds creeping in. your 12-hour day planner is starting warmer. 55 to 69. 79 to 83, noon to 4:00 around the bay. 92 to at least 98 inland from noon to 4:00. at the coast, 65 by 4:00 after being 66 at noon. pretty comfortable. 62, 76, and 80. those are your temperatures.% >> i do have new information for a situation in the castro valley area. so the northbound 238 off ramp, 214th, still blocked. we had a flipped simmee this morning, they have that semi uprighted now. that's pretty major progress. it sounds like we should get that off ramp back open shortly. so everything is in the green right now. i will keep an eye on that, but i don't think it's going to be a
5:31 am
big issue this morning. let's look at video from a scary situation overnight. two vehicles hit a cow on highway 24 in arinda just on the east side of the caldecott tunnel. we are hearing from our crew on the scene it was a 2,000-pound steer that was dark in color i'm sure these drivers never saw it in the roadway and they're not sure how it got there. ton of damage done to the vehicles. we're hearing the drivers in both of the vehicles who hit it do have ingers. look at that, the windshield smashed in, airbags deployed, and that steer did not survive. this happened around 1:00 this morning. everything back open for this morning's commute, but a really scary situation. back to you. >> alexis, thank you. this morning, a 17-year-old passenger who jumped from an emergency exit onto the tarmac at sfo is being evaluated at a hospital. >> abc7 news has learned he is a u.s. citizen. he was traveling alone on the copa airlines flight from panama city, panama. it happened yesterday shortly after the plane landed safely
5:32 am
and was making its way to the gate. he was tackled by air field construction crews. passengers say he seemed anxious and fidgety throughout the flight. john nance says unless others onboard act, it can be very easy for a passenger to open an exit door while on the ground. >> they can reach up and snap that thing open on the ground very rapidly. and if the two seat mates if there are two seat mates next to them, aren't willing, ready, and able to respond and restrain them, then it can happen very fast. >> authorities have not specified what charges if any the teenager may face. search teams are waiting for daylight to resume the search for a man reported missing at san francisco's ocean beach. a man called 911 saying his friend went into the water near the great highway and balboa street yesterday evening. he never returned. rescue teams from the coast guard and san francisco fire department searched for the man until dark and found nothing. >> a big overhaul coming to market street in san francisco,
5:33 am
including a ban on private cars plus uber and lyft. >> pay attention. this is a huge change. this ban is going to extend from 10th street all the way to the embarcadero. tiffany wilson live for us in san francisco. good morning, tiffany. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. yes, big changes are coming for market street and the brick sidewalk i'm standing on. after years of debating, officials have agreed on a plan to transform the way that pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles navigate the market street corridor. the better market street project will affect market street between the embarcadero and octavia street. these chose the proposed changed. officials have agreed to restrict all private car traffic, including uber and lyft from tenth street to the embarcadero. new bike lanes will be added and the brick sidewalks will be exchanged for concrete pavers. delivery trucks and taxis will have access to the curb lane, have access to the curb lane, while muni will have u.s.
5:34 am
>> construction is estimated at $604 million. the city hassance announced where most of the money would come from, but it already has about $100 million in funding to get started. construction is expected to begin at the end of next year and it will be completed in six phases. live in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> thank you. uber and lyft both support a bill to reduce the numbers of hurdles drivers have to clear to work in cities across california. right now, you would have to have a business license in any city where you drive passengers. the l.a. times reports few cities actually enforce those laws. a state senate bill would allow drivers to obtain just one business license issued by the city where the driver lives. the bill needs to pass more hurdles before becoming a law. >> happening now, u.s. stock futures are up as investors await the opening bell on wall street. yesterday, the dow finished at a
5:35 am
record high. it closed within 37 points of 22,000 yesterday. it was a record high close for the fifth day in a row. the s&p 500 and nasdaq are also trading near record highs set at the end of july. the opening bell is at 6:30 a.m. >> the white house is denying a report that president trump thinks 1600 pennsylvania avenue is garbage. an article on golf magazine says mr. trump said, quote, that white house is a real dump. the article says he said this to members of his new jersey golf club. a website tracking the president reports he's vacationed on 11 weekends out of the 28 in his presidency, including at that golf club. and this has cost taxpayers $29 million. >> the justice department taking on affirmative action programs. "the new york times" reports the justice department is working on a plan to investigate and potentially sue universities for admission policies that are found to discrimination against white applicants. the civil rights division is
5:36 am
reportedly seeking lawyers for litigation related to intentional race based discrimination in university and college admissions. the justice department tells abc news that no new policy has been implemented. critics say this cuts to the core of efforts to expand educational opportunities for minority students and could be a sign of the trump station is changing course on a key civil rights issue. >> if you use covered california to buy health insurance, you could be paying more next year. insurance premiums are going up 12.5% in the next year. covered california provides coverage for about 1.5 people. the majority of them receive subsidies. president trump has promised to stop funding those subsidies. >> san jose residents who say they were falsely accused of setting off illegal fireworks now want the city to review the process of issuing citations. abc 7 news spoke with a resident who said the city is fining people without enough proof. officials say citations were based on whether neighbors sent in photos or video.
5:37 am
at least two people reported it at a certain address, or if the reporting party was willing to testify. amy immediately called and spoke to the fire marshal who tell him they had the wrong house. >> he said if two people report you in the online system, they don't need photo or video. that's enough for us to consider you guilty. and i almost couldn't speak. >> now she wants to appeal it. she has to pay the $500 fine. she thinks she should be able to appeal without having to pay that money. abc 7 spoke with her koernlman and he agrees and says he's willing to look into whether changes should be made. >> caltrans says it has a plan to open a stretch of highway 1 closed by a massive mudslide. crews will build a new road over the slide just south of big sur. the road will be stabilized at either end using rock, netting, berms and other equipment. the slide dumped more than 5
5:38 am
million cuban yards of debris into the ocean. it make tay a year to reopen the route. >> today, a bay area restaurant chain plans to introduce the mooch to its menu. >> that's according to our media partners, inspired by the former communications director, anthony scaramucci. it's a meatball and salad special. the restaurant serving up the dish, the villa italian kitchen, has three locations in the bay area. the mooch costs just a little over $8 and will only be on the menu for 11 days. the length of time scaramucci was on the job. >> seems a little less spicy than his said language of choice. here's a look at what's going on with your heat advisory. remember, up in the hills and the mountain wheres the temperatures are still in the 70s and 80s. and that's the diablo range, the santa cruz mountains. the north bay mountains. not in the heat advisory, still hot today, no doubt about it.
5:39 am
strenuous activities, try to do it in the morning. hydrate early and often, and wear that light colored and loose fitting clothing. here's a look at walnut creek, one of those areas that will easily hit 100 today. on the roads, thicker fog on the golden gate, along petaluma and the peninsula coast. mass transit, summer spread from 70s, 60s in san francisco, to 70s and 100s inland, and on the bay, no small craft advisory today. temperatures, look at this, up to 7 degrees warmer. that's going to springboard us to pretty warm temperatures. our biggest probably in the north bay. look at the park, 50. napa, 59. that's one of the warm spots. 69 in lafayette and brentwood. san jose, 66 right now. quick look at your temperatures today. the 100s really stick out, don't they, in the inland east bay neighborhoods. low to mid 90s in the north bay, and mid to upper 80s around the bay. 60s at the coast. i'll have your microclimates and cooling trend and a slight chance of a thunderstorm in the
5:40 am
accuweather seven-day forecast next. let's see what alexis is working on. >> one new issue in concord on southbound 242, just past concord avenue. not many details yet, but it does sound like we have the far left lane blocked now, and you can see a backup starting to form, too. if you're starting from highway 4, i would go further past 242 and take 680 down to connect into the pleasant hill area. quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights on for about 15 minutes. that happened at 5:24 this morning. then a quick check of drive times here this morning as well. overall, not too bad. westbound 580, tracy to dublin. 48 minutes in the yellow. westbound 4, at 18. and southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco, in the green at 15 minutes. >> alexis, thanks. a lot of people have difficulty with algebra, and now the university of california is changing its admissions policies. the option cal state schools are about to give them. >> kanye west left thousands of fans disappointed after fans disappointed after cancelling his
5:41 am
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5:43 am
san jose police want you to look at a photo of the woman accused of stabbing a mercury news employee. take a look. say this woman tried to rob the victim at a home in san jose's willow glen neighborhood. it happened in the early morning hours of july 21st. she's described as 18 to 26, she
5:44 am
stands 5'10" and weighs 200 pounds. the bike she's seen holding was recovered by police. the victim did survive the attack. the california state university system making a significant change in its admission requirements. no more algebra. a new policy will allow students to take courses other than intermediate algebra to satisfy general education math requirements. the new rule starts in the fall of next year for students who are not majoring in math or science related fields. proponents say college level algebra is the biggest barrier for students in earning a degree. new details in an age discrimination lawsuit against google. 269 people are now a part of this. the silicon valley business journal says the number came to light in a federal ruling allowing more plaintiffs to join the class action lawsuit. the people suing claims google denied them jobs for which they're qualified because of their age. google denies this. the company says it has strong policies against discrimination of any kind. >> as many of you prepare for another hot day here in the bay
5:45 am
area, we have an important parenting alert about the dangers of indoor heat stroke. a mom's warning is getting a whole lot of attention after she posted this photo revealing her 2-year-old nearly died while napping in her bedroom on a hot day. jennifer says that she thought she was doing the right thing by keeping her daughter inside during the recent heat wave. but when jennifer went to check on her, she noticed something wasn't right. >> came upstairs and it was like a sauna in her room. her face was swollen and red. and she was sweating. and she felt like somebody lit her on fire. >> anastasia took a nap in the room without ac or a fan. and that caused her body temperature to rise to 104 degrees. the paramedics treated her. she regained consciousness after about five minutes. the good news is she's doing just fine and the mom says she has added some fans to her room. >> all right, going to take a look at what's happening with the weather at 5:45. it's going to be a hot one. >> part of the reason is carl the fog. he slept in this morning. he's now up and making a late
5:46 am
push to the east from the coast. but he's not going to make very far penetration inland before the sun comes up and halts that and starts to bake us. in fact, here's a look at your accuweather highlights. high clouds and sunshine today, and the heat hangs around. chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. a lingering chance friday. and again, just a chance. heat breaking by the weekend. i think that's what everybody wanted to hear. let's head down south where the clouds are coming in. 101 in morgan hill. san jose, 95 to sunnyvale, 90. santa cruz, 80 today with sunshine. 77 in millbrae. you're the cool spot on the peninsula. 82 to 88 elsewhere. mid 60s along the coast like that 64 in daly city and pacifica. 67 in the sunset. not quite as breezy as the last couple days. mid 70s for downtown. south san francisco and sausalito. about 90 to 95 through most of the north bay valleys. calistoga at 97 and the 100s around lakeport. head to the east bay, some of our more comfortable temperatures in the upper 70s in
5:47 am
richmond and berkeley. 80 in oakland. 88 in fremaund and castro valley. here's where we're going to sizzle. 101 in san ramon to 104 in brentwood. that 100, walnut creek, my goodness, that's going to be a brutal day to be outside. good news tonight for most of us. we're back in the mid 50s to mid 60s. san jose, a little warmer at 67. livermore, 68. antioch, the warm spot at 76. tomorrow, the heat breaks just a little bit. high clouds hang around through friday. that helps temper the heat. friday and saturday, 60s around the coast, a few lingering low to mid 90s inland. monday and tuesday, we're back where we should be, but this morning, kind of a quiet start. >> definitely quiet on the roads. we'll take it while it lasts. we do have one hot spot. we'll take you to the concord area. not a lot of details in still for this crash. i told you about it ten minutes. all we know is the far left lane is blocked. southbound 242 just past concord avenue. not sure how many vehicles, not
5:48 am
sure on any injuries yet, but we see we have a backup almost to highway 4. i would continue on highway 4 and take southbound 680 through the puchaecho area to avoid that backup. quick check of mass transit. we don't have issues this morning. it's not a spare the air day, but still always good to take mass transit if you can. if you ride the golden gate ferry from larkspur, some unscheduled maintenance for the next two weeks, replaced by a smaller catamaran, so we'll have some capacity issues especially on the 7:50 morning larkspur departure and the 5:00 p.m. return trip. that translates to get there early if you want a spot. well. look at drive times in less than ten. >> new at 6:00, a story perfect for a hot day like this one. it involves the museum of ice cream in the bay area. >> get excited. >> also, a glittering iphone case is recalled this morning. the hazard it poses to anyone who uses it.
5:49 am
>> already that time. hamilton closing its curtains here in the bay area on saturday. saturday. but we have some good
5:50 am
5:51 am
it's 5:51. republicans in grisz are saying the fight to repeal and replace obamacare is not over yet. both republicans and democrats are calling for a solution. some want to see federal payments to insurers that help millions of low and moderate income americans afford coverage continue for at least another year. president trump has threatened just the opposite, tweeting if a new health care bill is not approved quickly, bailouts end very soon. he's repeatedry said the only alternative to a repeal is to let obamacare fail. >> for now, what we need is stability in the marketplace and
5:52 am
those payments contribute to that, so i would hope he would continue to make them. >> you don't hurt innocent people, mr. president. when you lose politically. that is not presidential. that is not frankly what an adult does. >> the senators warn that without an effort to fix what's wrong with the current 2010 health care law, consumers could face sharp increases in their premiums and a shrinking number of insurance options. >> the pentagon has missed a deadline to resolve a dispute over bonuses paid to california national guard members. they said the dloin after the scandal was revealed last year. the pentagon had demanded thousands of soldiers and airmen repay bonuses that it turned out they were not actually elgigible for. those bonuses were between $15,000 and $80,000. the l.a. times reports since the scandal broke, many had refunds had their debts forgiven, but the pentagon is refusing to say
5:53 am
how many are asked to repay the money. >> we have new details on amazon's plans to expand. they're renting 188,000 square feet of market space on market street in san francisco. that includes amazon signing deals for space in east palo alto and sunnyvale. they're looking to hire more than 1100 people in the bay area. >> you may want to check your refrigerator or freezer to see if you have ground beef being recalled. it's produced by jbs usa. it's specifically two-pound trays of certified angus beef ground chuck, 80% lean 20% fat. it was produced on july 15th. the manufacturer believes the beef might be tainted with plastic foam. so far, no injuries reported. info about the recall on our website, >> some popular cell phone covers with liquid glitter are recalled because they can cause skin irritation, blisters, or burns if they break or leak. 7 on your side's michael finney alerted us to the hazard last
5:54 am
night. the cases come in a variety of styles. the cases are made by a mixed bin electronics for iphone 6, 6s, and 7s. they were sold online and in large chain stores. more information about that on our website, >> kanye west is suing the companies that insured her san pablo tour. he sclams they have not paid them the nearly $10 million he's due. he canceled several scheduled concert appearances. first, he missed some dates after kim kardashian west was robbed in paris. later, he canceled the remainder of her tour after he was admitted to the hospital for undisclosed reasons. >> tomorrow, steph curry will be playing against professional golfers in the hayward hills. >> he played a practice round. the two-time nba mvp received an invite from a sponsor to compete in the pro tournament, but he will play as an amateur. he finished fourth in a celebrity tournament in tahoe a
5:55 am
couple weeks ago. he said he just hopes to make the cut and will get to play on the weekend. >> these guys dedicate their lives to the game and are grinding every week to make it to the pga tour, so i understand how hard it is out here. myself as a casual professional golfer in my head, not in real life. but i just want to have fun, man. make some birdies. >> he actually looks pretty legit and towers over almost everyone. he will raise money for the warriors community fund and will tee off tomorrow at 8:55 in the morning. >> he can basically do anything. remember he even did a promotional video for hamilton. how awesome. >> hamilton is leaving sf, but only for now. ♪ >> yeah, as they say, you'll be back. right? the musical is going to return to san francisco in early 2019. yes, 2019. no specific dates have been
5:56 am
released yet. hamilton's current run in san francisco ends on saturday. then it's going to go to l.a. and performances there be on august 11th. i was just checking, mike, there are a handful of seats available. so if anyone out there has $500 that's burning in their pocket, they can go. >> i wonder if it will be cheaper the second time around. sorry about that. interesting. >> seriously? >> hi, everybody. let's look at your hourly planner. we'll start in san jose. 70 at 8:00. noon, 88. look at those mid 90s at 2:00 and 4:00. then about 89 at 6:00. all right, let's talk about baseball. the bay bridge series heads over to at&t park, 7:15 first pitch, 64, dropping to 59. two trouble spots to get to right now. the 1st one in concord, southbound 242, right past concord avenue. the backup continues to grow. slow from highway 4. we just got a new problem in the south bay. san jose, you're still looking okay. just slight delays on northbound
5:57 am
101. northbound 17, just past laurel road, getting reports of a crash in the right lane. some backup through the santa cruz mountains. next update at 6:00. >> we're getting new numbers about crime on b.a.r.t. next at 6:00, one station that really stanltsdz out and not in a good way. >> you're about to get an up >> you're about to get an up close and way too personal l food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. we want to start you off with just a beautiful view from our exploratorium camera. look at the sunrise. peach and pink. very nice. >> i love it. let's go higher with our sutro tower cam. according to our in-house expert, he is coming. good morning on this august 2nd. that was a really cool shot. >> yeah. >> just kind of creeping through the buildings, worthing his way around san francisco. he's got about another hour, and then the sun is up and it's saying you've had your time.
6:00 am
is that what it is? for another search tomorrow morning. he gets up early like us. here's a look at live doppler seven. you can see the high clouds starting to roll in. 20,000 feet, and low clouds when they go away from the east bay hills camera, expect the high clouds to come in. 54 to 69, 7:00. 79 to 84 around the bay, 92 to 99 inland. 60s, 70s, and still a few 90s inland by 7:00. hey, alexis. >> good morning. i want to take you to highway 17. we have a couple issues. one in each direction. the one on the northbound side is going to slow you down quite a bit. northbound 17 just past laurel road. i do have a crash reported in that left lane. definitely some delays if you're coming from santa cruz this morning. then southbound 17, we have some type of hazard reported near the summit. we're not sure if it's a disabled vehicle or debris. we'll get to the botto


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