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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 2, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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is that what it is? for another search tomorrow morning. he gets up early like us. here's a look at live doppler seven. you can see the high clouds starting to roll in. 20,000 feet, and low clouds when they go away from the east bay hills camera, expect the high clouds to come in. 54 to 69, 7:00. 79 to 84 around the bay, 92 to 99 inland. 60s, 70s, and still a few 90s inland by 7:00. hey, alexis. >> good morning. i want to take you to highway 17. we have a couple issues. one in each direction. the one on the northbound side is going to slow you down quite a bit. northbound 17 just past laurel road. i do have a crash reported in that left lane. definitely some delays if you're coming from santa cruz this morning. then southbound 17, we have some type of hazard reported near the summit. we're not sure if it's a disabled vehicle or debris. we'll get to the bottom of that. >> thank you. developing news in the east
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bay. police investigating a shooting in hayward. it happened early this morning near the intersection of ocean view and apple. you can see bullet holes in the house and in the car there. there were reports a vehicle drove by and opened fire. we're working to confirm details with investigators. hayward police have confirmed there was one victim in the shooting. it is not clear if the person was seriously hurt. a brentwood pet boarding facility faces serious questions and even possible legal action following the death of a dog in its care. jessica campbell paid to have her dog henny stay at derty dogs while she was moving. henny escaped a few hours after she got to the kennel. someone found her dead on monday. it appears she was hit by a car. derty dog's owner denied our request for an interview. he did speak about this on facebook live. >> i'm planning on redoing the fence on the backside of my property.
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this is -- this is my worst nightmare coming true. >> he showed no effort, no professionalism, no compassion or sympathy that he had lost, you know, a part of our life. >> campbell has now hired an attorney. another dog, the one you see here, got hurt after escaping from derty dog and fell off the antioch bridge last year. we learned about the story through a viewer e-mail. you can e-mail us. >> happening today in san francisco, a judge is expected to decide if three people charged in a political corruption case will go to trial. this involved former human rights commissioner, a retired commissioner employee, and political consultant keith jackson. the trio is accused of solitting bribes to help mayor ed lee's re-election campaign. much of this comes from a wire tapped conversation with an undercover fbi agent.
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today, the judge will rule. >> cal-osha inspectors have given the okay for a reopening of a rite add california's great america. the delirium ride was shut down following last weans's fatal malfunction at the ohio state fair. the rides were similar but designed similarly. great america closed theroid as a precaution. it's been reopened after if passed all the required tests. >> but the fireball ride on sanda cruz's boardwalk will remain closed. it's manufactured by the statement company that made the ohio state ride. >> an explosive new lawsuit is accusing the white house of working with fox news to spread a false story about the murder of a democratic party staffer. seth rich was found dead last year in washington, d.c. his unsolved murder sparks right-wing conspiracies that he was killed for leaking thousands of dnc e-mails to wikileaks. the whole report sourced from quotes from a former homicide detective investigating the case. but now that man is suing,
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claiming that his quotes were fabricated. >> worst quote that was attributed to me was the fact that i supposedly said i knew for a fact that seth rich was in contact and sending e-mails to wikileaks when in fact i had never made that statement ever. >> now, the fox news report was eventually retracted. the white house is now denying any involvement in the story. and you can hear much more from the people involved on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. right here on abc 7. >> we're tracking the concern over the rise in crime on b.a.r.t. this morning, a new number, violent crime has risen by 41% across the system this year. you can see which stations are the most crime ridden. in terms of robberies here, coliseum and bay fair stations top the list. more than ten at each stop this year. in terms of assaults and battery, looking at the lake merritt station and once again, the coliseum. both of those in oakland. finally, property crimes like car break-ins, up 14%. daly city, macarthur, fruitvale, coliseum, and the dublin
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pleasanton station topping that list. these numbers include the robbery in april when about 40 teenagers stormed a train and terrorized passengers at the coliseum station. >> think carefully before you pick out your outfit because depending on where you live, you could be sweating it out. matt keller live for us at one of our hot spots, san jose. good morning, matt. >> reporter: reggie, i feel today is all about having a positive mind set, so i'm going to take you through some insults that some people mave give to you that may think they're insults but you can make into a positive and keep you cool. i need you to help me out. let me know what you think at the end. someone tells you to make like a banana and split. okay. that's great. ice cream on a hot day. i'll take it. make lie a tree and leave. perfect, i need the shade today because it's going to be in the mid 90s in san jose. take a long walk off a short pier. what great advice. that's awesome. i'm take a cool dip in a lake. of course, it's nalt all about having a positive mind set today.
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you really need some things that will actually cool you down. what do you think about those? >> i think those are really great. i have heard all of them this morning already. >> oh, yeah. i get them as people are walking by. it's perfect. but even if you don't have a positive mind set, you can actually have concrete ways to stay cool here in san jose. check out this video of what it looks like here at the plaza de cesar chavez where the fountains turn on and kids and adults have fun when it gets hot. there are also five communities centers throughout san jose used as cooling centers. that includes camden community center which has a pool, also seating in the shade. cooling centers are open until 9:00 at night. if you would like more information, go to our website, we set up a link with information on the cooling center. i'm going to make like tom and cruise. back to you. >> matt keller, you're killing it this morning. we're getting some reports of activity on the u.s. front regarding missile tests
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overnight. >> and do you want to defend earth from aliens? i'm serious. the job that just opened up, and it pays six figures. >> we're looking live outside this morning with abc7 now. keeping you up to date on keeping you up to date on weather and traffi
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let's start with temperatures on the peninsula. if you're on the coastal side, 53 to 54. 55 in woodside to about 61 right now in belmont. 63 in san carlos. 65 in san jose. 70 in antioch. napa, 53. pretty comfortable. do have some fog. very spotty around petaluma, the golden gate bridge and along the coast. if you're going to be at the beach today, strong sunshine. exercising, the earlier the better. much calmer on the bay today. quick look at highs around the state. just about 100s everywhere until you get to the mountains, 97, and 89 at tahoe. see the thunderstorms to the south? look how they're working their way towards us. alexis has good news. >> i sure do. we had a couple issues in the last half hour or so. they're both clear. so we're not totally clear with those residual delays, but at least the crash scene is gone, including southbound 242 just past concord avenue. residual delays and then
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westbound 4 coming down to 680, a lot of folks taking that as an alternate. and bouncing back here, northbound 17, just past laurel road. a crash in the left lane. that's now pushed off to the side. a little backup if you're coming from scott's valley. hopefully we'll see improvement in the next ten minutes. next traffic update at 6:20. >> if you're a space geek, freshen up your resume. >> nasa looking for a few good men or women. actually, just looking for one person, competitive. the position is planetary protection officer. this is a real thing. the official job description, the avoidance of organic constituent and lilogical contachination human and robotic space exploration. in layman's terms, our planet against alien contamination. pay starts at $124,000 a year, and they say they want someone with an engineering background
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and who doesn't mind frequent traffic. >> you're being paid to be wall-e. to clean up junk in space. got it. >> not so fast on new developments about a school in the north bay planning on cutting its football program. >> how would you like to swim in a pool of sprinkles? how about a pool of sprinkles that every person has already swam in? >> that's a personal nightmare, isn't it? >> the museum of ice cream coming to san francisco, and we have the scoop. >> but beyonce would do it. as we head to break, we leave you with abc7 news now, helping you have a it's time to rethink what's possible. rethink the experience. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief uses unique mistpro technology and helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. rethink your allergy relief. flonase sensimist.
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it's 6:15. take a look at this dramatic effort to save a man from a burning car in minneapolis. this happened a week ago. that dashcam video you're watching has just been released. the car caught on fire after it crashed on a highway. officers pulled the female passenger out first. then the unconscious driver out the passenger side as well. unfortunately, that person died at a hospital. i should say the driver died at the hospital. his passenger survived. officials say alcohol was not a factor in the crash. i want to show you this new video of the intercontinental ballistic missile test conducted by the u.s. air force base overnight in southern california. this is footage of the actual test here. this is new from when i first mentioned the story earlier in the newscast.
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you can see the bright flare. if you are just joining us, this test overnight from vandenberg air force base in southern california is important because pkorea are running high, as the continue to test their own weapons. although the u.s. air force says that this particular test was not in direct response to the north's missile test last week. reggie, back to you. >> thanks, jessica. this seems pretty disturbing. an air france flight flew past the location with north korea's recent missile landed in the sea of japan within just minutes of each other. air france flight 293 was traveling from tokyo to paris. 323 people onboard. the airline contends north korea's missile test zones don't interfere with its flight paths. however, the pentagon has expressed concern over the potential danger a missile could pose to commercial aircraft in the region. >> new developments now. novato high school's principal says there may be a varsity
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football team this year after all. they told the marin ij if 20 to 25 juniors and seniors show up to monday's first official practice, novato high will field a team. earlier this week, the school announced it would petition to drop varsity football for the upcoming year. the principal says just three to nine athletes showed up to voluntary summer practices. one junior blames poor communication for the poor turnout. the previous coach blamed concussions and those concerns. >> check this out, a research team recording a 12-foot great white shark when it tried to take a bite out of a gopro camera. the massachusetts division of marine fishery sent out this video today. that run-in occurred in one of their twice a week research trips to tag and id the white shark population off cape cod. that providing an up close view of the razor sharp teeth. >> it's the moment some of us have waited for our whole lives. the museum of ice cream is coming to san francisco. and this one -- >> no. did you see that man face down in the same sprinkles that
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thousands of people have been sitting in and touching? >> i mean, when you put it that way. >> if this sounds familiar, we have covered the museum in april when it opened for a temporary run in l.a. the only other city it's been in is new york. now the museum confirms its nest pop-up will be on one grant avenue in downtown sf. they say that the popular sprinkle pool will be completely remaged. they do not say if the sprinkles themselves will be replaced. my thought is they're the same old dirty sprinkles from yore. >> do you actually get to eat ice cream? >> i'm sure you can while you're there, right? but it seems like a lot of ice cream props and themed items. >> we'll find out soon because it's supposed to open in september, just in time for my birthday. >> you have never been in the ball pit at chuck e. cheese, have you? >> as a kid, i loved it. as an adult, i'm afraid of staph infections. >> now we know where to take
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reggie for his birthday. >> staph infections! >> on a day like today, you put hot chocolate or hot fudge on top or a chilled cherry? or both. why decide. hi, everybody. east bay hills. look at that. boy, carl the fog is making a late surge to try to cover our neighborhoods in some cloud cover this morning. he'll go away by about 9:30 today. i call it partly cloudy, not because of him, because of the high clouds coming in. blow off from the thunderstorms down to our south. still, warm to hot air mass over the top of us, even with partly cloudy conditions. partly cloudy, it will help keep us warm in our inland neighborhoods, especially the east bay and south bay, but kind of cool everywhere else. in the extended, the heat is slowly going to release. let's look at what's going on, inland east bay, everybody over 100. don't forget, if you're out walking the pets, the asphalt could be near 145 degrees. all right, up in the north bay, we've got above average highs in santa rosa, 94.
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novato, napa, 92. look at that, ukiah, 106. down in the south bay, high clouds and heat, triple digits, gilroy, los gatos, morgan hill, 95 in san jose. cupertino, 90. peninsula, look at the spread, 24 degree spread from 64 in pacifica to palo alto at 88. along the east bay shore, warm to almost hot, from 80 in oakland to 86 degrees in union city to 88 in fremont and castro valley. not as breezy in san francisco, but just as delightful. the mission, 72. downtown, 73. the marina, 69. richmond, 68 degrees. for tonight, we're looking at temperatures hanging out in the mid 50s to mid 60s in most neighborhoods, 70s inland. a quick look at my seven-day forecast. a slight chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow and friday. alexis. >> i want to take you to a problem we've been keeping track of since we went on the air at 4:30 this morning. this is a flipped semi. it happened a little after 2:00 this morning on the northbound 238 off ramp to east 14th street. they're still trying to get it
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out of there. they have uprighted the semi. it's hooked to a tow truck. the little bit of fuel we had spill is getting cleaned up. not open yet, but not seeing any major delays. that was a tough commute yesterday on 580 to 238. here's the golden gate bridge. boy, we're really socked in. visibility issues there this morning. make sure you're driving for conditions. overall, drive times looking good. southbound 680 between walnut creek and dublin, 14 minutes. southbound 1 zr w01 santa rosa n francisco, looking good at 14. highway one into los gatos, back in the green at 24 minutes. >> thank you. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 right here on abc7. >> and amy robach is live from new york city with a look at what's ahead. good morning, amy. >> hey, good morning to you, natasha and reggie. coming up next here on "gma," trouble in washington. a lawsuit against fox news claiming the white house helped them push a false story about a dnc staffer's death to draw attention away from the russia investigation. plus, that overnight headline
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about the justice department planning to investigate affirmative action. we'll get into all of that this morning. >> thenaroly woman behind bars in honduras after she was arrested over confusion on a can safe product used by a lot of travelers. authorities believe she was attempting to transport cocaine across the border. what really happened and why she's still in jail. that's all coming up on "gma." >> thanks. we'll see you then. >> the new warning going out to people who catch fish in the east bay. east bay. >> nothing routine about this
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it's time now to ask finny. ben has a question about laptops. >> he spoke to us at our event. >> i want to know a good time to buy a laptop. >> hey, ben. it really depends on which laptop you want to buy. want a windows-based laptop, now is a good time. why? back to school season, which is now through august. the holiday season is a good time as well for windows. now, for apple, the holidays work as well, and there are some school-based discounts right now. good luck and thanks for your
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question. >> if you have a question for michael finney, just send it to us on your phone. use your -- sorry, use t the #askfinney, or go to you may see your question answered right here. >> market street will never be the same again. we're going to tell you about the big change that will have a lasting impact. >> abc7's aviation weighs in about the plane passenger who jumped from an emergency exit door at sfo. what our expert is saying to be aware of on future flights. >> and soon, you may see drones fly over active fires in san francisco. >> and any minute now, wall street about to open. here at the live desk, tracking everything as it's set to open everything as it's set to open at a record hi
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fallout this morning from an incident at sfo where a teenager jumped out of the emergency exit from a parked plane. and we are watching stocks at the live desk. the dow could hit the 22,000 milestone some point today. >> a massive change coming to market street. it will impact drivers in san francisco. >> when i heard about this, i thought, this is a huge deal. this is going to change the way market street operates for long time. good morning to you on this august 2nd. look at the sunrise behind us. beautiful stuff. >> another big story, the heat, mike. >> the heat is on again today. hi, everybody. we're up to 8 degrees warmer this morning than yesterday
6:30 am
morning. setting the foundation for, yeah, some really treacherous conditions this afternoon. we've got a little fog out there, too. three-quarter mile visibility around petaluma, and the fog is starting to encroach upon san francisco also. watch out for the morning commute. here's a look at your camera at pier 15. 54 to 69. that's at 7:00. temperatures inland, that's your top number, 92 at noon, 99 at 4:00, but 89 at 7:00. 79 to 84 around the bay to 76 and mid 60s this afternoon to low 60s this evening at the coast. how about that commute, alexis? >> we're doing pretty well. all things considered. i do have one new issue to talk about in the north bay. southbound 101 in the petaluma area before lakeville highway, a collision reported in two lanes. it's a little heavy south of there. we're working to get more information. fog on the visibility layer too. and a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. we have the sunshine breaking through and the metering lights still on. if your commute takes you down market street in san francisco,
6:31 am
time to start thinking about a different route. an agreement has been reached to close market from tenth treat to the embarcadero to all private cars, that includes uber and lyft. tiffany wilson is live in san francisco. hey, tiffany. >> reporter: good morning, alexis. yes, big chadrivers, but also for people who are walking, biking, or taking muni on market street. as you mentioned, after years of debate, city officials have reached an agreement to change market street's layout. these renderings show the proposed changes impacting market between embarcadero and octavio street. new bike lanes will be added and concrete pavers will replace the brick sidewalks. delivery trucks and taxis will have access to the curb lane, and muni will have exclusive use of the inside lanes. the biggest change. officials have agreed to ban all private cars including uber and lyft from tenth street east to the embarcadero. >> i don't like it because that's how i make my living. i pick up employees for work
6:32 am
here from the embarcadero station and drive them in. i don't know where i would be able to pick them up if i couldn't do it on market street. >> construction is estimated at $604 million. and construction is expected to begin by the end of 2018. it will be completed in six phases. live in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. everybody is talking about this this morning. thank you. this morning, a 17-year-old plane passenger who jumped from an emergency exit onto the tarmac at sfo is being evaluated at a hospital. >> abc7 news has learned he is a u.s. citizen. he was traveling alone on the copa airlines flight from panama city, panama. it happened yesterday shortly after the plane landed safely and was making its way to the gate. the boy was tackled and detained by air field construction crews until authorities got there. passengers did say he seemed anxious and fidgety throughout the flight. abc7 aviation analyst john nance said unless others act, it could
6:33 am
be easy for a passenger to reach the door on the ground. >> they can reach up and snap it open very rapidly, if the two seat mates aren't ready and able to respond to restrain them, it can happen very fast. >> authorities have not specified what charges, if any, the teenager may face. >> new developments in the search for a missing swimmer last seen in san francisco's ocean beach. the coast guard says it's waiting for better visibility to determine what to do next. a boat crew spent all night looking for the swimmer and turned up nothing. he vanished yesterday evening. a man called 911 saying his friend went into the water and never came back. >> uber and lyft are both supporting a bill that would reduce the number of hurdles that drivers must clear to work in cities across california. right now, current law requires ride hailing drivers to obtain business licenses in any city where it can carry passengers. the l.a. times reports that few cities enforce those laws. a state senate bill would allow drivers to obtain just one
6:34 am
license issued by the city where they live. the bill needs to pass more hurdles before it becomes a law. >> republicans in congress are saying the fight to repeal and replace obamacare isn't over. both republicans and democrats are calling for a solution. ? want to see federal payments to insurers that help millions of low and moderate income ameri n americans afford coverage continue for at least another year. president trump has threatened just the opposite. look at this tweet. if a new health care bill is not approved quickly, he writes, bailouts end very soon. he's repeatedly said the only alternative to a repeal is to let obamacare fail. >> for now, what we need is stability in the marketplace, and those payments contribute to that, so i would hope he would continue to make them. >> you don't hurt innocent people, mr. president. when you lose politically. that is not presidential. that is not, frankly, what an adult does. >> the senators warn that without an effort to fix what's wrong with the current 2010 health care law, consumers could
6:35 am
face sharp increases in their premiums and a shrinking number of insurance options. >> if you use covered california to buy health insurance, you could be paying more next year. insurance premiums are going up 12.5% in the new year. covered california provides coverage to about 1.5 million people. the majority of them receive subsidies that lower their premiums under the affordable care act. president trump has promised to stop funding those subsidies. >> the white house is denying a report that trump thinks 1600 pennsylvania avenue is garbage. an article in golf magazine says trump said, quote, that white house is a real dump. the article says he said this to members of his new jersey golf club. now, he's been spending some weekends there. a website tracking the president reports he's vacationed on 11 weekends out of the 28 in his presidency. and that has cost taxpayers $29 million. >> well, san jose residents who say they were falsely accused of setting off illegal fireworks now want the city to review the
6:36 am
process of issuing citations. abc7 news spoke with a resident who said the city is fining people without enough proof. officials say citations were based on whether neighbors sent in photos or video or at least two people reported it add a certain address and if the reporting party was willing to testify. amy immediately called and spoke to the fire marshal to tell them they had the wrong house. >> he said if two people report you in the online system, they don't need photo or video. that's enough for us to consider you guilty. and i almost couldn't speak. >> she must now pay the $500 fine to appeal. she thinks she should be able to appeal without having to pay the fine. abc 7 spoke to her councilman and he agrees. >> we fly drone view 7 after major fires here in the bay area. it gives us a unique perspective. but soon, firefighters may be able to fly drones to help them
6:37 am
during a fire or major disaster. the examiner reports several san francisco fire commissioners want to have drones fly by next year. they say firefighting drones could help save lives especially on cliff rescues. the fire department sees about 30 of those a year. some are concerned about privacy because of the personal information drone cameras could record from the sky. the commission could vote on a proposal in the next two months. >> 6:37 now. caltrans says it does have a plan to reopen a stretch of high way 1 that was closed by a massive mudslide. crews will build a new road over the slide at mud creek just south of big sur. caltrans says the road will be stabilized at either end using rocks, netting, berms, other equipment. the may 20th slide damaged more than 5 million cubic yards of debris and mud into the road and ocean. caltrans says it may take a year to reopen that route. happening now, firefighters working to contain a wildfire north of lake tahoe. the minerva fire is burning
6:38 am
north of lake quincy. the u.s. forest service has more than 800 firefighters on the fire lines. fire engines are stationed around quincy for structure protection. no buildings have burned so far. an air quality advisory is in effect in the area. >> definitely going to be hazy around lake tahoe the next several days and a chance of atherm or two the next several days also. back here at home, the big story i want to update you on the pthreat of mother nature bringig some illness to you. the heat advisory has been extended until 9:00 tomorrow evening for our hills and valleys. that's where the temperatures in the overnight hours have been stuck in the 70s and 80s. so there's been no real relief from the heat. strenuous activity, do it early if you can today and tomorrow. frequent breaks in the shade, and hydrate early and often. look at the east bay hills camera. carl the fog really started to make some inroads into san francisco. and oakland. if you're on the roads, watch out for fog. it's not as widespread, but it's
6:39 am
definitely thicker than it has been the last couple days. summer spread from 60s at san francisco to 100s inland today on mass transit and on the bay, no small craft advisory. quick look at temperatures in the south bay. low to mid 60s just about everywhere. los gatos, 83 degrees. we have 69 in livermore to 59, san pablo to novato at 53. quick look at temperatures in oakland today. you can see, by noon, we're alt 74. by 2:00, 79. comfortable 72 at 6:00. and 8:00, 67 degrees. we'll take a look at how much longer the heat is going to last and a chance of thunderstorms in the accuweather seven-day forecast. first, i want to bring alexis in. i got my water bill yesterday. my lawn is too green. let's just say. >> my lawn is not too green. it's not green as all right now. we have some brown crispy stuff going on. >> that might be a better thing. >> i need to get my sprinkler fixed or maybe i can chip in on your bill. i mean, it's kind of working. there's just this patch that gets torched in the afternoons.
6:40 am
it's not winning right now. we do have one new issue that pops up on 880. just before you get to hesperian, multi-car crash blocking the two left lanes. right now, not a terrible delay, still in the yellow. we're seeing heavier backup on the southbound side. hopefully we'll be able to clear that quickly. not looking too bad across the san mateo bridge. those vehicles moving along without any major trouble. then a quick check of drive times too. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, just 48 mndz. westbound 4, in the yellow at 14. and san rafael to san francisco, foggy but you're in the green at 16 minutes. we have an issue in the petaluma area we'll check on next. we have been keeping a close eye on the stock market, and will you look at this. it just hit a new record today, just crossing the 22,000 mark. a live look here at the big board from new york, where wall street celebrating that milestone right now. it reached this really just kind
6:41 am
of when it opened up right at the beginning of this half hour for our newscast. again, we have been watching, and this is the sixth day in a row now that wall street has broken a record. back to you. reggie, natasha. >> thanks, jess. >> a squared plus b squared equals c squared. if that's enough to send you or your kids into a panic, relax. >> amazon is expanding into san francisco. francisco. the new details
6:42 am
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6:44 am
sgloot a stretch of highway 24 at the caldecott tunnel is open this morning after a really bizarre accident. two cars hit a cow at about 1:00 this morning. that cow was in the eastbound lanes near fish ranch road. it died on impact, and the two vehicles sustained major damage. paramedics treated at least one person for injuries. cows often graze on hills in the area, but we don't hear a lot about these kinds of crashes. >> san jose police want you to look at a photo of a woman accused of stabbing a mercury news empliy. this woman tried to rob the victim at a home on red bird drive in san jose's willow glen neighborhood. it happened in the early morning hours of july 21st. she's described add 18 to 26 years old, standing at 5'10", weighing 200 pounds. the bike she was holding was recovered by police. the victim did survive the attack. >> may want to check your fridge
6:45 am
or freezer to see if ground beef is there that has already been recalled. it includes beef produced by jbs usa. two pound packages of beef ground chuck 80% lean. it was produced on july 15th. the manufacturer believes the beef might be tainted with plastic foam. so far, no injuries. we do have information about the recall on our website, >> a quarter to 7:00 now. the state is out with a health aid veezry for fish caught from the lafayette reservoir. there's concern about mercury and pcb levels. they name rainbow trout, goldfish, and black bass. there are different recommendations on how much you can eat depending on your gender, age, and type of fish. we have a chart on our website. >> the california university system is making a big change in its admission requirements. no more algebra. it would allow students to take courses other than intermediate algebra to satisfy general
6:46 am
education math requirements. the new rule starts in the fall of next year for students who are not majoring in math or science related fields. proponents say college level algebra is the biggest barrier for students in earning a degree. >> new details in an age discrimination lawsuit against google. 269 people are now a part of it. the silicon valley business journal says that number came to light in a federal ruling that allowed more plaintiffs to join the class action lawsuit. the people suing claim that google denied them jobs for which they were qualified because of their age. google denies it. the company says it has strong policies against discrimination of any kind, including age. we have new details surrounding amazon's plan to expand in the bay area. we reported last month that the online giant is renting 180,000 square feet of office space on market street in san francisco. this follows amazon signing deals for space in both east palo alto and sunnyvale. they're looking to hire more than 1100 people in the bay area. and natasha, here at the
6:47 am
live desk, i want to show you these images coming in that i have been monitoring all morning long. this is the amazon job fair happening. this particular location in new jersey, you can see the line is huge. the line has been huge all morning long. looks like our picture just kind of froze up here, but i can tell you that the folks have been in line all morning. there's a lot of them. and this is all part of the amazon jobs day event held in 12 different states on the east coast. they're looking to fill about 50,000 different positions all across the country. back to you. >> when i first heard it was 50,000, i had to check it twice. thanks. a new report puts into perspective how much demand there is for affordable housing in san francisco. for example, when 120 units opened up at a senior housing development on carroll avenue, more than 4,000 people applied. they entered a lottery. that's not the only place where this is happening. the examiner obtained a new leasing report from the city. it shows more than 300 people applied for just seven
6:48 am
affordable units. this was a development of luxury condos at 72 townsend street in san francisco's mission bay neighborhood. >> we still have a shot at seeing hamilton even if you can't make it during its current run in san francisco. ♪ the musical will return to san francisco in early 2019. so a ways off. no specific dates have been released yet. hamilton's current run ends on saturday. already. yeah, heading to los angeles. performances there begin on august 11th. all right, we're going to take a look now at what's happening with traffic. alexis, give us good news. >> i'm going to save my money. you and natasha sing the performances from hamilton so often, i feel like i have seen it. between you and that joey, our floor director, he was dancing during the whole story. >> she is tired of this. >> i don't have to go to the theater. i see it here every day. quick check of southbound 101 just before you get to lakeville highway in the petaluma area, a
6:49 am
crash reportedly in the two left lanes. backup hasn't grown much. once you get past 116, we're seeing a little delay. definitely be on the lookout for visibility issues and heavy traffic in the area. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on. a pretty average drive through the maze. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. another hot one today. >> it definitely is outside. hi, everybody. i wonder if natasha and reggie will take requests. we could have all of those done for us. >> i'm sure they will. >> yeah. good morning, everybody. here's a look from sutro tower. a late push of cloud cover. it's going to push until about 8:30, then high clouds will overtake our sky. the heat is going to hang around. chance of thunderstorms today and tomorrow. just a small chance, and heat breaking by the weekend. let's jump into your numbers, start in the south bay. what's sticks out? morgan hill, gilroy, lot gatos. 87 in milpitas to 80 in santa cruz. peninsula today, 77 in millbrae to menlo park at 86.
6:50 am
mid 60s along the coast to 67 in sunset. calm the winds down a little bit, it warms up. mid 70s in downtown south san francisco. if you're going to the game, bay bridge series over at at&t park, definitely cooler. 64 at 7:15, dropping down to sgien. ten-minute later start. 90 to 95 through most of the north bay valleys. you can see the 100s in cloverdale. along the east bay, 79 in berkeley. 78 in richmond. then we have about 80 to 88 degrees as we head deeper into the -- i should say the east bay. here, temperatures about 100 in walnut creek to 1ver 4 in brentwood. we'll be in the mid 50s to upper 60s tonight in most neighborhoods. 70s near antioch. accuweather seven-day forecast, how about 60s, 70s, and 80s? that's the trend by sunday, monday, and tuesday. we know the heat is on. we're trying our best to keep cool. abc7's matt keller is live in san jose where temperatures are going to come in hot this afternoon. how about some tips, matt?
6:51 am
>> reporter: yeah, hi, mike. i just checked our abc7 accuweather app, and it showed temperatures right now in san jose at around 65 degrees. you have to be prepared today. take it easy if you're outside find a nice chair. these chairs are here at the plaza de cesar chavez. make sure you have your cold drinks to bring around. at 8:00, the park opens and they are the fountains on here in the park. let's show you video of what it looks like during the day when people are actually enjoying the fountains, enjoying the water and cooling down. you have adults and kids there. they can have fun when it gets hot. there are also five communities centers throughout san jose used as cooling centers. that includes camden community center which has a pool. there's also seating in the shade. the cooling centers are open until 9:00 at night. that's later than usual. we have details on our website, also, i'm not sure if you guys are aware. this is perfect timing, i must say. going to be a very, very hot
6:52 am
day. it is also national ice cream sandwich day. >> what? >> it's 6:45, so this is my breakfast. >> oh. that looks really good. >> breakfast of champions. what do they say? it's 5:00 somewhere. it's 5:00 somewhere. i don't think they meant 5:00 a.m., but whatever. >> good for you, matt. >> get yourself an ice cream sandwich, guys. >> going to be tough trying to get into the speedo later today at the pool for the not summer body that i definitely don't have. thank you. tomorrow, steph curry will be playing against professional golfers in the hayward hills. >> he's pretty good. yesterday, he played an anticipation round. the two-time nba mvp received an invite to play in the pro tournament. he's going to play as an amateur though. he finished fourth in tahoe just a couple weeks ago. h says he just hoped to make the cut and play on the weekend. he'll raise money for the warriors community fund.
6:53 am
he'll tee off tomorrow at 8:55 a.m. >> some of us are just born with more gifts. he seems to have an abundant amount of gifts. we're back in 90 seconds. >> an embarrassment of riches he has. >> first our instagram photo of the day. if you have not followed us yet, please do. please do. and share your
6:54 am
6:55 am
whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, here's seven things you need to know before you go. the first one is weather. look at your 12-how day planner. not bad this morning. 54 to 68. by the time we get to 4:00, mid 60s at the coast, mid 80s around the bay, flirting with 100 inland. number two, cities across the bay area because of that are opening cooling centers to help you beat the sweltering heat. san jose has extended operating hours at five of its community centers to provide a safe, cool place for you. go to our website, for that list. >> you're looking at the vision that urban planners have for san francisco's market street. big changes and construction could start next year. plans call for banning cars between the embarcadero and tenth street. >> and number four, taking a look at a pretty light commute. a lot of green still on the traffic maps and good news here in the san lorenzo area. we did have a crash on northbound 880 just before hesperian. that did clear about five minutes ago and traffic quickly unwinding from state route 92. >> number five, breaking national news that's just coming
6:56 am
in from pennsylvania right now. crews on scene of this train crash. a freight train partly derailed this morning, setting three train cars and a garage on fire. and they have had to evacuate several homes in that area. >> number six, crime is way up this year on b.a.r.t. violent crimes like robberies and assaults have spiked by 41%. the coliseum station is one of the most crime plagued for both violent crimes and thefts. >> number seven, nobody won last night, so that means friday's mega millions is estimated $323 million. it will be the tenth largest jackpot in mega millions history. >> that's it. >> time to dream. if i won, alexis -- >> oh, i would buy all my co-workers ice cream sandwiches. >> yay. i would buy hamilton tickets for all of us. time's running out. >> that's right. last day is saturday. >> $500 to $800 a pop, you need
6:57 am
the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california
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good morning, america. dangerous heat. the new warnings out west. as record highs hit cities not used to sweltering temperatures. and nearly 50 wildfires spread. massive smoke and flames scorching hundreds of thousands of acres. breaking overnight, new reports the trump administration is taking on affirmative action preparing to investigate whether colleges are discriminating against white students as an explosive new lawsuit targets the white house accusing them of coordinating with fox news on a fake news story. chaos on the tarmac. a 17-year-old opening a plane's emergency door sliding across the wing making a daring and dangerous escape. more than a dozen law enforcement agents swarming the flight. ♪ and is this the greatest catch of the year?


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