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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 3, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. thanks for joining us on this thursday, august 3rd. reggie is off. >> yeah, so matt keller is in. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> i'm natasha. gjessica is over there, and mik nicco, you brought the heat. hopefully we're over the big hump from yesterday. >> i think so. even if you don't have ice cream sandwiches or gatorade with you. >> what? >> you can still find other ways to beat the heat today. hi, everybody. here's a live look at live doppler 7. that was matt's story yesterday if you weren't with us. you can see the moisture from yesterday and the threat of thunderstorms out there, mainly over the ocean, but we'll keep the threat in the forecast. a look at the 12-hour day planners and what you're looking
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at are temperatures in the mid 60s, near 80 around the bay, and 90s with a whole lot of high clouds and sunshine. let's get a quick check of the morning commute. >> too much happening this morning. we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights not on yet, but we need a few more cash booths open. if you're using fast track or carpooling, you're cruising through with no issues. southbound 680, just six minutes. westbound 24, walnut creek to highway 13, another nine. westbound 580, really our only slow spot so far, in the yellow at 39 minutes. next traffic update in less than ten. thanks. fire crews are still in the berkeley hills keeping an eye out for flare-ups. >> a 20 acre fire caused major concern because of how close it was to where the oakland hills fire happened 20 years ago. lonny rivera is live with what's happening now. >> reporter: hi, natasha. we're here near lomas, and you can see there are closure signs
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that people can expect the signs to be up all day as fire crews keep an eye on this fire this morning. it was so challenging, here's a look at the scene from overnight, that one firefighter actually tumbled 50 feet. he was on the hillside when he encountered a hornet's nest. he's in stable condition at the hospital, but his injury is a reminder of what crews have been dealing with as they contain this fire. >> it's very steep terrain. it's rugged. and so it's hazardous to the firefighters and it's exhausting for them. they have to take things slower. >> the blaze started near grizzly peak boulevard near lawrence berkeley national lab. it's burned more than 20 acres. firefighters considered shutting down the power to uc berkeley because transmission lines were in the path. that never happened, but it did trigger closures at several sites, including the one where we're standing near the popular steam train ride.
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so mop up work will continue throughout this morning. if you're traveling near this area, you want to avoid this. that's the latest, reporting live in berkeley hills. abc7 news. >> thank you. on to developing news now. abc7 news has obtained cell phone video showing the seconds leading up to a deadly police shooting yesterday. >> vallejo police officers opened fire, shooting and killing a man. we're going to show you this video, but it is difficult to watch. we won't show you the actual shooting. >> oh, [ bleep ]. oh, [ bleep ]. oh, [ bleep ]. oh, my god. he's going to kill him. they're going to kill him. oh, my god. they're going to [ bleep ] kill him. don't do it. oh, [ bleep ]. oh, no, no. oh, my god. oh, my [ bleep ] god. >> the suspect has been
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identified as a 45-year-old benicia resident. sky 7 was over the scene on richmond parkway. investigators say it all began when officers attempted to stop a car suspected to be connected to an armed robbery in el cerrito last week. authorities say the suspect was holding a machete and refused orders to drop the weapon. five officers opened fire, hitting suspect several times. he died at the scene. >> developing news in a disturbing story out of san jose. federal authorities are now looking into a camera that police believe was used to manufacture child porn. the camera was found inside of a children's art and music studio owned by this man. abc7 news reporter david louie has the details and reaction from a neighbor who said he trusted nguyen for years. >> fellow 10 nlts of the strip mall believe nguyen has operated the stiedio for five years. people described him as friend friendly and trust worthy, but police say they found a hidden camera in the bathroom, and
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images of one child under age 10. it's alleged by police he was attempting to manufacture child pornography. >> we're trying to determine exactly who's on the images, being that it's a sole bathroom facility, not only are we concerned about the children, but also concerned about parents and/or additional staff, if any exist. sent to the fbi in san francisco for analysis. the shop keeper next door says he's shocked by the arrest. he considered nguyen trust worthy and sent his grandson to the studio for several years. >> five years, he come here, my grandson. and i trust him, you know, and he is doing good now in middle school. because they help him. >> so you trust mr. nguyen? >> yeah. >> others say nguyen often slept at the studio and operated the facility seven days a week. police say they have no record that he has ever had brushes with the law. investigators are not saying who
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tipped them off or how investigators received the sd card. they're only saying the investigation is at the early stage with the possibility of other victims. the stud joe is closed for now. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. happening today, a man will appear in court to answer charges he captured video of a couple having sex and then tried to blackmail them for cash. fremont police say this man shared an apartment with the alleged victims earlier this year. the victims claim they began receiving e-mails in june after they moved out. those messages contained intimate screen shots of them. sender threatened to tag them on facebook unless they paid $5,000. >> a judge must decide if there's enough evidence to try three san francisco officials on corruption charges. prosecutors claim the evidence against them emerged in a federal probe of chinatown gang leader raymond shrimp boy chow. he's serving a life sentence after being convicted of murder and other charges last year. the three suspects are a former
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human rights commissioner, former commission staff member, and former school board president keith jackson. >> bribery and money laundering and we are -- we take these such allegations incredibly seriously, especially when you have city officials that are alleged to have been involved in such a scheme. >> we're hoping and expecting justice to be done. >> jackson remains in prison after being convicted of federal racketeering charges along with former state senator leland yee. >> happening today, neighbors frustrated with illegal dumping in oakland will get an update on what the city is doing about it. a town hall meeting is set for tonight. here's a glimpse of the problem. neighbors say people are using city streets as their personal dumping ground. this includes abandoned cars, dirty clothes, even dead animals. officials will update the public on what the city of oakland is doing to keep the trash out. town hall starts at 6:00 tonight. >> and this just coming in. new this morning, anchor brewing is getting a new owner. the iconic san francisco brewery
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will be acquired by japanese beer company sapporo. both companies have a lot of history. in fact, both are more than 100 years old. anchor brewing is best known in san francisco for its famous anchor steam beer that's credited with starting the craft beer movement in the u.s. sapporo said in a statement that acquiring anchor brewing is, quote, expected to accelerate growth in the u.s. sapporo has really been targeting north america since the year 2006 when it acquired some canadian brands. the price of the deal has not been revealed yet. natasha. >> all right, thank you. happening today, several city leaders and students will celebrate free tuition at city college of san francisco. the day's celebration begins with a rally at the plaza at 11:30 today. free tuition appears to be attracting more people to city college. enrollment is up 17% from this time last year, and that includes a 25% jump for courses than earn credits towards a
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degree. you can still sign up for classes add city college. registration closes on august 18th. >> and coworkers and neighbors are a little less happy this morning, it might be that it's still 70 in fremauntd. that's not the greatest sleeping weather. 68 in castro valley, union city. hayward, 69. a little better in oakland 64. 62 right now in richmond and albany. let's look at our other neighborhoods. 71 in mountain view. 70 in san jose and los gatos. low to mid 70s right now in pleasanton, livermore, brentwood. 79 in antioch. not bad in san francisco, 60. 59 in santa rosa. pacifica, 57. so the cloud cover did its job. it kept our temperature up overnight. it solidified the fact we needed that heat advisory, especially in the hills where we're still in the 70s and 80s. this will continue, this heat advisory, until 9:00 for the areas you see shaded in orange. let's talk about the roof. usually we show the roof, we
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look at the flags on the ferry building. they're not moving. there is not much of a sea breeze today. there will be a lilt bit of one. partly sunny at the beach today. not as hot if you're out exercising. remember that seven-second rule, something we talked about yesterday. put your hand on the ground, if you can keep it there for seven seconds, it's not hot and it's okay for dogs to walk on it. on the bay, light breezes today. here's a quick look at what's happening around the state. thunderstorms as you head to the south. 104 in fresno. thunderstorms possible in yosemite and tahoe, not only today but all the way through the weekend. let's see what alexis is watching for you. >> not too much so this morning. i want to head back into oakland. a lot of overnight roadwork on 880. that's all due to the demolition of the 23rd avenue overcrossing. they wrapped up early today. we did have a full closure of northbound 880 overnight, but they had that done by about 4:15 this morning. so way ahead of schedule. they a 5:00 a.m. deadline and everything is moving along fine. the one spot we do have a lot of
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fog here this morning is golden gate bridge. in fact, a dense fog advisory issued by chp right around midnight, so increase that following distance. you want to have some more reaction time if that's part of your route this morning. we'll take a look at mass transit at 5:20. >> thank you, alexis. happening today, caltrain's board of directors is scheduled to photoon a proposed fare increase. they listened to a plan. caltrain wants to raise it 25 cents a ride. and the price of parking could increase almost $30 per month. if approved, moe of the fare changes would take effect on october 1st. caltrain is trying to cover a $10 million deficit. >> milk, eggs, and birth control. the grocery store chain in one state where women over 18 can pick up pills and patches without a doctor's visit. >> and a mob attack
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wow, as an area that relies on trains, this is disturbing to watch. a dallas, texas, man who asked a group of passengers to stop was attacked.uana on the train another passenger recorded this entire thing on his cell phone. at one point, the mob attack spilled on the platform. in the end, the man was knocked unconscious and the mob got back on the train and left. no word on any arrests from this. the victim refused to file
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charges. and there were no working cameras on that train. well, dozens of people no longer face criminal charges following body cameras capturing potentially suspicions footage on cops in baltimore. the officers found nothing after searching a car for drugs, but then they turned off their cameras. another officer then uncovered more drugs moments after the cameras were turned back on. >> while it's ugly and while i'm disappointed than officers in these two incidents recently did not have their cameras on, i think it's irresponsible to jump to a conclusion that the police officers were engaged in criminal misconduct. >> when it's your word against the police, it's quite an uphill climb for a lot of people in baltimore city. >> the dismissed cases include the one against the people inside the car that was stopped. ford is trying to figure out why some of its explorers are leaking carbon monoxide. it started yesterday when three
5:16 am
officers in massachusetts were hospitalized for carbon monoxide exposure. one passed out while driving and hit another car. police in galveston pulled all their fords off the road. 1.3 million ford explorers from 2011 to 2017 are now in question nationwide. ford issued this statement. the company has discovered holes and unsealed spaces in the back of some police utilities that have police equipment installed afterleaving ford's factory. >> the beat between kanye and concert insurers is heating up. >> and drugs and mental competency part of the story. lindsey davis has the latest in this multimillion dollar legal battle. >> in this morning's "gma" first look, kanye west is slapping an insurance company with a multimillion dollar lawsuit. the suit filed by the touring company for west, very good touring, claims insurance company lloyds of london failed to pay them nearly $10 million after the rapper's st. pablo tour was cancelled last year. last november, west literally
5:17 am
dropped the mike. abruptly ending this show and canceled more than 20 scheduled performances. two days after officially cancelling the tour, west was hospitalized for eight days in a neuro psychiatric hospital. in court documents, very good touring says west's hospitalization was included in the accidental bodily injury or illness insurance. but the insurance company has yet to pay the claim. and coming up at 7:00 a.m., dan abrams weighs in on the case with your "gma" first look, i'm lindsey davis, abc news, new york. 5:17 now. it's now a lot easier for women 18 and older to get birth control in colorado. the safeway albertson's chain is selling pills and patches without women going to the doctor first. it's because last year voters passed a law that allowed pharmacists to prescribe contraceptives. they have to fill out a form, take a blood pressure test. if there are no complications, they can buy birth control pills and patches and get them it same day.
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>> a thrill ride for several fair goers in ventura, california, turned into nothing short of a nightmare. first was this guy hanging upside down for more than a half hour after the bungee ride he was on malfunctioned. >> he told me to climb down the ladder slowly. he had me hooked on to him. >> he's okay, thankfully, but there was more work for firefighters last night. two people who were poised to jump next ended up stuck in a steel cage that was hanging from that same ride. they were eventully lowered to safety. the guy who was stuck upside down swears he will never, ever bungee jump again. >> this is why i don't do things like that. yeah. >> apparently, we have not heard the last of the mooch. fired white house communications director anthony scaramucci plans to hold an online event tomorrow. all we know so far is he plans to use that time to communicate directly to president trump's base. meantime, cnn obtained a memo that outlined some of his goals in the white house. they include things like improving relations with the
5:19 am
media. scaramucci was fired after just 11 days on the job. he says after tomorrow's event, the plan is to avoid the spotlight until september when that's when he will announce his next move. all right, turning to weather. we have another hot day ahead of us. >> yes, meteorologist mike nicco bringing the heat. >> yes. we have going to bring it, and we're going to bring a touch of humidity also. here, this looks familiar, doesn't it? this is a typical spot for the morning. golden gate bridge, you can see the wind blowing about 12 miles per hour from west to east and trying to make a late surge of fog. but it's the high clouds and the storm threat that really what gets my attention today. that will linger into tonight, keeping us mild to warm, just like this morning, and nothing to stress about as we head through the extended forecast. right now, our best radar returns, a little around palo alto, but the best ones are over the ocean. with the heating of the day, you get the boy nlsy in the atmosphere, we could see some of the storms develop. we have high pressure in the clockwise flow to the north, low pressure with this
5:20 am
counterclockwise flow to the northwest, that's pulling all that moisture across our neighborhoods. we just need the sun to heat us up and then we'll see a storm or two this afternoon. it will heat us into the mid to upper 90s. taking the 100s out of the forecast for the inland east bay neighborhoods. in the north bay, 90. that's one of the hot spots. warm around san rafael, 85. novato, 89, napa at 86. in the south bay, 100s are gone. 90 in san jose. milpitas at 84. morgan hill at about 94. on the peninsula today, we'll have that murky sunshine. 83 at men low pork. 63 in pacifica. on the east bay shore, a touch of humidity and temperatures reading from 79 in oakland. f fremauntd at about 86. and the breezes are lacking once again in san francisco. but we do have the marine layer. very shallow, it will keep us comfortable in the mid to upper 60s. even 70 in the mission district and downtown. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. mid 50s in san francisco.
5:21 am
mid 60s to 70s for the rest of us tonight for lows. notice those temperatures taper back to average by sunday, and they kind of hang out there for the rest of the accuweather seven-day forecast. hey, alexis, i see a lot of green on the map. >> we have a lot of green but i have one new issue to talk about. we'll head to the san mateo bridge. westbound 92 just before the toll plaza, a multi-car crash. that is reportedly in the two center lanes right now. just very slight delay. it doesn't sound like we have any serious injuries. unfortunately, that is just beyond the reach of our traffic camera in the area. we're looking okay once you make it to this point. i'll keep an eye on that. we'll see if we get backup heading to 880. it is not a spare the air day, but also good to use mass transit if possible. muni looking good, and don't forget, we have that new train testing that's starts on week nights at 9:30 and no delays. san francisco bay ferry should be a nigh day on the bay. >> thanks. if you're a green day fan, prepare to get excited. in just about seven hours from
5:22 am
now, exclusive band merchandise will go on sale in oakland, part of a two-day pop up event ahead of the concert this weekend at the coliseum. it will be inside 1, 2, 3, 4 go records. green day got their start in berkeley. you might know. we checked this morning. there are still tickets available to saturday's show. >> next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> plus, forget fake news. the new segment president trump is launching on facebook. >> speaking of facebook, are you frustrated over how long it takes for videos to load? relief is on the way. >> mike and alexis helping make this a better day for you. this a better day for you. we'll keep live
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5:25 am
orders to drop the weapon when five officers opened fire. >> number two, firefighters are tackling hot spots after a 20-acre fire broke out in the east bay hills. it began in berkeley. the alameda county fire department tweeted out these pictures showing crews at the scene overnight. >> from the live desk, san francisco's anchor brewing will be acquired by japan's sapporo beer. anchor brewing is best known for the steam anchor beer. >> tesla says demand is strong for its new model 3 sedan. they're getting 1800 reservations every day. the company handed over the keys to the first 30 model 3 vehicles at an event last week. >> let's take a look at your extremes today. number five, the fact we still have a heat advisory in the hills. temperatures will be in the upper 90s in brentwood, antioch, and livermore. mid 60s at pacifica and half moon bay. a smaller summer spread today. >> and number six, just notice some heavy traffic in
5:26 am
hemriville. we turned our camera around and discovered some road work. westbound 80 to eastbound 580, and that's really backing you up. we have delays to golden gate field. >> number seven, the bay bridge series wraps up at at&t park. the oakland athletics beat the giants last night. oakland can make it 3 out of 4 with a win tonight. >> this next story is pretty amazing. it's about a new type of exercise sweeping chandler, arizona. >> think techno rave jane fonda circa 1988 and p.t. barnum and bailey. if we have piqued your interest, take a look at this. this looks like hard work. i'm not about to knock this. this is the bunjsy workout. it's exactly what it sounds like, exercising with a bungee cord strapped to you. creators say this provides resistance, great cardio, using smooth transitions to insure that every muscle is working. it looks like all core all the time, and just misery.
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but they make it look fun. we checked on the company's site. bungee workouts start at $35 a class. >> who knew chandler, arizona, was the hub of exercise innovation. >> coming back with a full 90 minutes of news including the training exercise today that has police in the east bay warning neighbors. >> plus, why a grower says the state owes him $15 million from the oroville dam crisis. >> plus, getting an update on the victims in the deadly ohio state fair ride accident. find out how they're doing. >> we're having a better day. >> we're having a better day. get you off on the right foot, ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready?
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yeah. chase. so you can.
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good morning to you. welcome to thursday, august 3rd. i'm natasha. >> i'm matt keller, in for reggie. we have jessica, alexis, and mike. and mike, boy, it's been a hot week.
5:30 am
it looks like it's going to continue today. >> i really think so. we'll throw a little humidity in there to make it feel better. >> appreciate it. >> congratulations. here's a look at the clouds. midlevel moisture out there, and a few radar returns on live doppler 7. those storms we talked about, they're mainly over the ocean, and whatever they're dropping is not reaching the ground. there's still a threat. in my 12-hour day planner. let's look at the way it unfolds. it's definitely warmer this morning. 57 at the coast, 72 inland. temperatures will stay in the mid 60s from noon to 7:00. in the upper 70s to low 80s around the bay, and upper 80s to low 90s from noon to 4:00 inland back to about 83 by 7:00. we'll take a greater look at this heat subsiding. there's still a heat advisory out there. i'll let you know when it expires coming up. >> we're trying to get to the bottom of the backup we're seeing through emeryville, and i believe construction is the culprit here. seeing lanes down for folks taking eastbound 580. but we do have that left lane blocked, and it looks like we do
5:31 am
have construction scheduled on eastbound 580 between macarthur and 24 until 7:00. hopefully that's not going to last the entire commute. right now, we're up to 16 minutes westbound 80 from golden gate fields to the maze. i have a feeling that will probably get worse before it gets better. and we'll check out a few other areas coming up in less than ten. >> thank you. on to developing news now. a chase that began in vallejo ended with police gun fire in richmond and a man dead. all caught on cell phone video. >> this morning, we're learning more about the suspect. tiffany wilson is live in martinez. tiffany. >> reporter: matt, natasha, the suspect was a 45-year-old benicia resident, now, abc7 obtained cell phone video of the final seconds leading up to that deadly police shooting, when the vallejo officers opened fire. we're going to show you that cell phone video now, but we want to warn you, it is difficult to watch. you will hear gunfire. but we will not show you the actual shooting.
5:32 am
>> oh, [ bleep ]. oh, [ bleep ]. oh, [ bleep ]. oh, my god. he's going to kill him. they're going to kill him. oh, my god. they're going to [ bleep ] kill him. don't -- don't do it. oh, [ bleep ]. oh, [ bleep ]. no, no. oh, my god. oh, my [ bleep ] god. >> investigators say this all began when vallejo officers attempted to stop a car connected to a recent armed robbery in el cerrito. >> the suspect exited the vehicle and he was armed. >> reporter: now, the driver had initially led police on a high-speed chase for 15 minutes, ending in richmond. authorities say that the suspect had a machete and refused multiple orders to drop that knife. five officers then opened fire. the suspect w pronounced dead
5:33 am
at the scene. now, richmond and vallejo police along with the contra costa district attorney's office are investigating the incident. live in martinez, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> thank you, tiffany. happening now, fire crews watching for flare-ups from a 20-acre grass fire in the berkeley hills. >> showing the scene after flames spread through thick vegetation yesterday afternoon. this is the area devastated by the oakland hills fire 20 years ago. >> this one began not far from lawrence berkeley lab. one firefighter tumbled 50 feet down a hill after he encountered a hornet's nest. this section will remain closed until 8:00 tonight. >> the teenager who jumps out of an emergency exit of a copa airlines plane is not likely to face criminal charges according to the san mateo county d.a. who spoke to abc7 news. they tell us the 17-year-old bay area resident and u.s. citizen is getting mental health evaluations.
5:34 am
he went to the hospital after sliding down the wing of the airliner and onto the tarmac at sfo on tuesday. >> we have new details of that close call at sfo last month. federal investigators say the air canada plane was even closer to planes getting ready to take off than previously thought. >> the ntsb releasing pictures showing just how close it was to four passenger jets on the runway. officials say the air canada plane was just 59 feet off the ground. >> the fact that the united 787 that was number one on the taxiway had a tail height of approximately 56 feet, well, it's alarming to take the difference between 59 and 56. but i think those aircraft were separated laterally by a significant amount. >> according to the report, the air canada flight was so off course that it hit a blind spot in the airport's radar system for 12 seconds. the radar system should have alerted air traffic controllers that the aircraft was not where it was supposed to be. the ntsb has not yet released a final conclusion on that
5:35 am
investigation. >> a mendocino county man is facing child abuse charges after his 2-year-old child was found tied to a tree at a homeless encampment. that happened last week, but authorities are just now revealing this. the sheriff's office said wilson's son was wearing only a diaper and was secured to a tree by a rope on his wrist. the child is now in the custody of child protective services. a farmer is asking the state to pay him $15 million for the business that he lost during the oroville dam crisis. he says water rushing down the feather river wiped out 21 acres of walnut orchards. in february, the state cut water releases when the main spillway began to crumble. the winter runoff forced the lake close to overflowing and forced 188,000 people to evacuate. the claim alleges the state failed to protect the property of landowners downstream of lake oroville. >> now a story you'll only see here on abc7 news. residents in millbrae are hoping a burglar will be caught after victimizing a vulnerable
5:36 am
neighbor. the victim has dementia. wonder if she was targeted. a man broke into her home moments after she left with a care taker. home surveillance captured video of the burglar. her antiques, jewelry, and other priceless possessions were taken. >> this is the first time i experienced this. they search everything. they took everything i had. >> the memories of her past, of her husband, are all that she has. they even took locks of her late husband's hair. the woman's family has posted video of the burglar on facebook. so far, it's been viewed more than 100,000 times. >> heads up if you live in danville. happening today, police plan to hold a drill involving an active shooter. it wail take place between 8:00 and noon at the rock church. this will be limited to the church grounds. it's not going to extend into the surrounding neighborhood. the training will involve simulated firearms and explosive sounds. no live ammo will be used.
5:37 am
>> for the first time, the golden gate bridge parking lots will be closed for more than just a single holiday weekend. bridge district will close vista point in marin and the east lot in san francisco every saturday and sunday this months through labor day to prevent traffic waiting for parking spaces from backing up on the bridge. taxi and ride share backups are allowed in the east lot. tour buses will be allowed in both lots. >> check out the temperature change from yesterday at this time to now. we're anywhere from 4 to 11 degrees warmer than where we were yesterday in the area that saw the biggest jump, antioch. you're always the hottest in the morning anyway. so let's jump right into our inland east bay neighborhoods. 82 degrees in antioch right now. can you imagine trying to sleep? 74 in brentwood right now. 78 in pittsburg. we have mid to upper 70s through most of the san ramon valley. we have san ramon itself at 72. pleasanton at 71. notice mt. diablo, 80. that's a little cooler than yesterday. and that's why i think we'll be
5:38 am
a little cooler, the air mass, the hottest of it has passed over us. hard to believe when you look at 70 in san jose. 71 in mountain view. hayward, 69. san carlos, 66. we have oakland at 64. vallejo at 65 and san francisco right now at 60. you see santa rosa, comfortable 59. here's a look at san jose, foggy at the coast and the golden gate if you're on the roads. mass transit, cool to hot from san francisco to inland. on the bay, may be some fog in the morning but not very breezy. in the north bay, 8:00 in the morning, 69. by noon, 84. you'll be in the mid to upper 80s through most of the afternoon. to 6:00, and back to 75 by 8:00. take a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, and if you're tire offend the heat, i think you'll like it. >> we have a couple slow spots to get to on the traffic maps. the first one, westbound 92 just before you get on the water on the san mateo bridge, before the toll plaza. two-car crash, initially sounded like we didn't have injuries, but they did call an ambulance to the scene and we still have one of the center lanes blocked. you're slow, and that's backing
5:39 am
up towards 880, not terrible yet, but the faif that's blocki for much longer, we will see a significant delay. and westbound 80, down to 25 and 30 miles per hour, so it's not a huge delay yet. i just checked the drive time and we're only a couple minutes over average, but check this out. pretty sure this is the culprit we have on camera. if you look at the left lane, we have it looks like the far left lane blocked on eastbound 580 connector from westbound 80. those folks heading to oakland are slowing down. that's slowing down the entire stretch. we believe this is some overhead sign work that's scheduled until 7:00. working to confirm that. we also have a construction slowdown on the peninsula. we'll look at that coming up at 5:50. >> thank you, alexis. >> father and faster. the hyperloop test that's putting the future of high-speed transportation a big step closer. >> 5:39, friday eve. we appreciate you being up with us. the bay area glittering this morning. we're going to keep you on top we're going to keep you on top of live weather, live traffic
5:40 am
5:41 am
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happening today, the massachusetts woman convicted of involuntary manslaughter for encouraging her boyfriend to take his life faces sentencing. michelle carter was 17 in 2014 when she sent her suicidal boyfriend dozens of text messages telling him to do it. he died when his pickup truck filled with carbon monoxide in a
5:43 am
parking lot. a judge found carter guilty in june and she now faced up to 20 years ipprison. >> we have new details in the recall effort against the judge in the brock turner case. he's hired a political consultant who ran president trump's campaign in arizona. aaron persky has paid the company $30,000 so far. the recall effort began after he sentenced turner to a short jail term for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman outside of a stanford frat house. he said he was following a recommendation from the santa clara county probation department. >> the new white house chief of staff john kelly is assuring jeff sessions his position is safe. president publicly criticized sessions for recusing himself from the russia investigation. according to the associated press, kelly told sessions in a phone call, the president is still upset at him but does not plan to fire or force him to resign. >> president trump is launching his own news segment on facebook and calling it real news. on sunday, the president posted the first episaid on his facebook page.
5:44 am
that's his daughter-in-law lara trump sharing some of his accomplishments. he said the series discredited the media. >> relief is in sight. changing its policy to favor quicker loading sites on its mobile app. if a web page loads fast, it will likely come up higher on your news feed. facebook says up to 40% of people leave a website after just a three-second delay. the new policy will roll out gradually. i always knew i was impatient. i didn't realize everybody else was as well. >> gotta go. gotta go, mike nicco. >> nothing special about being three seconds inpatient. hi, everybody. let's hope that number doesn't get lower. here's a look from mt. tamalpais. looks clear. notice what you don't see, a lot of low clouds. they're mainly confined to the coast right now and the golden gate bridge. it may make a late push to the east like they did yesterday, but it's the clouds above that i'm concerned with. partly sunny sky, a monsoon moisture that brings us the
5:45 am
threat of a thunderstorm today, tonight, and tomorrow. it's going to keep us cloudy and mild to warm again tonight. but by the weekend, we'll forget all about this because it will feel great. the best radar returns right now over the ocean and moving away from us to the west and staying over the ocean. so probably in the afternoon hours when the temperatures start to get in the mid 80s to the mid 90s in the south bay, we could see the air buoyant enough for another storm or two to develop. 90 at san jose to 95 in gilroy today. 78 in santa cruz. on the peninsula, a lot of low to mid 80s from san ramon, san mateo, excuse me, to mid 60s along the coast with less low clouds than yesterday afternoon. low 70s around downtown san francisco. sausalito, 74. get to novato at 89. 90 in santa rosa. along the east bay shore, mid to upper 70s for oakland, berkeley, richmond, everybody else in the low to mid 80s. we have mid to upper 90s and while that is still hot, at least it's not the 100s we had
5:46 am
the last couple days. 60s and 70s away from the coast in san francisco and santa rosa for lows tonight. quick look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. each and every day, we lose a couple degrees. by sunday, it feels good to be outside. monday, tuesday, wednesday, we'll hang out there. hang in there just a couple more days of heat and a little bit of humidity. you were just telling me, you're following an accident on an area you usually don't see a lot of traffic. >> heavy traffic on 101 on the peninsula. now, initially it sounds like this is some roadwork in the area that's going a little late. so northbound 101, we have some heavy traffic there approaching broadway. we know we have some lanes down on the broadway off ramp, trying to confirm if we have anything on the main line blocked due to construction and a couple lanes closed southbound in the same area for overnight paving work. keeping a close eye on that. that's really heavy on the northbound side. if you are going to be traveling through this stretch, you want to totally avoid that, check out 280. we're completely wide open. of course, state route 82 is a
5:47 am
decent option, if you feel like sitting through a few stop lights. if you're traveling westbound 80 from the albany area into berkeley and emeryville, we have stop and go traffic. that's due to road work for the eastbound 580 connector. all the folks heading to oakland, that's slowing everyone down on the westbound 80 corridor as you come there from the east bay. keeping a close eye on this one, too. sounds like sign work scheduled until 7:00 this morning. we'll look at drive times in less than ten. right now, just coming in to our live desk, an update on some of the victims of the deadly ohio state fair ride accident. we have learned four are still hospitalized this morning, and one of those is an 18-year-old woman who remains in a coma. unfortunately, others also listed in critical condition. one man died. seven were hurt when the fireball ride fell apart midair. one of the victims who is still in the hospital is the girlfriend of that man who died. the co-owner of the company who
5:48 am
supplies rides to the fair says he thinks it was a mechanical failure, although the accident cause is still under investigation at this point. and we should note that several other rides had to be shut down across the country, including the fireball at great america in santa clara. those rides, though, have since reopened. thank you, jessica. >> elon musk's latest high-tech transportation project just broke its own speed record. >> it reached 192 miles per hour in this test track in the nevada desert. it also traveled farther than ever before. more than 1400 feet. musk hopes the pod can some day get people from new york city to washington, d.c. in just 30 minutes. this is embarrassing for this driver and passengers. an rv hit the toll plaza on the golden gate bridge and got stuck. this was yesterday. marin chp posted these pictures on facebook. investigators say the rv door was ripped off and the people
5:49 am
inside couldn't get out. golden gate bridge crews extracted the rv and repaired the toll plaza in less than an hour. two people in the rv were treated at the scene for minor injuries. happening today, steph curry will be teeing off against pro golfers in the hayward hills. >> curry tees off at 8:55 this morning in the first round of the ellie may classic at tpc stone bray. the twotime mvp was invited to compete in the tournament but will play as an amateur. he says he just hopes to make the cut and get to play this weekend. >> you know, his form is pretty impressive. >> a good golfer. >> new at 6:00, surprising numbers reveal what a lot of adults do not do when they're riding uber and lyft. >> you can't escape ads anywhere inside b.a.r.t. stations. nothe agency is turning dozens of cars the to rolling billboards. >> a better day starts right here on abc7 mornings. here on abc7 mornings. we're
5:50 am
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scientists at stanford published their findings on what's going on in the brains of people with autism. they looked at mice with the disorder and showed the brain cells don't show damage but they have trouble communicating. when they corrected the issue, they spent more time socializing. there's hope to correct the imbalance on a cellular level in humans. >> apple says its new iphone will feature augmented technology. they're embedding the technology in their iphones later last year. it projects lifelike images into screens. similar to pokemon go. it creates enormous potential for education, health care, and even home remodeling apps that
5:53 am
let you visualize new home furnishings. >> the muyoert of americans are taking more pills than any other time in our recent history. dr. jennifer ashton says consider this a report card on our general health and prescription drug use. it shows more than 55% of americans are taking four or more prescription medications. >> about 75% of us taking over the counter. we tend to think it doesn't count. it does. let me show you why that's a problem. ideally, you have a symptom, a disease, an illness or issue, you take a medication to balance good therapeutic effect with side effects. one medication, you're doing okay. the more you add, it has the potential to tip that balance and maybe treat the condition, but also side effects, cost, all of those things potentially go up. >> dr. ashton says you should keep a log of all the medications you're taking including over the counter pills and review that with your health
5:54 am
care provider. let's talk about what's going on up in sonoma county. the sonoma county fair that opens at 11:00 today. 76 degrees. the carnival opens at 3:00, 86. 75 at 7:00, and 65 at 11:00. and even though it will be partly sunny today, grab the sunscreen anyway. let's keep the fun going. but let's head down to the south bay where, yeah, the santa clara county fair opens today at 1:00. 87. getting comfy at 7:00 at 82, and a mild evening at 75 degrees. the fourth game, and an evening game for a thursday at at&t park. 7:15 first pitch. 64, dropping down to 61. will the series be tied or will the a's have bragging rights? >> we have ahandful of issues to talk about this morning. westbound 92 as you try to head across the san mateo bridge, we still have a crash blocking the center lane just before you get to the toll plaza. it's been there for about 45 minutes, so the backup not terrible considering that detail, but you are starting to inch your way towards 880.
5:55 am
also, some trouble on the peninsula. told you about some construction, northbound, southbound 101 around the broadway off ramp. now a crash within that backup. just before peninsula avenue, not many details yet, but we know chp is on the way to the scene. i should have more information in a few minutes. westbound 80, extra heavy today. 27 miles per hour, 25 miles per hour average. we have construction on the westbound 80 off ramp to eastbound 580. that's the cause now, adding about five minutes to your drive time. >> thanks, alexis. >> b.a.r.t. is trying something different to deal with a possible $35 million shortfall. take a look at this. that's a b.a.r.t. train with a ford ad across the outside of one of its cars. besides ford, you'll soon see cars with it tails and logos for kaiser and united and alaska airlines. the first of 17 cars to be ad wrapped is already riding the rails. >> we expect it to bring in $790,000 this year. and over a three-year period, it
5:56 am
could bring in $5.1 million just by using a resource that we already have, the train wraps. >> july ridership is down 2.6% compared to a year ago. b.a.r.t. hopes to find more advertisers to help avoid another fare hike. >> hikers at utah's zion national park found a way to save each other when a river started to rise. the national weather service had issued a flash flood warning for the park. take a look at this. as the water rose, the group formed a human chain to help each other safely cross the river. one of the hiks caught in the water took this video and posted it to instagram. >> you probably know making delivery kz be tough, but how difficult it can really be? just ask this guy. this delivery man in sussex, england, trying to bring groceries to this house when he was attacked by these adorable puppies. it allturned out just fine. he was able to make his delivery and probably a few new friends as well. they're super cute. >> very cute. if there's any dog food in
5:57 am
there, any food, period, right? >> any food. especially chocolate. they want the dangerous stuff. >> coming up new at 6:00, a brewery that's a staple in the bay area just got bought. >> also, a terrifying moment on the tarmac. lightning strikes a plane, injuring a worker. all of this caught on camera. >> just getting word that serve manhole covers in the streets of detroit were blown off. one going as high as ten stories, trying to figure out what's happening there. working on getting the story together for you. i'll have that at 6:00 a.m. and a little more than a week after someone was killed on week after someone was killed on a fair ride, a california fai
5:58 am
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weather is one of the top stories again today. get ready for another hot one. you're looking live from mt. tamalpais this morning. it's clear as far as the morning marine layer clouds go, but i have to show you some beautiful monsoon moisture and the cool
6:00 am
clouds that are developing. first, i'll show it to you on live doppler 7 and while you were sleeping, some of those thunderstorms we talked about, they developed over the ocean, and they're moving away from us right now. here's the cool cloud deck i was talking about. look at that from pier 15. a quick look at the 12-hour day planner. 57 to 72. in the mid 60s at the coast, upper 70s for the better part of the day around the bay and hanging out at the 90s inland. we'll turn it over to traffic and see how the morning commute is with alexis. >> looking at the peninsula, looks like the crash we had briefly on northbound 101 has been pushed off to the side, so speeds starting to improve. also some good news in emeryville, westbound 80, the connector to eastbound 580, we had cones up in and the left lanes it looks like has cleared and drive times improving. i also want to show you video. everybody is okay. just keep that in mind. but check this out. i will explain how that car


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