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tv   ABC World News  ABC  August 5, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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championships. part of the proceeds go to dog charities. not every dog got into the water. maybe this little one didn't want to get his hair wet. that's it for "abc7 news" at tonight breaking the search and rescue mission. three marines missing. their aircraft, an osprey, crashing in the water. more than 20 others pulled to safety. new developments as we come on the air. cross country manhunt. the northwestern professor and an oxford university employee, both men on the run wanted for murder. police say they killed another man in a chicago apartment. the video they sent to friends and familynd the unusual stop at a library. also breaking tonight, dangerous turbulence. the american airlines flight. at least ten passengers and crew rushed to the hospital. resort murder. the grizzly scene at the front desk.
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the double shooting and this gesture caught on camera. was he signaling an accomplice? also, stranded in the desert. the gps mistake. >> if you find this phone, i didn't do so well. >> how the lost driver survived. good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. we begin tonight with the intense search and rescue under way at this hour. three u.s. marines missing after their aircraft, an osprey, crashed in the waters off australia. the pentagon says they took off for regularly scheduled operations. the osprey going down trying to land. 23 service members have been rescued. no word on the cause of the crash. the osprey with a history of problems in recent years. abc's stephanie ramos starts us off. >> reporter: tonight, that desperate search for three marines missing at sea. u.s. military aircraft and boats scouring the water off the east
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coast of australia. the marine unit was on board an osprey for a routine practice flight when it hit the water, the crash happening at 4:00 p.m. local time. crews managing to rescue 23 of the 26 marines. >> the fact that 23 of the 26 personnel have already been recovered tells me the that initial impact to the water was controlled enough that obviously they were able to survive. >> reporter: the osprey belongs to a unit based out of okinawa, japan, which had just wrapped exercises with the australian military. tonight, with that search for the missing marines now going on for more than 16 hours, new scrutiny on the osprey and its spotty safety record. the aircraft is a hybrid, it flies like an airplane, but lands like a helicopter. >> there are so many things that can occur in that landing phase. the bottom line is landing an aircraft aboard a ship is very demanding. >> reporter: in january, three u.s. soldiers were wounded in an osprey hard landing in yemen. and in 2015, an osprey crashed
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during a military exercise in hawaii. images show it erupted in a ball of fire, two marines killed. yet despite these incidents, due to its versatility, the osprey is still one of the most important aircraft in the military. >> there's really nothing else in the world like it. >> and stephanie ramos is live from outside the pentagon. you have an update. what they're searching for right now? >> tom, that's right. rescuers are looking for any sign of life and rescuers search for the data recorder. that could provide as to why the aircraft went down. tom? >> stephanie, thank you. also breaking, the american airlines flight rocked by extreme turbulence. at least ten passengers and crew tossed around the cabin. the plane flying from greece to philadelphia getting ready to land. abc's eva pilgrim with the details at this hour.
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>> reporter: tonight, scary moments in the sky. extreme turbulence tossing an american airline mid flight. at least ten people taken to the hospital. 299 people were on board american airlines flight 759 traveling from athens, greece, to philadelphia when it hit rough air. passengers tweeting, no warning at all. plane lurched through the air. honestly terrifying. this picture is showing the ceiling covered we drinks. >> it started shaking. a big drop. the babies are crying, hitting the ceilings. >> reporter: the crew reported severe turbulence over the north atlantic ocean. the plane landing just after 3:00. emergency responders taking ten people to the hospital. three passengers and seven crew. american airlines saying the seat belt sign was on at the time. we are taking care of our passengers and crew members at this time. we want to thank our team members for keeping the passengers safe. tonight, no word on the
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injuries. officials say the ten were taken to the hospital to be evaluated. tom? >> ten people to the hospital. all right, eva, thank you. next to a manhunt for two murder suspects. a northwestern professor and an employee from oxford university accused of killing a man in chicago. the fbi and u.s. marshals tracking them down thousands of miles away. here is abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: tonight, investigators trying to unravel the grizzly details leading up to a gruesome murder and cross-country manhunt. >> police believe they have a doa there, at 540 north state. >> reporter: these two men -- wyndham lathem, a northwestern university professor, and andrew warren, an oxford university employee -- surrendering more than 2,000 miles from where police say 26-year-old cosmetologist trenton cornell-duranleau was brutally stabbed to death. chicago pd telling abc news it started on july 27th with a cryptic phone call to the front desk of lathem's apartment building reporting a crime. at around 8:30 p.m., officers enter the professor's home,
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discovering duranleau's "mutilated" body with "excessive stab wounds." police describing a "graphic and gruesome scene." police say lathem, an expert in dangerous biological agents, and duranleau had a relationship. >> we were just devastated. my heart dropped to my knees. >> reporter: the suspects driving to wisconsin, police say, stopping at this library and making a mysterious $1,000 donation. >> it turned out the individual they wished that donation for was a homicide victim. >> reporter: investigators tracing warren, reported missing by his family in the u.k., and lathem to california. police say lathem sending videos to friends and family apologizing, calling it "the biggest mistake of my life." on friday night, lathem and warren surrendering in the san francisco bay area after nine days on the run. tom, both men are awaiting exadition illinois. police tell me they plan to interrogate the two in the coming days in hopes of determining a possible motive. tom? >> thank you.
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let's turn to politics now and president trump revamping the white house in more ways than one. the president at his estate in new jersey, what is called a 17-day working vacation. president trump under growing pressure over the russia investigation. at the same time trying to stop the turmoil and the leaks pouring out of the west wing. david wright is there tonight. >> reporter: tonight, extreme makeover -- white house edition. the oval office stripped bare, even the resolute desk removed, as construction workers take advantage of the president's extended vacation to do long-overdue repairs. here in new jersey, the president is using this 17-day holiday as a time to reset his agenda. for one, the white house is searching for a new communications director to take over after the anthony scaramucci debacle. among the names reportedly being floated -- advisor stephen miller, who this week suggested the statue of liberty
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is not a symbol of america's promise to immigrants, those "huddled masses, yearning to breathe free." >> the poem that you're referring to was added later and is not actually part of the original statue of liberty. >> reporter: having miller take over white house messaging would likely be controversial. meanwhile, trump's national security advisor faces fierce internal criticism from trump loyalists. but the president is giving h.r. mcmaster a vote of confidence, insisting, "general mcmaster and i are working very well together." mcmaster's predecessor as national security advisor, who served just 23 days on the job -- >> lock her up, that's right. that's right. lock her up. >> reporter: lieutenant general michael flynn continues to cast a shadow over the administration. today, the "new york times" reports that investigators for special counsel bob mueller have asked the white house for documents related to flynn, and questioned witnesses about whether flynn tried to hide payments from turkey for lobbying work. white house officials insist this is a "working vacation."
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trump repeatedly criticized his predecessor for taking too much ti off. >> he plays more golf than people on the pga tour. >> reporter: and just two weeks ago, trump suggested republican senators hadn't earned a summer vacation. >> frankly, i don't think we should leave town unless we have a health insurance plan. >> david wright joins us live. david, among the advisers there with the president, his new chief of staff? >> reporter: that's right. general john kelly's mission to bring order and discipline to the white house. so far, so good. today the president has been tame on twitter. but as you know, tom, that can change at any time. >> any second. david, thanks so much. george stephanopoulos tomorrow goes one on one with kellyanne conway on a big show. '"this week." make sure to tune in. overseas, north korea with
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tough sanctions over its latest missile test. increasing pressure on the regime banning $1 billion in export including coal, iron and seafood. the decision coming after north korea's successful tests of two missiles capable of reaching the u.s. next to the twin cities terror. federal authorities investigating an apparent fire bomb at a mosque near minneapolis. the fbi confirming someone threw an explosive device through a window this morning. between 15 and 20 people had gathered for morning prayers. no one was injured. let's turn to weather and the extreme storms across the country. dangerous weather including dangerous thunderstorms in the northeast. fierce lightning strikes in harrisburg. you see them there. to the west, monsoon rains triggering flash flooding in the vegas strip. here's abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano. >> reporter: mother nature dealing a bad hand to the las vegas strip. torrential rain turning roadways into rivers, unloading onto this
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casino parking lot. six people rescued. this taxi driver waiting for help on the roof of his car. >> now he's getting his passengers out. >> reporter: as the water rises, he pulls his passenger up though a window. cars also swamped in new orleans, flash flooding happening in the crescent city tonight. lightning tearing through the night sky in pennsylvania. and wrecking havoc near salt lake city. >> sending medical. two teenagers that were struck by lightning at lilly lake. >> reporter: three sisters struck during a family camping trip. >> the father told the three young girls to go over into some trees and try and avoid the lightening. >> reporter: something you should not do in a thunderstorm. tonight, two of the girls in critical condition after being airlifted to the hospital. their father reviving them with cpr. the northeast drying out from flash flooding there. airports still rebounding after more than 1,300 cancelled flights. >> a lot going on with the
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severe weather in new orleans. for more, it will ice get to rob with the forecast. >> rain rates, two to three inches per hour and rain falling still over the crescent city. the thunderstorm just sitting there. wet weather there. and apart kansas, missouri and another batch of rain coming tonight. another four inches so flooding is potential. the watches remain up as the complex system to the south and more thunderstorms over the next 48 hours in oklahoma, arkansas and the tennessee valley as well. >> rob, thanks so much. in florida tonight, the massive sink hole claiming two mo homes near tampa. the hole growi since swallowing two houses and a boat last month. it's now 260 feet wide. take a look at that. authorities using boulders hoping to stabilize the hole. they are forcing them to condemn additional homes. they are not sure yet if the hole is still active. next tonight a resort murder stunning a quiet community in florida. the first case in more than 15 years.
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police searching for a suspect, seen on surveillance wanted for killing two hotel employees in a robbery. something in the video make police believe he may not be working alone. here is adrienne bankert. on the invers. >> reporter: tonight, a florida vacation resort turned into a crime scene. a suspect caught on surveillance video gesturing with a hand to the throat, moments before the killings at this luxury hotel surrounded by white sand beaches. 2:41 a.m. friday. watch as authorities say the suspect -- wearing a mask and holding a gun -- walks into the lobby. a short time later, leaving with drawers from a cash register, after killing 51-year-old security guard kevin carter and 59-year-old night manager timothy hurley. >> he was my uncle and he raised me as my own and he has a heart of gold. >> reporter: residents here stunned. >> it's unreal, unheard of for this island. i think this is one of the most secure cities in america. >> reporter: guests on vacation here forced to stay elsewhere. >> it's crazy. the last place you expect it.
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>> reporter: police tell abc news there may be a second suspect. >> any time we have individuals out there that are capable of this kind of crime, clearly other people may be a risk. >> reporter: investigators say they have a lot of evidence. even license plate readers in the area. it's the first murderer in the town in more than 15 years. tom? >> scary thing for the people on vacation. all right, adrienne, thank you. and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday. the alert for drivers. the recall tonight by an american carmaker. nearly a million vehicles affected. plus a man stranded in the desert after what he calls trouble with his gps. doubting he would make it out alive. the emotional cell phone video. we will tell what you he ate to survive. plus breaking news tonight about at fastest man in the world. we'll tell you what happened tonight. steve was born to move. over the course of 9 days he walks 26.2 miles,
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turn and a possible gps mistake. a man says he was stranded for days thinking he was going to die. here is more. >> i'm terrified. i'm terrified. i love you guys. >> reporter: you're watching what mick ohman says he feared might be his final moments. 45 hours stranded in the arizona desert, he told authorities after a day of getting lost after a day of exploring. >> i didn't tell anybody where i was going. just got up and thought i would go to crown king to have lunch. >> reporter: mick, opting on his gps to "avoid highways," sending him down steep, rugged back roads, when he says his transmission went out. alone, with only a couple of beers, crackers, a sandwich and a bottle of water. >> i'm filling my little can with water. >> reporter: after days of no cell signal and no help, mick says he decided to walk, leaving behind signs and notes. eventually, finding a dirt biker he now calls his guardian angel. >> he was in dire need of some help. he was definitely heat exhausted.
5:48 pm
he looked -- he was definitely emotional and just very, very grateful. >> screaming in his ear the whole way. i said, you know, you can tell your friends, today you saved a life. >> reporter: the sheriff's department telling abc the rescuer brought mick into the station to be evaluated and authorities helped get him home. tom? >> glad they were able to find him. all right, thank you. when we come back, the new headline rocking fox news. a sexual harassment investigation against one of their biggest stars. plus vladimir putin unveiled, again. pictures from his vacation in full action hero mode. a cinematic masterpiece getting a reboot. will there be a rematch coming to a screen near you? stay with us. to a screen near you? stay with us. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter where i ride,
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ti time now for the index and the worldwide recall. general motors recalling nearly 800,000 chevy silverado 1500 and gmc sierra 1500 pickup trucks. the automaker warning the 2014 models could lose power steering turning at low speeds. >> breaking news at fox news. host eric bolling suspended pending an investigation currently under way. the fox anchor accused of sending lewd and unslis sol
5:53 pm
texts to female colleagues. just the latest sex scandal to rock the network. bolling saying through a lawyer he does not believe he sent any such communications. in russia, vladimir putin's summer vacation is playing like an action adventure movie starring himself. take a look at this. the kremlin releases images of the russian president fishing on a lake in siberia, no shirt of course. also spear fishing in a camo wet suit. and macho poses showing his sportive life. and a major '80s reboot of a classic. youtube doing a ten-part sequel to "karate kid." it picks up 30 years after he defeated him right there with that famous crane kick. youtube beating netfl netflix, amazon, hulu for the remake rights. ralph macchio and william zapia reprising their roles. the debut is 2018. i cannot wait for that. and up next, incredible finale for the fastest human how do usain bolt end his last 100 meter race? the photo finish when we come back. dmoier
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finally tonight, the dramatic and surprising final solo race for usain bolt. tonight, the fastest man ever, jamaican superstar usain bolt, says he's crossed his final finish line as a solo athlete. in a dramatic photo finish, bolt coming in third, but the winner, american justin gatlin, bowing down to the king. for bolt, the road to track immortality started in his native jamaica. born with scoliosis, bolt would overcome the defect and he began racing to buy his mother a
5:58 pm
washing machine. >> i think most people concept of me is that, oh, usain, it's easy for usain. it's no stress. >> reporter: no one has run as fast or as long. he's 30 now, but he hit the world stage with a bang and a flash. at 21, shattering the world 100 meter record in beijing in 2008, in a hard to believe 9.69 seconds. then shattering another flashy sprinter's record, michael johnson, in the 200 meter. more medals in london in 2012, and rio in 2016. eight golds in three straight olympics. >> who's number one? who is still a legend? >> reporter: and his swagger, clowning around before races before hitting turbo. all punctuated by that famous celebration. in jamaica known as "to di world," everywhere else as "bolting." tonight striking one last time. he has one more chance for gold in the relays next week. thanks so much for watching. i'm tom llamas. have a great evening.
5:59 pm
have a great evening. a man is dead after police respond to a man acting crazy in the north bay. >> and the smash hit stage show prepares for its final curtain call. abc news at 6:00 starts right now. a cross country man hunt ends here in the bay area. now police are trying to determine why two men may have brutally attacked and killed another man. thanks for joining us. we'll get to that story in just a moment. but first there's a storm brewing in august. meteorologist drew tooma has
6:00 pm
details. >> it can rain in august. active weather is surrounding us at the moment. live doppler 7. you get it double thunder showers. they've given way to 55 lightning strikes. meaning there's showers and storms at the moment have the potential to make a lot of water in a short amount of time. what we're watching, live doppler 7, along with satellite. even has a couple of showers just off the coast to us. live doppler 7 showing you one or two lightning strikes associated with it in the last two hours or so. over the next 12 hours and right on the outer fringe it may scrape by parts of the north bay and try and touch off a thunder shower after midnight tonight. so we'll track that system a little bit closer and i'll tell you cooler weather headed our way. all that after the


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