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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 7, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> once we saw they were the same possible suspect in the second incident, at that point we believed it was a public safety issue and we wanted to get the information out as soon as possible which was this morning. >> reporter: 42-year-old mario christopher washington was spotted by an oakland fire department investigators in downtown oakland just after 8:30 this morning. police say he's the man who approached a b.a.r.t. passenger thursday night in san leandro, and struck him in the head with lt cutters. on saturday invgators say the same suspectunched a passenger twice in the face. washington has previous arrests, including robbery in january. >> if you are serious about stopping this, you would be releasing all the videos. >> reporter: rusty was the victim of a teen mob attack at the coliseum station in april. he believes b.a.r.t. should release surveillance images in his case. >> my question is, why is b.a.r.t. not releasing other videos of crimes? as i understand, there was a pepper spray incident at the
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embarcadero station over the weekend, and there's obviously the mob attack that we were a part of. >> reporter: at this point, b.a.r.t. is saying they are treating the release of these images now on a case-by-case basis and say it may be different. they may not release images when they think teenagers involved as was the case they believe in those mob attacks. it's an issue the b.a.r.t. board is taking up. and is expected to formulate some kind of policy in the coming months. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> laura, thank you. we're staying on top of new developments in the bay area arrests of a professor and a university employee accused of killing a man in chicago. san francisco police just released this mugshot of andrew warren, a treasury assistant at oxford college in england. he'll be in court on friday. northwestern university professor windham lathe'em was in court and he can be sent back to illinois.
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both men are accused in the stabbing death of cosmetologist trenton cornell duranlow in chicago. police found his body inside the professor's apartment a week and a half ago. the professor and victim were dating and the victim wanted out of that relationship. latham's attorney wants the public to withhold opinions. >> they all describe him as a kind, intelligent and gentle soul, and a loyal and trusted friend. what he is accused of is totally contrary to the way he has lived his entire life. >> lathem's attorney said he came to the bay area because his closest friends and family are here. melanie woodrow was in court today and will have a live update at 5:00. san francisco police arrested two people in connection to the deadly shooting of a san francisco man last month on twin peaks. police say 71-year-old edward french was robbed of a camera, then shot to death at the
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popular viewpoint just before 8:00 in the morning on july 16th. witnesses reported hearing a single gunshot and two suspects, a man and a woman, run to a vehicle and drive off. so far, police haven't released any information about the suspects in custody. the judge in the kate steinle murder case is expected to set a trial date tomorrow. the attorneys discussed scheduling matters in superior court today. mexican citizen juan francisco lopez sanchez is accused of killing the 32-year-old steinle two years ago, appeared before the court. the killing sparked a national debate over sanctuary cities and immigration. a further hearing is scheduled for tomorrow morning. the flames may be out but oakland residents are dealing with the impact of an oakland fire one month later. investigators believe an arsonist set this under construction complex on fire. it shattered windows in a nearby office building. one month to the day later, one street below that building is
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still blocked off this afternoon and residents are not happy. lonnie rivera has the story. >> reporter: pamela carroll was one of the evacuees forced to leave her apartment complex when this onetruction on valdez stre caught fire july 7th. the blaze at the building is considered suspicious, possibly the work of an arsonist. and this portion of 23rd street between harrison and waverly, below these boarded windows, is still closed off. >> i don't really know why they still have the street blocked off. because they're not falling anymore, i'm pretty sure. they're all boarded up. >> reporter: heat from the fire caused the windows to fall from this nearby office building. one month later, some residents still can't park near their apartments. and the nearest spaces have two-hour limits. >> there's very little parking in this neighborhood anyway. no one can park in the parking lot. that lady with the yellow car, her car is stuck in there
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basically. >> reporter: carol and others want to know how long the situation will continue. they realize it may be a safety issue, but gaining access creates a public safety challenge, too. >> i can walk in and out. you know, like what if an ambulance had to come or something. >> reporter: we've reached out to the city of oakland. officials are looking into the residents' concerns and we'll bring you their response here on abc 7 news. in oakland, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. santa clara county officials are reporting this year's first west nile virus activity. an american crow found in the city of santa clara on august the 3rd has tested positive for that virus. vector control said the west nile season is off to a slow start this year. so far only 115 dead birds have been reported positive in california. you compare that with 718 at the same time last year. infected mosquitoes spread the virus, when they bite humans dead birds are often the first sign of the disease's presence.
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six months after clear lake flooded, it reopened to campers this afternoon. it flooded ros, cabins and campgrounds where they had to declare a state of emergency. a lovely day to start the week. a live look at doppler 7. mostly sunny skies, fog at the coast as you can clearly see there on the image. up to the north, way up north of clear lake, outbreak of thunderstorms. that's been the pattern throughout much of the afternoon. not unusual we've had storms over much of the higher terrain to the north and east. a live view from the golden gate bridge, partly cloudy. 64 degrees in san francisco. 69 across the bay in oakland. mountain view 71. 87 at gilroy. 67 at half moon bay. here's a view at santa cruz beach. a nice place to be right now as skies are clear there. relatively mild. we have other readings right now. 76 at santa rosa. napa 80. novato 77. 80 degrees at livermore.
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in the evening hours, we see the fog beginning to surge out over the bay. temperatures in the 50s tonight. lots of fog out there. if you're going to the game tonight, at&t park, giants taking on the cubs. 61 degrees at the start of the game. nice san francisco evening for baseball. i'll have the full forecast in a few minutes. ama? >> spencer, thank you so much. san francisco put in a bid to buy a mcdonald's identified as a magnet for trouble. it was in the news on thursday when a man was shot inside. city officials want to replace the fast food giant with affordable housing. according to the chronicle, a mcdonald's spokesperson said it's under review. not apparent that mcdonald's wants to sell that franchise location. homeowners living in the leaning millennium tower, kate larson explains why they're trying to speed up the trial process. >> reporter: a very contentious hearing about the millennial
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tower at superior court in san francisco today. the hearing is about whether a judge will set a trial date for eight lawsuits filed by millennium homeowners against the building developer and other involved parties. the homeowners association represented by celebrity attorney dan pat tri chelly wants the trial to start in about nine months. they expect the millennial partners to ask for four years. the tower continues to settle and tilt at a faster rate. the homeowners association feels it needs to find a solution to the problem, and they'd like to do it quickly. we'll have more about the court proceedings and what the judge says about a potential trial on abc 7 news and our abc 7 news app. kate larson, abc 7 news. a bill making its way through the state assembly is set to give the electric car market a jolt. a councilman wants to extend the rebate program for electric cars and plug-in hybrids.
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it would commit $3 billion to help close the gap between the cost of electric and gas powered vehicles. california has 300,000 electric cards and hybrids on the road but it's sti onl a small fraction of auto sales. wall street has set yet another record to start the week. the dow closing at a record high for the ninth day in a row, earnings strong. but trading fairly light today with congress. and president trump on vacation. we'll check the numbers. the dow finished the day up 25 points, over 22,000. the nasdaq also up 32. the s&p 500 closed at an all-time high as well, up by four points. next at 4:00, the santa clara county fair is over and the county is struggling to come up with what can be done with these 150 acres. the other 361 days of the year. they want your help. every young baseball player dreams of playing in a little league world series.
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the bay area team getting tantalizingly close to that being a reality. california hikers have a staredown with a mountain lion that decided to hold its ground. the important safety reminder. michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook. just post them and use the #askfinney. michael will be along to answer the questions live here a little later. checking our traffic across the golden gate bridge, it's actually slow northbound on the right-hand side, as you can see there. but coming into the city, it seems to be moving a little bit better. stay with us. back after a break.
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the santa clara fair just ended and the fairgrounds are now empty. county officials say the land is underutilized and they want ideas on how to develop it. abc 7 news reporter janine de la vega is here to tell us what some are proposing. hi, janine. >> reporter: hi, ama. the fairgrounds is a huge four days.nd the fair only lasts well, what about the rest of the daysf the year? the county thinks this land could be better utilized if it was developed better. the santa clara county fair takes up about 40 acres of land. but the fairgrounds property is 150 acres. >> this is a gem in the middle of santa clara valley. >> reporter: numerous buildings sit on the parcel and it's rented out for weddings, conventions and music and cultural events. but it's not bringing in a lot of money for the county.
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there's a leased out space as a storage yard. >> i'd like to see these guys go away, and community activities come in here. whether it be a park, whether it be more shall things like paint ball, miniature golf. >> reporter: for the last several years the county has been trying to figure out how to redevelop the land for community use while preserving the parcel for the fair four days out of the year. ideas were submitted to the county this spring, but -- >> the proposals we got, were, frankly, disappointing. some of them were very exciting. but only looking for small pieces of the property. one acre, two acres. >> reporter: some of the proposals included a go-kart area, the farmers market, another for retail development and sports field. it required the county to chip in the cost. at this point the county does not want to subsidize private business. >> it takes somebody with good vision and good track record. maybe we didt reactht people. we tried.
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reaed out in the industry. but it does require a sizeable investment. >> reporter: next week, the economic development director will go to the board of supervisors and recommend that the board deny all the proposals that were submitted. and then it may be back to the drawing board. they may have to restart this process all over again. reporting live from san jose, abc 7 news. larry? >> thank you, janine. special conversation in lafayette today from earth to outer space. abc 7 news was there as cub scouts and girl scouts talked with astronaut jack fisher who is on the international space station. imagine how excited these kids and their parents were. the scouts were asking all kinds of questions, what does he miss the most? his wife and his family. fisher also told, there's never a dull day in space, he never gets bored up there. >> what is the most surprising thing that's in space?
4:16 pm
>> you just get excited. i'm like a 12-year-old boy after a couple of cappuccinos, because everything i see is so cool. whether i'm working on the toilet, or doing a space walk. >> fisher also told the kids that their generation will make it to mars, and tests on the space station for that mission will begin this week. fisher and the rest of the space station crew have an outstanding perspective on a major event coming up in a couple of weeks, the total solar eclipse is august the 21st. drew tuma will show us the closest spot in t bayhe area to catch the eclse in totality. if you're going somewhere to see the eclipse, uc berkeley has a special request for you as well. a bay area little league team is about to play on a huge stage. the team from san ramon is battling to be the best in the west. >> they're, oh, so close. abc 7 news anchor kristen sze is
4:17 pm
here now. following their progress, this is exciting. >> we're all biting our nails. it's every young baseball player's dream to play in the series. the 11 and can almost taste it. first they have to win the western regionals being played in san bernardino. this is yesterday's opening ceremonies. canyon creek earned the right to play here after becoming the northern california champ. the san ramon boys, if they win that and more, they're williamsport bound. the oakland a's are cheering them on with this message at the coliseum. two bay area teams came heartbreakingly close to playing in the world series. they assure in 2013, and pacifica in 2014. if you want to follow the canyon creek all-stars, w can watch their games on espn3, or with the watch espn app.
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this is what they're showing right now. our game has not quite started. it begins in just minutes, though, at 4:30 p.m. by the way, in the 13 to 14-year-old age group, the north oakland, south oakland all-stars battled their way to the finals of the junior western region always. they lost 6-0, but what a run. big congratulations on making it this far, and we can't wait to see what you do next year. a mountain lion sighting att on video. aark visitor who goes by brian "d" on youtube posted the video right here. the national park service says it serves as a reminder how to behave when you encounter a mountain lion. the visitors didn't panic, or run when they saw the lion above them. the mountain lion, he wasn't going anywhere. he didn't budge. the park service said the most important thing to remember is not to act as though you are prey. so never approach wild animals
4:19 pm
regardless of size. it's hard to remember not to act as prey when the lion is staring right at you. >> don't run. don't fall. >> you look like lunch, he's thinking. >> exactly. tasty morsel. >> don't act like a predator. >> good luck with that. spencer christian here with the weather. >> we may pray for rain. i shouldn't call it a dry spell, this is the time of the year we expect dry weather. this is the view right now, looking at live doppler 7. mainly sunny skies over the bay and inland. low clouds and fog at the coastline. we might even get a little drizzle squeezed out of this low clouds and fog. right now we're looking at thunderstorms that are sort of in a horseshoe shape from east of mendocino county in a ring and southward into the sierra. this has been a regular daytime pattern.
4:20 pm
outbroke of thunderstorms going into the evening hours. these are the forecast features in the bay area. we'll see widespread clouds with chance of coastal drizzle tonight. there will be slight warming later in the week. the temperatures will tumble again on sunday and monday going into next week. right now we have temperatures from mid-60s near the coast to low 70s around the bay, to mainly mid-80s inland. one location has topped out at 91 degrees, antioch. overnight look for an expansive area of low clouds pushing across the bay and locally inland, we might see spotty coastal drizzle. full moon tonight. good luck seeing that under the clouds. low temperatures in the early morning hours. mainly in the upper 50ins to lo 60s. tomorrow, lots of cloud in the early morning hours. brighter skies by noon. a little bit of a warm-up in the afternoon to pleasant levels, upper 80s inland, mid-60s on the moreecifically, tomorrow we can expect south bay temperatures mainly in the upper
4:21 pm
70s, to right around 80s in los gatos. on the peninsula, 70 redwood city. the coast will be relatively mild. partly cloudy. with highs in the low to mid-60s. downtown san francisco we'll top out at 61 degrees tomorrow. 76 at petaluma. 81 at sonoma. 68 at berkeley. 73 union city. 73 at fremont. the inland east bay will be one of the warmer regions, but not hot. mainly mid to upper 80s there. 84 at san ramon. we move along to tropical weather. the tropical atlantic has been quite active. we have tropical storm franklin about to make landfall in the yucatan peninsula. projected track will take it across the peninsula and back into the gulf of mexico on wednesday. it will probably strengthen to hurricane level, category 1, and then it will move into the central part of mexico by wednesday or thursday. we'll keep watching that for you.
4:22 pm
meanwhile, here's the seven-day forecast. looks like most of the seven-day period will bring us sunny daytime weather. we'll see fog lingering at the coast, virtually throughout the entire seven-day forecast period. high temperatures inland in the upper 80s the next two days, getting up to about 90. over the weekend, before tumbling back into the low 80s on sunday and monday. we'll have a little bit of a warm-up later in the week but nothing extreme. >> all right. that's good. thank you, spencer. next at 4:00, back from asia. back home and teaching high school kids how to play basketball at an elite level. we'll take you to steph curry's basketball camp in the east bay. serena williams is going back to the '50s with a stylish baby shower. a le loo at the afternoon comme at 4:22. pretty much gridlocked oncoming traffic is going to the east bay, lower deck of the bay bridge, also slow on the right-hand side for folks trying to make their way to 101.
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some of the nation's top young basketball players are learning from one of the best players in the entire world. abc 7 news was at the ultimate field house in walnut creek for steph curry's select camp. they're working with the kids on a variety of skills including training and leadership. curry said he loves the intensity and competition from the kids. >> they know one speed, and that's on a hundred. if i'm out there playing, i've got to keep up. and the competitive juices start to come back for sure. i's cool to get out there. like i said, show them the fundamentals, the details of what we're trying to teach them. and then just hopefully encourage them to keep working hard and getting better. >> the players will show off what they learned tomorrow during a game at keys are pavilion in san francisco. the game starts at 6:00 and will air on our sister network espnu.
4:26 pm
the srts came out for serena williams' baby shower over the weekend in west palm beach, florida. >> a throwback to the 1950s. they had the poodle skirts and the polka dot dresses. i believe this is speeded up. they posted this short video on instagram. eva longoria, and kelly roland, along with a mock-to-be's sister venus. serena still has not revealed e baby's gender, only calling the baby, baby "o" after her fiance. do you have a theme for your shower yet? >> not that i know of. next up for flash flooding, the nerve-racking moment of a man clinging to a car. caught on camera, flipover crash in a tunnel. amazingly, that person inside that vehicle is okay. eclipse anticipation.
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two weeks from today, the event that's years in the making. uc berkeley
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join energy upgrade california and do your thing. here are the stories making headlines the 4:30. a man suspected of two violent attacks on b.a.r.t. has been arrested. an oakland firefighter spotted 42-year-old mario washington in
4:30 pm
oakland today. the firefighter recognized him from surveillance pictures. washington's accused of hitting a man in the head with bolt cutters last thursday and beating another man on saturday. wayne friedman tweeted one of san francisco's most exclusive streets has just been sold. for only $90,000. wayne tells us what it means for the shocked homeowners who happen to live there, coming up at 5:00. abc news tweeted incredible video from texas showing the exact moment a lightning bolt struck a house. it started a fire that forced a family out of that home. thankfully nobody was hurt. severe summer storms are making their way across the united states. flash flooding, tornadoes, dangerous winds affecting millions of people. abc news reporter shows us the damage done by those storms. >> reporter: in san antonio, texas, raging floodwater quickly engulfs this suv. forcing the driver to sit on top of it, until rescue crews are able to usher him to safety.
4:31 pm
the storm drenching kansas city, which got up to eight inches of rain. pounding down new orleans over the weekend. dropping near ten inches of rain there in just hours. stranding people in their homes and businesses. >> it's really crazy. you can't go out your front door. >> i can't even leave. i'm sopping wet and walking in katrina water practically. >> reporter: the hardest hit area, tulsa, oklahoma, where a ef-2 tornado ripped through the town. >> the entire sky turned green. >> the whole house was rattling, shaking, like the sound of a freight train going by. >> reporter: the powerful twister blowing out windows at this high-rise, toppling trees and trapping people inside restaurants. at least 30 people were sent to the hospital. >> friday they had patrons in it. and the roof collapsed. you can see right there where the roof literally collapsed on
4:32 pm
top of the people. >> reporter: the storm system barreling east. monday afternoon in maryland, damaging winds from a possible tornado flipping over cars. the storm system has been mostly flash flooding. it's now heading to the northeast, and mid-atlantic region where damaging winds are also expected. abc news, los angeles. north korea is vowing revenge against the united states' tough new approved sanctions unanimously approved by the u.n. security council. they gathered in the street to see the response. pyongyang is calling the sanctions a heinous u.s. plot to isolate and stifle the country. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in asia pressing all parties, especially china, to stick to the sanction >> the best signal that north korea could give u that they're prepared to talk would be to stop these missile launches. you know, we've not had an extended period of time where they have not taken some type of provocative action.
4:33 pm
>> the u.n. security council sanctions against north korea are expected to cost the regime nearly $1 billion a year. the white house says president trump spent an hour on the phone today with secretary of state tillerson, along with chief of staff john kelly, discussing the north korea situation. the president is on vacation at his new jersey golf resort. mr. trump has tweeted that he appreciates russia and china's cooperation in backing the sanctions. either of them could have blocked the measures with a u.n. veto. the remains of a man killed at the world trade center on 9/11 has been identified nearly 16 years after the attacks. medical examiners are withholding the name at his family's request. the announcement today is the first new identification since march of 2015 in the painstaking efforts. the office uses dna testing and other means to match bone fragments of the nearly 2,800 people killed by the terrorists who crashed planes into the twin towers. 40% of those who died have yet to have any remains identified.
4:34 pm
several people in china lucky to be alive following two separate but equally spectacular accidents in the same city, and security cameras captured both. here's the first, a speeding motorcycle carrying four people crashes into a car. the bike and the car both burst into flames. but amazingly everybody survived. the driver of the car was arrested on dui charges. here's the second. a driver loses control of her car as she just speeds through a tunnel. the car flipped and caught fire. police say the woman was driving in her bare ft and officers believe she h the brake too hard. the woman was fined the equivalent of 30 u.s. dollars for uncivilized driving. the amazing chance to witness a rare total solar eclipse is coming up fast. two weeks from today, in fact. hundreds of thousands will try to get in the path of totality. meteorologist drew tuma
4:35 pm
explains. >> reporter: the engine for life on earth. astronomers say watching the sun vanish in a solar eclipse can be a humble reminder of our cosmic pecking order. >> if the sun would disappear suddenly, we would disappear as well. >> reporter: they're with the university of california's space sciences lab. they're working to turn a total solar eclipse into perhaps the world's biggest citizen science project. first, they partnered with google on an interactive map that tracks the eclipse as it crosses north america. >> you'll type in where you're located. and it will give you a rough idea of the change in darkness, of the sky. >> reporter: in much of the country, including the bay area, only part of the sun will be blocked out. but if you're lucky enough to be within a band that stretches from oregon to south carolina, you could see the sun blocked out completely for more than two minutes. >> it's like a wall hits you of darkness. and it forces you to look up. and then there you see the outer
4:36 pm
atmosphere of the sun. >> reporter: they're hoping hundreds of people will do more than just view that amazing sight. they're recruiting an army of citizen scientists to actually photograph it. >> we're hoping to get 1,500 volunteer photographers. anybody who has an interest in photography. >> reporter: the volunteers will need to be in the band of total dark. >> oe they get their age, we want tto upload it to a special google site where we'll stitch those images together and create sort of a mini movie of the eclipse. >> reporter: they're hoping to turn the movie around in time for viewing the same evening. turning a rare celestial event into must-see tv. >> you can't miss this opportunity. because it's a life-changing event. >> if you want to see that wall of darkness or where the sun will be 100% covered by the moon, you'll want to head to northern oregon, specifically the town of salem, oregon. that is where the total solar
4:37 pm
eclipse is going to occur. here for us locally in the bay area, we'll have a partial solar eclipse, three-fourths of that sun will be covered by the moon. let's time it out for you two weeks from today. this is going to happen in the morning. this is local time. the eclipse will begin at 9:01 a.m. two weeks from today. the maximum eclipse, about 75% of the sun covered by the moon, that's going to happen at 10:15 a.m. of course, we'll fine-tune the forecast for viewing conditions, but larry and ama, this time of year the farther you can get away from the coast, the better you get away from the fog. >> thank you for the info. national geographic and airbnb are partnering to give two eclipse enthusiasts a viewing opportunity. >> they're raffling off a two-night adventure that begins with a free stay in a custom geodecemberic dome. the next day you'll board a private jet where you'll fly
4:38 pm
along what's called the path of totality. >> that's not all. you're going to share the experience with internationally recognized astrophysicist, dr. iceler. she is pretty impressive. if you would leo enter this free raffle, we have a link on our website >> i'm not sure i want to go on the path to totality. next at 4:00, a san francisco couple is now the center of global fame because of an instagram post, what one man said about his wife that has people taking sides. i'm michael finney, "ask finney" is just ahead. just post your questions with #askfinney and we'll answer them in a little bit. we have a nice view. well, sort of. well, sort of. fog will be r (hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow?
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a bay area couple is getting nationwide attention both positive and negative for a man who says he loves his wife's curvy body. >> some are calling him a hero husband, others say he is a fake feminist. jessica castro from "abc 7 mornings" has the story. >> reporter: the couple in the viral photo lives in san francisco. it's not the first time 26-year-old robby tripp has gushed about his wife on social media. regularly posting adoring photos and captions, but his curvy
4:42 pm
comment has thrown a lot of people for a loop. this is the picture that g reac facebook. and more than 31,000 likes on instagram. robby tripp here shared what some people are calling a controversial post about his wife. >> i am a body positive fashion blogger. i am a curvy girl. i am not ashamed of anything that robby wrote. he celebrates all aspects of what i am as a woman. >> reporter: he proclaims his love saying, there's nothing sexier than this woman right here, thick thighs, cute little side roll. the gorgeous girl i married fills out every inch of her jeans and is still the most beautiful one in the room. >> i wanted to celebrate a real woman. i wanted to celebrate a woman in my life who represented all the curvy women, who had the thick thighs and big booty. >> reporter: at first they were overwhelmed with approval. comments like, love, love, love, we need more men like you in this world. then criticism, with articles
4:43 pm
titled, area man thinks he's brave for finding his wife hot. author rachel simmons who wrote "enough as she is" spoke out about the controversy on "good morning america." >> it comes as a backhanded compliment. the media marginalizes you and you fill out your jeans and i still love you anyway. that falls flat. i think this reminded me a lot of when dads are congratulated for babysitting their own kids. dude, that's part of your job description. you should probably just go do your job without getting a big sensational story about it. it's part of a husband's job description to love his wife. >> reporter: his wife defended robby, and everything he loves about his wife is far too long for social medi >> if i were torite about all the things i love about my wife, it would be a 700-page book. >> reporter: jessica castro, abc 7 news. a new study finds loneliness could be a greater threat to
4:44 pm
public health than obesity. they say being connected to others is essential for survival. they said babies failed to thrive as an extreme example. according to the aarp, 42 million adults over 45 suffer from chronic loneliness. starting with live doppler 7, mainly sunny skies over the inland areas of the bay right now. thunderstorms up to our north, and well to our east over the sierra. we have areas of fog building at the coastline. that fog will start to push in later tonight, and by early tomorrow morning, lots of fog over the bay, locally inland. low temperatures in the early morning hours in the upper 50s to lower 60s. and a full moon tonight, but because of the fog you may not see that. low clouds lingering at the coastline.
4:45 pm
low 60s at the coast to mid to upper 80s inland. we'll get a little bit of a warm-up thursday, friday, saturday, inland highs up to about 70. mid-70s around the bay. mid-60s around the coast. the temperatures start to drop below the average range early next week. nothing excessive in either direction. not too cool, not too hot. >> thank you, spencer. next at 4:00, if you're a starbucks fan, listen up, the company is urging all of its customers to be on the lookout for a phony promotion. i'm michael finney does water expire in i'll answer that question, and a few others coming up. coming up. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing,
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but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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4:48 pm
our warning today about a fake promotion at starbucks. there are fake ads floating around claiming that starbucks will give discounted food and drinks to undocumented immigrants. the ads are promising 40% off any item this friday. the fake ads include the #border free coffee. starbucks has issued a statement saying the rumor is false. another first nor netflix.
4:49 pm
it made its first acquisition and bought comic book publisher miller world that owns the rights to several graphic novels, one is the kingsman. another one is on the way. it was turned into a movie by movie studio obviously. netflix plans to turn the characte into new films and shows for its video streaming service. no word yet on exactly how much it paid for miller world. a big night for bachelorette fans this evening. catch the dramatic conclusion of the show on abc 7 news starting at 8:00. who will rachel choose? tune in to the special three-hour finale. tonight on the abc 7. coming up on the news at 11:00, it's one of the happiest days of any couple's life, their wedding day. a san francisco couple wanted to make sure it was well documented. so they could relive every moment. but when the video never came, "7 on your side's" michael
4:50 pm
finney jumped in to help. that story at 11:00. and michael joins us now for ask finney, where he answers questions sent in by facebook, twitter and e-mail. randy in alameda asks, i'm interested in setting up a go-fund-me page to buy automated external defibrillators for schools. would i be taxed on the money rai raised? >> you're a good guy. but you have to be very, very careful. donations to a go fund me or any crowd funding site are usually considered personal gifts. so they are not tax deductible for them or for you. the only time tax deductions can be claimed is if donations go to a nonprofit organization, listed as a 501-c-3, like the red cross, salvation army. if you want to set up a nonprofit, talk with an attorney or tax professional. it can take some time. it's doable. you might want to get together
4:51 pm
with another nonprofit and see if they want to sponsor it. >> rich asks, how meaningfu is the best buy or expiration dat on bottled water? >> the fda considers bottled water to have an indefinite shelf life, if produced in accordance with regulations, like the quality of water and remains unopened. expiration dates on bottles are voluntary. we see it with a lot of food stuffs. it's always best to store your bottled water in a cool location, away from direct sunlight. just like all other food, quite honestly. >> another water question here. eric asks, my faucet-mount water fimter cartridge stops working after two months. i remove the unit and reinstall it and flows again. am i compromising the filtering ability? >> he sounds like the work i do around my house.
4:52 pm
shak it. it works, okay. most manufacturers recommend changing water filters every two to three months. you may need one sooner, if you use a lot of water. you may be able to stretch it out a little if you don't use so much. if the filter is not working properly, it means it's time to replace it. if you don't, some of the contaminants might be dumped back into the water flowing through it. now, if you have a question for me, record a 10 to 15-second-long video and share it on social media using the #askfinney. also through facebook and >> all right. thanks, michael. the people at the guinness book of world records are assuring everyone what you're bg to see is no hoax. >> a team of german domino experts broke the record for the mst dominos toppled under water. domino entertainment two weeks s
4:53 pm
to get the 11,466 dominos in an underwater tank. >> knocking them all down took just a couple of minutes. guinness was on hand and confirmed the team achieved the new world record. who would have thought, under water. >> why, i don't know. but the record is there. congratulations. next at 4:00, making way for what's next. anger this afternoon in the south bay. a longtime restaurant being forced to shut its doors. and dan is here with what's coming up at 5:00. >> coming up next, an auction and aftermath. >> you wonder if you've got a great deal or if you're the, you know, the sucker that just happened to pay the most. >> tonight the tax deal that has immigrants going up against the rich and powerful. find out who's likely to win. plus, the b.a.r.t. extension that some say is a billion-dollar mistake. and the flight that unsettled more than a few stomachs, those stories and a
4:54 pm
lot more when kristen and i see you for abc 7 news at 5:00.
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4:57 pm
a goat jumped on the hood of a patrol the officer didn't seem concerned. he said insurance would pay for any damage. >> he liked it up there. south bay restaurant is accusing the city of santa clara of being unfair. davis restaurant sits on land slated for a new project. they're asked to close down while another tenant just had its lease extended. >> reporter: the days may be numbered for david's restaurant which has operated for over 30 years in santa clara. the 240-acre site which includes a golf course is being developed into a community of hotels, office es and residential units called city place. restaurant owner david has lost his long-term lease and is on notice to vacate.
4:58 pm
>> the future of my plans, they just want to exclude me. and not to be fair. >> reporter: he says he isn't being treated fairly because the adjacent golf pro shop has had its lease extended. without a lease, he said his customers won't book parties or weddings. >> every corner of any business has been hurt. no business can operate month-to-month. especially our business, more than 50% of it based on the long-term events. >> reporter: he's filed two lawsuits against santa clar there's a reason why the pro shop got a lease extension. >> the whole golf course is not going to be developed all at once. we will continue to provide services to our community, to the youth, and to other groups, seniors, et cetera. so with that, the golf course still has to be maintained. >> reporter: david's restaurant is caught in limbo, waiting for the groundbreaking. adding to the situation is a delay of possibly a year or more
4:59 pm
because of a lawsuit filed agait the project by the city of san of david's laws in court next week. david louie, abc 7 news. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beal. it's completely flabbergasting. and shocking. >> public outcry after a private street is sold. the sticker shock over an auction and unpaid $14 bill. >> an arrest of a man accused of attacking people on b.a.r.t. who identified him, just hours after b.a.r.t. released these images. plus, the bay area arrests in connection with a killing in chicago. abc 7 news is there for the first court appearance today. construction crews wear out their welcome in one south san francisco neighborhood. you want to get your blood pressure up, just look out the front window. live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. you wonder if you've got a
5:00 pm
great deal or if you're the, you know u the sucker that just happened to pay the most. >> he definitely got a good deal. san jose real estate investors bid on an exclusive private street in san francisco. and now that they own it, they could actually charge residents there to park on the thing. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. there are very few great deals in san francisco real estate. not these days anyway. here's one that slipped through. it's presidio terrace and enclave, multimillion dollar mansions on a private drive that residents today they no longer own. wayne freedman is there live with the story. wayne? >> reporter: pre sid yeah terrace in san francisco, an enclave of the rich, famous, and after today the furious. >> sneaky. >> reporter: presidio terrace is one of those rare private drives in san francisco for which residents must pay prorty


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