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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 9, 2017 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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die-in. but this time, the gathering was bigger, and the number of demonstrators lining up for a rest greater. >> kind of rhetoric on both sides is almost a warning that we could stumble in the way of world war i happened actually, with both sides provoking and taking moves and feeling had to preempt. >> reporter: eric swalwell sits on the intelligence committee. >> we're the super power of the world. we don't reduce ourselves to talking and acting like the north koreans do. that's how we take on a challenge like this, not with just, you know, vulgar threats. >> it's more than unfortunate. you can't have a spokesperson for the united states to not listen to their experts, to disregard the intelligence community, the diplomatic community and the military community about how you handle
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an adversary like north korea. >> reporter: mark is among a group of democrats in congress who signed on to a resolution rejecting president trump's recent statements on north korea. laura anthony, "abc7 news." a majority of americans support using a nuclear bomb to save u.s. soldiers from dying in war. that's according to a few study out of stanford. researchers say public opinion on nuclear weapons hasn't significantly changed since 1945, when the u.s. dropped bombs on japan during world war ii. given the scenario, 60% of americans surveyed would approve of a nuclear bomb to kill 2 million iranian civilians to enevprtn invasion of iran that would prevent the killing of 20,000 american soldiers. the bay area is staying pretty calm while the threats fly back and forth between washington and north korea. that means some survival
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businesses are seeing little change in sales. but others say they're having trouble keeping things in stock. eric thomas continues our kom g coverage. eric? >> reporter: among people who vote with their feet and dollars, survival supply stores say things are changing that big, or that greatly. but for a business that does more national and international sales in the vein of selling bomb shelters, they say there is a lot of growth going on right now. san rafel's disaster center has seen a slight uptick in business. >> best way to prepare is the same way for a earthquake or flood or tornado. you just want to have supplies to keep you safe. >> reporter: normally people come here for earthquake supplies, but skyler has stocked up on iodide pills to protect from radiation poisoning and on geiger counters.
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north korea is developing missiles to carry bombs as far as the u.s. shores. but his advice is to prepare the same as any other disaster, natural or man made, with a survival kit. >> food, water, light, radio communications so you know what's going on. >> reporter: instead of 72 hours worth for an earthquake, you may need a month's worth of supplies to wait for radioactive fallout to subside. a company seeing an increase in business is atlas survival shelters. the maker of backyard bomb shelters says nuclear threats are driving business. >> the japanese want them, the americans want them. >> reporter: he says his shelters feature air purifier and generators for electricity. prices range from just under $10,000 to $50,000. >> and yesterday, there was a line of people out the door here buying every shelter we had. we basically have nothing left at this point. >> reporter: he says he's getting inquirying from all over
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the country and different parts of the globe. as long as tensions remain high, he doesn't see that changing any time soon. eric thomas, "abc7 news." >> well, they are certainly watching the rising tensions and war of words with interest and concern at the korea times office in oakland. employees of the south korean based paper have family and friends in korea. they said they've heard fiery rhetoric from north korea for years, but they're surprised to hear it from a u.s. president. >> i'm really concerned, because you don't know where north korea is going to go. because they -- they're very volatile in their way of doing things. so yeah, i was shocked, let's put it that way. >> they tell us while tensions are at their highest since the korean war, theeaedor kn to live threats. the situation with north korea
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obviously very fluid. learn the latest through the abc 7 news app and download it. the app is free. only "abc7 news" has this video evidence showing how quickly thoo quickly thieves can break into a car. police are warning people not to leave their electronic devices in their parked vehicles at all, not even in the trunk. david louie is live in santa clara with the video that moves thieves are getting bolder. >> reporter: indeed they are. it's interesting here in santa chaira they're having a rash of problems. we may think we're safe when we go into a restaurant or mall and we leave our backpacks in the car. but this video shows a disturbing pattern of smash and grabs happening here as often as five times in the same spot in the same day.
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this surveillance video shows you what happened five times last night in one parking lot on a very busy santa clara street. a sedan backs in next to an suv where thieves spot valuables ripe for the picking. they reposition the pickup car. a man gets out, smashes the window and transfers their boumt -- bounty. it happens in less than a minute. >> they're just getting more and more brazen. >> reporter: different people or always the same cars? >> different car, different suspects. >> reporter: car alarms are no deterrent. >> cars can be closed, but windows can be smashed. >> reporter: they're happening in several hot spots around santa clara, malls, restaurants, motels and motels. security video helps, but it can be difficult to read license plates. they believe they're seeing the same suspects over and over. >> typically if they're successful and they get what they're after, they keep repeating the pattern.
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so a lot of these people are the same. they just go to different location. >> even when they leave things in the trunk, they're getting smart and looking there. so take it with you, don't leave anything valuable in plain view. >> reporter: however, we found plenty of evidence that people are leaving backpacks and other valuables exposed on seats and foot wells, providing thieves an opportunity to do a smash and grab. david louie, "abc7 news." in san jose tonight, concern and confusion after a 2-year-old boy was found nearly naked and covered in mud inside a gated apartment community. investigators are now trying to figure out how he got there in the first place. chris nguyen has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: beyond these gates in san jose, a discovery that many people just couldn't believe. >> people were saying, did you hear abo the baby? >> reporter:ut a 2-year-old boy
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was found wandering the grounds of the woods apartment complex at 3:00 in the morning. residents were shocked, wondering how something like this could occur. >> you don't think about that, like that's going to happen. >> reporter: overnight, a woman who was out for a walk noticed the child wearing only a diaper dan security guard who quickly responded. police think the boy traveled by foot from a couple blocks away. >> mom and dad in spanish, and that was it. >> reporter: officer morales says the person caring for the child didn't notice him gone for hours. it's up clear how long the boy was outside. >> it's my understanding when the call came in at 9:21 from the guardian, the message was that they just woke up and noticed that the 2-year-old was missing. >> reporter: police spent the afternoon trying to determine who is ultimately responsible for the care and custody of the child. not placing blame until they get all of the facts confirmed.
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>> if the person was sleepingdh walked out, things like that happen. >> reporter: the boy remains in the care of the department of child and family services as police investigate. chris nguyen, n>> "abc7well, th the present today. construction workers found an old piece of san francisco and with it, a mystery. >> i'm spencer christian. thunderstorms rumbling to the north and east. but the bay area weather remains calm and quiet. the forecast is coming up. i'm michael finney, with rewards credit cards, for those that want a good but very easy deal. 7 on your side is coming up. her two cats were ho
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♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. earthing history took
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tools and team work in san francisco. a tombstone was found underneath a home. wayne freedman joins us live with this story. >> reporter: well, this is one of those very interesting stories that snaps a person out of the present and reminds them of the past. this neighborhood for example has been here a long time. but before it looked like this, it looked like something else entirely. it began as on project. but it's impossible to ignore. how weird is this?
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>> hon a scale of 1 to 10, probably 11. >> there's a baby in here. >> reporter: the coroner's office says it was a tombstone from the laurel hill cemetery which closed in 1937. the bodies were moved. if families did not want to move the tombstones, the city turned them into land fill. this would be one of those apparently. today, work resumed around this remnant from the lives of charles cooper and his wife and baby william henry, who died at sp d 13 days old at 1862. frank wrestled to free the stone, beset by a sense of history. >> maybe if he can get out ut, maybe we can give somebody part of their past. >> reporter: finally, 155 years later, the past had another day.
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in san francisco, wayne freedman, "abc7 news." astronomers are heading north for the big blackout. "abc7 news" was at the science center today where eclipse fever is running awfully high. jerald mckeegan is taking two rigs to oregon where his telescopes and cameras will capture images along the path of totality. >> this telescope will track it. so all you need to do is set up the the camera to just start taking pictures every minute or so until the eclipse is over and then you peck out the best ones and show them to all your friends. glasses that safely watch the eclipse are being sold at the space and science center and they'll be holding a viewing party on the 21st. for information about the eclipse, go to we have a page dedicated to it.
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flea medication could be the reason why a woman's two cats ended up hospitalized. >> she used the same medication she has for years and has an idea why this time her pets go so sick. >> our sister station in los angeles has this story. >> reporter: erin loves her cats. >> yeah, i have three of them. i've grown up with them. >> reporter: so you can imagine the pain she's been through after nearly losing two of them. >> that's a good kitty. >> reporter: this past week, hercules and pandora spent four days in the icu. >> they could hardly walk. they were very lethargic. pupils were dilated. they were seizing. >> reporter: the cats had been exposed to the wrong flea meditation, no fault of her own. she's also not blaming the store where she bought it. she alleges the pet armor plus was improperly packaged. she says the viles were filled with medication intended for
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dogs. the amount of toxins were deadly. >> it's mind wloe iblowing. i didn't think that sort of thing could happen, especially with drugs and medication. >> reporter: he says her third cat, jasmine, also got sick, but faired better than the other two because of her longer hair. >> good little kitty. >> reporter: she's now racked up nearly $6,000 in vet bills and says pet armor's parent company isn't helping. a company spokesperson telling me, we take consumer concerns seriously and have been in contact with this consumer and her veterinarian to better understand her experience. we look forward to receiving additional information from her and her vet ariaourn standard investigation process. she's calling it injustice, and is asking for a recall, which hasn't been issued. >> all i want is i want them to take responsibility for their actions. i want them to understand that
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i'm not the only person out there that could be dealing with something like this. >> let's talk about the weather forecast midweek here. >> spencer christian has the latest. >> we're looking at santa cruz beach right now. which may not be the greatest place to go, the next couple of days, temperatures remain below average. but mainly sunny there. these are the forecast features. cloudy conditions overnight with spotty morning drizzle on a quiet, mild day through saturday. and it turns even cooler on sunday and monday. you might still want to go to the beach, though. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. it's been a dreary day for most of the day, but late in the average, early in the evening, we're starting to see bright spots over the bay. what's been going on throughout the day is this ring of thunderstorms over the higher elevations from northern
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cali iarnsierra, that's been the pattern in the afternoon hour s for the past three days. in the bay area, looking at moderately cool conditions, temperatures ranging from low 60s near the bay to upper 70s in the warmest inland locations. overnight, low clouds and fog spread more widely across the bay. overnight lows ldmi, a60, even some low 60s in our inland areas. upper 50s in the coast and the north bay. let's take a look at our temperatures and fog, overnight into the early morning. we'll see widespread fog which is likely to reduce visibility. temperatures at that hour will be in the upper 50s. then we'll see the low clouds pull back to the baby 10:00 a.m. by midday, back to the coastline, mainly sunny skies. high temperatures won't vary
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much from what we saw today. the warmest locations will be in the mid 80s. we'll see 60s and 70s around the bay. and some low 60s on the coast. now, le south bay and look at specific locations. san jose will top out at 81 degrees. on the peninsula, mid 70s. 6 60 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 67 degrees tomorrow. north bay, 82 in petaluma. 82 in sonoma. east bay, 72 the high in oakland. 75 in hayward. 76 in fremont.dla bay will warm into the upper 80s, perhaps around 90 at antioch. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we won't see much of a wide variation at all, the temperature range for the first few days. next week, we'll see temperatures drop a little bit.
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they have already been below average the last several days. much cooler than average on sunday and monday as inland highs will be in the mid 80s. >> very good. thanks, spencer. cal train is rolling toward electrification. next, the new interior option they're letting the public decide on. "american idol" is coming to abc 7 this fall. audition also be in oakland, august 20th. the "american idol" bus will be in jack london square giving you a chance to be a star. but you can audition online now. we have a link at potential c
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a fair hike is on the agenda of tonight's ac transit board of directors meeting. years 2018-'19.l start inisca a one-way transbay fare is $4.50 for adults ad 2.20 for seniors, children and the disabled. fare hikes just went july 1. b.a.r.t. is offering teenagers a discount, starting now, teenagerks get a 50% discount if they sign up for a clipper card. the offer is in effect until
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january 1. the agency is trying to reduce the use of paper tickets. starting next year, it will impose a 50 cent surcharge each way on those tickets. it's also phasing out orangecks, previously available through registered schools. cal train is giving the public another chance to decide its future. one proposal is to stack bikes against the train wall. another option is parking bikes at an angle. both options provide more bike storage than riders currently have. voting is open through the end of august. last month, voters chose black and red for the seat colors and this is the winning combination for the exterior. >> sleek. public transportation will be key to getting around san francisco this weekend. but to be sure during the biggest concert weekend of the year. >> we have your cheat sheet to navigating outside lands.
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based on the fact that it was very simple. >> simple but not easy. only "abc7 news" helps out this father who has put in years of work on the immigration status of his adopted daughter and is now closer than ever. and you can't have it all. even if
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live where you live, this is "abc7 news." meet the brown family. mom, dad, son and daughter. their family ties are being stretched thin by immigration officials. dad, who is a retired marine veteran, has worked for five years to get his adopted daughter legal permanent residency. >> he's received nothing but denials. vic lee helped him make progress today. >> we didn't think there were any complications, based on the fact it was simple. >> reporter: don brown, a 20-year marine veteran, was wrong. it was not simple. his effort to get his adopted chinese teenag daughter permanent residency in the u.s.
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rewind the clock five years. in 2012, brown met and married his chinese wife, who was near on a scholar visa. brown adopted her daughter audrey and began applying for her permanent residency after his wife got hers. he filed what he thought were all the right forms by going to the immigration service website. but the applications kept getting denied for various reasons. earlier this year, the agency told him audrey had to have lived in china for two years in order to qualify for residency. >> they should have told me this all the way back in 2013 when i started the application process. >> reporter: brown says nobody did. he tried to get a waiver, but he got more bad news. >> the letter i received dated july 24th stated the case was denied. >> reporter: immigratiaid audrey can no s lononger stay ie u.s. legally. she's currently in china, visiting relas.veti
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>> china and can't get back. she was supposed to start school in september. >> reporter: school on a scholarship. this veteran says the system has failed him. he wonders why the tough new immigration policies influencing his case? >> we didn't try to deceive anybody or do anything illegally. we're not criminals. >> reporter: we called our press contact here at immigration services. we told her brown's story. she has since offered to set up a meeting between brown and an immigration supervisor. we hope all goes well. vic lee, "abc7 news." it's another sign that special counsel robert mueller is stepping up his investigation into russian involvement in last year's election. multiple reports today say fbi agents launched a predawn raid last month on the virginia apartment of paul manafort. president trump's former campaign chairman. agents reportedly seized documents related to tax, banks, and other matters.
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>> the fbi agents working for special counsel mueller believe that he's hiding something. >> also today, the senate judiciary committee announced it's received some 250 pages from donald trump, jr. the delivery came two days after the panel received 20,000 pages from the trump campaign. trump, jr. helped arrange a june 2016 meeting at trump tower that is of interest to investigators. new developments about that close call at sfo last month when a pilot mistook a taxi way r a runway. a key piece of evidence was lost. the jet nearly land on top of planes lined up to take away. the cockpit voice recorder was taped over. air canada did not immediately report the incident, and federal officials have said there was no
6:32 pm
requirement to immediately report it. apartment and condo openers in san francisco have five weeks to file permits for soft story retro fits to ensure buildings are earthquake safe. more than 1300 of those buildings have yet to file a permit. >> you don't do any retro fitting at all, the chances of a collapse are like 1 in 4. if you do minimal retro fitting, that statistic changes to about 1 in 35. >> retro fits usually cost $100,000 to $400,000. once an engineer files the permit, owners have two years to complete construction. there are consequences if you don't file on time, including eventual liens on the building. organizers of the lance music and arts festival in san francisco are getting ready for the biggest concert weekend of the year. that's only one viable way to
6:33 pm
get in and out, public transportation. leeann melendez has a preview. >> reporter: this is the tenth year of the festival. the pub across the street from the entrance to golden gate park benefits from the crowds. >> of course we love it. it brings lots of people, locals, tourists. so it's good for business. >> reporter: but not everyone embraces the festival. american cyclery says their customers avoid the area. >> we get huge crowds of people trying to use our bathroom and we have to say no. a lot of people just loitering out front. >> reporter: festival organizers remind people that the celebration brings in more than $60 million to san francisco's economy. 225,000 people are expected to attend the festival over the weekend. paul rose of the san francisco municipal transportation agency says heave your car at home.
6:34 pm
>> we'll have more buses on the five route. we'll have more buses going towards the concert. we'll have more trainstrains. >> reporter: and shuttles will be taking people from the event to civic center plaza, putting them near the b.a.r.t. hines. many streets in the area will be closed. taking lift or uber may not be a good idea. leeann melendez, "abc7 news." tiger woods is set to enter a dui diversion program in florida after being arrested near his home this past may. the one-time program in palm beach allows him to knock the dui down to a reckless driving account. he did not appear in court today. his next hearing is set for october 25th. in the may incident, woods was found unconscious in his car not far from his home in jupiter. he claimed prescription medication left him y.sswa he h
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in his system. elon musk, the man himself, is on the market. the tesla ceo and girlfriend amber herd, have smplit up. she said although we have broken up, we remain close and care for each other. she divorced johnny depp earlier this year. musk has been married three times, he has five children. a google engineer lost his job over a memo, and now he's talking about his writing. >> hear him defend his perspective that cost him his job, and could reveal some bigger issues at one of the bay area's biggest tech companies. >> and michael finney explains how to get all of the perks you
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it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. ma the mega millions and powerball jackpots are over $300 million. that's the first time both have been so high at the same time. no one won the mega millions last night, so it rolls over. the powerball jackpot is at $308 million. that drawing is tonight at 8:00. good luck. ⌞>> the dpogoogle employee thats
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fired is speaking out. >> there's a word that google may be facing lawsuits from female employees. >> kristen sze has the latest. >> reporter: he went from a software engineer to a political lightning rod after writing a memo now read rnld the world. in it, he criticizes google's diversity initiatives and argues that biological differences between men and women are behind the gender pay gap in tech. he also paints google culture as being intolerant of the onrvgha interviewed him about his memo and firing. >> the difference between men and women is differing interest in people versus things. this has links to prenatalprenal testosterone, and that explains a lot of the differences in career choice. for example, teacher versus something like coding. >> reporter: while he's threatening legal action against google, female employees may be
6:40 pm
taking action of their own. a san francisco law firm put out this ad a month ago asking women at google to call the firm if they think they've been discriminated against. the firm says more than 70 women have come forward. this in the wake of the department of labor's audit that concludes a gender pay gap exists at the tech giant, a charge google denies. the ceo is leading a town hall meeting tomorrow to address the uproar. so much more to come. kristen sze, "abc7 news." if you would like to see the whole interview with theoogle g engineer and his memo, go to our "abc7 news" app. clouds lingered a long time today. this is the roof of our "
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the port of oakland brought in more container eers last than in any point in history. there's typically a surge this time of the year. but overall the number of ships
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were down, because cargo is coming in on fewer but larger, as you may have noticed, ships. >> gigantic. do you have a rewards credit card? and here's the key question, are you getting full value?s hear t make sure we're getting all the perks we deserve. >> i live for rewards. it is a big part of my life. as long as you're going to carry a credit card, you might as well get in on the best deals out there. credit card swipes are convenient and can be money makers for the card holder, too. >> there's a lot of advertising on television, withganer, so yo. that puts it in your mind. >> reporter: and in his pocket, too. he carries that capital one card. >> we had a few trips on it, yeah. went to boston last year. >> reporter: she went online to find her points card. >> i choice chase and barclays
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for point. we use it for our trips. >> reporter: points and cards go together like north beach and credit cards. but there is so much more that you can do with rewards cards. and there's never been a better time to do it. >> i saw a study that said they're spending double what they did in 2010 on credit card rewards. >> reporter: that's lisa girshner. she says there's a rewards card for everyone. for those that want to work the system, getting first class seats, to those that just want some easy money. >> you can potentially get really good value if you're willing to study up. >> reporter: here are some examples for the easy money crowd. the city double cash card gives you 2% back. 1% when you buy, another 1% when you pay. the platinum rewards pays five points per dollar on gas pump,
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three points at the supermarket. and one point per dollar on everything else. for our complete listing, check out the current addition of the personal finance. i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hotline is open weekdays 10:00 to 2:00. 415-954-8151 or you can reach me on facebook. >> amazing how much you can save. >> thank you, michael. as you know, the bay area is a beautiful place, and viewers prove it every day. michael posted this picture of the golden gate bridge on instagram. >> share your pictures and videos with us and follow us on instagram. spencer is back with an update on the forecast. >> low clouds and fog along the coast and moving out over the bay. let's travel down to the tropic where is the weather is quite activity. this is hurricane franklin,
6:47 pm
churning through the western gulf of mexico, preparing to slam on shore in the east central part of mexico tomorrow morning, packing winds of 85 miles per hour. and this storm is going to be a huge rain maker and will likely produce widespread flooding. six to 15 inches of rain in the areas hardest hit by franklin. back to the bay area overnight, a coastal spotty drizzle. lots of low clouds and fog. tomorrow's highs, under mostly sunny skies. range from the low sikt at the coast to 70s around the bay to mid 80s inland. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. a couple more wild days. temperatures drop a little bit beginning on sunday and monday. below average already. it will be cooler those days. temperatures will rebound and return for more a seasonal range next week. >> thank you, spencer. a glimpse at what once was. >> a little nostalgia.
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it looked like the 2014 giants were back. madison bumgarner back, and
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good evening. i'm sure bruce bochy wished he saw this months ago, but small signs of life from the giants today. madison bumgarner rock solid. pablo sandoval made a vintage play and the giants took two out of three from the chicago cubs. sparky, he's ready. come on, mad bum, bring it. bumgarner, seven innings, one run on five hits and struck out seven. ben zobrist thought he had a base hit. pablo guns him down from his knees. jarrod parker, hitting .417 since coming off the disabled list. that scores denard span. 2-1 giants. in the eighth, hunter pence, opposite way, toward the cove, his tenth of the year. giants win 3-1. 5-3 on this home stand. just their second winning home stand all year.
6:52 pm
how about the a's and the mariners wrapping up a quick two-game set. enjoying the view. kyle seeger, three-run homer off of cotton. his 17th, in a flash. it was 3-0, m's. matt joyce, leading off the a's half of the first. his 15th. makes it a 3-1 game. nelson cruz, this is 450 feet. in the third, he's the only current big leaguer with 25 homers in each of the last five years. thinking he has a bomb here, but ben gal low, perfectly placed there. m's win 6-3. surprising move by the 49ers, they cut their center, who they traded for five months ago. he made the pro bowl last year. niners will travel to kansas city for their first preseason game taking on the chiefs
6:53 pm
friday. the head coach wants his team to play well in his debut, but says his game plan will be very va nella. >> to be honest, it's miserable for a coach. you never want to look bad, but i also am aware that any play that works in the preseason will not work in the regular season. so you don't want to waste anything either. so that's a fine line. you can feel good going 4-0 in the preseason. and i 'done that and lost the first game and no one cares about the preseason. derek carr, full participation in training camp despite fracturing his foot before the playoffs last year. he doesn't know if he will suit up on saturday. i would say rest or give him one sereli ly series. >> i hope i start. that's up to the coaches. i don't think i've shown any signs anything all off-season
6:54 pm
and now. i hope i'm out there, but we'll see. when the coach comes up and tells me, he'll let me know. nfl preseason kicking off tonight. texans and panthers. christian mccaffrey, 12-yard game following his game right here. seven carries, 33 yards for the wild cat. that set up this pass by derek anderson. calvin benjamin goes up and gets it. that's untopable. 7-0 panthers. a lot of deep balls in this game. joe webb with time, airing it out to demere bird, 50 yards. cam newton looking on, not playing this one. 24-17, carolina in the third quarter. newton coming off of shoulders issues. >> thanks, larry. >> fun to see football back. join us tonight at 9:00. the mars rover looks up, what the space vehicle discovered up in the martian sky.
6:55 pm
the pictures at 9:00. construction continues on san francisco's brand new central subway. but tonight, some chinatown business owners say the billion dollar project is proving to be bad for business. that's at 11:00. coming up at 8:00, it's "the goldbergs," followed by "speechless." at 9:00 p.m., the story of diana. then stay with us for "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> at 5,s y el ve11 >> that is this edition of "abc7 news." we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. for all of us,hank you for being here tonight. >> have a good night.
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from washington, d.c., this is the "jeopardy!" teen tournament. here is our third group of semi-finalists --
6:58 pm
a senior from germantown, tennessee... a junior from severna park, maryland... and a junior from darien, connecticut... and now from dar constitution hall, here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] hey, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. what a week this is turning out to be. two semi-final games, sensational matches that were in doubt until the very end of final jeopardy! what will today produce with apurva, antonio, and michael? good luck. we'll start finding out immediately... as we discover the categories for the jeopardy! round.... hmm. followed by...
6:59 pm
next... and finally... all of those words in quotation marks, so one of them is gonna come up in each correct response. michael, start. southern history for $800. answer -- daily double. [ cheers and applause ] you can risk up to $1,000. $1,000. all right, here is the clue... a bluish color, or the dye that was also a major product of 18th century south carolina. what is indigo? indigo is correct. [ cheers and applause ] no more daily doubles in the round. contemporary authors, $800.


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