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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 10, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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fire and fury was not tough enough, and north korea should be worried. >> and they should be very nervous because things will happen to them like they never thought possible. the man who would carry out any military action is in the bay area tonight. good evening. i am dan ashley. >> i am kristen sze. defense secretary james mattis is wrapping up a visit in mountain view. david lowey joins us with the latest. >> reporter: james mattis came to silicon valley to show support for fast-tracking for technology for warfare. he says the u.s. military is ready for action if north korea initiates a missile attack on the u.s. but he is very much in favor of a diplomatic solution. the secretary said there are two rails the nation can take, one that's diplomatic and one military. the u.s. he says is making the right choice after getting the
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united nations to adopt sanctions against north korea. >> you can see the american effort is diplomatically led. it has diplomatic traction. it is gaining diplomatic results. i want to stay right there, right now. the tragedy of war is well enough known. it doesn't need another characterization beyond the fact that it would be catastrophic. >> reporter: the secretary's visit to silicon valley underscores the need for the military to speed up its surveillance and to develop defense technology faster. for example, existing spy satellites have spotty coverage of north korea due to atmospheric conditions. the u.s. needs to identify north korea's rapidly developing nuclear development activities. the defense innovation unit experimental has put $100 million into 45 pilot projects mostly in silicon valley involving start-ups. one of them. palo alto based capela space is counting the days to launch its
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first satellite to see through storms and darkness. the goal to circle the goal with 36, each no bigger than a backpack. secretary mattis says the military is ready to take action if necessary but believes the u.n. sanctions are a better option. >> that shows where the trump administration goes in terms of the prioritizing of the threat but also in how to deal with it in a diplomatically effective manner. >> reporter: david louie, jackie speier tweeted today president trump must, quote, control his alpha male persona. 323 million american lives are at stake. let the experts negotiate. the escalating tension between the u.s. and north korea sent stock markets tumbling for a third straight day. it's the first time that's happened since april. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 each recorded their worst days since mid may. the nasdaq tumbled
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more than 2%. apple was one of the biggest losers of the day, dropping more than 3%. a short time ago in oakland. senator dianne feinstein visited a family facing deportation after a 20-year battle to stay in the u.s. abc7 news anchor eric thomas is live outside the home in east oakland. eric. >> reporter: senator feinstein left the house about 4:30 after meeting with the sanchez family. she told them she would be introducing a piece of lati legislation in the senate to temporarily lift a deportation order. this is what she had to say after the meeting. >> this is a mistake. it shouldn't happen. go after the gang-bangers, the criminals. leave the law-abiding, good people, who are adding to our economy, whose children are productive, they're all going to school, they're all going to give back to society. >> reporter: the private bill
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affects only an individual or group of individuals rather than a broad swath of the public. she will introduce it when the senate returns in early september. in the meantime maria sanchez and her husband will have to leave the country on tuesday of next week. a prospect they are not looking forward to. >> emotionally i am devastated. >> reporter: maria sanchez came to the u.s. from mexico in the early '90s, unable to speak english. today she is a registered nurse and she and her husband have four children, one college graduate, one at uc santa cruz and two in k through 12. the couple also has less than a week to leave the country. >> i paid the tuition on -- semester after semester, all their expenses, and what's going to happen when i am not here? >> reporter: the government first began trying to deport the sanchezs in 2002.
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the proceedings dragged out for more than a decade. the obama administration let them stay on a year-to-year basis, but the trump administration has put a stop to that. >> there may not be a next, but they're supposed to leave on tuesday. >> i cry alone at night thinking about it. i try not to because there is still a lot that needs to be done. there is more fighting to fight. >> reporter: the three daughters will stay in the u.s. while the rest of the family flies to mexico. i.c.e. released a statement about the deportation order today saying the courts have consistently held that neither of the individuals has a legal basis to remain in the u.s. it continues. while i.c.e. continues to prioritize its enforcement resources to focus on individuals who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security, i.c.e. will not exempt classes or categories of removable aliens from potential the sanchezes looked today's meeting as a hopeful
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sign but even their attorney is not sure how much good it will do. eric thomas, abc7 news. we are learning new details about just how big a two-year-long sting operation really was. the atf says more people were arrested in this operation than in any other operation ever. abc7 news news reporter melanie woodrow is live at city hall with the story. >> reporter: we just received this list of federal defendants, pages and pages of them. we want to give you some of the stats from operation cold day. more than 75 arrests. 90 firearms seized. 100 ounces of narcotics and more than 48 stolen vehicles. we have some video to show you. cellphone video shared with us by a neighbor. this is in san francisco as some of the warrants were being executed on tuesday. the cellphone video is at brush and howland.
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this was a partnership two years in the making, as you said, between atf and law enforcement. agencies in san mateo and san francisco counties. it began in 2015 when law enforcement noticed an increase in the number of zip car thefts specifically. this was the culmination of the investigation that began in 2015 with the warrants beings executed both yesterday as well as earlier this week on tuesday. you might be wondering why this was called operation cold day. we got that answer from the san francisco district attorney today. he said that some people had suggested it would be a cold day in expletive before this would come together, these law enforcement agents would come together, but obviously they did. and i think we may have some sound to share with you from the press conference that just wrapped up a few moments ago. >> this is going to be a aggressively prosecuted cases,
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as many of them said when they were arrested, leaving out the obscenity that goes with it, they said, i am really messed up. they knew what they face. and that's what they will be saying to anybody else in their world who might engage in this conduct. and then, all of us have succeeded. thank you to all of you. >> reporter: that was steve wagstaff, the san mateo county district attorney. most of the people who were arrested are now facing drug trafficking and firearms charges. again, operation cold day named as such because some had suggested you would never see this sort of partnership between these law enforcement agencies, but we heard today that perhaps they're already thinking about what to do next together. live in san francisco. melanie woodrow. abc7 news. the california court of appeals just ruled access to a san mateo county beach will stay open to the public. seven years ago the billionaire venture capitalist who bought the only access road to martin's beach put up a gate and argued
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it's his property and he can close it to the public. in a rare 50-page ruling today, the judges agreed with the decision of the san mateo county superior court. the water belongs to everyone, so a public path must be allowed to get there. >> the coast all the way from ventura from mexico up to oregon border is owned by private parties. but you can stop your car, and you can walk down a path to the beach. >> the court ordered the gate to come down tomorrow. the property owner vows to continue his fight all the way to the supreme court. >> all of those fines for illegal fireworks in san jose, well, turns out they're a dud. last week we told you about a number of people who were fined hundreds of dollars but claimed they were innocent. as a result the city is making a change. janine de la vega is live at city hall tonight with the story.
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>> reporter: dan, people who received a fine of $500 are now breathing a sigh of relief. the fact that the city took this action is actually upsetting to a lot of people who are against illegal fireworks. you see them, you hear them, but you may not know exactly which house they are coming from. it prompted suzanne maroney to be part of a group called "stop illegal fireworks." she can't believe the city decided to dismiss all 45 citations issued to people accused of setting off illegal fireworks. >> i am very frustrated and very upset. and i am upset -- we -- our committee has been doing this work. we were the ones that instigated this. >> reporter: amy was slapped with a $500 fine but no video or photo evidence existed. a report from a neighbor was enough for the city to cite her. she consulted with an attorney. >> they said we think this is a civil rights issue. there are problems with the process here. and we would be happy to
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represent you. >> reporter: no lawsuit was filed but pressure had been mounting on the city from residents. the city manager will now issue warnings to those who were cited. >> i think in some cases there wasn't ample kind of information to be able to really support the citation. and so, you know, we took to -- the kind of -- siding on the air of being fair. >> reporter: staffers are reviewing the process. >> definitely relieved. very happy that the city has decided to take a second look at the process and hopefully improve it. >> reporter: the public safety committee will be reviewing the illegal fireworks pilot program next week. as far as the fines that were issued, the city is promising to reimburse anyone who paid them. in san jose, janine de la vega, abc7 news. raiders fans mob derek carr at training camp. a lot of love for the team, but also a sense of loss.
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some little a's fans enjoy a snack at the game. what do you want at the new oakland stadium? now you get to weigh in. summer heat is making a return. your weekend temperatures coming up. pick up the magazines, put away the newspapers. tips on selling your home and the
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in napa today the oakland raiders went to work at preseason summer camp. adoring fans welcomed them to the field. with the team preparing to move to las vegas, this year feels a lot different. abc7 news news reporter wayne freedman joins us live from the team headquarters. >> reporter: there is the matter of the move. you might call it the elephant in the room for raiders fans. last time we checked with them in oakland the contingent was not very happy. but this is a different group. this is napa.
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you might call it a raiders' melting t. >> raiders! [ cheers ] >> reporter: summertime in football. hence, this annual pilgrimage by fans to napa. another take on the annual theme of how hope springs eternal. in this case, to right the wrong of a playoff season that fell so short, both on the field and later at oakland city hall. >> they are not necessarily deserting me as a fan. they're deserting oakland. >> reporter: returning to napa for a 22nd straight season. talk about feeling conflicted. >> it hurts. but they're the raiders. >> reporter: explain the love for me. >> it's unconditional. >> reporter: if it's possible to find a psychological separation between a city and team like church and state, it would be here in napa. not only on the field. the city has no formal report of the raiders economic influence, so we followed the trickle-down theory to the executive room
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barber shop. have the team's practices made you richer? >> not at all. i am still broke because i am a fan. >> reporter: after the move will fan robert follow the team? >> i still support them from my couch. >> reporter: love is patient, kind and does not envy. it is not self-seeking or easily angered. here in training camp it really is trying to keep no record of wrongs and to persevere. in napa, wayne freedman, abc7 news. the oakland a's want to hear from fans. the team has put on their listening ears and launched a survey. the a's want to find out what their fans want in a new ballpark. the design, seating options, pricing, you name it. whole ball of wax. the a's say they will announce a location later this year and want feedback on all that is -- that they can get their hands on. >> howard terminal is a gorgeous
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site. on the water. close to jack london square and all of the great restaurants and things there. the college close to lake merritt, close to the b.a.r.t. station. convenient downtown location. here, all of the conveniences we have enjoyed for years with the parking situation and the access to the freeway. so all of them, like i said, have their pros and cons. >> the survey lasts for six weeks. fans have a lot of time to get involved. we have a link on our site. consumer reports is no longer recommending four microsoft surface tablets or laptops. in recent reliability surveys some owners reported the devices froze or shut down. others said they had problems starting up. based on the data, consumer reports predicts 25% of microsoft tablets and laptops will present problems within two years of ownership. microsoft says the findings do not accurately reflect surface owners' true experiences. consumer reports also has
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tips about selling your home. home sales are expected to reach an all-decade high this year. 7 on your side's michael finney has for. >> when selling your house, first impressions matter. so consumer reports has some tips for preparing your space for the most important visitors you may ever have. prospective home buyers. starting with rooms most important to buyers. kitchen and baths. >> realtors said the costliest mistake is ignoring grime and clutter. >> tighten up loose handles. fix drippy faucets. if you have an outdated bathroom, the money spent on a small countertop or new flooring can boost the sale price by 2% to 3%. this porcelain flooring is inexpensive and good-looking. lumber liquidators brazilian cherry got top scores in durability tests. realtors surveyed agreed it doesn't pay to paint all your
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rooms. instead, just cover up bold colors and give your front door a coat of paint in a welcoming color. >> for about $3 you can buy a gallon of paint to cover a small room. >> this interior paint got excellent ratings. as for the rest of the house, realtors say buyers want to imagine themselves living in the house, not you. >> things to remove, family photos, personal items, perhaps specific reading material. you want to make the home as neutral as possible. >> put as much as you can in boxes in the basement or garage and get rid of bulky furniture that's not moving to your new place. another free fix, before showing your house, open up the shades and curtains. shine some light on your space. consumer reports says nine out of ten buyers shop for homes on the internet. making web appeal the new curb appeal. don't just take shots of your home with your phone.
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have someone take high res pictures with a dslr camera in natural light. michael finney, 7 on your side. good evening, everyone. we have been in a cooler than average pattern for several days now, and today is no exception. obviously the marine layer has been slow to clear. along the coast it never cleared. we'll change things up just as you were getting used to this pattern. livermore's average high, 87. through the weekend and early next week will keep you cooler than average. but notice the warmer weather is coming back. the mid to latter part of the work week next week. if you like summer heat, it is going to be back in the picture. right now i want to show you live doppler 7. there is active weather north of the clear lake area. thunderstorms have developed again. and across northern california, obviously, the concern is fire danger with the lightning strikes. hail and rain is accompanying some of the storms right now. we'll keep an eye on it for you.
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a live look from the south beach camera. sunshine right now. depending on where you are, you are dealing with low clouds or sun. typical summer pattern. 62 degrees in san francisco. it's cooler than normal. no doubt about it. san jose, 74. 80 in gilroy. one of the reasons why it's cooler than average is from the roof camera you see the breeze is blowing and we have a healthy delta breeze right now. 80s in fairfield, concord. antioch, in the low 90s. pacifica only in the upper 50s. a live look from santa cruz. a nice day. mild inland. 6:00, 50s to 70s. 8:00 p.m., the sun goes down. it will keep it comfortable for most except near the coast. clouds on the increase at 10:00. midnight. low clouds and fog. by morning a little drizzle. you see the tours surrounded by low clouds. drizzly morning.
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cool to warm through sunday. it heats up again late next week. your hour by hour forecast. 7:00 tonight. low clouds and fog. you notice the green blips. that's drizzle. tomorrow morning for the commute, you may need to use your wipers. 5:00 a.m., pretty extensive cloud cover across the bay area with areas of fog. for the afternoon, inland bay side, you see the sun. along the coast, on the cloudy side. some of you like this pattern. mid 50s, low 60s. first thing tomorrow morning. if the kids are back in school, they'll need a sweater or jacket for the morning and for the afternoon they can get rid of it in most areas. tomorrow afternoon, upper 80s, low 90s. like today. numbers near the coast. in the 60s. one exception, a little more sunshine along parts of the coastline. saturday afternoon, 90s inland. 60s coast side. on monday a much cooler afternoon. only in the low 80s for many of the warmest inland spots.
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if you're going to outside lands, breezy and cool. peeks of sun on sunday. temperatures in the 60s. good idea to grab your sweater if you are going. once you start jamming you probably don't have to worry about it. accuweather 7-day. low 60s to 90s. sunday, a bit of a drop. cool for august monday. back up again wednesday. thursday, low to mid 90s inland, dan and kristen. >> thank you very much. >> keeps coming back. a man standing on top of a car headed to alameda. wh
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♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can.
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the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. don't try this at home. a celebratory stunt took a dangerous turn in the east bay. watch what happened. >> oh! >> one after another, a bunch of cars in a wedding procession rear-ended each other. moments before the crash you see people in the wedding party
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hanging out of car windows taking video. later posting on instagram. a rush of people start recording the crash. both alameda and oakland police were unaware of the incident but say they're now reviewing video. some of the same people pulled another car prank in may and posted it online. a man took a ride on 880 taped to the side of a car. remember this guy? driven by his cousin. they were cited for traffic violations. another mountain lion spotted in san mateo county. hillsborough police shared the pictures on facebook. wildlife experts say mountain lions usually avoid people. but they could hurt pets. it's a good idea to keep your dogs and cats indoors at dawn, dusk and during the night. that is, of course, when mountain lions are active. the sonoma county sheriff's office says, all in a day's work. the cows got out and could not get back in. motorists had to wait for them to move. a deputy finally got the gate open on the sheriff's office
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facebook page one person commented, glad the cows did not cause a t-bone. >> they should have caused -- right? ha ha. from cows to coolers. this little girl loves hers. but now it's been stolen. the case of the missing container next! first, we want to thank justin for the picture of sutro baths in san francisco. share your pictures with us by
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coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, almost a year after the devastating loma fire, investigators confirm what the abc7 news i-team found out days after it sparked. see what's changed. plus, we're live with the tragic results after a man tried to get back from thieves took from him. google's ceo cancels a big meeting about the manager's memo. people are still talking about it. all coming up on abc7 news at
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6:00. tonight a san francisco man is looking for help. >> brian quan is hoping someone will return his motorized ice chest dubbed the cruisin' cooler, stolen from the garage of his sunset district home tuesday afternoon. >> brian uses the cooler to take his daughter to day care and putters around on it at festivals and street fairs. he says he and his daughter put in a lot of work on it. >> i modified it and increased the range and how powerful it is. it goes up hills now, and it can do wheelies and also a little bit faster. >> the cooler has tremendous sentimental value for quan. his daughter was a preemie and the numbers on it stand for her weight when she was born. two pounds, 12 ounces. >> if you have information that could help get the cooler back. call the san francisco police department immediately. that's a nice rig. look how much fun. >> "world news tonight" is next.
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. president trump doubling down his new warning just a short time ago. saying, let's see what north korea does with guam. >> if he does something in guam, it will be an event the likes of which nobody has seen before. >> our team standing by in the region tonight. also severe storms hitting at this hour from chicago to oklahoma city and moving east. and the new tropical systems developing right now in the atlantic. all eyes tonight on the u.s. coastline. the college student and the fraternity members who waited nearly 12 hours to call for help. he did not survive, and tonight here, the new development. the hit and run. the witness who saw it and then the driver leaving the scene. you will see what happens when he follows. and the very personal news tonight from jimmy kimmel about


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