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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 11, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the beach immediately. the lawyers fighting him say immediately means today. he put up a gate blocking access roads to the beach seven years ago. he says the road is on his property and he can do what he wants. a court ruled martins is public and there has to be public access to it. the appeals court agreed in the ruling. he can now try to get an injunction from the state supreme court. >> san francisco firefighters came to the rescue of a man who somehow ended up in the bay. he was conscious and breathing. paramedics treated him once they brought him to land. still not clear how he ended up out there. 4:30 now, and let's get a quick update of weather and traffic. hey, mike. >> hey, hi, everybody. open the weather window from our roof camera here in downtown san francisco. you can definitely see the mist in the air, and the breezes that are blowing in off the ocean that will keep us cooler than average today. i do believe we'll see sunshine quicker in the 12-hour day planner. that means temperatures warmer
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this afternoon. 60 to 62 from noon to 4:00 around the coast. 71 to 76 for the bay. inland, 77 to 85 degrees. look at that gorgeous evening. 60s and 70s at 7:00. hope you get a chance to get outside and enjoy that. here's alexis again. >> so far so good for the friday morning commute as well. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. need a few more cash lanes open but they should thin out quickly and we have about an hour to go before they flip on the metering lights. so far, drive times indicating friday light. southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard in the green at 15, and northbound 85, also looking good at 16 minutes. we'll check on overnight construction projects coming up next. >> thank you. president trump increasing the pressure on north korea now, saying his warning earlier this week may not have been tough enough. >> from his golf club, the president is warning the country
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to, quote, get its act together. we're learning if north korea launched an attack on guam, people would only have 14 minutes warning. despite the high drama in recent days, the u.s. military is not operating at an elevated security level. james mattis addressed the response in a visit to mountain view yesterday. >> he does something in guam, it will be an event the likes of which nobody has seen before, what will happen in north korea. >> the american effort is diplomatically led. it has diplomatic traction. it is gaining diplomatic results. >> north korea answered the president's rhetoric by vowing to, quote, mercilessly wyche out provocateurs. experts tell abc news the country does not appear to be preparing any new missile launches. hi, everyone. good morning. i want to show you this new video coming in to our live desk. after a strong earthquake rocked the philippines, moments after
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the shaking stopped, you can see hundreds of people streaming into the streets of manila. offices and schools were evacuated. the 6.2 magnitude quake hit in the northern part of the country in the afternoon, around 10:30 p.m. here in california, the philippine institute of vol canology and seismology said was 100 miles beneath the surface, which is deep enough not to cause structural damage. no tsunami warning has been issued. >> friends of a popular oakland singer and song writer are in mourning after he was killed in a violent robbery. he killed while chasing down the person who stole his computer. here's cornell bernard. >> a candle burns at a small memorial on rich street in oakland where dave lost his life wednesday. >> i'm sad today. >> friends gathered in berkeley to remember the singer/songwriter outside a
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converted school bus. he toured with fellow musicians in the bus. >> dave was a mystic. and he was spiritual dude, and he was really special. ♪ >> friends say he loved writing and performing his music. >> he had a degree of magic he was able to bring to his performances. it was really captivating. >> police say he was sitting at this cafe when someone grabbed his laptop and jumped into a car. heed the thief, grabbed the side of the car and was briefly dragged until he was run over. the suspect got away. neighbors found him gravely injured. >> i don't know him, but he's young. he had his whole life ahead of him. i wished he would have let go, but maybe he couldn't. >> property can be replaced, but life can't. and in this instance, it was dangerous. >> neighbors who never knew him are paying respects. >> i didn't know you, but i know your story. >> friends believe much of
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dave's recorded music was on that stolen laptop. they hope to share other clips of him singing on social media, sharing his talents with the bay area and the world. ♪ >> in oakland, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. well, people giving generously to a go fund me campaign to help the san jose family of a liquor store owner killed in his own shop. the page was just put up yesterday. it's already raised more than $9300 of a $20,000 goal. if you would like to donate, we have the link on our website, hue charlie lee was shot at his store on quimby road. the family said the money will go to his wife and oldest son to take care of day-to-day living expenses. >> thieves are targeting upscale homes along an east bay golf course. the contra costa county sheriff's office has revealed surveillance pictures of burglars wanted for three break-ins at the black hawk golf
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course on friday. they appear to enter from the back of the homes. they're accessing them from the golf course. this morning, bartd police say they don't need any more oversight, even though consultants say they do. the disagreement stems back to the oscar grand shooting in 2009. after widespread protests, they established the office of the independent police auditor. consultants say that office needs more authority. a meeting of b.a.r.t.'s gsking board, they said it's plenty. >> the massive loma fire started at a marijuana grow operation. the fire burned for 16 days, destroying a dozen homes and charred 4500 acres in the santa cruz mountains. calfire has also been pointed the car. a portable generator. it was on land of a santa cruz medical dispensary. they have forwarded their investigation to the district attorney for possible charges.
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>> thought we would start with san francisco. look at your temperatures. stepping out the door, about 55 in west portal to 57. not much of a change out there, is there? ocean beach, petrero hill and the ferry building at 57. we have a small craft advisory for the entire bay into the delta. 3:00 this afternoon, 9:00 this evening. we have one out along the coast also until 9:00 tomorrow evening. it's going to be breezy in those areas. here's a quick look at should be the san mateo bridge, but that's a look at sfo where we're more than likely going to have flight arrival delays once again this morning. as soon as they let me know, you know where it will be. @mikeniko, abc 7. >> you can see some of the moisture hanging in the air. on the roads, morning mist and drizzle. cool to warm if you're taking mass transit. let's talk about the game tonight. orioles and a's. 7:05 first pitch, 64. dropping down to 61. get yourself a pack of baseball cards if you get there and are
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one of the first 15,000. >> hey, good morning. we're looking at the golden gate bridge right now. not too foggy at the moment, although we had a dense fog advisory issued by chp at about 3:00 this morning. if you're further north, we could be dealing with visibility issues. also. overnight paving work once again. we're down to one lane, but they have been wrapping that up right on time. that got done about 4:00 this morning and all lanes are back open. zipper trucks already through this morning too. heading into the east bay, we have more construction work on that 29th avenue overpass, so southbound 880 between 23rd and 29th, we have lanes scheduled to be closed until about 5:00 this morning. not a full closure and we're in the green now. a nice light start to our friday morning commute. we do have one blocking issue on westbound highway 4. we'll head back there next. uber faces two more big challenges. the key executive is about to lose, and the it's facing. >> new details in a major operation involving police and federal agents in the bay area. the record set by operation coal
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at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. hi, and welcome back, everyone. we're getting reports that the opposition leader in kenya's presidential election has won. sending people into the streets to protest and also in celebration. and look at this. protesters are burning tires in
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the streets in response to the news that kenya's president has lost. in nairobi, supporters began dancing and cheering when it was announced he had won. the cheering, though, could be premature because all the polls released by the election commission have shown ken yautda with a huge lead. we'll continue to follow the story. >> two people recovering from injuries they suffered in this scary crash. sky 7 was over interstate 280 late last night where a san francisco city garbage truck ended up on the center divide. as you can imagine, it made a mess of the evening commute. pictures tweeted by san francisco firefighters showed the tuck teetering over the median with garbage spilled all over the road. it took more than three hours to reopen all those lanes. two people in that truck suffered minor injuries. >> federal atf agents made the largest number of arrests for
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one operation in history right here in the bay area. video shared with abc7 news shows operation cold day. after a two-year investigation, law enforcement arrested more than 75 people on tuesday and wednesday in san mateo and san francisco counties. they seized more than 100 ounces of illegal drugs, 90 stolen guns and 48 stolen cars. one neighbor who shared the cell phone video with us says he has seen a lot of strange activity next door. >> this is a lot of women going in and out of there, cars, motorcycles, people coming in on a daily basis you might see 20 people just show up, go in, and leave. >> the san mateo county d.a. says it was called operation cold day because of its unprecedented nature which some said would be a cold day in you know where if it came together. >> work will begin to remove a tombstone that turned up in a home improvement project at a san francisco home. electricians discovered it
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digging beneath a home. it now sits where laurel hill cemetery was located from 1852 to 1937. now, the cemetery moved the bodies when it closed. however, tombstones were left behind if families didn't want to move them with their loved ones. therefore, you see some of them here being excavated. more trouble for uber this morning. its global operations chief is resigning. and a major investor has filed a lawsuit. ryan graves told uber staff in an e-mail on thursday, he will be gone by mid-september but remain a member of the board. that board was the subject of a lawsuit filed by bench mark capital partners who claim travis kalanick is trying to pack the board with his allies and return as ceo. the lawsuit says that would harm shareholders and employees where. >> dermatologists have a warning for lululemon shoppers. don't listen to a controversial message about sunscreen on the shop's bags. generally, they have positive messages on them, but a redit
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user posted this that says sunscreen absorbed into the skin might be worse for you than sunshine. experts say the harm that comes from too much sun exposure should outweigh the doubts people have about some sunscreen. >> one of the biggest latin festivals in the country kicks off in the south bay today. tens of thousands of music lovers are expected to attend the san jose jazz festival this weekend. with more than 120 performances on ten stages around cesar chavez park. that starts at 6:00 tonight. >> a whole lot going on this weekend. mike, deliver some weather for us, please. >> i can do that. in fact, we'll start with the san jose jazz festival. i'll show you the three days starting today and through the weekend. hi, again. let's go to the graphic. you can see it's going to be delightful in san jose. no chance of rain whatsoever. temperatures topping out at 80 today, 78 tomorrow, and 81 sunday. we'll talk to alexis in less than a minute about any activities or trouble you may
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have getting around the south bay this weekend. here's a look at south beach. looking at the bay bridge. more sunshine today. a slight warming trend. mostly cloudy. less drizzle tonight. summer heat, it builds into the forecast next week. microclimates. there's the 80 in san jose. 75 in milpitas to nearly 91 in gilroy. sunshine, 74 in santa cruz. 69 in millbrae. 72 to 78, your spread on the peninsula. low to mid 60s along the coast with upper 60, 77 in downtown south san francisco and sausalito at 68. low to mid 80s, 80 to 83 through the north bay. along the east bay shore, 72 to around 76. and we'll take our last stop inland. you can see 90 around antioch, 92 in brentwood. everybody else around 86 to 88 degrees. tonight's temperatures, from about 55 to 62. here's a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. a little cooler tomorrow. steady for sunday. our coolest day will be monday, and then you can see the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s coming back by thursday. as promised, here's alexis.
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we're going to talk about the jazz festival. we'll talk later about outside lands. anything in the south bay we need to be aware of? >> you will have some street closures to vehicles, anyway, in the downtown san jose area. definitely be on the lookout for that. that's a pretty big festival happening in san jose this weekend. looking at the roads here this morning, we do have an issue on westbound highway 4. three-vehicle crash. we have at least minor injuries and still have the two left lanes blocked before bailey road. that backup continues to grow. you're jammed into pittsburg right now. all of your alternates, all those surface streets, or if you want to take a longer way around to head south there, we really are not seeing any major delays anywhere else. so you do have some options if you're about to head out the door. hires a look at walnut creek, southbound 6 yathd, no delays and i'm not seeing problems on 24 if you're continuing towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll look at drive times in a few minutes. >> thanks. happening today, the l.a. city council expected to endorse a contract to bring the 2028 summer olympics to the city. l.a. was poised to host the 2024
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games. less than two weeks ago, it agreed to step aside soez paris could instead host the games and four years later, l.a. would get the games. the four-year change could come back to financially haunt l.a. since many of the venue contracts were for 2024 and those will have to be renegotiated. >> jimmy kimmel is giving a progress report on his son's health after the newborn underwent surgery in april. he needs two more surgeries still. he says he's received so many letters of support from former presidents obama, clinton, and george w. bush as well. billy just visited his dad's office for the first time. kimmel said the baby is doing great, smiling, and very interested in ceiling fans, he says. >> okay. it's like a mobile. >> yeah. >> a happy hour and wine tasting, maybe even a museum. the oakland a's want to know what you want in the new ballpark. >> what happens next on this surveillance video.
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>> we're all anxiously waiting for the solar eclipse. the warning astronomers are giving if you want to catch it. first this morning's tech bites. >> in today's tech bites, amazon is trying to become your source for concert tickets. >> the online retailer is trying to find a partner to distribute event tickets here in the u.s. and that would put amazon in direct competition with ticketmaster. >> consumer reports has pulled its recommendation of microsoft surface laptops and tablets. >> after a survey of nearly 91,000 users say they break too soon, especially compared to other brands. microsoft disagrees with the findings. >> nba fans in miami will have to be sure to bring their smartphones to the games this weekend. the heat is the first to switch to a mobile only ticketing policy. >> the teams are getting away from paper tickets to reduce fraud. even if you get a ticket on game even if you get a ticket on game night, it will go to
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the oakland a's are surveying their fans to find out what they want in the new ballpark. they want to know what amenities they want, including a possible museum. season ticket packages might include a happy hour and wine tasting. i could get down with that. the survey will last for six weeks, giving fans time to weigh in. we have a link on our site, >> engineers say they have created smart windows that go
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from transparent to dark and back again in under a minute. the dynamic window tech can be used on buildings, cars, even sunglasses. this is video provided by stanford. it has the potential to optimize the lighting in rooms and cars and save 20% in heating and cooling costs. >> the solar eclipse is now just a week and a half away. you might want to think about your eyes. at the chabot science center in oakland, they're having a viewing party. welder's glass will work, even a card with a small hole will project the image so you don't stare directly at the sun, although you may want to just go with eclipse glasses. >> these are specialized glasses. they have protective lenses on them that will block just about all the light except the sunlight. >> if i look at the eclipse, i should be able to see it without burning my eyes. >> very hard to see, but when you see a light, it's just going to shine. >> that's my favorite thing. just make sure that you can
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properly put them around your ears. they sell for $2.99 each. >> what's the markup on the glasses? >> are you coming for the glasses. >> >> they should be free. >> they're very fashion nl. the center's gift shop said they're selling about 100 a day. so there. for information about the eclipse and where to watch it, go to we have an entire page dedicated to it, but for real, protect your eyes. >> here's a light show you don't have to wait long to see. the best views of meteor shower will be tomorrow. the best place to watch is somewhere dark, so perhaps not in the middle of san francisco. >> it will be cloudy anyway. in san francisco. you want to go deeper to the south bay, maybe to napa valley, to the san ramon valley, the east bay valleys around midnight, where you'll find the best viewing. hi, everybody. let's talk about what's going on in sonoma county and santa rosa, we still have sonoma county fair.
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69 and sunshine. 83 at 3:00. 75 at 7:00, and 61 at 11:00. grab the sunscreen, you'll need it. as promised, here's my forecast for outside lands. going to be breezy all weekend. with a lot of cloud cover and temperatures from 57 to about 63. that's like a six-degree range from a low to a high. not much of a change there. alexis. >> taking a look at the roads, we have one new issue in the south bay. looks like they're still working on locating this. we had a call in to chp that there's a rollover crash northbound 101 off ramp to brokaw. they ran emergency vehicles in the area, didn't see the vehicle, so they're checking the southbound side. i'll let you know. sounds like the person is out of the vehicle, though. it's a jeep that landed on its roof. so hopefully everybody is okay there. westbound 580, nice and light. seven minutes. about 13 across san mateo bridge. wide open. and dumbarton bridge looks good, too. in the green at eight minutes. >> thank you. this video is crazy. look at that.
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that's a car plunging seven stories from a parking garage. this happened last month in austin, texas. police just releasing the video now. here's another angle. yikes, the car taking out a surveillance camera as it comes down from the building. some people nearby rushed in to help. fortunately, everyone was okay. >> services like uber and lyft appear to be driving consumers away not just from taxis but from buying their own cars. researchers looked at how people reacted when local laws in austin shut down uber and lyft. and they discovered 42% switched to another smaller ride share company or ride hailing company since ride share isn't what they do. about the same amount of people started driving their own cars again. only 9% bought a car to fill the void left by the lack of uber and lyft. >> speaking of uber, you feel like free ice cream today? uber celebrating free cone friday in san francisco by offering to deliver free ice cream to you. there's a catch. you have to open the uber app and tap to request ice cream.
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not much of a catch. if you're selected, uber will send ice cream to you and up to four friends. uber saying it's also giving away limited edition collectible cones which you can take to mcdonald's every friday for free refills. hoping those are -- >> made out of plastic or something. you never know. >> 24 weeks and they're ready to go. next, the new police officers about to hit the streets of san jose. >> and a cloud over google. the company's ceo taking the stage and delivering a strong message to young girls who want to break in to silicon valley. >> a husband and wife just days
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four seconds until 5:00 a.m., and we are there. good morning on this friday, august 11th. most importantly, it's the start of our weekend. >> oh, yeah. >> yay. >> we're all here for that. we're all ready. we're counting on mike to serve up some good weather. >> i'm going to try. not really up to me to decide what the weather is going to be, but i'll tell you what it's going to be. >> try harder. >> all right. let's jump on live doppler 7 and see what we've got out there. we have a better chance of fog this morning and mist as the marine layer has been compressed. that means more of the moisture is close to the ground. you may need the windshield wipers more. notice how much lower it is on san francisco. can't see the top of a lot of buildings this morning. we have 57 to 61. that's our spread at 7:00. faster sunshine. a little warmer. probably not noticeable at noon. 60 to 77, and then at 4:00, you'll notice inland with mid s


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