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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 11, 2017 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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bang them out. i mean, one item, just get it out as fast as you can. >> the biggest concert weekend of the year in the bay area is here. vendors, musicians and fans are geared up and ready to go for outside lands in san francisco. thanks for joining us. i'm kristein sze. doors are opening right now in golden gate park, and the first musical act begins at noon.
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abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson is there live with everything that you need to know. tiffany? >> good morning, kristen. well, tonight's headlineser are gorillas, and right now they are doing their sound check out on the main stage behind me. a lot of people are very excited about their show, but, of course, they are also excited about the gourmet food. >> heavy mist hangs in the air over an empty stage. the soaking green gas is spotteded with new compost bags and the surrounding white tents stand waiting for patrons. this is outside area before the kay yorks, before the crowds, before the noise. michael tosini is about to make a lot of friends. >> people get thirsty here. >> reporter: he's running one of the many bother booths. >> i don't know the numbers, i would say more than a keg a person but that's probably a lie. >> reporter: other bartenders aren't quite sure. >> my first outside lands, really excited. >> reporter: her strategy is simple. >> reporter: if you're having a good time, everyone else will have a good time. >> reporter: the festival offers wine from 40 wineries and beer
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from 30 west coast breweries and local restaurants will cater to the crowd as well. this is tom's fifth outside lands. >> we just have a machine running back here basically, oven, into the hoppers, on to the bun, out to the customer, fries ready to go. >> reporter: his booth is just off the main stage. it's really loud, so you're yelling back here essentially, but i like the calm right now. it's kind of misty. it's perfect golden gate park weather right before, you know, the start, so to say. >> reporter: and the storm will rage for three days straight. >> hoping to bang out 1,200 burgers a day. that would be awesome. >> reporter: outside land generates about $60 million for san francisco and brings about 4,800 jobs each year. this is the tenth anniversary and organizers promise it's going to be great. live in golden gate park, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> tiffany, thanks. getting to and around the event
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will be a challenge all weekend. alexis smith from abc 7 mornings is here with the best ways to beat the traffic and avoid some headaches. alexis? >> yeah. leave the car at home. that is my number one piece of advice here, so you've got a lot of mass transit options and muni is stepping up their festival. they will be not conducting their secway testing this weekend. that's available for an option. more buses and judah and the 5 in fulton and the x express providing rides back to the civic center. golden gate 70 to 7 is, transfer to muni 28 and exit to fulton walk the rest of the way into the festival and non-mass transit options, too. a three-day shouldle, bill graham civic bicycle parking at hellmanman
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hollow and three taxi stands on fulton at 25th, 30th and 35th. make sure you have a plan before you head out the door. >> we'll talk about the temperatures maybe there and what you should do to prepare to stay dry because it's going to be kind of misty and drizzly. maybe take a tarp and put it under the blanket. a look at my day planners for today's festivities. 58 to cloudy in noon and it will become breezy. it will be breezy at 7:00 and 57 at 10:00. now, if you're going to be there for the rest of the weekend, not much changes, you know that in golden gate park this time. year. 56, 61 saturday and then 57, 63, a few more peaks of sunshine, just a tad bit warmer as we head towards sunday. kristen. >> mike, thanks so much. >> if you're headed to outside lands you can download the abc 7 newspaper app. you'll find a video of how to get along the site and traffic and weather updates throughout the weekend. >> other news, new developments
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involving the two attention-seeking daredevils who climbed the golden gate bridge earlier this year. they are now getting slapped with a lawsuit. jessica castro from abc 1 mornings is here with the details. jessica? >> kristen, that's right. our media partner the myrickry news reports the golden gate bridge district is suing the duo. you may remember they recorded this stunt and blasted it out on social media. the man who posted the stunt went by the name peter tee time online and his real name is peter curer and his daredevil partner is thomas rector. the two reached the top of the bridge's north tower back in april by climbing suspension ropes with no cable or safety equipment. days after pulling off the stunt the to spoke to my colleague leanne melendez. take a listen. >> they have pretty steep. had to do it on one stand. had the camera in my other hand. last week a lawsuit was filed claiming trespassing and asking for an injunction to prevent the pair from profiting off video of
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the stunt. i should note that peter tee time has done some intervoous bragging about his stunt but has never admitted to any crimes. we reached out to peter but have not heard back. jessica castro, abc 1 news. >> jessica, thank you. new charges have been filed against an arizona nurse charged with sexually abusing two children in santa cruz. emily stephens is now facing a total of nine charges. she's being held in a tucson, arizona jail. a santa cruz brain surgeon and a watsonville nurse are also charged. dr. james kohut and rochelle brandon will be back in court next month. kohut worked at a dominican hospital and surgery center. prosecutors say they actually wouldn't say if any of the victims were patients. a college professor arrested in the bay area for a deadly stabbing in chicago is going back to illinois. this morning northwestern professor wyndham latham waived
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his extradition rights. he and another man with accused of murdering a man in condo last month. latham will plead not guilty. developing news now. we're waiting to see if martin's beach near half moon bay will reopen today. abc 7 news is at the beach this morning but so far the get remains closed. the san mateo county sheriff is on the scene. a state court of appeals ruled yesterday that billionaire venture capitalist must allow access to the beach. he put up a gate blocking the access road to the beach seven years ago. he says the road is on his property, and he can do what hee hants. he's trying to get an injunction from the state supreme court. happening now, thousands of south bay kids and their parents
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are lining up for school supplies, part of an annual backpack giveaway in san jose. abc 1 news reporter matt keller has the story, including one about a special volunteer. >> the backpacks are flying off the shelves and then they are replaced. this is going to go on all day long. the last appointment is at 5:30 but it takes a lot more than just the coming in to get the backpacks. it takes about 300 volunteers to put on this event today. it's like shopping in a store. 3,300 students are picking up backpacks today at sacred heart community service and school supplies are also here. >> pencils in here. >> reporter: schools asked for 11 items for the classroom and now it's 21 but the number of kid who signed up for the giveaway is the same as last year. >> we heard from the school districts parents are leaving the area because it's too expensive to live here. >> reporter: this is steve's fifth year volunteering but he's been coming here since
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elementary school. >> i used to come here as a kid. my parents weren't real well off. the backpack giveaway is special for him. >> i remember as a kid, always not feeling like, you know, that sense of like, you know, i'm not good enough for everybody, but with good support and stuff. it made me really driven to focus on school and, you know, pretty much achieve anything so like i just want to help the kids with how i felt as a kid. >> reporter: kids like the ones >> these your brother, josh yeah, jason and jesse get to pick their backpacks. first grader jesse knew what he wanted before he entered the room. a shark, a smile on his face and a shark on his backpack. >> reporter: you found the shark you wanted. >> yes. >> reporter: does that make you happy? >> yes. >> reporter: and every family is given a gift card for shoes. if you would like a link it's on our website, abc 1 >> beyonce takes over the east bay. the one of a kind class teaching
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you how to dance like queen bee herself and can you feel it. lotto fever is back. we'll reveal the secret giving you the best odds of winning this weekend. and we're keeping an eye on an incident at an east coast hospital forcing people into the parking lot since in their hospital beds. the details just in on what ha a life-changing song. ♪ there were three little muffins in the bakery shop ♪ ♪ there were three little muffins in the bakery shop ♪ >> next "right this minute." at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag.
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so... why is she smiling?her days driving all over town. wait, what's going on now? because she shopped during the safeway anniversary sale, and filled up her trunk with grocery savings, plus earned 4 times the gas reward points. now that's something to smile about.
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the safeway anniversary sale! come in and explore! at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. happening now. a new hampshire hospital is under evacuation because of a mysterious odor.
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this involves the emergency and operating rooms in exeter. emergency crews are in the process of evaluating and transporting about 20 patients. it all started about three hours ago. hospital officials say patients and staff working in the o.r. this morning complained of dizziness and nausea. right now the hospital is working with fire and police to determine the cause. developing news out of the white house. president trump issuing a new warning for north korea after its threet against guam tweeting military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded should north korea act unwisely. hopefully, kim jong juan will find another path. president's latest comments come after north korea said it would launch four missiles at the waters near guam by mid-august. despite those threats, officials tell abc news there's no evidence that any missile launch is imminent. now to an abc news exclusive. the first interview with the former fbi agent and his daughter convicted of murder.
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they say they had no choice but to defend themselves from her husband. the two now face 25 years in prison or at least up to it. molly martins said she met her irish husband jason when she became his au pair after the death of his first wife, but she says their perfect marriage was all a facade, one that was totally shattered in 2015 when her father was visiting and found her husband choking her. >> he wanted to shut me up, so he covered my mouth and then he started choking me. the next thing i remember is my dad standing in the doorway. >> what did you see? >> it's all of. he has his hands around her neck and i said let her go. and he said i'm going to kill her >> the jury did not believe the version of events and found them guilty of second-degree murder. you can watch the full story tonight on "20/20" right here on "abc 7 news at 10:00." shifting gears. lotto fever is sweeping
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california with twin lottery jackpots that are breaking records. the numbers history plight suggest you should pick when we come back, and calling all the single ladies, now you can learn how to dance like beyonce right here in the bay area. a sneak peek inside this studio in oakland. and a live look right now from our emoryville camera. certainly gray out there today to kick off our weekend.
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happening now, the two enormous jackpots still up for grabs and growing. now worth more than $750 million combined. today's mega millions draw, $323
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million jackpot. tomorrow night's powerball prize is 356 million. with all that cash on the line players are looking for ways to get an edge on the competition, including really looking at which numbers have historically been favored. so accordng to lottery stats and data 2, 31 and 39 are the most frequently drawn numbers for mega millions. >> can i borrow that. >> for powerball the most common numbers are 26, 16 and 41. >> give me that ticket. >> the one that our studio visitors and group of great kids picked out for me. i think these are the lucky numbers. >> 21's in there. >> got one. >> that's a good start. >> it's definitely a good start. >> we can't all be millionaires but hopefully we have million dollar weather out there. >> can't wait if you don't play. we got a lot of things going on no matter where you are in the bay and we'll talk all about it.
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first you mentioned lock at that forecast flowing freely over the east bay hills this morning, absolutely gorgeous as we look northbound towards mt. tamalpais, and that fog, yeah, it's going away a little bit. not as thick as it was yesterday so it's easier to get some sunshine. you can see the sunshine inland. santa rosa 67 a rosa 67 a rosa 70s. 61 in you're headed out in san francisco. emoryville back towards the golden gate which you can barely see right there. gives you an idea of just how much faster we're going to get some sunshine. i don't know if we'll get it faster. i think will be bright they are afternoon. so make sure you have are the sunglasses. mostly cloudy and drizzle tonight. maybe not quite as much as tomorrow morning and summer heat coming back to the forecast. let's talk about breezy conditions all the bay and the delta and also out onhew, this tomorrow evening, the one for the bait in the delta at 3:00 this afternoon to 9:00 this evening so if you're thinking about heading out on the bay,
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choppy and breezy. san francisco and most of the bay area, 70s. 80 to 83 in the east bay. let's start with all the activities. first up, it's 67 and sunny right now in sonoma for --? santa rosa for the sonoma county 83 at 3:00 and grab that coat if you'll be there till the end. 61 at 1 is being. a game today at the coliseum. they are giving away baseball cards to the first 15,000 tomorrow night. that's when we have are the fireworks. 7:05 first pitch and dropping down to about 61. let's talk about the jazz fest. the jazz summer fest, 80 and having all these people stare at me it's unnerving. saturday and sunday at 80 degrees, usually just joey and temperatures 59 to 60 in the morning. let's break down the next 12 hours if we can. 59 at the coast and 61 at 4:00
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and then 50s during the evening hours. we'll be in the low to mid-70s around the bay to 65 at 8:00. already needing a coat there r.jump from 75 to 858 so a little warmer inland and back down to a comfortable 72 by 8:00. we'll jump all the way down to about 55 to 60 degrees tonight. let's take a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast, and we may be just a little bit cooler saturday and sunday. our coolest days with the dry cold front monday and look at the temperatures rebound away from the coast back into the 80s and 90in back thursday. here's kristen with more news. >> thanks, mike. if you're not heading to outside lands this weekend, how about enjoying a taste of summer sweetness. there are plenty of events happening where you live. alexa smits from abc 7 news morning has a lot of fun ideas. >> reporter: you can never have enough summertime tweets and now a new option in the marina. loving cup, a frozen yogurt concert, now has a fourth location at union and fillmore.
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they start by making a their ohno gut from probiotic grass grazed milk and we add chocolate or vanilla to the base and put it in this this machine with other ingredients and hand churn it. >> the other ingredients are fruit and espresso beans and ganache and homemade waffle cones and cuts and also offers rice pudding, her mom's recipe. >> we make it with low-fat milk and heavy cream so it's a pill bit lighter and fluffier and you don't feel super bogged down when you eat it. >> dry the other loving cup locations in russian hills, hayes valley and green beret in marin county. grab your favorite pair of heels for beats and brunch. confidence fitness will put on their don't worry beyonce dance class which means, you guessed it, fierce dance routines set to the music of queen bee.
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the ticket includes brunch bites and smoothies. for details of these events and more go to our website >> and you don't have to wear those heels, unless you want to. finally friday and you know what that means. it is time to meet our perfect pet. today we've got two. mike will be back to introduce us to these dogs looking for a forever home next. >> and "american idol" is coming to abc 7 this fall. you a dugss will be held in oakland, sunday, august 20th. the "american idol" bus will be in jack london square giving you a chance to be a star. you don't have to wait. you can audition online now. we have a link to the
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♪ strummed guitar travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. as promised, i've got not one but two perfect pets today. both dogs are coming to us from the friends of the alameda animal shelter. let's show you drody and nana. both about are brindle mastifs. they are both described as low key, gentle and affectionate dogs. that's pretty nice considering their size. drody is strong and athletic and loves to exercise. he and nana each weigh about 130 pounds. the shelter doesn't know if the dogs are related but say they
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love each other and would love to go to the same home. to make them part of your family call the friends of the alameda animal shelter at the number on your screen. 510-337-8765 and maybe they can win the lottery this weekend. >> maybe. they look like great buddies to have. >> they get a bad rap sometimes because they are big. >> they look intimidating but just like a big lovable bear because you want to hug them. >> okay. from all of a us here at abc 7 news, thanks so much for joining us. "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. >> i guess that would be you. >> i want to be but i don't have a ticket. >> ah, that's all right. we'll all get to enjoy some nice weather so let's enjoy. have a gre
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>> hey, everybody, welcome to "millionaire." coming to you from bally's las vegas. one lucky hotel guest is about to get the opportunity of a lifetime. we're going to knock on their door, tell them to drop everything, and come try to win $1 million right here right now. get ready. it's instant millionaire week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to instant millionaire week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] all week, we are surprising potential contestants in their rooms with a o tch plceay our game. yesterday, our returning contestant was just minding his own business in his room at the linq hotel and casino when we suddenly knocked on his door and invited him to come and play for a million dollars. so ladies and gentlemen, from brooklyn, new york, please welcome back kenneth garson. [cheers and applause]


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