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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 24, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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east bay hills camera. filling into the east bay valleys. all of us going to wake up mainly cloudy this morning. bottom line is the coast. notice we hang around 59 to 60 from noon to 4:00, 70 to 73 around the bay to 68, and 75 at noon. inland, very comfortable to 81 at 4:00. not quite as hot as it was yesterday. a nice 71 at 7:00. so the heat is on. i'll let you know when it guess to your neighborhood. here's alexis with the morning commute. still pretty quiet? >> it sure is. one of the only blocking issues we had this morning just got the all clear. westbound 24 just outside of the caldecott tunnel, we had a vehicle hit debris in the tunnel, had a flat tire and they were blocking the lane for a short time. wide open approaching, so really was not there long enough to cause issues. a quick check of the emeryville care withdraw. westbound 80, no significant issues there. we'll look at drive times in
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less than ten minutes. >> new developments in the return of a san jose state professor accused of sexual huh racement. >> that professor was supposed to come back to the classroom this semester and now it appears he will not. matt keller live at san jose state university. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. the fall semester has begun at san jose state, but some students are finding out there is one class that is canceled and another that still needs a professor. that's all because of this lingering sexual harassment controversy. last year, university investigators found professor lewis aptakhar from the department of education sexually harassed a student. he stepped down as the department chair, however, he was still set to return to teach this fall. some students questioned the decision to allow him to return. now we confirmed overnight from a san jose state spokesperson, he will not be teaching at the university this semester. he was set to teach two chances.
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one was canceled, they're still looking for a professor to teach the other class. two third party investigations cleared his client of wrong doing. san jose state says no decision has been made on his future beyond this semester. matt keller, abc7 news. >> we're tracking developing news out of san francisco. businesses around crissy field will keep their doors closed this weekend during a controversial rally. the shutdown of presidio will stretch from the main post to crissy field where a patriot prayer rally is scheduled to take place. businesses were told they have to close for safety reasons in case saturday's rally turns violent. the national park service issued the permit yesterday, citing the group's right to free speech. it comes with 26 conditions, including no firearms, aerosols, or ammunition. >> the man whose rally is causing concern for businesses spoke to abc7 news in a skype interview, joey gibson tellish us he knew all along he would be
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granted the permit because of freedom of speech. he also said it has nothing to do with president trump. >> what i'm trying to do is beyond trump, beyond politics. we're talking about culture here right now, love, respect, kindness, being honest, good to one another. so we're not throwing a trump rally. >> patriot prayer rallies have been denounced by city leaders and other politicians as a forum for white supremacists. gibson says the last thing he wants it for violence to erupt like it did in charlottesville. you can download the abc7 news app. >> just coming in to our live desk, an update on the deadly terrorist attacks in spain last week in and around the barcelona area. a judge has just conditionally released one of four suspects because of lack of evidence against him. that suspect still under investigation. they have confiscated his passport and he will have to
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check into court once a week, but still free in the meantime. he's accused of buying plane tickets for some of the terror cell members who actually carried out the attack. another suspect has also been released under similar circumstances. eight more suspects are dead. six were shot by police. reggie. >> lake county sheriff's deputies will honor a fallen colleague today. deputy rob rumfelt died tuesday night. investigators believe he had a medical emergency before crashing into a tree in lakeport. today, the sheriff's department will honor him with a procession that will head north on highway 29 from napa to lakeport. >> developing news out of the east bay. police need your help trying to identify the suspect in an attempted sexual assault. the victim said she was in the area of stockton avenue and balra drive when someone grabbed her and tried to sexually assault her. police take a look. they were taken early tuesday
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morning. they say the victim screamed during the assault and neighbors heard her and the man ran away. if you recognize him, please call police. >> today marks the third anniversary since the 6.0 magnitude napa quake. some of the damaged buildings have yet to be fixed. the earthquake destroyed 25 structures and damaged dozens more. the total cost of repairs is still being calculated. >> a dean is suing the school. sf gate recording the college of ethnic studies dean accusing the university of retaliation. the college has struggled with ongoing budget deficits. last year, students protested because they thought sfsu was holding back funds. they say the president wrongly blamed the dean for the protests and overspending and threatened to fire him. the dean claims out he's lost out on job opportunities because of that. >> santa clara stadium authorities facing off against the 49ers over the final audit of levi's stadium. the two sides are ata odds over what the audit means and who
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understood to pay up. the audit declared the niners owe sanda clara almost $2 million for costs the stadium has shelled out. 49ers say the audit is riddled with errors. the meeting begins at 5:00. >> water fountains and some locker room showers are off limits because of water quality issues. unsafe levels of lead were coming out of the water faucets and shower heads. a district spokesperson said the fixtures are the source of the lead, not the water itself. >> whether it was the faucet or the founter head, once we replaced them, we realized the water was coming out clean of lead. >> the school has brought in water dispensers until it installs filters on all of its founlten wheres. >> the cost of health care is going up. why some retirees don't need to worry. >> google trying to help
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identify if you're depressed. how it's doing that during certain search results. >> 6:06. >> 6:06. taking a l ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get 0% apr financing for 63 months on all new 2017 outbacks. ends august 31.
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i know it's thursday, but it's back to school for newark unified school district. a two-day week, i like that. gray this morning, 61. hazy sunshine and 73, it will be mild this afternoon. we've also got the belmont-redwood shores district going back. cloudy 58 this morning. hazy sunshine and about 69. so pretty comfortable for you. temperatures in the north bay, mainly around 55 to sgav degrees. we have a few 60s around brentwood, tracy, newark, redwood city down towards san jose. a quick look at your activity planner. breezy north of the bay bridge this afternoon. at the coast, gray and breezy. strong sunshine if you're out exercising. this morning is really quiet when i came in. still going on? >> yeah, boy, we really have not had any major issues. that's a good thing, obviously. we're hoping we keep it that way. a look at the south bay, slight delays approaching 880. we have a crash reported at trimble off on the shoulder. maybe a little slowing right around state route 237 on the westbound side coming from 880
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as well. live look at 280 and 17 right around the shark tank, and maybe a little pink in the sky. visibility looking pretty good there. really the only slow spot i'm seeing in the south bay is 27-mile-per-hour average on northbound 101 into the morgan hill stretch. we have had very few blocking incidents. nothing currently, and we'll take it while it lasts. we'll check on drive times at 6:20. >> thank you, if you search the term depression on google, you're going to see something different coming up in the results. in an attempt to spread awareness on the illness, people who google depression will now see this. it's a link to check if you are clinically depressed. that link takes you to a clinically validated question air. google says it helps self-ass s self-assessment will steer people to seeking treatment. >> an alarming study is accusing one company of misleading the public about climate change. >> if you're trying to get into legally growing marijuana, you may want to look at sonoma county. >> these two cats may have more
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into police overnight. he and others gathered on campus august 9th to protest the removal of a statue. he was also feature in a report a lot of you have seen. he's accused of illegally using tear gas and causing bodily injury. good if you're about to retire or know anyone who is, you may want to pay attention to this story. fidelity claimed health insurance prices could go up. save up to cover their health care costs during retirement. that's up 6% from last year. fidelity says every situation is unique and a couple's health, and problems could change. >> misleading the public over climate concerns for over40 years. researchers published their findings after tracking communication from exxon between 1977 and 2014.
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it says exxon publicly spread doubt about the risks of climate change even as their scientists and execs acknowledged the growing threat internally. exxon is dismissing the study as inaccurate and preposterous. >> developing news out of newark as students head back to school today. the unified school district may have to lay off teachers and staff next year. according to the east bay times, $5 million has to becut from the budget over the next two years. declining student enrollment is to blame. the district lost about 600 students over the past five years. >> 6:16. developing news. sonoma county officials are disappointed in the relaxed manning marijuana farmers are approaching the deadline to request permits. however, according to the press democrat, just 21 cannabis operators have applied for a permit since july. an estimated 5,000 marijuana farmers are already operating in
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the county. >> there's definitely one person massachusetts with more money than us this morning after winning the powerball. sadly, there are two cats in new york who probably also have more money than most of us. meet troy and tiger. their former owner, a dearly departed childless widow from the bronx left the cats $600,000. the wealthy woman's two assistants each took a cat. the assist nlts have to submit their expenses for the cats in order to get reimbursed from the $600,000 trust fund. >> i hope the cats love to travel and fine dining. >> they love really expensive cars. they love teslas. just kind of interesting. >> that self-driving tech. >> they like to stick their heads out the sun roof, sure. $600,000. at least they don't have to pay taxes on it, inheritance tax. trying to look at it positively for all of us who didn't win the powerball also. >> here's a look at the golden gate bridge.
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west wind at 16 miles per hour and getting ever so foggy and a little mist possible, too. don't be surprised if you have to use the windshield wipers. not as warm, but mostly sunny by the afternoon hours. hazy today. tonight, mostly cloudy. more mist as the marine layer continues to be compressed but enough moisture that could cause us to use the windshield wipers again tomorrow. the extended, heat still coming. right now, not very hot inland. temperatures ranging from 84 to 89 degrees. concord at 86, down as you head into like vallejo, 76 and breezy. as you head northbound into the north bay, 81. south bay temperatures a little below average, at least in san jose, 79. morgan hill, 86. coop cupertino, 71. san mateo, 71 with mostly sunny conditions. over along the east bay shore, berkeley and oakland, 70.
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san francisco, we'll call it partly sunny, breezy, and below average with 65 downtown. we should be around 69. the mission and marina, about 66 degrees. here's a look at my seven-day forecast. tomorrow, we'll have a steady pattern. then the heat starts to creep in saturday and gets really hot sunday and monday. especially inland with 80s around the bay. near 70s at the coast. hey, alexis. >> good morning. our bay bridge toll plaza camera decided to take the morning off. so that's not working for us. i did swing around our emeryville camera and pointed it at the toll plaza. pretty average commute there. we don't have anything blocking through that stretch and we did have those metering lights flipped on about 5:26 this morning. nothing out of the ordinary. and with the exception of the carpool lanes. quick check of drive times. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, just under an hour at 58 minutes. 26 minutes, westbound 4, antioch to concord, and southbound 101, maybe a little fog along that stretch, but you're looking okay at just about 15 minutes.
6:20 am
noticed heavy traffic filling in on the san mateo bridge. a closer look at that next. >> "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 right here on abc7. let's go to amy robach live from new york with a look at what's ahead. hi, amy. >> hey, reggie. good morning to you. coming up next here on "gma," people along the gulf coast racing to prepare for tropical storm harvey. the governor of texas calling for states of emergency in 30 counties. schools are canceled, store shelves cleared out. a hurricane warning for part of the lone state, up to 25 inches of rain possible. ginger tracking all the latest. then the search is on for the lucky winner of the over $700 million jackpot prize. now the single largest prize won by a single person. we'll tell you how you can still take home money even without the tick because there are a lot of people waking up millionaires and they might not even know it yet. >> thank yous so much. i hope that is maybe someone i know. amy, we'll see you later. >> exactly.
6:21 am
breaking news out of pleasant hills. a house fire there. we just got this video only minutes ago. it was at duke court right near contra costa boulevard and golf club road. fire sparks about 5:15 this morning. firefighters just knocked it down about 20 minutes ago. part of the roof collapsed, but the house was vacant. no one was inside. a heads-up if you're in the area, a lot of activity there. right now, firefighters are mopping up. no word on the dollar amount lost. i'll let you know as soon as we get an update throughout the newscast. >> thank you. should you invest in bitcoin? michael finney is about to take on that question. >> and the reason uber executives should be happy this morning despite a year that husband been full of controversy. >> 6:21 in the morning on a thursday. we're so grateful you're here with us. we want this to be a better start to the day.
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uber's pr nightmare might not be holding the company back. it made over $8.7 billion in bookings in the last quarter of this year, up 17% from the first quarter. revenue increased $1.5 billion. over the past six months, the
6:25 am
company faced lawsuits and allegations of harassment and its ceo stepped down in jube. >> time to ask finney. eric has a question about bitcoin. he spoke to us at our ask finney event. >> my question is, bitcoin. should we invest? should millennials be invested in bitcoin, what do you think? >> hey, eric. bitcoins are really popular right now. their prices are skyrocketing. but it is actually still too soon to tell if there will be long-term benefits of owning bitcoin. it's probably better for most of us to stick to stocks and bonds. a recent article says morgan stanley thinks you should be spending bitcoins instead of buying or saving them. now, like with any investment, they're going to be winners and losers. so you're going to hear a lot of winner stories. beware, there's a lot of losers,
6:26 am
too. eric, good luck and thanks for your question. good if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your phone and send it to us on social media using th the #askfinney, or go to our website. you may see your question answered here. >> 6:26 in the morning and there's a new alert about a popular app that lets strangered contact your kids. >> attention, south bay residents, you can have your say about google's proposed mega campus. >> someone hit the $758 million powerball jackpot, not here, but there were some big winners here in the area. >> a major mistake this morning, the ticket sold in a different the ticket sold in a different place than originall
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almost to the end. >> there we go. >> oh, and good morning on this thursday, august 24th. our mikes are on now. coming up on 6:30. >> we're ready to go. mike nicco. bring us some warm weather, please. >> i will, but you have to wait a couple days. what was that? >> meh. >> i don't have air conditioning. >> so somebody's meh is someone else's yay. it's humid this morning and cloudy. a little mist through 9:00, even some drizzle around the coast.
6:30 am
compressed down to about 1800 feet. it will remain through 7:00. 57 to 61 degrees our 7:00 temperatures. let's start with the top numbers, the warmest. 75 at noon to 81 at 4:00. around the bay, 70 to 73. right around 60 all afternoon at the coast. that will be pretty darn cloudy. enjoy a comfortable evening, 60s and 70s. hey, alexis. >> we're enjoying a pretty comfortable commute this morning. i want to zoom in to a couple slow spots. southbound 880 pretty heavy through hayward. no surprise here. 27 miles per hour, 33 miles per hour, and westbound 92, 22 miles per hour for you. this could be adding to it, although it's not a blocking situation. it looks like we have a disabled vehicle on the shoulder. tow truck just arrived. once you make it past that, we're moving along pretty well, and over to the foster city area. we're hearing about a brush fire in the south bay. we'll check on that neck. >> we're tracking developing news on the controversial right-wing rally set to take
6:31 am
place in san francisco on saturday. businesses now being told they have to close at crissy field and also a warning for the public. amy hollyfield is live at crissy field. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. sports basement is one of the businesses here in the presidio that is being forced to close. it sent an e-mail to its customers announcing what was happening saying it's because of the expected highly charged atmosphere. the shutdown impacts all businesses here in the presidio from the main post to crissy field where a pro-trump patriot prayer rally is scheduled to start at 2:00 on saturday. other businesses impacted include roaring mouse cycles and the presidio bowling alley where some birthday parties will have to be cancelled. some businesses say they're frustrated. >> i understand free speech and it's in the constitution, but i feel like if you couldn't insure the safety of your employees or customers or people on a regular day, then i think there's
6:32 am
something wrong. >> the rally's permit was issued yesterday and came with 26 conditions, including no firearms, aerosols, ammunition, big backpacks, drones, explosives, helmets, mace, or pepper spray, selfie sticks, glass, thermal, or meter containers. all protesters will be screened to see if they're carrying any of these. businesses will be open on friday and sunday, but will be losing the saturday revenue. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. and lyft telling drivers to report any incidents of intimidation or harassment this weekend. the company says they should call 911 and lyft's critical response line if they feel unsafe. two thirds of lyft drivers identify as members of a minority group. one lyft driver told our media partners he plans to stay in the south bay or the peninsula on saturday. >> the patriot prayer rally is planned from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. at crissy field.
6:33 am
several counter protests are scheduled at the same time and location. also a rally alt noon at harvey milk plaza in the castro and at san francisco civic center at 1:00 p.m. we have information about all of these event on our news app and >> this park in berkeley will be the site of rally hate and violence saturday. aimed at countering the right wing rally at crissy field. other counter rallies include an empathy pop-up saturday night at civic center park and a volunteer event saturday at the north richmond farm. >> this morning, the south bay dealing with the widening debate over historic statues linked to violence and racism. some people are upset over this statue of christopher columbus. a group called the brown berets of san jose has set up an online petition to get this relocated. they say this should not be glorified at city hall. >> happening
6:34 am
from the taylor street fair will be donated to the firefighters fund. two off-duty firefighters were shot, and one victim, jake walter, died. to help the victim's families, they pledge to donate all revenue they will make tonight and next thursday. >> happening today, california could take a big step toward resuming executions. the state supreme court will issue a ruling this morning on a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality. that sets a five-year speeding up the process could send innocent people to their deaths. california's last execution was in 2006. and there are about 750 inmates on san quentin's death row right now. >> developing news, the search is on for two girls from lake tahoe who are reported missing in oregon. the cook county sheriff's office released these pictures of 18-year-old melissa and her
6:35 am
younger sister kalyla. they were last seen at the eclipse festival in central oregon. the girls' parents have not heard from them since sunday. melissa is driving a black toyota suv sequoia. >> running over the golden gate bridge is the reason so many people do the san francisco marathon. now the iconic race is in question. there is a posal to stop closing one side of the bridge to traffic. organizeroffs the marathon and half marathon may have to reroute their course or limit runners to the sidewalk. another option would be for the marathon to create a protective barrier to separate the runners from traffic. >> oakland detectives are asking for the public's help in solving a double murder. this was the scene captured by security cameras as shots rang out at a block party over a year ago. two men died on 15th street that night. fletcher cooks was shielding his girlfriend when he was attacked and shot. mckrary was hit by a stray bull lt.
6:36 am
there were about 300 people at the party and police believe there were four gunmen. >> a lot of times people have information, they're scared to come forward for one reason or the other. >> somebody saw something. somebody knows something. all we ask is that you just come forward. >> there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to the killers. >> developing news. the chp is searching for a motorcyclist who hit a jogger and then took off. contra costa county. this happened just west of inspiration point. the 39-year-old jogger rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. witnesses say the motorcycle rider was wearing a yellow helmet and a black jacket. the rider continued on westbound on wild cat canyon towards berkeley. the chp is asking anyone who saw the crash to give them a call. >> a san francisco lawyer is now representing the google engineer who was fired over his controversial memo. you'll remember it argued women are biologically less suited for tech jobs.
6:37 am
she represented two groups fighting uc berkeley to get conservative pundit ann coulter to speak on campus urlgier this year. google said it fired james damore because he violated the company's code of conduct. she is reaching out to other workers. >> new details regarding that grass fire in palo alto earlier this week. fire officials believe a bird started it. the fire broke out tuesday night at the stanford dish trail above 280. fire officials say they found a pg&e power line that was damaged in a way consistent with wiig being hit by an animal. that caused a spark tat started a grass fire according to authorities. i have a breaking news update. massachusetts lottery officials making a big mistake, misidentifying the store where the winning powerball ticket was sold, and now we're getting this video, our first look at instore, the right store in
6:38 am
chicop chicopee, massachusetts. it's called the pride market. this is a store that will now win $1 million. chicopee, a suburb of springfield, massachusetts. earlier this morning, we thought the ticket was sold here, in watertown, which is closer to boston. and that winning ticket in chicopee worth $758 million. so that store owner, no doubt, celebrating right now. it is the largest single lottery jackpot in u.s. history. the winner of the ticket, though, has not come forward. good morning, again, to you. it's only a two-day school week for a few folks starting today. and for students. let's take a look at our first one. mt. pleasant school district. cloudy, 7:00 this morning. 60, and 82, pretty comfortable afternoon by your standards in the south bay. pacifica school district, a four-degree spread, from 58 at 700 to 62. you go from cloudy and mist to
6:39 am
mostly cloudy. let's take a look at temperatures right now. about 56 in pacifica. daly city, 55. 57 right now in half moon bay and san mateo and menlo park. a little warmer around belmont and redwood city, 59 there. low 60s along the east bay shore. concord at 61, and napa at 58. santa rosa, 54. here's a look at san mateo bridge. busy as usual as you're heading westbound under the cloak of cloud cover. on the bay today, small craft advisory north of the bay bridge. on the roads, a misty morning. mass transit, cool to warm today. take a look around the state. 107 in palm springs. 78 with afternoon sunshine in l.a. 90 in yosemite. 80 in tahoe. tropical depression harvey became tropical storm harvey while we were sleeping. during the day today, it will become hurricane harvey and hit around corpus christi, texas. 85-mile-per-hour winds around 1:00 saturday morning. but the big threat is going to be the inland flooding from 20
6:40 am
to 25 inches. that's two feet of rain is possible over the weekend. all right, we'll bring alexis in here. i don't want to jinx the rest of the morning commute, but you had it pretty nice so far today. >> knock on wood. i'm hoping i don't mess it up here. we haven't had any major problems. i can count on one hand the amount of issues we have, and none are major. let's take you to the south bay. reports of a brush fire. there is possibly a homeless encampment in the area as well. fire crews are on the scene and they have the far right lane blocked. they have a little onlooker delay, but no major delays through the stretch and with the fire crews there, they get them tapped out really quickly. northbound 101, a two-car crash on the shoulder the entire time. stop and go traffic north of 880, which we typically don't see. it's between 280, 680, but a little north of there due to the collision on the side. drive times slowly starting to fill in. westbound 80, highway 4 to the
6:41 am
maze, you're in the yellow. 27 minutes. 14 across the bay bridge, and southbound 101, still looking great in the green at nine minutes. next traffic update at 6:50. >> thanks. some apps are letting strangers talk to your kids. the new warning issued this morning. >> a man ends up on b.a.r.t. tracks in san francisco. what happens next saved his life. life. >> mike and alexis helping ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback.
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(avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get 0% apr financing for 63 months on all new 2017 outbacks. ends august 31.
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a major breaking news update on the search for the missing soldiers on the "uss mccain." the u.s. navy has suspended their ocean search. ten soldiers were missing. five of the ten missing men have been identified by relatives. also new this morning, medical examiners say a body found by malaysian forces is not one of the missing soldiers. the mccain collided with an oil tanker earlier this week. the crash also cost the commander of the pacific fleet his job. >> thanks. it appears students at san jose state university who were protesting the return of a professor no longer have to worry. >> a student accused the professor of sexual harassment and the professor was supposed to come back to the clasroom this semester. now it appears he will not. >> matt keller is live for us. >> reporter: reggie, today is the second day of classes here at san jose state, but one class has been cancelled and another
6:45 am
one is still looking for a professor all because of this lingering sexual harassment controversy. this all taking place in the department of education here at san jose state. last year, university investigators found professor lewis aptakhar sexually harassed a student. they sanctioned aptakhar and he stepped down as the department chair, however he was still set to return to keach this fall. some students questioned that decision. we confirmed from a san jose state spokesperson he will not be teaching at the university this semester. one class was canceledering another is looking for another professor. his attorney said a couple third party investigations cleared his client of wrongdoing. no decision has been made on his future beyond this semester. reporting live at san jose state, matt keller. >> thank you. the white house is moving forward with president trump's ban on transgender people in the military. the "wall street journal" reports a white house memo directs the pentagon to deny admittance of transgender people. it also orders an end to
6:46 am
spending on medical treempt for those transgender people in the military currently spending. the report says the new policy will give james matting discretion on whether to kick a transgender person out of the military. there is a new warning for people who let kids play games on their phones. child predators can use in-app messaging to contact your kids directly. many parents don't know strangers can reach out through apps. parents should look for privacy settings and activate any parental controls. >> the best way is to know the technology. and the best way to do that is to get on these apps with your kids. figure out how the features work, and make sure that app is right for your child. >> more on the story coming up on "good morning america." tune in at 7:00 a.m. to learn how some apps are being proactive to try to protect your kids. >> 6:46. happening tonight, a community-led town hall meeting on san jose's planned google mega campus. the meeting organized by silicon
6:47 am
valley rising. they want the city to use local workers and companies to build the complex and hire local people to work in it when it's complete. google's 6 million to 8 million square foot campus will be build near caltrain, light ram, amtrak, and eventually the b.a.r.t. extension. tonight's meeting is at 6:00 at mexican heritage plaza. >> rumors are beginning to swirl about the launch date for iphone's apple 8. they're preparing for an announcement on september 12th. apple has been announcing new iphones every september since 2012. this is expected to get a minor update. >> some good samaritans are credited this morning for helping save a man from an oncoming b.a.r.t. strain. this surveillance video shows the man ending up in the path of an oncoming trab at the civic station on monday. other passengers immediately tried to help. you'll see a man running towards
6:48 am
us, as you can see, he's trying to signal to the train operator to stop. other people also waving their arms. the train did stop in time, and that man was rescued. >> glad he's okay. >> we're going to take a look at how the weather is shaping up on this thursday. good morning, mike. >> hi, everybody. we'll start by opening the weather window from our east bay hills camera. look at the beautiful cascading clouds back into the valleys there. the hazy conditions that will take over after our mist dries this morning. cloudy tonight, spotty drizzle closer to the coast. mist around the bay and inland again like this morning. the heat still on the way, we just pushed it back about a day. here's a look at the cloud deck. you'll notice by noon from the richmond san rafael bridge, still plenty of clouds hanging out. as those dissipate, the haze will be the big story for the bay and inland and the clouds at the coast. temperatures below average today. we've got 79 at san jose. look at that, morgan hill, 86. 78, cupertino and santa clara.
6:49 am
redwood city down to millbrae at 68. san mateo, 71. 62 to 64, very narrow spread along the peninsula coast. downtown, only 65 degrees today. sausalito, not much warmer. 66. we'll get up near 80 to 83 through the north bay valleys to 92 in lakeport. near 70 in richmond, berkeley today. low to mid 70s elsewhere on the east bay shore. in the valleys, 84 in san ramon to 92 in brentwood. temperatures, 53 to 63 degrees. cool conditions tomorrow morning. another day of below average temperatures tomorrow and the heat sneaks in saturday. it peaks sunday into monday, and then slowly tapers tuesday back to average by wednesday. hey, alexis. >> good morning. and yeah, we've been talking about just a really quiet morning all day today. our bay bridge toll plaza camera decided to take the morning off so we swung emeryville around and we're looking at typical delays as you head to the metering lights, and hov lanes are moving along just fine. flipping to the traffic maps and
6:50 am
taking you back out to the altamont pass area. sounds like a tow truck is stuck in traffic on 580, still trying to get to this rollover crash at carroll road. they had pushed that off to the side. we can't see the surface street volume, but pretty big delays on altamont pass westbound. 580 probably a better choice even though we're crawling along at 7 miles per hour and 12 miles per hour approaching the scene out of tracy here today. then a quick check of drive times. southbound 680, 12 minutes. no delays on westbound 24, and exactly an hour tracy into dublin. >> happening today, amazon opening its first brick and mortar store in the bay area. a grand opening for the store at santana road this morning. its soft opening happened tuesday, but today is the official first day of business. the store will be similar to the first one amazon opened in seattle last year, which has been doing well. the san jose store is going to feature 3500 titles. amazon plans to open another book store at walnut creek's
6:51 am
broadway plaza. >> if you're on facebook and you like college football, this is for you. facebook struck a deal for exclusive rights to live stream 15 college football games this season beginning next week. the agreement is with the digital sports network and gives them the rights to six games and nine mountain west games. the first game will match marshall against miami ohio. >> many people pitched in to help a dog that was accidentally locked inside a county. you are looking at a picture of mole the dog. a deputy tried to open the car's window and you'll see other folks pitching in, too. all of it paid off. mole made it out safely. >> hundreds of kids in oakland are sporting new sneakers this morning chachk thanks to klay thompson. i think he has some fans. they went wild when the warriors star hit the first official shot at the school's new klay
6:52 am
thompson court yesterday. in addition to the new court, 600 students got those brand-new sneaks just like the ones klay wears. they also heard straight from their hero. >> you have to realize they go hand in hand. you want to be on the court, you have to have the grades. so that was easy for me just because i loved basketball so much, i didn't want anythig to get in the way of it. >> the kids gave klay a t-shirt. he donated the money to refurbish the court and the school's rec room. >> we're getting the first glimpse of the space suit that may be used by future space pm x astronauts. the company's ceo posted this picture on instagram. and he says this is an actual space suit. this is not a mock-up. he says it's already been tested for vacuum pressure. he's trying to balance aesthetics with function. spacex is in a race against boeing to become the first private company to launch people into space. their first manned missions could come next year. 6:52 on a thursday. we're back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you go. >> first, our instagram picture of the day.
6:53 am
if you haven't yet, follow us on abc7 news bay area and see a lot more great snapshots like this one. you can share your photos and video using the #abc7now. video using the #abc7now. >> we'll keep live wea did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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it is 6:gour. here are the seven things you need to know before you go. >> number one, businesses around san francisco's crissy field will keep their doors closed this weekend during a controversial rally.
6:55 am
it's for safety reasons in case saturday's right-wing demonstration turns violent. >> number two, a desperate search this morning for two south lake tahoe sisters. they went to bend, oregon, to watch monday's eclipse, but they have not returned. >> number three, a long road to recovery. today marks three years since the magnitude 6.0 earthquake in napa. some buildings damaged in the quake still need repaired. >> number four, a little bit of a mist for the rest of the morning commute. definitely gray out there. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. hazy sunshine. we'll call it mostly sunny this afternoon. cooler than average. >> and number five, traffic has been really quiet so far this morning. looking at stop and go traffic on westbound 92 across the san mateo bridge. earlier disabled vehicle has cleared from the shoulder. hayward into foster city, pretty typical, 32 minutes. >> number six, taylor swift's new single drops tonight. the single is from her album "redemption" which will be released in november. better be good, girl. >> a lot of people are excited.
6:56 am
number seven, so excited about this. she's already an internet star, and now fiona the baby hippo is getting her own show. the cincinnati zoo says the show will premiere on facebook live. no word on how many episodes are planned. >> question, how do you sustain a show when she doesn't know she's on a show? >> a lot of swimming around. >> i think she knows her angles. she's very aware of that camera. >> she fights her lights? >> exactly. "gma" is next.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. bracing for a hurricane. tropical storm harvey gaining strength now taking aim at texas. millions preparing for life-threatening floods and nearly two feet of rain as emergency crews practice helicopter rescues. the governor's new warning this morning. another shift in tone for president trump now calling for healing. >> we are defined by our shared humanity. >> just hours after that divisive campaign rally. is he sparking a rift within his own party? breaking overnight, jackpot! one single ticket claiming that massive powerball prize. more than $750 million on the line. the search to find the luckiest person in america. how you could still be a millionaire.


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