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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 28, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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enough equipment to last a few weeks. the last time this team was called out was during the flooding in san jose earlier this year. members of task force four already left oakland saturday night to help out. if you're running low on gas, you might think about filling up today. at least ten oil refineries in the houston and corpus christi area are offline this morning and that is reducing gas supply nationwide. gasoline futures spiked 7% overnight. futures, of course, determine what gas stations will pay in the next few days. it usually takes about a week for price spikes to trickl down to the pump level. >> check out this picture from houston's public transit agency. 120 buses were moved out of low-lying parking lots and parked along a freeway stretching for a mile long to keep them out of the flooding. if you would like to help the victims, we have resources on our website, >> it's 4:30.
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let's get another update on weather and traffic. we'll start with mike nicco. >> just dialing up the latest on what's going on with harvey. and you can see right there, kind of nice comma shape to it, but unfortunately, that comma extends into that hot, it is almost hot gulf water. it was nearly 90 degrees before harvey came through there. notice the circulation is now to the southwest of houston, and it's also heading to the southeast, which means it could go back over the ocean water and pick up more of that moisture. and start depositing it in the east texas woodland areas in west louisiana. louisiana wasn't even thinking anything about this, and now, yeah, you're going to be getting soaked. look at this, this is future radar over the next six hours. you can see the reds and the yellows and the oranges moving more into east texas, into louisiana. so the flooding is going to shift more from houston over to places like lafayette and baton rouge and lake charles. and we're going to have ourselves a crisis in the southern parts of louisiana over
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the next two days. along with what's going to continue to fall in the houston, texas, area. here's sue. >> all right, good morning, everyone. we have that fog advisory we mentioned on the golden gate bridge. at the bay bridge, things are looking good at this early hour. no delays here. no metering lights yet. we have road work out there. let's look at our overall traffic map. starting to get slow out of tracy. otherwise, you picked up to at the limit all the way the to livermore and dublin, pleasanton at this hour. roadwork, northbound 680 near pacheco. i'm not seeing slowing in the area. otherwise, we're pretty light so far. we'll knock on wood with that, guys. >> thanks so much. developing news out of berkeley with counter protesters are claiming victory this morning. >> sunday' so-called anti-marxist rally was officially canceled but that did not stop thousands of protesters opboth sides from showing up. amy hollyfield is live at berkeley city hall. amy.
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>> reporter: hi, good morning, jessi jessica. the groups meeting here in berkeley this morning giving a press conference say they are calling this weekend a success. they are celebrating, saying they won a victory against the forces of white supremacy. fights did break out as members from the right and left faced off in berkeley's civic center park. patriot prayer founder joey gibson showed up at the park but was pepper sprayed by an teefa members. one man who showed up for what was supposed to be an anti-marxist rally says he is tired of how he's being labeled. >> keep getting called white supremacists. i'm a legal latino. the lady throwing this event is a trans woman. they're still trying to portray her as a white supremacist. doesn't make any sense. >> overall, police say the level of violence was nowhere near what they have seen at pastoralies. they made 13 rasts. they say six people were hurt. two were taken to the hospital. one officer was hurt during an arrest, and several officers
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were hit with paint. the group is holding a press conference this morning, and that includes showing up for racial justice and the catalyst projects, say they were grateful for the masked antifa members who showed up and they say protected them from the right. live in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> we did send out push alerts as it related to counter protests unfolding this weekend. install the abc7 news app on your phone. enable push alerts. okay, the bay area is bracing for a hot start to the week today. scorching temperatures in the east bay over the weekend nearly unbearable for some. i certainly was out there and i feel your pain. abc7 news reporter melanie wood row has more from pleasanton where residents dealt with triple digit heat. >> these soccer league players took extra water breaks. >> everybody is getting burnt out here. >> splitting up the halves into quarters as they faced off in 100 degree plus heat.
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>> with water breaks and just making sure to keep an eye on the players, we should be all right. >> the heat is what it is, unless they want to postpone the boys are used to at this point. these are higher caliber players who have been doing it a long time. they know how to keep themselves healthy. good family members shielded themselves from the sun with oversized umbrellas. plenty of ways to cool off. >> a slushy thing. >> keeping you nice and cool? >> yeah. >> it's staggering. i think it's about 106. and we're just trying to visit places that have air conditioning to stay cool. >> frozen desserts to the wave, a water park in dublin. >> we did max out on wrist bands. >> summer, appropriately named for the season she was born in, celebrated her tenth birthday. >> what were the best parts today? >> the water slides. >> when we first booked it, it was supposed to be in the 70s, and then it turned out to be in the 100s. >> not long after the wave
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closed, firefighters just south of livermore battled hot temperatures and a more than 40-acre vegetation fire. in the east bay, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. meanwhile, firefighters are on alert for more brush fires like this one in petaluma. heat and high winds combine to spread flames close to buildings yesterday afternoon. the fire broke out near bodega avenue and king road, an aggressive attack by firefighters kept the fire to about 20 acres. calfire called in eight aircraft to help fight the flames. people across the city said they could see the smoke. >> a hearing expected to continue in a recall effort against aaron persky. he argues the recall should be handled by the state and not the county. a attemtemporary restrainer ords stopped organizer from collecting signatures put it on the ballot. if the court sides with persky, they would have to start all over again. the judge has a pattern of bias
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in cases involving sex crimes, including the case against former stanford swimmer brock turner. >> piedmont's mayor has resigned amid comments he posted inflammatory comments on facebook. they told the times jeff wiler posted statements like, quote, black lives matter encourages cop killing. and, quote, transgenders are mentally ill. it was enough for the city council to call a special meeting for today to consider ousting wiler. since he resigned, that meeting has been canceled and in a statement, he said, quote, i'm am proud of what i accomplished as a civic volunteer. i am less proud of how my service as mayor is ending. he will remain on the council. >> let's take a lack at the advisories out there. they're both until 9:00 this evening. the orange, that is a heat advisory. that's because temperatures in the orange areas which is the san francisco bay shore up into parts of the north bay, 85 to 95
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degrees. now, the excessive heat warning, the areas you see that are a little darker red, that is for temperatures that will be around 95 to 108 degrees today. so you have to listen to your body, hydrate before you get thirsty. part of the problem, look at the temperatures in the hills. mt. diablo, 84. some areas never really cooled. we're 73 in antioch. brentwood, 72. walnut creek, 70. everybody else about 65 to about 69 degrees inland. let's look at the rest of our neighborhoods. low to mid 60s around the bay and into the south bay. look at los gatos, 85 degrees at 1800 feet. 58 in san francisco. very comfortable there. 57 in novato, and pacifica at 56. forecast for today, yeah, it's just going to be a little too hot inland, how about that. 100s in livermore, antioch, concord, fairfield. you can see up around clear lake and cloverdale with 80s to 90s around the bay. it will be comfortable along the
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coast and san francisco. 60s and 70s. here's sue. >> all right, you head west and get the fog right now. we have a fog advisory on the golden gate bridge. otherwise, overall, the traffic map is looking good. slowing out of tracy. let's look at that now. speeds of about 35 to 40 miles per hour and then we slow up and over the altamont pass as well. once you get into livermore, things do pick up. we'll take a look at some of your drive times now. tracy to dublin, 30 minutes. not bad. westbound 4 looking good, too. under 15 minutes. and concord to antioch. and less than 20 minutes into san francisco from san rafael. today is a spare the air day. we'll look at mass transit options in a few. >> flooded homes, roads, and businesses. we're watching carefully what is happening in houston this morning after tropical storm harvey gives it a wallop. we're live in the city with the toll it's taking on neighbors and the growing frustration at rescuers. >> and president trump about to step into another controversy. step into another controversy. the
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screening saves lives. welcome back. tropical storm harvey continues to batter parts of texas this morning. the storm is responsible for at least four deaths. and now there's frustration over not getting through to 911 because the system is getting thousands of calls. abc's natasha barrett is live in houston, texas, this morning with the latest.
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good morning, natasha. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. you know, i've got to say it's heartbreaking. i'm from this town, born and raised. to see what's happening is just devastating. we've got strong winds, as you can tell, and rain off and on. you can tell harvey is not done with this city. we've received 25 inches of rain, and now word that 25 more inches of rain on the way. rescues continue throughout the night in houston. the country's fourth largest city in crisis. >> the water came up so fast. it was incredible. >> emergency management officials are asking the public for help, saying they need more boats for rescues. as roads have turned into rivers. the geography in houston not helping the situation. rain water is forced onto streets and then small bayous, easily overwhelmed by heavy downpours. first responders are stretched so thin, neighbors are pitching in to help rescue others from the devastating floodwaters that followed hurricane harvey.
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>> first time in 40 years the water has come up this high. i have been here 40 years. >> other desperate residents are being plucked from their rooftops, some by coast guard helicopters. choppers from as far away as san diego and cape cod have joined in rescue efforts. >> that person is on their roof. they have been yelling help and hello for the last few minutes. >> many residents having trouble getting through to 911 as the system has been overrun with,000offs calls. residents are being told not to call unless the situation is life-threatening. >> we need help in fifth ward. we need people here to evacuate people. get people here now before they die. >> the city's mayor asking for patience. many of those already rescued from the flood waters left with nothing. >> memories that get taken away by something that you don't expect. but i mean, it's all just materialistic stuff.
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>> so tough to see so many people suffering right now. the other thing that's going on that's fresh this morning is the mandatory evacuation by a major river just southwest of the city expected to crest soon. people need to get out. they're worried, but the thing is they don't know where to go. if they could go somewhere, you know, the roads are flooded. so a lot of people are just stuck right now. it is a tough situation out here. reggie, jessica. >> we appreciate your reporter, and natasha, we'll be thinking about your city. thank you very much. the u.s. navy says divers have recovered the remains of all ten sailors who went missing after the "uss john mccain" and an oil tanker collided near singapore. navy and marine corps divers found the remains over the weekend in flooded compartments of the destroyer. the cause of last monday's collision is under investigation. the top u.s. navy commander has ordered ships around the world stop and retrain sailors in proper procedures and safety precautions. president trump plans to
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sign an executive order that restores military equipment to local law enforcement agencies. the associated please reports the order will give agencies access to military grenade launchers, firearms, amnigdz, and other gear. this would undo an obama administration order that limited the distribution of the military gear. attorney general jeff sessions is in nashville today for a national gathering of the fraternal order of police. he could outline the plan there. >> this morning, u.s. border patrol is working with mexican authorities to investigation an illegal tunnel used to smuggle people across the border. border patrol agents discovered the tunnel saturday near the otay mesa crossing east of san diego. they detained 23 chinese nationals and 7 mexican nationals. investigators believe the tunnel may be an extension of another passageway that was found and seized by mexican authorities. >> this weekend, mike and i had the honor of taking part in the taylor family foundation's annual day in the park fund-raiser.
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♪ >> i like the little girl in the corner there. enjoy michael franty entertaining the crowd. and there's mike nicco. you can see a bunch of us here from abc 7 family, including cheryl jennings and dan ashley, sue hall was also there. people opened their hearts and wallets to bid on auction items. mike, you were telling me they got over a million bucks yesterday? >> yeah, at least. that was before they factored in the silent auction items. that was just from the fund-a-need in the live auction. >> my favorite part was the eati eating, as you can see. plenty of wineries and local eateries donating their food and time and drink to the taylor family foundation. it's really great. i should note the reason they exist is to help kids who have chronic diseases to attend camp for free. >> yeah. >> and they -- i think it's 5,000 kids they help out, does that sound like the right
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number? >> it's been like 45,000. >> but each summer, i think it's about 5,000 kids who are able to go to camp. thanks for having us out there. >> through a decade. >> we're so proud abc7 is so involved with every single year, and it's great you guys were out there. i know it was hot, right? hot to be out there this weekend. >> they know it's going to be hot. they always have tents ready, lot of shade. with the swamp coolers, we call them. they're always ready for it. there was so much to drink, whether it was nonalcoholic or alcoholic, either way. we had a good time. we raised a lot of money. very honored to be a part of that. i'm glad that our boss, bill burton, has stepped up and become a board member and buys so many tables so we can attend every year. let's look at what's going on. sutro tower, some of the fog creeping in. it's about 1,000 feet. that means the coast and san francisco, you're going to be away from the dangerous heat once again while the rest of us will have to deal with that poor air quality, and we'll do it again thursday and friday. in between, tuesday and
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wednesday, not quite as hot. saturday and sunday, definitely not going to be as hot as what we just lived through. here's a look at the cloud cover. you can see the gray intruding on the coast and some of the coastal valleys trying to make it all the way into petaluma. the lowest visibility is right along the coast. half mile in some areas. watch out for the thick fog. 90 to about 100 in the south bay today with san jose in the middle at 96. as we head up the peninsula, you can see a lot of 80s to year 90 degrees. mid 60s along the coast to low to mid 70s downtown, san francisco to sausalito. 90s to 100s in the north bay, from 96 in napa to 103 in calistoga. 82 in berkeley to 90 in union city and fremont. 96 in arinda. and here's where it'sing devastatingly hot. 104 in pleasanton to 109 in brentwood. temperatures tonight, good news we'll be back in the 50s and 60s, a little cooler than this morning. let's look at my accuweather
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seven-day forecast. what we're going to see here, you can see temperatures drop tuesday and wednesday. still warmer than average. spiking over 100 again thursday and friday, then dropping back into the 80s and 90s. even some 70s by sunday. a little bit of a roller coaster. >> we'll take it. >> this seeing you again. long time no see. >> just yesterday. what was it, 106 yesterday? it was warm, but for a great cause. we'll do it again next year. >> can't wait. >> it will be here before you know it. take a look at this, a fog advisory on the golden gate bridge. you can see the flashing lights, the zipper truck giving you four lanes in the southbound direction and two lanes in the northbound direction. it is cool here. you also need your windshield wipers coming across the span. once you come out of the robin williams tunnel over the waldo grade, you definitely need the windshield wipers. to the san mateo bridge, clear as a bell. starting to get busy for your morning commute. no problems. about a 15-minute drive between hayward and foster city. a little slowing out of tracy up
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and over the altamont pass. a 30-minute drive from tracy into dublin, pleasanton. we have 27 b.a.r.t. trains running on schedule. an ace trap number three left on time this morning, train number one, i should say, left on time. no problems. spare the air day, take mass transit. >> thank you. this morning, doctors have a new weapon against heart attacks. the drug that's offering an alternative to just reducing high cholesterol. >> happy friday, everybody. >> a day of unity in the south bay. why this year's annual pride parade took on more significa e significance. plus, a big night for pop music. the performances that wowed the crowd at mtv's video music awards. this this morning's tech bites. in today's tech bites, facebook's safety check is on in houston. >> people in harvey's path can mark themselves safe on the site. they can also check on possible ways to help victims. >> the safe function also allows users to check on friends in the
4:52 am
area to see if they're okay. you can also donate $10 to the red cross relief efforts. just text harvey to 90999. >> and when you do, the charity will then ask for your zip code to confirm your donation or you can go to and make a contribution there, including larger amounts. you can also donate through apple's itunes in amounts from $5 to $500. >> they will donate 100% of the money to the red cross. apple has had similar campaigns for other natural disasters. many celebrities, including many celebrities, including kevin hart
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for the first time, a drug is helping prevent heart attacks by curbing inflammation rather than lowing cholesterol. the study in the new england journal of medicine. researchers studied heart attack survivors at risk of another heart attack because of inflammation. it often happened in people with normal cholesterol and high inflammation. they found a dose every three months cut the risk by 15%. >> the mtv video music awards chalk full of big winners and pretty emotional performances. ♪ what about us >> pink performed a medley of some of her biggest hits, including her newest song "what about us."
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she also received the michael jackson video vanguard award. kendrick lamar won six awards and took home video of the year for humble. katy perry hosted the show and performed her hit "swish swish" with nicki minaj. >> let's talk about how poor the air quality could be today. especially in our east bay valleys and also in the santa clara valley. it's a spare the air day. now, notice by tomorrow, it goes away and wednesday. but it's more than likely going to come back with the heat spike again thursday and friday. if you can, be careful outside today. stay inside and try not to drive. here's sue. >> you can take mass transit. right now, we're looking good on all fronts of mass transit. san rafael, no fog here. traffic flowing lightly past the north gate mall and civic center. farther north, getting reports of a stall coming out of petaluma, southbound 1 01, the right lane is blocked. a sedan dark vehicle, southbound
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101 between kastania and san antonio. we'll check on that in a few minutes. >> thank you. thousands of people in the south bay starting the week with feelings of love, acceptance, and tolerance. >> abc 7 news was in downtown san jose as crowds gathered for the silicon valley pride parade. they say this year's celebration takes on greater significance after president trump's controversial decision to ban transgender troops from military service. the parade moved over to plaza decesar chavez. >> we're live in washington with the latest on president trump's response to the disaster in houston. >> plus, uber rolling out a new safety tool. the way passengers will benefit. >> attention shoppers, the money saving deals you can cash in on starting today thanks to a
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