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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 28, 2017 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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with you to watch your kids play sports, not that case this evening. >> yeah, head west where we have a fog advisory at the golden gate bridge. the south bay, this is san jose, 880 overcrossing. those headlights headed in the northbound direction on 101, as you can see, traffic flowing nicely at this particular part. we have a stall reported, and it's right where all the major construction is, coming out of petaluma. you can see a little red sensors behind this icon here, but into southbound 101, right lane blocked with the stall, and that could be very dangerous. it's two lanes in that particular direction with not much of a shoulder. hets-up on that. we'll look at that in a few
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minutes. >> we're focusing this morning on what is happening with the aftermath of hurricane harvey. and this morning, a lot of that focus is in houston. let's take you there and just in the last 30 minutes, houston's police chief has said they have completed 2,000 rescue missions. fema officials estimate at least 30,000 residents will have to stay in shelters temporarily because of the catastrophic flooding. and that flooding is expected to persist. it's going to recede slowly. rain has been pounding up to 50 counties throughout texas since friday. officials also say refineries have voluntarily shut down. flash flood watches have been issued in austin and also in alexandria, louisiana. a tropical storm warning remains in effect in houston and victoria, and parts of texas are still expecting another 25 inches of rain. >> meanwhile, president trump is at the white house this morning after spending the weekend at camp david, monitoring the latest developments in texas in the aftermath of harvey. the president plans to travel to
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texas tomorrow. abc news reporter arlet signs is live in washington. good morning. >> good morning. president trump is facing a defining moment in his presidency as he deals with the first nature natural disaster hitting the u.s. since taking office. president trump back at the white house as the remnants of hurricane harvey bear down on texas. >> what's your message to the people of texas? >> the president spent the weekend monitoring the hurricane via video conference from camp david. it marks a major test seven months into the trump presidency, from the flood-ravaged region, the texas governor is offering words of praise for the president's response. >> we could not be more appreciative of what the federal government has done, from the president on down. >> the president is touting the great coordination, tweeting, we have an all-out effort going and going well. but as harvey pummeled texas, he also turned to other twitter
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topics. ranging from the border wall to his election victory in missouri, and even his pardon of controversial sheriff joe arpaio. president trump says he wants to travel to texas as soon as possible without causing disruption. the white house says that trip will happen tomorrow. in washington, abc 7 mornings. back to you, jessica. >> thank you. meanwhile, the bay area is sending plenty of help to those in texas. right now, another task force is on the way to houston from menlo park. they'll join other bay area groups already there. matt keller is live in menlo park this morning with more. matt. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. yeah, a lot of crews from the bay area are headed to texas right now as we speak. they packed up yesterday here at the menlo park fire protection district headquarters. and now they're on the road, and they're hoping to get there some time today. a lot of preparations, though, yesterday. took a lot to get all their gear and equipment together. the state's urban search and
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rescue task force out of menlo park spent the afternoon packing for the trip to texas. a 16-person team specializes in water rescue. obviously, that's very much needed there. the task force is bringing five vehicles and ten boats and trailers. enough equipment to last a couple weeks. last time this team was called out was during the flooding in san jose earlier this year. menlo park's fire chief says it's the most significant deployment since hurricane katrina when his team saved a lot of lives. >> 501 in one day. you know, had 66 helicopters come in. unbelievable, right? i'm not sure if these guys will eclipse that. i hope they do, because that means we're doing what we're supposed to be doing, moving people out of the inundation area. >> task force three will join rescuers from all over the nation, including task force four, who left oakland on saturday night. they're in contact with other teams on the road ahead of them, hoping to find the best travel route to get there as quickly as possible. reporting live in menlo park,
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matt keller, abc7 news. >> thank you. it could be days before flights are back to normal because of hurricane harvey. all commercial flights have been grounded at both of the city's major airports. these pictures from javy airport show one of the runways under water. the roads getting to the airport are also flooded. more than 4,000 flights into texas have been canceled into tuesday. the effects being felt nationwide. >> more developing news from the houston area where pets are also the focus of rescue efforts in flood-ravaged parts of the state. people used kayaks, boogie boards, and coolers to save stranded animals from the rising floodwaters. the animal defense league of texas says they will provide an official count today. they estimate hundreds of pets have been rescued so far and brought to shelters. >> our coverage of harvey and the devastation that lies in its wake continues later with a live report from houston, and of course, you can stay up to date on all the developments on our website,, and our news a.m. make sure you enable push
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alerts. >> back here at home, counter protesters of an anti-marxist rally in berkeley claimed victory. they plan to meet at city hall this morning to discuss what's next. police say about 4,000 people attended sunday's counter demonstration at civic center park. the counter protesters clashed with,000,000 people who showed up for an anti-marxist rally even though the organizer canceled it days ago. six people were injured during fights. 13 were arrested. police say overall, the level of violence was nowhere near what they have seen at other rallies in the past. developing news just south of livermore, where alameda county firefighters are battling a large grass fire this morning. infire department tweeted these pictures of the fire overnight, as of 4:30 this morning, they say the fire burned 44 acres and is 20% contained. the steep and rugged terrain is making the firefight difficult. calfire expected to provide up
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dates later this morning. >> happening today, the san francisco police officer arrested on a child pornography charge is expected to make his first court appearance. officer joshua enea is suspended without pay. the ten-year veteran was taken into custody last month. he lives in antioch. officials say the investigation began in february after the child porn was found on one of his electronic devices. his arraignment is set for 8:30 this morning. happening today, an attorney from los angeles announcing his candidacy for the u.s. senate in 2018. pat harris plans to launch his campaign in front of san francisco city hall at 10:00 this morning. he is running for senator dianne feinstein's seat. senator feinstein has not said whether she's going to seek re-election. >> uber's board of directors has picked the ceo of expedia to take over at the ride hailing company. the man will assume the top job at uber. he has been heading expedia
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since the year 2005. there are multiple reports that both he and the ceo of hewlett packet enterprise, meg whitman. were in the running, and whitman interviews with the board this weekend. no decision has been formally announced. top investors demanded travis kalanick to step down earlier this summer because of claims of sexism and several lawsuits. >> speaking of uber, they're launching a new feature on the app for drivers. share my trip allows uber drivers to share their car's location with loved ones. uber says it created the feature to address safety concerns. it's available in 140 cities starting today. it will expand to every city uber operates in by early fall. >> happening today, amazon will seal the deal on buying whole foods and the online giant plans to cut prices. the first markdowns will include bananas, eggs, salmon, beef, and other products. amazon is taking over whole foods in a nearly $14 billion deal. that means whole foods products will also be sold on amazon.
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and some stores become pick-up and drop-off locations for prime members will also be able to cash in on some special in-store deals. some of the most comfortable temperatures in the city. look at that. west portal, 56. we've got the same thing at glen park. we have 57 in financial. sunny side, lake merced. 58 in park presidio, crissy field, the marina, the ferry building, heading to the mission, petrero hill, bay view. castro is at 58 right now also.. and union city at 62. here's a look at some of the minor tweaks we'll have in the forecast for today. can't really see the golden gate bridge, can you? it's so thick with fog right
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there. and that's the way it's going to be. fog to sunshine around the bay. beaches, refreshing highs in the 60s today. if you're going to be outdoors anywhere else, spare the air alert. poor air quality. here's a look at our east bay valleys. by noon, at 96. well over 100 through at least 4:00. even near 6:00, 87 degrees still at 8:00. check out these temperatures in the north bay. 90 at noon. 96 at 2:00, and 4:00. still about 90 at 6:00. so be careful today. here's sue. >> we're getting first reports of an overturned accident. this is in the fairfield area involving a big rig. apparently, the accident happened in westbound lanes, eastbound 80, flipped over into the eastbound direction right before north texas. i'm seeing slow traffic in the eastbound and westbound directions here as well. an overturned big rig, eastbound lanes. traffic should be slowing and we will also be back with this in more details coming up. >> thank you. up next, a medical mystery. the popular vitamin now being
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linked to an increased risk of lung cancer in men. and the reason the lgbt community is rallying and the reason the lgbt
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as with natural disasters in the past, ordinary citizens in the houston areas are doing extraordinary things to help out their neighbors. >> in this morning's "gma" first
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look, houston heroes in their own words. >> we went in there with a military grade five-ton vehicle, and it was able to get in the neighborhood pretty quickly. and we were able to rescue a lot of people with that. >> so far, just coming in, helping people get in the boats. helping make sure they're safe. there was an elderly couple, one of the neighbors was nice enough to take them in. so they could have somewhere to be. >> yes, just call people and ask if they needed help, and a lot of people were like, yeah, we need help right now. >> i got the kids. i made them laugh, helped them get over the anxiety of being in the cold water or seeing a large amount of water in their front yard. >> coming up at 7:00, full live team coverage of the catastrophic flooding. and more from those helping its victims. with your "gma" first look, i'm candice gibson, abc news, new york. >> that's the hope in all this, that people are helping each other out. >> other news now, crews have
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recovered the body of a missing kayaker from san leandro who vanished at lake tahoe in june. they found the body near emerald his body was found by a nonprofit organization that specialized in underwater searches. >> president trump is expected to decide soon on the fate of so-called dreams. children who were brought to the country illegally when they were young by their children. republican lawmakers set a september 5th court deadline. they want the trump administration to stop the deferred action for childhood arrivals or daca program. advocates for both sides are preparing for the possibility mr. trump may stop issuing work permits to dreamers. it would phase out an obama era initiative. >> the lgbtq community is rallying around a russian violinist who fears he may never return home. he got married in san francisco and is planning a new life in
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los angeles. michelle gallardo reports, people want to help the man stay in the u.s. >> reporter: the music is beautiful. the artist talent there for all to see. for the 160 people who fill the center on haul stead's auditorium coming out to watch him play to violin was as much about the music him themselves. he moved to canada to study music seven years ago. he's been in chicago for two. and was recently married. his mother's reaction to the news her son is gay convinced him to post this youtube video as part of the russian children 404 project, which invites gay teens to thel their stories to a country that is still notoriously homophobic. >> i realized that my church is so homophobic because they don't know anyone who is openly gay.
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i thought if i could be that person, at least i know that they will listen for a little bit to me. >> the minute i saw it, i just was moved to tears, quite honestly. went home, showed my husband. we shared it with a friend. and we all just said, what can we do to help? >> he and his husband will move to california next week. it is there he hopes to continue his career as a violinist. in lake view, i'm michelle gallardo. abc 7 news. >> 5:18. a warning if you take vitamin b supplements. a new study suggests taking vitamin b-6 and b-12, increases the risk of lung cancer in men. researchers found men who use those vitamins at high doses for ten years had about double the risk of developing cancer. the risk is three to four times as great for men who smoke. vitamin b is set to boost energy. >> time to get a check of weather. it has been very hot the past few days. and that trend should continue, right, mike? >> it will, absolutely, jessica.
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hi, everybody. here's a look at san jose. 280 at 17 where it's clear this morning. temperatures running in the low to mid 60s. our big concern today, heat and air quality. tonight, a few more clouds as the marine layer starts to take over more. that means it's going to be milder tomorrow morning. we have one more extended heat spike before the weekend. let's take a look at temperatures. we'll start in the south bay where we're going to jump to 96 in san jose. triple digits in los gatos, morgan hill, and gilroy. 90 in milpitas to 81 in santa cruz. 90, redwood city. most of us in the 80s on the peninsula today. maybe only 79 in millbrae. mid 60s along the coast with those stubborn clouds. maybe a few upper 60s if you see a little more sunshine. 72 around downtown. 78 in south san francisco. and also sausalito. we'll have mid to upper 60s in the north bay beaches. 90s to 100s through our north bay valleys. san rafael at 96.
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along the east bay shore, 82 at berkeley. 83 in oakland, 90 in fremont, and temperatures 104 to nearly 110 in the east bay valleys. it will be around those same temperatures through the central valley. palm springs, 115. 90 in l.a. 86 today in tahoe, and 98 in yosemite. here's good news, you can sleep easier tonight. 55 to about the mid 60s. maybe a few upper 60s out around antioch. my seven-day forecast, a little cooler tuesday and wednesday. hot again thursday and friday. and the weekend, much more tolerable than the one we just lived through. hey, sue, you have a new sig alert? >> i do. we're going to vacaville where we were mentioning last time about this overturned box truck. it's a moving truck, and it is -- the accident happened westbound 80 near lagoon valley road, that the truck flipped over in the eastbound lanes. we have eastbound left lane blocked, westbound, seeing a lot of slow traffic from vacaville headed into fairfield. so they have issued this sig alert. department of transportation is
5:20 am
on scene, and they're going to be closing several lanes there. so heads-up, once again, sig alert in vacaville, and a stall still out there, southbound 101, leaving petaluma, and the construction zone there. back with more on the sig alert in a few minutes. >> sue, thank you. next, seven things you need to know as you get your day started. >> plus the falloff after a bay area mayor posted inflammatory rema the group he's is accused of taking aim at. >> and we're continuing our coverage on harvey. find out what you can do right new to help the victims this morning. >> mike and sue helping make this a better day, keeping you up to the minute on weather and traffic. a live look outside. foggy this morning. foggy this morning. we have your weather and traff
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stelara® may lower the ability of your immune system to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis. before or during treatment, always tell your doctor if you think you have an infection or have flu-like symptoms or sores, have had cancer, or develop any new skin growths, or if anyone in your house needs or recently had a vaccine. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, including headaches, seizures, confusion, and vision problems. these may be includisigns of a rare,izures, potentially fatal brain condition. some serious allergic reactions can occur. do not take stelara® if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. we're fed up with your unpredictability. remission can start with stelara®. talk to your doctor today. janssen wants to help you explore cost support options for stelara®. welcome back. if you're joining us or heading out the door, here's the seven things to know. number one, unprecedented flooding in texas after hurricane harvey is expected to continue this week. some parts of texas may see
5:23 am
another 25 inches of rain. >> number two, california setting a special water rescue task force from menlo park to help in texas. last time this team was mobilized was in the flooding in san jose earlier this year. >> number three, gas prices expected to climb in the wake of hurricane harvey. at least ten oil refineries iptexas are out of commission this morning. experts say we'll feel the pinch at the pump by this time next week. >> number four, a spare the air day and also a day of extremes. a 45-degree spread from 64 in pacifica to our dangerously hot 109 today in brentwood. >> number five, demonstrations in berkeley, counter protesters who confronted people at a so-called anti-marxist rally will be celebrating at city hall today. 13 people were arrested yesterday. >> number six, a hearing set for today in the recall effort against santa clara county judge aaron persky. he argued the recall should be handled by the state and not the
5:24 am
county. recall organizers say he has a pattern of bias in sex crime cases. >> number seven, following major fog on the golden gate bridge with a fog advisory, i should say, and in vacaville, a major sig alert. both directions now affected. eastbound and westbound blocking the left lane. an overturned moving van, and we'll check back on this in a few minutes. floyd mayweather is poised to enter a new arena. the billionaire athletes club. he raked in an estimated $300 million for his fight with conor mcgregor over the weekend. mayweather, who now boast as 50-0 record, knocked out mcgregor in the tenth round. after the fight, he should join a very small club. michael jordan and tiger woods. they are the first three athletes to make more than a billion bucks. that's according to mayweather's camp. saturday's pay-per-view fight is estimated to have pulled in as much as a billion dollars in revenue. ♪ look what you made me do look
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what you made me do ♪ ♪ look what you just made me do ♪ >> spotify says taylor swift's new single broke a record. according to, look what you made me do was streamed more in a single day than any other song on the platform. it was played more than 8 million times worldwide on friday, the day it dropped. youtube has said the song also broke records there, generating 19 million views in one day. and billboard says the song is likely to sell 500,000 downloads in its first week, making it the best selling single since adele's "look" in 2015. yeah, just stunning. everyone tried to listen to that. >> i'm going to end up really liking the song, and i hate myself for it. coming back with another full 90 minutes of news, including firefighters on the defensive. why they can't wait for temperatures to go down. >> also, piedmont's mayor in hot water. what he's accused of doing that forced him to resign from office. >> having a better day, hope you
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chase. make more of what's yours.
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on this monday, august 28th. natasha off today. alexis also not here. sue hall in for her. thanks for being with us this morning. >> we hope to get you going on this monday morning. it should be a hot week ahead, right? >> anyone feel any effects of the weekend heat? >> yes, very much so. yes. i felt like i was about to pass out yesterday. >> i can understand that. hopefully other people will heed that and understand that you need to get the fluids in you now before you get hot. wear the light, loose fitting clothing. take frequent breaks if you can. find some shade. as you can see right there, i have updated our heat advisories
5:29 am
and excessive heat warning. 85 to 95. highs today in the areas in orange. 95 to 109 for those highs in the red. all right, let's look at what's going on in walnut creek right now. that's one of the areas that could have poor air quality today. inland east bay neighborhoods and the santa clara valley. everybody else moderate, but notice tomorrow, we'll get back to cleaner air as the sea breeze will be stronger. the sea breeze is very localized right now along the coast, and our coastal valleys. you can see the gray right there on live doppler 7. let's go through your 12-hour day planner as we look at the fog, try to penetrate from the east bay hills to the bay. 56 to 68. a little stuffy this morning. notice the coast staying in the mid to possibly a few upper 60s as we head from noon to 4:00. 82 to 86 around the bay. 96 to 104 inland. just as hot as yesterday. look at the temperatures at 7:00 inland. still in the 90s while the rest of us are in the 70s and some 60s at the coast. all right, so we'll talk more
5:30 am
about some schools heading back to school today. you might want to think about that when you pack the kids' lunch and their backpack this morning. >> here's sue with a look at our commute. >> a sig alert in vacaville affecting both directs of 80 through the area. both east and westbound. what happened was a moving van flipped on its side and flipped from the westbound over into eastbound lanes. the left lane, both in the eastbound and westbound directions are closed. more slowing in the westbound direction at this point, but definitely slowing in the eastbound direction as well through the vacaville area. this happened before lagoon valley road. there are also several vehicles involved. chp on the scene, they're going to have caltrans do cleanup. we have no estimated time of opening for this in the vacaville area. let's look at your drive times. highway 4 westbound, not bad at all. about 30 minutes into hercules. because of this accident a little farther to the east, highway 4 to the maze on 80 westbound is looking pretty
5:31 am
good, just about 20 minutes. highway 87 in san jose up towards the san jose airport also looking good this morning. we'll be backane few to check out the sig alert again. >> sue, thank you. developing news out of berkeley where counter protesters are claiming victory this morning. >> sunday's so-called anti-marxist rally was officially cancelled, but it didn't stop protesters from both sides from showing up. amy hollyfield is live at berkeley city hall. amy. >> reporter: hi, good morning, jessica. organizers of the counter protest are going to have a press conference to celebrate what they're calling a successful weekend. there were some fights. masked members of antifa could be seen even pepper spraying the leader of the patriot prayer group and some of his supporters. but some counter protesters from the left say they're grateful that antifa helped protect chem from what they call white
5:32 am
supremacists. one protester said he doesn't want these rallies in their community. >> i'm afraid these people from out of town are bringing violence to our community. how do we stop the rallies from happening? that's the real question. >> berkeley police made 13 arrests. they say one officer was hurt during one of those arrests. six others were also hurt. two of those were taken to the hospital. at this morning's press conference, groups like showing up for racial justice will be here. and they'll be celebrating the weekend, and they say they will be looking ahead to future resistance. reporting live in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. abc7 news was there when a counter protester stood up for a president trump supporter when violence broke out. a crowd pushed a young man in a red trump hat toward the police line. the man with the shaved head pushed back, protecting the trump supporter. he didn't want to go on camera, but he says although he's a liberal, no one deserves to be treated that way. >> we sent out a push alert as rallies and counter protests unfolded this weekend.
5:33 am
for immediate updates when news breaks, signal the abc7 news app on your phone. and enable push alerts. >> meanwhile, firefighters on alert this morning for more brush fires like this one we saw over the weekend in petaluma. heat and high winds combined to spread flames close to buildings yesterday afternoon. the fire broke out near bodega avenue and king road. and aggressive attack by firefighters kept the fire to about 20 acres. calfire called in eight aircraft to help fight the flames. people across the city said they could see the smoke. >> happening today, a hearing expected to continue and a recall effort against santa clara county judge aaron persky. he argues the recall should be handled by the state, thought the county. a temporary restrainer order has stopped recall organizers from collecting signatures put the issue on next june's ballot. if the court sides with persky, they would have to start collecting all over again. recall organizers say persky has a pattern of bias in cases involving sex crimes, including the case against former stanford
5:34 am
swimmer brock turner. piedmont's mayor has resigned amid claims he posted inflammatory comments on facebook. a piedmont resident told the east bay times jeff wieler posted statements like, quote, black lives matter encourages cops' killing. and, quote, transgenders are mentally ill. the newspaper could not verify the comments, but it was enough for the city council to call a special meeting for today to consider ousting wieler. since he resigned, that meeting has been cancelled. in a statement, wieler said, quote, i'm proud of what i accomplished as a civic volunteer. i'm less proud of how my service as mayor is ending. tropical storm larvae continues to batter parts of texas this morning. the storm responsible for at least four deaths. >> now there is frustration over not getting through to 911 because the system is overloaded with thousands of calls. abc's natasha barrett has the latest. >> rescues continued throughout the night in houston, the
5:35 am
country's fourth largest city in crisis. >> the water came up so fast, it was incredible. >> emergency management officials are asking the public for help, saying they need more boats for rescues as roads have turned into rivers. the geography in houston not helping the situation. rain water is forced onto streets, then onto small bayous easily overwhelmed by heavy downpours. first responders are stretched so thin, neighbors are pitching in to help others from the devastating flood waters that followed hurricane harvey. >> first time in0 years the water has come up this high. i have been here for 40 years. >> other desperate residents are being plucked from the rooftops, some by coast guard helicopters. choppers from as far away as san diego and cape cod have joined in rescue efforts. >> that person is on their roof. they have been yelling help and hello for the last few minutes. >> many residents having double getting through to 911 as the system has been overrun with thousands of calls.
5:36 am
residents are being told not to call unless the situation is life-threatening. >> we need help in fifth ward. we need people here to evacuate people. get people here now before they die. >> the city's mayor asking for patience. many of those already rescued from the flood waters left with nothing. >> like memories that get taken away by like something that you don't expect. but i mean, it's all materialistic stuff. >> the other thing that's happening today and a lot of people are frightened about are mandatory and voluntary evacuations in places that people thought would never happen before. they thought they would be able to stay put so people are monitoring websites and trying to figure out how they're going to get out of their neighborhoods right now. reporting from houston, natasha barrett, abc news. another bay area search -- area based search and rescue team, i should say, is on their way to texas to help in the
5:37 am
hardest hit areas in the wake of tropical storm harvey. the state's 14-person urban search and rescue task force three out of menlo park specializes in water rescues. they're bringing boats and enough equipment to last a few weeks. the last time this group was called out was in the flooding in san jose earlier this year. members of task force four left oakland saturday night to help. >> if you're running low on gas, you might think about filling up now. at least ten oil refineries in the houston and corpus christi area are offline this morning. that is reducing gas supplies nationwide. gasoline futures spiked 7% overnight. those futures determine what gas stations will pay in the next few days. and it usually takes about a week for price spikes to trickle down to the court. >> both airports in houston are closed until further notice. they have grounded all flights. that is having a ripple effect on flights from coast to coast since large airlines like united and southwest have hubs in
5:38 am
houston. if you would like to help the victims of hurricane harvey, we have resources on our website. get this, the red cross alone right now operating 34 community shelters in texas. just as bad, maybe even a little worse than what we thought. especially in the houston area. and now it's going to move into louisiana. possibly the southwestern part of louisiana could look like houston, port arthur, lafayette, lake charles. it's not going to end for the next couple days. at home, let's talk about comfortable temperatures in the north bay. mid to upper 50s. san rafael, 63. napa, 61. see the yellows and oranges in the mountains? those are 70s and 80s. it's just lurking right there, waiting for the sun to come up. once the sun starts heating the ground and overturning that air, the warm air is going to come down into your valleys and make for another hot day. you can see it in the santa cruz mountains, the in diablo range
5:39 am
and up around mt. diablo, 70s and 80s lurking while the rest of us are pretty much in the 50s and 60s until you get to brentwood and tracy. here's a look at sfo, partly cloudy, but the clouds are trying to shoot through the san bruno gap. we'll take a look at this and keep an eye on it, see if there's going to be delays. commute planner. breezy spots on the bay today. angel island gusting to 25 miles per hour right now. on the roads, spotty fog near the coast. mass transit, mild to hot today. here's a look at the peninsula. look at this. 10:00, you're at 72. noon, you're near 80 degrees. look at these mid to upper 80s from 2:00 to 4:00 to 6:00. and by 8:00, finally comfortable again at about 74 degrees. all right, putting the final touches on the seven-day forecast. and some kids going back to school today. we'll look at that coming up next. here's sue with an update on your morning commute. >> a couple problems out there. just getting reports of an accident involving a motorcycle on the bay bridge just past the metering lights. and the metering light were turned on as 5:29.
5:40 am
you see it stacked up back toward the macarthur maze. we'll get an update on the motorcycle accident in a few minutes. elsewhere, sig alert in vacaville. this is involving both directions of 80 in the eastbound and westbound direction. eastbound is coming to a stop right near lagoon valley road, and westbound, you're stacked up all the way back into vacaville as you head towards this accident. they think -- they said alt 5:30 it would be another 30 minutes before caltrans got out there to start the cleanup, so for now, both left lanes in both directions are blocked in the vacaville area. heads-up there. we'll be back with an update in a few minutes. >> fingers crossed they keep the time table. flooded homes, roads, and businesses. texas pounded by relentress lain. we're live in houston with the toll it's taking. >> plus, military fire power for local law enforcement. the decision the president is expected to make that could
5:41 am
impact every police department. >> keep on top of weather and traffic throughout the commercial break. ♪ ♪ ♪ find your child's class supply list at select "add all items" and have them shipped home.
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back at 5:44. the u.s. navy says divers have recovered the remains of all ten sailors who went missing after the "uss john mccain" and an oil
5:44 am
tanker collided near singapore. navy and marine corps divers found the bodies in the flooded compartments of the destroyer. the cause of the collision is under investigation. the top u.s. navy commander has ordered ships around the world to stop and retrain sailors in properly procedures and safety precautions. >> president trump plans to sign an order to restore military equipment to local law enforcement agencies. the order will give police access to military grenade launchers, firearms, ammunition, and other gear. this would undo an obama administration order that limited the distribution of the military gear. attorney general jeff sessions is in nashville today for a national gathering of the fraternal order of police and he could outline the plan there. >> this morning, u.s. boarder patrol is working with mexican authorities to investigate an illegal tunnel used to smuggle % people across the border. border patrol agents discovered the tunnel saturday near the otay mesa crossing east of san diego. they detained 23 chinese
5:45 am
nationals and 7 mexical nationals. investigators believe the tunnel may be an extension of another passageway that was found and seized by mexican authorities. it could be harder to find blueberries this year, and they could be more expensive if you do. maine's wild blueberry crop is likely to be much smaller than in recent summers because the industry is contending with disease and other factors. maine is the wild blueberry capital of the u.s. did you know that? >> no, i did not know that. >> horticulture experts say mummy berry disease could cut the crop by more than a third. in addition, blueberry farming is down this year. okay, this weekend, mike and sue and i had the h taking part in the taylor family foundation's annual day in the park fund-raiser. park fund-raiser. ♪ >> i love this little girl who's jumping above our abc 7 bug. i was there, and cheryl jennings and mike, of course, and dan
5:46 am
ashley. a bunch of us from abc 7 had a few tables helping support the cause. people opened their hearts and wallets to bid on auction items, and boy, was it successful. we were concerned because it was so hot, but 500 people showed up and they were opening their wallets yesterday. abc7 new, a proud partner of the taylor family foundation. that foundation sends kids with chronic illnesses and life threatening conditions to camp. the families don't pay a dime. they get to enjoy a time, as they say, where they can just have a good time, not think about their troubles, and just play like normal kids. >> be as normal as possible, whatever normal may be. absolutely, and enjoy it, relax. i like how we say open their wallets. how many people have hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting in their wallets, because that's what people gave. >> it was incredible. so grateful for them. >> it brought a lot of tears to a lot of folks. it wasn't just sweat. those were actually tears yesterday because we're helping so many kids. or at least we're trying to.
5:47 am
they're doing most of the work. here's a look at sutro tower. you can see the cloud cover moving in right there. we've got a little built of a marine layer, but it's not going to touch anywhere outside of the coast and san francisco. so dangerous heat and air quality again on this spare to air day. repeat for thursday, friday, possibly saturday and not as hike between the spikes. here's a look at the cloud cast. you can see by noon, it's out of the bay easily. whatever is in there right now. and at the coast, going to stay a little stubborn than yesterday. 90 in milpitas. 96 in san jose. more than 100 in los gatos, morgan hill and gilroy. redwood city, 90. behind menlo park at 89. 79 in millbrae, where it's most comfortable. mid to upper 60s along the peninsula coast to low 70s, maybe a few mid 70s on the bay side of san francisco. mid to upper 60s along the north bay coast. about 96 to 101 at least through north bay valleys. along the east bay shore, we've
5:48 am
got 82 in berkeley. that's as cool as it gets. 91 in hercules. union city, fremont, 90. near that in castro valley, look at this, 104 in pittsburg. fairfield and pleasanton, and you're the cool spots in our east bay valleys. good news tonight. mid-50s to mid-60s for a lot of us. we can feel 100 degree heat monday, thursday, friday, and possibly saturday. in our inland neighborhoods. this weekend, we're supposed to say good-bye to summer. >> oh, that's already. oh, it's labor day. >> september -- >> can you believe it? >> in that forecast. yeah, usually a warm time for san francisco and oakland, but it's going to be warm everywhere this weekend. >> head west, right? a little bit of fog there with the golden gate bridge. i don't know where to start. >> you're busy. >> several sig alerts. we'll go first to the bay bridge, where we have this two right lanes blocked with a motorcycle down. traffic is at a standstill. this looks like a normal morning with the metering lights on. they did flip them on at 5:29
5:49 am
this morning, but this sig alert issues for a motorcycle injury accident, two right lanes. take b.a.r.t. if you can because traffic is just now backing up at the bay bridge and a rough commute there this morning. another sig alert for you, this one in vacaville. westbound and eastbound lanes. what happened was a moving truck flipped over from the westbound into the eastbound lanes, so traffic is now blocked in both directions, the left lanes. they're just now clearing the westbound direction to the right shoulder. westbound headed all the way back to vacaville toward 505. the 505 exit, eastbound not so bad, but they don't expect to have this cleared for quite some time. give yourself plenty of extra ec dirts of westbound and eastbound blocked here. we go down to the puchaacheco a. five cars involved with an overturned jeep blocking a lane here. once again, coming off the grade in towards the san jose area. we'll check back on all this and more in a bit.
5:50 am
>> wow, sue. what's going on? so many folks heading out the door, and it's a rough one this morning. we'll check in with you soon. >> new at 6:00, the bay area high school going off the grid. >> hey, happy friday, everybody. >> and a day of unity in the south bay. why this year's annual pride parade took on more significance. >> and a big night for pop music. the performances that wowed the crowd at mtv's video music awards. >> a better day starts here. even as we head to break, look at all that fog socking in the golden gate bridge. and of course, weather and traffic. traffic. traffic not off to a good
5:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars. we're working on that. some people know how far they want to go. a personalized financial strategy can help you get them there.
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see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. welcome back.
5:53 am
a warning out this morning to stay out of a stretch of the american river. swimmers and boaters could face health risks because of high levels of e. coli in the river in sacramento. the sacramento bee reports there have been no reports of anyone getting sick from the bacteria so far, and state regulators want to keep it that way. the bacteria comes in part from human waste from nearby homeless camps. sacramento county has approved money to stop illegal camping and klein up that area. >> thousands of people in the south bay are starting the week with feelings of love, acceptance, and tolerance. >> abc7 news in downtown san jose as crowds gather for the silicon valley pride parade yesterday. they say this year's takes on a greater significance after president trump's controversial decision to ban transgender troops from military >> that actually makes me very upset because we have people who want to give their lives for our country, want to protect us, and
5:54 am
they can't because, just because of who they are. >> after the parade, the crowd moved over to plaza de cesar chavez for the pride festival with food, drink, and more entertainment. >> now a traffic alert. >> well, we have a couple sig alerts to start. look at this, backed up at the bay bridge. we had a motorcycle injury accident on this span just by the metering lights. lanes are blocked there. metering lights were turned on at 5:29 this morning. damage is done. the carpooling lanes seem to be getting by okay, but even some of those are stacking up now as well. bumper to bumper, take b.a.r.t. if you can. our second sig alert is in vacaville. the westbound lanes have been reopened. that's where you see the biggest backup. eastbound, we still have the left lane blocked. traffic is stacked up westbound to the 505 exit and we'll be back with this and more in a few minutes. >> all right, as promsed, let's talk about one of our school districts going back. hayward unified school district, very nice this morning. 62 degrees.
5:55 am
look at that, 86 with hazy sunshine at 3:00 this afternoon. make sure the kids are dressed properly. here's a look at walnut creek in the east bay. inland areas, the areas that will be the most above average, look at that. 20 degrees, warmer than average in livermore today with 108. you should be around 88. we're also going to be ten degrees warmer in hayward with a high of 87. san rafael, 96. 16 degrees above average. >> thank you. the mtv video music awards was chalk full of big winners and some pretty emotional performances. ♪ what about us what about all the broken happy ever afters ♪ >> i love this song. and pink's performance was amazing. she did a seven-minute or so kind of mash-up of all her hits, including that new saungs, what about us. she also received the michael jackson vanguard award. kendl kendrick lamar was the king of
5:56 am
the vmas. katy perry hosted the show and performed her hit swish swish with nicki minaj. >> another one you like. >> i do like that song. >> uber has a new top man this morning. next at 6:00, meet the ride hailing company's new boss. >> also updates about an overnight brush fire burning in the east bay. >> listen up if you shop at whole foods, amazon's takeover begins today. that means lower prices starting today. today. this may be the tim
5:57 am
5:58 am
good morning. it's monday, august 28th. natasha is off. and sue hall is in for alexis smith. and boy, we have put you to work, sue. >> busy. back to work, back to school, and back on the roads. we have a couple sig alerts out there. let's go to the bay bridge. a motorcycle down. injury accident. two right lanes. sig alert issued here, and the meetering lights are on, too, at
5:59 am
5:29 this morning. so avoid the bay bridge if you can. a lot of folks are just jammed right here. even look at this, even the carpooling lanes are stacking up. take b.a.r.t. into san francisco if you want to avoid this mess. also, in vacaville, we have better news westbound lane open now. we had a moving van that flipped from the eastbound side to the westbound side. they moved it out of lanes. eastbound still has the left lane blocked. still have a sig alert there. over towards the backup, towards 505, improving in the westbound direction. eastbound, the lane is still blocked. south mission on 680, a five-car accident with a jeep rolled over. it's slow coming off the grade from sunol. mike has your forecast. >> thank you very much. let's talk about winds because that's really telling


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