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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 29, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> coming up at 5:00 a.m., good morning to you it's tuesday, august 29th. thanks for make time with us. sue hall joining us today and we're so glad you're here as well. we're kicking it off with mike nicco a lot of people wondering if we're getting a break from the heat today. >> yes, for today and tomorrow. but then, wow, it's going to get hot and stay hot for almost two weeks. here's a look at what's going on with live dopplar 7. i over laid the fog layer because sue and i have been watching the fog it's a little more widespread it's missing some of our reporting stations. you can see it getting thicker on the golden gate bridge right now it will continue to do that through the morning. a look at your 12-hour day plan air little more comfort this morning, 56 to 63 degrees with cloudy conditions. 58 around the coast at noon, around the bay 73 and temperatures at 4:00, 61 at the coast, 77, that's it around the bay, and 90 inland.
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temperatures are going to be about ten to 15 degrees cooler today inland where we'll still make the 90s. 50s, 79, 70 and 709 your 7:00 temperatures. we'll talk more about that impending heat wave coming up. sue. weem take a look right now outside and san jose. this is 101, those taillights headed southbound 880 at the overcrossing. pretty good conditions for this morning for your commute leaving san jose northbound up towards the peninsula. we'll also take a look at our roadmaps out there, green suspect good, obviously, everybody's moving at the limit. little slow out of tracy as you approach the altamont pass but so far so good, about a 35 minute drive time from tracy into livermore and the dublin pleasanton interchange. we do slal bit of road work through the and we'll check back in just a few. thank you. we are tracking the developing news out of texas where the death toll from harvey hasries tone seven. the red cross says the biggest shelter is beyond capacity now. it's original capacity was 5,000 but it now has more than 9,000
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people there this morning. the red cross says that no wunl be turned away. first responders have rescued 7,000 people so far. >> there's just flooding everywhere. >> is your grand baby okay. >> yeah. >> she okay. >> are you okay. >> uh-huh. >> tell me what the experience has been like. >> devastating. devastating. >> president trump will visit corpus christi and other parts of texas today. the governor of texas says the president will not be going to houston so his visit will not interfere with the emergency response. now breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. >> and that breaking news is out of houston. gnu details on a celebrate search for a familiar live six swept away in flood waters. unfortunately they are feared dead. two grandparents and four children. and we are seeing their pictures for the first time. this is from our colleagues at the abc station in houston. the kids range in age from 16 ton only 6 years old. police have not found them yet.
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abc spoke to the kids on goals only a few minutes ago. listen to him talk about that youngest victim. >> my brother is devastated. i mean, he was his little angel, you know, sad to say i wasn't around her very much, but when i was, yeah, she was always -- i was always playing with her, joking with her and stuff, so, yeah. it's hard to imagine her gone. >> can't even imagine how that family is feeling this morning. obviously that search continues. the family reportedly inside a van when it got swept up in flood waters. only the father was able to make it out. again, two grandparents, four kids not found at vehicle has not been found yet i'mer. i will be watching for updates throughout the morning. >> jessica and i were watching that interview live as it was coming in from houston and if was so hard to wax. bay area companies are doing what they can to help people affected by hurricane harvey. in some cases they're making multi-million dollars donations.
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abc 7 news reporter lilian kim has details on the contributions they range from supplies to cash donations. >> joo workers at the san francisco office of the american red cross say dough nations are powering in. cupertino based apple gave the organization $2 million for harvey relief efforts. san ramon dasd based chevron donated a million. clorox sent some of its products and supplies to the disaster zone. >> the scale of the prons is going to be as big as anything we've seen in over a decade and we need that response to be just as equal from the public. each though the traction is good and we're seeing a good response to from donors we'll need that to sustain for several more weeks. >> in addition to make dough nation, companies are also helping to found raise. apple's itunes now gives user the topgs donate directly to the american red cross and wells fargo added the option do the same at its atms. but those who want to put their money elsewhere go fund me has been filling that need.
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275 harvey campaigns found on the site have raids over a million dollars so far the money going to everything from animal organizations to families. >> we work behind the scenes with everybody involved, with the campaign organizers, with the beneficiaries to make sure that the money is zboog to the right place. and it's being transferred to the appropriate party. >> plenty of options to help those in need in the hurricane zone. lilian kim, abc 7 news. because of the floofd rrgt houston astros say the three-game series they have against the texas rangers that was supposed to start tonight in houston has now been moved to tropicana field in tampa. houston texans say the game against the dallas cowboys has been moved to at&t stadium in arlington, texas. >> we are tracking the images continuing to come in from houston put can see what looks like hundred of evac wooez sleeping on cots and a shelter. . photo taken from the texas military department. a man saw his neighbor's home burst into flames, this is
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friendswood texas. he says he believes his neighbor had already evacuated. look over here in the is william beasley grinning ear to ear. he and his friends have been going around on their boat trying to rescue as many animals as they can. so far they've saved 21 pets. >> the victims of hurricane need your help and they say cash doe nargsz the best way to do that. text the word harvey to the number 90999. if you do that, it will automatically add a $10 donation to your cell phone bill. you can also call the red cross and their number is 1-800-help-now. as you know texas is not out of the woods yet when it comes to rain. let's go to mike to see whalt system is doing as we speak. it's letting up just a little bit on houston and that will be case over the next four days. can't emphasize enough turn around, don't drown. 50% of flooding fatalities are people that drive into water where they don't know the depth
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just like that family that get swept away in that van. and it's such a shame and so sad because it's preventable. you don't have to drive into it. all right. storm is stretching over to new orleans, flooding's going to be possible there. all throughout louisiana over the next 24 to 48 hours as it rides right up the mississippi river into memphis by friday night into saturday morning. we're going to have some flooding possible in arkansas, louisiana, mississippi, and alabama as we head through the next couple of days. harvey's reach being out and touching more people, unfortunately. >> okay, thank you very much, mike. berkeley's mayor wants to stop speakers liar an no lis and ann culture from coming to berkeley. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live for us at berkeley city hall. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning. the san francisco chronicle is reporting this morning that the berkeley mayor says accident want berkely to become a
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punching bag. the conservative group on campus called the berkeley patriot is hosting my low uno lous during its free speech week and is trying to book steve bannon and ann culture. the mayor says infight variety these people here makes berkeley a target for anarchists. we saw the huge group over the weekend in berkeley. we also saw a large group of masked and dressed in black do damage in february, that's what yew no lis was schedule to speak on campus that speech was canceled because. violence but this one is on it is set for the last week of september. a university spokesman told the chronicle uc berkeley doesn't have the legal ability to cancel student group invitations. he says what they can focus 0 n is a safety plan. but the mayor is worried that maihem will come to the campus and still out on to the city streets. live in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc 7
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happening today, five indicator protesters are due in court. they say 11 of their people face charges in connection with sunday's protest at civic center park. five will be arraigned at the had hall of justice in dublin today. their supporters plan to rally outside the courthouse. court dates for the other six people arrested have not been set. this morning we expect to learn more about the economic impact of the dream act on the u.s. economy. president trump is considering repealing the obama era initiative which allows children brought into the u.s. illegally to obtain work permits. the cato institute and other groups will release a new study today and they say repealing the deferred action would eliminate 700,000 people from the u.s. workforce and cost of the nation $460 billion in national gdp over the next decade. now your accuweather forecast. >> let's look at some temperatures. it's mild in our inland east bay neighborhoods. danville at 60 to dublin at 61
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along with black milwaukee and livermore. stuffy out around ant okay. 69 for the warm spot. look at the heat lingering in the hills, 77? loss trofrp pus, 85 in mont diablo. the rest of us comfortable this morning, 54 in novato, 55 in pacifica, san jose 63. you can see up in the hills los gatos about 1800 feet, 76 right now the. here's what's going to happen today in our east bay valleys. looka the that. looks different than yesterday, doesn't it as temperatures will soar into the 90s, upper 80s to low 90s for the better part of the noon hours and instead of being in the mid-90s at noon for your lunch hour how about some mid-80s and a comfortable evening. we'll be down to 74 by 8:00. let's look what's going to happen as far as our east bay. temperatures today 8:0063, noon, 73. we'll hang on in the mid-70s,
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2:00 to 4:00. 60:0073 and 67 at 8:00. we're going to get a break today and tomorrow, but when the next heat wave comes it's going to be the longest one we've had so far this year. that's saying a lot. it's bane warm summer. here's a look at the morning commute with sue. i'll be back in a second. we're head outside to walnut creek. we'll take a live look at traffic flowing past north main on towards the 24 interchange. it looks good. nice snaking of those taillights headed to 24, 24 westbound in the cull de cut tunnel about an 18-minute drive towards oakland. earlier television filming for a commercial on the bay bridge had some delays earlier this morning but now everything is moving nicely, no metering lights, just a couple of cars there in the left hand cash-paying lanes. we're going to come back and take a look at your mass transit opss and what would be aware with bart this coming labor day weekend. guys. >> thank you, sue. after the break the peninsula city where idling your peninsula city where idling your car could soon cost you big
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now a live desk update. welcome back, breaking overnight a car chase through santa clara county on highway 101 ended into a car crash. look at this video we just got moments ago and can see what appears to be a four-door black sedan crashes on the side of the highway and then this scene
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also. san jose fire department on the scene with investigators, with deputies because you see that they were able to get a suspect into custody as well. looks like a young man, what appeared to be near a storage unit and then, again, this is the scene of that car that crashed. had a lot of damage to the front end. unclear if that person that they put in handcuffs was the driver. and no word if there were any injuries. our teamworking on better information. i will let you know as soon as we get more. >> remembering the devastation caused by hurricane katrina that hit the gulf coast on this day in 2005. the category 3 hurricane and subsequent levy breaches killed more than 1800 people the there are numerous marches, prayer services and rallies today to mark this occasion. and on the anniversary of katrina new orleans is dealing with remnants of that other storm harvey.
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flood sgt big issue. 90% of the city's pumps are working. the mayor's urging people to stay home since there's uncertainty about the storm's pattern this week and right now it does seem to be going directly toward louisiana. this week ezekiel elliott will appeal the six-game suspension that was handed to him. they say they have persuasive evidence of that he committed fiscal force against an ex-girlfriend if the 'it was upheld he would not be able to play until october the 29th and that would be after they play the cowboys. mdma the main ingredient in ecstasy may one day be used treat a disorder. the nonprofit spearheading mdma therapy says there's substantial evidence the medication could benefit suffer ergz by helping ptsd patients cope with the lingering effects of traum at. drug has the capacity to produce
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feelings of euphoria and empathy. trials could begin as soon as next spring. okay, i'm not going to tell to you drink coffee but i'm going to tell you that there's a new study and it finds people who drink four cups of coffey per day have a 64% lower risk of death. >> four cups? >> uh-huh. researchers in spain presented their findings at the european society of cardiology congress. they survived nearly 20,000 people about their coffee consufrpgsz and fold up ten years later. they say coffee can be part of a healthy diet and healthy people but several other studies say the health benefits are negate if you lode up with sugar and cream. all of these people have yellow teeth. teeth. >> definitely and >> it's not proving anything, right.
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>> i'm just telling whaut study said. the bargains today in the wake of the whole foods amazon multibillion dollars merger. >> and we have reaeks action now from shoppers. >> in this morning gma first look let the price wars begin whole foods slashing prices monday thanks to amazon's ambitious purchase of the 470 stores for $13.7 billion. customers tempted by sales to pick up some of their favorites. >> i wanted the avocados but they were gone. >> overnight shopners manhattan are in hamburger heaven. the price of cruelty free beef, slashed $2 per pound. poultry and fish will cost a third less per pound. >> the rotisserie chicken was flying off the shelves. >> the store known for being where you'd spend your whole paycheck shake up the $600 billion grocery industry. >> amazon is in effect preparing themselves for the future. >> and he'll have more on how you can save money or your
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supermarket coming up at 7:00 a.m. i'm adrienne bankcard, abc news, new york. >> what does the future look like for whole foods? >> i feel like they owe me money. >> you want your rebate check coming to you, thousands of dollars. >> i don't think that's how it works, mike. hi, everybody. it's like when you buy something and a couple months later it goes on sale you're like really? thanks. walnut creek one of those areas that's going to see a significant difference today. when you drop from 108 to about 94, it's still hot outside but it's going to be 14 degrees cooler if you will. heat eases for most, still oing to be hot inland in parts. north bay. more clouds, a little drizzle possible near the coast, east bay hills tonight and the heat comes and it doesn't leave in the extended i mean, we're talking about two weeks of hot weather. concord 93 degrees today, fairfield and pittsburg, 94 in walnut creek. north bay we'll have clouds this
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morning and sunshine to about 88 in the noon hours. vallejo 85, napa, 87. san jose, 86 degrees today, los gatos, 90. sunnyvale 84, san mateo 70 eight degrees. millbrae 75. palo alto 82. the coast, 63 is all we're going to move thor in half moon bay. berkeley 72. hayward 76, little warmer around san leandro 78. goegt 81 in union city and temperatures below average in sflans san francisco, mid to upper 60s like the marina, mission 67 degrees. what's going to happen in the accuweather seven-day forecast were reget a break today and tomorrow and then, yeah, that's 100s thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday aren't we supposed to say good-bye to the summer? not the bay area. >> unofficial. >> i unofficially, you know how it works, sue. let's take a look at our maps right now. traffic flow is looking good, typically slow out of tracy at
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little patch between tracy and the the mont. otherwise things pick up on your way through livermore into the dublin pleasanton area. here say look at your drive time. tracy into dublin, just over 45 minutes. highway 4 westbound into concord about 15 minutes and your drive from san rafael south over the foggy waldo grade into san francisco less than 20 minutes, that's looking great. just a reminder heads up this labor day weekend, bart will be suspending service between fruitvale and west oakland all three days of the long weekend. there will be a bus bridge in place, right now, no problems with bart. ace trains are running on time out the central valley and caltrain look going up and down the peninsula. we're going to come back and look at your north bay commute in a bit. it's 5:21 on the peninsula the. city of palo alto is moving forward with a unique plan to ban idling cars. that means it would prohibit drivers from leaving their engine running for more than three minutes if they're parked
5:22 am
or let's say waiting in line at the drive through. the state already requires that of trucks and buses. >> but we're going to go the next level down to where there's a motor that is idling and putting out particulate matter and it aggravates asthma, any kind of breathing problems, chronic obstructive lung disease. >> i wonder how they would do this with lyft and uber because those cars are often item willing, right. people caught idling would likely be given a warning first, a fine could be imposed after that the. city council voted unanimously in favor of the plan last night. the next step is for city staff to craft the actual yord unanimous. if the counsel approves that, they say it could be enforced by the fall. in developing news a san francisco organization dedicated to helping the homeless could be in danger of losing its nonprofit status. united council of human services received $1.5 million in grants to help homeless people. the chronicle reports the
5:23 am
organization has not kept a clear record of where the money is going at a city audit shows more than $88,000 in expenditures are unaccounted for. a top city official is defending the organization saying it's working to correct its edishence sies. >> sum coming up the seven things you need to know. things you need to know. plus
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it's 5:25 whether you're just joining us or heading out the door here are the seven things you need to know before you go. number one at least seven people have died in texas as a result of harvey. the convention center? houston is now overcapacity with more than 9,000 evacuees. the mayor says no one will be turned away. number two from the live desk right now a family of six in houston also feared dead. two grandparents and four kids. family was swept away in a van and police have still not found the vehicle or their bodies as
5:26 am
of this morning the kids flange age from 16 to only 6 years old. number three, president trump leaving for corpus christi this morning. later today the president will take a tour of the emergency operation center? austin and take part in briefings with state leaders. he will not be going to houston. number four seven on your side warning you about donation scam e-mails in the wake of hurricane. fake e-mails have link or attachments that direct users to malware infected web sites. we're look at our temperatures are going to drop to about 14 degrees in our inland east bay neighborhoods. we have more heated coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. number six berkeley's mayor wants to stop conservative speakers from coming cal. a campus group is hosting my low yew no poe lis and her trying to ban ann cult tour and steve bannon. bay bridge filling in,
5:27 am
they've just turned the metering lights on you will find delays stacking up towards the mcarthur maze. >> here's an interesting story. more than a quarter millennials have so many financial stress it's impacting their job performance. 23% of the age group says financial anxiety makes themmically ill weekly or monthly. among the causes for that financial stress, high levels of student loan debt which affects their ability to save. they're also worried about fewer options for increase their salaries in the short-term. >> we're coming back with a full 90 minutes of news including to split or not to split. the last chance sprarnts today to have their say on a proposal to divide an east bay skooul school district. school district. also the
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? use the chase mobile app to send money
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in just a tap to friends at more banks than ever before. you got next? chase. make more of what's yours. good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings.
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good morning, it's come willing up on 5:30. tuesday, august 29th. alexis has the day off are, the rest of us are here including sue hal. we kick it off with meteorologist mike nicco. >> let's talk about the winds because that's the determining factor on just how deep lit cool weather will penetrate our neighborhoods. gusting to 30 at fairfield, 13 at local land are you 10 at livermore, you can see the sea breeze is back and look at the clouds from our roof camera right now. for the 12-hour day planner milder this morning, 56 to 60 at 7:00 with mostly cloudy continues knz. notice the coast 58 at noon to 60, 4:00 back to 58. for the bay 73, 76 and set of of the 70, that sounds good. but for noon 82 inland, not nearly as warm as yesterday. about 90 at 4:00, that sounds better than 179 it will be a lot more comfortable you're heading out this evening. a check of the morning commute with sue hall and see what she's looking at. we're look at san rafael
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right now, this is 101 those taillights headed past the north gate mall and civic center just a couple of minute delays leaving novato otherwise looking good. beware of fog, very thick fog slowing grades. slow traffic out of tracy we have the metering lights on at the bay bridge that just happened a few minutes ago so delays there. otherwise, commute is look going so far. we'll check back and see what your mass transit options are in a few. on to developing news in texas now president trump is heading to corpus christi and other parts of texas today. he wants to witness the destruction that harvey has left behind. >> the governor of texas says the president will noting gob to houston so it does not spear with their emergency response. rescue videos show families fighting to stay above water floating on air mattresses and piling into canoes and rescue baskets. >> all 12 thoe thoiz thousand mepz members of the texas national guard have been activated but officials say
5:32 am
that's not enough. >> it's unfortunate because we don't have anything, you know. we lost everything in our apartment. it's just really unfortunate. >> the storm is blamed for at least seven deaths had the houston officials say there have been several thousand rescues so far. >> dramatic video shows dozens of people on dump trucks from houston trying to get to safety from flood waters and ktrk spoke with one of the youngest evacuees. >> the dump truck took that young kid to a spot where he got reunited with his mother. >> what was it like when you left? >> flooded. >> how what do you mean flood? >> like up to my neck >> serious? how scary was that? >> i started crying. >> those trucks are able to hold more than a dozen people and their belong lgz. they were taken to a walgreens park lot and bussed to a shelt sbler following heavy online criticism, joel ole seen it's mega church has agreed to shelter hundreds of harvey
5:33 am
evacuees and also also serve as a donation center. it came under fire foraldly closing its doors to need they were saying the church was inaccessible because the streets were flooded. well someone tweeted out photos of the area and they did not appear to be flooded. he contends he would never shut out evacuees. >> two teams are in the bay area to help with search and rescue areas. 14 members of task force three are set to arrive in san an in ban hour and a half they come from fire departments from around california. member of task force four based in oakland are set to deploy in indicatety, texas, at 5:00 this morning. both teams have enough equipment to stay in texas for a few weeks. members of the national guard from the bay area are in houston this morning. abc 7 news was at most fet field where 90 search and rescue specialists packed up supplies and flew out yesterday afternoon. the 129th rescue wing has helped
5:34 am
out after previous hurricanes including rita, ike and an gustav. >> a the lov you were asking how i can help in the easiest way to donate money so red cross is text the word harvey from your phone to 90999, that will add a $10 donation to the red cross on your phone bill. you can call the red cross to donate and that's 1-800-help-now. nbc will be host a did i of giving on thursday to benefit people impacted by hurricane harvey. that day will kick off right here on abc 7 mornings and continue with good morning america. donations will go to the american red cross. we should mention disney abc did a day of giving for hurricane sandy and managed to raise 18 million zblds switching gears now, new this morning san jose police investigate how a car ended up driving into an apartment complex. this was the end of a chase that began with reports of a man shooting out of his car. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is near colonial way in san jose.
5:35 am
matt. >> reporter: reggie, a wild night here on the border of san jose and campbell. and just imagine being a resident here put have a drive by shoot, you have a police chase, and that police skjei chase ended with a crash. and that crash literally took place right into the side of the apartment complex. look at that video, you can see the car just sticking into the complex. is on colonial way apartments off winchester boulevard. police say they got the car around 11:00 last night of a man brandish a firearm he's drove by. when they arrived on scene witnesses said actually fired the gun. no one was hit but then police got a big break. >> and when officers respond and started interviewing witnesses, the suspect vehicle happened to drive by. the officers followed, there was a short pursuit which terminated into an apartment behind me. >> officers arrested the man but because of the crash they wanted to take him to the hospital to be checked out so they
5:36 am
handcuffed him and shackled his feet while he was on the gurney. it appeared the man also hit some parked cars during the chase. no one in the apartment complex was injured and no office wares injured either. reporting live in san jose, abc 7 news. the chp looking right now for the driver in a hit-and-run crash that killed uc berkeley's top 10, campus council christopher patti died while riding his bike in gernville. they say the driver of a bmw lost control over a curve, slid across the road and then hit him the the driver took off. officers did find a license plate at the scene. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. judge aaron persky are taking their battle against a recall effort to the state court of appeals pay the judge lifted a restraining order yesterday that stopped recall organizers from collecting signatures. any new signatures collected will be invalid if the appeals court overturns that decision. the recall campaign started after percy gave a six-month sentence to former stanford stud
5:37 am
zentd brock turner who was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. percy argued because he's a state officer the secretary of state should decide if the recall effort can proceed. the contra costa board of education will hold a final public hearing to zpus they should create a separate school district. the meeting starts at 4:00 this afternoon at pleasant hill middle school. snowboard going to decide whether to break up the school district and form a new district called north galt. five schools would be part of that new district. this is controversial, supporters say that mount diablo district is too big. opponents say splitting it up would only help students in wealthier neighborhoods. the san jose city council is considering a plan to hose the homeless in so-called tiny homes. the san jose mercury news says the city is considering just two sites and thapz way down from the 99 potential sites when housing leaders proposed the idea last year. community outrage forced the city to tlam tloift four in
5:38 am
jill. the tiny home villages would how's 25 people. san jose has an estimated 4,000 people who are homeless. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> it's hard to believe we'll start turning ow attention away from houston and more towards louisiana. can we keep an eye on both of them in probably. houston will still have a lot of rain today but it will taper and then louisiana will be in the bullseye as well as arkansas and alabama. making landfall once against in louisiana as we head towards tomorrow and twach shoot right up the mississippi valley to memphis. notice once you start getting up in the reds and the ma gent tas ar six to 8 inches of rain over a 24 to 48 hour period, likely to see flooding in these areas but definitely nothing like what we snau houston if the if you're step being out, temperatures up to 7 degrees cool they're morning in some spots. san francisco that puts us 50 tooif. castro and mission, sunny side
5:39 am
all about 56 degrees. you can see a few 60s out there but the warmest weather 65 in pittsberg, 68 in tracy. let's talk about your commute this morning 101, 880 looking busier this time of the morning. on the bay a little bit of fog out there and sunshine this afternoon. on the roads there's more clouds and sue's been talking about that fog right around the golden gate bridge and it's going to stay there for the next couple of hours through the morning commute. mass transit mild to hot today. quick look at today's temperatures, we get a break, 60s, 70s, 80s, and a few 90s. so really it will be steady tomorrow but then look what happens thursday, the switch is flipped once again and this time we don't turn it off for maybe a couple of weeks. i'll show you the lol day weekend forecast and how hot it's going to be coming up next. sue. we'll take a look at san mateo bridge, 17 minutes, that's your drive time between high ward and foster city. with a little bit of slowing as you make the turn up towards the high rise. but otherwise not a bad commute from the east bay over to the
5:40 am
peninsula. live shot of 280 in san jose at the 880 overcrossing those headlights headed in the northbound direction up towards cupertino for a 9 minute drive from san jose to the cupertino area. take a look at the traffic maps we have first reports of an accident, this is the tenth street on-ramp to southbound 280 and that ramp is partially blocked with an accident there. and we're getting reports of an accident southbound 101 near oakland road. we'll check on that when we come back in just a few minutes. >> now a live desk update. >> from abc 7 mornings. here at the lye desk i have breaking news coming in. another car chase through the bay area but this one say different one than the one i mentioned earlier in the newscast. this time in east palo alto. we just got this video a moou few minutes ago. the chase happened around 3:30. a driver tried to get away from officers and they drove down eastbound 84 right near northbound university, crashed into the center divider, and the
5:41 am
driver was hurt and is now in a trauma center. the driver is facing charges once he's out of the hospital. there was also a passenger in the car, 84 eastbound was closed for about an hour. right now only a few lanes might be closed, not for long, though. looks like everything's getting cleared out of that way. back to you. all right. thank you. san francisco has an answer to the city's overloaded 911 system. who will be make take your info when you report some drooimz crimes. crimes. and the oakland
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abc 7 mornings. >> all news. >> all morning. it's 5:44 and here's a dramatic expression of sympathy for the victims of hurricane harvey. the empire state building in new york went dark last night to show that the city is supporting them. new york city is sending 120 emergency workers to texas. harvey has dropped an estimated 15 trillion gallons of water on the houston area and that is more than two times what fell during hurricane katrina. scientists say stronger storms are becoming normal because climate change is heating the oceans and creating more moisture for those storms to collect. we will bring you the latest updates on hurricane harvey with the apt 7 news app. you did download the app for free and secretary push alerts and we'll give you those right to to your phone. >> north korea hurled a missile over the country of japan
5:45 am
yesterday. those were the sirens warning people as soon as the missile was detected lalt yesterday. tv and radio programs were interrupted with those warnings. bullet train lines were stopped for a while. the missile crossed the northern island of hokkaido before falling into the pacific. japan's military is deploying matte patriot antimiflg batteriestor several missile base dollars in japan. now breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. >> and renlgy on a related note that breaking news president trump saying, quote, all options are on the table after north korea launched those ballistic missiles over japan. the president made the statement this morning in a written statement also going on to say that the threatening and destabilizing actions of the north will only make the country more isolated in asia and around the world. president trump says the actions show the north's contempt for
5:46 am
its neighbors. of course we should note the u.s. and ally of japan that nuclear missile flew over the country as you just mentioned yesterday and so this morning everyone is on edge. i will be watching for anymore reaction from world leaders. back to you. a panel of the u.s. niej circuit court of appeals is challenging the trump administration's travel ban and how it can be enforced. one of the judges asked quote 'in what universe the government determined in-laws of a u.s. citizen can enter but grandparents cannot. it went into effect in june and bars visitors who don't have a quote bonafide relationship to someone in the u.s. the supreme court is going to hear arguments on whether that ban is constitutional in october. hillary clinton is returning to northern california. the former presidential candidate will visit uc davis october. so tart davis visit is the only california stop on her four-month long tour.
5:47 am
relief for 911 dispatchners san francisco, since dispatchers began transferring some nonemergency calls to 31 this month, response times have significantly improved. the asf examiner indicates they answer the 80% of calls within 10 seconds as of august 17th the. department of emergency management says that's up from 66 in april. thousands of nonemergency calls about car break-ins flood their phone lines every month. the mayor says that redirecting those calls to 311 is helping. oakland a fans out there, listen up. how would you like the chance to win a pair of season tickets for next year. >> fans who retweet this tweet from the a's account or comment on the facebook post will be entered to take practice in the batting field next moon month. they will take one swing and any fan who mitts a home run will win a pair of 2018 season tickets if the you're already a season ticket holder you're going to get your current plan for free and you will have until september 10th to enter the
5:48 am
drawing. >> that might be the one immaterial time i could hit a home run. >> mike, nicco, you coached and you know the. >> reporter: sport well, thank you is nothing not something i can try for the first time. >> never know for the first time. >> never swing a bat before? >> and never hit -- i've never successfully hit it, yeah. not great hand hie eye coordination. we can talk about that later. >> we should make them all give us a try. that be wo be a blooper reel. let's look at what's going on. hi, everybody. >> i hope you hit a home run with the weather because it's going to be a little bit cooler outside. south beach looking back at the bay bridge and what we're going to see is a little bit of cloudiness there, maybe a little bit of drizzle tomorrow morning as those will b two coolest days this week. slower sunshine, milder satisfy breeze, sleep better not, longer heat wave coming. did i say that? did i. wait till you see a couple weeks of 90s and 100s. here's a look at the cloud cover
5:49 am
for today. by noon we still have that little finger of fog rolling across the golden gate but mainly sunny inland and afternoon hours. partly sunny nebraska at the coast. temperatures mid-80s to mainly low 90s. gilroy will hit 90 for the exception. let's look at what happens on the peninsula today, 75 in millbrae to palo alto at 82. 62 at daly city today, 64 in the sunset, down stoun town san francisco 66. 90 in cal stoeg and upper 90s for cloverdale and lake part. along the east bay shore we've got temperatures in the 80s, union city, fremont, newark. everybody else in the mid to upper 70s. berkeley a breezy 72 and 92 to 96 in brentwood. here's some of that cooler weather today tonight. 54 to about 64 put want to see that accuweather seven-day forecast, i'm sure you want to see it for today and tomorrow because all the feedback i'm
5:50 am
getting on social media is nobody likes the heat. but look what happens thursday through labor, monday, 100s inland, 80s to 90s around the bay and even some 70s stretching to the coast. it's i beach this weekend. >> there's going to be a lot of people there probably with the holiday weekend, yeah. >> that's true. >> wear sun screen. >> let's take a look south bay. we've got a couple of problems. this is 101 at 880. 101 those headlights are headed in the northbound direction. we did have an accident in the southbound direction, that accident reported the tenth street -- pardon me at oakland road. this one is at the tenth street on-ramp to southbound 280 and here's the one that's southbound at old oakland road and north -- pardon me, northbound 101, that's jammed all the way back past the 280, 880 junction here and looking slow as you make your way up. this accident is southbound so i'm not seeing much slowing there in san jose but we'll take
5:51 am
a look at that northbound drive time when we come back in a couple of minutes. thank you, sue. freedom for frogs, new at 6:00 why the oakland zoo is release ago specific species into the wild. and they're ramping up efforts to control legal marijuana sales, what they're considering and the chance you considering and the chance you have to you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play?
5:52 am
use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap to friends at more banks than ever before. you got next? chase. make more of what's yours.
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it's 5:53 now. and there is a warning this morning from 7 on your side in the wake of hurricane harvey. michael finney says scammers love to target people who want to help and their weapon of choice is often bogus e-mails. michael says you need to be careful when handling any e-mails relate to the storm, even if they appear to be from a trusted source. fraudulent e-mails have links or
5:54 am
attachments that direct users to fiching or malware infected web sites. also be careful when charities are asking for your help because many of them will also be scams. happening today santa clara county wants your input on a propose moratorium on recreational marijuana sales and cultivation. right now there's a ban on medical dispensaries in unincorporated parts of the county. county officials want to hear from you and tonight's meting is at 6:00. county government center? san jose. there are a lot of ways to beat the heat but few as cute as this. zoo coopers in the oregon zoo in portland feeding the aughters aughter pops. the delicious frozen strooets treats are just part of the fun to. they also have trays of ice to move around in and there's often a dip in the pool. portland reached triple digits yesterday. and we know something about meet as well these last few days. yeah, portland all the way
5:55 am
up to spokane, seattle, all those areas are going to be hot just like us and twhauns next heat wave starts next thursday and builds all the way through next week. the first ten days of september we've got the greatest chance across the country of being warmer than average. that's going to be more 90s and 100s, especially inland. also that means air quality's going to drop once again, possibility of our next spare the air day is friday. here's sue with this morning's commute. we're going to take a look at the golden gate bridge which is a little bit hazy here this morning, southbound 101, it's got four lanes in the southbound direction, two in the northbound direction where you're going to find some thick fogga that may hamper your visibility is over the waldo grade. it is very, very foggy up there so please use extra caution and floeb high beams there. slow traffic out of tracy with the bay bridge metering lights that were on at 5:25 this morning and a new location which makes sense. we were seeing all this slow traffic in the northbound 101
5:56 am
direction, chp says that accident is not southbound but it is northbound near mckee and strask now stacked up all wait past now towards actually road for a good solid 30-minute delay getting up to the seen of the accident. we'll check more on this in our next report. here's what traveling 201 miles an hour looks like going through a tube. had is video of the winner in the second annual space "x" hyperloop pod design competition. germany defeat twod other teams that tested this in southern california. for those of you with 60 inch screens, i'm sorry. the competition is the brainchild of the elon musk. he wants to build a $6 billion hyperloop system that will let you travel between l.a. and san francisco in just 36 minutes. i'll be doing it with my eyes closed. >> honestly motion sickness people needed to look at that, imagine just traveling that. 15 teens from across the country being honored for coming up with big ideas for social
5:57 am
good. >> the helen diller foundation honored them yesterday, three of the winners from northern california. >> it's an educational platform that educates teens about the importance of understanding the kinds of foods that they're heat eating, the kinds of ingredients that they're eating and promoting health and fitness. >> most of the teens will use the $36,000 prize money to further their charity work to pay for college. where is your money going? a local nonprofit is under fire after an aud zblit the bay area after an aud zblit the bay area found its first case
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> the team is assembling coming up at 6:00 a.m. >> we're getting into formation on this tuesday, august 29th. sue hall is in for alexis this morning. great to see sue. >> speaking of which let's get in formation, how about that, from meteorologist mike nicco.
6:00 am
>> sure, see what i can do that there. i like it. wish i could keep going on with that but i've only got 20 seconds. live dopplar 7 you can see the clouds listen to in the gray, notice they're making penetration into our east bay valleys. that means cooler weather coming for all of our neighborhoods today. it's just how much cooler. here's a look at your 12-hour day planner 56 to 60, a little less sting in the air when you step outside this morning. at noon, 82 to 90 at 4:00 inland 79 at 4:00. we've got 73 at noon around the bay to 76 at 4:00 to 70. we'll nice at 7:00. 58, 60, and 58 those are your coastal temperatures. couple of nice days before the heat comes back coming up. here's sue. take a look at the bay bridge metering lights were on at 5:20 phi this morning stacking up, all sold out here. traffic's backed down to the mcarthur maze and a little slug tlish.


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