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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 30, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." a wife flips out after an exotic dancer calls for volunteers and -- >> that idiot said yes. >> the husband who's no crowd pleaser at home. >> she was like, you feeling hot? catch five. a moto america rider manages to -- >> hang on to the bucking bronco. >> how he pulled off the insane save of the day. the devastation in texas has many feeling a personal connection. one coming straight to oli's doorstep. >> this is alfred and his children. this is my wife's brother. >> why they had to leave mom behind but took her to heart. >> she was worried about it being a catastrophe because we
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kept hearing about it all over the news. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the web including a puppy finding its voice. see the howls of one happy husky. >> see, at 2:00 p.m., that's cute. at 2:00 a.m., we got a problem. to china where we're celebrating something and now it's pretty common in rural china to put on a big performance like this. sometimes they'll hire dancers of the more exotic variety. in this case, this dancer had asked if anybody in the audience would like to volunteer to come up to stage. this fella did. he's enjoying himself. at one point even wrapping the legs of this dancer around him. that's where it gets strange. that's not a hype woman coming in spraying water. no. that's his mrs. >> i was about to say, as soon as they made that offer all the wives were like -- >> well, that idiot said yes please.
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gets up on stage, buries his face in the chest and wraps the legs around him. what did you think was going to happen? >> she was like, you feeling hot? catch five. >> now the performance and entertainment is this amateur mma fight as she just lays the full smackdown on her man for embarrassing her like this in public. >> good for her, i guess? >> it looks like it gets separated for a little while. some people in the middle. then it kicks off again. >> i see nothing unusual about this. fireworks are very popular in china. this is the fireworks show. >> see that? eventually he slaps her, tries again. she gives back ten times more than he tries to give and eventually he is rescued by the people on stage. she does take a moment to herself to acknowledge the crowd. that's right. kicked his butt. >> she shouldn't have done that. this is not cool. but if you know your woman is this crazy, why you go on the stage? >> by the end the crowd is
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pretty tamed. >> sure. >> a show within a show. >> asking for an encore. >> thankfully no encore. husbands and wives, just don't do this. perhaps one of the most famous tracks in the world in germany. this is one of those amateur race days. we've got this guy cruising around. and you notice he keeps blinking left. you see a car hanging out in his window. he knows he's the slower car. so he does his best to get as far right as possible. a little bit of a head run. that's a ferrari 458. clearly a faster car. clearly had plenty of room to make the pass. but somehow connects with the guy. >> he did that deliberately. >> why would you be that kind of swrerk? and why would you want to do that to your ferrari? >> sounds like the driver of the ferrari was found by the
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marshals at the end of the race day and could face fines. let's go off to motorcycle racing. moto america course in pittsburgh. >> are you kidding me! >> hang on to the bucking bronco. that's a kowasaki where he wherw decided not to completely trash himself or the bike. you'll see anthony putting on the pads. he's got the inside line. the track's going to drop away from him. he gets a bit of the death wobbles. that causes him to go up and over, but he hangs on. >> pulling off some hollywood stunts to come to a stop as well. >> it did hurt. he had an injury to his wrist and had serious bruising. >> that's crazy. >> it is nuts. this is dr. judd. he's filling in at the vet ranch. you can see he's got a sweet dog in front of him. her name is juliet. she didn't look like anything's wrong, right? but something is seriously wrong with that sweet girl.
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you notice her mouth is open. it doesn't close. the entire time you see her here, her mouth is open because she has a broken jaw. >> yikes. >> she was just brought in as a stray. we don't know what happened to her jaw, but she is scheduled for a surgical repair with our surgeon. >> they're going to have to reconstruct the whole jaw, aren't they? >> they are about to do some intensive surgery for this dog. and her recovery will be weeks in the making. they're trying to get her jaw back working so she can be adopted and a family can take care of her. first they start an incision for a feeding tube. there you see the pins in her jaw. they make a mold around her face. she's got to keep that on for several weeks. >> poor dog. >> she's got that external fix satyr around her mouth. they don't want her jaw moving. they want to feed her through the feeding tube. three weeks later here taking out the feeding tube. now she can use her jaw just a
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bit. look at her now. >> what? are you hungry? >> she can actually eat liquid foods. they just don't want her chewing. they want her to be able to swallow because they don't want the jaw to be worked too hard just yet. >> juliet, good girl. >> here's the x ray of the pin and the mold around her face. a few weeks later, they go in and check her out. and they like how it's looking. they say everything is back into alignment. it's the way they want it to look, so tye that mold off. they take the pins out. look how they fix that. now she can chew and eat and be herself. she's now gone to a foster home and they're waiting for her to get a forever home. look at her now. >> amazing. wedding's over. reception time. time to get turned up. there you see the dude in the middle. they're making way for them. this isn't quite a soul train line, but they trying. >> it's the make some room moment. >> yeah. because this fella is having a good ole time at his brother's
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wedding. >> oh! oh, my gosh. >> that was his skull. >> yeah. the crowd gives a collective oh as they rush to him. here's the thing. he was all pumped because he had done it the first time and it worked and they were like do it again, do it again. he did it again. >> it's an experience to never remember. >> i doubt he will. >> this is normally the part where i say he's fine and, well, he was. after 22 stitches and a gash in his head. >> ooh. >> now, this >> trying to do that? >> yes. she's up there on the cliff and she does a back flip and right there into the clear blue water. >> do we hear a ooh that hurt or anything like that? >> she's fine, oli. >> are you sure? or is it the 22 stitches in the head kind of fine? >> no, no. she's fine.
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using a bit of chemistry to reveal some baby news. >> will it be a boy? will it be a girl? >> go ahead and dump it. >> why little brother is happy when the results are revealed. and time to lure lori the gator so -- >> superman needs to go in there and create a division. >> the story behind this snappy mission. >> hey. with the pole, and i had to make a claim and all that? is that whole thing still draggin' on? no, i took some pics with the app and filed a claim, but, you know how they send you money to cover repairs and - -they took forever to pay you, right? no, i got paid right away, but, at the very end of it all, my agent- -wouldn't even call you back, right? no, she called to see if i was happy, but, if i wasn't happy with my claim experience, for any reason... ...they'd give me my money back, no questions asked. can you believe that? no. the claim satisfaction guarantee, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it.
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closed captioning provided by -- allergies can hold you back. breakthrough with non-drowsy allegra® for fast 5-in-1 multi-symptom relief. breakthrough allergies with allegra®. this is jayden. he's going to be a big brother and he's using a little chemistry to reveal what the baby's going to be. >> if it's boy, it'll be blue.
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if it's a girl, it'll come out red. go ahead and dump it inside. >> oh! >> the adults are all happy. it's a girl. let's see how jayden reacts. >> whoa. >> never have i seen a little boy so excited to have a little sister. and he is excited. this little boy has found out that he has a little sister. he doesn't have the same feelings as jayden. >> he's not pumped. >> not one little bit. >> i thought you were having a boy. >> i know. >> at this age, they're both going to cry anyway. take what you got, make the best of it. >> i'm going to show you her face. you want to see her face? >> at one point, a family member is like, well, why don't you look at the baby's face.
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maybe thinking once they look at that angelic face, it will change. let's see if that works? >> i want to call her a boy. >> okay. let's call her a boy. >> i wanted a boy. >> i know. don't be a hater. love your gator. hey, superman. superman did oes the flying lea over lori's head. lori's the gator. she's laid eggs in her pen. superman needs to go in there and create a division. they do lots of good work with the gators here. you see him, come on, lori. come on, come with me. >> look how huge that gator is compared to him. >> and lori is a little snappy today. >> yikes. >> now, jumping over the fence is derek. he's a volunteer with the colorado gator farm. derek is digging up her eggs. seems a little here's
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the story behind it. lori because she laid the eggs was very aggressive with the other gators in the pen next to her. and when people were walking by. so her nose and snout was getting cut up and scraped up and the fence because she was going after them every time they were near her eggs. >> you see how small the gator agos are? >> are they going to put them in an incubator or have them for breakfast? >> those eggs are not fertilized, so they're not going to grow into anything. they're taking the eggs, pulling them out of her little den. and they're going to use them for educational purposes. put them on display and show people what gator eggs look like. my buddy jason mcdonald is behind their camera. he sends us videos all the time and shows us the work they're doing there. once the eggs are out of the pen, superman's job is not done. >> hey.
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>> you can see from the scrapes lori sustained on her nose. keeps from going back in the water. they put some medication on her scrapes and let her go. birthday surprise gifts. >> best birthday ever. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, a little yorkie with all the right moves. >> this dog dances better than i do. >> see the performance that will have you asking for an encore. plus hurricane harvey hit home at the "rtm" studio when -- >> that personal connection knocks on i had door. >> now our surprise visitors from texas fill us in on the devastation. >> honestly, it's kind of scary. as easy as saving $600 when you switch to progressive. winds stirring. too treacherous for a selfie. [ camera shutter clicks ] sure, i've taken discounts to new heights with safe driver and paperless billing.
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new act kids toothpaste. allergytry new xyzal®.ou have symptoms like these for relief is as effective at hour 24 as hour one. so be wise all take new xyzal®. some people like to sing. some people like to dance. that goes for dogs too. let's start with the yorkshire terrier who likes to dance. >> oh, it's so cute. >> this dog's owner loves zumba and she also loves shakira. ♪ >> oh, can i have one? you want one. >> you can, but this takes a lot of training and patience to work with the dog to know what it's doing. dogs aren't just born knowing how to dance. >> she uses clicker training with the dog. apparently it's working well. this dog likes to sing.
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i have to say, this voice is an acquired taste. [ howling ] that's a baby siberian husky. cute as can be. >> at 2:00 p.m., that's cute. at 2:00 a.m., ooh, we got a problem. let's be honest. you cannot turn on a television right now without seeing images like these. we got these from abc 13 in houston. it's just footage of the devastating floods, a result of hurricane harvey which has come through and has caused loss of property for so many people and loss of life for some. our thoughts are with so many of the e people. people across the country are feeling the personal connection. strangely enough that personal connection knocked on my door at 11:00 last night. i want to introduce you to a part of our family. this is alfred and his children. this is my wife's brother. well, you guys live an hour south of houston.
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suddenly you're knocking on my door. what happened? >> we got the news the hurricane was coming in. my wife had to work at the local hospital. she knew she had to stay to help out after the waters rose. she decided to go as a family. >> do you know what's happening at home? >> my wife being at the hospital, they wanted them to stay. >> is she able to go somewhere and rest or staying at the hospital? >> she's resting at the hospital. she's on shift from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. once she's off shift, they're feeding them and taking care of them because they want them to be available. so then she goes into an unused room and stays. >> you dropped in on our sister, did you not? she just started college, right? >> i had the opportunity to stay with her in the dorm. we all had dirty laundry because we didn't do it. >> do you have any pets? >> we do. we got them taken care of. >> my dog is at my uncle's house allowedw living the life to roam in the house but there he is. >> what's it like seeing the
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images coming across the headlines daily knowing you can't go back to help but also can't go back home. >> not every area was hit that bad. some areas in town are up higher. a mile down the road it's totally covered and got houses four feet deep of water. our house did take in some water. not near as bad as others out in the country. >> these are images where you can see house after house after house with the water climbing up the front. >> you guys didn't have much time to get out of there. did you pick up what you had? >> we grabbed a quick bag to take with us. originally the school had been canceled for a day. we found out it was going to be the next week after labor day for the possibility for the schools to reopen. so then at that time, that's when we were like, we didn't pack enough. so we went to the local thrift stores and just found some extra items. >> how does it feel to see this sort of footage not knowing what's going on at your house or with your friends? >> honestly, it's kind of scary. i have no control of it. some friends have driven by our
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house saying the house is okay. >> some of me is like i wish we could help. but i guess we're helping by not being there so it's not another person to save. >> if you want any more information on how to donate to help with relief efforts, head to our website, click on tv show, or the mobile app. we hope you all stay safe. a hang gliding adventure getting taken up a notch when -- >> her pilot asks if she likes roller coasters. >> why the ride is going to get loopy in the best way. [ screaming ]
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shower because it will wash away. >> i don't know what to say about this. >> bottoms up. dogs just want to have fun. ♪ little formation flying with some paragliders here. look at this. spiraling round and round. these guys clearly are experienced. >> usually when we see a video like this, there's a lot more panic involved because they're locked into one of those death spirals. oh, no. for once i was like, hey, look, people doing it properly.
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>> yeah. and the lines aren't twisted. everything looks nice. >> as soon as they break away from this formation, he turns back the other way and -- >> oh, no! >> total stall. the pilot calls this is a cravat. he shakes it a little bit and recovers. >> oh, just in time. >> and then not going to let a little near-death experience stop him from nailing the landing. >> he rolled the dice and he won. >> he did. now over to ontario, canada, where this woman paid to go on a tandem hang gliding flight. all smiles. >> do you like roller coasters? >> no, i don't like roller coasters. >> that's carol sanchez. she's having a great time up there with instinct wing sports. her pilot asks -- >> you don't want the experience? >> oh, my god. okay. >> i'm not going to pass up this experience. bring it.
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[ screaming ] >> despite the screams of terror, she's like i love it. >> good for her. some people would be like, that was enough. >> pilot mark put a mike on carol. that's why we get perfect audio. >> it's a once in a lifetime experience that some people see as an end of a lifetime experience. >> do you want more of that? >> sure. >> more fun if you open your eyes though. >> she's fine. when she does land, she says she had a remarkable time. however, i did notice a little bit of blood trickling from the pilot's ears. >> oh, it's fine. you survive it every day. >> what? >> that was amazing. thanks for chilling with us today. we appreciate your time. check out for lots more fun stuff or catch the always new "rtm."
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tonight, breaking news. tropical storm harvey hits land again. the new disaster unfolding in the gulf. more rescues under way at this hour. the new area hard-hit by the storm. patients evacuated from a flooded nursing home. our rob marciano on board a blackhawk chopper, the rescues from above. the grim death toll climbing. search teams locating that van swept away with six family members inside. many shelters pushed to the limit with families in need. this mother desperately looking for her children. what we have just learned. explosion danger. the chemical plant under 6 feet of water. the ceo predicting a possible fire or explosion in the next several.


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