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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 31, 2017 1:37am-2:07am PDT

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council. >> reaction, results, the real story. that's our report. as always, we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz, for schuh, sandhya, thanks for joining us. "jimmy kimmel live," matt leblanc. >> have a good evening. seem y tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." a wildebeest in the jaws of a croc sends out a distressed call. >> and look who's coming. >> the moment two hippos try to be heroes. >> don't stop pumping those legs. a driver slams on the brakes and hops out. >> and she's got something to say. >> what it is that's so not what you're thinking. like a lot of little girls, this diver dreamed of mermaids. >> but she decided to do something about it. >> see the amazing adventure of
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life under the sea. >> oh, no way. and internet sensation saxbay is back. >> strong. >> i said work on your core. that's not what i meant. this couple had an experience of a lifetime at krueger national park. >> oh! >> you can see that crocodile has the hind leg of that wildebeest. and that wildebeest is struggling constantly to get away from that crocodile. >> that just shows the strength of both the alligator and the wildebeest. because the wildebeest is dragging the alligator. >> and the whole herd standing there like, we'd love to help, but not much we can do. >> this wildebeest struggles for a solid minute. until finally goes to the place he doesn't want to go. into the water. >> some days you're the crocodile. some days you're the wildebeest.
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>> but sometimes they come back. >> they've got a will to live. >> what this wildebeest needs is an intervention. she's about to get one. you hear them say what's that. and look who's coming. >> backup. >> hippos are some of the most dangerous animals in the world and they come and watch. they're doing like the wildebeests. >> and the zebras as well. >> at one point you don't see the crocodile anymore, but the hippos do. finally big papa over here was like let me do something. >> herein lie this problem. all those people didn't do nothing and now the wildebeest is going to be fine. you, you, you. >> we never see the crocodile again, but that wildebeest does come out of the water. in the end it was those hippos and their intervention that made the wildebeest live to see another day. we know things can get pretty crazy out on the road.
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brace yourself because this car comes to a -- well, less than screeching halt. and suddenly it's on. she's got something to say. she means business. >> oh, yeah. she's running. >> is everything okay? >> you're not driving like a bloody -- so good on you. >> he's a new driver. >> that's what she said. she wanted to commend him. >> a everything okay? >> she noticed that he wasn't driving all crazy like a maniac. and she wanted to let this little fella know that he's doing a good job. sometimes you just need a gold star in your life, okay? >> instead of road rage, it's road love. the irony of the situation is she's dangerously stopped the car in the road. >> well, people on social media are pointing that out as well.
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the phone that recorded this dash cam video, name is josh. he sent it in. but he said it was early in the morning. so everybody calm down with your road rage. we all need a little more love. >> thank you. i very much appreciate that. thank you very much. >> gold star, a cookie here and there. that's what he got. look at this, isn't it neat. check out this mermaid with flippers on her feet. wouldn't you think she's the girl. the girl who has everything. okay. she's not strictly a girl. more of a woman. this is julia wheeler. but take one guess what movie she was obsessed with as a child. >> "little mermaid." >> yes. she's always wanted to be aerial. but she decided to do something about it. at the age of 5, she started to practice holding her breath. now, that paid off. go to about ten years ago, she took a free diving course with the intention of being an underwater photographer.
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but it went the other way. because as you can see, she's now the star in front of the camera as well. and she's taken that free diving seriously. she qualified for the free diving world championships just last year. >> but can she sang? >> not under water. >> so my question is under the sea how long can she stay? >> four minutes. take a look at this part here where she was between two continents as she was swimming towards the surface. the way she's moving so slowly i think is part of the technique which enables her to preserve her oxygen. you get incredible ima js. >> no way. >> and there's incredible discoveries as well. you see with these crashed planes. when you get down to it as well, the fact this is a desiret t d at about 5 years old, she
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delivered. she wanted to be a mermaid, now she is. >> take that ursula. we saw eric recently take down a massive burger challenge. now he wants ice cream. >> i really, really, really want ice cream. >> we know how he eats. he's not just going go for a little ice cream. he's going go for this massive challenge called the kitchen sink. at the old san francisco creamery. >> that is great ice cream. if you're ever going to do it anywhere, that's the place to do it. >> especially if you have to take down eight scoops of ice cream, eight toppings, copious amounts of whipped cream and other stuff. it's the kitchen sink. if you take it down in 30 minutes or less, you get free ice cream for a free. >> he could do enough ice cream he'd never have to do it again. >> the problem with this is brain freeze. it's going to hurt. >> it doesn't slow him down one
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bit. he tears through this mountain of ice cream taking the whole thing down. and the crowd goes wild. 15 minutes and 38 seconds. >> is that a record, by any chance? i feel like that was quick. >> close but not quite. though impressive. others barely beat eric's time. i don't know where it goes. >> the gym. a few years back, they had a megahit. see what they're up to now. and -- >> could you live in an astro van at burning man for a week? >> are we together?
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>> maybe. >> then yes. >> charity? >> no. >> why this van might change your mind. >> nice job. with the pole, and i had to make a claim and all that? is that whole thing still draggin' on? no, i took some pics with the app and filed a claim, but, you know how they send you money to cover repairs and - -they took forever to pay you, right? no, i got paid right away, but, at the very end of it all, my agent- -wouldn't even call you back, right? no, she called to see if i was happy, but, if i wasn't happy with my claim experience, for any reason... ...they'd give me my money back, no questions asked. can you believe that? no. the claim satisfaction guarantee, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it.
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closed captioning provided by -- ld you back. breakthrough with non-drowsy allegra® for fast 5-in-1 multi-symptom relief. breakthrough allergies with allegra®. charity and oli, could you live in an astro van at burning man for a week? >> yes. >> charity?
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>> no. absolutely not. >> i think i might change your mind. check out this video from this guy. he has the into the mystery 13 channel. >> what's happening, everybody? we got the astro back and i'm so glad we did. >> he's a guy who travels the country living in a van. but he has another van, this astro van. >> brother is coming from russia. he's? seattle right now visiting their dad. then he's going to burning man in the astro van. >> he did this before, but other stuff was from a one-day build he says. >> the mattress trifolding mattress. very comfortable. it's on the softer side, but very, very comfortable. >> this guy tricked it out nicely but that's not all. burning man is in the desert. so you're going to need to cool off. >> of course we have the fantastic fan up here. that is wired to the solar panel controller right there. and i still have the hundred-watt panel up there. and that is working great.
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>> but he's 255 amp battery in there. >> this thing weighs a ton. it's like 160 pounds or something. >> this is going to be such a luxury respite from the wind and the des blowing around. just to be able to close the doors and shut everything out for a few hours. >> we're going to have a great job. >> he's making a turtle mobile to get around burning man. he said some guys said for the event he wanted to build a turtle army. he was like heck yeah. he turns this turtle sandbox into a vehicle. >> we had one of those when we were children. i never thought they were mobile. >> it's mobile, honey. watch. this thing is fully operational like the death star. i want to see other turtles that are there to take over burning camp. they've got a week because burning man ends on september the 4th. there's a lot of firsts in our lives. but i think the ones that everybody remembers is their
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first kiss. like elliot and bowie. back in 2011, this special moment got caught. >> oh, hey! >> mom's recording. and she was like, whoa, whoa, whoa. but elliot is so thrilled with himself. >> we kissed on the lips. me and her kissed on the lips. >> he's like, yeah! >> this video went crazy viral back in the day. in fact, over 30 million views so far. >> now they have their own youtube channel. >> what i like about elliot. >> one of those where you can press something and it makes the noise. >> that sounds like a great idea. >> like, oh, traffic starts. push the button. wa wa wa. >> like this. you really have to get yourselves one of these, elliot.
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but the cool part about this video as well is if you're one of the 13 million people that saw that first kiss, they have a special guest in their blog. >> bowie! >> they're adorable. >> it's been six years. >> she's 12. elliot's 11. >> bowie lives next door to us. and then they moved. and then we moved. they would have sleepovers and play all the time because they lived next door. >> i remember sometimes, like, you'd bounce on your trampoline and look over my fence being like, hey, how's it going. hi. >> adorable. it's one of those random updates from a viral video that trended back in 2011. but just in case you saw it, now you know. they're still thick as thooefs. >> i want to see these kids get married. like, not now. >> we kissed on the lips! a day out on the water off the coast of rio de janeiro
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dashed on the rocks quite literally this day. six people plus the captain of that boat trapped on that boat and it's been pushed up against the rocks. according to witnesses, they say the boat was trying to get out of this strong rip tide for about two hours before it finally wound up in this position. >> did they lose power or something? >> there were some mechanical issues. rescuers are saying the issues caused the boat's anchor to drop. and they were unable to reel it back in. that could be the reason why these people found themselves in such a scary position. you see people on shore doing what they can which honestly isn't much. an there are two firefighters out on the water on those jet skis doing their best to try and retrieve the people who have now jumped into the water without life vests. >> look how that boat was being battered by the sea and up against those rocks. that could have been a tragedy. zblit nearly is because the captain stays on board believing that he can save the ship when
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he gets hit by another wave. >> oh. >> ooh. >> yeah, capsized. >> the whole boat pushed upside down against the rocks. here comes the captain exhausted now slumped over those rocks. reports say that one person 21 years old did suffer some pretty bad injuries to their side and armpit. went into surgery in the hospital and is in stable condition. but that's the worst of this. >> what a strange experience to have such a scary boating moment from land. >> you can't overcome the paurt power of the water. >> you're surrounded by help but no one can get to you. you're about to witness the -- >> trust chuck. all the beer onto that guy's head. >> now see what he's about to do next. she had no intention of
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you make together. ♪ ♪ promotional considerations provided by -- brushing teeth - easy! new act kids toothpaste strengthens and protects developing teeth, and helps prevent cavities. new act kids toothpaste. allergytry new xyzal®.ou have symptoms like these for relief is as effective at hour 24 as hour one. so be wise all take new xyzal®. just in case any of you are wondering why america has a weird reputation out there in the rest of the world, it's because of videos like this. this is billy buck roscoe and his buddy that they see themselves as part of the usa's drinking team. this video could not be more american considering the outfits, the way they are
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dressed, and what they are about to do. this is the trust chug. >> don't try this at home. are you ready? >> pours all the beer into the jug on that guy's head. this is where the trust comes in. do you trust billy roscoe to finish the beer before you die? >> with a name like that, you better finish it all. i mean all. like right now. >> eventually suddenly, we did it. wahoo america number one. >> never mind the fact he could drink his way out if billy doesn't finish it. >> yes and no. at that point you'd be trying to breathe oxygen. it would be dangerous. >> i suggest putting the hose at the bottom of the fish bowl. use it like a beer bong instead of like a straw. >> he sucks so much he wins. >> all i have to say usa!
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>> god bless america, ladies and gentlemen. i think it's time to check in with katelyn. remember she created rancho relaxo. she ended up owning a farm and taking in animals. look at the new one she got. >> that's a cow. >> and it's just in the back seat. >> the back seat is covered. i'll give her that. >> it's just going too. >> she went to a livestock auction sayingville that one that will make good meat. >> yes. she said she had no intention of rescuing anything there. she saw this cow in the bag of the kag gone saying i'm going to have to titove h right away with that sweet cow that was bound to be veal and take it home to rancho relaxo. she didn't bring her trailer, so she had to put it in the back
2:03 am
seat of her car. she does have a video of it doing very well at her farm. they have named it chester. you can see chester running slow motion. >> the way it's running around, it's like a dog. >> now in a few months it's going to be a 1200 pound cow. >> giving chester a big bottle of milk. >> isn't that cannibalistic? >> i'm just happy she was able to rescue another animal. remember, she was a city girl who ends up buying a farm and becomes an animal rescue. >> she found her purpose, right? >> yeah. but how's she going to pay for it? going to continue to rescue. >> she depends on donations to help her out. officer daniel graham has gone under cover and they ain't ready for him. >> watch him in action.
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well, but on the weekends, hey. officer daniel graham has gone under cover. he's at the knotting hills carnival in england. they ain't ready for him. ♪ >> oh, no. he got busted. >> oh, well, i mean if you insist, mr. deejay. >> wait a minute. is he a plant? i don't know if i believe he's truly a cop. >> he is really a cop. but he probably looks familiar to all of you at home because he did make it to the semifinals of britain's got talent. ♪ >> you could either go to jail or join my crew. >> nice moves, man. >> one of those ways of making the police approachable.
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>> this next one is all about community too. ♪ yes, lord. that is nate lane. he goes by the name saxbay. he says he's the total package. he's strong, smart, and plays the sax. emphasis on the name strong. >> praise the male form because it is good. >> we show all these muscle videos, you talk about how you did that. just sit tight. >> wow. >> wow is correct. >> that makes my back hurt just watching it. show off. >> he's a total show off and i love it. >> this one is worth taking a look. >> i said work on your core. that's not what i meant. >> to keep things in perspective, nate says he wants


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