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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 2, 2017 1:37am-2:07am PDT

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>> 19. >> she says 19, but the i.d. that he's got in his hand clearly says she's 23. >> can i just have it back? i don't think -- are you [ bleep ] kidding me? are [ bleep ] joking? >> i'm sorry, i'd be upset too. don't take matters into your own hands. you're not the police. >> but she's been raised over something she possesses illegally. i find that ironic, that's all. >> that's my [ bleep ] property. are you kidding? >> she continues to unload on dr. copeland. grabs her bag and storms out. now, you guys have already started talking about this. it's generated a discussion in intro to public policy. >> ironic. >> it's also ironic that that girl was in class last year. >> is she the teaching assistant and they're doing a lesson? >> driving a point home. i like it. continue. >> ta-da. >> oh, he wants us to talk about this.
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>> this was all set up between dr. copeland and that student who had the class last year. she then went on to become a teacher's assistant and now she's back in class to pull off this stunt, prank, or very important lesson in public policy and public affairs. >> and it's working. because the hair, little that i have, is standing up on my arms. about to get a tongue whopping. >> not surprisingly, this video has gone viral and lots of people don't know the back story behind it. >> that's my [ bleep ] property. are you kidding? the owl. a majestic bird of prey. >> who? >> until this happens. >> oh, no. that's a terrible predicament. >> yes, it is, christian. that poor owl was caught in that orange netting. and construction workers spotted him. you see that put upon look on
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that owl's face. >> yeah. eyes are everything. like what you looking at? yes, i got tangled up. >> i'm a little humiliated right now. can you make it quick? >> these construction workers get their tools and start snipping. once they get the nets from around it, they have to move it over because there's still a lot trapped around its wing. >> they have to really make sure that this thing is okay to be sent back out free. >> the camera gets closer. you could see how that wing is really bound up. that's probably where the owl was strugtology get out. they had to make sure it was okay. once they got all the string off, they were looking at it and it starts flapping like let me go. >> that's a good sign. going to get home and be like, god, that was a tough night. we go from the indignity of a human caused condition to just poor direction. check that out. that is a hawk caught between two vertical branches of a tree. >> oh, no. it got itself there
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nobody put it there. >> you don't want the other birds to see this. you would never come back from this. >> it took the fly of shame away from the area. well, it looks like we're dressed for the occasion because we've got a gender reveal. but we're a little bit ov overdressed. >> i'm going with a girl. >> i'm indifferent. they decided to do it their way. >> we go up in the airplane. we're going to open this up and see just whether it's a girl or a boy. and then we're going to jump. and the last parachute to open is going to be the color blue or pink representing the color of the upcoming child. >> grandpa here is excited. kind of emotional about it. he's there with his daughter, her husband, the expectant parents. and they're going to find out what the baby is up in the air.
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they head over to the plane. go 8,000 feet up in the air. and now out of the plane they go. they do a free fall first. >> okay. who's got the flair? i'm ready to see the gender. somebody reveal already. pay attention to this guy. >> that's confusing. i was looking at the color of the smoke. we were supposed to look at the color of the parachute. >> yes. it's a boy. >> at the end of the day if it's a boy or girl, all you want is a healthy baby so congratulations to them. this is a food challenge unlike any you've seen before. french photographer felipe is a top celebrity photographer in france. he has some pretty fancy photography equipment. he's been challenged to use nothing but a flash light, hand, and a big m a rks c. he's going to use the box that
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the burger comes in instead of the burger itself. he's going to rig it with the flash light and a straw to create a little light box. >> yeah, he's created like a soft box. oh, get out. >> and now he's reflecting light from the box to his subjects and taking these really amazing photographs. and just wait until you see the final product. >> get out of town. >> keep in mind that he was challenged to use his iphone, not just to shoot the photos but also to retouch them. everything has to be done on the iphone. >> okay d. did you know if he used a special app or just use simply what comes with the phone? >> in the video, he doesn't get specific as to how he does the specific photos and the way he retouches them. but at the end of the video, he does show you what he used for the retouching. >> i'm going to download some of those apps and get a hamburger on the way home. a vehicle on the left begins to pass. >> an suv with a trailer.
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for fast 5-in-1 multi-symptom relief. breakthrough allergies with allegra®. if you're an overland long haul trucker like this guy here, you've got your dash cam because you know you're bound to see some crazy stuff when you spend so much time on the road. here this guy is in his peterbilt in washington state. as he approaches this slight cut in the road here, a vehicle on the left begins to pass. an suv with a trailer. >> oh, no. >> oh, no. that was bad. >> why on earth would you pass carrying that much weight? >> now, big dust cloud. >> stop, dude, stop. >> well, the problem with stopping is he's got 104,000 pounds of steel re-enforcement bars he's carrying. this also shows how long it
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takes for a heavily laden truck to slow down and stop. >> [ bleep ]. >> the truck driver says the father and two kids in that vehicle were okay in this incident. very scary. but when is a car accident a laughing matter? to a jukin video where a group of scantily clad models are out there promoting something. you see them holding signs up. this is brazil. so to our viewers, we did have a blur a little bit, but you can imagine. dental floss and hamburger buns are beyond the blur. they garnered too much attention. and that turned into in-attention and crashing right into that steel fencing right there. >> what an idiot. >> well, you would think that would have happened probably a few i would look. i moo ean, i'm keeping it 100.
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hey. everybody knows that when you go to a party you have to make a grand entrance. >> oh. they're not taking a car. >> oh, no, no, no. this daddy/daughter duo. they don't need transportation. they've got two good legs. arms. and a parkour style that is unrivalled. he happens to be a parkour instructor. looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. >> he's teaching her all of these amazing parkour skills. eventually when he's trying to catch up to her, he's not going to be able to. >> well, for now they flipped and skipped across the city. and he's like come on, baby girl. she jumps into his arms, hops onto his back.
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>> what a great way to spend the day with your kid. >> i love this. the wall is too tall for her, he climbs on dad's back and he's got her. >> and now they arrive at the party, gives her a big kiss. >> i bet she's going to walk into the party like -- >> oh, no. that would be you. she's in way better shape than that. >> yeah. because not one hair is out of place, i might add. she makes her grand entrance. dad is the one who picks up the remote control, plops down on the couch and in comes another kid like, hey, i need a ride too. i haven't seen him in awhile. but teddy bear is getting his first taste of the acorn. now, we know he likes lots of treats but this is his first time for that. let's see if he likes it. >> sounds like teddy's nuts for it. i wonder if teddy is a unique
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porcupine? >> do they all get treats like this? are they all pampered like teddy? he is a spoiled porcupine. he gets all kinds of treats. >> he does. but guess who else gets a treat? this squirrel. looks like those sun chips because apparently this one is watching its figure. did it just tear into the bag and pull a chip out? >> the bag was already open. >> it was already open because he got to it the night before. he's gone back to finish the job. >> i think they did it on purpose. but still it knew. >> and seeing you go through a bag of cheetos like that -- >> are you kidding? that's way too dainty. this is a raccoon video i could love. i, too, have sat like this with a bowl of juicy fruit on front of a tv on a hot day. >> with a t-shirt on and no
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pants? >> gendepends on who's in the house. he moved into his new apartment -- >> and transformed it into a space that is totally customized for the things he likes to do. >> wait until you see the amazi amazing transformation. and duke sees an ice cream truck for the first time. >> he is so stoked. >> what is that? it's not a trash truck. it's an ice cream truck. >> see how this first experience with the treat truck goes. >> he's cuter with an ice cream cone!
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i've got my kitchen, living room. bedroom over here. >> nice new apartment there, michael. finally, actually. we had a story awhile back where mai ma michael was showing us the storage unit he was living in. he made himself comfortable in a storage unit. he was saving up for a new apartment. he's moved in and in two months he's taken that relatively boring apartment and transformed it into a space that is totally customized for the things he likes to do. starting off here with a little finger board, he likes to rock climb. he's got his bedroom set up and using the bedroom as his living room as well. he's even got a drop-down jigsaw puzzle board. that's not the best feature of this place. when you go out into what used to be the living room of the apartment -- >> so this is my gym area here. >> michael's built himself a full-on climbing gym. >> oh, wow. >> like, really involved. >> he could have just gone to the climbing gym down the street. >> why would you do that and pay
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dues when you're paying rent? he likes to save money. he built all this for 1500 bucks. that's it. he's got his crash pads on the floor as well. he's able to climb at an angle, overhead, and he's got a 12 foot by 12 foot space he can follow onto. all the crash pads he uses are foam pieces he bought off of craigslist. >> i was concerned about it coming down. but it seems secure. the landlord on the other hand is like, deposit. >> let's not worry about that. michael even put together a time lapse of the build process that he went through to do all this stuff. he's a handicrafty guy, knows what he's doing. and created a space that is perfect for him. there is one thing that is epic, iconic in your childhood. there is not a single person that just heard that song that
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didn't just get transported back to their childhood. >> i'm going to check my pockets for change. >> little duke here is experiencing the ice cream truck for the very first time. and he is so stoked. >> it's his first time seeing an ice cream truck. >> wait. they just drove right on by? >> that is not nice. and i am not happy about it. >> the driver didn't stop. you could hear the person recording letting the driver know, this is his first time with the truck. but apparently the truck never came back around. >> charity got you. i'll get you ice cream. you can't get that feeling back. >> he looks cuter with an ice cream cone. >> the job of an ice cream truck driver is pretty important. so is the job of a police officer. and this one, while still a
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rookie, is very excited about his job. this is officer oliver. he obviously has a new comrade now. and he has been on the show before. the problem is that ruby has found a love interest and is distracted from the job of a police officer. just when the little police officer thinks it's all in the clear, he meets this officer. >> hey, boy. >> and she's a motorcycle cop too. >> forget it. now he's under arrest. >> don't forget your coffee and doughnuts. it's a new dating experience. >> once they scan their bodies and suit them up, the date starts in virtual reality. >> see what you think about this method. >> this is a neat experiment. >> shut up.
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we will see you next time. bye. i like the way my hand goes
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through your entire neck. >> you are looking at the future of dating. this video virtually dating was put together through a collaboration of facebook. they got two strangers in this case john and shelby. they scanned them into a 3d scanner, put some motion capture suits on them, and then they set about on a virtual adventure for virtual dating. >> number one thing for me is someone who can make me laugh. >> i'm looking for someone to capitalize on my own happiness and vice versa. whatever that looks like. >> it's already enough people acting phony behind their computer system. now they get together, like each other -- >> hold on here. this is a neat experiment. maybe this could be something that could bring families together who may be deployed. could be a good way to -- >> talking in his iwatch to his wife telling it to just be open. >> baby, baby, are you there? please send help. >> i'm on your side, nick.
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>> nice to meet you. >> they're using this technology to have an experience together when you're trying to figure this stuff out, you're kind of getting to know each other. >> look, i can do the moonwalk. >> so realistic. >> look, my fingers are square. >> now my head's on backwards. >> i guess it's a good way to start like this because you are all, like, weird. take it off and the person looks -- oh. you're not that bad. >> look in the mirror. >> inner species. >> all right. sold. i think this is a cool date experience. >> let's see what they thought of it. >> i felt like it was bonding more than a normal first date would have been. >> john is gung ho about a second date. but what about shelby? >> his hands aren't square. >> all right. >> yeah, these two are definitely dating for awhile. thanks for
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it looked like something yucky. when i picked up the airbrush for the first time, i could see the difference. i thought, "this is the one. this is the one that's gonna work." >> announcer: our new and improved luminess airbrush with our new no-mess tip now makes airbrushing even easier and more controllable. this new tip eliminates overspray and gives you complete control. just watch how luminess air makes this age spot disappear. there's no traditional makeup in the world that can do this. only airbrush with luminess air. it really is this fast and easy. >> i'm gonna show you how easy it is to go from naked face to beautiful coverage using the luminess airbrush. i have some problem areas, like this big sun spot here that isn't going away, and it tends to get a little darker, especially in the summertime. i also have redness and rosacea on my cheeks and ny nose area, so i have a challenge trying to cover everything up, but yet have it not be too heavy so that it accentuates the wrinkles. i like to use about four drops.
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