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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 2, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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s are just $2.66 each. it's saturday, september 2nd. good morning and thanks for waking up with us. let's start with a look at the weather. here's lisa tracking live doppler 7. >> no fog at all. we're into day two of our dangerous heat wave with exce excessive heat warnings across the entire bay area. again, we won't be as hot as yesterday's 106 in san francisco, but we have this to look forward to tonight. some cloud cover will bring us into our sunday and also bring in the low clouds and form of fog. so we're warming this morning. still 5 to 8 degrees warmer from the peninsula to east bay. 75 in mountain view, 64, half
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moon bay, so very, very warm in san francisco already. it's 67 in santa rosa. even warmer in the city than it is in concord at 75. 71 in livermore, so red flag warning until 9:00 tonight. dry conditions, north, east bay mountain, santa cruz and our excessive heat warning not only for marin, san matteo along the coast through tonight, but this is through tomorrow rest rest of the area, so little relief is coming in if form of clouds and fog tonight, but not soon enough because it will be another spare the air alert with unhealthy air in and easterly wind. that's for the poor air equal thety, so get set for more triple digits and rory breaking heat today. >> thank you. a traffic alert. if you're riding b.a.r.t. or cal train, be prepared for delays. the extreme temperatures may cause the tracks to shift, so they are taking extra precautions. muni buses are also having a hard time operating in the heat. tiffany wilson has more on the problems they're facing.
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>> steam timber has arrived in san francisco. >> 106. that's a bit hotter than i thought. zpl commuters heading home faced long delays. >> there's always delays when it's hot and even when it's not hot. >> those arriving from the east bay shared story of suffering. >> how hot was in it on the train? >> probably 120 degrees. >> the ride here was miserable. the air is barely on. sweating. it was really miserable ride. >> both b.a.r.t. and muni buses struggled to operate in the heat. >> they're overing. wh we're doing is stopping them then letting them rest. >> around the city, people struggled to stay cool. >> have a few drinks in a cool bar. >> i was surprised because there
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was nobody here. i understand because they can't play when it's like this. we're too hot. >> folks at the park enjoyed the evening breeze. >> chilling, viging. >> and dream ofg cooler days ahead. tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> lake merit station remains shut down until sunday. a free buses will move passengers. time now the 5:03. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital saw several cases of heat exhaustion. most weren't serious. they just needed fluids and a place to cool off. in the east bay, first responders are are preparing for more heat related calls this weekend. high school athletes in particular are at risk. katie ewe tes has the story from
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pleasonton. >> i feel like i'm in tucson. >> this high school football field is more than 800 miles from tucson, but am athletes are battling desert here. >> they canceled all their games tonight so we were wondering maybe we should have, but not too bad right now. >> pleasonton delayed the high school game until after sunset. >> so when ever the student athletes need a break for water, we're going break for water. it's not even a time-out. >> alameda county fire is focusing on hydration, too, in anticipation of heat related calls this weekend. >> we'll probably surge 10 to 15%. >> they've loaded a hydration truck, brought in two dozers and increased staffing for medical emergencies. >> don't hesitate to call 911. smoky haze is also a concern. >> it's going to be hard on breathing. it's not going to be comfortable.
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>> forecasters say the haze will in the east bay katie ewe tis, abc 7 news. travelers have faced delays at sfo because of the heat. you're looking at people waiting for shuttle buses after the hot weather forced the air train system to close. air train is now running limited services along with shult ls. this heat can be dangerous, so it's important to stay informed and stay safe. download the abc 7 news app to see how hot it is where you live. we're following developing news out of southern california where a brush fire has burned more than 2,000 acres. the latuna fire is burning heavy brush near burbank. flames are have forced the nearby 210 freeway to close. along with a voluntary evacuation of 200 homes. triple digit temperatures aren't helping either. it was 106 degrees in the burbank area yesterday. firefighters had a hard time getting to a brush fire in sap
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jose, but once they fot there, they quickly put out the flames. i started near communications hill around 9:20 last night and burning one and and a half acres. developing news this morning, president trump is flying into houston to survey disaster zones after harvey. the storm is projected to be at least the second most costly natural disaster in u.s. history. elizabeth hur joining us from houston with the late e on the clean up and recovery efforts. good morning. >> chris, good morning. here in houston, the city is almost dry and clean up is underway and you can see just driving around town, you can't get far without running into just piles and piles of wet furniture lining the sidewalks. and that's tr people who had a home to return to. in some areas, thousands are still evacuating parts of texas still under water. in beaumont, rivers there continue to rise. yet clean water is a challenge to find. >> thank you.
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>> the city of 120,000 preparing for another day without running water. as beaumont's -- patients choppered out from a hospital, including more than ten babies from intensive care. in houston, evacuations continue. >> you forget about the ordeal because everybody else is helping out. >> and in crosby, explosion sent flames and black smoke billowing hundreds of feet into the sky. six more trailers filled with chemicals are still on site. >> we fully expect the same thing to happen with those containers. product is going to ultimately warm up. it's going to begin to degrade then catch fire. >> and with neighborhood begin to dry out, families are returning home. >> nasty. nasty.
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>> a daunting clean up ahead for so many, clearing out every waterlogged thing they own. right down to the floors. some even finding uninvited guests. one man greeted by a ten foot alligator in his dining room. and so for some, while clean up has already begun, the tech governor though is warning others to remain vigilant with rivers and bayous, including the one behind me here. they are still swollen, so the governor is telling the rez dentds who live nearby these to remain prepared for more flooding. that is the situation here in houston, i'm elizabeth hur for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. while our day of giving event has wrapped up, you can still donate by call ing 1-855-999 give. or online at a big thank you to everyone who has donated. the drive raised more than $14 million. time now is 6:08. expect delays on the bay bridge
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today. cal trance plans to start blasting away the supports for the old eastern span. no cars will be allowed on the bridge for about 30 minutes during the blasting period in morning, which is expected to start around 11:00 a.m. exact time depends on weather conditions. the bay bridge bike path is closed and boats will be kept away. another hot day on tap for the bay area. >> dangerous heat and poor air quality. this will be the last day of very oppressive heat because we are getting changes that will arrive tonight for the second half of your weekend and the holiday. right now, it's 67 in oakland. 78 in the city. 79 towards brentwood so, a warm morning, we're looking at temperatures well over 105 today inland, but san francisco getting a little bit of a break. aisle explain next. >> thank you. also ahead, police in san francisco are increasing patrols this weekend.
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because at best foods, we're on the side of food. in san francisco, police are cracking down u on car break ins. this weekend, the police department is doubling the number of full time officers patrolling the streets on foots. it's reassigning officers from
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the patrol bureau. there's been a 28% jump in reported car burglaries this year. the chief says the crime may drop if police are more visible. happening now, if you're hitting the the road this holiday weekend, you'll have plenty of company, especially from -- the chp says all available officer will be on duty during the labor day maximum enforcement period. it will end at 11:59 monday night. authorities hope to revent a repeat of last year's labor day weekend when 38 people were killed. that was a 19% increase from the previous year. san jose firefighters battled flames yesterday. sky 7 flew ore a townhouse fire. one person suffered a minor injury. investigators are looking for what sparked the fire. flames gutted two yubt units. smoke and water damaged eight
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other homes. san francisco police have captured a man they believe targeted asian women in a series of assaults. 19-year-old garcia face hate crime and attempted kidnapping charges. he attacks several victims after they got off muni buses and police believe there may be other victims who haven't report ed being attacked. u.s. special services are expected to search the russian consulate in san francisco today, two days after the state department ordered it to be closed. the latest diplomatic move between the u.s. and russia. sky 7 was above the consulate yesterday where smoke poured from the chimney. take a look here. it appeared again last night.
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it's a little hard to see against the night sky, but it's there. neighbors believe the russians were burning documents. >> i've lived here for eight years. the first thing that came to my head was they're burning documents. why else would they have the chimney going. >> they said the smoke came from shutting down the facility. congresswoman jackie spear disagreed, saying if there ever was doubt that espionage was going on in the sf consulate, black smoke clears the air on the issue. now back to the heat wave. in the south bay, there were wedding bells and beads of sweat. a bride and groom smooiled through the pain of an outdoor photo shoot under the blazing sun. katie has more on how the south bay suffered in san jose. >> no. air-conditioning in the church. >> they may be the hottest newlyweds in san jose. >> i couldn't stop sweating. i didn't know if it was because i was nervous or because it was super hot. >> there was no relief sight. next stop, wedding pictures.
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beautiful u rose garden, blazing sun. >> i feel bad for the guys who had jackets on. >> still, the group was all smiles. they were few and far between for some in the royal glenn neighborhood. >> a transformer had been sparking fire works. >> she was home enjoying her air-conditioning when the power went out. neighbors took to their porches. outside temperature more comfortable than inside. >> i was looking for a little battery operated fan. couldn't find it. >> to help people beat the heat, there are several cooling centers opened in san jose through monday. this one at 65 degrees. you would think an ice cream truck would be a big hit in the heat, but that's apparently not the case. >> we have over 90, you'll see. >> he said triple digit temperatures keep everyone indoors. more weddings this weekend will be impacted. an east bay woman is getting
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married today on mare island where it's supposed to be 105 degrees. and the bride to be said she is having a meltdown. >> i just kept thinking oh, not me, not today. why me, why me, but you know what, when life gives you lemons, you're going to make lemonade. we'll deal with it. i'm going to make freezing ice cold lemonade. >> love the positive attitude. one party store owner told us people are calling in to cancel plans for heaters and ordering misters instead. happening today, the annual greek festival in belmont. some 20,000 people are expected to visit the holy cross greek orthodox church for greek food, dance and theatre this weekend. admission is normally $5 for adults and 2.50 for teens and seniors, but today between noon and 2:00, you can get in for free. also happening today in the north bay, the art festival is
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bringing together hundreds of artists at marinship park. there's food, wine and live music. proceeds from the gala support art scholarships and educational programs and local schools. admission is $30. children 12 and under get in free. hot one today. well into the 90s, but instead of everyone in the 100s today, we'll have 90s at the coast. day two of our dangerous heat wave with a spare the air alert and excessive heat warning for the entire bay area today. this cloud cover coming in to play tonight. it's a tropical storm called ed lydia along the baja coast. it's going to be drawn up california bring iing high humidity and clouds and bridge in the low clouds tonight and later on tomorrow. here's san jose, 101. you can see the pink sunrise. 20 minutes away and with the haze in the atmosphere, you can
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get those prettier sunrises and sunsets. it's 78 in the city. 67 in oakland. 75 in mountain view. 76 in san jose. 67 in gilroy, half moon bay, 64, so yes, not sufficient cooling overnight. we're starting out warmer than we were yesterday. it was warm yesterday morning. 67, santa rosa, 62 in napa. 65 by the delta. that's a switch. 71 in more. from mt. tam, you notice the days are getting shorter, that may save us a little bit with the sun setting at 7:30. hopefully calling off soon er with a return of southerly wind bringing up fog, the wind shift and higher clouds through tomorrow, so dangerous heat wave continues today. we will look for more records, but we're also looking for a cooler coast and bay tomorrow. and into labor day, so one more day for everyone. here's how it's going to look
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today in the city. yesterday, you heard about the 106, the old record was 1874. only about 10 days of triple digit heat in san francisco and we're looking at today, perhaps at 96 and then look what happens on sunday. big time cooling and the it's going to last not only for the city, but for everyone into next week, so heading to the beach, it was over 100 yesterday in santa cruz. today, 97, mid 80s, ocean beach, so even warm there. here's a look at our hour by hour forecast. by tonight, the high clouds move up. tomorrow morning, 7:00, we'll have some of those then by the afternoon, tomorrow, we've got high clouds and then here comes the fog. so it will be a much cooler night. into sunday u night. not today though. we're looking at 102 for you in santa clara. 104, san jose. las gattos, 108, so dangerously hot from the south bay to the peninsula. 104, wedwood city, 104, san matteo. a couple of subtle changes along
6:21 am
the coast from the 80s to the mid-90s, but up in the north bay, very hot. 110, novato. a lot of games have been b canceled today. these kids can't function nor adults, in this heat. 102 fremont. you head inland and today, more records with 114 in livermore. 113 concord. pleasonton, 112. salasly toe, mid-90s today and into monday, nice in 70s. download our app. and it reflects the seven-day forecast, which shows today, the hottest day of the next seven, a break on sunday and then looking at labor day really the best day out of the three and after that, we are back to normal for back to work tuesday and then right into next weekend. so, we just have one more day to suffer. >> stay hydrated. >> good advice. >> thank you. just ahead, the cost of free. what california could trade to make community college free for
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and now, a look good morning america. >> good saturday morning. coming up, president trump returns to the state of texas
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today planning to tour the devastation after harvey. and he will be asking lawmakers for nearly $8 billion for recovery efforts there. we have team coverage this morning. plus, a judge has dismissed the most severe charges in the death of a penn state fra terron thety pledge and dom pleatly thrown out the charges for four other members. one is speaking out as the family reacts. and finally, college football season is back and kicking off what what could be the big e opener yet. alabama taking on florida state. we are breaking it down with help from the crew from college game day. coming up this saturday. hope to see you soon. >> dub nation this holiday weekend, you can take a picture with the warrior's latest nba trophy. it will be at the team store on market street from 10:00 to 5:00, then tomorrow at the walnut skreek store on south main street from 11:00 to 6:00. we have a complete list of locations and times for the tour on our website. the warriors tip off the
6:26 am
preseason on september 30th and will be defending their 2017 nba title next month. free community college across california. that's what some state lawmaker want and they want to pay for it by getting rid of some high paid democrats. the bill calls for providing free college for anyone who enrolling full time for their first year only. lawmakers say the lawmakers say the plan would cost each college in the state about $275 million per year. >> what that really amount to is only one high paid bureaucrat, so if each community college got rid of one, you would get a free community college the entire community and i think that absolutely makes sense in the public would agree with it. >> city college of san francisco now offers free tuition to san francisco residents, the result of a voter approved proposition that was passed back in november. still to come on abc p mornings,
6:27 am
president trump is set the make an announcement on the fate of the children brought into the country illegally. more on the growing course of support from silicon valley to washington, d.c. plus, what the owners of some east bay wineries are doing to protect that all important crop. so it mak ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars.
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good morning and thanks so much for joining us. we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here's lisa track iing the conditions where you live. >> hey, chris, we survived the hottest day ever in san francisco yesterday at 106. that was a record. back from 1874. and we are on the way to more record breaking dangerous heat today. 78 in the city right now. you're looking at hazy, 67 in oakland, 76 in san jose. gilr gilroy, 64 and there's tho fog out there, it's just that murky air. 67, santa rosa. it's 65 by delta and we're in the 70s from concord to livermore. warmer than yesterday. didn't cool off that much. in fact, we are looking for ott day today where most of the bay area temperatures will be over 100 degrees except at the coast, so this will 9:00, we have a red flag for mountains of the north
6:31 am
bay and our heat warning lasts today along the coast from marin county, sonoma county, san matteo and extends into labor day for the rest of the bay area. but relief will be in sight as soon as tomorrow. air alert with the poor air quality, unhealthy air all over the bay, but worst in the east bay and santa clara valley so, if you need proof, take a look at this live picture, we'll be in the 80s for the next few hours inland, then up to over 100 degrees noontime and 90s around the bay. tropical storm harvey is expected to be b one of the costliest disasters in u.s. history. the governor of texas estimates it will cost more than $125 billion to recover. 73,000 people have been rescued and 185,000 homes are either damaged or destroyed. chemical containers exploded in crosby, texas, yesterday. flood waters damaged a plant
6:32 am
there knocking out power and jut schutting down refrigeration. experts say they'll have to let it burn out. the epa doesn't believe the smoke is dangerous, but the area has been evacuated. it's been one week since harvey made landfall. southeast texas still in need of help and the united states is there to assist. tom salutes the heroes of houston. >> countless responders risks their loan lives. people using their own to save their numbers. jumping into action when we heard about a woman who needed help. >> crying, still very fortunate.
6:33 am
we're happy to get out. >> and we met young heroes as well. these students rushed to help their teacher when she returned to her flooded out home. >> i didn't even have to call. they just showed up. >> she's your fourth grade teacher. that was years ago. you still showed up. why? >> i just wanted to help out any way i could. >> and who could forget mattress mack? the houston business man who opened up his furniture store, giving shelter and comfort to so many. >> heroes of houston, those with badges, and those without, saving live, restoring hope. >> and that was tom yamas reporting. mattress mack of houston has earned a special place in hearts of many. earlier this week, he opened the doors of his stores and invited viblg times of harvey to sleep on his mattresses. his generosity prompted a petition to designate
6:34 am
august 26th as mattress mack day in houston. so far, more than 177,000 people have signed that petition. a fund-raiser by jj watt has passed the $16 million mark. many celebrities have made big contributions. the new goal is $20 million. president trump says he's work wg the governors of texas and louisiana to coordinate a storm recovery efforts. this morning, he'll return to texas and visit disaster zones. mr. trump says he will ensure federal aid available. in his weekly address, he made a promise to storm victims. >> to the people affected by hurricane harvey, we are with you every single step of way. we will help you recover, we will help you rebuild, we will support you today, tomorrow and the day after. >> mr. trump also thanked first responders and volunteers. he says millions of people giving their time, resources and prayers will help the nation grow stronger. ten house republicans have signed a letter telling paul
6:35 am
ryan it would be wrong to deport 800,000 so-called dreamers. this tuesday, president trump is expected to reveal the fate of that program that protected those children who were brought into the country illegally. abc's senior white house correspondent has the latest. >> president trump in the oval office and we asked when will remake that decision on dreamers? >> the decision? >> sometime today or over the weekend, we'll have a decision. >> the white house now says the announcement will come on tuesday. nearly 800,000 so-called dreamers who came to the country illegally as children are protected from deportation under the obama era order known as daca. the president now set to design their fate. in january, he said this.
6:36 am
>> they shouldn't be wor ared. they're here illegally. i have a big heart. >> we asked again. >> should dreamers be worried? >> we love the dreamers. we love everybody. thank you very much. >> the pressure is mounting. more than 350 business and tech leaders including apple's tim cook and facebook's mark zuckerberg demanding that the president protect those dreamers calling them vital to the future out of of our companies and economy, but dreamers like this middle schoolteacher, miss luna, to her students, are terrified. >> they have no respect for him. and for what he's doing. i know he's in a position of power and i know i would have to be able to you know, persuade him, but why do i have to persuade it? my humanity. >> abc news, the white house. back to our record heat. it's already fored the cancellation of the lar har wine celebration for the first time in his 36-year history. but most of the areas wineries are still open for business this weekend.
6:37 am
at three steves winery in livermore, the hot weather playing a role in the all iportant harvest. >> we started this morning at 4:00 a.m. got it off the vines at 9:00. immediately put it into ar conditioning to keep the fruit cool. >> steve and his team are bracing for a busy weekend. this time of year, we're going to pick up mite because we don't want anybody to get a heatstroke or having problems and we don't want the fruit hot. >> many keeping an eye on the heat for the first time in 36 years, the annual livermore valley harvest wine celebration scheduled for this weekend has been canceled, citing safety concern organizers say they had to know their choice. >> even though we had shade and misters planned, not necessarily enough with temperatures that are so oppressive and potentially breaking record sz in the bay area. >> at the winery, visitors who planned on attending, take a few sips while soaking up the disapointing news.
6:38 am
>> there's a lot of news in the heat. people come out and drink and don't drink enough water. i completely understand why they did it. it makes sense. >> tasting room manager is looking ahead with multiple events on tap this weekend, she's prepared to adapt if negative. >> it kind of depends on what the people would like to have. if the bride and groom say yes, it's way too hot, easily we can transfer right inside. a >> some taking advantage of the lighter crowds. >> besides walking from the car to the tasting room, only in the heat if for a few minutes and it's beautiful in the wine tasting. >> and those who bought tickets for the harvest wine celebration will be refunded in the coming days. 6:38 is the time. still ahead, a look at the newest 360 camera. where every picture taken is a selfie. but first as we head to break, here's a live look outside from our tower camera. lisa will have the full accuweather forecast
6:39 am
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whatever happened to "eating at the table?" that's what cup holders are for.
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happening today, you can into poll niese yags culture at golden gate park. the it's from 10:00 a.m. until 6 clk a.m. learn how to make a lei the festival is inside the county fair building. lisa joins us now and many people will going in doors today
6:42 am
to beat heat. >> brutal again. 106 yesterday in san francisco. going fora high today in the upper 90s. look at this air. just a sorry sight. the golden gate bridge, upper 70s in the city. 75 in concord. so, dangerous heat, a red flag warning. a spare the air alert and excessive heat warning all for you today. copping up next in my seven-day forecast. >> also ahead, the a's and mariners have combined for eight straight losses. but one of those losing streaks came to an end last night in seattle. anthony flores has more coming up in sports.
6:43 am
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in sports, college football kicks in, cal takes on north carolina in chapel hill. kickoff at 9:20 a.m. and san jose state plays cal polly at cefcu. kickoff is at 4:30. this afternoon, the giants will try to snap a four-game losing streak when they face the cardinals at at&t park. last night, the giant's bull pen faltered in the heat. anthony flores has the highlights this this morning's sports. >> good morning, everyone. major league baseball admitted they committed an error by robbing brandon crawford of a home run thursday night, but on friday, he was hit with good karma. young fans having a great night at the ballpark. smile. bottom two. crawford leafs no doubt about this one.
6:46 am
he goes yard in his first had the at-bat. the giants had a 3-0 lead after two. cueto back from the dl. gives up a two-run bomb. gave up two runs in five and a third innings. giants had a 5-2 lead then cards rallied in the eighth. garcia slices it to left. hernandez misplays it. steven will score from first. s the game at 5-5. after a fowler triple in if ninth, wong knocks him home. they scored six runs in the ninth and went on to beat the giants. your final, 11-6. a's in the emerald city to take on the mariners. oakland getting to mike leek early. jed lowery double downs the line. marcus scores from third and
6:47 am
oakland taken a 1-0 lead. they led 2-0 until the third. sean gives up a slow who home run to mike. his 20th of the season. that cut the a's lead in half to 2-1. that scores a run, six and two third innings. three runs on sempb hits. oakland has lost four in a row. cowboys will kick off a new era of football with breakfast in the south. justin will cox will coach his first game this morning. wilcox take over for sunny dikes, who was fires. hasn't won a regular-season road game since septe beating the tar heels of north carolina is going to be a big challenge in the season opener.
6:48 am
>> there's always going to be some adversity in the game and how we respond to that adverse thety. so, i think our guys are excited to play, i really do. i think you have a really good camp and i'm excited to get them out there and cut them loose. >> nfl, osweiler has gone from champion to unemployed in a little more than a year. they released him. he was a bank up quarterback when they beat the panthers. last season, he led the texans to playoff win over the raiders. cleveland has decided he is not their quarterback of the future. that's a look at your morning sports. stay cool. have a great a weekend, everyone. after yesterday's 106 in san francisco, today, we should be below 100. so you survived the hottest day inry in the city. 140-year-old record was brokebroken and take a look at this awful shot from emoryville. the air is just so polluted with the smoke from the fires and also the high concentration of ozone in the atmosphere that today, certainly not a great day out there. we are looking at francisco. oakland at 67. 75 in mountain view. san jose, 76. yes, not even 7:00 in the morning. half moon bay, a comfortable 63
6:49 am
and santa rosa, you're at 66, 67 in napa with low 70s by the delta. 75 in concord, so warmer than yesterday and you look at the sky and boy, oh, boy, doesn't even look like san francisco. looks like a place far, far away and we are looking at low clouds and fog that will come back tonight and high clouds from tropical system. this is lydia. right over the baja peninsula here, so this will get drawn up throughout the overnight hours. the it will bring high clouds and a return to the low cloud deck, which brings significant cooling for labor day. tomorrow's not so bad either, but as we look outside again, you know why we have a spare the air alert. today, it is just another day of dangerous heat and we look for more records to be shattered with the cooler coast and around the bay tomorrow and into labor day. the it is just horrible out there and it's been quite some time where we've seen the air
6:50 am
quality so bad. the temperatures so in such a long stretch. tomorrow, we're look iing at his just over 100 degrees, so comparatively speak, it seems bet erat. it will be and 70s and 80s around the bay. by labor ta, just into the low fo mid-90s with more 70s in the city. so it should be nice. so your hour by hour forecast, no fog, just bad air out there into late tomorrow and tomorrow. high clouds begin to move in then the low cloud, so by the afternoon, you'll notice that, a different day, tomorrow p with better air quality. as for today, we're looking at mid to upper 90s in san francisco. yesterday, well over 100. today, maybe 5 degrees of cooling, but everywhere else, it's well over 100 degrees. in fact, perhaps 114 for you today in livermore. as well as antioch, concord, 113. look at that 104 in san jose
6:51 am
with 106 in san rafael and napa. we're look iing at another day where you want to stay inside, avoid the outdoors, so unhealthy, but if you want if you want to go to the wine festival, mid-90s today. always a fun but better weather tomorrow with the upper 80s, check it out for sure. it's an iconic festival as well as the scottish b highland games where today, how about 112 at the summer sizzle today. over in alameda county at the fairgrounds, so we'll look for temperatures tonight to be on the warm side, but notice the clouds increase at the beginning of the change we have in store for you. download our app and check out the seven-day forecast, you can track the cool er days beginnin tomorrow, but today, the it's all about the heat, the dangerous heat, the red flag warnings, so take it slow. drink plenty of water and try to stay out of the sun, ooitd call it sun, but it's not even sun, it's just haze and pollutants. we can do this. one more day. if you're the type who takes
6:52 am
piblstures of everything, a new camera that takes pictures of literally everything. jonathan bloom has a look at one that was released a few days ago. at a press conference in germany, rico swrused its latest gadget. >> perfect from 360 camera. >> the fate of vi looks like the older camera, two lenses, one-on-one each. on facebook, youtube and twitter, you can look around by tilting your phone. the new camera shoots videos in 4x. >> via headset, you need that extra resolution. >> vr is the ideal way to watch video that wraps all the way around you. putting you in the middle of
6:53 am
your favorite group or tesla's high-tech factory. >> the video really shines is in a situation when you really need to be immersed, say, for example, snoi boarding or jet-skiing. >> that's why go pro and other action camera makers have 360 products in the works. >> it's going to be become difficult to choose one of these. >> comes with a steep learning curve because it captures everything all the time. so while you could be looking up there, you could be looking down at whatever the camera is sitting on. in this case, a hand held stable irz. in 360 degrees, there's no such thing as behind the camera. every shot is a selfie. >> the viewer has control to look anywhere. >> instead of watching our interview, you could look out the window. >> i just fired the camera person and hired you, the viewer, to be the camera person. >> the answer is spatial audio. sound that helps you know where to look. >> if there was a drone, you could look up. >> when you hear the guys sing off key, you could wheel around and point at me. the it's good i still have day job. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. next, enjoy the last blast of summer on the peninsula. what's on tap for this weekend's art and wine festival.
6:54 am
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♪ [brother] any last words? [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event. here are the winning numbers. 4, 13, 31, 50, 60, meganumber 12. nobody picked all six, o tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $61 million. relax this labor day weekend at the art and wine festival in mill bray. the first day is today. broadway avenue in downtown will be buzzing with food, wine and
6:57 am
artwork. also a classic car show, the festival is open from 10:00 this morning until 5:00 tonight and if you u can't make it today, you've got another chance to go tomorrow. a final weather check with lisa. >> those advisories yesterday carry over to today. the excessive heat warning, red flag warning and until tonight along the coast, but we'll be getting relief for the second half of your weekend for most of you. not today though. 100 in oakland. 102 in fremont. 114 in livermore. 106, san rafael. 82, half moon bay. the seven-day forecast, exce excessive heat again today, but san francisco should be in the mid and upper 90s. air quality is horrible, fog returns tomorrow. cooling trend continues and takes ut through the week. it's going to feel really nice around here as soon as labor day. so just another scorcher today, but after a that, we'll improve by sunday and monday.
6:58 am
>> just got to get through the weekend. thank you. and thanks to you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and instagram. good morning america is next. abc 7 news returns at 8:00 a.m. we'll see you then.
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good morning, america. this morning, the new challenges in texas. rivers rising in hard hit beaumont hampering efforts to fix the water supply system there. people lining up for hours for bottled water. tiny babies evacuated to safety. unstable chemicals setting off a new massive fire at this plant. receding waters in houston revealing the damage in thousands of homes. >> you can see the water line right here. >> and the wildlife trapped inside. >> i looked down and there was a ten-foot alligator in my dining room. plus, the new flooding concerns as president trump returns to texas today to support hurricane harvey's survivors. and we do have breaking news overnight. wildfires, raging flames burning in burbank. residents forced from their homes in the middle of the night.


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