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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 3, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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[female narrator] foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some bth defects before you even know you're pregnant. . live where you live, abc 7 news. >> i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with the quick look at weather. >> congratulations, we made it, we made it out of our heat trend. we have a system from remnants of tropical storm lydia that has clouds. it is 88 in livermore, 60s along
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the coast, still trying to cool off from yesterday's heat. still retuunning warmer than yesterday. so we still have our excessive heat warning inland and higher elevations until tonight. original is a heat advisory. conditions are right for exhaustion. we'll be cooler but bad quality. a little bit more, but look at the 90s around the bay, we're making progress, i'll have the forecast for the rest of the week coming up. >> thank you, coming up out of north korea, they appear to have carried out their most powerful nuclear test.
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they detonated a hydrogen bomb that could be put on a intercontinental ballistic missile. >> the north korean news agency making it official early sunday morning. confirming that the nation has successfully conducted a test of a hydrogen bomb for an intercontinental ballistic missile. want news woman saying that jo jongun commanded the test. it seems to be much stronger than the previous five. >> we're not sure how big it is, but it is the biggest one that we ever have seen before. >> kim was seen inspecting the
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loading of a hydrogen bomb into a missile. it is just the next most daring move. they fired a ballistic missile over japan causing international outrage. south korea's president called an emergency meeting of the security council. last month president trump promised to unleash fire and furry if north korea continued. then they imposed sanctions forr f the missiles. >> president trump tweeted this morning says north korea's actions continue to be hostile and dangerous to the u.s. now to the other top story, the heat wave in san francisco. people are trying to escape the heat this weekend in the shade
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or at the beach. delores park looked like an oasis. a plaits where people normally seek sun. this saturday they formed human islands to enjoy shade under trees. >> we were walking around downtown, and i said we need to take an uber, i can't stand the heat. >> this bachelorette party weekend for mariah and friends is not what they expected. >> it's hotter here than san diego right now which is weird. never the case. >> the sun continued it's three day assault, a veg group braved the heat. officials saw a 25% spike in heat related emergency calls this saturday. >> one of the hottest days of
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the year, the mission community extended hour and is free to swim. all city pools were free the heat advisory. >> a similar scene at kriszy fields, a beach where typically the water is too cold for swimming, not so this saturday. >> it was really refreshing. >> cold? >> no, it wasn't cold. >> that's rare. >> by days end, the clouds took over fading away the hot son. visitors enjoying every last drop. in san francisco, abc 7 news. a fremont nursing home resorted to a back up generator because of a power outage that left everyone in the dark.
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residents say generators provides some, not a lot of relief from the weather. families concerned about their loved ones say it wasn't enough to ease worries about the heat's impact. where we expect triple digit numbers, and emergency staffing levels, lisa was in alameda county where there were more calls for yesterday.yesterday.., >> imagine playing bag pipes under the sun while wearing wool. the games at the alameda county fairgrounds, it is a must. and the triple layer norm. >> this year's atense dance members were extremely low.
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half of what they were last year. organizers say this is the hottest it has been in a quarter century. >> we had 13 or 14 heat related calls, and the symptoms have been nausea, weakness, a few people have been vomiting. >> one of the people competing in the heavy event game was treated for heat issues. >>. >> at the alameda county fire department, the worry is twofold. there is the heat and the increased fire danger. a hydration unit will now follow crews responding to fire. extra rigs available, and staffing is up. until there is a significant cool down, the department won't risk offering mutual said to
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agencies outside of the county. >> scorching heat did not stop this sign spinner from trying to get business. at 2:30 yesterday afternoon, temperatures hit 109 degrees in sonoma county. you know you can download the nbc 7 app and enable push alerts for temperatures where you live and heat advisories. we also have a list of cools centers in that app. u.s. agents made a inspection this weekend. the russians were not happy that the trump administration kicked them out of the san francisco concentrate late and two other facilities. yesterday russian leaders told a
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u.s. diplomat in moscow they could be used to plant "compromising objects." the u.s. state department saying they're following the law and allowed russian personnel to walk through with their agents. they walked through to see an agent from the bureau of depositionmatic security keeping watch over the building. russia promises to reciprocate for their the gross violations. new video shows a man attacking an asian woman in san francisco. the 19-year-old is accused of attacking several asian women after they got off of buses in san bruno avenue. a man threw a woman to the ground and then came back and struck her. they hope more victims and
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witnesses will come forward. garcia has been arrested, police say every tack was unprovoked. >> it definitely feels a little cooler out there this morning. >> yes, we have seen the flow switch to a southerly component. it will be a little more humid, but temperatures are coming down today, right? so still, quick warm out there, we still have excessive heat warnings with numbers over 100 degrees. i'll have your details, next. >> also ahead, b.a.r.t. delays are inevitable, but riders to the east bay could experience delays for another reason. >> and the biggest fire in the history of los angeles continues
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welcome back, everyone, this is a live look from exploreitorium camera. it is lit up in pink and we don't know why. if you know, let us know we have developing news from portland, oregon, where there is a massive wild fire.
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it trapped some hikers who have been rescue by i real cop ters. heavy fire seen burning all along the popular hiking >> this morning, a fire burning in los angeles is now the biggest that city has ever seen. we have a live look right now in los angeles. shifts winds are making the la tuna fire unpredictable. it is now 10% contained. >> a massive cloud hangs over los angeles. it is a fire known ashe la tuna wild fire in the hillsides. they crept within feet of burbank. firefighters evacuated hundreds of homes.
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. taking in a little built of wind and that is it. >> if you're familiar with fire and wind, it's a lousy combination. >> i want to thank the people that evacwaked. people that leave their homes, we have police assets that will stay in the neighborhood. >> after they drive away, the road to safety is in danger. >> this is the scariest thing. literally driving through a fire at the moment. >> the fire now encompasses thousands of acres. >> we still have fire crews here, and we still have active flames. >> in other spots, crews are hoping less wind will help slow down the flames.
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today is an official day of mourning for for hurricane harvey. the hurricane is now blamed for 44 deaths. president trump and first lady melania met with survivors. they handed out mr. trump is seeking disaster relief. he says the recovery effort is moving forward efficiently. >> there's a lot of water, but it is moving out. and with the federal >> it that have been flooded and they
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could be damaged. inspectors cannot yet access the sites. they visited the viets with a boat or on foot. this is what firefighters in encountered when they first arrived on the scene. a man was trying to light his barbecue grill when the propane tank flashed on him. two people were hurt. the final demolition of the earn pan of the bay bridge began with a bang. two of the 13 original peers
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were successfully imploded yesterday morning. it caused a brief slow down of traffic. they say monitoring marine and wildlife show no significant impact. >> the efforts we take to make sure there is no wildlife, birds and porpoises, was very successful. >> work will continue through mid november. drivers can expect a rolling delay of the road and bike path during demolition times. the rails expand and contract depending on the temperature. a b.a.r.t. spokes person says they have extra after it working this weekend in the event of
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heat related issues. crews are installing new tracks and other equipment. there could be delays of 15 to 20 minutes. good morning, we still have a lot of heat out there, but we're going to see a reduction in solar radiation today due to cloud cover. we're going to see a lot of hot weather as our big dome of high pressure continues to shift to the east. the subtle changes come inland, dramatic changes around the bay and coast today. it is a dieing tropical storm in there. the motion of the flow around the high, and this drifting up to the north will allow for more cloud cover. it is tracking to the northwest.
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you see the moisture off shore. as we get into the next several di days, we'll see some showers here and it will work in our favor beginning today. san francisco, 78 in mountain view. 83 in shoels. that was the high yesterday in half moon bay. a warm night again, but we're looking at temperatures coming down as much as five degrees inland, as much as 20 degrees along the coast. 80 in livermore, 75 in concord. the changes come with the atmosphe atmosphere, the flow and the windshifts. we're looking at the heat had vie zero around the coast, but looking at temperatures coming down the middle of the week.
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today though, yes, we're still looking inland, partly cloudy skies, beeches, half moon bay to the 80s in santa cruz. partly cloudy skies, winds from the southwest of 20 miles per hour. that's a shift as well. as we go through your hour by hour forecast, notice the high and mid level clouds. it will feel warm and muggy, and you will feel the change. the atmosphere started to clean out just a little bit. today, 99 in morgan hill. that's better than 111 yesterday, right? low to mid 90s here from redwood city to mountain view. 70s on the coast, 83 downtown. cooler here by five degrees on the east bay. a lot of 90s here, but as soon as tomorrow it will be a big
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difference. today 93 will feel better inland, but 106 is still five degrees cooler than yesterday. an increase of high clouds tonight. it will remain mild. download our app and the seven-day forecast and it will show you the cooling trend is getting more tra mdramatic toda. tumbling into the 80s tomorrow, and wlenz be the coolest day, wednesday and thursday as the numbers start to stabilize through the end of the week. . it is just a few days, we can endure. >> just ahead, the first weekend of college football, but no highlight is better than this
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it is tempting to accept free trial offers, but they can be a trap for the unweary. a san francisco woman says he was stuck with fees for something he did not even order. >> the original time you're the smarter person in the world is when you're alone. >> she was watching tf the old fashioned way. she just canceled her directv service mostly out of frustration. >> i was constantly dealing with it. >> it began when distridistric she needed to upgrade her modem.
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>> she sent the modem in the box as instructioned. >> i got confirmation they received it. >> but on her next bill, they charged here $150 for not returning the modem. >> i returned it, i have proof, they say we never received it. >> then she found this charge on her bill, $46.99 for nfl sunday ticket. >> i know i didn't order it, so -- >> she says she could not get directv to cancel the football channel even though she didn't want it. >> they were giving me such a hard time, i asked someone to help me cancel directv. >> we contacted at&t, turns out they provided the nfl package free as a promotion last year, then automatically renewed it and charged her for this last year. she didn't even know she had it
5:27 am
let alone that she had to proactively cancel to avoid paying for it next year. they said many of the programming packages are free when the customer orders services, they also reversed the charge for the modem saying we regret we did not meet her spgss. >> they agreed to terminate the contract. >> an inspirational moment in the usc football game yesterday. >> a good snap, listen to the crowd, look at the sideline! >> alton who has been blind
5:28 am
since age 12, snapped the ball and it was perfectly executed helping usc get the win. he was a walk on that call to go in. and work on the damaged orville damage is nearly
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap to friends at more banks than ever before. you got next? chase. make more of what's yours. welcome back, everyone, we're starting with a look at our weather. we have good news in the weather department, temperatures are warm, yes, but we're seeing
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things turn around. numbers right now will be the warmest you will see for quite some time. 68 in novado and by the afternoon you will recognize the changes. a couple of changes, and we're talking about excessive heat inland. we're lifts some heat with temperatures tumbling today. we still have bad air, so the air quality is bad. look at the cloud cover. 86 in san mateo. the in your opinions will cap off in the low 100s. certainly something above average. wait until you see the holiday f forecast and beyond. >> thank you, president trump and the first lady are back at
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the white house after touring storm ravages texas and louisiana. talking to victims and inspecting the damage left behind by harvey. at least 44 people have died in the storm. >> flood waters still rising and in parts of texas. >> leading to new mandatory evacuations. >> i don't think people realize the catastrophes in these areas. >> there is a lot of people still trapped across the road. they need food and water. >> the city of beaumont in their fourth day without water. president trump thanking service members fir their ongoing efforts. a trip with the first lady to texas and load. spending the afternoon serving meals and visiting families in
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this houston shelter. >> and touring some of hurricane harvey's aftermath. thousands are returning home to find everything they own destroyed. >> this is all replaceable. i just thank god for my life. >> the astros celebrating that stren strength in their first home game since the storm. at this shelter they had 12,000 volunteers sign up to help, in houston, marci gonzalez. hundreds of evacees are at the nrg stadium. james harden visited them yesterday promising to pay $1 million towards relief efforts. >> it's a sad time. we have to find a way to push through it, put smiles back on faces, and being strong like but we before. >> the rockets are also chipping
5:34 am
in, leslie alexander will donate $4 million. >> the government's response to hurricane harvey is coming up on this week with jorchgeorge ste.h more than 60,000 people are evacuating two german cities after the discovery of a pair of world war ii womds, abombs. they're clearing out all buildings within a mile of one of the bombs. they say it has 1.4 tons of explosives and it could flatten a city block. 60 miles away, thousands evacuated yesterday.
5:35 am
they used heat detecting cameras to make sure no one was left before they do a controlled detonation. work to fix the damaged orville dam. last year it forced evacuation of nearly 200,000 people. we have a update now on the work. >> the damage is done, now the fix. >> this is new, never happened before event. >> they knew the task would be tough. rebuild a collapsed spillway on the largest dam in the united states and do it on an
5:36 am
accelerated time line. >> that is erin mellon who says revly 600 people have been working around the clock demolishing what was left. the sil way is 3,000 feet long, and the width of a 16 lane highway. >> they vacuum the rock and power wash it to make sure it is clean and the concrete can bond to the rock. >> two months until the completion date and new concrete is being laid. >> we're about 25% done with concrete which includes rebar. brought all of our standards back up to 2017 standards to make sure we don't have any problems again. >> and state reporters say it is
5:37 am
unlikely there will be enough rain that will force them to open the gates of the spill way. >> the suspect that took the life of a deputy sheriff is in custody. he killed robert french and wounded chp officers as they were investigating a stolen car in sacramento. little cloud was critically wounded in a gun battle on wednesday and he died from his injuries yesterday. a woman from oakland has been arrested in connection with that incident. work is about to begin on the 1878 napa courthouse. the napa valley register reports the board of supervisors
5:38 am
approved a contract with alton construction. they will repair a hole near the roof line, cracked walls, and patch falling bricks. the county will watch over the work to make sure the historic details are maintained. another $6 million have been spent to stabilize the structure. all of the restoration will coast $18 million with insurance covering the bulk of it. still ahead here on abc 7 mornings, the program giving people a clean start in san jose. not just suspects but victims too. >> here is a live look from our emoryville camera. are you tired of the triple digit heat? i am, and lisa has good news in the forecast in just a bit.
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back on earth after 288 straight days in space. she landed in kazakhstan yesterday along with jeff fisher. she spent 66 5 cumulative days in space. she is also the first female international space station commander and spent a record 60
5:42 am
hours doing spacewalks. >> a championship eater from the bay area is back at it again. this time joey chestnut is competing at the conte contest. he will defend his title as a chicken wing champion. last year he ate 188 wings in 12 minutes. >> is that worth $2500? >> that's my hometown, yeah. >> i've had a few wings in my day. we're turning the corner in the weather department today, but this morning you're like huh? because it is warm out there. we will bring in high clouds and increate the low cloud deck. that brings temperatures down
5:43 am
today everywhere. ville t i'll have the details in just a few minutes. >> college football in full swing. the cal bears were off to a great start. they win their first game on the road in nearly two years. we have all of ♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy
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with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. in sports this afternoon, the giants will try to earn a split with the cardinals, madison pitching. cal plays their home opening next sand against waeaver. we have the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, football is the ultimate team sport and the cal bears proved just that.
5:46 am
they won their first home game in two years against a stuff team. second quarter, deep in the third, gets behind the defense, 67 yards for the touch, cal still trailed 17-14. right before the half, he had 13 tackles, a forced fumble in that pick. he was a monster on defense. bowers using his legs, he finds a patrick good start to the justin wilcox era. >> san jose state hosting cal poly. perfect strike to blackwell. 18 yards, 17-6 san jose state. a low snap, picks it up, throws a dart, comes down with it for
5:47 am
six. san jose state had 271 yards on the ground. 121 one of those, san jose state gets brent brennan his first win as a coach. 34-13 the final. >> stopping in the triple option. the defense was lights out. offense got it the defense to stop that run game from cal poly and they needed to run the ball and throw it down the field and they that. >> bottom eight, foul ball into the cove near the kayaks, watch this. man overboard, but more importantly saved the beer. bottom ten, tied at one. fair ball, see ya. the a's and mariners in seattle, chris davis crushing it to dead
5:48 am
center. a's are up 6-2 at one point. the m's go back to back. that makes it 6-4 now tied at 6-6 in the 9th. a wild push to bruce maxwell's legs. they score the winnin run for seattle. roger federer and nadal both advance. we made it through the oppressive heat. it is a warm morning with temperatures in the 70s here in the city, but wow, a second day of numbers over 100 degrees and today, that is all going to change. because along the coast, we're looking at a big, big cool down in fact as much as 10 to 20
5:49 am
degrees cooler. i wish we could spread that all of the way around the bay, but not likely. it will still be over 100 degrees inland. as we look outside from our explore tor yum roof camera, you see it is still nice and dark out there. sun coming up in 40 minutes or so. live doppler 7 showing the changes. look at all of the cloud cover out here. it will stream up today, tompl, and tuesday and it will really increase our relative humidity. you knew it was warm and sticky in the past few days, but it will feel very muggy through wednesday. this system is coming up through the tropics. it is a system that continues to weaken, but it is bringing showers and storms into southern california and san diego. as we look at the wind flow at 35 miles per hour and the direction, it's still to the northwest, but look at the moisture off shore. all of the cloud cover as we take it through tuesday some green is indicated here from the
5:50 am
santa cruz mountains. the south bay and the east bay. we could see showers but you're likely feeling the change in the air. certainly not ideal where we should be, but by the middle of the week, things will really get back to what we like as normal. 78 in mountain view, 83 in san jose, 68 in half moon bay. 83 there yesterday. right now from the golden gait brid -- gate bridge. the wind flow has changed and that allows for more cooling on the coast. many of these cities still well over 100 degrees today and you see why, starting out warmer than you should be. a warmer start and cloud cover but that will allow for the humid conditions, santa cruz 107 yesterday, right? we had it, right isn't the excessive heat advisory still in effect away from the coast. the heat advisory from the coast and the bay.
5:51 am
that means less heat. it is not the extreme heat warning that we're having inland, but we're not going to see 109, more like 105. hour by hour forecast, the cloud cover through monday and tuesday but 70s at the coast, look what happens on tuesday. no one is in that 90s. we're near average and it should still feel humid around here. look at the average temperatures really stabilizing into the 70s for the rest of of the week. if you're headed to alameda county fairgrounds, another hot one today. and looking at the low 90s on the peninsula today. it is hot, humid, but it will feel better. the seven day forecast showing the temperatures will stay warm
5:52 am
at night and then we will look for things to really stabilize after the middle of the week. we have a lot of things going on but we're getting it all under control starting today. >> yeah, about time. thanks, lisa. >> a new tool in the south bay being used to help victims of human trafficking recover. a laser removal device. they focused on former gang members, but the machine use will be able to expand. david louis has the story. >> a newer faster device for removing tattoos. they now have three of them. for over 20 years, a program called clean slate has targeted former gang members. he says the sex trade brands or tattoos young women against their will to exert ownership.
5:53 am
>> they put their names on their neck, face, or wrist, to be able to move that mark off o that young victim, i think the first treatment shows results, and she said it didn't hurt much. >> now that she is about to get her four year degree, she is getting her tattoos removed. >> it was common, so i wanted to get one myself. i thought it was cool and what i got at the time had a significant meaning to me, but it doesn't any more now. >> for human trafficking victims, cindy chavez
5:54 am
will be live changing. >> coming up, celebrating brazil's independence day where you can enjoy all of the festivities of the holiday.
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5:56 am
happening today, it is brazilian day. today there is a street party with traditional song and dance in berkeley. the group will also create a cleansing ceremony that washes out the old and brings in the new. the festival runs from 10:00 this morning to 7:00 tonight in san pablo near university avenue. >> coming up next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00, north korea says they carried out their
5:57 am
sixth nuclear test, how it appears to be stronger than the previous five. the bay area in for another hot one today. when we will finally get some relief. we'll have the full forecast coming up.
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good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologi meteorologist. >> good morning, high everyone, if you're an early riser maybe you just want to get up and check the weather. it will play a factor in our forecast today, tomorrow, and into tuesda


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