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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 4, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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unusual for this area, smoke for more than a dozen fires in northern california and oregon has been moving toward the bay area and staying here because there hasn't been a wind system to push it out. >> if we don't have fraesh winds to ventilate that away, we're just sitting in all that smoke. that's what happened the last several days. >> san francisco not beelg used to the heat, and with all the pollutants coming in, we've seen an increase in the number of people that are coming in with respiratory issues. >> patients complain of headaches and coughing. doctors recommend not exercising outdoors, not everyone follows that advise. >> you can't stop doing everything, right? you can try to not drive so much. >> i wasn't running when it was 106 that's for sure. i was inside waiting for things to cool down. >> late today things were beginning to change. >> it's dissipating and we have
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fresh winds coming in. >> that's music to my ears. now, good news because conditions are changing. the spare the air alert has been lifted for tomorrow. live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. >> south bay firefighters are battling a brushfire not far from gilroy. so far it's burned 130 acres and one firefighter has been injured. tiffany wilson has the latest. >>. >> smoke chokes the gilroy hills as neighbors look on with concern. >> neil lives in a house at the base of the ridge, he's been watches the fire since it started last night. he's attempted to hike through the hills where the fire burns. >> a firefighter ended up
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tumbling down a 40 foot draw, he was taken to the hospital, evaluated and released. >> the firefighter is now back on duty. these hillsides haven't burned before, so they're incredibly dense. >> a lot of fuel, a lot of fuel? firefighters are strapped as they battle numerous fires across california. >> i do not have an answer on whether we'll get additional aircraft at this time. >> so far, no shelter in place has been ordered. >> we might reconsider later on, depending on how this fire goes. >> about 100 firefighters are here on the scene, some of them working overtime to put out the fire, there's a helicopter and air tanker and spotter plane also arrived to help tamp down this gilroy fire.
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>> the firefighters did get some help today from mother nature. this is video from our abc 7 news crew there. >> you can see the drop with the fire truck in the background. >> is this weird or what? >> let's check in for a look. >> it's weird. >> we have poor air quality. here's a look at the current air quality. just moderate at best in other bay area regions. on we go to a look at live doppler, there are still a couple drizzly spots in the north bay, a line of light trickily showers that will be tapering off very soon. you probably have felt how humid and muggy it is out there with dewpoints elevated. those are the labels we proudly wear here in the bay area today. that's going to be changing pretty soon.
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>> starting at 4:30 this afternoon, notice the line of light showers there or drizzle will move out of here later tonight. it will be cloudy, and humid during the overnight hours. air quality will be better, and check out is this 24 hour temperature change. anywhere from 6 to 22 degrees cooler right now across the bay area than it was at this hour yesterday. the recent heat wave has ended. the muggies will be out of here soon, i'll have brighter skies to show you later. eric? >> crews are making little progress fighting a wildfire in trinity county. the blaze has destroyed at least 72 homes and burned nearly 9,000 acres near the community of helena. full control, not expected until october 1st. >> better news in southern california. the latuna fire is no longer actively burning.
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the fire charred 7,000 acres and at least three homes. all evacuation orders have been lifted. at its peak, more than 700 residents were ordered out of their homes. the cause is not yet known. >> winds from a thunderstorm pushed the blaze further into a grove of 2700-year-old giant sequoias. one of the world's largest, the 24 story high sequoia. the fire broke out last tuesday, it's burned 9700 acres and is 23 percent contained. highway 41 is still closed into yosemite. >> president trump is expected to announce an end to daca >> people marched through los angeles today in support of the program that provides deportation protection for undocumented immigrants brought
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to you u.s. as children. the white house is expected to announce it will scrap daca with a six-month delay so congress can pass a legislative fix. the president's reported decision has left many in the bay area angry and fearful tonight. laura anthony is live at uc berkeley. >> that decision, that announcement could have an impact on hurricanes of students here at uc berkeley, one east bay congressman is headed back to washington. he is deeply disappointed in what he expects will be the president's announcement on daca. >> east bay congressman spared no words in his assessment of an expected decision by donald trump to end daca. >> congress can make it right, there are bipartisan bills right now. the main bill is lindsey graham
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from florida. it would legalize daca. >> it stands for deferred action for childhood arrivals. there are about 800,000 dreamers in the united states. a quarter of them in california. cecilia chavez is one of those. she's a mother of two, and holds a master's degree from san jose state. >> so many parents depend on us. depend on me, my income. my children depend on me. and for him to terminate daca, he has no idea what he's doing. >> this is part of the new america. >> ending daca would create hardship for the young people it protects also for the larger community. >> these youngsters are graduating from our high schools, serving in our military. they're demonstrating leadership, education strength and helping the economy. >> as of 2015, there were nearly 400 dreamers attending classes
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here at uc berkeley. it's unclear at this point how an end to daca would affect their educational status here. in berkeley, laura anthony, abc 7 news. more business leaders are joining the fight to protect daca, over the weekend executives from wells fargo, kaiser and more added their names to a letter. it urges president trump and others to pass a dream act. dozens of corporate and conservative leaders in at least 15 states will start to do something to help dreamers. details on how the chase in marin county started. it came to an end when the suspect collided with another car on the mill valley offramp from highway 101. the area is next to a popular trail for runners and bikers, while both cars sustained significant damage. witnesses say the suspect was taken into custody at the scene.
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>> a bart station remains closed. bart says the work will make the system safer, quieter and more reliable. crews can't make the repairs during the overnight hours, there are bus bridges in place between fruit veil and the 19th street station. the station is expected to open tomorrow morning. >> one of the bay area's most scenic stretches of roadway will be a little tougher for tourists to reach. crews will be striping the parking area near in the tomorrow morning. what a difference a day can make, especially if it's a day at the beach. crowds were noticeably thinner today skies were overcast throughout the morning and in the afternoon, some families were happy to have a sandy spot
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to themselves without the weekend crush. >> we avoided the beach over the weekend to get away from the crowds and we thought today would be perfect. if it was this cool, there would be less people out. >> yesterday they saw some surfers without wet suits. >> taking a stand for workers this labor day. >> better wages. good working conditions where they're not at risk. >> from the east bay to the south bay, the calls for complaining for workers. burning man is over. but all that dirt means big business for some in the bay area. michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook. post them with the #askfinney. stay with us.
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demonstrators sounded a drum beat in downtown oakland today for organized labor. >> thousands say they're living on the edge of poverty cage out to rally for better conditions. >> abc 7 news reporter janine della vega joins us with more. >> that's right, and we're here at this mcdonald's in san jose. a lot of the workers here make minimum wage, they're not in a union, a lot of them are thinking that should change. >> this is what democracy looks like. >> hundreds of people made their voices heard.
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they work in the silicon valley like this woman. >> i'm forced to live in my car in order to get by. >> she's not the only one who's homeless and working. this single mother works at mcdonald's but lives at a shelter with her children. >> even though you have one or two jobs with minimum wage. you just can't survive. >> they want to unionize, they wore red shirts that said, fight for 15. the minimum wage needs to be raised to $15 an hour sooner. currently in california it's set at $10.50. >> we know fast food workers have the highest rates of on the job injuries. they deserve a good wage. >> protesters stormed inside the mcdonald's encouraging laborers there to unionize.
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protesters marched in front of dell calling out the company for getting rid of janitors who were union members. many child care providers say they don't receive health insurance or -- >> we are required to go to school to get education for child development, we get paid really low. >> the labor day protests happened in more than 300 cities across the u.s. today. it's all part of building a movement toward economic justice. reporting live from san jose. >> janine, thank you. politicians are marking labor day on twitter. we are building our future with american hands, american labor, american iron, aluminum and steel. the 40 hour workweek, osha, over time, family leave, we owe labor
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for all of it dianne feinstein says happy labordy, thank you to our nation's workers, we're grateful for all you contribute to our country. >> kbash rah lee used labor day to call for a higher minimum wage. we must never forget the work that remains to give women, people of color to accessing the american dream. the owners of buy the bucket posted a letter on the restaurant's facebook page. the time has come to pursue other endeavors. the restaurant opened in 1959. owners have served millions of guests and created countless memories, for that they will be forever grateful. hundreds of cyclists raced in front of the abc 7 studios in downtown san francisco this labor day. streets were shut down. the race started in 1975 and
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cyclists of all ages can take part. there were 10 races, one of those winners was a 20-year-old of morgan hill. > i love going fast, competing and i love being on my bike. i used to run. and honestly, i would get bored sometimes doing long distance running. i don't know, on the bike, it's always an adventure every day. >> winners received cash prizes. those returning from burning man are bringing part of the desert with them. abc 7 news was at a car wash where dusty cars were lined up. it takes a lot of work to trackt down every single grain of sand. >> everything has to be wiped off, dusted off.
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even hat that, we have to come back and do it one more time to make sure everything's done right. >> starting tomorrow, they expect 500 vehicles this week, each costing $120 to clean. >> a sponge costs $5. >> right? >> spencer is here with a look at the weather forecast. >> today you could have driven around looking for the showers. >> that's true. >> there's a little line of light -- this looks more oppr s oppressive here. >> a line of showers up around santa rosa and across -- moving eastward toward sacramento. it's lifting northward right now, this is the view looking out over san francisco under mostly cloudy skies, 78 here in the city right now, low to mid-80s at oakland. san jose, morgan hill -- gilroy, rather. morgan hill was probably close.
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half moon bay, 72. this is the view from our emeriville camera. clouds adding a little color and texture to the picture. we have current readings in the low to mid-80s. 88 at livermore, here's the view atop mt. tamm, where it's breezy, cloudy and muggy, as is the remainder of the bay area. it will be cloudy and muggy tonight. sunnier tomorrow. a schooler pattern that developed yesterday and kicked into high gear today will continue through friday. on saturday, redwood city had a high of 102 degrees. 76 today. 26 degrees cooler, you get the picture. air quality has not improved, it's remained unhealthful through today.
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tomorrow we'll see moderate air quality. still not great. hazy conditions with lots of clouds around as well. it will be muggy during the overnight hours. morning lows in the mid to upper 60s. it's going to be pretty mild and uncomfortable during the overnight hours. highs will range from upper 60s at the coast to mid-70s do near 80 right around the bay. low to mid-80s in the warmest inland locations. looking ahead to wednesday, the cooler pattern continues to hold on, inland highs in the warmest locations will reach into the low to mid-80s, we'll see mostly low to mid-70s on the coast, mid-60s on wednesday. pretty much the same pattern on thursday. and on friday, here's what happened. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. we'll have much more comfortable we'll have meather in terms of humidity and brighter skies and
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lower temperatures over the next several days, on saturday and sunday it starts to warm up again to seasonal levels. no heat wave is on the way, by the weekend we'll see sunny skies. upper 70s around the bay, and 70 on the coast. >> those are nice words, no heat wave on the way. a big announcement from the royals, why it came earlier than prince william and kate may have liked. the bay area kids lending a helping hand to harvey victims. for a cigarette, that's when i knew i had to quit. for real this time. that's why i'm using nicorette. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste, plus intense craving relief. every great why needs a great how. ♪
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big news out of the u.k. today, princess kate and prince william are expecting another child, a new sibling for george
4:24 pm
and charlotte. kensington palace made the news today on twitter. >> baby news from the royal family. kensington palace revealing the duke and duchess of cambridge will welcome their third child. the queen is delighted with the ne news. the duchess is again being treated for severe morning sickness sickness. the condition hospitalized the royal with her first pregnancy. the new child will be fifth in line for the thrown. pushing uncle prince harry down one spot. >> por prince harry. >> you should see how excited she was when we discussed --
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>> i don't know why i get excited about it, it's just one of those things. one of those guilty pleasures i guess. >> she gets really sick every time. >> i don't know how she does it. >> the royal mail delivers when it comes to star wars. they are issuing a set of eight stamps. the stamps feature new characters and old favorites. luke, chewbacca, r2-d2 and c3po. the film is produced by disney, the parent company of abc 7. >> what does it take to set a guinness world record for the most pullups in the folks just posted this video of sandell
4:26 pm
record. he did 53 pullups, but two were disqualified by form. a man did 50 in a minute back in 2009. the stakes could not be higher. the urgency is now. >> the emergency meeting and the pressure the u.s. is putting on china to help. >> and the falloff from harvey is not even over yet. another hurricane is heading toward landfall. the latest on irma is -- on when irma is set to strike.
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. it's a hazy day in the bay area. smoke from fires in northern california seep into our skies. another spare the air alert was issued today. gust ty winds are headed our wa. cornell bernard tweeted about today's shift in weather. spencer christian is coming up in a few minutes with a look at all of the changes ahead. >> the president is expected to
4:30 pm
end the dream act laura tweeted a congressman's response. he said it's tup stupid on many levels, but congress can make it right. the president is expected to announce his plan tomorrow. >> the white house is applying more pressure on china over the growing threat from north korea. this weekend the nation claimed to successfully test a hydrogen blom. the u.n. security council has called for an emergency meeting. emily? >> reporter: the threat from north korea is escalating once again. kim jong-un conducting his sixth and most powerful nuclear test yet. >> the stakes could not be higher. the urgency is now. >> u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley saying enough is enough. this after the latest and most powerful nuclear test yet from north korea. a test launch of a hydrogen
4:31 pm
bomb, triggering a major earth quake. and a u.s. intelligence official telling abc news there's high confidence the koreans tested around advanced nuclear device. any kind of preventative attack on the north could involve the exchange of thermo nuclear weapons. >> president trump speaking with the south korean president monday morning about the next steps. the u.s. is considering stopping all trade with any country doing business with north korea. >> the united states will look at every country that does business with north korea as a country that is giving aide to their reckless and dangerous nuclear intentions. >> the threat not sitting well with china. china's foreign ministry spokesman calling it unacceptable. neither objective nor fair. but president trump leaving all options on the table.
4:32 pm
>> mr. president will you attack north korea? >> there's a lot at stake for both sides if president trump stops trade with china. chinese goods are worth about 0 $40 million every single month. emily raugh, abc news. >> did they come to any conclusions about what to do next? >>. >> the two men spoke this morning on the phone and they both pledged to strengthen their military capabilities. the two leaders said they both agree. the white house wants to maximize pressure on north korea using all means at their disposal. >> emily, thank you so much. >> until texas, the death toll has reached 60 from hurricane harvey. thousands of homes are under mandatory evacuation ordinaries. >> those who are allowed to
4:33 pm
return home are trying to salvage anything they can. >> reporter: homeowners cleaning up and debris piling up. >> bob gardner losing just about everything he owned yet calling himself lucky, with neighbors helping neighbors in bel air texas. >> the good thing is that we're safe, we have good neighbors that said, please come over, we're going to help you out p. >> in west houston, thousands remain evacuated and power cut off in homes still flooded. the army corps of engineers say residents should see water levels dropping gradually. residents in the evacuation zone near the chemical plant allowed to return home monday in
4:34 pm
beaumo beaumont, repairs continue at the water treatment plant, while residents don't have clean drinking water, water is flowing again. and back in houston. police officers pausing to salute one of their own. sergeant steve perez who drowned by driving into work during hurricane harvey. >> as for these homeowners, they tell me repairing and restoring their homes could take up to a year and a half. fema officials are placing evacuees into temporary housing, but long term plans are still being finalized. >> experts say harvey's filthy floodwaters posed significant danger to human safety and the environment. >> authorities are urging residents to stay out of standing water if possible. it likely contains residents are ordered to boil
4:35 pm
water before drinking it. 50 were shut down. >> irma has strengthened to a category 4 hurricane. hurricane watches are up for the lee ward islands in the west indies. additional watches may come as early as today for puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. experts are collecting data from inside hurricane irma. the data collected provides the national hurricane center with invaluable information about the storm and its possible path. irma could affect the season opener for the miami dolphins. they're considering moving the opener to another site or possibly moving the game up to thursday or friday. there's an increasing chance florida will see some impact from hurricane irma later this week and this weekend. surveillance video, a
4:36 pm
74-year-old man accidentally hit the gas while backing up slamming his suv into a laundromat yesterday. when it finally stopped, good samaritans rushed to help the people pinned underneath. six were injured. three seriously. it just happened so fast. >> as soon as i turned my shoulder, the car was already coming through the glass. and it was hitting all the -- you could see the tables of metal, it was hitting everyone. >> the man in the gray tank top was the driver. no word if he'll face any charges. the incident at this point appears to be an accident. >> one of cambodia's last independent newspapers published its final edition today. they were unable to pay more than $6 million in back taxes. the english language paper was founded in 1993 by bernard
4:37 pm
crisher. the kwloesh our has nothing to do with taxes and more to do with cambodia's prime minister trying to curb dissent ahead of the elections next year. bray area kids are lending a helping hand to hurricane harvey victims. >> the latest on the efforts to get fires under control. >> at least it's cooled down. it's going to get sunnier. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. >> taking your questions on twitter and facebook, just post them with the #ask finney, i'll answer your questions right here in a little bit. >> look how light traffic is in both directions on this labor day. the eastbound traffic on the left-hand side is
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a state of emergency has been declared in southern california where more than 1,000 firefighters are battlinged biggest wildfire in los angeles city history. it's one of several fires score. ing the west. >> as the evacuation orders are lifted in los angeles. people are returning to the aftermath of the la tuna fire. >> it was going from this little spot, sections in flames, to this cohesive wall. >> craig's family's home is one
4:41 pm
of four wiped out by the flames that scorched more than 7,000 acres surrounding the country's second largest city. over the weekend, the fire shut down a major freeway, a wall of smoke towering over l.a. neighborhoods. >> as long as the weather continues to cooperate. i'm very confident and convinced we'll be fine. >> this fire is only one of several fires burning across several other states. >> we turned a corner and there it was up in flames. in oregon, more than 150 hikers told to shelter in place, stranded overnight saturday. >> all ten of us are on the bus. >> all of them were finally rescued. in washington state, the jolly mountain fire has charred more than 18,000 acres. >> right now in california,
4:42 pm
there are more than 7500 firefighters battling 25 large wildfires across the state. >> we have some new numbers just in on the latuna fire. it's now more than 7,000 acres, just 30% contained. four strek tours have been destroyed. all mandatory evacuations have been lifted. eight people have been injured. four of them firefighters. the bay area heat wave has ended. we have lots of clouds around the area, moisture, a few drizzly spots in the north bay there. it's muggy, really uncomfortable. nothing compared to what's going on in the south right now, we have a powerful and dangerous hurricane -- hurricane irma, category four right now. 130 miles per hour.
4:43 pm
the storm maintains its intensity. it puts south florida in its path. if this remains the path of the storm by saturday afternoon, florida could be feeling the effects of the storm. we'll continue to stay on top of this system and see what the path is in a few days. overnight lows will be generally in the mid to upper 60s. some locations will bottom out at 70 degrees. going to feel comfortable and warm overnight. we'll see sunnier skies. highs will range from the upper 60s at the coast, mainly mid-70s at the bay. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. we can expect a little bit of improvement in air quality.
4:44 pm
the cooling continues through the end of the week with the high temperatures in the low 80s, inland thursday and friday. summer is warm, returns over the weekend. no heat wave, just summer's warmth. >> all right, spencer, back to you. people trying to cool off at stinson beach yesterday, they were treated to quite the show. this video of some dolphins swimming and jumping in the water was captured yesterday. the dolphins hung around for several hours to the delight of the beach goers and our director of this newscast shot this video, so great to see all those dolphins in the water there. fun. >> look at that. >> the sweet treat that's helping kids help kids. >> it's really hard for the kids and adults going through this terrible hurricane. >> bay area young people lend a hand to people who lost everything in hurricane harvey. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney.
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if you believe in grassroots effortses for hurricane harvey, look no further than sidewalks across the bay area on this labor day. >> san francisco's pacific heights, where proceeds will go to recovery efforts in texas. wayne freed manning found another operation in tiber on. >> do youen want a small or a large? >> can we have two small lemonades. >> it is 1,942 1/2 miles from california to houston, texas. where the painful aftermath of hurricane harvey has long overstayed its welcome. if you believe in tragedy as a teaching moment opinion then this 11-year-old girl and her brother will make you smile. >> i always feel good about helping kids in need. because they're like us. >> they're selling toys and
4:49 pm
lemonade for hurricane harvey relief. >> the kids came up with this idea a couple days ago, it was so hot mom and dad wouldn't let them do it. today they made $40 and counting. >> i think the kids are empowered by this kind of thing, they can gather things 20g9d and decide to put on a sale. it doesn't take much effort >> the cars stopped, even on a busy uphill street. >> how is the lemon ate? >> it's pretty good. fresh squeezed apparently. >> small drops going into a big bucket and every drop helps. when life gives you a hurricane, make lemonade. >> j.j. watt has helped raise almost $20 million for hurricane harvey victims.
4:50 pm
yesterday he and his teammates passed out donations from a relief drive organized in his home state of wisconsin. watt posed for photos and signed autographs. he called yesterday's effort phase one in a lengthy period of recovery. >> time now for ask finney. here now to answer questions, sent to us via facebook, twitter and e-mail. i haven't been paid for a football conference i worked for last year, how do i get my money. >> you'll be able to do it, let me assure of you that. get all your paperwork together so you can prove you worked at that event. anything you have. then contact the company and tell them you have all this information and you haven't received a paycheck. you can follow wageclaim online. it's no big deal.
4:51 pm
you'll get your money, the state of california, you get paid. judy asked, my land line number is on the do not call list, i still get unwanted calls for vacations, cruises and trips. why? >> i think we all know, the do not call list is not perfect. why? >> because bad guys don't care about a do not call list, they don't care about laws that say you can't rob people for instance. there are several apps and websites that block most calls. that's about all we can do now. the government and phone carriers are working together on ways to stop these robo callers. the bad news, they haven't figured out a system yet, i expect them to roll out one by the end of the year, i think it's going to be great. the stopgap measures we have now work pretty good. >> this is a big one for parents, cameron asks, i'm a college student and wondering if
4:52 pm
you can give me any advice on how to control my student loans. >> i'm really glad you're asking me now. before you start wracking up the bills. first off, don't borrow more than you need. most people take the maximum they can get their hands on. seems like a good idea, it's not. consider going to a community college that really drops your cause. i have to tell you, no employer has ever asked, where did you spend your freshman and sophomore years, i know that for a fact because i went to community college. they want to know where you graduated. apply for scholarships, your school can help you with that. get out of school as quickly as you can. that's really important and that's your best strategy. if you have a question for me, you can record a 10 to 15 second long question, post it on social media. use the #askfinney and you can reach me on my facebook page. >> thank you very much for that advice. september is here, and that
4:53 pm
means starbucks is bringing back its pumpkin spiced latte. some locations are already selling the super popular and delicious drink. the pumpkin spice latte won't be officially available until tuesday. it's big business for the coffee giant. 200 million pumpkin spiced lattes have been sold over the last decade. >> many of them to people in this building. >> a utah nurse is still looking for answers today. coming up next, the nurse talks about the headline making video, and the changes police say they're making. a look at how the bay area is helping these precious pets affected by harvey. and what a local pet shelter needs now in the effort. >> millions of cash owners could be getting cash. we'll have details over the latest settlement offer over faulty air bags, next. >> check out the smart device
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that gives new meaning to getting into the gr
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coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it's bachelor in paradise, followed by to tell the truth at 10:00, stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> new details on the utah nurse violently arrested after refusing to draw blood from an unconscious patient.
4:57 pm
>> she's now speaking about the ordeal. jessica castro is here with a looser look, and a new interview with the victim. >> i was scared to death. i was obviously very frightened. >> salt lake city police are apologizing for the violent arrest of a hospital nurse. the whole thing caught on body cam video. the utah nurse was detained after refusing an officer's demand to draw blood samples from an unconscious patient. >> i scant speak for officer pain, i stood my ground. i stood to protect the patient. any nurse would have done exactly what i did. >> reporter: the nurse was following hospital policy and constitutional law. the patient who was not a you is 13ek9 did not give consent. >> he was aggressive from the beginning. as a nurse, it's my job to
4:58 pm
assess a situation, to assess a patient. my assessment skills let me to believe officer paine was already agitated. he had already stormed off in disapproval when i oorjly told him he couldn't do this, up on the unit itself. >> that nurse told cnn she's disappointed by the university of utah police and the department of public safety, which provides security for the hospital. >> i really feel betrayed, betrayed by the police officers. i feel betrayed by my university police and security. >> on friday, salt lake city's mayor and police chief apologized after the incident saying what was seen was completely unacceptable. it's unclear at this point if that nurse will file a lawsuit against the officer. she has not ruled out the possibility. jessica castro, abc 7 news. >> the university of utah chief of police today apologized that security officers didn't intervene and say they've implemented policy changes. >> none of the officers will be
4:59 pm
disciplined. you can get the latest news any time with the abc 7 news app, enable push alerts to be the first to know about breaking news where you live. thank you for joining us. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. they are just looking for a loving home and a -- >> animal rescue group opens its doors to furry hurricane harvey survivors. the effort to get them new homes in the bay area. >> i realized those weren't firecrack firecrackers. i saw the flashes from the nozzle of his gun. >> today marks 40 years later, and the scars remain. hear from a survivor of one of the most notorious shootings in san francisco's history. >> there's an effort in an east bay city to let women go topless. i'll have the story in a live report. fighting for workers rights
5:00 pm
this labor day 37 the demands by protesters across the bay area. >> i'm spencer christian, lower temperatures, sunnier skies and better air quality are part of my accuweather forecast coming up. you're looking atted latest way the bay area is helping following the devasttion in texas. >> pets displaced by harvey are getting a new start here. >> dan and christian are off, thank you for joining us. >> a load of dogs an cats, rescued from flooded shelters in the houston area arrived overnight in a donated private jet from sonoma. >> lesley brinkley is live with the rush to find them homes. look, your hands are full. >> reporter: the puppies are piling on here. these


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