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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 5, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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to have a law full system of immigration that serves the national interest we cannot admit everyone who would like to come here. it's just that simple. >> protests are breaking out around the country this morning after the trump administration announces they are rescinding the d.r.e.a.m. errers immigration program. the program known daca has protected 800,000 people who came to the u.s. illegally as children. immigrant rights groups fear many of the immigrants, many of whom are in college or tax-paying working adults now
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will be deported. president trump released a statement my highest duty is to defend the american people and the constitution. at the same time, i do not favor punishing children, most of whom are now adults, for the actions of their parents. but as abc's emily row reports congress does have a chance to save or revise the program. >> good morning. i'm here today to announce that the program known as daca that was effectuated under the obama administration is being rescinded. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions making it official. the end of daca now on the horizon. >> to have a lawful system of immigration that serves the national interests we cannot admit everyone who would like to come here. it's just that simple. >> we love the d.r.e.a.m.ers. we love everybody. >> reporter: just last week president trump says he loves the so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers, nearly 800,000 young immigrants
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currently living in the u.s. who came here as children. >> this is where i grew up. this is where i made my friends. >> reporter: we don't have to be looked at as d.r.e.a.m.ers specifically but more as human beings. >> two administration officials telling abc news saying new applications for legal status filed after september 5 will not be considered. some d.r.e.a.m.ers will be eligible for legal status for another two-plus year, but for other that protection will be stripped as early as next march. protests playing out across the country and a crowd even forming outside the white house today. >> president trump, shame on you. >> reporter: president trump tweeting congress, get ready to do your job, daca. hinting that he plans to leave it up to lawmakers to decide what to do about the d.r.e.a.m.ers. attorney general sessions called daca an open-ended circumvention of immigration laws and said it was an unconstitutional use of executive authority. emily row, abc news, washington.
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>> california is home to nearly a quarter million d.r.e.a.m.ers with many here in the bay area. this morning santa clara county leaders joined together and promised to defend them. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson is live in san jose where she spoke with a few who would be impacted. tiffany. >> reporter: kristen, the that i smoke with said she was shocked by the arguments used to end the daca program and is now thrust into the future of uncertainty. more than 100,000 daca recipients live in california b.24,000 of them live in santa clara county. today we met mittsia martinez. >> i think daca gave me a sense of comfort when it came to employment and career options of the right now i'm a senior at berkeley and my plan was to look for employment so that's going to change. i have to look for alternative ways to kind of like sustain myself and mention is my family just because if the work is
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taken away then i can't work. >> reporter: she thinks it's cruel. >> at the indof the day we're human beings. at the end of the day we're not people who you can use as political tools and definitely human beings to sustain our families. >> reporter: supervisor dave cortese says they will take action to protect daca citizens like martinez. >> we'll do what we can to protect d.r.e.a.m.ers and their families and we'll use every tool in the toolbox including determining any legal actions that we can take to prevent this travesty from going forward. >> reporter: the supervisor says it was irresponsible of the trump to put 100,000 daca recipients into uncertainty and he said it's irresponsible to task congress with figuring out the future of those daca recipients in just the next six months. live in san jose, tiffany
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wilson, abc 7 news. >> tiffany, thank you. the san francisco public defenders office says it will fight to protekotte daca kids following today's decision. mayor ed lee and other city officials will hold a news conference in support of daca recipients. reaction is also pouring in from other leaders. san jose mayor sam lick yardo released a statement. to san jose's tens of thousands of d.r.e.a.m.ers, we reiterate. we've got your back. i will seek to challenge the administration's action in court and congresswoman barbara lee says congress must have the courage to do the right thing. i call on my colleagues to pass bipartisan legislation that will give qualified daca recipients a path to citizen smp. and university president says it's incumbent upon congress to approach legislation that removes the uncertainty caused by president trump's misguided decision. daca supporters are already planning to protest in the bay
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area. in san francisco people plan to rally at the federal building starting at 5:00 p.m. today and in the east bay a rally at sproule plaza at uc berkeley also begins at 5:00 p.m. now if you have the abc 7 news app you were alerted the moment attorney general jeff sessions made that announcement this morning. we sent out a push alert when it happened. you can download the app for free and enable push alerts to get updates on the program today and any other breaking news at other times. in other news, the daly city man who has become famous online for his far right political views and baton battles in protests appeared in court answering to charges stemming from a bloody protest in berkeley in march. abc 1 news reporty aim holyfield is live in oakland with the latest. amy? >> reporter: hi, kristen. we have new video of kyle chapman to show you from the morning. this is 41-year-old chapman as he headed into count of facing a felony count of possessing a
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lead pipe. he walked out with his attorney after entering a not guilty plea. his attorney says he couldn't comment on the case because he doesn't have much information yet. chapman is accused of having the pipe during a march protest in berkeley that turned violent. chapman is a trump supporter who calls himself bay's stick man online. there's pictures and video of him holding a stick and wearing a gas mask and hitting counterprotesters on the head with a stick as fights break out. he could face a career in jail if convict. he's due back in court next month. reporting live in oakland. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. new this morning, caltrain tracks are clear in redwood city following a deadly crash. the chp tells us the victim was a 29-year-old man from redwood city. according to officers it happened when a van plowed into a fence and on to the tracks. the car became disabled there and a train slammed into it
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moments later. developing news out of gilroy this morning where firefighters have their hands full with this stubborn wildfire. residents tell abc 7nous that the fire was started by the kids playing with fireworks start night. the cal fire says the cause is still under investigation. one woman compares the scene to being at the burning manifest value. >> our cars are completely covered with ashes. it was so thick if we even open the window three or four inches it just came and fill the house with just a super, super strong smoke smell. >> the fire impacted some kids going to school today. families will have to make other student pickup because the area is closed. hurrican irma has now been upgraded to a category 5 headed to the caribbean in the direction of the mainland. catastrophic damage is possible in the florida keys and southern
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florida this weekend. florida and puerto rico are under a state of emergency. american airlines is adding more flights to get tourists out early. resident aren't taking chances. can you see stocking up on water, batteries, generators and plywood. >> you just need to be prepared for flying debris. everything in your house to be completely soaked. >> i think everybody is kind of prepared a little bit more since what went on in texas and that's why we're here. >> fema is also getting ready with more than 700,000 liters of water and 500,000 meals on hand. abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco is tracking imark. we're hearing a second storm is forming behind it. >> as if you didn't think this tropical storm season was weird enough or intense enough, we've got two storms in the atlantic. let's first focus on the big one behind me and you can see already over puerto rico, puerto rico and the virgin island, some of the thunderstorms are out ahead of that. that's the track of the latest
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hurricane reconnaissance plane. i think i left my voice and mouth back at lunch. 170 miles per hour. very intense system there, and as i broaden out you can see jose right behind irma. he's just a tropical storm right now so let's focus on this category 5, a devastating 185-mile-per-hour winds. 115-mile-per-hour winds wednesday morning, so tomorrow morning when it hits the virgin islands and then the turks and caicos, it will have 155-mile-per-hour winds friday morning and then the keys could take a direct hit with 145-mile-per-hour winds and then it's possible that this thing could meander over florida with wind damage and flood damage. the wind damage would be a bigger problem, kiss ten, than the flooding possibility, but we'll have to see how long it hangs over florida. right now we don't know. >> house leaders plan to vote tomorrow on a bill to deliver a disaster relief to texas as it recovers from hurricane harvey. the 7.9 billion package would replenish a rapidly depleted
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disaster aid fund. the cries sis far from over there. these homes in houston are still several feet under way. the storm has killed at least 60 people and damaged 185,000 homes. schools are also dealing with major damage forcing thousands of students to relocate. students at one of the schools got a big surprise. up next, the former 49er helping had a houston football team get back on the field, and a new era begins today at uber with the incoming tv's number one daily viral video show. "right this minute."
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a surprise this morning for houston high school devastated by hurricane harvey. two former nfl stars announce had major donation to help get the school's football team back on its feet. jessica castro from abc 7 mornings is here to tell us all about it. >> hi, kristen. first, i want to show you what harvey has done to this particular high school. it's the ce king high school in harris county which is one of the hardest hit areas and this is the inside. this is actually the basketball court and look right here. can you see the floor how it lifts up there. it looks more like a skate park instead of where you can play ball and that's not all. the football team was also left with very little. abc's 7 michael strahan visited the stool this morning on behalf of "good morning america" to help some of the student athletes there, and this morning strahan brought along a special guest, nfl pro football hall of famer deion sanders and today they surprised the head football
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coach and players with a special gift. >> deion is here. he has as >> committed to ensuring that you have a wonderful season and you're outfitted as well so under armour is going to really bless you today. >> appreciate >> just how much water this school got hit w.take a look at my computer, i want to show you how high the water rose. actually in the auditorium, look at this, those are the seats, it got chest high at one point inside the auditorium and this picture still incredibly impress riff. this school is still not in classes. those have not resumed. students are expected to go back to the high school on september 18th. i'm jessica castro, abc 7 news. >> that gym floor was crazy. a band with bay area roots it is
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asking you to join their effort today to help people affect bid hurricane harvey. green day is planning to broadcast a special performance on facebook live this afternoon. this post is getting ready for the live stream at 1:00 p.m. they are asking fans to tune in and donate to the relief organization. green day has already donated $100,000. to join their effort and watch the live performance, look for the link on our website, odds-makers are not wasting any time. the bets being taken on the name of the new royal baby just one day after the palace announced the duchess of cambridge's third pregnancy, and a live look right now from our emoryville camera. is it possible that the cooling has returned? meteorologist mike nicco has your accuweather forecast coming up.
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good morning, again. check out the beautiful sunrise we had this morning and it was those without the choking smoke frommier from our explortorium camera at pier 15. can you see as we were lining the mid and upper clouds, the moisture still hanging around from lydia. it was a gorgeous morning out there. let's take a look at what it looks like right now. look at all that sunshine. let's see that it does to our forecast. tolerable today.
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temperatures back closer to average, but the humidity is going to make it feel warmer than what it really is outside. that doesn't happen they often for us. chance of light showers thursday so we'll have humidity today, tomorrow and thursday and then by the weekend the humidity levels will drop and the temperatures will rebound from being cooler. look at this, a lot of 80s in the east bay and south bay already and even up towards heyward, 74 oakland and 78 san francisco and santa rosa. half moon bay 73. dew points, in the muggy category from 6 it right now hayward. will 4 milipitas and 87 san jose to 88 in morgan hill and gilroy and 78 in morgan hill. upper 80s to low 80s on the peninsula with upper 50s to a few mid-80s and 77 in downtown in south san francisco. we'll have about 80 to 858 in the north bay to 88 in
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75 in richmond and look at the 80s from hayward and seen leandro valley and 86 to near 90 in the east bay neighborhoods. with the humidity, probably have to leave the air conditioner on once again to stay cool. all right. 12-hour day planner, 75 at the coast by noon and 80 to 838 around the bay and 69 at the coast and a little sea breeze is going to develop. 78 at 4:00 to 87. still gets warmer inland. at 8:00 this evening, feels grade. 65 to 75 and by midnight, going to be another warmer than average night. >> 73 to 67. 7:00 and 10:00 temperature at the coliseum and 62 to about 68 our lows for tonight. quick look at what's going on. this is liedia, still pumping in a bunch of humidity and as she crosses us nurse that's when we'll get a chance of light showers, coolest day in the forecast with temperatures below
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average from the mid-60s to the low 80s. we'll start to rebound friday. you'll notice the lack of humidity by friday and then saturday, sunday and monday it will feel like average. we'll get back to sunshine and light humidity. you know what, below average has never sounded so good. pretty interesting thursday to see how much showers develop. >> thanks. >> you bet. >> another ura at san francisco-based uber. the ride-hailing company's new ceo starts today. dara khosrowshahi has his job cut out for him after former ceo travis kalanick stepped down this summer because of sexual harassment allegations and several other lawsuits. he wants to focus on the core business and take big shots in building for the future. the world is still buzzing out of the big news out of kensington palace that another royal baby is on the way.
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odds-makers are waste nothing time placing their bet on the baby's name. no word yet if it's a boy or a girl but alice has 8-1 odds if royal baby number three is a boy. if it's a boy, arthur has 12-1 odds and they are betting that the duke and duchess will welcome twins. those odds are 33-1. a new playing field for former san francisco 49er, this time in the ballroom. coming up
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vision changes, or eye pain while taking anoro. ask your doctor about anoro. ♪go your own way get your first prescription free at coming up at 4:00, the new science garage just opening up today in south san francisco and the big biotech company hoping to find some future scientists. and the label says no antibiotics but what does that mean? clear the dance floor. a former san francisco 49er is headed to "dancing with the stars." terrell owens is trading his old football cleats for dance shoes and six-time nfl pro bowler stopped by "good morning america" for the big reveal. he's teaming up with pro dancer
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cheryl burke. >> i have to say he's got some rhythm. >> it's the hardest thing for you? >> rhythm is not the issue. just really trying to incorporate everything that she's teaching. i danced as a little kid, but this is nothing like what i'm going to expect, i'm sure. >> i don't know. terrell and cheryl, i wouldn't bet against them. don't miss the full celebrity cast reveal of "dancing with the stars" tomorrow on "good morning america" starting at 7:00 right here at abc 7 right after abc 7 mornings. from all of us here at abc 7 news. thanks so much for joining us. "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. i do know that you know a dance or two so maybe one of these days i'll get you on, make. >> i wish i could play football like those. >> take the super bowl trophy and the mirror ball
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>> what do you get when you combine amazing contestants with mind-blowing questions and a chance to win $1 million? 30 minutes of drama you don't want to miss. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right. our returning contestant, he feels like he's already living the american dream. winning the million would be icing on the cake. from las vegas, nevada, please welcome back paul villaluz! [cheers and applause] >> how are you, man? >> good. [cheers and applause] welcome back. >> yes. >> it's good to see you.


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