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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 8, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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coverage on "good morning america." making news in america this morning, bracing for a direct hit. overnight a shift in hurricane irma's track. >> i'm just trying to get as far north as possible. >> florida now in what's being called a worst case scenario. >> this is a catastrophic storm that our state has never seen. >> this morning areas on both sides of the peninsula under hurricane warning. >> every florida family must prepare to evacuate regardless of the coast you live on. >> the time to prepare and evacuate is shrinking as some of the state's shelters are already filling up. >> she just said they're full. i don't know where we're going to go. plus, what's left of some caribbean islands. >> the entire country has been decimated. >> boats upside down, buildings torn apart, and many americans trapped in a popular vacation spot.
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>> the damage so far and where the storm is right now. we're tracking it all. and a good friday morning to you all. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm nick watt in for kendis gibson. new advisories overnight have more of south florida under a hurricane warning. >> the storm is currently passing between the bahamas and cuba on a direct path for miami. irma's winds have diminished a little, but at 155 miles per hour it is still a category 5 or category 4 hurricane. the red on the map shows areas under a hurricane warning including all of the metro miami and the keys. the hurricane watches stretch all the way up to vero beach. >> mandatory evacuation orders cover at least 1.2 million people in florida. all public schools and colleges are closed today and monday due to the storm. >> now, airlines are flying larger planes in to try to get
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more people out, but it is still very difficult to get a flight. abc's stephanie ramos is in miami and joins us now with the latest. stephanie, good morning. what are you seeing? >> reporter: diane and nick, good morning. right now it's calm here in miami, but, you know, this deadly storm is getting closer and closer to south florida. more than a million people have been ordered to evacuate as hurricane irma barrels through the caribbean leaving a mess of devastation behind. in florida, the governor is stressing this could be a historic disaster and residents should listen to mandatory evacuations. >> remember, hurricane andrew is one of the worst storms in the history of florida. this storm is much worse. there's still some uncertainty as to where this northward turn will occur, but everyone in south florida should be preparing for the landfall of a potentially catastrophic major hurricane. >> reporter: thousands of evacuees are clogging highways. some lining up for miles trying to fuel up as gas stations run dry. >> we're just trying to get out of harm's way.
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>> reporter: others are riding out the storm, stocking up on water, supplies, sandbags. while airports are still packed with people trying to get out of dodge, major airlines canceling more than 4,000 flights in irma's path. and those trying to get out of florida by air are not having an easy time. people are stranded at miami international airport and forced to sleep on the floor. now, some people have been scrambling to find tickets, but most flights are either sold out or canceled, and airlines, they're reporting lack of flight crew. a lot of airport workers are preparing their own families and homes for the storm. nick, diane. >> tough times. we know the storm is looking right now about double the size of hurricane andrew, which devastated the area. some authorities are saying even the coast guard will be evacuating some parts, so, stephanie, to you and everybody else in florida, stay safe.
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the center of the hurricane passed right over turks and caicos. >> it battered it with high winds and heavy rain, the first time on record a category 5 hurricane has hit turks and caicos, but the worst may be yet to come. those islands are very low lying and irma's monster storm surge could flood even inland areas. >> u.s. officials say they believe about 6,000 americans are stranded on st. martin. the popular tourist destination was devastated by the storm with at least five deaths already reported. now, many americans there are calling relatives asking for help getting off the island because hurricane jose may now be on the way to hit the same area, and the airport on the island has been completely destroyed. in the u.s. virgin islands the storm killed at least four people. the coast guard took this video as it assesses the damage on the island of st. thomas. the virgin islands' delegate to congress says houses were slammed into other houses by the strong winds, and the 911 emergency system is down complicating emergency efforts. the island's airport was also damaged. now at this point it's all
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but certain that south florida will take a major hit from the storm. it's even shifted now heading toward miami. >> but people as far north as the carolinas and tennessee are also closely watching what will happen after that. >> accuweather's justin povick has more on irma's projected path. justin, good morning. >> reporter: nick and diane, thanks. and good morning to you. irma still a very powerful hurricane, but notice how the size has grown. we're talking about a very large hurricane, more so the impacts will be felt over a larger distance than they were experienced about 24 hours ago. a major hurricane movement to the west-northwest impacts today along the northern cuban coast and also throughout the central bahamas. here's the onset of the hurricane-force winds and notice getting in towards saturday evening, we're going to be talking about those approaching the keys and also southeastern florida. landfall early sunday morning in and around miami. that's the latest thinking and, again, the impacts will continue up the coast here of florida but also over the inland areas and i'm also still concerned about gusty winds, in some cases
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damaging winds and also flash flooding all the way into georgia and in toward south carolina. so, some big impacts coming up here over the course of the next couple of days. notice where the hurricane warnings are in effect, and these will likely continue to be extended further north as we go throughout the daytime hours. again, those damaging impacts continue into early week. we're also following jose, notice it's making its move here toward the leeward islands, and this is a very dangerous hurricane as well. we're also very concerned here. hurricane watches are in effect. the worst of the conditions here friday night into early sunday morning potentially damaging. nick, diane. >> yeah, those islands have already suffered seven from irma. very much hoping that that storm changes course. meanwhile, georgia's governor has ordered 500,000 coastal residents to evacuate. the order officially takes effect tomorrow morning, and many residents in and around savannah are boarding up their homes before leaving town. as of tomorrow morning all lanes of interstate 16 will become one way heading inland away from the coast.
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a fema official, meanwhile, tells abc news that the agency is burning through about $200 million a day trying to deal with hurricanes harvey and irma. that's an average of about $8 million an hour. now, despite its dwindling funds, fema officials insist it has enough staff and supplies to cope with the fallout from irma and today the house is expected to approve a $15 billion aid package for hurricane harvey disaster relief. the other big story this morning, a powerful earthquake hitting mexico. the magnitude 8.1 quake was centered off the pacific coast near the border with guatemala. extensive damage is reported in the city of oaxaca. at least five people have lost their lives including two children killed by a wall that collapsed in tabasco state. tsunami warnings were issued and aftershocks continue to rattle the area. the quake was so powerful it was felt in mexico city 650 miles away where buildings shook for more than a minute. some areas lost power.
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mexico's president calls it the largest quake to hit that country in a century. we'll keep you posted as more information becomes available. and still ahead, wildfires on the west coast are now affecting air quality hundreds of miles away. plus, donald trump jr. answering questions about a meeting with a russian lawyer. what he told senate investigators. and a data breach affecting more than 140 million americans. hear what customers need to
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democrats are demanding more answers after donald trump jr.'s appearance on capitol hill thursday. >> the president's son was grilled for hours mainly about
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his meeting with a russian lawyer, but he insists he only wanted to learn about hillary clinton's fitness for office. abc's janai norman has more. >> reporter: like father, like son, donald trump jr. taking to twitter after more than five hours meeting with congressional investigators. the younger trump tweeting thanking the senate judiciary committee for their professionalism and courtesy saying he answered questions until both sides had exhausted their lines of questioning adding, i trust this interview fully satisfied their inquiry, but some senators saying that's not the case. did donald trump jr. sway some of your concerns? >> there are still a lot of gaps and a lot of questions to be answered. >> reporter: the focus, don junior's meeting at trump tower during the campaign with a russian lawyer set up after an acquaintance told don junior the lawyer had dirt on hillary clinton. e-mails show the president's son responded, if it's what you say, i love it. on capitol hill, don junior telling the committee he took that meeting because, quote, to
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the extent that they had information concerning the fitness, character or qualifications of a presidential candidate, i believe that i should at least hear them out. >> for me this was opposition research. >> reporter: the younger trump describing the meeting to fox news' sean hannity as par for the course in a political campaign. janai norman, abc news. washington. special counsel robert mueller has reached out to the white house about interviewing aides involved in writing donald trump jr.'s initial statement about that meeting. now, the statement claimed that the meeting was about russian adoptions, which turned out not to be true. the white house later acknowledged that president trump weighed in on that statement, but sources say he personally dictated it. and the five living former presidents have forged a joint effort to raise funds for hurricane harvey's victims. they've launched the one america appeal. public service announcements are now airing nationwide. they're appealing to americans to donate to relief efforts. >> our friends in texas
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including presidents bush 41 and 43 are doing just that. >> people are hurting down here, but as one texan put it, we've got more love in texas than water. >> we love you, texas. >> donate to we are all in this together. >> the funds will go to a special account established through the george h.w. bush presidential library foundation. when we come back, the latest track of hurricane irma and florida's shelters filling up. so, what people are now being t. and the nfl regular season is back. the surprising finish for tom brady and the super bowl champs. brady and the super bowl champs. just walk right in and pay zero dollars with most insurance. plus, when you get a flu shot at walgreens, you help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need through the un foundation. it's that easy to get your flu shot and make a difference.
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if you get a lump or swelling in your neck or if you develop any allergic symptoms including itching, rash, or difficulty breathing. serious side effects may happen, including pancreatitis, so stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area. tell your doctor your medical history. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. hurricane irma is now barreling past the turks and caicos and moving between cuba and the bahamas with 160-mile-per-hour winds that can be felt 75 miles from the center of the storm. florida could begin feeling irma's first effects tomorrow night before the storm moves up
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through the state monday. right now, irma is tearing a path of destruction across the caribbean with 14 deaths reported so far. there's a state of emergency in the british virgin islands. thousands of americans are stranded on st. martin, and one official says the island of barbuda has been reduced to rubble. and in florida, tempers are flaring. one driver pulled a gun at this gas station in miami. about 40% of the pumps in the area have run dry as people try to evacuate north. shortages are being reported as far north as jacksonville. and with so many people leaving their south florida homes, some shelters are already full and turning people away. >> one shelter at pompano beach high school in broward county reached its capacity less than three hours after opening, and that has officials scrambling to find alternate solutions. >> they told me to come stay here because i live right across the street, and she just said they're full. i don't know where we're going to go.
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she said to go out to commercial, but it's kind of far because my two dogs. i have a concrete brick house but still, god forbid, the roof falls off after what i saw on the islands. it's scary. >> i have a house but seeing the strength that the storm is coming in at, i'm a little concerned. driving, we thought about driving, but you got, what, 500,000 people or more evacuating, so the roads are going to be backed up. >> now, emergency officials warn the longer people wait to seek shelter, the more difficult it will be for them to find a place to stay. and do stay with abc news for the coverage of hurricane irma. we will keep you updated on the latest with live team coverage and we'll have more ahead later on "good morning america." and the fbi is investigating a massive hack that may have compromised the social security numbers and other personal information of more than 40% of americans. the credit monitoring company equifax says a breach between may and july potentially exposed
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the personal data of 143 million people. experts suggest checking with the company's rivals, experian and transunion, to determine if you have been affected. meanwhile, there are accusations that three equifax executives sold stock after the data breach was discovered but before alerting the public. raging wildfires in nine western states are now affecting cities hundreds of miles away. fires in california are producing so much smoke that hazy skies are lingering over phoenix. even farther north a wildfire has already scorched more than 50 square miles in oregon. now being called the country's top fire priority. some fires in montana could burn through the next month because conditions there are so dry. and two big sports headlines this morning. sloane stephens says she has a lot of grit, and she needed it to beat venus williams at the u.s. open.
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>> stephens was two points from being sent home from the two-time open champ, but a 25-stroke point kept her alive. she eventually put venus away to reach her first grand slam final ever. she will meet madison keys tomorrow. the patriots started their night by celebrating their super bowl title. but then the kansas city chiefs ruined the party. rookie running baca ream hunt scored two of his three touchdowns in the fourth quarter as kansas city rolled to a 42-27 win. by the way, the last three times the patriots lost their opener, they won the super bowl. for fans feeling discouraged, know that. an amazing act of kindness amid the preparations for hurricane irma. plus, a couple married for 75 years now gaining fame because of their names. because of their names. of multiple symptoms. ession ie ♪ that's why there's trintellix, a prescription medication for depression.
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♪ ♪ time to check "the pulse." hurricane irma is already giving us stories of compassion. pam brecky and ramon santiago were strangers, that is, until santiago gave brecky the generator he just bought. brecky had spent days searching for a generator so she could take care of her sick father. >> she burst into tears when santiago bought what turned out to be the last one in the store. so he gave it to her without even knowing why she needed it. >> she needed a generator. it's okay. >> i'm very overwhelmed by that man. a great gentleman right there. god will bless that man. >> she also has another relative who is ill. >> and the store's manager says he doesn't know if he'll get another shipment of generators in before irma arrives. quite a generous act. and next up, a long married couple with names ripped
4:23 am
straight from the headlines. that's irma on the left, harvey on the right. they're from spokane, washington. >> he is 104, and she'll be 93 in november. they've been married for 75 years. and they're stunned that two straight hurricanes are bearing their names. >> they might want to savor the moment, by the way. hurricanes harvey and irma have been so destructive that their names are likely to be retired. probably not a lot of people wanting to name their kids irma and harvey in the wake of all this. 75 years. >> yeah. and now some very good news for people with red hair. after a lifetime of getting teased, ginger men are now enjoying a boon in the bedroom, and they can thank this guy. ♪ too much ♪ grab on my waist and put that body on me ♪ ♪ come on now >> yeah, so they're calling it the ed sheeran effect. a new poll out of the uk finds
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good morning. you made it to friday. it is september 8th. i'm matt keller off. reggie is off. >> i'm natasha. good morning, jessica. how are you? >> ready for friday. >> alexis, mike, launch us into the weekend well. >> we'll start off quiet. a little drizzle, maybe and mist. some fog definitely out there, and then we'll wrap up and have warm temperatures by the end of the weekend. here's the look at the visibility. i overlaid the fog layer. one-mile, half moon bay, a mile and a quarter, petaluma. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. you can see how foggy it is. 60 to 61 at 7:00. we'll stay at the 60s at the coast from noon to 4:00 to 7:00. and 74 to 81 inland. grab the sunglasses. it will be brighter and drier
4:28 am
this afternoon. >> i did double check with chp, and we don't have any dense fog advisories issued for golden gate bridge, but it's pretty dense. one of those days you want to increase the following distance and slow it down a bit. i added the visibility layer to our traffic map. the brighter the white, the denser the fog. we have thick areas in the north bay. around santa rosa, along the 101 corridor, plan on slowing it down there as well. we'll take a look at drive times coming up next. okay, we want to begin with that massive 8.1 earthquake in mexico. it has killed at least five people and injured others. i do want to show you this video here because people are evacuating the coastline right now. moments ago, a tsunami warning was issued for the state of cheaps, the southern most state in mexico bordering guatemala near the epicenter. it was felt, though, the quake, as far away as mexico city. 450 miles away.
4:29 am
there have been five aftershocks too. 4.9 or stronger. i'll be tracking developments throughout the morning, but we want to get to janai norman with more details. >> a terrifying scene overnight. a massive earthquake rocking the coast of southern mexico. people panicking. racing out onto the streets of mexico city. that powerful quake toppling homes and swaying buildings. early images showing firefighters searching through rubble. the number of those injured rising overnight and including at least two children. one died when a wall collapsed. the other, a baby who died in a children's hospital that lost electricity cutting off supply to the infant's ventilator. and a concern not over yet. now the region facing the threat of a possible tsunami on the pacific coast. though no threat for the u.s. west coast. janai norman, abc news, washington. 4:29 now. south florida bracing for hurricane irma, which has been downgraded slightly to a
4:30 am
category 4 storm. >> here's a live look from miami where a few people are looking at the waves there at the beach. south florida residents are advised to take shelter by tonight and stay there. irma is still packing winds of 155 miles per hour as it heads toward the bahamas. it's expected to be at least a category 3 hurricane for the next three days. officials say the odds have increased it will hit the southern part of florida on sunday. national hurricane center has issued a hurricane warning and storm surge warning for miami-dade, broward county, and the florida keys. that means hurricane conditions are imminently expected within that warning area. bay area first responders and rescue crews are answering the call for help in florida, even though many are just getting back from texas and hurricane harvey. >> tiffany wilson is live at moffitt air national guard base with more on who's leaving this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is one of those situations where there is no rest for the weary. about 10


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