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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 8, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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buildings around san francisco from our exploratorium at pier 15. 60 to 61 at 7:00. 62 to 74 at noon. you can see 63 around the coast, 74 around the bay, 81 inland. a little warmer this afternoon. and 61 to 72. going to be a delightful evening. how about the morning commute? here's alexis. >> overall, not too bad this morning. we have some fog out there as you have been mentioning. here's a look at the bay bridge. folks heading into san francisco, boy, real arstarting to see the fog thicken up. reduced visibility. golden gate bridge is another area where it's dense. so far, not slowing you down. southbound 101, just six minutes. eight across the bay bridge, and westbound 92, san mateo bridge, still wide open in the green at 13 minutes. a couple crashes in the east bay. we'll look at those up next. >> thank you. firefighters in the east bay are investigating an early morning fire where they had to rescue a woman from a burning home. >> abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live on the scene in pleasant hill with more on this breaking news.
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good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. yes, we just got here. we have just learned the woman who was inside this home is 69 years old. she's at the hospital right now, in critical condition. she is on life support. firefighters say she was very disoriented. they heard her banging on the wall inside the home asking for help. so they had to go in and rescue her. her 71-year-old husband got out okay. firefighters say she might have been struggling to get out of the house because there is so much stuff inside. they do consider this a horder situation. they had trouble getting access to the home, getting in there and getting to her. they think that this fire started in the garage, possibly with the barbecue. the homeowner mentioned he had tried to start it earlier in the day and that he did hear an explosion. so possibly, the gas was left on. they are still investigating the fire. this is on silvia at shirley here in pleasant hill. they got the call at about 2:15
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this morning. the fire is out. now, they're mopping up here and cleaning up and they're about to pull out of this neighborhood. but neighbors did tell us they came out, they saw the fire, a lot of fire coming right out of the garage. and they saw the man frantic as he begged for the firefighters to go in and save his wife. reporting live in pleasant hill, amy follyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you, amy. developing news now. two natural disasters. hurricane irma is threatening millions in southern florida, but we'll start with the deadly earthquake in mexico. it had a magnitude of 8.1 and struck near the border with guatemala. now, it was -- the quake had a magnitude of 8.1. it was felt about 450 miles away in mexico city. moments ago, authorities updated the death toll to at least 15. the quake caused a huge traffic jam. the freeway lights waving. people ran out into the street.
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the quake knocked out power in a lot of neighborhoods. five aftershocks, too, 4.9 or stronger. guys, i want to show you this new video coming in, speaking about that earthquake. firefighters right now searching through rubble, and look at this. what they're dealing with. they're using hammers, they're using shovels, just to try to get some of the debris out of the way. they're hoping to find any survivors at this point as we learn the death poll has gone up throughout the night. this is why they're starting to find people, and they are keeping fingers crossed they're going to find someone alive. they have been working throughout the night, i'm going to continue tracking any new video that does come in throughout the newscast. back to you guys. >> thank you, jessica. >> developing news this morning. unprecedented evacuations under way in south florida as hurricane irma approaches the state. it's claimed the lives of at least 13 people in the caribbean. overnight, it was downgraded to a category 4 with sustained winds at 150 miles per hour.
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the national hurricane center says irma is expected to strength in in the next two days. shelters are filling up in miami-dade and broward counties. more than a million floridians are under a mandatory evacuation order in eight counties. they're advising residents to find shelter by tonight and remain there. >> i would rather be here early so i could have a space to stay and not wait around to the last minute. i was too nervous watching the tv, thinking about what could happen. >> eight shelters are open in miami-dade with 13 additional shelters slated to tomorrow. >> as of tomorrow, no one will be able to leave the miami or ft. lauderdale area on a commercial flight. we were at sfo yesterday. we met up with a few passengers escaping florida to come here. >> everybody is panicking. houses are all boarded up. the neighborhoods are all boarded up. >> are you crying because you're happy to be here? >> i'm happy to be here and
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worried about what goes on at home. >> i don't know what i'm going home to. i hope that everyone is safe down here, but i'm here in california, away from the storm. >> one travel agent we spoke with said it may take passengers a long time to get home. >> yeah, certainly will take them a long time to get home because things are clogged up right now, natasha. i want to give you a quick update. a crazy number of flights being affected. so if you are heading out to the east coast, it's something you want to check in advance. i'm just getting new numbers on my laptop. the latest numbers we have, 1,038 u.s. flights canceled today. mainly starting this afternoon. anything out of that area, in fact, this morning, is really trying to get people out. already, 1,382, so nearly 1300 flights canceled for tomorrow. most of those are in florida, as you imagine. miami with the most cancellations, then ft. lauderdale. here's the misery map. you can see nearly half the flights in miami this morning
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already not flying out. this is going to have a ripple effect. plenty of flights cancelled here in the bay area. sfo, oakland, they all have cancellations. this thing is affecting the entire country. back to you. all right, take a look at the winds because that's the big story once again. at least hurricane force winds, at least 300 miles across right now, with irma. who is not quite as strong as she was this time yesterday, but still, 150-mile-per-hour winds, that's the latest. that's down five miles per hour from just a few minutes ago. let's take a look at the track. you can see by about 2:00 sunday morning, nailing the keys as a 150-mile-per-hour category 4. right through the heart of the peninsula, right into orlando at 2:00 monday morning. then it heads to atlanta at 2:00 tuesday morning. talk about flights being effected. heavy rain, inland flooding, and life threatening surf up and down the atlantic side of the
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peninsula, matt. yeah, thank you, mike. the question many of you may be wondering this morning, how do i protect myself against the massive exwifax hack. social security numbers and driver license numbers of nearly half of all americans have been compromised. >> i just worry about someone taking my identity and it's very scary. >> this is exactl what nearly 143 million people could face now that equifax's files have been hacked. the breach lasted a month and a half. equifax found out about it july 29th. >> this is clearly a disappointing event and one that strikes at the heart of who we are and what we do. i deeply regret this incident. and i apologize to everyone affected consumer. >> sorry does not cut it if my information has been stolen and my identity has been compromised. that does not -- that does not fit the bill. >> equifax is offering a way to find out, at equifax security, click on potential
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impact. you're then asked for your last name and part of your social security number. then you'll get one of three messages. this one says your personal information was not impacted. another says you may have been impacted. and this one, which is causing frustration, simply tells you to enroll in their free credit monitoring service. a customer service rep told me the company knows this message is confusing and that enrolling is highly recommended to those users for a reason. jeff is a fraud and credit record expert. >> it's all of your personal social security, the most sensitive stuff. they really should have better security, i would think. >> so what should you do? aside from using equifax's free offer of identity theft protection, one security firm suggests putting a security freeze on your credit reports. that way, no one can open an account on your name. we also have a link on our website at if you
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want to see if your information has been compromised. >> happening today, construction project in san francisco that will affect a lot of people who use public transportation. muni is beginning its inner sunset street scape project. crews are tearing up the ground around and irving street. this will affect the n. judah rail service. it will be substituted by bus shuttles over the weekend and for the next four weekends. crews will replace sewer and water lines and upgrade boarding areas with new curb ramps. yeah, that's going to be nice when it's done, but that will definitely be a headache for folks for the next month or so. right now, not too many headaches on the roads. i want to take you back to a couple crash locations. we only have two and we're not seeing big backups. northbound 880, still trying to clean up a collision involving a car and a semi. as far as i knoerx that's still blocking the left lane. looks like the little backup we did have form on the south end of lake merritt has cleared. that's a decent option along
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with 580 if you're heading towards the maze this morning. our second issue, westbound 80 before you get to american canyon, we have sarollover crash, landed on the shoulder. that's not a blocking situation. still waiting on word for injuries. we'll see if we have lanes taken away once emergency crews arrive on the scene. let's check in with mike. i know we have a warmup this weekend, but it's nothing compared to last weekend. >> you're right. and it won't last nearly as long. almost a one sxoo a day and a half event for most of us. 56 right now in the financial district. that's the cool spot in san francisco. a lot of 59s out there. let me tell you who's not at 59. potrero hill at 60 and west portal at 58. everyone else at 59. let's take a look around. you can see 60 in richmond. north bay, american canyon, petaluma, 61. 60 also in walnut creek and belmont. pleasanton, 62, and check out santa clara and palo alto at 58 degrees. you definitely have to dress a
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little warmer. sfo probably going to have delays because of the low clouds. light breezes if you're heading out on the bay. if you're going to do yard work or head to the beach, there's limited sunshine at the beach. yardwork, temperatures pretty comfortable. better than this weekend. and comfy to warm if you're outside running some errands. 100 in palm springs. 91 in fresno. 82 in yosemite. today is our best chance of thunderstorms up in tahoe. we'll have a slight chance tomorrow, and warmer sunshine, 77 for sunday. we'll look at our weekend forecast coming up next. >> thank you, mike. keeping an eye on laenforcement. the agency that may soon have civilian oversight. >> plus, details on san francisco mayor ed lee's plan to help all businesses taking a hit from city improvement projects. >> here's a feature you only see here. here. we'll
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some people know how far they want to go. a personalized financial strategy can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. in the wake of hurricane irma and other recent natural disasters, the red cross is releasing valuable tips on how to protect your home and the best strategies for evacuating. diane macedo has these details in today's "gma" first look. >> in this morning's "gma" first look, despite all the warnings about hurricane irma, dr. robert malone hopes to ride out the storm in his miami home along with his mother, sister, and teenage nephew. the family says they have seen it all before. >> we're inland. so we don't foresee there will be any type of significant flooding. >> with the storm expected to hit miami directly, we had
5:15 am
roberto of the american red cross check their emergency preparedness. >> as far as windows are concerned, we recommend having shutters. >> also tips on assembling their emergency preparedness kit. >> having a gallon of water per person, per pet, per gai, making sure you have nonperishable food. >> coming up at 7:00, david and amy will be live from the storm zone. with your "gma" first look, i'm diane macedo. >> irma is understandably pushing the limits of frustration among florida residents, but this is just crazy. a man holding another driver at gunpoint. another driver shot this from his car at a gas station in miami. he couldn't hear what the altercation was about, but the gunman and the person he was pointing the gun at were sitting in a long line for gas. the gunman eventually backed off, ran back to his truck and took off. >> you may have seen this tmz
5:16 am
sports video of seahawks defensive end michael bennett. he claims he was profiled and detained by a vegas police officer because of his ethnicity. now police are responding. >> give us time and understand our position when we believe our officer is being wrongly accused of being racist, that we're asking the boss of that other person to hold them accountable as they do other athletes in the nfl. >> that is a police union rep, and he's referring to the nfl's decision not to investigate bennett's behavior in that incident two weeks ago. las vegas police are however investigating bennett's complaint, but a top department official has already said there is no evidence that race was a factor in bennett's detention. this may be difficult to watch, but keep in mind the victim did survive this. authorities in toledo, ohio, looking for the car thief who ran over the man he stole it from. surveillance video shows the driver going into a store, the thief getting inside, and the car taking off. you can see the victim move after the suspect ran him over. >> developing news in gilroy
5:17 am
where prosecutors must now decide if four teenage boys will face arson charges following a wildfire sparked by illegal fireworks. it broke out near the eagle ridge housing development. the fire is now fully detained after it charred about 100 acres. police say the boys are 14 and 15 years old. officers brought them in for questions and then released them to their questions. >> a santa clara county supervisor is calling for a new civilian oversight body tocopy an eye on law enforcement and corrections. it's the latest step after a murder of an inmate in 2015. it would oversee the sheriff's office patrol and corrections divisions. it would also oversee day to day operations, monitor and audit the investigation of complaints, make policy recommendations and conduct community outreach and mediation. the board of supervisors is expected to hear the proposal on tuesday. developing news in san francisco. mayor ed lee has announced an assistance plan for businesses impacted by city improvement projects. up to $10,000 in city subsidies
5:18 am
would be made available to businesses losing income because of crews working outside their stores. the money must be used for certain improvements such as new fixtures, furnishings, and technology upgrades. chinatown businesses have been especially affected. >> a cooler start to our day, but we're not done with the heat quite yet, right? >> not this time of year. this time of year, we're going to get wild temperature swings. that's going to show up on my seven-day forecast. we could swing 20, 25 degrees from highs one day to a couple days later. it starts with today. you can see the cloudiness out there, the fog, a little mist hanging around. the winds not too bad across the golden gate bridge. 10 to 15 miles per hour. that's the way they are on the bay right now if you're about to head out on a ferry. drier, warmer, and brighter today. cool, cloudy, a little drizzle tonight, and then the wild temperature swing over the extended. let me take a look at the dew points. we're in the mid to upper 60s, and it felt really humid outside. we're back down closer to where we should be, back in the 50s just about everywhere.
5:19 am
still around 60 in oakland and napa, but you'll also drop a little bit the next couple days. here's a look at the clouds. you can see a nice strong push to the east by the morning marine layer clouds. as we head towards noon, notice still a lot of haziness along the east bay shore. and a lot of cloudiness out along the coast. the cloudiness is going to stay stubborn at the coast while the rest of us will be fairly sunny this afternoon. whenever you can see a little fog rolling across san francisco and heading over towards the east bay. let's see what it does to our temperatures. we're going to hit 79 in san jose. a lot of mid to upper 70s in san jose. 75 in sunnyvale. low to mid 80s. warmer, more sunshine around los gatos and gilroy. santa cruz, 73. as you head up the peninsula, 76, warm spot as usual in redwood city. cool spot as usual millbrae at 70. mid 60s along the coast today. to upper 60s in downtown south san francisco and sausalito. we'll hit the upper 70s to low 80s throw most of the north bay. a little cooler in vallejo.
5:20 am
warmer in lakeport and cloverdale. along the east bay shore, you can see where the breezes and clouds will keep richmond and berkeley at 73. oakland at 74. but a little warmer, 78 down around fremauntd. 80 in san ramon. tonight, clouds come back. mid 50s to mid 60s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, really hot sunday. it hangs on monday, but then a chance of some showers start brewing monday, and look at the cooler weather it brings tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. hey, alexis. >> good morning. so far, we had a pretty quiet start to our friday morning drive. maybe a little friday light as a reward for a tough week on the roads when everyone went back to work and school on tuesday. looking at one issue we have westbound 80, just before you get to american canyon. there was a rollover crash. sounds like the vehicle went about 30 feet down an embankment. we have emergency crews on the scene. we haven't confirmed if we're blocking a lane. if you're coming in from cordelia, we have a little
5:21 am
backup that could be onlooker delay from the flashing lights. no official word of metering lights yet, but they have been flipping those on around 5:21, 5:22 every morning. a quick check at drive times slowing down out of the central valley. westbound 580, 37 minutes. no delays on 4 or 1ver 1. >> next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> plus, their names may be synonymous with disaster, but their love surely isn't. the cute couple now making headlines. >> the reason former president bill clinton will be in san fracisco today. >> we want this to be a better day for you. 5:21 on a friday. thanks for waking up
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how clean do you feel after(lauter)o the bathroom? let's ask the experts. i feel as clean as shimmering mermaid. that's because only cottonelle® has cleanripple® texture. designed to clean better... how cottonelle® do you feel? advil liqui-gels minis. our first concentrated pill that rushes powerfulelief. a small new size that's fast, cause it's liquid. woohoo! you'll ask, what pain? new advil liqui-gels minis. it's 5:23. here's seven things to know before you go. number one, breaking news from pleasant hill. fire crews pulled a woman from a burning home on sylvia drive. she may have been trapped by the
5:24 am
debris in the house. >> number two, from the live desk, mexican officials say the death toll has gone up to 15 after an 8.1 magnitude earthquake there last night. the quake hit on the country's southern border with guatemala. evacuations are right now under way due to tsunami warnings. >> number three, a hurricane warning is in effect as hurricane irma takes aim at south florida. right now, it's a category 4 with sustained winds at 150 miles per hour. landfall is expected on sunday. mandatory evacuations are in effect for eight counties. >> some incredible rain amounts coming there into the southeast. i'll have the latest on that. back here at home, let's talk about number four, that is the fog that's out there, the mist for the morning. and then look at the big-time warming trend. it does hit this weekend. >> and number five, yeah, talking about the fog as far as it's going to impact your commute. we're seeing some in the north bay. here's a live look at golden gate bridge. we were really sucked in 30 minutes ago. it looks like it's thinned out.
5:25 am
bay bridge looking foggy as well. >> number six, muni riders, construction could impact your plans this weekend. part of the n. judah line will be substituted with bus shuttles because of muni's inner sunset streetscape project. >> number seven, you can get single game tickets for the warriors upcoming season today. tickets go on sale to the general public at 2:00 this afternoon. all right, how could two such devastating hurricanes share names with such sweet people. >> meet harvey and irma. they live in spokane, washington. she's 92. he's 104. the couple says they don't know what to think about sharing names with two catastrophic storms. when they first heard the news, they thought their daughter was playing a joke on them. >> oh, yeah. sure. she looked at me and says, mom, i'm telling you the truth. oh, well, i'm sorry. >> 75 years of marriage, they have learned the importance of love and faith. two things they say will be here before and after the other harvey and irma leave.
5:26 am
>> that is very sweet. coming back with another full 90 minutes of newinizecluding the special event bringing bill clinton to the bay area today. >> also, the move to bring the maveri maverick surf contest back hits a snag. >> plus, the earthquake in mexico, 8.1. >> 5:26 in the morning on a friday. thanks for being here with us. thanks for being here with us. ♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything.
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good morning. you made it to friday. it's september 8th. reggie is off. i'm matt keller. >> i'm natasha. we're almost at the weekend, friends. can you feel it in. >> yes. >> yes. >> a little fog to start today. >> a little fog, and hi, reggie. happy birthday. >> aw. >> it's tomorrow. >> you're jumping the gun. >> i know. i just wanted to say hi.
5:29 am
happy birthday. hope he's not watching. >> streaming us from somewhere. >> you're waving to an empty screen. >> i'll come back. >> jessica is out. >> all right, mike. let's talk weather. >> one, two, three, break. let's go. no? okay. anyway, over to the live desk. you have a lot to talk about there. we do with traffic, so alexis is heading to her spot. i'm talking about fog we're watching. one mile in santa rosa. two in petaluma. here's a look at what's going on with your roof camera. misty. you may need the windshield wipers once or twice. frizz fraktur higher than it has been. cooler in your 12-hour day planner. check out your temperatures, mid 60s at the coast, low to mid 70s around the bay. 75 to 81 inland from noon to 4:00, and enjoy a comfortable evening. here's alexis.
5:30 am
>> okay, taking a look at the roads today. we have hadn't had too many issues. i would say we definitely have metering lights on at this pount. for the bay bridge toll plaza, we're starting to fill in. a disabled vehicle reported on the incline, but they made it off to the center divide. once you make it past the toll booths, things are wide open into the city. i'll prove that to you with drive times. westbound 80, 17. and southbound 101, if you're heading out of sfo, shouldn't have problems getting there. san francisco to the airport coming in to the green at nine minutes. >> we're tracking developing news from mexico where officials say the death toll from a huge earthquake has climbed to at least 15 people. >> the quake struck shortly before midnight last night near the mexican border with guatemala. it measured 8.1. authorities are evacuating residents due to a tsunami alert. this is the strongest earthquake to hit mexico in 100 years.
5:31 am
it's believed 50 million people felt the tremors. several aftershocks were register eed shortly after the break. >> just in, video we just got in a few moments ago of the actual time the huge quake hit. it's from the inside of a tv station. watch here. you can see the lights start to sway there. very slowly at first. and then i'm going to fast forward our video a little bit for you, and look at the anchor there. he gets really startled. looks really scared. then if we go even further, you can actually see in the distance because the tv station had a camera pointing towards the skyline, and look off, there you can see some explosions in the distance. that may be transformers that were blown out in the quake. we have seen and heard about all of the destruction this thing has caused. you heard matt say 15 people have been killed, and this was the moment it hit. amazing. incredible to see. >> thank you. south florida bracing for hurricane irma meanwhile, which has been downgraded slightly to
5:32 am
a category 4 storm. >> it's still packing winds of 150 miles per hour as it heads to the bahamas. it's expected to be at least a category 3 hurricane for the next three days. the national hurricane center has issued a warning and storm surge warning for miami-dade, broward county, and the florida keys. that means hurricane conditions are imminently expected within the warning area. south florida residents are advised to take shelter by tonight and stay there. jess, you have new details from officials? >> that's right. moments ago, fema held a press conference, i was listening in. the head of fema saying folks all the way from alabama to the carolinas should be watching irma and that more than 1 million people have been evacuated from florida. in fact, this is the evacuation area so far. they aren't saying this is a question of whether or not florida is going to be hit. fema just moments ago saying this is a question of how badly florida will be hit. fema officials also saying, quote, i can guarantee that no
5:33 am
one you know in florida has experienced what's about to hit. so they expect this thing to be worse than anything they have seen there so far. matt. >> all right, thank you, jessica. bay area first responders and rescue crews are answering the call for help in florida, even though many are just getting back from texas and hurricane harvey. >> tiffany wilson is live at moffett air national guard base with more on who's leaving this morning. >> good morning. yeah, some of these local rescuers were home from texas for just a couple hours before they got the call to head out once again to help in florida. this morning, more than 100 members of the 129th rescue wing unit are leaving to provide hurricane irma relief. many of them had just returned from hurricane harvey recovery efforts. despite this rapid turnaround, an air national guard captain says they're ready to help those in need. >> we get out there, no matter how big or small the event to execute with the utmost excellence that we can provide.
5:34 am
>> and they're not the only ones heading out to help. last night, ten vehicles with the task force three search and rescue team started the thrip to florida. they're driving 60,000 pounds of gear across country. most of the 80-person team will fly, but the drivers expect to arrive in 2 1/2 days. the chief of the menlo park fire protection district says a turnaround this quick has never been done before, but the need is now, and they know that it's important that they are in florida to help. live at moffett field, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> thank you. an oakland fire department captain is in jail this morning on child pornography charges. this surveillance video shows richard chu being arrested at his home in lafayette. investigators searched the home and station where he works. they reportedly found evidence on his computers. a visibly angry oakland mayor said this about chu's arrest. >> it is unbelievably disturbing
5:35 am
and disgusting that a public servant has engaged in these types of alleged activities. >> mayor shaf add ed he needs to be fully accountable and removed from service. >> the stop urban shield coalition plans to rally against the police training exercise. it's already under way at the alameda county fairgrounds in pleasanton. it's a training exercise for first responder agencies. coalition members say it's a fascist movement designed to militarize police and wage war against communities of color. the rally begins at 4:00 in oakland. union city police wraunt you to take look at a sketch of a man suspected of groping a jogger about 6:30 monday morning on the walking trail near union city boulevard. the woman says he told her be my friend just before the attack. she managed to dial 91 wn on her cell phone. the suspect ran off when he heard the voice of a police
5:36 am
dispatcher. the woman said she had seen the man in the area several times before. >> a woman and man filed separate lawsuits against b.a.r.t. claiming excessive force by police led to her miscarriage. video captured the scuffle in san francisco last year. officers had been looking for an armed man who threatened to rob a passenger and thought that smith matched the suspect's description. smith was later acquitted of charges of battery on a police officer. >> another company is entering the bike renting business in san francisco. our partners report line bike wants to brick dockless rentals to the city. riders can pick up bikes at existing bike racks around town. another similar company is accused of dumping bikes on san francisco city street corners without properly permits. city officials ordered them to stop doing business. >> yellow jackets are showing up in record numbers in the bay area because of last winter's heavy storm. in contra costa county alone,
5:37 am
the number of nests has jumped 83%. vector control officers have been responding to calls in moraga and lafayette. they advise staying away from nests. >> don't try to treat it yourself. it seems like they get even more upset and aggressive once they've been treated with a spray or soapy water concoction. >> officials advise you keep your garbage cans tightly covered and don't leave pet food outside. yellow jackets are drawn to sweet food and drinks so keep those covered too. >> there's a snag in the proposed sale of permits for the maverick surf contest. the company holding them filed for bankruptcy in february. they want to sell the permits to a surfing contest producer. now, one of the cartel management's creditors is objecting to the sale price. it says the permits are worth $1 million. mavericks can't go on without them. a bankruptcy court will consider the sale at a hearing in two weeks. >> in developing news, an effort to buy the public access to martins beach has cleared
5:38 am
another hurdle. the mercury news reports state assembly passed the bill allowing the state lands commission to accept outside donations. they're striking to take a public easement over a private road by eminent domain. if approved, it would go to the governor who would have until aublth 15th to sign it. >> bill clinton will be in san francisco. a native of jackson, mississippi, doctor brown has been pastor of san francisco's third baptist church since 1976. tonight's event is taking place at that church starting at 9:00. >> let's talk more about irma. when we last talked about her yesterday, 24 hours ago, 175-mile-per-hour winds. massive storm. it shrank just a little bit in size. that's also a sign it's weakening just a little bit, down to 150. it's still a very storm moving to the west-northwest at 16.
5:39 am
it's still a dangerous surge and wind maker right now until sunday morning when it starts to move into the keys and into miami and then right up the gut of florida into say orlando by 2:00 monday morning, melbourne, right in the worst quadrant right there, same in jacksonville. then it heads toward atlanta. that's the big difference from yesterday. atlanta, 3 to 5 inches of rain, 45-mile-per-hour winds. trying to fly through there could be a little tough tuesday morning. then it gets up into the tennessee river valley and kind of falls apart. rainfall totals, you can see up here, we had to change our scale, up to 10 to 15 inches are possible along florida. all right, back here at home, low to mid 60s along the east bay shore. pretty much all of us in the low to mid 60s until you get to los gatos, pacifica, san francisco. upper 50s. san mateo bridge westboard, a little fog and mist. sunshine this afternoon, cool in san francisco to warm inland. and light breezes if you're on the bay. take a look at your weekend forecast next. here's alexis. >> good morning. taking a look at the roads this morning, overall, pretty quiet.
5:40 am
especially when you compare things to the last couple days where we really saw that commute ramp up. today, wea've only had two blocking issues. northbound 880 before broadway, a two car crash involving a semi and smaller sedan blocking the left lane for about 30 minutes. a little backup, but that has fully clears and we don't see residual delays either. also, a rollover collision. vehicle went down the embankment, westbound 80 before american canyon. just have some police activity on the shoulder as they try to get the vehicle off the shoulder and out of that embankment there, and hopefully everybody will be okay. no lanes are blocked. southbound 680, you can even feel the friday difference here, too. this is walnut creek where we have been slammed the last couple days. today not too bad. we'll check drive times next. well donald trump jr. tries to explain his russia meeting to investigators in congress, but some of them say he raised more questions than he answered. >> new details emerging about the oroville dam crisis.
5:41 am
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5:43 am
and more on our coverage of hurricane irma. 150 pets from broward county and florida are safely in the bay area this morning as the monster storm bears down on the state. thaw arrived at the hayward airport yesterday. the shelter animals were evacuated out of harm's way by wings of rescue. they'll be available for adoption at several bay area
5:44 am
shelters by next week. if you're interested, go to our website, >> people are pitching in to help others in the storm's path. pam spent days looking for a generator. her father depends on oxygen. without elictricity, he'll be unable to breathe. her quest took her 30 miles from home. after waiting in line, lowe's sold its last generator. the man who bought it heard the plight, gave her the generator. >> god will bless that man. >> she needed the generator. it's okay. >> the manager at that lowe's is unsure if his store will receive more generators before irma arrives. >> happening today, two men arrested in the bay area for a fatal stabbing in chicago are due back in court. former northwestern professor wintdham lathem and andrew warren were returned to court last month. lathem and warren fled to the bay area where they turned vendor to authorities. prosecutors say lathem and
5:45 am
warren had talked about their fantasies of killing others and then themselves. >> after hours of questions on capitol hill, some senators say they still have questions about donald trump jr.'s meeting with a russian lawyer during the campaign. the youngest strump took to twitter saying he answered questions from the senate judiciary committee until both sides had exhausted their lines of questioning, adding, i trust this interview fully satisfied their inquiry. some senators say that's not the case. >> did donald trump jr. sway some of your concerns? >> there are still a lot of gaps and a lot of questions to be answered. >> don jr. says in the end, nothing came from the meeting. sources tell abc news he told congressional investigators that there was no collusion and he never told his father about the meeting. don jr. met with the russian lawyer who claimed to have dirt on hillary clinton. >> another blow to president trump's revised travel ban. a federal appeals court says grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other close families of americans should not be prevented from coming to the
5:46 am
u.s. it also said refugees accepted from resettlement agencies should not be banned. in june, the supreme court said it should not apply to visitors with a bona fide relationship with anyone here. happening today, graduation day for san francisco's newest firefighters. 43 men and women will be joining the department's ranks. they have spent a grueling 20 weeks at the fire academy and 11 of the recruits are firefighter paramedics. they'll begin a year-long probationary period starting tomorrow. >> $5 million will pay for ten shuttle buses at mineta airport. zoe lofgren announced it yesterday. san jose city council still needs to approve the specifics of the grant. the new buses won't appear at the airport for at least another year. they'll eventually double the number of buses currently serving the san jose airport. they'll be used to shuttle passengers between terminals and the economy parking lot. >> a developer is moving forward
5:47 am
with plans for a 380-condo high rise in oakland's china town. the project sits on seventh street between harrison and webster streets alongside interstate 880. our media partner the east bay times reports balco properties announced it would return to its original plans after scaling back last year. the oakland city planning commission gave the company a one-year expension. >> new details about the cata catastrophe at the oroville dam. engineers couldn't gauge the danger because they couldn't see. they revealed the dam and spillways didn't have sensors, lights, or monitors to spot potential structural problems. items federal officials urged to be installed. they were flying blind the night the flood waters took away the second spillway. the disaster has prompted more than $1 billion in claims from people downstream. >> let's get over to mike nicco now. it's friday, mike. give us some good news. >> we'll start by showing you
5:48 am
that spillway once again and the difficulties they had dealing with all that water coming down. thankfully, the thunderstorms we had up there all week and will continue to have over the weekend won't create anything like that. here's a look at what's going on from south beach. you can see the fog and the mist hanging around the western span of the bay bridge. your accuweather highlights, more sunshine today. a little drier. the air is not quite as humid. it will be a little warmer. quick building of heat this weekend. you can see it right there. as we look at this, cooler, chance of showers next week. yeah. we'll all be out of the dark by then. sorry about that. 82 in concord to 80 in pleasanton, san ramon, and wa walnut creek. north bay, santa rosa, 80. going from dense fog to sunshine. sonoma, 78. novato, 81. in the south bay, 79 in san jose. pretty mild there. warm in morgan hill at 83. sunnyvale around 75. on the peninsula today, mostly sunny. and about 70 in millbrae.
5:49 am
menlo park, 74. pacifica and half moon bay, 63 and 65. it feels pretty comfortable there, and our coolest neighbors around san francisco from 64 in balboa park and richmond and net to 67 downtown. you can see the cloud cover coming back. mist and drizzle once again. 55 to 61 degrees. my seven-day forecast. look at the quick ramp up of temperatures sunday, quite hot. it will linger into monday, but then a chance of storms brewing monday into tuesday. even if you don't get the wet weather, we'll be cooler than average tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. a one to two-day heat wave. not like what you have to deal with over the weekend. >> as long as it's nothing like last friday, saturday, sunday, i'm okay with it. i can take a little warmup this week. >> if you're happy, i'm happy. >> good. you're going to be pretty happy if you're about to head out on your commute. we have not had any major issues. starting to see a few slowdowns. it's taking a while to get those
5:50 am
ramping up this morning. it is friday light or at least friday lighter commute than we had the last few days. westbound 205 to 580, 16-mile-per-hour average as you approach altamont pass. nothing blocking. that's the norm there for that stretch of roadway. and another slow spot is the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights on a few minutes later today. the last couple days they were flipped on 5:21, 5:22. today, not until 5:27. i know it's only five minutes, but we'll take every bit we can get. our bridge looking good, too. 13 across san mateo, and about a nine-minute drive, westbound 84 across the dumbarton bridge. >> thank you. new at 6:00, a popular east bay company is facing a lawsuit because of what they put on the label. >> first, where sean spicer will make his first tv appearance since leaving the white house. >> plus, historic move in same-sex equality. the country that just decided to let their people vote on the issue. >> a better day starts here on abc7
5:51 am
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governor jerry bro may soon decide whether california schools will be required to provide free feminine hygiene products. they passed a bill that would provide free pads and tampons at schools for low income students. assembly woman christina garcia introduced the bill because she said a lot of gills tell her they miss school because they can't afford pads or tampons. >> apple is expected to unveil the iphone 8 at their new campus in kupcupertino next week, but there's word it may be hard to get your hands on one when it goes on sale. the company went with a higher quality screen. a production issue set apple's
5:54 am
timetable back a month. apple also reported lee tried to embed a digital sensor in the screen, but they ditched that. >> i was looking at alexis' twitter feed. she posted her statement that says there's a rum fest this weekend. >> california rum festival. >> if you want something softer, we have the art and wine festival in mountain view. maybe you can tell us where the rum festival is in a second. >> 46th annual, 47th annual, a long time. 73 to 81, 11:00 to 7:00 saturday. a little warmer sunday. we still have baseball, and it's going on at the coliseum tonight. astros and a's. sko 64, your first pitch temperature, 72 at the end, and kicking off the home opener, california panthers are in town.
5:55 am
a sunny 90, and in levi's stadium, it will feel warmer than that. >> the location for the rum fest is the soma arts cultural center. if you're traveling around the south san francisco area, you may want to stop by and check that out. right now, looking good on all of our area roadways. westbound 80, no delays through the berkeley area into emeryvil emeryville. starting to see the volumes increase, but no major blocking issues the entire morning. only two crashes. neither of those have been blocking for very long or caused very big of a backup. if you're taking mass transit, that looks much better today as well. no delays. ace rail, we had serious signal issues out of stockton yesterday. today, ace one and three out on time. b.a.r.t. looking good, too. 49 trains in servile, and then the south bay, all of your mass transit ageanies are looking good. no delays for vta, and normal service this morning. >> thanks. sean spicer will make his first tv appearance since leaving the white house on jimmy
5:56 am
kimmel. he posted a photo with a chapgz, if i promise to look at the camera this time, will you come to my show next week. spicer may have a little more free time on his hands, because just five minutes later, he responded, it's a deal. does next wednesday work? that's the way to book a guest. kimmel said perfect. you can catch jimmy kimmel every weeknight after abc7 news at 11:00. >> australians will get to vote on whether to legalize same-sex marriage. the vote will go ahead despite a challenge by marriage equality advocates. they argue it's unnecessary since parliament could act on the issue at any time. also raised concerns about whether a lengthy campaign could be damaging. the prime minister has voiced his support for the vote. >> new at 6:00, getting answers about mysterious fighter yets that flew over the east bay. >> and a lot of construction projects impacting san francisco. now ed lee wants to pay the
5:57 am
businesses back. >> plus an update on the two international disasters. irma ravaging the caribbean right now, and a major quake in mexico. >> also a rescue caught on camera in the
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. two natural disasters are devastating two parts of north america. firstly, the death toll right now from an 8.2 earthquake in mexico is rising, as well as hurricane irma still causing issues across the caribbean as well as getting ready here in the u.s. >> i'm tracking your forecast for irma and also locally as you head out the door. as you can see, most of us getting off to a very foggy and misty start. >> and commuters will want to listen to this. an upgrade on the muni line
6:00 am
means service disruptions starting this weekend. >> a lot to get to this morning. we also are tracking some breaking news. >> firefighters in the east bay are investigating an early morning fire where they had to rescue a woman from a burning home. amy hollyfield is live on the scene in pleasant hill. amy. >> reporter: hi, matt. yeah, they tell me they don't know if she's going to make it. they tell me the 69-year-old woman is on a breathing machine at the hospital. they say she could not get out of this home. they could hear her banging on the walls, begging for help. firefighters say they had trouble getting to her because of all the stuff in the home. they consider this a hoarder situation. her 71-year-old husband did make it out. the next door neighbor saw him as he frantically worried about his wife. >> we got out here and the neighbor was just getting out. he was shouting that he couldn't find his wife and she was still trapped in the house. so we were out here for probably 20 to 30 minutes while they were trying to cut open the roof, try to fd


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