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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 11, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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clear is summer skies across the bay area, suddenly interrupted by something we don't see here very often, lots of lightning, even thunder. that's how it went. good evening i'm dan ashley, ama daetz is off. the unusual electrical storm is
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causing power outages. roughly 9,000 people without power, pg&e crews working to repair the damage. urging santa inez and ramona to shelter in place because of the live wires on the ground causing extreme safety hazard. we'll let you know if shelter in place is lifted. pass it along. just a few of the many spots reporting lightning strikes this evening. check this out. central county fire department tweeted out damage on a chimney. sent a pile of bricks crashing to the ground. thankfully no reports of any injuries. sandhya patel is here with more on the strange weather. >> summer storms put on a show. look at live doppler 7 right now and you will notice that most of the thunderstorm activity has
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started to push off the coastline here, starting to see activity diminishing. still showers left behind, street level radar, seeing moderate pockets of showers. santa rosa, west 8th street, sonoma avenue and damp roadways. at times the rain was hard. san francisco area, 3, flooding, hail and lightning in past hours. over 1,000 light inning strikes per the national weather surface in the bay area alone. in the state over 4,000 since this afternoon. how much rain? .10 in san francisco. moffetf field,.06 inches. storm impact is 1, few more showers for next couple of
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hours. breezy but thunder remain off the coastline. i'll be back with the hour by hour look of the next couple of days. >> intense. look at this imagine from exploratorium camera. sparked several fires, lightning can't. katie marzullo. >> r. >> reporter: rare lightning was exciting but nervous night for homeowners in the los gatos hills with good reason. strike after strike after strike, lightning lit up sky above san francisco. this is from bay bridge camera. incredible images from moffett field, santa cruz mountains and san jose. but what he heard was more scary than what he saw. >> hearing planes and
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helicopters is bad sign in the mountains. >> you can see a column of smoke from the ridge line, too close for comfort. >> told my wife, get the carrier out for the cat, all the valuables just in case. >> reporter: crews responding from multiple spot fires. little or no rain, dry lightning can be most dangerous. >> if you don't respond and let it smolder can grow exponentially in short time or shoulder all day and night before it takes off. >> reporter: depends on spotters in a tower on copernicus pe call in the fires but can't be too careful in this weather. >> if you're hearing thunder it's close by, don't become a casualty. get and stay inside. >> reporter: dazzling display by mother nature. katie marzullo, abc7 news.
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>> thank all our viewers for staying safe and sharing incredible photos. head to your website, we have a selection for you. continuing to talk about weather but on the east coast, something much more dramatic. irma, tropical depression is dropping heavy rain in georgia as it heads to alabama. blamed for at least ten deaths. homeowner in georgia says family barely escaped when huge tree crashed into house. >> like a bang, really loud, louder than you can imagine. louder than a firework. >> 7.7 million customers in three states without power tonight. first made landfall in florida keys as category 4 hurricane. many evacuees just getting first look at damage.
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pg&e workers are part of the team getting power back on in the area. shared this video of teams looking for toppled lines. helping local utilities in florida. local search and rescue cruise from the area also surveying the area. left moffett field on friday. went up for better view of the destruction. conducted water search and rescue operations. seven fires in antioch being investigated as possible arson and contra costa fire district is asking for your help. live in antioch where a church was damaged in morning. >> reporter: the fire came close to the church and destroyed its shed and fence behind it. came dangerously close to a home. second of two homes now threatened by fire and people
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who lived there shared this video with us. >> i heard crackling and loud noises. looked out our balcony window and saw a huge fire. told whole family and ran out of house as fast as we can. >> reporter: shot video as father used garden hose to spray the fire outside the church in antioch. this fire is number seven in a string of suspicious fires. >> i don't know why would do that what's the point? what harm could a church do to them. >> reporter: all within a three mile radius. >> we believe there is something to that and may be somebody running around setting fires. >> happened out of nowhere. crazy. >> reporter: recorded video of the vegetation fire that threatened his home last night. said firefighters were already near there because of another fire. >> this tree here almost going to tip over, whole bunch of
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branches fell on the roof. by the time they got here, just touching the house. >> reporter: nobody has been injured, fires only have proximity and time frame in common. >> we don't know whether or not they're reelite lated to one another. >> reporter: asking potential witnesses to come forward. in antioch, katie ute iz, news. fabric of our nation changed 16 years ago in terror attacks on 9/11, tore us up and brought us together on the same day. people gathered in new york city in memory of the nearly 3,000 victims who died when two planes crashed and third went down in pennsylvania field. two towers of light glow from the new york site representing the twin towers that came down. remembrances held across the bay area, union city, alameda,
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vallejo and san francisco. >> you can say as time marches on, people forget but as fire services organization, we're not going to forget. >> read the names of first responders who died and tribute from the white house where president trump and first lady melania held a national moment of silence. busy monday. much more ahead on abc7 news at 11:00. harvey and irma are gone but we're tracking jose tonight. and only on 7, a pair of tourists had a scare on bay area beach but safe thanks to quick action by rescuers. remarkable pictures. speaking of, settlement in unusual case that played out in san francisco court. is
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back now with breaking news out of sfo. duty manager says paramedics responding to report of possible lightning strike on worker helping to tow a plane. complaining of ringing in ears. trying to determine if actually struck by lightning. something happened. we have a crew on the way and will bring you more when we get it. parties involved in monkey and selfie he took reached a settlement. people for ethical treatment of animals, peta, sued for rights of monkey to own the selfie he snapped. lillian with news on the case. >> taken six years ago, since then a lawsuit, appeal and
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groundbreaking settlement that could pave the way for other animal rights cases. name is naruto, a crusted macaque. 25% of future revenue from the photos will go to organizations dedicated to protecting his habitat and species. reached by peta, david slater, british photographer who placed it in indonesian jungle and >> firmly establishes that animal rights are ingrained in the legal system in the united states and internationally. >> monkey see, monkey sue won't do in federal court. >> ends two year legal battle. now settled, parties say it raises cutting edge issues about expanding legal rights for
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nonhuman animals, a goal they all support. >> a situation like this where they created intellectual property, internationally famous photographs, naruto community should benefit from like like any other photographer. species is critically endangered. lilian kim, abc7 news. today rescuers pulled two people to safety after trapped at cave in musel rock park in daley city. sky 7 captured the whole thing. story only on abc7. >> first day out here, this happened. >> man from louisiana went on adventure he didn't plan. >> went into the cave. >> not worried about the water
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at that point. >> low tide. rose substantially. >> freaking out. >> clung to one another as hit with whipping ocean gusts. >> 25, 30 miles an hour, freezing. >> coast guard in place, rescue swimmer rappelled to the cave with waves crashing around them. one at time saved them. >> he said i'm great at don't worry about nothing. >> on dry ground protected shivering women from the wind and man wanted to thank the rescuers. new respect for the ocean. >> jump in the bayou but not the ocean. >> mother nature ain't no joke. >> just bumps and bruises thank goodness. back to the strange weather we have tonight in the bay area. sandhya patel is tracking with doppler 7. >> first of all, thank you to
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all of you for sending pictures and videos. i want to show you live doppler 7, when you report the weather and send us pictures and videos, makes a huge difference. live doppler 7 still tracking showers, light to moderate in intensity, windsor, hieldsburg, here's street level. scattered showers around santa rosa, highway 101. what brought this, leftover tropical moisture and low pressure off the coast. moisture is feeding around it. thunderstorm activity is pushing off the coast. this sent to me via twitter of ocean beach lightning. vivid. woodside hills, also stunning. and lightning in san francisco. as you'll notice also sent via twitter, picked up incredible
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pictures. show you this from south beach camera, time lapse, lightning strikes from rick, in transmission, watching lightning strikes tonight and rain drops from east bay hills camera. see the drops falling. one of those evenings where you saw lots of thunderstorms develop, lightning strikes, over 1,000 in the bay area. not seeing the intensity of rain that tropical depression irma brings the southeast. but it's weakened and storm surge warnings dropped. continue to drop heavy rain through midweek across parts of the southeast and heading into the tennessee valley and wind guftz an issue. next threat is in atlanta, hurricane jose is expected to do a loop de loop, comes back around and by saturday evening could be headed towards mid-atlantic states. we'll keep you posted if it
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makes that turn. temperatures in 60s and 70s, brentwood is 81 degrees. still muggy out there. isolated showers next few hours. cooler tomorrow but still muggy and another chance of thunder tuesday into wednesday. storm impact, 1, a light chance of showers and thunder. be aware. tomorrow morning commute is dry, no rain or thunderstorms. afternoon still dry. plenty of sun. cooler but muggy. tomorrow night development begins around 11:30 in the south bay. wednesday morning's commute is another round of scattered showers. better opportunity for showers as opposed to thunderstorms but can't rule out one or two. we'll keep you posted.
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tomorrow morning is humid and warm. low to upper 60s. afternoon is mid-70s to low 90s. going to be cooler than today but may not feel like it. still humid. accuweather forecast, chance of showers into wednesday morning and then cooler weather, not a humid thursday. much cooler, little bit warmer heading to the weekend. you can download the abc7 news app and accuweather app to keep app and accuweather app to keep track of th food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. all right. tonight the nfl made history with first woman ever to call a "monday night football" game. >> we welcome you to denver.
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>> play-by-play for the chargers/broncos game. no rookie in the booth. done college football games for 26 years. knows the sport. second woman to call nfl game. former classmate called 30 years ago. >> i dated gail. when we met told me your wife went to florida, asked what year and didn't date her. dodgers against the
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okay. the giants and dodgers, always seem to have subplot when they face off. tonight at at&t park it was lightning and rain, that's right in mid-september. first lightning delay, about an hour this went on. then got going. chris stratton, starting pitcher strikes out kurtis granderson to start the game. then the rains came. pulled everybody off the field. bruce bochy not happy, not leaving. looked over. but as soon as they started pulling off tarps, rain got heavier, back go the tarps. then got worse. now comes the big tarp. delay lasted almost three hours. new pitcher ty blach, man on and appropriately a splash hit. number 76 in giants history. and giants lead 3-0 in the
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third. can catch the late ball game, probably still tickets available. "monday night football" with double-header kicking off. adrian peterson returning as new orleans saint. he broke peterson's viking rookie effort in rushing. looked like all-pro. best to stefon diggs. threw for three touchdowns. vikings can be good this year, don't count them out, win it 29-19. chargers at broncos. trevor semiian ran for one score and threw for two more but back come the chargers, don't country philip rivers out. 24-21 denver. final seconds, chargers rookie kicker appears to have tied game with 44 yard field goal.
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broncos rookie head coach called time-out before the kick. second try. broncos rookie shelby harris blocks it and broncos go on to win 24-21 your final. this sports report by river rock casino. probably get a cheap seat, only the third inning if you want to see the giants game. serve beer until the seventh, not sure if that holds together. >> weird thing. >> appropriately when you drop a 603-horsepower v8 biturbo engine
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all right. that is your report. as always appreciate your time.
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sandhya patel says the >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- larry david, dave salmoni and animals, kristen bell, live from florida, plus the finale of baby bachelor in paradise. and now get this, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: that's very nice.


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