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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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this is what it looked like one night ago over san francisco. will lightning strike twice? another round may move through the bay area while we're sleeping. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. we had wide reports of lightning, not tonight but could change. >> sandhya patel is here.
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>> let's look at live doppler 7 and i'll explain whether you will see lightning or not. we have a marine layer in place with the bay area with fog, reducing visibility in half moon bay to two miles. keeping eye on area of low pressure as it continues to circulate. is going to head to southern california but until it does, moisture will wrap around it so there is still the possibility of seeing a few showers and isolated thunder. of course, you're probably wondering who has the best chance. i'll have hour by hour look at morning commute and beyond coming up. ama? >> thank you. do you know how to stay safe in thunderstorm? head to our website,, we have facts for you. >> alameda residents told not to use tap water.
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east bay mud issued warning to homes in and near alameda point. dnt say what problem is, but not for brushing teeth or cooking or for your pets. folks noticed odd taste. >> two days ago i tried it, tasted like plastic. >> if you're affected pick up water at alameda point collaborative on west ranger avenue. >> irma evacuees are returning home to find ruin. irma is blamed for 17 deaths in the u.s., millions without water or power. president trump will visit on thursday. in the caribbean the situation . french president emmanuel macron visited st. martin, there's a desperate need for food and
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water. he calls the situation critical. help for hurricane harvey victims coming from san francisco and parts of marin, mode of delivery, 18 wheel semi truck........ lisa amin joins us now. >> owns a trucking company in the central valley and got a semi, driver and trying to gather 40,000 pounds of supplies to take to texas. this is just one of hundreds of boxes being loaded on to this massive semi. >> want to see the truck full tomorrow. that's our goal. >> this truck is heading to texas to help hurricane harvey victims. an effort student started after seeing images like this, he knew he had to do something, secured this truck and put his plan into motion, no matter the cost.
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>> in about $2,000 but honestly it's nothing to me. money comes and goes, for me it's more making a difference and helping people out in houston. >> started with simple post on uss twitter feed and spread to individuals who shared with their friends and put it on jennifer is volunteering. from houston and glued to social media. >> overall devastation is hard to see, you recognize places on tv you know and places you've visited, it's unbelievable. >> this alley carrier's driver drove through houston and he's volunteered to take this load back because of what he saw. >> people with pick-ups trying to save whatever they could. that's their whole lives, could you imagine? i mean you're losing everything. >> and there are still times to
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help. adding one more day for donations because of our story. find out how to donate on, it's leave be san francisco tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. >> hope it's filled up. thanks lisa. berkeley police now allowed to use pepper spray in violent confrontations. abc7 news was at special city council meeting where the vote received boos and shouts of shame. amends the current policy to allow use of pepper spray on specific individuals in crowd committing violent acts. police are pleased with the vote but say it comes with responsibility. >> granted this by the community to use for difficult and violent confrontations we're concerned may happen in the future. >> will be armed with pepper
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spray when conservative ben sharpe earro is speaking on thursday and steve bannon likely also a target this month. berkeley is considering letting women have the same rights as men taking off shirts in public. topic of debate. cornell bernard is there. any decision yet? >> reporter: no word yet. going to be a late night for berkeley city council, started discussion the issue five minutes ago, whether or not to give women the right to go topless. >> you can't show injure nipple, men can, women can't. >> reporter: advocating for nipple equality, right for women to go topless. >> if men are able to expose their nipples everywhere on the street, public, everywhere, public spaces, women should have the same rights. >> reporter: she's keeping her top on because considered
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misdemeanor infraction from berkeley for women to bare their breasts. councilman is posing a change to the indecency law that's rarely enforced. >> i've seen them topless at protest rallies, fairs, earth days. i mean, i don't think the police are running around trying to arrest them. >> reporter: organizations like is lobbying cities around the country to amend nudity laws which it considers unfair and sexist. something you're interested in doing? >> definitely not. >> reporter: all for gender equality but -- >> you doesn't mean you should. >> kids out here wouldn't want them to see that but hey, it's berkeley, bring back the '60s. >> reporter: city where the free speech movement began could soon let women freely express themselves. berkeley, abc7 news.
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developing news. a's may have seltd on location for new stadium. media partner the east bay times reports close to the college, close to b.a.r.t. team president david kaval sent a letter offering to build commercial space near the college and more parking. 33,000 people. a's hope to play first game in 2023. 49ers players and police officers got together tonight to help the next generation of football players. last year's police protest by former 49er qb colin kaepernick far from their minds tonight. >> reporter: for asspiring football player not much better than coached by pros. >> super tall and good.
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>> reporter: invited kids from the league to practice. >> they have a lot of potential. >> players like pierre garcon said interacting with the kids was fun but kids not only ones on the field. santa clara county first responders were invited to help coach. >> what they do is way more important than what we do. nice to help them out. >> colin kaepernick refused to stand during the national anthem to protest what he called police brutality and racial profiling. i talked to spokesperson on the phone who said he was entitled to do what he wants but would never affect how officers do their jobs. tight end garrett celek said it's giving back to law enforcement. >> family and friends that are police officers. for me it's personal to be out here and showing appreciation.
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>> reporter: kaepernick not picked up by another team, led to ralliesrting him. katie marzullo, abc7 news. more ahead. benefits of flying low to the ground. behind the scenes of new tool that redefines the term street view. >> live look from emeryville camera. tracking return of cooler weather and accuweather forecast. plus -- >> a
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abc7. sky map 7 on sky 7. >> explains how the eye in the sky is unlike any other in the bay area. >> above a 200 acre brush fire in dublin. >> when news breaks you count on abc7 news and sky 7 to show you the happenings. sky map 7 will identify where news happens displaying highways, roads and streets right on the screen. fastest bay area helicopter includes street mapping and power of extreme vision. state of the art camera, closer to the action than ever before. powerful new tool. see how traffic is moving at 580/24 interchange in oakland or the embarcadero in the city. help you navigate around hazardous conditions like house
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fire in san jose. and see what speed traffic is moving and pinpoint specific vehicles. caught on jam on highway 24 in lafayette, sky map 7 will show you length of the backup and how big an area is affected when news breaks. when fire burned this dublin heil sd, able to measure it. and also can show you what the area looked like before the blaze, live. with sky map 7 you'll know what is impacted when news happens. near schools in san leandro or businesses off i-80. another reason abc7 news is your choice for breaking news. alexis smith, abc7 news. there may be no crying in baseball but tonight uncontrollable happiness and severe joy. story only on abc7 news. bianca vazquez said yes just
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moments after throwing first pitch of the giants game. catcher was her boyfriend of six years, freddy martinez. >> i know she loves the sport and i just had to do it here. >> freddy won tickets in essay contest by at&t, met now fiance at concession stand at giants game and wanted to propose during game. seemed to have hard time believing it happened. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> dressed as giants player, name on the back of the uniform and 17 for the year he proposed. >> had to say yes. dream come true. >> that's sweet. >> great. >> couple live in merce ed county. >> on to the weather forecast. see lightning overnight? >> sandhya for the answer. >> not a rerun of last night but
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time lapse, what is cool. marine layer rushing in tonight, looks like whipped cream right in marine layer has dropped our temperatures along with the sea breeze. this afternoon cooler. tonight many areas from five to ten degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. as you look at live doppler 7, no radar returns to speak of but poor visibility in half moon bay, down to three miles. still keeping track of the sierra nevada, seen numerous thunderstorms in the area, dewpoints around the bay area in humid range. 60 to 69 in many parts, that's humid. muggy in san francisco at 59 degrees. temperatures are running lower. numbers mainly in the 60s. brentwood at 74. highlights. looking at possibility of showers in the morning.
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cooler and not as humid the next two afternoons. and looking at mild conditions as we head towards the weekend. really nice looking weather ahead. live look from abc7 news exploratorium camera. overcast skies, low visibility. emeryville, marine layer in place. tomorrow morning watch out for areas of fog. another thing, tomorrow morning, with us at top of the show, showed you area of low pressure heading to southern california, some moisture may wrap around that and trigger shows in south bay and monterey at 4:00 a.m. and around 5:00 a.m., isolated thunderstorm can't be ruled out. moving up a little bit into santa cruz and san mateo coast.
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then diminishing except for one little bit around 10:30 tomorrow morning. then back to stable pattern. humidity will come down, feel the difference. not tomorrow morning. muggy start. temperatures in low to mid-60s. watch out if commute takes you through south bay or you live there, might be slippery roadways out there. that's the area to watch out for. download the accuweather app and track live doppler 7. tomorrow afternoon upper 60s to the low eighties. mild wednesday afternoon and forecast for the the giants/dodgers game at at&t park, dropping down to 61 degrees, lose the humidity and hopefully enjoy the game. accuweather seven day forecast, cooling continues, cool by summer standards on thursday. low 60s to upper 70s and warm up
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chumley, the young seal, is back in the wild tonight. she was captured roaming the streets of petaluma. vets say likely took a wrong turn from boat ramp. easy to do. she's in good health. released her into point rays national sea shore. on to sports. >> is chumley a girl's name?
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i thought it was boy's name? >> they overlap now. chumley is not on the list. >> chumley dates. >> it's got a ring to it right? >> no. >> giants played spoiler, goal is add to dodger [fbi agent] you're a brave man, your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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good evening. this was not conventional double-header. giants technically playing second game of the day today. last night the rain and lightning delayed game, didn't finish until 2:00 a.m. today. johnny cueto taking on clayton
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kershaw with the dodgers trying to snap losing streak. and tossing out first pitch. bottom of the third. kelby tomlinson with first homer of the season off kershaw who is in shock. probably so is kelby. 1-0. chase utley, ageless, into the drink off johnny cueto, tied at 1-1. giants down 5-3, buster posey swing and miss on 3-2 for out number two. nick hundley, high heat ball game. dodgers end slidely final of 5-3. a's visiting boston, davis on a playoff team.
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giving up to mookie betts red sox roll the a's 11-1. indians trying to tie the win streak set 15 years ago. francis francisco lindor up and out. corey kluber on the hill. eight strikeouts. gave up only five hits. top of the ninth, two outs, kluber trying for complete game against cabrera and indians win 2-0, tied with '02 a's after winning 20th consecutive game. new logo, dubs signing a deal with japanese e-commerce site. draymond was asked about the
11:31 pm
trade move for kyrie irving. said it took guts. >> put so much pressure on himself doing that, knowing the pressure and saying i'm ready to do it, that stood out to me more than anything. not the surprise that kyrie wants to leave. happens all the time, happened with shaq and kobe. >> new nikes, one side featuring the insults he endured and other with stats from finals. won by
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all right that's our report. appreciate your time. i'm dan . jimmy kimmel live to like to wish a happy birthday to chainz. >> from hollywood, it's jimmy kimmel live. tonight, michael keaton, van jones, and music from lone bellow. and now we should also mention, here's jimmy kimmel! hi, everybody. thank you for watching.


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