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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 13, 2017 1:37am-2:07am PDT

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trade move for kyrie irving. said it took guts. >> put so much pressure on himself doing that, knowing the pressure and saying i'm ready to do it, that stood out to me more than anything. not the surprise that kyrie wants to leave. happens all the time, happened with shaq and kobe. >> new nikes, one side featuring the insults he endured and other with stats from finals. won by
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all right that's our report. appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz, thanks for joining us. michael tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." cameras capture a quiet street. >> i'm sitting there waiting to see what's going to happen. >> why we never expected to see this. bang. >> oh my gosh! >> he's got to help you. >> kayakers save an injured seagull. >> it was trapped by a crab line. >> how a new jersey couple keep
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a scared bird calm. >> i'd like to know how to help it. >> remember a biker threatrying save a man threatening to jump. the real reason behind a jerk move. plus the buzzword for your chance to win a new ipad mini. >> handcuff themselves together for 24 hours. >> the unbreakable bond that can get downright awkward. >> shave my legs. >> this is a moment will you never forget especially if you live through it. >> after three years on the show it takes a lot to shock me, but both of these videos did. we're going to start in south africa, cctv and everything seems pretty calm. sitting there waiting to see what's going to happen. you can't miss it. bang! >> oh my gosh! >> an absolute monster. the first clue you get,
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headlights come around quick but they don't come into shot again until they are flying through the airport, bang! that huge impact into that sign and brick wall. >> and it looked like it flipped over in midair, too. did it land on its roof? >> it looked like it took the full brunt of that impact on the top of the vehicle. there's another video which gives you an idea of the scale of the damage. it's like a bomb went off. they found the female driver outside the vehicle critically injured. she was stabilized before being taken to hospital but there has been no official explanation as to what happened. next we head over to china for a different video but still shocking. you could see here it's a busy roadway. keep an eye on the older gentleman here, he tries to hurry across the road, loses his footing, ow and he hits his head pretty hard. this is where the shocking part of the video begins because sit here now, everybody, and watch as person after person completely ignores this
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gentleman. the supposed reason, they thought he was one of the crash for cash scammers and it get worse. >> is that a police officer? >> fully loaded police vehicle that drives completely by. >> finally somebody steps up. >> the driver of the bus which this camera is mounted on. this video gone crazy viral as you could imagine the outrage not quite so much. people actually going out and defending this behavior. >> that's sad. >> heather and joe out kayaking at point pleasant, new jersey, and heather was looking off into the distance of the water and spotted the seagull swimming in the water, she and joe paddled over to it. they realized everything was not okay. >> how could they tell? a seagull in the water. >> it was staying in the water. that was strange for them to see, and so she scoops it out and there you could see why it was stuck there. it was trapped by a crab line that was anchored to the floor of this bay, and if you notice,
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it's tied to something. you guys, that poor bird was tied to a line that had a chicken leg attached to it. >> popular bait for crabbing. used to do the same thing but the poor bird got tangled up. >> it sure did. they don't have any sharp implements so they're trying to get that untangled. >> seagull being calm almost like it knows they're there to help it. >> or exhausted. >> i need to cut it somehow. >> we need to get scissors from home and cut it. >> sun's going down. don't want to be out there in the dark on your kayaks if if you don't have the right gear. >> it's tied around its neck and leg. this thing needs them to get something sharp to cut that line off. they get back to their home base and they're able to really help it out much more quickly. >> see how it's like wrapped. >> it's all right. >> we couldn't like cut it and i was trying to like get -- it's really wrapped up. >> they cut it off from around its leg but then they have to unwrap that line from around its neck, too.
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>> looks good, i think. >> yes. >> then they set it on the ground and release it, and i say heather and joe, thank you for caring and helping so much. you remember the video i brought you guys not too long ago, the motorcyclist on the freeway in russia spotted a man about to jump that overpass. remember that? >> oh yeah. >> you see him talking to the guy, eventually convincing him to jump back over the guardrail. >> he even stopped traffic, thank goodness there wasn't an accident. >> he was up there because he was mourning his mother, right? >> yes, that is 18-year-old alexei. he told these guys his mother had just died, that he had hitchhiked his way to the funeral. there's an update to this story. russian journalist tracked alexei down, but not just alexei, she tracked down his mother, whom is very much alive still living in a village, with his older brother.
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this is not the first time alexei has done this. it sounds like he's done this multiple times, where he pretends like he's going to jump or commit good samaritans take action and provide him with money the entire time. >> sounds like he has bigger issues. >> his mother doesn't understand why she's doing this. she has struggled with him and he has seen psychiatrists and at age 12 he started figuring out ways to earn money in fraudulent ways, so it sounds like this guy has a history of this type of behavior. >> let's just hope this stunt that he seems to have figured out doesn't wind up killing somebody else because in that situation on the highway, could have easily resulted in that motorcyclist getting killed or somebody else crashing.
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it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> that's right, and to enter you need tuesday's buzzword, be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> the buzzword is coming up in a bit. >> stand by for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. coura has a loose tooth. this is not just any old tooth pulling. dad hands her the bow and arrow. >> that did not go well, did it? >> no. notice dad looks at her and she's like, still in there. >> did he tie it around the wrong tooth? >> no, i'm not sure she was strong enough to you know, pull it out. so dad steps in. >> did it work? >> yes, it worked. look at her face. >> bull's eye. >> yeah!
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but there's just one problem. >> i'm sorry, daddy pulled it out. it's on the ground somewhere, so i'm very sorry. >> if the tooth fairy doesn't make an exception for her, then i mean, come on tooth fairy. this next one you've never seen anything like it. [ screaming ] >> oh! are you kidding me? >> i wish i was but i'm not. >> duck! >> and where did they get a duck for this purpose from? this is by far the most unique tooth removal device we've ever seen. >> this one better bring in some cash from the tooth fairy. at least an extra couple bucks for unique points. >> oh goodness! woo! >> yikes. >> wow. >> massive explosion in china. huge blast and fireball is all
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woo! >> yikes. >> wow. >> massive explosion in china, following a huge cloud of smoke and fire. this incident captured by multiple cameras in the area. people had seen this fire in the distance, so they started recording it. >> i was assuming like a fireworks store, something like that. that explosion was so big. >> perhaps because it was related to gas instead of fireworks. reports so far are saying that this was a liquid natural gas truck that had sprung a leak while it was filling up the tanks at a gas station, caught fire, and then this happened. >> wow. i mean that's like a mushroom cloud looking at the that thing. how many people were hurt? >> one person, minor injuries. when you consider that this thing can caught fire that's when people started to back off, make room and get out of the way before that massive explosion
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happened. another crazy scene, this time at a huge tower complex in china. it appears that every single floor of this building is on fire. sparks raining down, every window just belching smoke and fire. >> was this a completed building or was it like under construction? >> from what i've been able to understand it is a completed building but it was unoccupied at the time. they're not certain, but they believe that the fire was started by a lightning strike to one of those l.e.d. advertisement boards on the side of the building. >> if anybody lived there, that could have been a massive catastrophe, a massive tragedy. >> like london but times 100. >> yes. picture this, walking, driving down the street, come across a car accident with smoke billowing out of the vehicle. >> hey sir, are you okay? >> argh! >> you get faced with that.
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>> well that's not very cool. >> really? i think it's hilarious. >> don't mess with and gri gry . he's kind of gross. >> are you all right? >> he falls into two pieces. the guys have no idea what's going on in front of him, that's all this video is. this neighborhood is very helpful. it doesn't matter if people are walking by. >> argh! >> oh! >> doesn't matter if they're driving by or who is driving by. they get some interesting attention. [ siren ] [ bleep ]. >> of course the cops are going to show up. >> call an ambulance immediately. >> he's walking away. >> everybody that walks up they're just faced with something their brain cannot compute. >> what the hell, man? [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> that's cruel, man. >> does anybody laugh? >> no. however, my favorite and the most authentic reaction to this
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is this one. >> ahhh! >> like something out of a horror movie, just went to see "it" and this is what she's faced with. >> the guy walked up, standing and suddenly he's in half. essentially a clever effect that's hidden behind the shirt and a fake pair of pants that go up to the top you see there. for special effects it's practical. >> what did the cops have to say? >> they didn't want to write up the ticket. they didn't have that kind of time. i'm just going to split. >> the collage artist who sticks it to his work. >> this is incredible and i never show it to my children. >> see what this guy makes, next. and your shot at winning an ipad mini is coming up. get ready for today's buzzword on "right this minute," next. superior preference haircolor by l'oréal. preference is worth it because it's luminous color with incredible shine.
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portrait of the picture we see right there being created by noah scalin. >> this is incredible. i'd never show it to my chirp because they put stickers everywhere. i didn't realize you could do this with them. >> well man of no imagination, you need to pay attention to your kids more, because that's how he got the idea. he was watching his daughter. he took really cool stickers and just starting putting them together. i'm really impressed. >> me, too. when kids use stickers they randomly stick them all over the place. for him to watch what her child chaos might be and form something amazing as this is unbelievable. >> the picture is so clear to see as well and the closer you get is when you start seeing more and more of the stickers and then the effect kicks in. >> back up, back up, back up. >> there's a method to his madness as well. notice the figures he used for his face are different in contrast to the head band an for
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her hair. >> i wish to commission one. >> funny you is ai that. if you wanted to looks like you to commission a piece from him. >> an award winning or jaw-dropping skateboard run usually has a whole litany of cool tricks involved but simon stricker here red bull athlete is really a one trick pony, in this case drops his board, hops on, and then tips the nose up into what's called a manual, balancing on the back wheels. okay, tough trick but what makes this so tough is that simon is going for a world record here on the bermuda path in switzerland. the record stands right now at 0.9 miles. >> you're trying to get the entire mile in there? >> he's trying to go as far as he possibly can. just think about pebbles. dirt. breeze. >> your own mind, because if you psych yourself out you might
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freak yourself out, lose your balance. >> looking down and yeah there's so much to this. it's a lot harder than it looks. >> a bit wobbly in a few spots. you see him just holding his balance, the whole way. simon holds on, and holds on, until finally -- >> ugh. >> right there you just hear the front wheels tap down. he's still stoked. >> did he do it? did he do it? >> 1.35 miles, simon road that manual. i don't think it's officially a world record but they believe it is. >> woo! it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need today's buzzword, be at least 21 years old and be a legals redepartment
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of the u.s. or canada. >> head over to and click "win ipad." >> enter each every day. >> let's reveal tuesday's buzzword it's fusion. >> get over to and click on "win ipad" and enter the buzzword fusion. >> good luck, everybody. mom and daughter handcuffed to one another for 24 hours. >> we've seen couples do this. >> that's different. you do have a vested interest in it working out. >> how will
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>> kelsey and christie are going to do the unthinkable. this mom and daughter duo going to handcuff themselves together for 24 hours. kelsey and christie are very tight, like best friends. >> i got to believe christie this is no big deal, 24 hours. last time you were with me this long was nine months. >> the handcuffs go on and it's go time. >> do i got to do anything? >> doesn't matter because i'm coming with you. >> this entire situation is just interesting. so the first hour they go and get a little microblading done. >> what are they going to learn about each other? think about that, they didn't really know. >> they said they have a really close knit relationship and know each other pretty well already. they're not really afraid of anything that may come out. mom's really attached to her cell phone. the entire day she's just on her phone either talking on it or working. here they head over to do a little bit of shopping, trying on shoes and clothes.
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as the ninth hour comes to an end they finish trying on clothes and the tenth hour rolls around time to shake a shower. >> not ideal. >> i'm not coming in there either. >> bedtime rituals. >> before i go to bed i like to do yoga. >> and so now she has to figure out how to do yoga with her mom. >> yoga was not relaxing an that night. >> think of all the time you got to spend with your mom. this is one of those moments that you will never forget. especially if you lived through it. >> funny you say that, mom's a work atollic. even though we've gone into the night the 14th hour she still has buzz to take care of. as the 16th hour rolls around mom is getting her zs but daughter not so much. >> my mom gets up at 7:00 a.m. so i guess i'm getting up at 7:00 a.m. >> we're familiar with the tri guys they get up and head to brunch with them and it's all good, because mom likes to drin


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