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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 14, 2017 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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bay area mcdonald's an employee on the clock gives birth and tries to get rid of her new born in the bathroom. >> happened in redwood city last week but the details are just coming to light. >> we are live on chestnut street with that developing story. >> it happened inside this mcdonald's on labor day just before 11:00 at night and that disturbing sequence of events led to a new mother in jail and baby in the hospital with possible brain damage. 25-year-old sarah lockner was arrested. she works at mcdonald's. she told investigators she didn't know she was pregnant here's some of the scnner from that night.
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>> the san mateo county district attorney's office said she went to the bathroom multiple times and a coworker saw her holding a new born face down in the toilet and reportedly told her worker not to call police but police were called. when they were arrived the baby was not breathing and had no pulse but now said to be surviving on her own but her neurological prognosis is unknown. she's scheduled to enter a plea on monday. held on $11 million bail. >> just a reminder parents who hoose to take their babies to hospitals and fire stations will not face prosecution.
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new at 11:00 top democrats reached a deal to replace daca. senator majority leader and nancy pelosi agreed to extend protections for young, undocumented immigrants this is pelosi following the meeting releasing this statement. >> it's happened again a law enforcement officer stolen gun was used in a homicide. happened last month but san francisco police are just now talking about what happened. abc 7 news reporter lillian kim live with the new details. >> alma, it was august 12th when an officer's personal gun was stolen from his personal car, three days later the gun ended up being a murder weapon. the stolen sfpd office's gun was
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use in a homicide in a apparent robbery last month. t. the gun belonged to a highly decorated officer of the department who is said to be devastated. said there was no visible signs of the burglary and didn't realize the firearm had been stole he. the news surprised members of the san francisco police commission. >> i was concerned and surprised there would be more care in leaving a gun in a car. >> similar dmas san francisco involved kate stieny who was shot and killed from a gun stolen two years ago. from a federal rangers car. since her death laws require firearms to be secured it in locked vehicle. >> the weapon should be stored in a locked container. i don't have the detail because the investigation is ongoing. >> supervisor said he lived in
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her district where he volunteered for violence prevention programs. >> he was an example of how these programs works. it's been devastating, his death has been devastating in this community. >> a community now demabding answers from a department that is said little so far. in san francisco lillian kim abc 7 news. san francisco firefighters raced to free a man after a tree fell on his car and trapped him. he was driving on clement street when the tree toppled on his car. the man's okay. the tree almost damaged a parked car as well. tonight uc berkeley is blocking streets as they wrap up for speech for conservative commentator ben shapiro. police are anticipating protesters. live on campus with what you should know before tomorrow's event. >> police and campus leaders are asking people to avoid the area
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around sprawl plaza tomorrow night. large concrete barriers are being brought in, ban croft will be shoft down and some be shut down and some businesses will close early. >> we'll have far more police officers. we'll confront any one wearing a mask. >> this map shows building closures taking place in zel are balk hall on thursday night. large traffic barriers will form a wide perimeter. >> we have free speech and safety we don't think they need to be separate. >> it's nice that they have this infrastructure and the concrete barriers, if they don't stand up to these thugs and stand down
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those barriers won't do much. >> the group, refuse fascism is calling for a nonvial entertain speak out outside of the event. >> he's a slick talking reasonable sounding man but what he puts forward is white supremacy. >> if there's no conversation here i don't see where else it could be i'm 100% for the speech happening here. >> shapiro spoke on campus last year with basic security before the presidential election. tonight residents of ala immediat aerks alameda do not drink alert was lifted after samples came back negative. east bay saying the water possibly contaylor tampa nated by a leak innir gas station line in an old well
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the murder of lacy peterson is getting access all these years later. >> the peterson case gripped the bay area and beyond. coming up the evidence that broke the case open and put peterson on death row in san quinton. overcast skies right now. you just may need those wipers in the morning. i'll explain coming up. >> stay with us for that. first here's a look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> here's what all of the kids will snap chat about tomorrow. >> this is obviously a hard job and turned out to be kind of funny in a lot of ways.
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when lacy peterson vanished christmas eve 2002 her case captures the spotlight and still does. >> scott peterson was convicted of murdering their son connor and tonight key evidence that helped to break the case. >> the i-team obtained access to more than a thousand pieces of
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evidence photos, documents and tapes, some before never made public and this evidence was used to put scott peterson on death row. >> hours after lacy peterson was missing scott peterson did his first in depth interview. >> were going to basically take a dog for the walk. >> detective asked him about going fishing on christmas eve. >> when did you realize you were going to go fishing. >> it was a morning decision go play golf at the club or go fishing. >> okay. >> too cold to play golf at the club. >> it's christmas eve, you're going to go fishing because it's too cold to go golfing that's crazy right there. >> the detectives were on the case from day one. >> the first person you focus on a homicide investigation is the first closest to the victim and last person to see the victim
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and of course we have both of those with scott. >> these photos show every dimension how his boat was measured and height and weight to lacy used to examine how it may have been used. >> there's places you would drive 15 miles but you're going to drive 90 miles to the san francisco bay in a 14 foot boat. that's, i know you don't go out on the bay in a 14 foot boat. >> in court prosecutors show the journey part of this integrity gas station to highlight his demeanor. >> new year's eve five days after lacy disappeared with search efforts under way, police hear scott lying to his miss tress in a secretly recorded phone call telling her he was traveling over seas on business. >> i'm near the eiffel tower. and the new year's celebration is unreal.
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the round was huge. >> he was actually in a modesto park attending a candle light vigil for his missing wife. more than a dozen conversations between he and frye a massage therapist and single mother who met scott on a blind date, five weeks later lacy went missing. he never told her he was married or about to become a father but when tab bloids broke her relationship peterson called amber that he had been lying. >> i have not been traveling, i lied to you. >> okay. >> the girl i'm married to her name is laci. she disappeared just before christmas. for the past two weeks i've been in modesto with her family and mine search forge her. i've been hunting by the media. i know that i destroyed and god i hope so much that this doesn't
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hurt you. >> are you listening? >> i am. >> you came to me early in december and told me that you lost your wife. what was that about? >> she's alive. >> she's alive? where? >> modesto. sweetie, i can't explain any more now. >> amber frye was a key witness against peterson both on these tapes and at his murder trial. >> this fear in my heart that you had something to do with this ab and that you may have possibly and potentially killed your wife. >> no you don't need to have that fear. you know me well enough. i'm not an evil guy. >> the journey disagreed. peterson is on death row at san quinton right now. he filed what may be his final appeal, claiming his original attorney mishandled his defense. tomorrow night w. abc news 2020
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will air "murder of laci peterson he peterson" beginning at 9:00 and at abc 7 news at 9 will have more evidence. >> still fascinating. >> all right let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. >> going to feel like late fall very soon. want the to show you live doppler 7 and it's stabilizing again. we have few showers heading out will allow the humidity to go down. there were multiple reports of storm damage in tahoe area, a funnel cloud was reported and near glen brook a wraut sprout. water sprout. this is rare, as you know. the moisture allowed for all this activities to occur and
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there were overall numerous reports including rail and so definitely rain accompanying it. temperatures mild in the 60s cross the bay area. e average high will be in the mid 80s. you get a break in the heat in the next two days. warms up for the weekend and you go way back down again. these are temperatures you expect to see in november not exactly september but does keep our fire danger down so we'll take it any time. we have overcast conditions over san francisco right now. that's what you can expect in the morning with drizzle. sunnier and milder days through the weekend with a late fall
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feel next monday and tuesday. if you are driving in the morning watch out for drizzle, not the best of hair days, if you have that problem i can relate. here's your hour by hour forecast. tomorrow by 5:00 low fogs with spotty drizzle near the coast line. that continues around 8:00 a.m. except in the north bay the sun will clear of and that will be the clearing trend into the afternoon, temperatures will be quite nice tomorrow. tomorrow morning mid 50s to low 60s. comfortable weather. and the dew points coming down in san jose still on the muggy side. notice the trend 49 degrees, 40 to 50 is comfortable. that's where we are headed. definitely will feel better. mild sunny thursday.
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download the accu weather app and you can check the temperature trend. if you go to the sonoma raceway, low to mid 80s. sunny skies. nice weather. tropical storm max in the pacific ocean is going to head towards mexico dumping five to ten inches of rain, could be a problem causing life-threatening problem. in the bay area nothing like that. sun and mild heading towards saturday and temperatures dropping monday and tuesday ohm in the 70s inland. 60s on the coast. 60s on the coast. >> store in aar music playing ) - ( snaps, clatters ) that sounds awful. ( music stops ) but a lot better than last week. ( rock music playing ) ♪ we weren't born to follow. ♪
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. good evening, giants had some greats on the field as they honored frank robinson it was african-american heritage night, frank was only mvp black manager in both leagues. look at this lineup checking out the dodgers and giants. it's the husband and wife play. no communication. that's the giants' season in a nutshell right here they get back to the dugout and giants coach whiteside is bleeping everybody. pout here.of ball are we playing anyway. top of the fifth.
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cody bellinger splash down on matt moore giants have 91 losses need to win 6 of next 19 to avoid 100 defeats. broiling. he escaped. get your lobster here. a's and red sox. all about the future for the a's. new stadium they announced today. that was his 14th. moreland grounder. a's beat the red sox by a score 7-3. how about cleveland, they broke the a's al record 21 win streak defeated the tigers. jay bruce three run homer 3-1 indians. cleveland has trailed only four innings in 21 games. four innings is the only time they trailed. cody allen gets the out. lines to chisholm 5-3. indians with 21st consecutive
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victory to break the a's record in 2002. let's talk nfl. nicest child and after years of making nfl squad crushed his raiders debut. four for four on sunday. >> what's up happy wednesday. >> yeah it was happy wednesday and happy sunday too, the first kicker to hit two 50-plus yarders and named special player of the week. following years of struggle. and is now an instant star. >> i'd like to share with as many people as possible especially those who have been with us. to be ashl to see how happy the community is for me is very special. >> i'm super proud of him. again i told him great job now
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we're going forward, next game. >> what have you done for me lately. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. it's the best story. you're toiling on the practice squad and get cut and finally get a chance, 4 for 4. >> seems like a great guy. >> yes. >> abc news continues online with ♪ seed to the oat to the o, to the bowl to the spo♪n ♪ bowl to the spoon, to the mouth of the boy in the room ♪ room for that goodness... inside him to bloom ♪ ♪ good goes around... and around... and around ♪ ♪ seed to the oat to the o, on the first day of school ♪ ♪ schoolin' your sister on why...and just how to be cool ♪ cool if she hangs, you can show her what's go♪d ♪ good goes around...and around...and around ♪ ♪ good goes around and around ♪


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