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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 15, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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bowditch. the barricades and police officers cost about $600,000. police made nine arrests. we have some new mug shots of some of those arrested. these are just coming in this morning. 20-year-old hannah benjamin of fremont and 44-year-old eddie robinson of oakland are accused of battery against a police officer. they're accused of carrying a banned weapon. sarah rourke and michael sullivan face the same charge. celek is accused of working to disturb the peace. about 1,000 people showed up. both sides were represented and passionately spoke out. >> ann coulter, ben shapiro, their whole parade of fascist thugs coming on this campus. >> we cannot be silenced by those who would try to silence us with violence. >> reporter: uc police say no
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one was hurt because of violence, no damage was done to businesses or any other structures. anyone with pictures are encouraged to give them to berkeley police. live in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. all right, amy, thank you. there were no issues inside for ben shapiro's speech. we can tell you 1,000 attendees left after it was over and shapiro and others mentioned that more than 3,000 people wanted to attend and try to get tickets. >> the crowd was limited because of safety concerns. shapiro and those that attended shared the same message, their conservative views in the minority in the area should still be heard. >> there are students who do want to hear differing views, who don't want to be told that they can only hear one view, who don't believe that the first amendment should die under
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anarchist pieces of garbage. >> we put together a video with more background on the conservative commentator. you can watch it on the abc 7 news app and it is 4:32 in the morning. let's get right over to meteorologist mike nicco for a check of weather. hey, mike. putting the final touches on the 12-hour day planner today. what you're going to see is a lack of marine layer clouds. that doesn't mean it's not cool this morning. it means it's not cloudy and there's no drizzle to be had. under a clear sky look at these temperatures about 54 to 58 degrees at 7:00. the sun comes up, 62 at the coast at noon. around the bay 68 to 70 inland. look at the gorgeous afternoon. 63 with sunshine at the coast. 74 to 78 around the bay and inland. by 7:00 we're all back in the 60s once again. take a look at your weekend forecast. coming up here is alexis. not too much happening. a live look at the san mateo bridge. we're looking at light volumes as you would expect at 4:32 in
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the morning. drive times looking good so far this morning, too. hopefully a friday light commute today. westbound 580 tracy to dublin still in the green at 30 minutes. southbound 680 dublin to mission at 16. at 16. and 101 to cupertino 16 minutes. north korea has dismissed warnings from the rest of the world again. it has fired a missile over japan in a clear message of defiance. residents woke up to a j-alert siren early this morning. this is the second time in less than a month that north korea has flown a missile over japan. here's abc's lana zak with more. >> reporter: north korea's actions taking place days after new sanctions came from the u.n. and south korea wasted no time in responding, watching their own show of military might while that north korean missile was
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still in the air. within minutes of north korea's missile launch, south korea was firing back a warning. the south hitting a target in the east sea the same distance as the north's launch field in pyongyang sending the hermit kingdom a clear message. the north korean missile prompted alarms in japan for the second time in just 17 days. second time in just 17 days. passing over the japanese of hou but president trump says he is working with china to contain the threat and is trying to reassure americans. >> believe me, the people of this country will be very, very safe. >> reporter: the u.n. security council has called for an emergency meeting at 3:00 p.m. today. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says that sanctions represent just the floor of possible actions that could be taken against north korea. lana zak, abc news, washington. small earthquakes continue
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to shake the south bay this morning. there have been more than half a dozen in the san jose area in the last 24 hours. the latest hit at 11:20 last night measuring 2.6. there was a 2.8 quake at 10:00 and a shaker at 6:00 p.m. it all started with a 3.3 quake yesterday morning. so far no reported damage or injuries. happening today the state senate will vote on key housing legislation before lawmakers adjourn for the year. yesterday the assembly passed a package of bills aimed at dealing with the state's housing affordability crisis that includes a measure that would charge a $75 fee on mortgage refinances and other real estate transactions except for home and commercial property sales. the bill is expected to raise $250 million a year to finance new and rehab developments for low-income residents. governor brown says he supports the legislation. police are hoping new technology will help them solve an unsolved 27-year-old murder. yesterday investigators released composite sketches showing a person of interest in the rape
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and murder of a woman in tilden park in 1990. the snapshot composite image shows what he would have looked like at the age of 25 and on the right what he would look like now as a 55-year-old. dna collected at the scene is yet to result in a match on the fbi's database. b.a.r.t. could be forced to pay out millions of dollars in damages. six of the robbery victims have joined up to sue the transit agency. one of them says a group of juveniles stole his phone at the coliseum b.a.r.t. station in april when he chased after the robber, another juvenile threatened to shoot him. the plaintifs complained that no b.a.r.t. police are on the platform during the robbery. they also say there was a lack of real effort to investigate after. the plaintiffs are seeking a million dollars each in damages from b.a.r.t. they say the more important thing is to get better protection for passengers. san jose is going to court to challenge president trump's decision to rescind the daca program. it's filed suit claiming the action violates the equal protection clause of the constitution by targeting people on the basis of their national
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origin. san jose's the first city to sue over the president's decision. 19 states have already taken legal action. the daca program protects undocumented immigrants who came to the u.s. as children from deportation. recipients could face deportation starting in march unless congress enacts the daca program into law. florida is cutting medicaid funds to that nursing home where eight people died after hurricane irma. the governor announced the move last night. the air conditioning went out at that facility in hollywood sunday night. workers used fans, cold towels, and ice to protect the patients from the sweltering heat, but they didn't ask for outside help until the residents started dying. this morning we say thank you because right now scientists are waiting for the last burst of data from the cassini spacecraft. it's been orbiting saturn for 13 years sending back information and thousands of photos it's been snapping along the way and revealed things scientists never
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knew about saturn. >> we learned about the moons, too, two moons that are really exciting. they're complex and in the case of one has an ocean underneath the surface. an icy crust. and it's spurting out water and organics. >> cassini's last mission is to sample saturn's atmosphere as it plunges to its doom. nasa scientists expect to get cassini's final signal around 5:00 a.m. something poetic about that, mike. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. well, they have to destroy it so they can leave everything pristine for future flights there. it takes about 83 minutes for the data to get from saturn back to here, also. by the time we get the last data -- >> that's faster than i anticipated. really? >> that's what i read online from nasa. fascinated by that stuff. here is a look at what's going on in the north bay. you've seen the biggest change from 24 hours ago. the double digit temperature
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drops. in san francisco, reggie, did you sleep better? >> oh, yeah. >> he looks so relieved over there. >> thank you, thank you. [ applause ] >> 56 in glenn park and sunny side. look at west portal, 54. castro and mission 57. lake merced at 58 and 59 in bayview. a look from our east bay hills camera. on the roads it's going to be quiet all day. cool and comfy on mass transit and breezy south of the bay bridge if you're going to be on the water. here is a look at san jose in the south bay. 8:00, 59. 70 at noon. look at that, 77 at 4:00. heading out this evening, 66 at 8:00. that's pretty nice. here's alexis. sounds good. so far we're looking all right for the friday morning commute. one new minor issue for the south bay. if you're leaving the milpitas area heading westbound on 237 before to north 1st street a new crash reported. sounds like everything is off on the right-hand shoulder.
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chp is on the way to the scene as a precaution. they're not sure about injuries yet. as soon as we have more details i will check back in on that situation. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights yet. we're hoping for a few extra minutes without them today since it is friday. we'll talk mass transit up next. a new poll is out on the governor's race. gavin newsome is still on top. gavin newsome is still on top. if you're
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welcome back. a quick breaking news update on the london terror attack overnight. you can see a large, heavy police presence out there still investigating the scene. 18 people hurt on an underground train in london. i want to show you tweets from the president. president trump responding this morning saying another attack in london by a loser terrorist. these are sick and demented people in the sights of scotland yard. must be proactive. two calling the attackers loser terrorists and also going on to say the travel ban into the u.s. should be far larger, tougher, more specific but stupidly that would not be politically correct. and then another tweet also saying that we've made more progress in the last nine months against isis than the obama administration has made in the
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past eight years. must be proactive and nasty. he has had a tweet storm sending out several different tweets about the london terror attacks overnight. i will be following developments on the attacks throughout the morning. i will let you know throughout our newscast as we get updates. >> appreciate it. a new poll shows lieutenant governor gavin newsom is still far ahead in the election for governor. of course june is still pretty far away. the uc-berkeley institute of governmental studies poll shows he is favored by 26% of likely voters. the top republican is san diego businessman john cox, currently second at 11%. former l.a. mayor antonio vlleragosa is third. this is not a cinch for newsome with the poll finding one-third still don't know who they're going to vote for. the top two will advance to the november election. the next round of implosions on the bay bridge supports is scheduled for tomorrow.
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that's what it looked and sounded like when they imploded two of the old foundations, the pier demolished is the largest of the remaining 11. it's scheduled between 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. chp will be stopping traffic on the bridge and b.a.r.t. will stop trains from going through the tube. delays could last up to 30 minutes depending on how long it takes for crews to finish the work. caltransplans to have all removed by november. >> the initial invitation to chelsea manning, convicted of leaking classified information. her 35-year sentence was commuted by president obama in may. cia director her a traitor. a 4:45 now.
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an effort is on to overturn a hike in california's gas and vehicle taxes but it doesn't stop there. a coalition of taxpayer groups wants to amend the state constitution so lawmakers can't raise the taxes again without a statewide vote. the increase begins in november along with new fees based on vehicle values. the money is supposed to go to fixing california's road and transit systems. critics say californians are already taxed enough and the increase has gone too far. they plan to put an initiative to repeal the hikes next year on the ballot. we talked about this ice cream museum. the museum of ice cream, right. it's not even open yet and people are already going nuts about it. in fact, i went online to try to get tickets yesterday. >> did you really? >> yeah. they sold out on me while i was looking at it. they extended the run through february, by the way. >> tickets for that extended run go on sale this morning at 9:00 so you have another chance, reggie. abc 7 news report er lyanne
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melendez will tell what you you're going to see. >> reporter: come on in. if music is good for the soul, ice cream is therapy for the heart. the museum is really about the art of being happy and each exhibit transports us to a time and place in our childhood. >> adults come in here and they feel like kids. we've all done our job right and i think there's not many places out there able to do that. >> reporter: mary ellis is the 25-year-old behind the museum of ice cream which popped up in new york and los angeles before coming to san francisco. there's the cherry on top room where you think you've died and gone to heaven, and the gummy garden where bought anditanists working hard to keep it sweet. how many licks to eat a scoop? 50. i can do it in 25. which state produces the most ice cream in america? california. what are sprinkles made of?
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sugar, corn syrup -- not here. it's plastic. >> over 100 million sprinkles are in this pool. >> and germ free. >> germ free, made of germ block. when you leave the outside world and come in this space it's freeing. >> reporter: the exhibit opens this sunday through february 13th. tickets go on sale on line tomorrow. in san francisco lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> how is this the first time i'm hearing those sprinkles are plastic? >> i've never heard that before. >> beyonce didn't say that. >> beyonce, come through. >> mike, are you going to be on is the line at 9:00 a.m.? >> for what? >> to get tickets. to get those tickets, mike. >> touche, my friend. touche. >> yes, i'm going to be right ahead of you, #jealous. >> yeah, how about that, candy land for adults. what's going on, everybody. open the window, there we go
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down on the south bay, 280 and 17 in san jose a clear morning out there. plenty of sunshine and comfy highs today. warm afternoons this weekend, another push of fall air comes monday. today let's jump right into the temperatures, 75 to 79 in the south bay. san jose, gilroy right at 77 degrees. 71 to 74, that's your spread on the peninsula. a lot smaller than normal. a little breezy this afternoon. 63 to about 66 along the peninsula coast with some sunshine. upper 60s to near 70 for downtown. south san francisco and sausalito maybe a little breezy this afternoon but not a bad day to walk across the golden gate bridge. 78 in vallejo and napa to about 81. along the east bay shore 74 in fremont, union city, newark to about 73 in hercules, oakland, 72. check out these temperatures, 78 to 84 in our inland east bay neighborhoods. tonight another cool one out there. a few more clouds this morning, temperature about 52 to 59
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degrees. let's go through the forecast, slightly warmer temperatures for saturday. a little bit of a pullback sunday and it will be breezy and cool monday into tuesday and then slightly warmer and calmer for wednesday and thursday. no rain in this forecast. looks like a great weekend. sometimes we get it started by not going to work. we call it friday light. >> so many people do that. i don't know how they find those jobs but, yeah, we, unfortunately, missed out on that if you're not one of them who gets the four-day week. we are looking at light volumes anyway so that's good. zipper trucks are out on the golden gate bridge. southbound 101 more room there and we're not seeing any major delays so a big difference from yesterday's commute and the day before as well. we have had a tough week. quickly look ahead to this weekend, muni, construction on the inner sunset. service changes, you're going to be serviced by bus shuttles this weekend between deboce and ocean beach starting at 7:00 tonight and they will wrap that up early
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monday morning in time for the peak hours. in cordelia our only blocking issue this morning, we'll talk more about that coming up next. >> all right, thank you. move over dand lion. the new shade of blue coming has a name. >> imagine not having to spend hours at the dmv. where you can renew your car registration without waiting in line. first this morning's tech bites. phones will be released next friday starting at $699 and they'll be the most advanced iphones on the market for exactly six weeks until the iphone x is released november 3rd. >> and for android fans, samsung's flagship smartphone goes on sale today. >> the new galaxy note 8 has received its first update improving camera stability and wireless charging. prices start at $930. and facebook has come up with a new way to keep over sharing friends off your news feed temporarily without hitting the unfriend button.
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>> facebook is testing a new snooze feature that can temporarily block a person, group or page. you can hide them for 24 hours, a week or an entire month. a week or an entire month. >> give a week or an entire month. >> give when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many.
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it is 4:54. this is interesting, if you need to renew your car registration and don't want to do it online, by mail or waiting in the dreaded line at the dmv you can do it when you go grocery shopping. the dmv produce this had video
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showing how its new self-serve kiosk works at 14 bay area safeway and pack and save locations including almeida, menlo park and san francisco. renewals are done in minutes. you get your registration card and sticker printed right there on the machine. >> that's cool. >> this is really good if you wait until the last minute like me. >> and i want a self-taking photo service. i'm literally not looking at the camera. i was like, when are we going to -- >> right over here. if you can just look right here. no. a new shade of blue will be included in crayola boxes. take a look, it's called bluetiful. after an online vote it started more than 90,000 submissions and that was the winner. this is inspired by a new pigment did i coverscovered by s at oregon state university. >> huh.
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>> not overwhelmed, i see. >> i mean, a pun. okay. >> i've got yellow on the maps. that means we're going to have gusty winds at the coast until 3:00 this afternoon. south of the bay bridge from 9:00 this morning to 9:00 this evening. let's take a lookatsomesports activities. the diamondbacks in town to take on the giants, 7:15 first pitch. dropping down to 60. to sunday the j-e-t-s, jets, jets, jets, possibly the worst team in the league here to take on the raider 1:05 first pitch. alexis? >> first pitch, mike? come on. kick off. >> oh, i said first pitch? >> you did. it's only 4:56 in the morning. we'll let it slide. taking a look at cordelia, 68 just past the 80 merge that involved a camper. at one point one lane was getting by.
4:57 am
we got the all clear from chp and no residual delays. not seeing anybody on the westbound side of 580 for the richmond/san rafael bridge. maybe a couple cars starting to come. in the eastbound direction we do have some lanes scheduled to be closed until 5:00 this morning. we're almost there and that should be wrapping up soon. we'll check drive times up next. >> thanks, alexis. google slapped with a lawsuit. next, the reason three women are taking legal action against the company. plus, the reason it may be more difficult for san francisco commuters to find metered parking today. another terror attack in london. an investigation under way right now. 18 hurt. 18 hurt. we will have t
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third graders today. their new gogurt tubes are easy open. and p.e. consists of sitting around on mats. hippies. oh, mom, making them eat their favorite snack in the back seat. whatever happened to "eating at the table?"
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that's what cup holders are for.
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good morning. coming up on 5:00 a.m. on this friday, september 15, thanks for making time for us. >> we made it. let's get started with good weather. mike? >> we do have good weather. live doppler 7. you'll see the lack of clouds probably on some of the strawberries and some of the other crops they have along the coast. the exploratorium, no marine layer this morning. check out the temperatures. they're as cool as we talked about yesterday. a lot of mid to upper 50s out there. even 40s in the north bay. temperatures at noon and 4:00. 62 to 63. that's what we'll have at the coast. look at that, low to upper 60s by 7:00. so already feeling kind of cool outside before the sun sets at about 7:16. alexis with that morning commute. how is it going? much better than the last couple of days. very happy that i can pas


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