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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 15, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. coming up on 5:00 a.m. on this friday, september 15, thanks for making time for us. >> we made it. let's get started with good weather. mike? >> we do have good weather. live doppler 7. you'll see the lack of clouds probably on some of the strawberries and some of the other crops they have along the coast. the exploratorium, no marine layer this morning. check out the temperatures. they're as cool as we talked about yesterday. a lot of mid to upper 50s out there. even 40s in the north bay. temperatures at noon and 4:00. 62 to 63. that's what we'll have at the coast. look at that, low to upper 60s by 7:00. so already feeling kind of cool outside before the sun sets at about 7:16. alexis with that morning commute. how is it going? much better than the last couple of days. very happy that i can pass along good news. no major issues this morning.
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starting to see a few vehicles but no metering lights yet. we have anywhere between 20 or 30 minutes before those are flipped on this morning. southbound 680 highway 4 to walnut creek six minutes. another eight out of walnut creek to highway 13. our only drive in the yellow 580 tracy to dublin at 33 minutes. just a minor issue in the milpitas area. we'll check on that next. a protest in berkeley over a former "breitbart" resulted arrests. some had banned weapons or banned items. the most peaceful protest was sparked by a speech by ben shapiro. tensions were running high all night from those on the right and left. they were surrounded by barricades and there was a massive police presence. now breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. i want to update that breaking news out of london as we take a live look after a
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terror attack overnight. british prime minister teresa may is meeting with security officials in london, is being updated on the terror incident in the london overground that happened overnight leaving so many folks hurt. lana zak has more on what happened. >> reporter: just after 8:00 a.m. in london at the height of rush hour an explosion in the tube train prompting a full response from british authorities. >> at this stage we are treating it as a terror related incident and the counterterrorism command will take responsibility for that investigation. >> reporter: police forensic units are currently on the scene. >> at this stage it's a little early to draw any full conclusions as to what the circumstances and cause of that explosion are and we are investigating and exploring that at the moment. >> reporter: the small explosion took place at the parsons green
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tube station. you can see the remnants, a smoldering bucket inside a grocery bag. eyewitnesses describe smoke coming from the blue handbag next to it. medical personnel were quick to respond. only threats of nonlife threatening injuries including burns, cuts and bruises. passengers were evacuated and services cut along the train line. travelers describe a well-managed situation and relative calm but british authorities are recommending that residents remain alert. >> we just remind people to remain alert and report anything suspicious to the emergency services. >> reporter: police say the situation could have been so much worse. they don't believe that the explosive device fully detonated, and london's mayor is urging calm. reporting from washington, lana zak, abc news. more trouble for google, a lawsuit saying they discriminate women. >> google is being investigated
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for pay inequity. matt kel certificate live in mt. view this morning. matt? >> reporter: this lawsuit says google pays men more than women. although only three women are named as plaintiffs in this lawsuit it could impact a lot more here in mt. view. this lawsuit was filed yesterday in federal court in san francisco. ellis versus google, her attorney told abc 7 news she was being paid less than a male counterpart even though she had more experience. two other women are named as plaintiffs in this lawsuit. their attorney is asking for back pay. he hopes it will be a class-action suit benefiting tens of millions of google employees. >> to change google's policies and practices so that going forward women get equal pay for. >> reporter: a google spokesperson said in a statement job levels and promotions are determined through rigorous
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hiring and must pass levels of review including checks to make sure there's no gender bias in these decisions. google says it will review the lawsuit in detail. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you, matt. lawyers for the man convicted of killing a morgan hill teen reportedly want the judge kicked off the case before sentencing. according to our media partner "the mercury news" defense attorneys for torres are calling for a new trial. they claim the judge failed to disclose a conflict of interest. judge zeker once represented the lead investigator. according to multiple sources the judge said she did not recall representing the investigator. the motion for disqualification is set for next month. on to developing news, a woman is filing suit against a company for poor working conditions and sexual harassment. the company is called sofi, a financial startup. sofi is a refinance company
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specializing in student and mortgage loans and according to a former employee has horrific working conditions. >> everything -- when i say everything, the sexually charged atmosphere to having to meet unrealistic goals. >> when you go to work you shouldn't be seeing people having sex. that's uncomfortable to women. >> sofi announced mike kagney will be stepping down. an outside investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and other improper activities. former police lieutenant named in a scandal involving racist text messages last year has pled guilty to filing a false police report. he made the plea as part of a deal with prosecutors. he was arrested last year after he allegedly interfered into sexual assault allegations against a fellow officer. that investigation uncovered racist text
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he is scheduled to be sentenced in november. san francisco's soft story buildings have until 5:00 p.m. to comply with requirements. they have garages or large openings on the garage floor. that makes up a lot of our housing stock. owners need to make improvements to prevent the buildings from collapsing in an earthquake or they face steep fines. these retrofits are not cheap. they cost between $100,000 to $400,000 and last month nearly 40% of owners had yet to file for their permits. happening today a big announcement expected in san francisco. the city is on the road to becoming the first ever to have zero new hiv infections. san francisco political and health leaders plan to unveil that report later today. we expect the findings will show new hiv diagnosis declined.
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among rate the annual rate of diagnosis for all racial and ethnic groups continued a ten-year decline. >> incredible news. finding metered parking along san francisco's mission street will be even harder. this is parking day and that's when metered parking spaces are converted to art and event spaces instead. in the past groups held organized picnics, set up stations for playing board games and created temporary art galleries. it's held in conjunction with the international celebration of public space and street life. we'll start by talking neighborhood temperatures inland. pittsburg 60. 59 in brentwood and concord all the way down to 53 right now in san ramone. a look at other ones. it sticks out, santa rosa, 45 degrees. those 40s did develop up in the north bay. napa and novato at 50. hayward at 60. oakland and san carlos at 59.
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pacifica, 55. 57 in san francisco and also san jose. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. look at this wind, 4 miles per hour. remember yesterday it was up around 20. not quite as breezy at least this morning. i think the breezes will pick up this afternoon but they won't be as aggressive as yesterday except for south of the bay where we have the small craft advisory. thinking about going to the beaches? cool sunshine. thinking about doing some exercising? nothing too hot. our east bay neighborhoods at 6:00, 56. at noon, a wonderful 70 if you want to sit outside and have some lunch. during the afternoon, upper 70s. it may be warm if you're in the sun. if you're in the shade comfortable. if you're going around the state today, 76 after some morning clouds in l.a. 93 in palm springs. 76 in yosemite. 64 in tahoe. both with a very isolated chance of a thunderstorm. but that goes away for the weekend. a touch of autumn. temperatures in the upper 60s. we should be in the mid-70s. cool up in the high country this
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weekend. we'll take a look at our weekend forecast up next. alexis? a look at our traffic maps. take you back down to state route 237. one of our only issues that we found on the roads so far this morning. just before you get to first street on the westbound side a two-car crash off on the shoulder. never did have any lanes taken away and that has cleared from the chp board. we are in the blue there with a thumbs up and in the green as far as traveling conditions through the area are concerned. westbound 580 slowly starting to fill in here in richmond and the eastbound side leaving san quentin earlier construction has wrapped so they were on time with that today. highway 4 to the maze in the green, 17 minutes. another eight across the bay bridge. southbound 101 san francisco to sfo you look great in the green at nine minutes. back to the south bay up next. thanks, alexis. if you're a san rafael resident, listen up, the city will make your street brighter with l.e.d. lights. san rafael undergoing the biggest energy upgrade in the
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city's history, 3,900 high-pressure sodium street lights replaced with new energy efficient l.e.d. fixtures. the marin ij says it's expected to save $175,000 every year. president trump's tough talk in the oval office. what he had to say to attorney general jeff sessions during his russia probe appointment. >> and cops for a cool cause. the way police officers in two states are using their looks to help out hurricane victims. we want to you have a better day. a feature only on abc 7, live weather and traffic taking twins shopping. >> and they have an opinion about everything. >> and they have an opinion about everything. >> next "right this minute". ♪ ♪
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more breaking news coming in, a vatican diplomat who was working at the holy seas embassy in washington recalled amid a child porn investigation. it comes after u.s. officials actually flagged the man for possible violations. the vatican has not identified that diplomat yet, but this morning vatican also launching its own probe. the associated press reports the state department asked the vatican to lift the official's diplomatic immunity, but that request was denied. >> jessica, thank you. we're learning some new details about what happened after attorney general jeff sessions appointed robert mueller as special counsel. president trump berated sessions in the oval office, according to "the new york times," and called the attorney general an idiot and said he should resign. sessions said it was the most humiliating experience of his public life and he eventually
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sent a resignation letter. seniors members and aides convinced president trump not to accept session's resignation. late yesterday cnn learned president trump sent a letter of encouragement to sessions following the release of that article. it's 5:15 now. preparations for possible protests in st. louis, missouri. a judge is getting ready to rule in the murder trial after white former police officer who fatally shot an african-american suspect. jason stockily is accused of intentionally killing smith and planting a gun in his car. the officer fefd he acted in self-defense. in anticipation to the upcoming verdict the governor and lamar smith's family are urging calm. >> we might not get what we want. we might do get what we want. however it goes, i ask for peace. >> the governor has activated the national guard and the st. louis metropolitan police department put officers on 12-hour shifts today.
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officials fear a repeat of the violence in ferguson after the 2014 deadly shooting by police of an unarmed teenager, michael brown. for the first time in nypd history the department has released body cam footage of police officers shooting and killing a civilian. we're obviously not going to show that moment. the department does want to underscore its transparency. in this case the suspect, a 31-year-old student, refused to put down his knife and what was later determined to be a toy gun. in the video you hear the officers ask him numerous times to put his hands up. in the end the suspect raised his toy guns and officers shot and killed him. the district attorney objected to the release saying the department should have waited until the investigation is complete. in four weeks the boyfriend of a pregnant teacher found dead in maryland will appear in court for a preliminary hearing. tyler tessier was charged in the murder of wallen days after he made a plea for her safe return.
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>> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look" tyler tessier is behind bars charged with the murder of his pregnant girlfriend laura wallen days after making a tearful plea for her safe return. >> it doesn't matter what type of trouble, there's nothing we can't fix together. >> reporter: police arrested tessier after finding the high school teacher's body buried in a shallow grave in a field in maryland. after becoming suspicious of him, police say they set up this press conference hoping they would learn new information when he spoke. >> we're just looking or praying that you're safe. >> reporter: wallen's family agreed to the setup sitting next to him, even holding his hand while they wiped away tears, but tessier had no idea. and coming up, dan abrams and nancy grace weigh in live. i'm lindsay davis, abc news, new
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york. well, take a look at this drone video out of florida. duke energy shot this to show just how much work it has to do to get power fully restored to people living there. there are miles of downed power lines and poles throughout the city. they have restored power to 824,000 customers. florida power and light company has doubled down on its promise to have power restored for all homes and businesses on the east coast by sunday. now to new developments on one of the most memorable stories out of florida following irma. surely you remember this nun from miami. it turns out she went to google to find out how to use the chainsaw. she forgot how to use a chainsaw until the internet reminded her and seems she still wasn't exactly using it correctly. people, i think, were concerned because of the flow of her habit. >> it's hard when you're wearing a full habit. >> they were sending her
5:19 am
she has received them and i think she's grateful. a woman has to do what a woman has to do. you have the right to remain excited over the next story. remember how this story went viral? if you didn't, you can probably start to see why. and plus everybody loves a beard right now. people are going crazy over these officers because they thought they were quite good looking. several officers were tennessee are throwing down the gauntlet. they are starting this contest to see who can get the most comments and donations from admirers. are any of them wearing a beard? see, that needs to change. >> see, i like you and mike clean shaven. clean cut, very nice. >> a beard can take a six to an eight every time. all the money will go to help victims of hurricanes irma and harvey. we're not sure how much money has been raised yet. the gainesville photo has 185,000 comments. knoxville's has 26,000. nothing to sneeze at.
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>> you're already a ten, reg. >> stop it. >> am i right? am i right? >> no. oh, i wish were you right. that was nice, though, thank you. a look at sfo this morning. you can see there's hardly any cloud cover out there. sunny, mild, and pleasant. tonight cool. a few more clouds this morning. and the extended from warm high. santa clara and cupertino is about 76. we'll start at 74 on the peninsula, drop down to 71. pretty close there no matter where you are. if you're at the coast a lot of sunshine today. need those polarized sunglasses. 63 to about 66. 68 to 70 downtown. south san francisco and sausalito will be around 78, about 82 up through the north bay. clear lake may be warmer at 84
5:21 am
degrees. the warmest, castro valley, 75. 74 in union city. you can see that around newark and also in fremont. oakland, 72. richmond and berkeley about 71. and then temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s for most of our inland neighborhoods. a refreshing change there. 83 in antioch and 84 brentwood. tonight another cool night. there will be a few before the fog starts to roll in to parts of the bay and the valleys along the coast there. 52 in santa rosa. we'll have oakland and san francisco, 57. san jose, 59. the same thing in antioch. my accuweather seven-day forecast. warmer tomorrow. we'll back a little bit sunday and then monday a dry cold front will bring us breezy and cooler conditions through tuesday. a little calmer and warmer wednesday and thursday. getting more into a september pattern now, alexis. sounds good to me, mike. a look at the roads this morning, no major issues. we're hoping it stays that way. i know it has been a tough week.
5:22 am
21 at 16 miles an hour so overall not bad for that stretch of the roadway. a little bit faster than monday through thursday speeds for sure. the bay bridge looking good. san francisco, no metering lights. a quick reminder we have those implosions for the old piers of the bay bridge coming up tomorrow. you could have some rolling closures, about a 15 to 20 minute delay trying to cross the bay bridge. mass transit looking great so far this morning. ace rail, no delays. ace one and three on time. 46 b.a.r.t. trains in service. no delays if you plan on riding capital corridor. up next the seven things you need to know as you start your day. the action the city of san jose is taking. this may look like a normal cracked up to be. wait until you see the surprise waiting inside. mike and alexis helping make this a better day keeping
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5:24. if you're just joining us 450er are the seven things to know before you go. number one is breaking news we're watching. an investigation under way right now after a terror attack in the london underground. several people hurt. they are all expected to survive. there was an explosion and police right now are looking for a suspect. number two, berkeley police say nine people arrested near the uc berkeley campus at a protest last night. a mostly peaceful protest sparked by a speech by ben shapiro. north korea has launched another missile over japan. it's seen as a response to new u.n. sanctions. russia and china have condemned the launch. president trump said the american people are safe. number four, nasa's cassini spacecraft is officially no more. it disintegrated in the skies above saturn just about 15 minutes ago ending its 20-year mission. the spacecraft provided
5:26 am
information and thousands of photos of saturn. number five, let's take a look at what's going on outside in your temperatures for the afternoon compared to average only san rafael there at 79. the rest of us about two to seven degrees below average on this fall flavor friday. number six, no blocking issues to talk about. the metering lights for the bay bridge did just flip on, 5:22 this morning. you are wide open in the green. >> and number seven, free orders are under way for apple's new iphone 8 and 8 plus. you'll have to wait longer for the iphone x. i'm waiting for the iphone 9. i assume that will be free. a texas farmer notice add strange phenomenon with one of the chickens from his farm. his 7-month-old chicken started laying very large eggs with another egg inside them. take a look. despite the strange occurrence
5:27 am
gertrude does not seemed to have been harmed and the egg yolks have a normal taste. would you eat that? >> i don't know. this is crazy. it's like a babushka dolph eggs. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including the vote aimed at easing california's housing crisis. >> a hike in the gasoline tax is looming. you may have the final say on how long it will stick around. plus, new information on the terror attack in london. more people hurt than we initially thought. i am gathering details. i'll have an update as soon as we come back. >> we hope you're having a better friday. better friday. to help you get off
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can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. coming up on 5:30 and, yes, we made it to friday. welcome to september 15th. >> i'm breathing a sigh of
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relief. you have to be, too, alexis, because it's been so hot. >> i'm loving the fall temperatures. >> great sleeping weather, mike. >> it was tough to get up this morning. open the windows, turn the fan on. >> nice. >> oh, yeah, that was good. >> but we're up now! >> we are, we are, thank you. okay, let's move on. let's go. live doppler weather, a few clouds out there. for the most part we're starting off clear. we're in the 50s just about everywhere, even 40s in the north bay. 62 at the coast. 63 noon to 4:00. 61 at 7:00. around the bay, 68 to 74. 68 is not a bad stretch. 70 inland at noon. 78 around the bay and 69. so if you're going out for lunch grab the sunglasses. if you sit in the sun, it will feel warmer. grab a coat, you'll need it if
5:31 am
you're heading out this evening. neighborhood temperatures, all that is up next. here is alexis. things are looking great so far today. only a couple very minor issues. we're back to incident free. northbound at 88 0 filling in. that's pretty much it. that is usually our busiest stretch in the early morning hours. westbound 580 in the green at seven minutes. 13 heading westbound across san mateo. you also look great at just nine minutes. we'll talk mass transit up next. >> thank you, alexis. hundreds of protesters turned out at berkeley to make it clear a former "breitbart" editor is not welcome. >> they're met with a heavy police presence and all that have comes with a pretty hefty price tag. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live for us in berkeley this morning. hi, amy. >> reporter: hi, good morning, reggie. they create add large buffer between the speech and the
5:32 am
protest. still out this morning creating a huge perimeter keeping activists far from zoellerback hall this is bancroft and bowditch. people made their statements but they did it without any violence. police say no damage was done to any buildings or businesses. demonstrators say, though, that they felt a little frustrated being kept so far away. >> i come here to learn, to study, to improve myself. i'm not allowed to occupy the student union building, and yet here i stand on the street. >> reporter: here are the mug shots of five of the nine arrested. some of these just coming in this morning. charges range from battery against a police officer to carrying banned weapons and
5:33 am
disturbing the peace. police had a huge presence out here, university spokesperson says securing the campus last night will cost about $600,000. reporting live in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. there were no issues inside for ben shapiro's speech. this is video of the attendees leaving. more than 3,000 people wanted to more than 3,000 people wanted to attend and tried to get tickets. shapiro shared the same messages should still be heard. >> there are students who do want to hear differing views, who don't want to be told that they can only hear one view. who don't believe the first amendment should die under the boots of anarchist pieces of garbage. >> we have put together a video with more background on the conservative journalist. you can watch it on the abc 7
5:34 am
you can watch it on the abc 7 news app and abc 7 another live look at london. an investigation still under way. new details coming in from the terror attack in a london subway. officials say 22 people were hurt. that is up from the 18 we knew about earlier. an explosion happened at the height of rush hour and witnesses say passengers stampeded out of trains and here's what people are saying. >> we now assess this is the detonation of an improvised explosive device. reports of 18 injuries and i understand most of those to be flash burns. >> an update from police. there is a manhunt under way for the person or persons responsible for the attack. you can see still heavy fire presence, first responders out there. i will track this story for you.
5:35 am
keep watching these live images throughout the morning. reggie, back to you. >> east bay regional park police are hoping new technology will help them solve an unsolved 27-year-old murder. yesterday investigators released composite sketches showing a person of interest in the rape and murder of a woman in tillden park. this composite image on the left shows what the man would have looked like at age 25. and then the image on the right depicts what he would look like as a 55-year-old. dna at the scene has yet to result in a match in the fbi's database. small earthquakes continue to shake the south bay. more than half a dozen in the last 24 hours. the latest hit at 12:50 this morning measuring 2.4. there was a 2.6 squak at 11:30 last night and a stronger shaker at 6:00 p.m. it all started with a 3.3 quake yesterday morning. no reports of injuries or damage. san jose is going to court to challenge president trump's decision to rescind the daca
5:36 am
program. it's filed suit claiming the action violates the equal protection clause of the constitution by targeting people on the basis of their national origin. san jose is the first city to sue over the president's decision. 19 states have already taken legal action. the daca program protects undocumented immigrants who came to the u.s. as children from deportation. recipients could face deportation starting in march unless congress enacts the daca program into law. the state senate will vote on key housing legislation before lawmakers adjourn for the year. yesterday the assembly passed a package of bills aimed at housing affordability crisis including a measure that would charge a $75 fee on mortgage refinancing and other real estate transactions except for a home and commercial property sales. the bill is expected to raise $250 million a year to finance new and rehabilitated developments for low-income residents. governor brown has said that he supports that legislation. a series of takeover style robberies could force b.a.r.t. to pay out millions of dollars
5:37 am
in damages. six of the robbery victims have joined up to sue the transit agency. one of them says the group of juveniles stole his phone at the coliseum station. when he chased after the robber another threatened to shoot him. the plaintiffs complain that no b.a.r.t. police were on the platform during the robbery and there was a lack of real effort to investigate. the plaintiffs are seeking a million dollars each in damages from b.a.r.t. they say the more important thing here is to get better protection for all passengers. an effort to overturn a hike in the fuel and vehicle taxes and it doesn't stop there. a coalition of taxpayer groups want to amend the state constitution so lawmakers can't raise the taxes ever again without a statewide vote. the 12 cent gas increase begins in november along with a new fee based on vehicle values. the money is supposed to go to fix aging roads and transit systems. critics say californians are taxed enough and the increases go too far. they plan to reput an initiative
5:38 am
to repeal the hikes next year. officials say the fire burning near wood side should be completely surrounded by 6:00 p.m. it is 40% contained after burning 50 acres since it started early tuesday. the fire is in a hilly, remote area. kings mountain road remains closed between skyline and wood side road because of the fire. happening today animals impacted by hurricane irma in florida are heading here to the bay area in hopes of finding forever homes. the cats and dogs will be receiving special treatment. members of the golden state warriors will be on hand to welcome the animals when they arrive in oakland today, a total of 80 are being flown in a cargo jet courtesy of fedex, loaded on the plane by members of the miami heat and once they arrive they're going to be sent to our local shelters including in marin, san francisco, and monterey county and i can't wait to see these guys. hopefully mike will be able to showcase them for our friday pet series. the museum of ice cream is sticking around san francisco
5:39 am
through february of 2018. >> the trendy pop-up museum of ice cream on grant avenue has extended its stay another four months and tickets for the new dates go on sale to the general public. they feature all things related to childhood and ice cream. this pit of germ-free plastic rainbow sprinkles. >> it's for everyone. ice cream serves as this universal thing. everyone loves ice cream and brings people together. creating an experience everyone can celebrate and experience together. >> the museum opens on sunday and tickets go on sale at 9:00 a.m. all after sudden i'm hungry. i don't know why. hi, everybody. a look at those temperatures. remember we talked about 40s in the north bay valleys. 45 in santa rosa. we've got guerneville at 44. mill valley at 49. just down the road tiberon at
5:40 am
45. the same thing in lafayette. 57 in san jose. a look at no fog or morning marine layer. a cool morning and a nice afternoon on the way. if you're on the roads, nothing to worry about this morning. no drizzle, no thunderstorms. mass transit cool and comfy if you're going from san francisco inland today and breezy south of the bay bridge. you're going to be on the water. how about our hourly temperatures for san francisco, 8:00, 58. your noontime temperature, 63. we'll top out around 66 at 2:00 and 4:00. back down to 61 at 8:00. so a nice night to be walking around the city. for today temperature wise you can see we have some 80s in the north bay. 70s everywhere else until you get to the coast and san francisco. mid to upper 60s. inland warm. you see the 80s spread to south bay tomorrow. the rest of us are pretty much the same and sunday we're pretty steady once again, 60s at the coast.
5:41 am
70s around the bay and 80s inland. another dramatic drop in temperatures. we'll see if any rain will come with it. here's alexis. and checking out the roads, very few issues. i do want to head up to the north bay where we have an object. i'm not sure if it's debris or somebody lost something off the back of their vehicle. just before you get to lucky drive reports of one lane blocked right now and chp on the way to the scene to remove that. maybe a slight delay but nothing major there. the bay bridge metering lights on pretty early considering the friday light volumes. 5:22 this morning. a slight delay getting through the metering lights for cash and fastrak. for this weekend inner construction will disrupt muni service. so no light rail service this weekend. you'll be using bus shuttles instead that kicks in tonight and i'll have that wrapped up early monday morning.
5:42 am
alexis, thank you. a new poll out on the governor's race. gavin newsom still on top. there may be a reason he shouldn't be feeling so confident. confident. if you're
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♪ stars belong to everyone ♪ ♪ they cling there for you and for me ♪ ♪ flowers in spring ♪ the robins that sing ♪ the sunbeams that shine ♪ they're yours and their mine ♪ love can come to everyone ♪ the best things in life they're free ♪ ♪ welcome back. some new developments coming in this morning on those bizarre health attacks in cuba on u.s. diplomats.
5:45 am
raul castro reportedly also has demanded answers from his own government on these cases even seeking out diplomats for face-to-face meetings telling them he doesn't know what's happening. very surprising to u.s. officials. instead sounds like castro already trying to get to the bottom of those sound attacks on americans and canadians. >> jessica, thank you. north korea has launched a missile over japanese airspace. it flew over japan but it showed a range that could threaten the u.s. territory of guam. both china and russia called for increased sanctions. the u.n. security council voted for new sanctions against north korea. florida is cutting medicaid funds to a nursing home where eight people died after hurricane irma. the governor announced the move last night. the air conditioning went out at
5:46 am
this facility in hollywood, florida. workers used fans, cold towels, and ice to protect patients from the sweltering heat, but they didn't ask for outside help until their residents started dying. it's 5:46. harvard university has rescinded its invitation to chelsea manning to be a visiting fellow. the initial invitation caused the cia director to cancel his speech. chelsea manning convicted of leaking classified information. her 35-year sentence was commuted by president obama last may. mike pompeo called manning, quote, an american traitor. manning responded in a tweet, honored to be first disinvited transwoman visiting harvard fellow. lieutenant governor gavin newsom is still far ahead in june's primary election for governor. the institute of governmental studies poll shows new som is favored. san diego businessman john cox second at 11%.
5:47 am
former l.a. mayor antonio villaraigosa is third at 10% among likely voters. experts say this is not a cinch for newsom. there's still about a third of likely voters saying they're undecided. the top two vote getters will advance to the november election. burlingame celebrating completion of the overpass at broadway. that has seven lanes compares to just four on the old one. it is believed to make the safer. >> that is what it looked and sounded like when the pier being imploded, the largest of the remaining 11. scheduled between 9:30 and 11:30 a.m. tomorrow. b.a.r.t. will stop trains from going through the transbay tube. delays could last up to 30
5:48 am
minutes. they plan to have all the piers removed by mid-november. nasa's cassini spacecraft is officially no more t. disintegrated in the skies above saturn ending its 20-year mission. it had been orbiting saturn for years sending back information and thousands of photos it snapped. cassini has revealed things scientists never knew about the planet as well as its moons and rings. >> we learned a lot about the moons, too, and especially two moons that are really exciting because they're complex. one has an ocean underneath the surface, an icy crust, and it's spurting out water and organics. >> cassini's last mission and final contribution was to sample saturn's atmosphere as it plunged to its doom. >> i'm sad for the nasa scientists. they were hugging -- >> they get emotional over it. >> i get it. >> as a pixar lover after seeing things like walle, i attribute
5:49 am
emotions to robots and mechanical things. mike nicco? they gave birth to that and saw it grow up. >> 20 years. >> and now its life cycle is ending. it's amazing if you look at the photos and the stuff they have to digest now. they're going to be busy for a while. you can see the flags quiet. not much of a breeze but it will pick up this afternoon south of the bay bridge. sunshine and comfy highs. warm afternoons this weekend and another push of cooler air for monday, tuesday and wednesday. yellow south of the bay bridge from about 9:00 this morning to 9:00 this evening. small craft advisory out at the coast, breezy through at least 3:00 this afternoon. take a look at what's going on take a look at what's going on as far as live doppler 7.
5:50 am
low side in the south bay. 74 to 71 your temperature drop going from south to north on the peninsula. to 66 in the sunset. we'll be near 70 in downtown at south san francisco and sausalito. 78 to about 82, a very narrow range in the north bay. warm around lake port. 84. along the east bay shore a trifecta of 74s in union city, fremont. 71 in richmond and berkeley. inland and you can see no need for air conditioning here. 78 in san ramone and pleasanton. tonight another great night for sleeping. just a few more clouds when you wake up tomorrow morning and dew on the grass. if you like to do yard work or are thinking about hitting the links, going to be a little wet. a look at temperatures, warmest tomorrow. we'll pull back sunday and then a dry cold front just like the ones we had yesterday will come through monday and tuesday. breezy conditions and we'll level out wednesday and thursday closer to average. so it's a friday.
5:51 am
great sleeping weather last night. maybe everybody slept in. >> maybe so, yeah. they're not out on the roads driving. i can tell you that much. >> i like it when i ask you. i'm getting crickets. really? >> which is a big change from the last couple of days. we will definitely take it. right now i do want to take you down to the very far south bay here, gilroy area. we don't have any delays northbound 101 heading into the morgan hill area just a tiny bit of a backup down to about 37 miles an hour. there's nothing blocking, just the typical volumes starting to fill in. you get the idea. it is very light out there this morning. a few brake lights that are starting to fill in there but nothing major and our drive times looking good, too. tracy to dublin. no delays out of the north bay. you look great at just 17 minutes. we'll check on mass transit up next. >> thank you, alexis.
5:52 am
a lingering issue from the drought is catching up. . impact on fish populations. >> the dmv is rolling out more self-serve kiosks. marshawn lynch was dynamic in his first game for the raiders. raiders. he
5:53 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars. we're working on that. some people know how far they want to go. a personalized financial strategy can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. third graders today. their new gogurt tubes are easy open. and p.e. consists of sitting around on mats. hippies. oh, mom, making them eat their favorite snack in the back seat.
5:54 am
whatever happened to "eating at the table?" that's what cup holders are for. the man who famously said i'm just here so i don't get fined has been fined $12,000 by the nfl. marshawn lynch will pay for flipping off another player. appearing to react to something a player said to him. this is not the first time lynch has been in trouble with the nfl, fined twice in 2015 for inappropriate gestures. >> i don't want you to be fined for a late car registration. you don't have to do this
5:55 am
online, by mail or the dreaded waiting in line at dmv. you can do it while picking up your groceries. a video on how self-serve kiosks work. renewals are done in minutes and here's the best part about all of this. you will get the registration card and sticker from the machine as you just saw that lovely lady demonstrate. >> she looked happier than most people that go. never mind. >> that's because she didn't have to go to the dmv. >> she's so excite body her life. all right. let's focus in on activities. diamondbacks to take on the giants. first pitch 7:15. 63 at at&t park to about 61. over at memorial stadium tomorrow night kickoff 7:30. 65. ole miss in town to take on cal. dropping down to about 61. and sunday we've got more football. this time it's the jets in town to take on the raiders.
5:56 am
1:05 kickoff sunday, 72. a whole lot of sunshine and 74. wearing the black. not going to be quite as hot as it could be this time of the year. alexis? >> checking out the bay bridge toll plaza, word of a new collision that sounds minor a. cement truck and another smaller vehicle that were involved in a little fender-bender just to the west of the metering lights so just beyond where this camera is and they're already off on the right-hand shoulder. i don't think that will cause delays. i will keep an eye on that. perhaps we could have lanes taken away. ace rail, 1 and 3 out on time today. if you don't plan on driving out of the central valley that's a great option. 49 b.a.r.t. trains in service. no delays there and the ferry should be a beautiful day out on the water and no delays. normal service for you, too. the bay area is taking in shelter pets from florida in the aftermath of irma. the surprise they're going to get when they arrive today. hundreds of businesses in san francisco are about to get fined for not meeting
5:57 am
retrofitting requirements. plus, i continue tracking breaking news out of the uk. a terror attack at a subway station in london, and i'm getting new details on the manhunt that is taking place right now to find a suspect. a pay discrimination lawsuit filed against google and that is not the only suit against a bay area company. a live look outside at 5:57. we're keeping eyes on traffic we're keeping eyes on traffic and weather and you can,
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. it is friday, september 15th. a lot going on this morning. thanks for joining us. >> absolutely. we appreciate you being here. mike nicco gave us the great sleeping weather, and the great waking up weather. not so much. >> it was tough to get up this morning. the first real cool morning we've had in a long time. we'll do it again tomorrow in case you didn't get to sleep in this morning. winds are fairly light except
6:00 am
for the coast and then to san francisco, 20 and 17 gusts there. the rest of us less than ten miles per hour. from sutro tower we're off -- we will be off to a sunny start with temperatures in the 50s, 40s in the north bay. let's talk our first temperatures, the warmest 70 to 78. noon and 4:00 inland. 68 to 74 around the bay. 63 at the coast. it will cool quickly. by the time we get to 9:00 or 10:00 we'll be in the 50s. so take a coat if you're heading out this evening. take the sun glasses if you're heading out this afternoon. let's find out about the commute and see if it's on a good course this morning. >> it sure is, yeah. we have only had a couple very minor issues. other than that wide open. 280 and 17 in san jose and no issues as you travel right around the shark tank there and really our drive times looked great, too. we are in the yellow. tracy to dublin. typically, boy, well over an hour at this point. so


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