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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 15, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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for the coast and then to san francisco, 20 and 17 gusts there. the rest of us less than ten miles per hour. from sutro tower we're off -- we will be off to a sunny start with temperatures in the 50s, 40s in the north bay. let's talk our first temperatures, the warmest 70 to 78. noon and 4:00 inland. 68 to 74 around the bay. 63 at the coast. it will cool quickly. by the time we get to 9:00 or 10:00 we'll be in the 50s. so take a coat if you're heading out this evening. take the sun glasses if you're heading out this afternoon. let's find out about the commute and see if it's on a good course this morning. >> it sure is, yeah. we have only had a couple very minor issues. other than that wide open. 280 and 17 in san jose and no issues as you travel right around the shark tank there and really our drive times looked great, too. we are in the yellow. tracy to dublin. typically, boy, well over an hour at this point. so 44 minutes is not too bad.
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680 dublin to mission boulevard at 17. northbound 85 between 101 and cupertino in the green at 16 minutes. we'll talk about mass transit in a few minutes. alexis, thank you. a protest in berkeley over a conservative commentator's speech resulted in nine arrests near the uc berkeley campus. authorities say some of them were arrested for having banned weapons or items, mostly peaceful protests sparked by a speech by ben shapiro at zellerbach hall. tensions running high on the right and left. they were surrounded by barricades and there was a massive police presence. now breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. hi, everyone. here at the live desk we are right now waiting for the british prime minister theresa may to make a statement about a terror investigation under way in london right now. she should come out any minute. she has been inside 10 downing street for about an hour, being briefed by authorities. the attack happened on the london underground during rush hour. we told you 30 minutes ago the number of injured is now at 22.
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all expected to survive. look at this. the bomb was found inside a white bucket that was covered by a supermarket bag. and you can see here these are live images coming in to our live desk. there is an active manhunt under way across london for potential suspects and folks still inside the train looking for clues as to who the suspects might be. this morning's attack marks the fifth terror attack in london this year alone. i will let you know as soon as we get updates. >> it was disturbing to wake up to that. thanks for the info. more trouble for google this morning facing a new lawsuit claiming the mt. view based company discriminates against women. >> the department of labor is investigating for pay inequity. matt keller live for us in mt. view this morning. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. basically this lawsuit claims google pays men more than it pays women. and although three women are named as plaintiffs in this lawsuit, it could impact a lot more here at the mt. view
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company. now this lawsuit was filed yesterday in federal court in san francisco. ellis versus google is named for former google employee kelly ellis. her attorney told abc 7 news she was being paid less than a male counterpart though she had more experience. >> she applied for promotion and the promotion request was denied. she was told you haven't been here long enough to be promoted. so she started behind and she stayed behind. >> reporter: two other women are named as plaintiffs in the lawsuit. their attorney james finberg, is asking for back pay and hopes it will be a class-action suit benefiting tens of thousands of female employees. google says job levels and promotions are determined through rigorous hiring and promotion committees and must pass multiple levels of review including checks to make sure there's no gender bias. google says it will review the lawsuit in detail. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. developing news out of
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sonoma county where a woman is filing suit against a company for poor working conditions and sexual harassment. the company is called sofi, a financial startup, it specializeness student and mortgage loans. according to an ex-employee it has horrific working conditions. >> everything, literally when i say everything, everything from the sexually charged atmosphere that we were having to having to meet unrealisic goals. >> when you go to work you shouldn't be seeing people having sex. that's uncomfortable to women. >> women and men, i think, many people would argue. in response to the charges sofi announced the ceo will be stepping down in december and the company is also initiated an outside investigation into improper activities. lawyers for the man convicted of killing the morgan hill teen reportedly want the judge kicked off the case before sentencing happens. according to our media partner
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"the mercury news" defense attorneys for antolin garcia torres are calling for a new trial claiming the judge failed to disclose a conflict of interest. judge vanessa zecher once represented the prosecution's lead investigator back when she was a lawyer more than 25 years ago. according to multiple sources the judge said she did not recall representing the investigator. the motion for disqualification is set for next month. a former san francisco police lieutenant named in a scandal involving racist text messages last year has pleaded guilty to filing a false police report. 55-year-old curtis lou made the plea as part after deal made with prosecutors. he was arrested after he allegedly interfered with a police investigation into sexual assault allegations against a fellow officer. that investigation uncovered racist text messages, exchanged among officers including lou. happening today owners of san francisco soft story buildings have until 5:00 p.m. to comply with the city's retrofitting requirements. now soft story buildings are buildings that have garages or large openings in the ground
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floor. owners of 1,300 of these soft story buildings in the city need to make improvements to prevent the buildings from collapsing during an earthquake or they face steep fines. retrofits usually cost $100,000 to $400,000. last month nearly 40% of owners had yet to file for their permits. happening today a really amazing health story coming out of san francisco. city, political, and health leaders will unveil a report that shows san francisco is on the road to becoming the first city to have zero new hiv infections. the findings in the report include new hiv declining to a record low and among men the annual rate of new hiv diagnoses for ethnic and racial groups a ten-year decline. if you are a san rafael resident, listen up, the city will make your street brighter with l.e.d. lights. san rafael undergoing the
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biggest upgrade in the city's history. 3,900 high-pressure sodium street lights replaced with new l.e.d. fixtures. our media partner, the marin ij says it's going to save $175,000 annually. the work is expected to begin in about two months. you're going to have an even harder time finding parking in san francisco today. at least part of it. it is for a pretty cool reason. it is for a pretty cool reason. plus, an update on the
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it's about 6:10 on a friday. take a look at your weekend planner, an absolutely gorgeous day today and through the weekend with temperatures saturday and sunday around the coast. low to mid-80s inland and maybe a few more clouds tomorrow. don't let that stop you. we're in the mid to upper 50s there. how about the rest of our temperatures, 60s in one of the warm spots. look at napa and santa rosa. 46 and 45. we'll take a look at your micro climate and the rest of the accuweather seven-day forecast. here is alexis.
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one new issue on the peninsula. a three-car crash blocking a couple lanes on southbound 280 before you get to state route 92 interchange. we're not seeing any major delays right now. no word chp is on the way to the scene yet. they do know about it. also, bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights on and we do have a crash beyond the toll plaza. it's off on the right shoulder. keeping an eye on that one but that's typical through the maze. >> sounds good. thanks, alexis. finding metered parking along the mission street will be even harder but it's for a cool reason. this is parking day when metered parking spaces are converted into art and event spaces. groups have held picnics, set up stations for board games, art galleries, have to use your imagination to imagine what it would look like. >> because it's not that. >> the event being held if
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conjunction with today's celebration of public space and street life. >> i'm sure that's fun but people are going to be angry. >> driving around and upset. >> something is destroying the salmon population in california. the change wildlife officials want right now. learning new details about learning new details about what president trump really to most peop, i look like most people. learning new details about but on the inside, i feelly chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be causedy overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. for some, lyrica delivers effective relief for moderate to even severe fibromyalgia pain. and improves function. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side efcts: dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain,
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we're back at 6:14.
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for the first time in nypd history they have released body cam footage of police shooting and killing a civilian. we're going to show you the incident but not the actual shooting. the department does want to underscore its transparency and in this case the suspect, a 31-year-old student, refused to put down his knife and what was later determined to be a toy gun. in the video you see and hear the officers ask him numerous times to put his hands up. in the end the suspect raised his toy gun and officers shot and killed him. the d.a. objected to the video's release saying the department should have waited until the investigation is complete. we are learning new details about what happened after attorney general jeff sessions appointed robert mueller as special counsel in the russia investigation. according to "the new york times" president trump berated sessions in the oval office. in fact, calling the attorney general an idiot and saying he should resign. sessions said it was the most humiliating experience of his public life. he eventually sent in a resignation letter to the white house.
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senior members convinced president trump not to accept session's resignation and late yesterday cnn learned that president trump sent a letter of encouragement following the release of that "new york times" article. >> take a look at this drone video looking in the middle of the screen. you will see that there are large poles that have been falling down. duke energy shot this to see how much work before they get their power fully restored to the people in that community. there are miles of downs poles in the city. statewide it has restored to 824,000 customers. meantime florida power and light company has doubled down on its promise to have power restored for all homes and businesses on the state's east coast by sunday. 6:16 now. a suspected package thief ended up in handcuffs thanks to some surveillance video. police invested this woman and charged her with crimes
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including mail theft and trespassing. she has an extensive criminal history including previous thefts and fraud related crimes. police use this as a warning to avoid sending cash. contact the sender immediately if you think mail was not delivered when you were expe expecting it. the federal cost of fighting wildfires has set a record. the u.s. government has spent $2.3 billion so far, the record set in 2015. more than 13,000 acres have burned this year, more than 20 burning right now just in california and 64 major fires are burning in ten states. new developments from sonoma county where the russian river is being given a clean bill of health, removing the toxic blue/green algae warnings. tests have not detected the presence of algae-related toxins in recent weeks. they decided to get rid of the signs. it was in august the river water tested positive for the presence of toxins. the salmon industry feeling
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the impact of our drought. the california department of fish and wildlife estimates only about 1,100 winter run salmon will return this year and officials say that means the majority of salmon born in 2014 and 2015 didn't make it because the federal bureau of reclamation failed to retain enough cold water for release for successful spawning. the golden gate salmon says state and federal leaders need to support them where most california salmon come from. it turns out that we have many differences in the united states but we are united in firsts. this photo of gainesville, florida, police officers after the hurricane went viral. people were going crazy because they thought they were pretty good looking. several officers from tennessee are now throwing down the gauntlet. they are starting a contest to see who can get the most comments and donations from admirers. all of the money to help victims of the hurricanes irma and harvey. we're not sure how much money
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raised so far but the gainesville photo has 185,000 comments. knoxville's has 26,000. to be fair, knoxville just started so they have plenty of time to catch up. >> what was it you said earlier about the power of facial hair? >> i think the florida guys are going to win because of the facial hair. right now that is in and it always takes a guy from a six to an eight. i mean that's just the law of facial hair. i don't make the law, natasha. it's just how the law is. >> weigh in on twitter. good morning, mike. >> hi. you don't want to weigh in? >> i think you're already a ten even without facial hair. >> very nice of you. what's going on outside. good morning, everybody. beautiful sun rise. i had the window open and the fan on last night. a little raspy this morning. look at that. you can see the golden glow of the sun rise as we look from mt. tam. sunny, mild and pleasant.
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warm to mild afternoons coming up. santa rosa, 81. one of the warm spots in the east bay. 78 in napa, vallejo, free ac today, temperatures from 79 in livermore, pleasanton, san ramone 78. down in the south bay today we'll call it sun-sational. temperatures from about 75 to 79 degrees. if you're heading to santa cruz, 71. let's go over towards the peninsula and it's going to be out door-able. in the mid-60s with more sunshine at the coast. there may be a wandering cloud or two. pleasant along the east bay shore from 71 in berkeley to fremont and union city at 74. and a gorgeous day in san francisco. 70 in the mission. marina, downtown about 68. tonight's temperatures cool again. 52 to about 59 degrees. tomorrow's going to be warmer,
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get temperatures back to average. sunday a little bit cooler and then another dry cold front will bring a touch of fall monday and tuesday. little bit. nothing outrageous for wednesday and thursday. have a great weekend. so far really light traffic volumes, still a lot of green on our traffic maps this morning. one blocking issue on the peninsula. take you back to 280. a three-car collision. it sounds like all the vehicles are off on the shoulder but we have some of those people who were involved in the crash standing in the far right lane. they have some flares up. use caution through the area. a quick check of the westbound side across the san mateo bridge starting to fill in and slow down. and then a quick check of drive times, too. these look pretty good. highway 4 to the maze, 22 minutes here in the green. we did get a new crash reported so we'll check on that next. westbound 80 across the bay bridge in the yellow up to 13 minutes. san francisco heading to the airport.
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wide open in the green at nine minutes. alexis, thank you. 7 on your side's michael finney is about to answer what he says is probably the most important question a bay area resident can ask. of course you remember this of course you remember this chainsaw wield
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it's 6:24. >> we all remember this miami nun. she turned to google to be a boss with the chainsaw. she forgot how to use it. people have been inundating her with all kinds of corrections on how to be safer with the chainsaw. she says thank you. >> i think she's just fine. she was under trying circumstances. time to ask finney, millennials and mortgages. >> 7 on your side's michael finney has an answer. >> what questions do you have for millennials when it comes to housing in the bay area? we all know pricing the bay area is at an all-time high so what do you recommend for millennials? >> eric, that's probably the
6:26 am
most important question being asked in the bay area right now. i grew up here. it has always been this bad. and everyone always says housing prices can't possibly go up any more and they do. why? well, this is the best place to live on earth and you have to pay for that privilege. so my advice is to get in on the ride as soon as you can. and that means getting the cheapest rent possible and saving all the money you can and get a down payment together. now i know how hard it is because i did it. the good thing is after you buy your home you look like a financial genius. eric, believe me, you can do it. it just takes time. good luck. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it on your smartphone and share it with us on social media. just use the #askfinney. or go to our website. you may see your question answered right here on abc 7 mornings. waste rates are about to go up for some in san mateo county. >> take a look at these men and women. we have an update on our local heroes helping out in florida.
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>> we're seeing some major pushback on governor brown's statewide gas tax, and it involves changing the constitution. and i continue tracking a major story out of the uk. a terror attack there leaving 22 people hurt. people hurt. i'll have the very food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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what we are learning this half hour about an explosion on a subway as president trump takes a strong stance this morning. shaking in the south bay. several earthquakes hit the area yesterday. did you feel the one that happened overnight? >> and i have details about another implosion in the bay that will shut down the bay bridge again this weekend. 6:30 in the morning. welcome to your friday. it is september 15th. the whole team here ready to go covering a whole lot of news and we kick it off with mike nicco. talk about a cool morning out there. hopefully everybody had a great night's sleep. if not a couple more cool mornings coming at you as our weather pattern is turning back to normal for this time of year. a few patches of clouds in the central valley and from half moon bay. otherwise it's pretty clear out there. a few clouds trying to develop. shorelines we look from south beach back to the east. temperatures in the 50s this morning. even some 40s up in the north bay. we have low to mid-60s around the bay from noon to 4:00. 68 to 74 around the bay. 62 to 63 at the coast and 70 to
6:31 am
78 inland. check out those temperatures by 7:00. already in the 60s. grab a coat if you're heading out. the weekend forecast up next. how is it going, alexis? >> quiet still this morning, mike. i want to take you back to southbound 280. more information about this collision on the peninsula. update that hd location a bit the it's not quite as far south as state route 92. two vehicles involved. the two right lanes are blocked. right now still no backup. one of the people involved in the collision actually took off on foot there so chp looking for them. we also have a minor issue westbound 80 in the east bay. a closer look at that up next. alexis, thank you. hundreds of protesters turned out at berkeley to make it clear a former breitbart editor isn't welcome. >> they were met by a heavy police presence and that comes with a big price tag. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in berkeley, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. they are still cleaning up right now from last night's protests. here are the barricades that they are picking up that they used to create quite a buffer
6:32 am
between the protesters and the speech last night this is on bancroft, these final barricades coming up this morning so life can return to normal here. a university spokesman says the huge perfect imeter cost about $600,000. police made nine arrests. some new mug shots of some arrested. the charges range from battery against a police officer to carrying banned weapons and disturbing the peace. we are working to get the other four mug shots for you. here is a look at the protests. police say about 1,000 people showed up. both sides were represented and passionately spoke out. >> ann coulter, ben shapiro, the whole parade of fascist thugs coming to this campus. >> we cannot be silenced by those that would try to silence us with violence. >> reporter: uc police say no one was hurt because of violence. no damage was done to businesses
6:33 am
or any other structures. they are asking for witnesses to come forward to help them with their investigation. so anyone with pictures or videos of the protests are encouraged to turn those over to berkeley police. reporting live in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. no issues inside of zellerbach hall for ben shapi shapiro's speech. he and others mentioned that more than 3,000 people wanted to attend and tried to get tickets. according to university administrators the crowd was limited because of safety concerns. shapiro and those who attended shared the conservative views they should still be heard. >> there are still students to want to hear differing views, who don't believe that the first amendment should die under the jack boots of a bunch of anarchist pieces of garbage. >> we have put together a video with more background on the
6:34 am
conservative commentator and you can watch it on the abc 7 news app and now breaking news from the live desk. and we continue to track breaking news out of london here at the live desk. 22 people injured after an explosion on a london underground train during the morning commute and police are calling this a terror attack and they are searching right now for suspects. >> the investigation is being led by the counsterterrorism command and network and there are many urgent inquiries with hundreds of detectives involved looking at cctv, forensic work, and speaking to witnesses. >> a manhunt is under way. in fact, police said a short time ago they do not have any suspects. police say they will have an increased presence for the rest of the day at the subway stations all across london. jess, thank you. for the second time in a month north korea has launched a missile over japanese airspace.
6:35 am
the rocket flew over japan landing in the pacific ocean. it shows a range that could threaten the u.s. territory of guam. both china and russia criticized the launch and are calling for increased sanctions. just on monday the u.n. security council voted unanimously for new sanctions against north korea. the east bay regional park district police are hoping new technology will help them solve an unsolved murder. they released this showing a person of interest in the rape and murpd of a woman in tilden park in 1990. the snapshot composite image shows what the man would have looked like at age 25. and then on the right what he would look like as a 55-year-old. dna collected at the scene has yet to result in a match in the fbi's database. small earthquakes continue to shake the south bay. there have been more than half a dozen in the san jose area in the last 24 hours. the latest one hit at 12:50 this morning. there was a 2.6 quake at 11:30 last night and a stronger 3.4 shaker at 6:00 p.m.
6:36 am
it all started with a 3.3 quake yesterday morning. no reported damage or injuries. a series of takeover-style robberies could force b.a.r.t. to pay out millions of dollars in damages. six of the robbery victims have teamed up to sue the agency. one person says his phone was stolen. when he chased, another threatened to shoot him. they say there was a lack of real effort to investigate afterward. the plaintiffs are seeking $1 million each and damages from b.a.r.t. they say the more important thing here is to get better protection for passengers. 6:36. an effort is on to overturn a hike in the fuel and vehicle taxes and it doesn't stop there. a coalition want to amend the state constitution so lawmakers can't raise the taxes again without a statewide vote. a 12 cent tax increase begins in november along with a new fee based on vehicle values. the money is supposed to go to fix aging roads and transit
6:37 am
systems. critics say californians are already taxed enough and that these increases go too far. they plan to put an finiinitiat to repeal next year. a fire sparked by lightning in san mateo county is expected to be contained last night in wood side. it should be contained by 6:00 p.m. it's currently 40% contained after burning 50 acres since it starteder tuesday the fire is in a hilly and remote area. kings mountain road remains closed between skyline boulevard and wood side road because of the fire. first responders from the bay area who went to florida to help hurricane irma victims are coming home. >> this is a new video of the 81 members of california's task force three. they filled their time but was ultimately not needed. they begin the 2,500-mile joran qui back to menlo park. t this is a great story.
6:38 am
now heading here in hopes of finding forever homes. the cats and dogs are going to be getting first-class treatment. i'm talking about members of the golden state warriors. they're going to be on hand to welcome the animals when they arrive in oakland today. a total of 80 animals are being flown in a cargo jet courtesy of fedex, loaded on the plane by members of the miami heat. once they get here they're going to be sent to local shelters including in marin, san francisco, and monterey county. some great news. hi, everybody. let's take a look at what's going on outside. we'll open the weather window on the san mateo window looking west. seeing a lot of red there. we'll talk to alexis. a little bit of haze out there, a few clouds trying to develop along the east bay shoreline. lear and quiet on the roads.. good if you're taking mass transit. cool and comfy and breezy south of the bay bridge. a small craft advisory heading through the afternoon hours. for the kids if you're heading
6:39 am
out right now commuting that way dress them for temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. look how nice it's going to be after a cool start, a mild ending, 65 at the coast. 73 around the bay and 78 inland. a look around the state today after some morning sprinkles in l.a. and san diego. you'll be in the mid-70s. palm springs about 93. 76 in yosemite. 64 in tahoe, both with isolated chance of a thunderstorm today. temperatures are supposed to be in the mid-70s up in lake tahoe. we'll be in the upper 60s. a touch of autumn for the folks up there. let's take a look at what's going on -- we kick off the home opener at 1:05 sunday at the coliseum. the jets in town, arguably the worst team in the nfl. let's hope we chalk up a 2-0 start to the season. 72 at 1:05 to about 74 at 4:05. and we have one more game. ole miss at cal tomorrow at 7:30 at memorial stadium. 65 dropping down to 61. good luck to everybody. now we bring alexis in here
6:40 am
because she has an explosive story to tell you about. yeah, it is the next round of the implosions on old bay bridge supports scheduled for tomorrow. that is pretty cool. that is what it looked like and sounded like when cal trans imploded two of the foundations. it is between 9:30 and 11:30 tomorrow morning. during the implosions car traffic on the bridge is blocked and b.a.r.t. stops running trains through the transbay tube. they were pretty quick a couple weeks ago when they did this but you could have anywhere from a 20 to 30-minute delay. if you can avoid traveling the bay bridge by b.a.r.t. or by vehicle -- you won't be able to bike across either during those hours, that is probably a good idea. we've had very few issues this morning. westbound 80. we have a multicar collision off on the shoulder. but that's a tough spot to even have the shoulder blocked. on looker delay and heavy traffic if you are coming from
6:41 am
highway 4. not a major backup yet. i will keep an eye if they take a lane away there for that emergency response. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. no major issues. metering lights on since 5:22 this morning and then a quick check of drive times, very few in the red although it looks like we do have one here. still in the yellow, 48 minutes westbound 580 tracy to dublin. up to 37 between antioch and concord. i'll double-check and make sure we don't have anything going on there and no delays southbound 101 and coming into the city from the north bay. breaking news. b.a.r.t. is increasing patrols at its stations following the terror attack on london's underground overnight. you will see more police if you are commuting today. b.a.r.t. just confirming that news to us. another quick live look here at the manhunt under way in london right now to find a suspect in that terror attack. they don't have anyone in custody. 22 people were hurt at the height of rush hour when an ied
6:42 am
exploded. i will be keeping my eye on things from london and news updates as we get them. >> thanks, jess. the dmv is rolling out more self-serve kiosks. the one big reason you may want to check them out. alphabet strongly considering a billion dollar investment, and it is raising some eyebrows this morning. >> first, what's coming up on "live with kelly and ryan." hello there. >> hi. >> how are you. >> hi. >> today jeffrey tambor. >> i love
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harvard university has rescinded its invitation to chelsea manning. the initial invitation caused the cia director to cancel his speech at the university. chelsea manning, you remember, was convicted of leaking classified information. her 35-year sentence was commuted by president obama last may. cia director mike pompeo, a harvard grad, called her an american traitor. manning responded in a tweet, honored to be first disinvited transwoman visiting harvard fellow. now to your morning money report. alphabet, parent company of google, reportedly is in talks to invest up to $1 billion in lyft. >> bloomberg reports the two companies have held talks in recent weeks and what makes this all interesting alphabet is a shareholder in uber. a company under alphabet is suing uber over self-driving car
6:46 am
technology. on top of that signed a partnership with lyft to work on testing autonomous vehicle. both are declining to comment. and menlo park residents should prepare to pay more in waste rates. according to our partner "the mercury news" they announced the increase. customers with 20-pound containers will see an increase of 63% by 2020. customers with 32-pound containers will see a jump of 33%. this is all to pay a nearly $500,000 debt that they owe menlo park over the past five years. >> we've been telling but the olive garden never ending pasta deal back.% do you want it? >> yes. >> sold out. it sold out in less than a second. they were $100 each. 50 customers got a trip to italy in addition to the pasta, and they only had to pay $200 for that. >> amazing. >> it gets you unlimited pasta, soup, salad or bread sticks.
6:47 am
>> you used to work and you have the scars to prove it. >> i had to get bread sticks out of the bin. moving on. if you need to renew your car registration and don't want to do it online by mail or waiting in line at the dmv you can do it when you pick up groceries. the dmv produce this had video that shows how self-serve kiosks work. they're at 14 bay area safeway and pack and save locations including stores in almeida, menlo park, san jose and san francisco. renewals can be done in just minutes and as you can see that woman holding it up your registration card and sticker get printed out from the machine. okay. and new this morning president trump tweeting about immigration again. again. this time saying cannot be allowed. it's when a citizen or permanent resident allowed to sponsor nonnuclear family members,
6:48 am
people other than, say, my husband or my kids, that would be my mom or dad, my adult brother and sister, et cetera. it is not illegal. it is part of the legal system and it uses petitions on behalf of your family members. but opponents say that it eventually leads to illegal immigration because the petition system takes a really long time and sometimes people come here anyway to circumvent that system. so that is the latest trump tweet getting a lot of attention this morning. natasha? >> thank you, jessica. nasa's cassini spacecraft is no more. it disintegrated in the skies above saturn just after 5:00 a.m. ending its 20-year mission. it had been orbiting saturn for years sending back information and thousands of photos. cassini has revealed things scientists never knew about the planet as well as its moons and rings. cassini's last mission was to sample saturn's atmosphere as it plunged to its doom.
6:49 am
r.i.p. cassini. we hardly knew you. it was a one-second gesture but it happened to be caught on camera on national tv and now raiders running back marshawn lynch will be paying for it. the man who once famously said i'm just here so i don't get fined was fined $12,000 by the nfl yesterday. he appeared to react to something a titans player said to him in the opener last sunday. lynch had 18 carries for 76 yards in his raiders debut. oakland hosts the jets on sunday. the museum of ice cream is going to stick around san francisco through february of next year. and good luck getting tickets. >> the trendy pop-up museum on grant avenue has extended its stay another four months and this morning tickets for the new dates go on sale to the general public. exhibits at the museum feature all things related to childhood and ice cream from a gummy garden to a pit of plastic rainbow sprinkles. >> i was looking at design experiences is for everyone. everyone loves ice cream and
6:50 am
brings people together. creating an experience everyone can celebrate and experience together. >> the museum opens on sunday and tickets go on sale at 9:00 a.m. if you need a link you can go to >> i was saying so many times yesterday i'm not going to do it. i'm not going to do it. and then i went to do it and while i was on the phone to get the tickets they sold out. >> oh, no. >> so i have to make a decision this morning. will i try again? i don't know. >> you're not going to change your mind, are you? >> i don't know. >> i guess we'll have to stay tuned to find out. hi, everybody. a look from the east bay hills. there are some clouds there and a few clouds off along the coast. rest assured a lot of sunshine today and comfortable high temperatures. warmer afternoons this weekend. another push of cooler air monday. these clouds are going to dissipate as we head into the afternoon hours. a quick look at temperatures on the peninsula. 54 in redwood city. menlo park, 48 degrees. cold air in the mountains there. 57 right now. san mateo, half moon bay and
6:51 am
pacifica. 58 in oakland and concord. fremont, 59. san jose, 57. look at those 40s we talked about. napa and santa rosa 46 and 45 degrees. temperatures about 75 to 79 in the south bay today. a very nice day on the peninsula. 71 to about 74 degrees. we'll see that sunshine develop along the coast. temperatures around 63 to 66 degrees. nearing 70 in downtown south san francisco and sausalito. about 78 to 82 through the north bay valleys. a great day for wine tasting. 71 to 74 along the east bay shore. sunny this afternoon. a great day for wine tasting in livermore. 79 to about 80 in concord. let's take a look at what we're going to see tonight. the cal forecast, 65. dropping down to 61. the game is tomorrow evening, 7:30 first pitch. tonight's temperatures low to upper 50s, a little more cloud cover along the coast and around the bay and the north bay valleys. that will give way to mostly sunny afternoon. pretty warm both saturday and sunday compared to what's going to happen next week when they'll
6:52 am
feel like fall with breezy, cool conditions monday and tuesday. have a great weekend. here's alexis. one new issue for the bay bridge commute, westbound 80 just past treasure island. as you make your way in to san francisco you're seeing some red here. sounds like a disabled vehicle blocking one of the left center lanes, lane number three. so definitely expect delays. not too much of a backup from the maze this morning. so that's a little bit of good news. then you'll hit delays before you get into the city. i did double-check. nothing reported on westbound highway 4 but we have some slowdowns between pittsburg and concord. 19 miles an hour there respectively. so still trying to get to the bottom of that. it could be typical volumes. and 680 through walnut creek minor collision reported. sounds like that is off on the shoulder but some heavier traffic filling in there as well. next traffic update coming up just before 7:00. >> thanks, alexis. the first all electric u.p.s. trucks are about to roll out. the company says it will be the first american customer for daimler's new electric truck. the vehicle can travel about 62
6:53 am
miles on a single charge. u.p.s. will buy three. the company did not say where it the company did not say where it will be using
6:54 am
6:54. if you're just joining us or heading out the door, here are the seven things to know before you go. number one is breaking news. a major manhunt under way in london right now. they are trying to find the person responsible for detonating a bomb onboard a subway train. 22 people were injured.
6:55 am
they're all expected to survive. and number two because of those london subway attacks b.a.r.t. is stepping up police presence today. they will have extra uniformed officers at their core stations in downtown san francisco and oakland. they're asking patrons to be vigilant this morning. if you see something, say something. number three, berkeley police say nine people were arrested near the uc berkeley campus during a protest last night. the mostly peaceful protest was sparked by a speech by a conservative ben shapiro. number four, nasa's cassini spacecraft is officially no more. it disintegrated in the skies above saturn just about an hour ago ending its ear mission. the spacecraft provided information and thousands of photos of saturn. and number five, a sun-sational day coming at you. temperatures cool this morning feeling like fall with 50s. in the low to mid-60s at the coast. upper 60s and mid-70s noon to four. round out your day planner with 70 to 78 inland. heather locklear is recovering from a car crash in
6:56 am
southern california. the 55-year-old "melrose star" went off the road into a ditch. she went to the hospital. minor injuries. preorders now under way for apple's new iphone 8 and 8 plus that started at midnight. you'll have to wait longer for the iphone x. those preorders don't start until october. >> and have to save. >> is anyone -- >> no way! that's too much money. >> $1,000. nope, not doing it. >> unless you want to buy me one, i wouldn't say no. loves fast cars and '80s rock. >> facebook page, weather and oreos. >> he loves animals. >> he's helped hundreds find new homes. mike is a family man. they are his everything. >> mike just wants to help you out and does it every morning.
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breaking news, terror attack on a london subway. this bucket with what appears to be wires bursting into flames injuring multiple people. passengers on their morning commute. students on their way to school. the stampede as they tried to escape. counterterrorism officials are now investigating. the prime minister calling an emergency meeting. george is live from london. new threat from north korea. the rogue nation launching a missile over japanese airspace after threatening to sink the country. alarms blaring. people told to take cover. this latest launch coming just after that hydrogen bomb test. how the white house is responding this morning. fraternity death. the investigation under way into


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