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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 15, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> this is where the earthquakes originated about, a third of a mile below ground. the seismic movement was felt over a wide area from this area to downtown san jose. >> the dog ran out of the room. then i noticed the cabinet was kind of swaying and something health thumped on the wall and i realized, i felt that earthquake. >> reporter: the strongest magnitude was 3.3. >> they were like jolts. just a quick jolt. >> did it knock anything over? >> no. but did it scare us. >> they too were spared any damage. however, a clerk at olvera egg ranch said she saw milk sloshing. scientists at the u.s. geological survey don't characterize it as pre cursors of a larger one but they warn the public one is coming.
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>> there is a 72% chance of a magnitude 6.5, or 6.7 or larger quake in the bay area in the next 30 years. it is not a matter of when but when. >> preparedness is now on many people's minds as they stock up on kits. >> we do have supplies. bits ten years old. we really need to resupply it. >> is that on your to do list? >> yes, i hope so. >> you may have noticed she was pointing at someone, that was sam her husband off camera. i will be his job to refresh supplies. if you want an all in one solution. it is not too expensive. about $30. that will supply with you food and water. enough for two people to last three days. >> $thr30 is a small price to p.
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it is important to be prepared. one can strike at any time. you'll find guidelines on our website. abc7 >> the entire student body walked out of class today to show their support for daca. school officials say they walked out of class and formed a human circle around the school. all the students returned to class. the dprogramramramramramramramrm undocumented children. >> check out live doppler 7. we don't have any clouds. most areas are enjoying
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sunshine. the temperatures beginning to come up and the trend will continue into the weekend. the blue skies in the background. if you're stepping out, a little breezy, 70s, it will be pretty mild and clear. temperature in the upper 50s to the upper 60s. if you have outdoor plans, we'll let if you know this beautiful weather will last. >> thank you. san francisco police tone investigate the death of a person hit bait car while walking in the neighborhood this morning. it happened just before 8:15 at brannan and door streets just under highway 101. the san francisco police say it is unclear whether the victim had the right-of-way when they were hit. police say the drive is cooperating with the
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investigation. >> after the car went over the t dumbart dumbarton's bridge and filmed. the driver was able to climb out of window and is okay. he claims he could climb out. it slowed down traffic westbound. berkeley police are asking the public to help them investigate crimes during last night's demonstration over a conservative commentator. they're asking people submit videos and pictures from outside ben shapiro's speech. nine people were arrested including these five. four of them face charges of carrying banned weapons and two are accused of battery. the fifth is accused of disturbing the peace. the mostly peaceful protest was over a speech by ben shapiro. it was surrounded by barricades and there was a massive pleasant
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presence. >> reports from last night are false taeflt a look. this woman was loaded on to a gurney by paramedics naflt tweet, berkeley police say she fell and was not pushed and there was no fight. they add, this is what she told us at the scene. these are the actual facts. the account of her being stabbed appears to have originated on the facebook page of a self-proclaimed nationalist. he wrote that she was holding a scene supporting it. they urged people to stop spreading false information about a stabbing. a package of bills related to california's extreme housing shortage. the state senate gave prove to the six bills including but not will attach a $75 fee on real estate transactions.
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moan that will be used to build affordable housing. points call it tax on the middle class. they say lawmakers shouldn't attempt to spent their way out of problem. >> advocates were complaining in a column a while back there could be more habitat for humanity housing if government got out of the way. >> other pieces of legislation would force people will to on it. it would be a bill would speed up public earnings, hearings, rather, and environmental reviews for prongs. work is finally underway on a long-awaited housing project in alameda county. the volunteers were undergoing several weeks of construction in just two days.
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they work fast. >> putting some sweat equity in under the sun. community members coming together to get a lot of work done. bay area resident maic hammers away on his future home. >> i'll so happy. i couldn't lee is saturday night and i the couldn't wait. >> right now 150 volunteers are powering through the habitat for humanity's annual build-a-thon. >> i think the job is 10% skill and 90% perspiration. >> i like building things and i like construction. put all that together and you find me on the the job site. >> it is the first high density condo project. the first phase should be completed by next year. all the units will be energy efficient and eventually owned by dozens.
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>> they held to build a community of people who will live here. >> they were war torn from the country of yes, ma'am yep about six years ago -- from yemen.yem. >> words, sentences are not enough to thank everyone for the work they are doing. >> in fremont, fremont approved the project in 2014. 10,000 pounds of personal care and medical items. that's how much med share has collected for people recovering from harvey and irma. >> the response has been huge. community support. really grateful. they said they wanted to help.
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fong supplies get there. >> med share normally shipments goods to places in need. this time it is with personal hygiene products. coming up next, turmoil, an inside look at the screen three years in the making. plus -- >> project manager. >> the end of an the final look at saturn.turn.t. as you would expect at this time of day, on this day of the week, not going anywhere quickly.
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a documentary about the oakland police department is airing tonight. >> live outside the athlete we are more on a really revealing film. the trekker and some members of the police department are expected to show up and will be speaking with audience members as part of a panel. >> the oakland filmmaker spent three years following the police department for the documentary,
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the force. >> i don't want bad cops here. >> it is part of a trilogy following doctors and patients. with the force, he initially wanted to follow young recruits and capture the police department's reform efforts on federal oversight. instead his cameras were there for what he daud opd's craziest years have the black lives matter movement. a sex scandal involving a teenage worker who was sleeping with officers. >> how does the system itself function and hold officers accountable who have violated the trust of the community and the law? >> the deputy chief armstrong admits there are parts of force were hard for him to watchful. >> i think it is always difficult to watch your department make mistakes. >> he homes the public sees they are working hard to make changes. >> it was a little surreal.
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>> she was there for. of the protests seen in the documentary. she is still critical of police but hopes the force starts a conversation. >> in terms of showing the tension between the police and the community and the mistrust, i thought film did an excellent job capturing that. >> the workers just put up this sign. they said force is sold out for 7:15. there is another showing at 9:00. i was sent a statement that says, i am hope thfl project brings empathy and understanding to all members of our community. >> thank you. san francisco's first bike park is taking shape. >> they posted this video today. a test ride in a new ballpark in the
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then announce an opening date soon. it is the end of an era. the spacecraft has been sending back dazzling pictures of saturn for more than a decade has finally died. >> we just heard it is gone. within the next 45 seconds, so will be the spacecraft. i hope you're all as deeply proud of this amazing accomplishment. congratulations to you all. this has been an incredible mission and aircraft and you're an incredible team. i will call this the end of mission project manager. >> this is final image sent back just this morning. it showed the exact place it
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destroyed itself. the mission began in 1997 and since then, cassini has sent thousands and thousands of pictures all the way back to earth. this picture from 2013 may be the most memorable. that bright blue dot you see on the screen, that's us smile back from planet earth. >> i see you. >> the weekend is finally upon us. >> and the forecast looks fabulous for the upcoming weekend. if you liked today, you're going on enjoy this weekend. you'll notice most of you are seeing the sun. there are a few clouds near the coast beginning on redevelop and as we head toward tomorrow, we'll be seeing more clouds. i want to show you something really interesting. look at the northern rockies. they're getting snow. one of the first winter storms
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of the season is bringing them snow. do you know what storm this is? the same one that brought us the lightning earlier this week. oakland, 16 degrees. 70s, san jose, gilroy, bright blue skies. it is a little breezy but nothing too out of ordinary. as we take look at the temperatures, you're in the upper 70s. lows 80, concord, 78 degrees. this is what i'm talking about. patchy clouds, patchy fog beginning to re-form. and you will see more of it. the warming trend continues tomorrow. and then autumn arrives. >> we'll start with you mid 40s. there will be both low and high clouds around. it hasn't been this cool sense june 10th.
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we'll see some high clouds approaching from the north and filtering the sunshine as the day goes on tomorrow afternoon. you're looking at a nice day. in the north bay, you'll need the sun screen but it will be very pleasant weather. napa, 78. 82 in santa rosa. calistoga, 72 degrees. head inland and you will notice the high clouds will be if itering the sun. it will be a beautiful mild day. not going to be hot like we typically see. 84 in concord. 86 degrees in ant i don't know. er and the warming trend will continue tomorrow.
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a minor dip on monday. most of you will notice it. down to the upper 70s. coming right up, tuesday, wednesday, mid 60s to low 80s. we inch toward last week of supper next friday. autumn officially starts and check out the temperatures. hour by hour, minute by minute. >> coming up next, an incredible show in the sky. why hundreds of drones lit up los angeles. isn't that great? and taking a live look at our traffic through san jose.
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this is 101 southbound. it is backed up the way it usually looks.
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check out this way to promote a movie. 300 drones were sent into the sky for the new movie wonder woman. they teamed up to team one drone team. the drones were choreographed to shape the wonder woman logo and then the shame of wonder woman
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kneeling with her sword. >> hey, we have a drone. >> next time you're in southern california, you may want to check out a massive piece of art of the more on the world renowned artist putting the finishing touches to a $15,000 mural. >> it is in the arts district. when he they purchased the believe they thought it didn't really fet the part. that's when the french artist came into the picture. he spent about a month working on his largest public art yet. he is bringing life and art to this neighborhood. that's not all. his boring is described as a symbol of freedom and an act of defiance against because, borders and persecutionest started by painting the better len wall. >> it was kind of taboo. he says he painted with five
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miles of the wall until it came down. his work can be found in downtown sxlaks other parts of world. >> i painted this yokohama. locals have questions about the mural. >> there's a moment of what is that? the 59-year-old describes the dark characters to demystify it this way. >> this is homage to the eternal youth who come and said what our parents have done is good but we make better. he said yes, but do not repeat the mistakes of your parents. and then make the people happy. >> so i like that. next, hours after a terror attack in london, authorities
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are saying another one could be imminent and a group is taking responsibility. we are leave in london with the latest. and nfl players going through a difficult time themselves pitch in to help a high school team stranded because of irma. and abc 7 is she credits the hot summer nights for her interests in a astronomy. you can learn about her dedication to mayan aastronomy. check out our post on the abc news bay area instagram page. >> the sky was incredible. as if could you touch it.
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go and ask your grandma and
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a federal judge has reinstated calf's he ban on force fed birds. it is a big victory for animal rights activists opposed to the practice. we'll take a closer look at it at 6:00. the financially troubled private college is the first to enact such a plan. wayne freedman is tweeting about sonoma county's superior court's new computer system. they said the system is so backwards, they've reverted to using old technology to get things done. a massive manhunt continues after a bucket bomb exploded on a packed subway train during the morning rush hour. it is being investigated as a
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terror attack. abc news reporter mikey k is live in london with the latest. >> good evening. a devastating attack today with an improvised exploding device exploded on the london tube. this time outside of central london. in the last few hours claimed by the islamic state. this cell phone video detonated. you can hear metro police ordering the passengers left on the platform to evacuate. but most commuters escaped even before police arrived. panicked. we were just trampling each other. >> the sheet of orange flame and
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the huge bag. every one screamed and yesterday off. >> it happened at the tube station. the pandemonium sending dozen to hospital. >> scary. i can't believe it. investigators calling this a terror attack immediately launch ad search for the attack or attackers. saying it did not explode fully. president trump weighed in from the white house. >> we have to be very, very tough. but his earlier tweets were known london that'sthe drew this criticism from the british prime minister, theresa may. >> i never think it is very healthy for someone to speculate on what is an ongoing investigation. >> meanwhile there is no credible threat to the u.s. but there will be an increased police presence at train stations. here in london, the british
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prime minister has increased the threat level to critical indicating an attack is expected imminently. back to you. i hope that's not the case. >> b.a.r.t. reacted quickly and reminding us a part we all play to keep safe. now the story from walnut creek. >> some b.a.r.t. riders have a london attack on their mind as they head in to catch the train. >> even been to london and i've often wondered how secure or orr transit is. >> they've pulled officers from patrol to be visible. >> we've had a lot of suppression teams working overtime for our crime that we've been trying work on.
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>> we asked riders for their thoughts on this increase of officers. >> i don't have a problem with people trying to do their jobs to keep people will safe. >> i think it is a good know. >> i don't believe too much security or too many police is necessary. i think keeping an eye out is a good idea. >> reporter: police say they need your help. they're asking riders to give them a call. >> if you see something that looks out of place, to call it in. better to have us check and it not be >> reporter: there are no current credible threats to the b.a.r.t. system. they also said they don't know
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when they'll pull the security back. abc7 news. to the latest provocation from north korean dictator kim jong-un launching another missile over japanese air space for the second time in a month. the united nations is holding an emergency meeting this afternoon. this as we wait to hear from president trump on the growing he tension with north korea. >> we have strangled their economic situation at this point. >> the u.s. ambassador at the white house assessing the latest threat from north korea just days after the u.n. passed a new round of sanctions on the rogue nation. >> there's not a whoa lot the security council can do when you've cut trade and old. that was not enough. this one launched from the capital, passing over japan and
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landing 1,200 miles off the coast hokkaido. sirens blaring in the northern parts of japan. and the u.s. army chief of staff meeting with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. >> we will do whatever is required to prevent that day from coming. >> h.r. mcmaster now staying enforcement is. >> for those commenting about a lack of military option, there is a military option. it is not what we would prefer to do. >> president trump saying the u.s. will defend itself from all who threaten our way of life. >> this includes the regime of north korea which is once again shown its utter contempt for its neighbors, and for the entire world community. >> reporter: the u.n. security
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council had a closed door meeting this afternoon of this is north korea's feeblt missile lawmaker this week. miami dolphins are gearing up for the first game of the season. they escaped the storm in california as they prepare to play the l.a. chargers on sunday. the football team from high school was stranded because of the storm. they couldn't get backhoe of the they could not pay for a longer hotel stay and flight changes. so some of the dolphins donated their own money. >> we had opportunity to step god blessed with us this platform to do.
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they this all be home by today. and kevin durant is coming to the defense of an an an an an an jemele hill. she was standing up for what she believed. in president trump tweeted that espn should apologize for untruth. she said she announced her personal beliefs. disney owns abc 7 and espn. he the former 49ers quarterback was named the community mvp for week one. kaepernick has donated $100,000 each month to various charities as part of a $1 million pledge he made last year after starting
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his pledge. a message of hope during national suicide prevention awareness month for anyone struggling. also, the a's may be planning to leave the come i'm but they have big plans.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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i go, i get to do this. and when it's a bad day, i go, okay. i can get through this. i look at life today as a gift. everything you get to do and every person you get to meet. >> when we fall, help is all around us. >> the biggest problem that i
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had is i didn't look out. i looked within. if you can look out and start to believe people, that's important. you have to believe the people who say you're worth it. find them. look for them. >> if you're out there and you're really struggling, and you want someone to talk to, someone you can hear their voice, a trained crisis counsellor in america who cares about you at this moment, call the national suicide prevention hotline. >> important information. we're learning more about a dinner at the white house featuring president trump and top democrats. nancy pelosi was the only one at the dinner with ten other men including chuck schumer. the "washington post" reports they continuously talked over her and one another.
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she said, do the women get to talk around here? it was focused on daca. a new study finds poor diet is a factor in one in five deaths around the world. the institute of health compiled data from every country in the world. researchers say diet is the second highest risk factor for early death after smoking. diets low in whole grains, fruits and nuts and high in salt were the most common risk factors contributing to obesity, high blood sugar and high cholesterol. this year, this sold outer in less than a second. 22 passes went out. 50 lucky customers got a trip to italy on top of their pass for $200. the pass gets you unlimited pasta, soup and salad and bread sticks for nearly two months.
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here's a look at live doppler 7. we have some patchy fog near the coast. still breezy, looking at temperatures from the mid 60s to the mid 80s. we will see occasional clouds but it will be a mild saturday afternoon. the temperatures a little higher than today. here's a look at the forecast. benefiting the leukemia society. 75 degrees as registration begins and then for the walk, 65 degrees. beautiful weather. it is a beautiful event. we have a couple of storms, hurricane jose in the layne. it is expected to impact the northeast states. if it comes a little closer, waves, wind and some heavy rain expected so we'll keep an eye on that. also on tropical storm norma. it is expected to pound parts of
4:46 pm
cabo san lucas as a category 1 hurricane. here's a look at the seven day forecast. we'll go with a little warmer pattern. more cloud cover. mid 60s to mid 80s. a little cooler sunday and the temperatures will drop on monday before we recover as we head toward the mid-week. >> thats a lot. next, pop star selena gomes is opening up about her difficult kidney transplant. >> and he is only 11. but his lawn mowing business is really taking off. how this kid has one big customer this afternoon. and taking a look at traffic through walnut creek. it is bakcked up in both he directions.
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apple is looking to make siri better at interacting with people. they said people have serious conversations with siri and turn to the phone assistant in emergencies. apple wants to improve siri's responses to people's troubled
4:50 pm
thoughts. they are encouraging applicants to join the siri team and play a part in the next evolution. ander a close friend gave the ultimate gift. deborah roberts has more on living donors. ♪ can't keep my hands to myself ♪ >> selena gomez sharing her private health problems. after posting these instagram photos reveal she had a kidney transplant this summer saying i needed to get a kidney transplant because of my lupus. >> they have to match blood types. >> thanks to her best friend in her post saying, she gave me the ultimate gift and sacrifice by donating her kidney to me. inincredibly blessed. i love you so much, sis. >> all summer with no max makes alice a happy girl. >> they met as young stars.
4:51 pm
selena from the wizards of waverly place. >> and he thinks the system works. and her from the secret life of an american teenager. they connected at a charity at a hospital. i am beyond grateful that god would trust me with something that not only would save a life but changed mine in the process. >> it is a very important part of process. about 30% of all kidney transplants are done from living donors. >> last year more than 13,000 kidney transplants were porpd. nearly half of them coming from living donors. like andrew, a sheriff's deputy in maryland. >> one of my best friends. it had to be done. if i was a match, it would be me. >> two weeks ago he gave one of his kidneys to best friend. >> he was the first one to go up and the first one to get tested and the first one to find out he was a match.
4:52 pm
>> happily they are now on the mend. feel better each day is that grateful. >> that's what we do. we help people. serve the community. >> there's no way to repay it. it is a lifelong journey. >> that was deborah roberts reporting. sellane gomez has been vocal about the autoimmune disease are lupus. she candled part of her tour to focus her mental health because of lupus complications. an 11-year-old boy got thrill of his young lifetime when he mowed the white house lawn today. he was so focused on the job at hand that he didn't notice president trump right next to him. eventually they shook hands. frank wrote the president a letter saying he had started a lawn mowing business and it would be his honor to mow the lawn at the white house. frank usually charges $8 for his
4:53 pm
services. >> my dad said just do it for free and i was like, fine. >> why not? after mowing the lawn, they got to hang out with president trump in the oval office. quite the unusual police chase in wisconsin. a sheriff's deputy drove up to a kangaroo yesterday morning. the 5-year-old marsupial named joey, ha ha, stops to take in his surroundings before just hopping along. he escaped from his home at a country store and pumpkin farm. he was eventually picked up and safely returned. next at 4:00, what happens to the open coliseum complex after all three teams leave he? the a's have a plan. and new at 5:00, the bay area college does the unthinkable. cutting tuition by a third. the reasons why. and a man says he wishes he never took this picture even though it is up for a big award.
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. coming up tonight at 8:00, shark tank followed by what would you do? at 10:00, catch 20/20 and then don't miss abc7 news at 11:00. now that all three teams have committed to leaving the oakland coliseum complex, you may be wondering, what will happen to
4:57 pm
that 138 acre property? the a's have an idea and it calls for them to be the developer. >> if everything goes as planned, this will no longer be the home of the oakland a's. they selected this site but that doesn't mean they're through with the old one. he says after the warriors, raiders and a's leave the site, the baseball team wants to redevelop it into a youth sports academy. >> i think you build a recreation a sports colony that would include baseball and soccer. maybe a work force development area. >> reporter: he says everyone has a place to go. oakland gets new jobs. but the idea is not getting everyone's see of approval. >> i told them i didn't like what i was seeing. >> reporter: the city councilmember says there were already bearable diamonds and soccer fields in east oakland. what they need are good paying jobs. >> a number of developers out
4:58 pm
there that would like to acquire that site or lease it for 99 years. and put what i think is some higher and better uses on that site. >> like affordable housing and retail. the a's say that's part of their plan but there are some who haven't given up on convincing they will to build on existing property. >> i respect the business decision. my first reaction, you couldn't ask for a better location than currently sits here. >> it is still in the exploratory stage. they don't even have a model of the could that plex to show yet. it will solicit input on the idea over the next year. and the a's have announced plans to build a statue of ricky henderson. it will be unveiled before opening day next year. the team says it will move to the new ballpark once it opens.
4:59 pm
>> it's ridiculous. frustration and even fear. snags in a new computer system have people stuck many jail when they should be free. >> making college more affordable. one bay area school just took a big step. >> and what's off the menu in xafl has one chef talking about assault rifles. tonight lawyers are working overtime and judges and taxpayers are spending more.
5:00 pm
>> it is pause because of a new computer system that some say has done more harm than good. >> one moment in the busy day of sonoma chief deputy public defender mike perry, a job that rarely has enough moments and right now, technology is stealing even more of them. >> on a scale of 1-10, what is your level of frustration? >> high. >> a new computer program calleded on spi has practically stopped the criminal justice system. they are almost 3,000 cases behind because they must enter everything on paper. >> i could sight immediately. now it can take days if we're lucky. >> just last week a sonoma county man had a warrant for his arrest. the court cleared it. the computer never got the message. a few days later, police wrongfully arrested him and sent him to jail. >> how long did he stay? jail? >> a cou


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