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tv   2020  ABC  September 16, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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coming up, making a fresh and delicious pizza just got easier. >> so is it a certain wrist motion you've got to get going here? >> it's all in the wrist. i would give you that, yeah. [ chuckles ] >> how do you like my garden veggie? what do you think? >> it looks good. >> [ laughs ]
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>> "bay area life," where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. >> hi, everyone. welcome back to "bay area life." we're on our way to our next destination, but first, isn't this honda accord a good-looking ride? you know, features like this leather-wrapped steering wheel give it such a sleek look. >> pizza lovers, listen up. did you know there's a way to get a freshly made pizza at a very affordable price? oh, yes, and i have two words for you -- papa murphy's. i'm about to go inside and learn how to make a perfect pizza pie. ♪ ♪ >> hi. >> hi. how are you? ♪ >> all right, so here i am.
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i'm behind the counter in sebastopol at papa murphy's joined by stephanie. she's the owner, and we're gonna call her the pizza pro because she's gonna show me how they do it here fresh for take-and-bake. thanks for being here. >> no, thanks for coming. >> all right, so we have a couple pizza crusts in front of us. >> yes. >> and we're gonna make some pizzas, papa murphy's style. so how do we start? >> so, we are going to start with our red sauce. ♪ and you want it to go all the way out to the edge and have a nice, even coat. >> okay, i think i can do that. >> so is it a certain wrist motion you've got to get going here? >> it's all in the wrist. i would give you that, yeah. [ chuckles ] kind of go right back and forth. >> so here at papa murphy's, you guys do what is called take-and-bake. explain that to me. >> so, we make all of our pizzas fresh in house, and then you can take them home and bake them whenever you want in your own oven. we do not have any ovens in the store, so we cannot bake your pizza for you. however, we try to make as best to whatever it is that you want
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on your pizza so you can go home, make it yourself. you can have it whenever you want it, and you can have the coloring of the crust whatever you want if you like a more doughy or if you want it a darker, crispier crust. >> so you can take it, bake it, and eat it however you want it, right? >> yep, that's really what our goal is. we want you to be happy at home with your pizza. >> after we get the sauce on there, i guess cheese is next. >> cheese is next. >> what are the most popular pizzas you guys have? >> favorites, we have the cowboy or we have a chicken bacon artichoke, combo, definitely. you can do half and half or whole pizzas. >> so when we're talking about price, how do your prices compare? >> our normal pizzas are about like 1/3 less from what you would pay from a cooked pizza. >> okay, so why don't we go ahead and make a couple pizzas? you said cowboy. >> yes. >> let's make a cowboy. >> [ chuckles ] so we start out with our pepperoni. and we want to start all the way from the edges and bring it in. >> is there a certain way that you do your pepperoni placements? >> you definitely don't want to load it all up in the middle 'cause the pizza won't cook correctly. so you try to get it as far out
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as you possibly can. also, all of our meat toppings, we do count them out to make sure we have the correct amount on there. and then all of our veggie toppings, we have cups and then measure them out. >> okay, so you guys do a lot of choppings. do you have a master chopper in the back? >> we do have somebody that comes in and does all the prep in the morning, so that why it's all done every day. we don't have to think about it during a rush, and we can just focus on people's pizzas. >> so, stephanie, this is a family business. >> this is a family business. my grandfather is the founder of papa murphy's, and then my parents actually own 15 stores. so i've been doing this since i was a baby. [ chuckles ] >> [ laughs ] did you love pizza growing up? do you still love it now? >> i still love pizza now. i mean, i do switch it up every once in a while with different combinations. ♪ >> you don't use boxes. >> no, we use saran wrap just to have it nice and covered when you take it home. and then it is on a bakeable sheet already, so you just unwrap it from the saran wrap
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and put it right in the oven. >> and this probably saves families, too, if you want kind of like a home-cooked meal, 'cause technically you're cooking it at home. >> you are. you get the awesome smells in your kitchen. ♪ >> how do you like my garden veggie? what do you think? >> it looks good. >> [ laughs ] all right, so are we done with our cowboy? >> just add a little bit more cheese on top. >> a little more cheese. perfect. so i heard that you guys have cool seasonal pizzas, too. >> yes. so, we have our jack-o-lantern for halloween time. very popular. and then we have our heartbaker for valentine's day, which is in the shape of a heart. >> so the jack-o-lantern, it means you're cooking it with pumpkin? >> no, it's a basic pizza, but it has the shape of the jack-o-lantern and with a cute, little face with pepperoni. >> and for the kids, you have a little special pizza so kids can get in on the pizza making, too. >> yeah, so we have mini murphs that kids take home and they get to put on all their toppings themselves. so, it includes the basic pizza crust, and then it has sauce in a small container and cheese, and they also get a topping to
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put on top, as well. >> and i guess it's all portioned out for kids. >> yeah, so they can't go too crazy. [ both laugh ] >> sounds good. >> what's in there? >> a pizza. >> and aside from the pizza, you guys have some desserts and other things, too, right? >> yes, we do have quite a few sides. we have salads, we have cookie dough, we have cheesy breads, cinnamon wheels, s'mores pizzas. >> okay, so it looks like we found all the sides and that cookie dough you mentioned. >> yes, here's the cookie dough. and since we don't use eggs in it, you can actually eat it raw, and quite a few of our customers do. >> well, i'm sure these would bake up really nice cookies. do you eat it raw? >> i do eat it raw. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's pretty good raw. >> okay, so i've got my fork, and i'm just gonna take a taste, 'cause i can't resist. and that is good. that is some good stuff. stephanie, i want to thank you so much for having us out here, teaching us all about the fresh take-and-bake papa murphy's pizzas. >> mm-hmm. >> and this great cookie dough. if you don't mind, i'm gonna
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take this one to go. [ chuckles ] ♪ >> coming up, the perfect golf getaway for all levels. >> the sets of tees we have range from 5,400 yards from the the forward tees to 7,300 for the championship tees. so you can kind pick your poison of how difficult you want to make it.
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>> "bay area life," where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. >> want to get out of town? well, the perfect weekend getaway is closer than you think. the capay valley is home to cache creek casino resort, where you can stay, play, and unwind. there are multiple ways to get your game on. ♪ ♪ >> hello from the yocha dehe golf course. did i say that right? >> yes. yes, you did. >> all right, well, rusty, tell me about this beautiful course. >> as you can see, it's pretty
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unbelievable, the views that we have here. you know, we opened in january 2008. the number of golfers increase every year, which is good for business, and we just try to have the best experience, really, anybody can have at any golf course, private or public. we're purely public play, so we don't have any memberships of any sort. so you can book your tee time 60 days in advance, and actually, the further you book your tee time in advance, the more you'll save. >> okay, so, i'm not that familiar with golf, but i would like to know -- i mean, it looks beautiful, but is it a tough course? i mean, if you're just starting out, if you're a professional... is it good for any experience level? >> i feel like it is. i mean, the sets of tees we have range from 5,400 yards from the forward tees to 7,300 for the championship tees. so you can kind pick your poison of how difficult you want to make it. the fairways are pretty wide open, so you do have a hard time losing golf balls. >> well, avid golfers, and i'm
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sure a lot of people from northern california and the bay area, you know, they want a weekend getaway, but they want it to surround golf. have you seen people turn a trip here into a weekend getaway? >> yeah, i mean, they have a lot of amenities at the casino, obviously with the spa. so, you know, husbands and wives will come up as couples, and the ladies go to the spa. >> you talk about the facilities being top notch. this course is actually ranked consistently pretty high among troon golf courses. talk about that. >> yeah, so, our management company is troon golf, and they're up to close to 250 courses worldwide, 38 states, 32 countries, and what they're most known for is the highest level of customer service and course conditions anywhere out there. and four years in a row, we won the troon rockstar award for best guest service in the whole company, and that's based purely on guest satisfaction surveys. but if you want to feel like you're going to a private golf course and be treated, you know, like you're a member at an
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exclusive private course, then this is the place for you. >> great. one thing you will be treated to when you come out here is the amazing view, or views, i should say. but walk me through a day if someone was to come out here and play here. >> well, first of all, when you arrive, we're there to greet you, to unload your bags and load them onto the golf cart for you. as you enter the golf shop and the awesome clubhouse down there, the golf shop staff will get you checked in, you can check out all the awesome merchandise that we have in there, with most of the top-named brands -- golf clubs, apparel. if you're playing in the morning, we have complimentary coffee for you to get the juices flowing a little bit. but after you get on the golf course, you know, we have beverage carts out there every day, even on slow days during the winter. they're out there for your food and beverage needs. again, when you finish a round, you're gonna get your clubs cleaned so they're nice and shiny for the next round, and then you'll be greeted with a scented red mango cold towel
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during the summer and different scents during the winter. >> you guys also engage in a lot of social media here. you like for people to share the experience? >> oh, absolutely! yeah. we have our own facebook, instagram, and twitter pages, so make sure anybody watching this, go on and follow or like us, but, yeah, i mean, we constantly have guests checking in on facebook and sharing pictures. >> there seems to be a lot of fans, so i'm gonna try this course for myself. and since i'm with a pro, i might as well get some tips. >> put your hands together. left hand on the top, putting your thumb in the palm of your other one. >> okay. >> and then once we get set up, just try to put the ball even with your left big toe. >> okay. i'm gonna fall over. the goal is to hit it. [ laughs ] oh! okay. >> then when you come through... there you go. >> okay, so it's something like...
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>> nice! >> yes! i did it! i did it! [ laughs ] that was fun. maybe golf is my game. well, one thing is for sure. this course caters to everyone. come out and experience it for yourself. >> coming up, see how retired doctors continue to make a difference. >> everyone we spoke to said, "i went into medicine for a reason. i wanted to give back to society. i have this wisdom of years of experience."
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>> "bay area life," where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. >> hey, everyone. i'm about to get back on the road, and i got to tell you, the best way to get around and find directions in this honda accord is to use the garmin navigation system. you can use voice command or touchscreen. ♪ every year, thousands of physicians across the country retire, but that doesn't mean they don't want to still provide care.
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now a bay area physician has figured out a way to bridge the gap between underserved patients and physicians who want to give back. ♪ >> i do obstetrics and gynecology, and i deliver babies in san francisco, and in my spare time, i help run a nonprofit that links doctors that are retired to patients in clinics that need care. >> and the name of that project... >> it is called the maven project, for medical alumni volunteer expert network. so, i got involved with my alumni association -- it was harvard medical school -- and we linked with the alumni groups at stanford and ucla and ucsf and tufts, and we came together and formed a network, mainly of retired and semi-retired doctors who now volunteer their time to help take care of patients in
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safety-net clinics and clinics for the underserved. everyone we spoke to said, "i went into medicine for a reason. i wanted to give back to society. i have this wisdom of years of experience. how do i continue to give back even in my retirement years?" so, it's gonna be very interesting for all these people... the maven project provides them with malpractice coverage. we do all the credentialing, which is very complicated in the united states. and then we on-board them and link them with the clinics so that we do all the kind of hard work involved in on-boarding a volunteer so that the doctors themselves can basically plug and play. [ dialing, ringing ] >> good morning. >> telemedicine is a lot like using facetime or skype. the doctor sees the patient through their computer, and then there's always a provider, sometimes a nurse practitioner, sometimes a doctor, in the
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clinic with the patient, but the questions and the interview's done by our volunteers, and then the volunteers, in turn, can telescope into the medical record of the patient, find out more, ask the questions, and then recommend a treatment plan that's then executed by the providers in the clinics. >> i'm your endocrinologist today, and i'm going to be helping you remotely with your new thyroid condition. >> dr. debra cohen is a retired pediatric endocrinologist from the south bay. she volunteers at the maven project twice a month and says running clinics from her home is like having the best of both worlds. >> i had had difficulties finding local volunteer positions, and so i thought, "wow. this might be something that actually keeps me closer to my family and friends but that still uses me to serve people who otherwise may not be able to get the specialty care that they need." >> and dr. cohen isn't the only one volunteering. there are many others, like dr. nancy vanspeybroeck.
10:21 pm
>> it's disheartening to have to have this... fund of knowledge i had spent a long time acquiring and practicing and then not using it again and then realizing that there were -- there was a big need. so it was really perfect. it was really perfect. i -- i think it's a brilliant idea of laurie greene's. >> there's so much to explore here in the bay area, so we'll be back with more stories to share. in the meantime, we want to hear from you. so send us your favorite stories, videos, pictures, and places in the bay area. visit us online, join us on facebook, and follow us on twitter. all this fun driven by your northern california honda dealer. for more information on the vehicle featured in this episode, visit thanks for watching. we'll see you next time. ♪
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>> reporter: now 7:36 in the evening, and cruz velazquez, in the striped shirt, knows his risky gamble to drink from the bottle did not work. >> you saw that mr. velazquez was sweating heavily? >> i did. i saw that he was shaking, and i thought that he was possibly a body carrier. >> reporter: but there still have been no calls for paramedics at this point, as the concentrated methamphetamine the young man swallowed is being digested in his body. >> he won't be able to feel it. but his blood pressure is going to be rising. but it's still going to take a couple of minutes for it to actually get through the wall of your stomach or intestine and
10:27 pm
into your bloodstream and then from your bloodstream up to your heart and your brain. >> reporter: now, velazquez is put in handcuffs and a drug-sniffing dog arrives and alerts, indicating he has been in contact with some kind of illegal substance. even so, as a 16-year-old, velazquez's legal jeopardy would not have been so severe, one reason the cartels like to recruit teenagers as their mules. >> he would've probably been -- put in custody for three months to six months, and then returned to mexico. >> reporter: but to admit what he has done and return to mexico and the cartels, could be a death sentence for the young man. and now his body is in panic mode. >> it's getting every signal that it can that something bad is happening and that you need to get ready to either run away or fight for your life. >> reporter: but there is nowhere to run, he is under the control of border officers whose
10:28 pm
action or inaction will determine his fate. no one is smiling now, and officer baird will later reluctantly admit she was concerned he had swallowed liquid methamphetamine after just the first two sips. >> i -- i don't recall but i'm sure i had some concern, yes. >> yes, because if it were liquid methamphetamine, he could get very sick. >> correct. >> or he could die? yes? yes? >> correct. >> reporter: but at the time, officers baird and perallon had little to fear for any possible misconduct. congress and civil rights groups accused the agency of tolerating rogue officers and agents who crossed the line. >> within that large organization are many who believe they're held to a different standard and won't be held accountable for engaging in misconduct. >> reporter: with hundreds of alleged victims, including
10:29 pm
teenagers travelling without parents, whose complaints were given short shrift. >> translator: he told me to take off my bra and he started touching me. >> reporter: just last year, these two sisters who had fled guatemala to escape violence and seek asylum in the u.s., say they were violated one after the other by a u.s. border agent, supposedly searching for contraband. >> translator: the agent came back with my sister and then said to me, "it's your turn." then he said, "pull down your underwear." he reached his hand out and put his hand in between my legs. and the worst was when he told me, "turn around. bend over." and i bent over. >> reporter: but their complaint, like scores of others, according to the aclu, was quietly closed, when the agent simply denied he did anything wrong.
10:30 pm
he said, they said and he was the one who was believed. >> they just take the agents word for it? >> that's correct. >> reporter: mitra ebadolahi works in the aclu's border program in san diego. so, if the agent says, "i have no knowledge of this." >> that's it. >> that's it. >> i don't remember that. >> these are just some of them. there are hundreds and hundreds of complaints filed by unaccompanied minors to your own agency. >> reporter: gil kerlikowske, the commissioner of customs and border protection under the obama administration, says the complaints only involved a small number of officers and agents. these don't trouble you? >> well, the number of complaints that come in are high. but i'd say under my watch, we've increased dramatically our ability to do these investigations. >> so you don't see any cover-up of allegations by you or anyone in this agency? >> well, i don't see any cover-up especially by me. >> reporter: in the wake of our questions, customs and border protection now says the complaint filed by the two
10:31 pm
sisters is not closed but remains under investigation. which will make it a first in over a hundred cases the aclu says it has analyzed. >> as far as i can tell there has not been a single complete investigation of any of the allegations that i've seen. >> not even one? >> not one. >> reporter: now 7:38 p.m., at the border station in san ysidro, and cruz velazquez is led away in handcuffs to a back room, the security office. it's more than a half hour now since he drank the poison. and there still has been no medical attention for this young man, sweating heavily. >> he's really walking into kind of a chemical buzzsaw. that flushed feeling is going to turn into something like a fever, not going to be able to cool down or get comfortable. >> he should be in the e.r. you think at this point? >> ideally, yes. the sooner somebody can get to an emergency room after a situation like this, the better their chances are going to be. >> so if there's a delay?
10:32 pm
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>> reporter: it is now 7:44 p.m. at the san ysidro border station. and the fate of 16-year-old cruz velazquez is playing out in the
10:36 pm
security office, where he is clearly in trouble, and where officer valerie baird has followed the young man she suspected of carrying or smuggling drugs. >> i noticed some labored breathing, and he was shaking a lot. i remember putting my hand on him and just told him to -- to, like, relax, calm down. i thought he was nervous about -- that he was going to get caught in the body carry -- and to just relax when he came to the table. >> his body is sending him the signal that something horrible is happening. he's obviously in terrible physical distress. >> reporter: still handcuffed, velazquez is being steadied by
10:37 pm
officer adrian perallon, who repeatedly wipes the teenager's face as he sweats profusely. >> when i was standing with him, he was telling me to hit him. he wanted me to hit him. and then he just said that he didn't want to die. >> reporter: a third officer, nina signorello, also comes to his aid. >> i recall hearing him scream and i wanted to go assist in calming him down. >> did he scream a word? >> he was screaming in spanish and i'm not fluent in spanish, and i did understand a few of the words that he was saying. >> what words did you understand? >> i understood him to say "my heart" in spanish, "my sister" in spanish, and "my cousin" in spanish. >> reporter: my sister. my cousin. cruz knows the cartel could now go after his family because he
10:38 pm
failed to make it through with their drugs. >> from what i know, someone told him, "if you don't cross the border and get this to the other side, we are going to kill your sister." >> reporter: later that night, velazquez's sister says a strange man showed up at her house in tijuana asking for cruz. >> there's always somebody that's waiting there for them and there's immediately a phone call that goes back to the cartel. and they're notified that there's a problem. something has happened. >> and would the cartels really go after his family just for that, for a small amount like that? >> absolutely. the cartels don't care. they just are concerned about their business operations and ensuring that their deliveries go through and nothing happens coming back to them. >> reporter: 7:48 now, and cruz is having a hard time standing, and the screams continue, described by officer signorello as heart-wrenching.
10:39 pm
>> the way he was screaming it didn't sit well with me. it just made me sad the way that he was screaming. >> and the screams, did they appear to be screams of pain? >> yes, sir. >> because the drug's making the heart beat so fast, the heart needs more oxygen. it essentially almost can't get enough oxygen. as a result the person develops chest pain, very similar to as if they were having a heart attack. >> reporter: now at 7:49 p.m., a medical first responder finally shows up, taking off his backpack of equipment. cruz is barely able to stand. 7:51, a san diego fire department team of paramedics arrives. they report he had suffered from agitated delirium. he is handcuffed to the gurney for the trip to a hospital. still conscious with what were described as rolling eyes. >> what do think he is feeling at this point? >> abject terror. >> abject terror? >> absolutely.
10:40 pm
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because the things you love the most can stink. and plug in febreze to keep your whole room fresh for up to 45 days. breathe happy with febreze.
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>> reporter: it was 8:20 p.m. when the ambulance arrived at the chula vista medical center with cruz velazquez. he had left the san ysidro border station conscious, handcuffed to a stretcher, suffering from the massive overdose. his temperature rising to 105 degrees, his heart racing at 220 beats a minutes. >> the first thing i'd be think
10:44 pm
ing about are trying to get control of the heart rate and trying to get control of the blood pressure and trying to get his temperature down. >> reporter: it had been just over an hour earlier, that the teenage smuggler had begun to drink the toxic solution of dissolved methamphetamine. four swallows in all. the officers would not call for medical attention for at least 34 minutes, a fateful delay in any case involving an overdose. >> the first thing to do is to call 911 to get medical help immediately. all other consequences are meaningless relative to helping preserve someone's life. >> reporter: by comparison, her colleagues made sure officer valerie baird got to the hospital after she got just a bit of the toxic liquid on her fingers. >> and so you felt you should go to the hospital too? >> correct. i had washed my hands right
10:45 pm
away. and then, at the advice of -- of some other -- other officers, they pointed out that i was acting -- i was talking very rapidly. >> reporter: now she could hear the screams of agony from the teenager throughout the emergency room. >> at some point, did you hear cruz screaming? >> yes, i could hear cruz. >> you could hear him in pain. >> i can't -- i heard him screaming. >> reporter: at 8:24, velazquez became unresponsive with fixed pupils. at 8:39, he was put on a respirator.
10:46 pm
>> and were you told that he was coding, that he was dying? >> no, i don't recall. >> do you recall losing your composure? >> i do recall having to go back outside. i didn't want to -- i didn't want to be there. >> reporter: according to the san diego county medical examiner, 16-year old cruz marcelino velazquez acevedo died at 8:57 p.m. of acute methamphetamine intoxication, less than two hours after he first drank from the suspicious bottle. >> you felt guilty that mr. velazquez died, didn't you? >> no. >> no? >> no.
10:47 pm
>> didn't you cry? >> i did. >> yes. >> yes. >> did you not feel guilty that he was dead? >> no. >> he's not without fault. he was doing something he ought not to have been doing. the issue is in such a circumstance, is the death penalty, and a death that was so quick and cruel, is that deserved? he cooked within his own body, and he died in terrible pain. >> reporter: another death on the border, for a young life that seems to have meant little for either u.s. border officers or the drug cartel bosses that sent him. >> he was just another piece of the game, but no one see that he was a person.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: at headquarters in washington, officials at customs and border protection promised a full investigation. >> i was told definitely that the two officers involved would be punished. it would simply be a question of what level of discipline they received. >> reporter: but once again, that is not what happened, not at all. >> even as a result of the death of cruz velazquez acevedo, no discipline was ever imposed on for the never-before-seen two sided clean, just add water. one side deeply exfoliates the other gently smooths and a flexible body cleanser inside lathers for a close,
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>> reporter: as difficult as it was to watch this video of the final minutes of cruz
10:53 pm
velazquez's life, his family wanted as many americans as possible to see it. video his sister reyna says shows the truth of what happened to her brother. >> they have to pay for what they did. >> reporter: but within hours of her brother's death, cbp officers absolved valerie baird and adrian perallon from any blame. the official report prepared that night with input from their colleagues said the "manner of death was an accident," and that velazquez "voluntarily took a drink from one of the bottles." actually it was four drinks. >> at any point, did you speak with cruz velazquez and ask him to take a drink from the bottle? >> i never asked him to. he volunteered to, and i believe i gestured to him to go ahead. >> reporter: but the government video obtained by "20/20" seems
10:54 pm
to contradict that, as perallon puts the large bottle in front of the teenager and makes this hand gesture. >> did you gesture to him with your hand in some way suggesting that he drink? >> no, sir. i never suggested or asked him to drink. he volunteered to drink. >> reporter: officer baird made the same claim to the velazquez family lawyer, gene iredale. >> you told him to go ahead and drink on more than one occasion, did you not? >> no. >> and you're sure of that? >> i'm sure. >> reporter: but the video also appears to contradict her testimony, showing her making a kind of hand gesture. and officer baird's version of events was further contradicted by the testimony of the cbp officer who was right there and later talked about what happened as she drove baird to the hospital, nina signorello. >> when you say you discussed the situation, she told you she was worried that she was going to lose her job?
10:55 pm
>> yes, sir. >> you say she -- quote, she continued to ask if i thought she was going to get fired for asking him to drink the liquid. that is true? >> yes, sir. >> i recall cbpo baird telling me, "oh, my god, i asked him to drink it." that was true? >> yes, sir. >> did you say words to the effect of, "oh, my god, i asked him to drink it"? >> i don't believe i said those words. i don't -- i -- i think whatever was spoken, she -- she misunderstood. i don't -- >> i see. you never told her words to the
10:56 pm
effect of, "i said to him if it's juice, then prove it"? >> no. >> reporter: despite what the video appears to show, the officials at customs and border protection, apparently believed the claims of the two officers instead. >> officer perallon, was any discipline ever imposed on you for the events that occurred on the 18th of november 2013? >> no, sir. >> even as a result of the death of cruz velazquez acevedo, no discipline was ever imposed on you, was it? >> no. >> not even a reprimand? >> i've never gotten a reprimand. >> no?
10:57 pm
>> reporter: baird and perallon remain on duty to this day, in fact, when "20/20" was given an escorted tour at the san ysidro facility, there was officer perallon, on the job. >> we're told that the agents involved in that case remain on the job. >> that -- that very well may be the case. >> reporter: the incident happened in 2013 before gil kerlikowske took over as commissioner, but the decision to let the two officers off the hook was under his watch. >> i think some people may wonder why the agents are still on the job? >> and, and i wouldn't have a particularly good answer for them because i'm not really familiar with the facts and where it is. >> and in your view, there's no sense that the agents were right or wrong? >> in my view, i don't have the knowledge and the specific about the case itself. >> do you think you should have? >> no, i actually don't think i should have. >> reporter: the former commissioner told us he had never seen the video of that fateful night and did not care to now.
10:58 pm
>> so what's the message that sends to other agents? >> well, it's a very simple lesson, do what you want. so long as the person who's hurt doesn't have political power, or juice, doesn't speak english, from a foreign country, have a good time. >> reporter: earlier this year, the united states government paid the family of cruz velazquez $1 million to settle the lawsuit they had brought. there was no apology and no admission of wrongdoing. >> they were laughing. until my brother started shaking and screaming. he was in pain. he passed through all that pain before he died. how can a government allow that? it's like, okay, you can kill someone.
10:59 pm
they took him as a fool, as who cares. well, that fool, he was the greatest person i ever knew. >> a sister mourning her brother. there is now legislation pending in congress that would require border officers to wear bodycameras while on duty. >> possible tools some see as a deterrent to the tragedy that happened to cruz velazquez. that's our roreport for tonight. i'm david muir. >> and i'm elizabeth vargas. thank you for watching tonight. good night. next at 11:00, a woman injured in
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