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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 18, 2017 2:30am-4:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. here are some of the top headlines we're following on "world news now." some of the caribbean islands devastated by hurricane irma are getting ready for an unwelcome repeat. hurricane maria is one of three storms we're keeping an eye on overnight and it could be headed their way. police in st. louis made more than 80 arrests after peaceful protests gave way to property damage in the downtown area. the demonstrations followed the acquittal of a white former police officer charged in the shooting death of a black man. trial begins tomorrow for a massachusetts pharmacist whose company is accused of failing to properly sterilize drugs. and emmy night hulu's the
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"hand maid's tale" wins eight awards, including best actress and director honors. on the comedy sight, political satire and commentary were a hit for "veep" and snl. and alec baldwin as you see there as well. those are some of our top stories on this monday, september 18th. from abc news, this is "world news now." we begin this half hour with the new hurricane threats in the atlantic. >> hurricane maria isn't the largest storm on the radar but the most problematic at this hour. its current path will take it right over some islands that were just hammered by hurricane irma. >> marie is expected to hit and gain power over the dominican republic and haiti. residents are bracing for more win and rain. david wright is there. >> reporter: the caribbean is bracing for its second major
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nuclear two weeks. for some islands an unprecedented blow. i mean, wow, look at this. on st. martin, we saw first hand the devastation that irma caused. these are sizable yachts. and yet to the storm, they might as well have been tinkertoys. on this dock alone, millions of dollars in damage. so this is a $10 million boat. >> yep. >> reporter: and the insurance won't cover it? >> no. >> reporter: many on the island have no power, no clean water and no gas for the generators. relief supplies are getting in. >> thank you. >> reporter: but the demand is huge. the idea of facing another hurricane with no roof overhead? that's not very enticing.
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jeffrey sockrin is an american we met up with on st. martin. we caught up again with him by phone. >> any type of rain, any type of wind that we have as a result of maria will devastate those that are already devastated further. >> reporter: the exodus that began on these islands after irma has now kicked into overdrive. but for many, it's too late. on st. croix, ashley and her family are getting out. >> in that hour after we booked our flights, the remainder ever the flights before wednesday sold out. so there is literally nothing left. >> reporter: for the thousands who can't flee. >> we will make it. we're strong people. so one day we must rise again. >> reporter: this tropical paradise is becoming a living hell. david wright, abc news, st. martin. >> the recovery takes a step backward. in the florida keys. >> evacuees saw their holmes for the first time since being forced from their homes. those who live south of islamorada will have to lose power for a little while as crews try to fix damaged power
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lines. >> with jose's impact, although jose's expected to weaken as it gets closer to the southern new england states, we anticipate localized flooding, travel disruptions for the new england states. we are expecting heavy seas, rough surf, coastal flooding, strong rip currents and gusty winds between 50-60-mile-per-hour winds as a result of jose just getting close. then there's maria, ripping across areas still trying to recover from irma. as a category two over the windward islands, category three over hispaniola. we're expecting flooding and rainfall, damaging winds, inundating seas and a hindered recovery because of the storm. now to st. louis where police have made more than 80 arrests during a third straight night of violence. >> all the trouble started after nightfall. police released pictures of the weapons they say were found on people taken into custody. all the trouble stemming from
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last friday's acquittal of a former police officer in the death of a black man. kenneth moten is in st. louis. >> reporter: st. louis on edge, a third night of protests shutting down the city. this weekend, violent clashes with police. >> an unruly crowd became a mob. >> reporter: more than a dozen officers injured, more than 40 people arrested. storefronts destroyed. even the mayor's house attacked by rocks and paint. the violence sparked after the acquittal of former police officer jason stockley. in the 2011 killing of a black man, lamar smith. protests during the day have been peaceful. police say a small group of lam. protests during the day have been peaceful. police say a small group of trouble movers moves in. in this popular shopping district, elinor's art gallery is being replaced by broken windows.
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>> i'm going to take care of it. >> reporter: members of the community are understanding about the protest but not the violence. >> they have a right to protest but peacefully. it has nothing to do with small businesses. >> reporter: the protesters say the plan is to disrupt and march and shut down streets during the morning and evening commutes. kenneth moten, abc news, st. louis. a man accused of shooting two oklahoma police officers is under arrest. the local cops had been serving a warrant in chickashay. that is 40 miles southwest of oklahoma city. they were at the suspect's home when he opened fire. he then allegedly barricaded himself inside the house for several hours. one of the officers is reported to be in critical condition. and state investigators are looking into the shooting and killing of a georgia tech student by campus police. officers say they told scott schultz to drop what appeared to be a weapon. instead, schultz advanced and can be heard on this cell phone video telling cops to shoot him. the gay pride activist died at the hospital. his mother says he had suffered
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from depression and attempted suicide a couple years ago. that knife turned out to be a multi-tool. president trump is facing a week of high-stakes diplomacy as he attends his first u.n. general assembly this week highlighted by a speech tomorrow morning. after criticizing the u.n. in the past, he will host the main meeting on u.n. reform. the main focus is on defusing the nuclear showdown with north korea. a white house adviser says military options remain on the table. there's also word that the president could change his mind and keep the u.s. in the paris climate accord if there's a better agreement. the trump administration is considering shutting down usa embassy in cuba. following a strip of unexplained incidents harming the health of americans there. at least 21 u.s. diplomats and their families have been affected. some of them felt vibrations or heard loud sounds which
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investigators say may be a sonic attack. closing the embassy could jeopardize cuba and u.s. relations that president obama started in 2015. >> we have it under evaluation e it's a very serious issue in respect to the harm some of these individuals have suffered. we've brought some of those people home. it's under review. >> the mysterious attacks have left some americans with permanent hearing loss and mild brain damage. cuba has denied any involvement. a 11-year-old boy from virginia may still be resting up after getting an a-plus from the president after mowing the white house lawn. the president surprised frank giaccio. while he was hard at work, calling him the future of the country. but look at frank. he doesn't pay any attention to the president. finally gives him a high-five but keeps on going. frank landed the job after
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writing to the president about his business that he normally charges $8 a lawn for. he offered to do the white house lawn for free. frank said it was probably the biggest day of his life so far. >> frank's like, will you get away from me, people, i'm working. >> i've got work to do here. he said he wrote president obama but got just a letter, and he knew this was a big deal when he heard sarah sanders mention his name in the briefing room. he's like, yes! sometimes memorable pictures from an event are the ones that happen naturally. kind of like when you're having your wedding photos taken and you're photo bombed by a peacock. >> this happened at an estate in indiana. before the wedding, the peacock didn't want to stand still for photos. >> but after the vows were said it apparently wanted to get into the act. the photographer called the photo bombing epic. the bird is in almost every shot. >> there goes that bird again. >> you want to be involved. you asked for it, there you go. >> sort of being around here when frank's around. >> awesome. coming up, the new warning after the massive equifax hack. details about a new phone scam targeting customers. and abc's pierre thomas went
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inside a bomb squad training session at a look at how investigators are trained to find evidence after an explosion. but first a look at today's high temperatures. "world news now" weather, brought to you by liberator medical supply.
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this one's kind of appropriate. that's a bolt of lightning, this one's kind of appropriate. that's a bolt of lightning, striking a kinetic sculpture in new zealand. striking a kinetic sculpture in new zealand. no obvious damage to the 160-foot wind wand. but the light at the tip did blow out and the community lost power from that lightning strike. >> it didn't really defuse it. >> i guess not, no. >> debbie downer. pretty cool picture. should have said that. it's a big day in the meantime for the economy in the state of
2:44 am
wisconsin. republican governor scott walker is signing an incentive package for fox con. the taiwan-based company has plans to build a manufacturing plant in southeastern wisconsin. many proponents of the deal say it will bring 10,000 jobs to the state. the biggest incentive offered by a state to a foreign country. critics say wisconsin is giving away too much without guarantees from foxcon. and the federal trade commission has issued a new warning about a scam where potential victims of the massive equifax scam. >> they are calling and asking for account information. the federal trade commission explaining they're asking consumers to reveal personal detailses.
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the hackers accessing social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, even some driver's license numbers and credit card numbers. >> somebody shopping on my dime. this is going to be a headache. >> reporter: consumers can check the website equifax security to see if they've been potentially impacted. the company offering free credit monitoring. >> i deeply regret this incident. and i apologize to every affected consumer. >> reporter: and some advice from experts, consistency check your credit report and never share information with anyone who calls or e-mails you. if you suspect you've been impacted by the breach or scammers, many experts advise freezing your credit so new accounts can't be opened in your name. marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. >> these scammers are so good sometimes. it's hard to tell the fake calls from the real calls. if you give your information try to remember what information you gave out and change those passwords.
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>> in the meantime, report it to the federal trade commission as well. next to real estate news in the trend of tiny houses. >> a couple girls in michigan had their dad build them their own incredible two-storey playhouse in their back yard. some of the features include a full swing set, a rock wall and a slide. >> he says building that 24-foot structure was worth every penny and the reaction to it was so positive, he's started a new business, focussing on over the top playhouses for kids. that thing is like four times the size of my apartment. can i get one? somewhere? anywhere? >> we can't even find that sort of real estate space for that sort of house. >> forget the actual structure. good for the girls. we hope they make the most of it. and coming up, an exclusive look at the fbi bomb squad as they use csi techniques to piece together clues after an explosion.
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♪ well, it's not just the stuff that makes for great plots of csi -- pick your city. the art and science of forensics, there's actually a lot of work that goes into it. >> here's pierre thomas with the fbi's elite bomb squad. >> in three, two, one! >> reporter: the power of a bomb. devastating. often lethal. and an undisclosed location in new york, elite fbi bomb technicians train agents and a craft that's being put to use all too frequently. the science of a bombing. simple explosives. some made of commonly available chemicals. >> we're not talking about large enough material needed to do incredible damage. it just shows what a little bit can do. >> reporter: friday's attack in
2:50 am
london, the bombing at a concert in manchester, and last year's attack in chelsea neighborhood are reminders of the ongoing threat. >> as a fbi agent, a few months into my career, i responded to the chelsea bombing. our job is to prepare for the worst, and this is the best training, really to understand what to look for after a bombing. >> the ease of which bombs can be made, the simplicity of it leaves that weapon in the hands of anyone who wants to cause harm to innocent people. >> reporter: despite the destructive force, bombs leave behind critical clues. this is what's left ever a pressure cooker used in the boston marathon bombing. >> the misnomer is that things vaporize. nothing vaporizes. it may not be in its original state when it was bought off the shelf or when the before the event happened. but it is still there. >> reporter: they set off a series of car bombs. go back to the tape, rewind in slow motion.
2:51 am
the investigative premise, if you hunt for the blown apart pieces, you can essentially find the bomb and put it back together. a key to success, knowing how and where to look. for example, new bomb forensic investigators are trained to look everywhere, including up. in this exercise, a trigger was placed in a tree to see if the trainees could find it. look there, wires, electrical components, a cell phone. inside the vehicle, there may be fingerprints or dna to be collected. and if there's a timer or clock, where was it sold? to whom? even the screws used as shrapnel may lead to a store where there might be surveillance footage. every site a potential treasure trove of evidence. as they're hopefully finding in london. >> he's referring to that attack that took place on friday. which many investigators in london are going through similar sort of techniques. >> it's interesting to see how they do that. >> yeah. coming up, the catcher in the rye, an american classic,
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♪ i want to be a paper back ♪ i want to be a paperback writer ♪ ♪ paperback writer >> paperback writer, okay. and you may remember the catcher in the rye. from your high school english class. it's that book that takes you inside the life of the main character, holden coffield. >> and you get tested on it. >> you do. but the new movie is giving a look at the reclusive author, j.d. salinger and his tumultuous life. >> abc's dan harris sat down with the cast of these cliff notes. >> reporter: j.d. salinger's formative years exposed in the new bio-pic.>> reporter: j.d. s formative years exposed in the new bio-pic. "rebel in the rye." "the catcher in the rye," considered by so many to be an american masterpiece has sold more than 65 million copies, and
2:56 am
yet the man behind it is still an enigma. inspired by salinger's perseverance after world war ii, actor, writer and co-creator of "empire" danny strong, making his directorial debut. >> i didn't know that he had gone to war. i didn't know about his religious awakening, that he had gone to war. >> reporter: the film chronicles salinger's struggles with ptsd after the war, leading him to discover meditation. >> he was trying to find peace from all he saw and more. >> nicholas holt plays the tortured writer. >> i write short stories. >> really? have you been published? >> the thing i found most inspiring was his dedication to his art and his willingness to write. >> reporter: kevin spacey plays
2:57 am
salinger's writing teacher here at colombia university in new york city where he found inspiration and stability. >> he was a troubled student, dropped out of multiple colleges. when he got here, his instructor, after a semester, really started to transform him. >> reporter: the intense scrutiny brought on by the success of "catcher in the rye" pushed him into a reclusive state. how do you think he'd feel about this movie? >> he'd hate this movie. it's the last possible thing he'd ever want, was somebody to make a movie about him, and he would have sued the hell out of me. but he is a major historical figure, his life is worthy to be explored. >> reporter: for "nightline," this is dan harris in new york. >> kind of interesting. for decades, moviemakers have been trying to make a movie about "catcher in the rye." j.d. salinger always said no. now they're making a movie about him instead. >> this movie is in limited release, check it out. movie about him instead. >> this movie is in limited release, check it out.
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this this morning on "world news this morning on "world news now, " the new threat as the caribbean braces for another hurricane. >> one of three powerful storms churning in the atlantic right now. but hurricane maria is gaining strength and moving towards islands already battered by irma. >> and in the florida keys, a heartbreaking homecoming for residents returning to the first time seeing their homes. this as crews work to restore power in the aftermath of hurricane irma. then to london. new details of the attempted subway bombing. police releasing new video of the frightening attack as the monday morning rush hour gets under way. and the emmy awards had a blurring of the boundaries between comedy and politics, with snl, "veep," and "john oliver" winning big.
3:01 am
and stephen colbert laying on a theory on why an emmy might have prevented president trump from winning in the first place. it's monday, september 18. from abc news, this is "world news now." a good morning to you all. we begin with the latest in a string of powerful late summer weather systems in the atlantic, including one following in the path of hurricane irma. >> we're keeping an eye on hurricane he jose and maria as well as tropical so-called lee. right now, maria is posing the biggest threat. it's expected to hit the islands tonight, including the already devastated antigua and barbuda. >> the coast guard has a view of some of the damage caused by irma. its 185-mile-per-hour winds lasted an incredible 37 hours. and taking a look at what that could mean -- >> at least far ahead. >> let's take a look at paul williams of accuweather tracking the storms for us. >> good morning, kendis, diane. jose causing problems on the east coast. swells beginning to develop.
3:02 am
we're expecting heavy seas, rough surf, coastal flooding, strong rip currents and gusty winds between 50-60-mile-per-hour winds, then maria causing problems. and a category three as she passes over puerto rico and approaches hispaniola. this is how she'll go from now until friday. now to florida's recovery from hurricane irma. many are getting their first chance to see the extent of the hurricane damage there after authorities reopened parts of the florida keys. abc's victor oquendo is there. >> reporter: a heartbreaking homecoming for thousands, seeing the devastation up close for the first time. the displaced lining up for miles. authorities reopening the florida keys from marathon to key west. fema warning basically every house there was impacted. we drove in, we met madison. terrified he's lost everything. >> that whole corner of the house came off. >> reporter: debris everywhere. the kitchen exposed.
3:03 am
>> the top floor was just the master bedroom suite. and that was a deck off the master bedroom. >> reporter: inside dean's home, a wasteland. the living room blown apart. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: what's it like for you to see it like this in. >> it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: his bedroom, gone. its insulation blown out. >> reporter: hurricane irma made landfall right here near cudjoe key with sustained winds of 130 miles per hour. one neighbor says boats were bouncing around like ping-pong balls during the storm. those who stayed behind suffered in 90 degree heat without air-conditioning, drinkable water or electricity. more than 20,000 in the keys still without power. more than 600,000 throughout the state. >> we should have evacuated, but we thought we be okay. but it's just, i -- >> reporter: officials warning those returning, the florida keys are a virtual war zone. >> bring your supplies, bring your water. it's going to get worse in the
3:04 am
next few days. so just be self-sufficient. >> reporter: what's left behind, a solemn reminder of the road ahead. for those who came back home to face their worst fears that their houses were totally destroyed, that process will take a lot longer. but for those who were luckier, they're hoping to have power restored by the end of the week except for a few small pockets. victor oquendo, key west, florida. >> they're all keeping an eye on maria. in the meantime, we're keeping an eye on the president's actions. he's attending his first united nations general assembly meeting here in new york. he's called the u.n. weak and incompetent. the president will address the assembly tomorrow with north korea high on the agenda. in a tweet, he mocked kim jong un as rocket man. an apparent reference to the north's recent missile test. administration officials say they're still pushing for a diplomatic solution but offered this dire warning on abc's "this week." >> so you're saying if he doesn't give up the nuclear
3:05 am
weapons the president will strike? >> he's been very clear about that, that all options are on the table. >> the administration saying that if diplomacy doesn't work, the defense department has a plan. the president will be the have the chance to personally make the case to china and russia. both president putin and xi jinping are skipping the assembly. and britain's terror alert is now down from critical to severe. but officials still think another attack is highly likely. more now from abc's ian pannell. >> reporter: is this the london bomber? major surveillance video emerging from the morning of the attack showing a man leaving a house later raided by counter terrorism police, carrying the exact same type of shopping bag used for the bomb. the house connected to an
3:06 am
18-year-old arrested saturday in the post city of dover. investigators calling the development significant. >> he was arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism. >> reporter: he's being held in london. this weekend, officers swooping into this normally peaceful neighborhood in southwest london. neighbors in the had area given two minutes to leave the homes for their own safety as police moved in. >> i was scared, to be honest. i was really scared. >> reporter: that home just 12 miles from the site of the explosion. and a second arrest was made after the subway bombing, suggesting the attacker wasn't acting alone. a 21 year old man taken by antiterrorism police. aerial footage showing police securing the home, which is just a few hundred feet from heathrow airport. the homemade device detonated, injuring 30, contained tatp, an explosive made from hydrogen peroxide commonly sold as hair bleach and other chemicals. it's a highly unstable compound that's been used in terror attacks before from paris to brussels, including the
3:07 am
manchester ariana grande bombing. the threat level has been lowered from critical to severe. which police means police think another terror is highly likely. as commuters prepare to get on the same subway trains to work and school. ian pannell outside scotland yard, london. and back in this country, st. louis is a city on edge because of a third straight night of violent demonstrations. large groups of protesters were on the streets objecting to the acquittal of a former police officer charged in the shooting death of a black man. once night fell, a small group of people became violent, breaking windows and damaging property. police displayed weapons that were recovered during several arrests. those organizers are concerned the violence is drowning out their had nonviolent message. baton rouge police say the killings of two black men last week were likely racially motivated. the gunman fired from a car and walked up and shot them several more times.
3:08 am
but the suspect, kenneth gleason, is being held in custody right now only on drug charges and a $3,500 bond. authorities say they don't have enough evidence yet to charge the former eagle scout for the killings. a small plane crash landed near san diego after losing power. that single engine piper came down in the middle of the street in el cajon sunday afternoon, right in front of a church. firefighters arrived to find it tilted on its side with a broken wing, but the pilot and passenger had already made it out safely. pretty remarkable. and also in california, with the "game of thrones" ineligible for an emmy this year, last night's award show had plenty of dramatic buildup to the highly watched outstanding series category. >> and the emmy goes to -- hulu series "the handmaid's tale", and elisabeth moss won her first emmy for her role on the show. >> the night was emceed by stephen colbert, who performed a mutualal number to start off the
3:09 am
show and there were politically charged themes, as well. >> and we all know the emmys mean a lot to donald trump because he was nominated several times for "celebrity apprentice," but he never won. why didn't you give him an emmy? i tell you this. if he had won an emmy, i bet he wouldn't have run for president. so in a way, this is all your fault. >> at long last, mr. president, here is your emmy. >> alec baldwin, winning for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy for his impersonations of president and candidate trump of course on "saturday night live." >> and not to be outdone, kate mckinnon took home the emmy for outstanding supporting actress for playing hillary clinton during the campaign. snl won for outstanding comedy sketch series. >> it was a big night for snl. >> yeah. >> and the emmy for outstanding comedy series went to "veep." julia driphus also won a record
3:10 am
sixth emmy for the same role as celina myer, beating candace bergen for murphy brown. some people are like, oh, no, not again, "veep." but it is still a good show. >> but she is brilliant on that show. the show itself is fantastic. and she, now, i think is tied with cloris leachman for most emmy wins because she won for "seinfeld", and the old christine, "the adventures of old christine." she had lots of emmys under her belt. >> she might have a career in this acting thing. >> i think so. she's a little bit funny. >> we'll have more from the emmies coming up in the next half hour. but first, after the break, hear why tonemy romo is already making a name for himself in his second career by reading minds and lips on the sidelines. >> he might sign up for ms. chloe's dialing line next. also ahead, the death of a
3:11 am
college freshman pledging for a fraternity, his death investigated as a potential hazing incident. the family speaking out, that's next on "world news now." nt. the family speaking out, that's next on "world news now." poeshlg hazing incident. the family speaking out, that's next on "world news now." tpoesh hazing incident. the family speaking out, that's next on "world news now." epoesh hazing incident. the family speaking out, that's next on "world news now." nmpoes hazing incident. the family speaking out, that's next on "world news now." poeshl hazing incident. the family speaking out, that's next on "world news now." tipoesg hazing incident. the family speaking out, that's next on "world news now." potent. the family speaking out, that's next on "world news now." lpoesh incident. the family speaking out, that's next on "world news now." hazing. the family speaking out, that's next on "world news now." (male #1) it's a little something i've done every night since i was a kid, empty my pocket change into this old jar. it's never much, just what's left after i break a dollar. and i never thought i could get quality life insurance with my spare change. neither did i. until i saw a commercial for the colonial penn program.
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a a terrifying plunge over the weekend at a fair in north carolina. a worker climbing this ferris wheel to fix a car with two kids stuck inside when that happened. lost his balance, fell to the ground as many families looked on in horror. i should point out, the worker was treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital. the children are all okay. >> he seemed to have caught himself. and a 15-year-old wisconsin girl is not going to prison for her part in stabbing a sixth grade classmate. the jury ruled that anissa wire was mentally ill when she stabbed a classmate. instead, wire will spend three years in a mental hospital. she and another girl told police they had to kill their classmate to protect their families from slenderman, a fictional online demon. the grieving family of max well gruber is speaking out about what they think happened to an lsu freshman. >> his death ask being described as a potential hazing incident.
3:15 am
and now the fraternity involved will be completing a review of all health and safety policies. here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: the heartbroken family of louisiana state university freshman max gruber prepares for his funeral. >> we will never know what he might have contributed to the world. >> reporter: a preliminary autopsy showing the pledge had a highly elevated blood alcohol level, plus the presence of thc, a component of marijuana, in his system. lsu administrators quickly calling this a possible instance of hazing, shutting down all greek activities on campus. >> if there is evidence that somebody was hazed we're going to take action against that person. >> reporter: while hazing has not been proven in gruber's death, the national organize suspending the lsu chapter and finding anybody who has violated the policies will be held accountable. over the past decade, phi delta the theta has removed 19 undergraduate chapters due to risk management violations.
3:16 am
such violations include allegations of misconduct, like alcohol-related incidents and hazing. attorney doug fireberg, who represents hazing victims, recently settling a case. on behalf of a university of chicago pledge. >> universities and fraternities are not taking the steps, and this goes back decades to prevent these problem and reform their institutions that are fundamentally dangerous. >> reporter: sorrow. >> we're all devastated by this. >> reporter: and intensified scrutiny of fraternities following hazing-related tragedies like the death of timothy piazza. >> our family is completely devastated. >> reporter: another family sending a young student to live the college dream, now living a nightmare. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. coming up, a no-hitter busted up in the ninth with two outs. >>we're going to hear from the pitcher and what went through his mind when he realized it was all over. sports is next on "world news now." over. sports is next on "world news now."
3:17 am
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3:18 am
that was antonio gates of the chargers, catching a
3:19 am
touchdown pass and getting buried under his own teammates. >> it was. there was a good reason. it was the 112th touchdown reception of gates' career.. it set a new record by a tight end. during the game, gates became just the third nfl tight end ever -- >> that definitely calls for a pile-on. >> to catch 900 passes. >> on >> on oh, i interrupted you. i got so excited. i didn't let you finish your sentence. and the last nfl game of the day was the falcons' first game at their new home. >> yes. >> atlanta was already ahead 24-7 in the third quarter when the falcons defense forced a fumble while sacking aaron rodgers. >> and 15 yards for the touchdown. green bay mounted a late comeback attempt. rogers throwing two touchdown passes in the fourth quarter, but it was too little too late. atlanta winning in their
3:20 am
house warming, 34-23. look at that, fancy, 360-degree jumbotron. >> not a bad game, either. >> and in kansas city, watch the left side of the screen as a cameraman -- >> oh! >> the cheerleader was okay. she got back up and continued performing. but unnecessary roughness. >> absolutely. heading into sunday, detroit tigers' pitcher matt boyd hadn't won a game in seven weeks. >> by the end of the day he nearly earned a spot in baseball's record books. he was one out away from pitching a no-hitter before tim anderson hit a double. but boyd didn't seem too upset afterward. >> i mean, honestly, i didn't think anything of it. i got the pitch i wanted, it was down and away. doc and i looked at the tape. executed my pitch, he hit it, man, hat's off to him. >> he should still get something.
3:21 am
>> he got the gatorade bath. we all know that you don't go with the 2-0 change-up at that point. >> we do? >> no. >> all right. finally back to tony romo who is become ago cult hero with his ability to get inside the minds of other players. check it out.. >> from the announcers' booth, romo ending his 14th year after injuries. kept his sidelined most of last season. he's quickly earning praise as a commentator. >> it's a 34. >> it's up to the fade inside the 16. >> here is the pass and -- oh, and it is 16! >> joe, joe, what happened to gronk! >> you see, tom, he got something -- is he okay? well, i don't know. it's going to be -- all right, all right. >> practicing since -- >> yeah, he's showing off his lip-reading skills, too, as you can see. only two weeks into his new career and doing quite well. >> he is seeing calls he never saw on the field when he was playing. >> usually the down time between the plays is kind of boring watching football.
3:22 am
but in this case, it's a highlight. >> it is. this is awesome. >> awesome tony romo. "the mix" is next.
3:23 am
3:24 am
3:25 am
♪ we're starting this mix off with abc's senior bunny correspondent, frank macedo in the house. >> your camera's right over there. >> he's shy. we're starting things out with an animal-related story because someone on long island found a dog that had been wandering around. no big deal, it turned out the dog disappeared in february of 2016 in florida. the owners live in west palm pipe. -- beach. they're still not sure how the dog made it all the way to new york. but the owners say she went out exploring one day, and the owners swore they would find this dog one day, and sure enough, she turned up strolling down the street in long island. the rescuer is searching for
3:26 am
someone to drive her back to florida. guess what her name is? >> what? >> relay. made it all the way there, and now she's going to make it all the way back. >> maybe she wanted to hang out in florida and not be in long island. >> i think she wanted to be a top-trending hash tag. >> what do you think of that, our senior pet correspondent? >> frank is a big fan of relay. he wants to hang out with her. he's a little shy. this is really important. there is an important all-points-bulletin right now for my script. where did -- please, just make yourself home while you're at it. so while he's nibbling away here, i'll get the story out before he finishes the rest of it. in arkansas, like this missing cactus notice went out. >> what? >> this 19-year-old in little rock, arkansas, is missing his
3:27 am
cactus. the seen here says terrance, the answers to terry. >> wait, the cactus has a name? >> yeah. personality, was last seen on my front porch on center street and it's missing. the 19-year-old who put up the sign is hoping someone spotted this missing cactus. so one person contacted its owner, william golden, said that terence has been missing since september 15th. from the front porch. the next day he made up the poster. >> frank has not seen terence. but if anyone is missing their scripts or paper, you might have a culprit. >> steve and millie tanny, capturing hearts with their amazing costume skills. they've dressed up as diana, prince, and steve trevor from wonder woman, anna and krzysztof from frozen, dapper bert and mary poppins. judy and nick from zootopia. people are loving them. they are had so popular right
3:28 am
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this morning this morning on "world news now," three storms are on the march in the atlantic, but the big focus is hurricane maria, moving toward the already storm-battered caribbean islands and appearing to be following irma's path. we'll have the latest from accuweather. president trump is preparing for his first address to the u.n. general assembly. north korea and client change expected to take center stage. his big week is kicking off with controversial tweets. and new this had half had hour, comedian kevin hart is the reported victim of an ex portion plot. >> hart getting serious, posting an emotional video on instagram apologizing to his pregnant wife and family. but why? and it was a love it or hate it night at the emmy awards, with some very strong reactions from the winners. from kisses to curses. we have the night's biggest moments.
3:31 am
including the hits and misses from the red carpet. "the skinny" is loaded on this monday, september 18th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> are you giving me -- >> i am giving you an emmy. not bad, right? >> there's no name on this, did you steal this emmy? >> i may have gotten it from a cabinet that's somewhere on the 14th floor of the broadcast center. if it doesn't have a name -- >> i'd just like to thank all of the people who supported me. and there is someone who -- >> don't worry, you're welcome. >> there it is. there it is. >> where's the music to take her off already. >> the microphone? >> there you go. >> i'll just put this aside. >> right next to frank hanging out in the corner this morning. frank has no idea what to do with the emmy.
3:32 am
we'll have complete emmy coverage a little later on. but we're going to start with the caribbean. many folks in the caribbean islands paying attention to maria after just getting pounded by irma last week. >> maria's current path would take it through the leeward islands and port rico. >> and there are warnings and watches on islands affected by irma, including barbuda. here's abc's scott goldberg. >> reporter: three hurricanes are churning in the atlantic, but maria is the one to watch. gathering strength by the hour. >> this thing really has developed pretty respect rapidly. category one storm with 75-mile-per-hour winds, to the east of barbados. it will become a category two storm and hit the islands monday night into tuesday. warnings and watches up for the same islands that got hit by irma. >> reporter: islands like barbuda, wiped out by irma. and st. martin. its residents still scrambling for food and water. and now another hurricane is on
3:33 am
the doorstep with no roof overhead. >> any type of rain that we have as a result of maria will devastate those who are devastated further. >> reporter: for the thousands who can't flee? >> we are strong people. so one day we must rise again. >> reporter: to those to survived irma's wrath, a homecoming. >> it's heartbreaking. now i'm going to have to think about rebuilding. >> reporter: as search and rescue teams are still on the ground looking for any victims. scott goldberg, abc news, new york. and many florida had cities have started the ross of trying to recover from the hurricane. >> but images like this show it's a very long road ahead for many places. this is an aerial view of bonita springs, south of ft. myers. reports say water is still knee-deep in some areas a week after irma hit. let's turn to accuweather's paul
3:34 am
williams for a look at the latest storms. >> good morning, kendis, diane. jose out in the atlantic, about to cause more problems along the east coast. we're expecting for jose to stay a category one going into tuesday morning. possibly downgrading to a tropical storm as he curves away from the southern new england states. but we're expecting sporadic flooding, power outages, and looking for heavy seas, rough surf, coastal flooding, strong rip currents, gusty winds. between 50man -- 50-60-mile-per-hour winds. then maria expected to be upgraded to a category two over the windward behinds and staying strong over hispaniola. kendis, diane? >> our thanks to paul williams there. and we're going to turn to the president. president trump is poised for his biggest moment on the world stage since inauguration day. he is attending the united nations general assembly where he'll deliver a speech tomorrow, climate change, iran and u.n. reform are among some things
3:35 am
expected to be discussed this week but north korea as well. here's gloria rivera. >> reporter: president trump arriving in new york ahead of his first u.n. general assembly meeting, after a flurry of tweets, retweeting this doctored video appears to show him swinging a golf ball that hits hillary clinton in the back. no comment from the white house. trump tweeting about his call with south korea's president on north korea's recent missile launch. asked him how rocket man is doing. long lines forming in north korea. too bad. trump has called the u.n. weak, incompetent and a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. terrorism, known for his america first platform, is calling for a significant reform at the u.n. which advocates a world-first agenda. the u.s. bankrolls 25% of the
3:36 am
u.n.'s budget. trump wants that slashed. as the president prepares to address 193 nations, on the top of his agenda, how to handle north korea. and the nuclear test, its biggest yet. >> if he doesn't give up those weapons the president will strike? >> he's been very clear about that, that all options are on the table. >> reporter: the paris climate agreement is also expected to be discussed. there's a recent report saying that the president may not withdraw after all. >> if there's an agreement that benefits the american people. certainly. >> reporter: two key leaders not expected to be at the u.n. this week, russia's president vladimir purity and china's pre-xi jinping. both are still intent on applying pressure on north korea. but president trump will not have the chance to make his case personally at the u.n. gloria riviera, new york. and british authorities say another terror attack is likely, but not imminent. the author threat level is now at critical rather than severe amid new developments in the subway explosion.
3:37 am
surveillance video shows a man leaving a house raided by police carrying the same type of shopping bag used in friday's explosion. they have a second suspect in custody and have raided a second house. and four american students are recovering from an acid attack at a train station in france. officials don't believe it was terror related. all four women boston college students, they were sprayed in the face with hydrochloric acid by a woman described as disturbed. she apparently has a history of mental problems but no apparent links to extremism. and a 23-year-old baton rouge man appears in court today accused of methodically shooting two black men. kenneth gleason is being held on drug charges and a $3,500 bond. police say they don't have enough evidence to kill him with the killings which may be racially motivated. the victims were each shot from a car. the gunman got out and fired again, several times. >> it's mind-boggling to take a person life like that.
3:38 am
he was a good man. >> gleason is a former eagle scout and graduated with honors from baton rouge's top high school. there is no northern prior connection between him and the victims. chelsea manning has declared that she is not an american traitor. the former soldier in massachusetts telling the crowd that she did what she thought was right. she was convicted of leaking a trove of classified documents. president obama commuted her sentence after she served seven years. last week harvard renounced its decision to name her a visiting fellow. this after the cia director called her a traitor and canceled her appearance. manning says she considers it an honor to be disinvited. let's lift things up a bit with an adorable stow away downunder. a koala bear survived in the wheel well of a cash. it was monitored for several days and released back into the wild in good condition.
3:39 am
>> you'd have to think this is a normal occurrence in australia. >> so this koala walks into a wheel well. >> not this again. coming up in "the skinny," the red carpet looks that apparently inspired and left little to be desired. the high fashion at the emmy awards. but first, after the break, the alleged extortion plot that's forcing kevin hart to apologize to his family in front of his millions of social media followers. hear what he said next on "world news now." even if it means being the back half of a unicorn. "world news now." and that smell, puts the giddy in "giddy-up"! ah...the irresistible scent of gain flings! laundry detergent.
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help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪ a navy s.e.a.l. managed to a navy s.e.a.l. managed to walk away from a mishap at a college football game. whoa. he was part of the parachute team delivering the game ball as byu hosted wisconsin. he overshot his mark and slammed into the padded wall at the back of one end zone. school officials say the s.e.a.l. is okay. >> good thing that wall's padded. >> yep. and 11 people are seriously injured after a crash at a car show in boise, idaho. a car plowed into the crowd. at the monthly cars and coffee event.
3:43 am
witness say bodies, shoes and phones went flying through the air. some of those taken to the hospital were children. the event organizers say speed and racing are not part of the event. witnesses say the porsche driver was showing off and going too fast as he left. now to a video that has us scratching our heads. kevin hart discussing an alleged extortion plot. >> he's apologizing to his wife and kids but he never says exactly what he's apologizing for. here's some of the video. >> i'm at a place in my life where i feel like i have a target on my back. because of that, i should make smart decision and put myself in an environment where only bad things can happen, and they did. and in doing that, i know i'm going to hurt the people closest to me, who i've talked to and apologized to, being my wife and kids. at the end of the day, man, i just simply got to do better. i said i'd rather fess up to my mistakes. >> hart also says someone was trying to seek financial gain over his mistakes and that he
3:44 am
would rather publicly confess than let that happen. >> sort of what usher did. when he did these are my confessions, part one and part two. >> i was going to say david letterman, but okay. ♪ these are my confessions >> hart married his wife last year. she's expecting a child soon. >> we'll try to find out more on that. but when we come back, the most talked about moments from the emmy awards. >> plus the red carpet looks that were hot and some that were not. "the skinny" is next. "the skinny" is next. "the skinny" is next. looks that were hot and some that were not. "the skinny" is next. ♪he's gotta play it cool to seal the deal.♪ ♪better find a way to smooth things over.♪ ♪if only harry used some... ♪...bounce, to dry. ♪yeah! ♪he would be a less wrinkly, and winning at life.♪
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3:46 am
♪ skinny ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny all right, we have a lot to cover in the skinny this morning. especially with the emmies, kicking off with host stephen colbert. >> and as we expected, colbert took plenty of jabs at the folks in the room as well as his latest target, president trump. he says he was directly and
3:47 am
indirectly many of the shows nominated. >> but a special guest literally rolled in. >> is there anyone who could say how big the audience is? sean, do you know? >> this will be the largest audience to witness an emmies, period. both in person and around the world. melissa mccarthy, everybody, give it up. >> what a great bit. by the way, mccarthy won an emmy for her cameos as spicer on "saturday night live." it all comes full circle. >> it does. all of them there in the room. the show was really, really, really political, even by hollywood standards, even the reunion for the 1980s comedy "9 to 5" couldn't resit a jab at the president. lily tomlin, dolly parton, jane fonda there. jane fonda at 79 looking amazing.
3:48 am
good doctors, good genes, you decide. they compared president trump to their egotistical boss from the film. >> they then presented a supporting actor emmy with parton taking a special note of the category's importance. >> hadn't be for this support, shock and awe here would be like flopsy and droopy. >> dolly. you can always rely on dolly for an off-color remark. >> that was the least of her off-color remarks. there was another one that included batteries. >> oh, okay. all right then. >> great to see them together after 37 years. and most actors just say it's an honor to be nominated and put on their best faces when they lose. where is my emmy? took it. >> well, not so -- >> i don't know where it is.. >> not so jackie hoffman. >> she was nominated alongside laura dern for a supporting
3:49 am
actress award. check out her reaction to the moment of truth. >> laura dern, "big little lies." >> laura dern, "big little lies." >> do you see her? she says damn it, damn it. >> she did not do a good job of practicing. she tweeted laura dern had famous people. forgive me for being from normal real people. >> wow, #elitism. but hoffman kept tweeting throughout the night making it clear she was just joking about dern when she accused her of various criminal acts. >> not about the elitism part? what's your gracious face. the emmy goes to diane macedo. i thought were you happy for me. >> i'm happy, i'm happy. >> well, now we know. now we know. i'll just hold on. >> "big little lies" also gave alexander skarsgard an emmy
3:50 am
award winning performance, and his co-star made sure to congratulate him. >> nicole kidman planted one right on the lips with her husband keith urban smiling on. >> ladies and gents out there, do you blame nicole? >> yeah, i'm not sure my husband would be so polite, just saying. >> that's alexander skarsgard. >> it's hard to blame nicole in this case. >> he's a good-looking man and he's swedish. he can put together your ikea. >> finally, the red carpet fashion. >> nicole kidman wearing calvin klein, and mismatched shoes. she couldn't decide which one to wear. she just decided to wear them both. >> viola davis in a bright orange dress. it reminds me, it's still too early for pumpkin spice latte. >> no, it's not. it's after labor day.
3:51 am
>> and the cast of "stranger things" looked amazing with millie bobby brown. looking like a ballerina. 170 yards of tulle. >> check out the guys. >> they look great. >> now to the misses. starting with debra messing. we can't tell if that's plastic. is it velour? velvet? what is that? velvet? >> it kind of looks like plastic. >> and mixed reviews for this look. puffed sleeves, satin pumps. it looks a little '80s prom. >> by straight off the runway, we mean the tarmac at l.a.x. fargo star carrie coon. channeling her inner prom queen with this coral gown. >> and tessa thompson from the "thor" movie, multi-colored. >> frank is just happy they're not wearing fur. i'm penny-wise.
3:52 am
>> frank is just happy they're not wearing fur. firearms's
3:53 am
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so let's be clear: clearasil works fast on teen acne, not so much on other teen things. i'm penny-wise. i'm penny-wise. the dancing clown. i'm penny-wise. the dancing clown. now we aren't strangers, are we? >> i think i should be going now. >> without your boat? here. take it. >> eh, that's "it." it took the top spot at the box office for $60 million. >> don't you want your boat back? is it something like that?
3:56 am
"american assassin" came in second and "mother" came in third, despite some calling it the worst movie this century. >> do you want your boat back? take it, take it. >> no. it's too creepy. i'll take my emmy back any day now. now to the come back of a severely wounded veteran. and the dream he never gave up on. >> reporter: may 2011. army captain greg galeazzi was nearing the end of deployment in afghanistan. on his way back to camp from patrol. >> walking down the road. out of nowhere, just being hit by a roadside bomb. >> reporter: his legs were blown off, his arm nearly severed. no medic to treat him. or give him painkillers. >> felt like i got hit by a wrecking ball. the only thing i could do was scream. >> reporter: that was just the beginning of what he calls the nightmare, the constant pain, the shocking loss of limbs.
3:57 am
>> i entered one of the darkest periods of my life, wondering, am i ever going to be happy again? do i want to live anymore? >> reporter: little by little he regained his strength physical and mental. even before he was wounded he had decided to become a doctor. now inspired by his caregivers, he resolved to. at his first premed class he met his fiance, jasmine. he was discharged from the army in 2015 and kept studies. last year he was accepted by harvard medical school. and a few weeks ago he began his first year, at 31, the oldest in his class. >> i've had some of the most amazing, fulfilling and enriching experiences in my life since my injury. and i found that i still have a lot to give. >> reporter: he says his nightmare is now behind him. today his dreams realized. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to ron claiborne for bringing that story. what an inspiration he must be for so many.. >> well powerful hearing his story now. don't miss our facebook page at
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this monday morning, bracing for maria. the same caribbean island still paralyzed after irma now in another hurricane's crosshairs. plus, millions of americans on the east coast under tropical storm watch as jose churns in the atlantic. breaking overnight, at least 80 people are under arrest in st. louis after protests turned violent. hear why they say they're protesting and see the new video of the damage around the city. president trump kicking off a week in new york city making his debut at the u.n. general assembly. we're live with the president's agenda and the two world leaders noticeably absent from this week's event. and the big winners at the emmy awards. see the most talked about moments including a surprise appearance from sean spicer.


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