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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 18, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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urge for the immediate passing of the d.r.e.a.m. act. this follows the trump administration's to end the program. it is 4:30 now. another look at your weather and traffic. if you're just joining us, good morning, mike. good morning, reggie. hi, everybody. let's talk about what's going to happen today. we have some breezes out there right now but they're variable from calm in oakland to 15 miles an hour in concord, calm in santa rosa, 17 in fairfield, 6 miles an hour in san jose to 16 at sfo. everybody's going to be breezy later today as a dry cold front will usher in fall, and we're going to have a series of those throughout the week, and that's what's going to keep us cooler than average. right now we have the low cloud cover. you can see from the exploratorium camera at pier 15 that's why we have the drizzle at the coast. temperatures around 60 to 63. at noon we'll be 63. at the coast, 4:00, 64. 7:00, 71. check out the 70s that we have
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at noon for our bay and inland neighborhoods. and then we have 71 to 73 with increasing sunshine with those breezes. reggie? natasha? a redwood city mcdonald's employee is going to enter a plea on attempted murder charges. sarah lochner is accused to giving birth during her shift. this happened two weeks ago on chestnut and main streets. lockner cold investigators she didn't know she was pregnant. she is being held on $11 million bail. the student wanting to hold free speech appears to be having trouble meeting the university's requirements. now as abc 7 news eric thomas tells us university officials are raising a long list of concerns they have with the organizers putting the entire event in doubt. >> reporter: steve bannon and ann coulter are the big names for uc berkeley, an event spearheaded by berkeley patriot.
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but university officials say while the group submitted a signed contract by friday's deadline, they failed to pay fees for the campus venues, and that's not all. uc berkeley spokesman wrote this failure to confirm combined with the refusal to provide unqualified speaker lists and schedules has led the campus to question whether berkeley patriot actually intends to, and/or is able to, carry out the proposed events. >> i mean, the last time we had an alt-right rally in berkeley they didn't show up. >> reporter: french professor deborah is closely following the developments. she's among nearly 200 professors and graduate students who have signed a letter urging colleagues and students to boycott the campus during free speech week if the event goes on as scheduled. >> it's four days. i mean, it won't happen but maybe. but it was planned as a major disruption of teaching, of creation, of absolute chaos and militarization of the campus. >> reporter: in a facebook post they say they'll move their
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speakers outside if they have to. this arrangement isn't ideal for either party involved, so we would welcome the university choosing to come back to the table and allow us to continue with the indoor venues. >> that was abc 7 news anchor eric thomas. the student group behind this says they will have more comment later today. happening today leaders in san francisco plan to officially announce establishing the community fund. willie brown will be on hand at the chinese chamber of commerce. pat died one year ago today. she had a big influence as a power broker and was an advocate in the community. it's a nonprofit that will carry on the legacy and work of the activist. good morning, everyone. here at the live desk i want to show you that new video that we have, also tracking new developments in the london subway bombing. this morning commuters are finally going back to work for the first time since that bombing. meanwhile, the nation's terrorism threat level is lower
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this morning after another arrest. police arrested a second man saturday, the same day they detained an 18-year-old man. authorities are still investigating the attack on friday that injured 30 people. the islamic state has claimed responsibility for the attack, although officials say there is still no evidence to support that particular claim. reggie? >> thanks, jess. president trump starts his week in new york city. that's where he's going to attend the u.n. general assembly for the first time. north korea and iran expected to be two major topics of discussion. abc news reporter >> reporter: his most prominent moment yet on the world stage. in his hometown the president comes face-to-face with the very organization he criticized as a candidate. >> the united nations is not a friend of democracy. it's not a friend to freedom. it's not a friend even to the united states of america. >> reporter: the president's week features back-to-back
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meetings with world leaders. the schedule described by one analyst as speed dating from hell. the marquee moment comes tuesday when the president addresses the 193-member body for the first time. at the top of the president's agenda, how to rein in north korea after its repeated missile launches and most powerful nuclear test yet. >> if north korea keeps on with this reckless behavior, if the united states has to defend itself or defend its allies in any way, north korea will be destroyed, and we all know that. none of us want that. none of us want war. >> reporter: another issue, what will the president do about the iran nuclear deal brokered by president obama? the white house has hinted the u.s. may pull out of the agreement which our closest allies still support. >> we have to make sure no deal can provide cover for the iranian regime to develop a nuclear weapon in a clandestine manner while they're reaping all the benefits of this deal.
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>> reporter: two leaders not attending the meet are china's president xi jinping and vladimir putin, both critical. president trump won't have the chance to make his case to them in person. arlette saenz, abc news, washington. california senior u.s. senator dianne feinstein is expressing her concerns about north korea's ambitions with nuclear weapons. >> i have never been in greater -- in a state of greater concern about this nation and korea because there's a certain recklessness on the other side. they now have very powerful weapons. they've done six nuclear tests. i am concerned about the safety of the united states. >> the democrat emphasized on cnn yesterday she's worried about the effectiveness of america's missile defense system especially with kim jong-un's government threatening american targets. the start of a three-day tech crunch disrupt event in san francisco. it brings together thousands of investors, startups, and
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influence names in tech. this year warriors star kevin durant and his agent and investment partner will talk about what it means to be in control of your brand from investment to management to media. that is scheduled for tomorrow. disrupt sf runs through wednesday at pier 48. happening today a new lead certificate taking over the district attorney's office in contra costa county and is making history. retired superior judge dinah becton will be sworn in this afternoon and will be the first woman and first african-american to hold that position. taking the reins from doug mcmaster who is returning as chief assistant district attorney. the former d.a. resigned in june amid a campaign cash scandal. learning new details about the cost of the coyote creek flood. "the mercury news" reports san jose faces 390 claims totaling more than $18 million. this week city officials are expected to decide how to handle the claims. an attorney representing flood victims says the city didn't warn or evacuate residents until
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disaster hit. the flood in february led to 40,000 evacuations and $100 million in property damage. happening today a former military base in the santa cruz mountains is opening as a public park. a 360-degree view of the bay area. gates open at 7:00 this morning and visitors can check out the 12-acre park. officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony over the weekend. the park was originally scheduled to open last october, but that was delayed because of construction issues. visiting the park is free. step outside this morning, you might think it's going to be a warmer day this afternoon. this is just the push of warm air that always happens before a cold front comes through, so this morning temperatures are around 4 to 7 degrees warmer, even 11 degrees warmer in novato. take a look at our neighborhoods in san francisco. pretty uniform. the cool spots in the financial district at 59. everyone else is 61 to 62
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degrees. so pretty uniform across san francisco. here's a look from south beach. you can see the western span of the bay bridge starting to get eaten by the low clouds there. here is a look at your commute planner and when you're on the road wet near the coast this morning. the rest of us pretty dry. if you're taking mass transit, cool this morning to mild this afternoon and on the bay it's going to become breezy north of the bay bridge. let's take a look at some of our neighborhoods and go through the neighborhoods. 8:00 in the south bay, 63. noon, 71. we'll hang out in the mid-70s. back to 64 if you're out during the 8:00 hour. our inland east bay neighborhoods, 65 at 8:00 to 77 at 2:00 and 4:00, back down to 65 at 8:00. so it's going to be kind after chilly, breezy night. be prepared for that. here's alexis prepared for what's in store this morning. we are ramping back up for the monday morning commute and so far not too bad. a look at the san mateo bridge. still looking at some really light volumes and drive times looking okay as well.
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tracy to dublin no surprise there you're in the yellow at 36 minutes. always our first spot to slow down. southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard in the green. we have that roll over crash on the northbound side of the road in fremont. and northbound 85 to cupertino you're looking great in the green at 16 minutes. just getting word of a new problem westbound 580 before you get to castro valley road. a look at that up next. alexis, thank you. the trump administration is considering closing the u.s. embassy in cuba and the reason is quite unusual. plus, the new scam involving equifax. what you need to know. some of the biggest names in tv, the moments your co-workers will be talking about this morning. morning. a live look at the toll
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welcome back, everyone. we do have new video coming in of u.s. and japan joint military drills. it's a show of force against north korea. and take a look here. you see a helicopter. they were also conducting some urban warfare training. these are japanese forces and u.s. military. also performing some helicopter rescue drills as part of all of this. these were held in japan in the area of mt. fuji. you'll remember just last friday north korea fired an intermediate range missile over japan. the north has also conducted several nuclear tests lately.
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>> jess, thank you. really a bizarre story. the trump administration is considering closing the u.s. embassy in cuba. secretary of state rex tillerson says mysterious attacks on state department employees prompted this review. 21 american diplomats are dealing with severe hearing loss. others have suffered from mild, traumatic brain injury. investigators are still trying to figure out what is causing this. the embassy had recently reopened in 2015 when the obama administration restored relations between the u.s. and cuba. happening today the u.s. air force marking its 70th anniversary. president trump and the first lady met with military families on friday and watched an air show demonstration at joint base andrews in maryland. the president spoke that day and says he is confident that u.s. options for addressing the threat from north korea are effective and overwhelming. he said america and our allies will, quote, never be intimidated. now on to the 2017 emmys. it was full of a lot of political jokes.
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we'll get to one of those in just a second. but first, a controversial moment involving nicole kidman and stanford alum sterling kay brown. now brown won the emmy award fwor lead actor in a drama for "this is us." people were not so happy he was cut off during his acceptance speech before he reached the two-minute mark. fans noted nicole kidman had nearly three minutes of uninterrupted talk during her speech. >> our writers, you are our life's blood. ♪ you can play. nobody got that loud music. i love you. you are our life's blood. our producers and directors, i love you. i'm good. >> that does seem really rude. brown finished his speech backstage and thanked his manager, wife and sons. another big win, the first streaming service to win an emmy for a drama series for "the handmaid's tale." the emmys were chalk full of memorable moments.
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>> including when a surprise guest crashed the show. >> is there anyone who could say how big the audience is? shawn, do you know? [ cheers and applause ] this will be the largest audience to witness an emmys period both in person and around the world. >> all right. former white house spokesperson sean spicer making a brief appearance during last night's event. that was, of course, hosted by stephen colbert. the appearance stunned a lot of the crowd as you could see mocking his own defense of his former boss' inauguration attendance. >> the audience shots are the best part of the whole thing. absolutely. mike nicco can crash our party anytime. hey there, mike nicco. >> i bring good hors d'oeuvres, appetizers. i bring my own beverages, too.
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let's move on. i can't wait to watch the repeats of that. down in san jose 280 and 17. it's cloudy down there. maybe misty and about 61 degrees. pretty mild. a look at some other places, and here is a look at the golden gate bridge. this is one of our better places for drizzle during the morning commute right along the coast today. you can see, yeah, it looks murky out there. becoming breezy, sunny and cooler this afternoon after being kind of damp and warm this morning. another cold front for wednesday. this one could spark a shower or two. it's something we'll keep an eye on. we are in that transition to fall when one or two of these storms can sneak down from alaska. if you were watching the niners/seahawks game you saw the wet weather. that's the pattern that's coming our way. most of the wet weather will stay up in the pacific northwest. weekend warming but nothing too hot. check out all these small craft advisories north of the bay bridge. it starts at 2:00 this afternoon until 11:00 this evening.
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south of the bay bridge it's for tomorrow so you'll join in on the breezy conditions and the coast at 5:00 this evening and goes through 3:00 wednesday evening so about 46 hours of breezy conditions there. let's take a look around your neighborhoods and talk about our micro climates. 73 in milpitas to 75 in san jose and then 77 for gilroy, morgan hill and los gatos. as you head up the peninsula low to mid-70s. how about some mid-60s along the coast, about 64 to 66, at least the peninsula coast. 66 in downtown san francisco. up to the north bay about 74 to 77 degrees. as you head along the east bay shore we'll have upper 60s around richmond and berkeley as the breezes kick in during the afternoon hours. the rest of us about 70 to 74 degrees. as we head into our east bay inland neighborhoods, brett wood, you seem to be the exception. everyone else about 75 to 78 degrees.
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look at tonight. a few upper 50s on the peninsula down into the south bay. in places like clover dale, roanoke park, petaluma could be in the 40s for the first time this week. there's more coming. so let's take a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow we're going to be a little drier and that dry air along with the pretty strong sunshine means though we'll start cooler tonight we'll end up the same, maybe a degree or two wam ewarmer. look at the temperatures, low 60s to mid-70s. it's going to be breezy monday, tuesday, wednesday, and to a lesser extent thursday. thursday night into friday morning. friday night into saturday morning, lows in the 40s in many areas in our valleys with 50s for the rest of us. you can see those temperatures stay wednesday, thursday and friday well below average. and as we get to saturday and sunday, 60s to 70s at the coast. mid to upper 70s around the bay and low to mid-80s as we head
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inland. so that definitely looks like fall outside. >> i know. i'm liking it. i'm okay with it. and we officially flip over to fall friday? >> astronomically, yes. >> taking a look at the roads this morning, we're doing okay. i have an update here on our 680 roll over crash this is in fremont, northbound 680 just before you get to auto mall parkway. that collision on the shoulder. the fire department was there. and they were blocking the far right lane. we just got the all clear from chp. so they're taking a vehicle off at the washington exit and that will no longer be a blocking issue and we never did have a backup so that's really not a major issue. a new problem on westbound 580. about two miles before castro valley boulevard so we have a backup here. we're hearing a disabled vehicle turned into a collision and that is blocking the middle lane. more details on that as soon as i find them out. take a look at mass transit up next. alexis, thank you. just ahead the reason raiders fans may still be on a sugar high this morning. and is he ready to play?
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what colin kaepernick is saying about returning to the gridiron. first this morning's "tech bites." in today's "tech bites" a scam connected to the equifax hack. >> thieves are contacting consumers claiming they want to verify accounts and then they steal the information. officials say never give out info to anyone who calls or e-mails you. >> the breach potentially impacted 143 million people. porsche is showing off its first all electric car, the mission e. the company says it will go 0 to 60 in just over three seconds. >> the mission e will go on sale in about two years, a price tag around $80,000. and as expected the emmys dominated social media overnight. >> twitter shows the moment that drove the most tweets was when elizabeth moss won best lead actress in a drama. >> the star most tweeted about on the red kafrpt milley brown. >> and the most liked instagram >> and the most liked instagram post was this
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it is 4:54. local heroes who answered a call to help florida's hurricane victims are now back here at home. abc 7 news was in menlo park as urban search and rescue task force three finished a cross-country drive from florida. the 81-person team is comprised mostly of firefighters. for some their latest deployment wasn't easy because it immediately followed a trip to help victims of hurricane harvey in houston. >> they were missing their families but they knew that because of their background and what their task was in search
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and rescue that they were the ones for the job. there's nobody else that's going to do it. >> the team kept watch over the northern parts of florida which thankfully escaped major damage from irma. >> all right. let's talk about what's going to happen as far as being cooler than average. look at that. that's going to hang around for a while. what we're going to see as far as temperatures are going to be in the 70s this week and 60s instead of a lot of temperatures in the 70s and 80s. all right. so here's what's going on. you see all that moisture and cloud cover up to the north, that will come down at us in waves. and look what it does to our dew points, the moisture in the 50s and 60s. we'll drop in the 40s and 50s. we use the dew point a lot to show us an idea of just how cool it could get at night. and look at those dew points tomorrow morning in the 40s and 50s. a lot different then than this morning. alexis? >> i have a few more details on our collision on westbound 580 just before you get to castro
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valley boulevard. it sounds like it started off as a disabled vehicle and turned into a collision. one of those vehicles has a broken axle so that will be sitting there until the tow truck arrives. we have lane number one and a bit of a delay as you head through the 580/680 interchange and head to castro valley. a quick check of mass transit, looking great. ace out on time. b.a.r.t. no delays. capital corridor no delays. we'll take a look at some drive times at 5:00. former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick says he has been working out and that he is ready to play. kaepernick ignited controversy when he refused to stand for the national anthem before games last season. many observers feel nfl teams have avoided signing kaepernick because of what he called a protest against police brutality. our sister network espn reports a canadian team does hold the rights to sign kaepernick. raiders fans may still be on a sugar high because oakland native and raiders marshawn
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lynch teamed one skittles. lynch has a habit of eating skittles before games. his sweet tooth led him to become a spokesperson for the candy. >> staying on top of developing news in san leandro. next, the way two police officers were hurt during attempted robbery at a safeway. plus, we do have breaking news coming in. a fire at the salvation army in gilroy. i am working right now on getting video and details. i'll have the full story coming up. targeted on b.a.r.t. with a targeted on b.a.r.t. with a piece of
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♪ sun to the farm ♪ ♪ to the seeds in a row ♪ ♪ goodness begins with the seed that you sow ♪ ♪ plant that oat and watch it grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around ♪ ♪ seed to the oat ♪ to get made to an o ♪ ♪ o from the farm ♪ ♪ straight into your bowl ♪
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put in the good and the good will grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around ♪ ♪ good goes around and around... ♪ good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. welcome to monday, september 18. good morning to you coming up on 5:00 a.m. >> glad you're here, the whole team here ready to go. mike nicco.
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>> good morning. a look at what's going on outside and show you the setup for today, our first significant fall cold front that brought all that rain yesterday to the niners/seahawks game. that cold front will bring us cooler breezes this afternoon and all this cloud cover you see this morning is bringing us some passing drizzle will be gone. 61 to 63, maybe even 60 at 7:00. and you can see as we head to noon the clouds will still be around 63 to 70. once those breezes start to kick up, that's when the rush of cooler air is coming in and that's when you're going to see the sunshine at 4:00 through 7:00. look at these temperatures, 64 and 61 at the coast. 71 dropping down to 64 around the bay and 73 dropping down to 64. so grab a coat. you'll need it this evening. hey, alexis. we're starting to fill in in the usual spots. starting to see a few brake lights fill in. no blocking issues along that stretch,


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