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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 18, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> good morning. a look at what's going on outside and show you the setup for today, our first significant fall cold front that brought all that rain yesterday to the niners/seahawks game. that cold front will bring us cooler breezes this afternoon and all this cloud cover you see this morning is bringing us some passing drizzle will be gone. 61 to 63, maybe even 60 at 7:00. and you can see as we head to noon the clouds will still be around 63 to 70. once those breezes start to kick up, that's when the rush of cooler air is coming in and that's when you're going to see the sunshine at 4:00 through 7:00. look at these temperatures, 64 and 61 at the coast. 71 dropping down to 64 around the bay and 73 dropping down to 64. so grab a coat. you'll need it this evening. hey, alexis. we're starting to fill in in the usual spots. starting to see a few brake lights fill in. no blocking issues along that stretch, though. a quick check of drive times,
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overall not too bad, tracy to castro valley, 1 hour, 3 minutes a. crash blocking the far left lane. so we'll take a look at that in just a minute. highway 85 to the san jose airport, you look great at 11 minutes. northbound 280 highway 1 to san francisco wide open in the green at nine minutes. >> thank you, alexis. developing news out of the east bay, san leandro police are looking for the suspect they say ran over two of their officers. here's a live look at the scene in the parking lot in front of the safeway. police say the officers were trying to stop a suspect after he shoplifted from the store last night. that's when the suspect jumped into his car and drove off hitting the officers. both officers taken to the hospital. one has been released. the other is recovering from some broken bones. we're told that officer is expected to survive. okay, think about how you might react in this situation. someone hands you a note on b.a.r.t. saying you need to give up your wallet and your phone or
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else. >> crazy. the woman it happened to had to get creative and quickly. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live for us in daly city. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. this is where the woman got on b.a.r.t. here in daly city. i'm sure a lot of people this morning heading onto their trains are wondering what they would do if they were handed a threatening note. >> i was really scared, probably maybe the most scared i've ever been. >> reporter: julie is still shaken up completely caught off guard and terrified after a stranger dropped that threatening note on her lap while riding b.a.r.t. in san francisco. she was riding a dublin-bound train and shared this picture on twitter. the note says there are two guns pointed at you now. if you want to live hand back your wallet and phone now and do not turn around. she didn't turn around but did try to summon help from other riders. >> the man was standing ten feet in front of me and i tried to make eye contact with him and mouthed help. and he pointed at his phone and
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got off the next stop. i think he might have called the police but i realized that wasn't going to help me at the time. >> reporter: she says she would have handed over her things but she had a flight out of the country and needed her i.d. she decided to make a scene and faked a seizure. her plan worked, it scared the would-be robber who got off at the next stop. b.a.r.t. says they're checking to see if they have footage to i.d. the suspect. reporting live in daly city, matt keller, abc news. >> so glad she's all right. i never would have thought of that solution. matt, thank you. the san jose police chief is going to tell us more about a deadly officer involved shooting. mike pena shot and killed a suspected gang member friday night. this morning he is on paid administrative leave. police say the 33-year-old suspect was wanted for an armed robbery. officers pulled him they say he would not cooperate leading up to the shooting.
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police have not released the suspect's identity. "the mercury news" reports family members identify him as jacob dominguez. nurses at kaiser hospitals will be taking a stand today. they are rallying for higher patient care standards and safe staffing. the california nurses association and national nurses united are negotiating with kaiser officials. about a dozen rallies are planned in the bay area. you can find the full list online at local unions representing american airline workers plan to protest today. this is a live look outside of sfo. expect a large crowd outside of terminal 2 at 10:00 a.m. members of the union are rallying against outsourcing and contract negotiation delays. developing news out of san francisco, neighbors are warning others about a woman snooping through their mail. surveillance cameras caught a stranger breaking into mailboxes on wednesday. you can see that woman in a pink sweatshirt picking the locks. this is at a condo building on harrison near fifth straight.
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neighbors say police aren't investigating because nothing was stolen. city officials want a parking permit system. a study found the canal area is short an average of 580 street parking spots. today the city will host a public session to discuss a permit parking fee. that begins at 5:30 at city hall. a plan will be presented this fall. community, business, and labor leaders will announce their support for the a's near laney college. the a's chose the property between 8th street and 880 for a new stadium that's not too far from lake merritt this will be privately financed. opponents say it would cause a lot of disruption including relocating the offices of the peralta community college. also happening today 49ers safety eric reid will undergo an mri after injuring his knee during yesterday's game in seattle. he hurt his left knee in the first half and returned briefly in the third quarter before
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walking off the field for good. he is questionable for thursday's game against the rams at levi's. the niners lost 12-9. they are now 0 and 2. dozens of pets who were forced out of their shelters because of hurricane harvey arrived here in the bay area over the weekend. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson has more on the effort to find these animals some good homes. >> reporter: this private plane is full of very important passengers, 33 dogs, 30 cats, each a survivor of hurricane harvey. >> there's a huge problem now that 80,000 people lost their homes. so as a consequence a lot of pet owners don't have a home to take their pet to. >> reporter: space opens up for displaced family pets. it's a lesson learned from hurricane katrina. >> only 15% of all pets were reunited because they were just shipping them all over and people couldn't find them. >> reporter: the cats and dogs will find new permanent homes in the bay area thanks to tgroups
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like the milo foundation. >> we're here to adopt harvey animals because we know they really need a place. >> reporter: families filled out adoption forms at the bay area pet fair. >> they're very happy. kids want a dog in the house. >> reporter: some of the hurricane rescues are in pretty rough shape but lynn says that hasn't stopped families from falling in love. >> probably half of the first load of animals from harvey went to foster homes that are failed fosters because they're adopting their dog. >> reporter: and they want to emphasize it's not just hurricane rescues that are deserving of a forever home. there's many great local cats and dogs in need as well. >> they're not second hand animals. they're not damaged animals. they are good animals who found themselves in the wrong situation. our goal here is to get them in the right situation. >> reporter: and in the right home. this van load of cats and dogs is headed to the milo foundation where first order of business is
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a bath, some cuddles, and food. then later on this week they'll be available for fostering or adoption. in hayward, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. that's awesome. doesn't that warm your heart? let's talk about temperatures in the inland and east bay neighborhoods. pittsburg is about 65. 59 in pleasanton. for the lowest temperature at least down in the valleys, look at these. low to mid-60s all throughout the bay shore down into the south bay. get up in the hills, los gatos about 57. pacifica at about 60 right now. this is the way it looks from our roof camera. you can see the low clouds hanging around. small craft advisory if you're going to be on the bay waters north of the bay bridge so caution there. if you're going to be at the beaches today drizzle and then sunshine but it will be breezy this afternoon. and no heat if you're going to be out exercising. let's take a look at some of our hourly temperatures. we'll go with oakland, 8:00 this morning, 62. look at that, 67 at noon. barely 70 at 4:00.
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back to 62 by 8:00. and up in the north bay if you're going to be hanging out at 8:00, it will be 60. at noon, 71. we'll be around 75 to 74 most of the afternoon and down to 62. traveling around the state today, you can see showers up to the north. 64 in tahoe with light showers there. 76 and breezy and sunny in yosemite. about 77 with afternoon sunshine in los angeles. we'll talk about our chances of some wet weather and really cool nights coming at you. here's alexis. okay, mike. you have a few more details about our collision or what we thought was a collision on westbound 580 in the castro valley area. before you get to palomars road, it was reported as a crash and they're saying no, no, no, it's a vehicle with a broken axle. it wasn't involved in an accident but it is blocking a lane. just about 13 miles an hour. its about 20 minutes from the stone ridge shopping center in to castro valley. if you stick to 580.
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south on dublin canyon road, use the access road there, that will save you about five minutes. not a huge delay or detour right now but something to consider if that's going to be blocking for long this morning. a little stackup in the cash lanes as usual but that's about it. 10 or 15 minutes until they flip the metering lights on. hearing about a new issue for walnut creek next. now breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. we have breaking news coming in. a two-alarm fire overnight at the salvation army in gilroy. a trailer caught fire in the loading dock. the good news is the inside of the building was spared. it happened around 2:00 this morning but it was only extinguished within the last hour and we just got this video back from the scene. you can see there the huge plume of smoke from the fire. no one was hurt and a cause is still under investigation right now. toys 'r' us filing for bankruptcy. the way the move may impact you this holiday shopping season.
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>> now bracing for yet another massive storm, the areas in the path of hurricane maria. >> i want to you have a better day. thanks for joining us this morning. morning. so we'll keep live
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vandals hit several businesses. the department of justice said they would not pursue charges. jason stockely denies intentionally killing lamar smith and planting a gun. he says he acted in self-defense. a louisiana judge has set bond for a 23-year-old white man suspected in the murders of two african-american men. he is not, though, charged in connection with those killings. he's being held on drug charges. in both shootings kenneth gleason fired from his car and then walked up to his victims as they were lying on the ground and fired again. police believe the killings were likely racially motivated. this morning we're learning more about four american students attacked with acid in france, all four have been identified as students from boston college studying abroad. james longman has more on today's "gma first look." >> reporter: the latest on four
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american college students recovering from an acid attack at a train station in france. police arresting a woman for allegedly spraying him with hydrochloric acid. two of the women rushed to the hospital suffering facial burns. the other two treated for shock. the students all attend boston college. this morning the college juniors returning to paris where school officials tell abc news they plan to complete their semesters abroad. >> one of the students will have to see an eye doctor tomorrow. >> reporter: they estimate there are around 1,500 reports of acid attacks a year around the world. authorities in marseilles saying the alleged attacker has a history of psychological problems but don't believe the attack is related to terrorism. we'll have more on the investigation coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma first look" i'm james longman, abc, london. of course the holiday season is the most important time of the year for toy stores. toys 'r' us could spend the
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period in bankruptcy. they might file for chapter 11. it is fighting consumers moving online to amazon or buying from discount stores. most of the merchandise for the holiday season could prove problematic. they are reportedly not shipping any new items until toys 'r' us can pay cash for them. >> rolling stone founder jan wehner plans to sell his controlling stake of that legendary magazine. he and his son gus hope to stay on at the magazine but it's a decision for the buyer. no potential buyers have been named. the company's other magazines were sold recently. they include "us weekly" and "men's journal." an eight-month nasa experiment that put people in complete isolation in hawaii came to an end. they placed them under a dome for eight months at the base of the largest active volcano.
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they simulated living on mars eating a diet of freeze-dried food and being self-sufficient. nasa hopes to send humans to mars by 2030. >> sounds like a personal nightmare. a spacex spacecraft has completed its mission and is back on earth. the dragon left after delivering cargo. it landed in the pacific yesterday morning, was recovered and taken to a shipping port near los angeles. it brought back science experiments including samples from human and animal research. the navy shows the devastation on the u.s. virgin islands. many of the homes are damaged. trees and other vegetation gone as residents start to clean up. there is another threat. hurricane maria is gaining strength and could impact the same caribbean islands hit by irma. these people need a break. >> it's terrible. mike, you've been tracking all
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of this. what is it looking like now? >> straight to the satellite and we'll show you our three different players out there. you have jose that is there off hilton head island heading up to bermuda. maria in the middle and then lee which is a tropical storm. we didn't expect her to be much until 24 hours later where we are now. now she's a category 2 and getting organized at 110 miles getting organized at 110 miles an hour. antigua, st. martin all could have winds of at least miles an hour. a hurricane watch. the british virgin islands. you can see right there as it heads over puerto rico as a possible category and winds of 74 miles an hour within 48 hours. a hurricane warning for
5:19 am
guadeloupe, st. kitts, and that means within 36 hours you're going to have at least 74 miles per hour. this is looking like winds of 140. it's taken a more southerly track to begin with and that's why it's going to hit puerto rico head-on and then watch as it starts to go to the bahamas and then starts to take a right-hand turn and weaken to a category 3. that will keep it away from the u.s. until possibly monday and tuesday and we'll keep an eye on the outer banks. let's take a look back here at home. sfo. it's a monday morning and we'll have a cold front sweep through, become breezy, sunshine and cooler temperatures and another cold front, a slight chance of showers wednesday. here is a look at our cloud
5:20 am
cover this morning. it increases through 7:00. by noon you can see some of the drier air push in and look at that. clearing as we head to 5:00. mid to upper 70s in the south bay and about 69 to 74 the coast. all of those temperatures below average. tonight even cooler than this morning. about ten degrees cooler from 51 in napa to 57 in oakland. here's a look at my accuweather forecast. they'll warm up saturday and sunday. >> taking a look at walnut >> taking a look at walnut creek. if you look to the top of your screen you can see some flashing
5:21 am
lights. sounds like a tractor-trailer was not quite all the way off the roadway and clipped it. two tow trucks to the scene. as you come down things do start to slow down. i am hopeful since it's already in the right lane we'll be able to get this totally pushed off to get this totally pushed off to the side but we shall see. we'll show you a problem in castro valley in less than ten. some breaking news in york city at least 17 people hurt in the bus crash there. seven hurt have serious injuries. one of the bus drivers was
5:22 am
pinned inside. they had to cut that person out. i want to show you the new video we're starting to get from the we're starting to get from the scene. you can see reporters, first responders, chaos there still and this is important because the sheer number who ride the tour buses is the very latest i am watching. >> thank you, jessica. up next the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> and tech overload. the reason thousands of startups and investors are descending on san francisco this week. >> new and incredible views. the hot spot you and your family can enjoy starting today. >> mike and alexis making this a >> mike and alexis making this a better day k
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after running over two san leandro police officers. one of the officers is in the hospital. the other released. they were trying to stop the suspect from shoplifting from a safeway. police are investigating after a b.a.r.t. passenger says someone tried to rob her using this threatening note. this happened on a train in san francisco on saturday. she decided to make a scene and faked a seizure. her plan worked and the commotion scared the would-be robber. number three, heavy police presence in the mission district overnight. this is near 18th street. we're working to find out what happened. keep watching abc 7 news for updates. number four, this week president trump will attend the u.n. general assembly for the first time, and it will be his first prominent moment yet on the world stage. north korea and iran expected to dominate the conversation. number five, an autumn breeze arrives this afternoon. check out these wind speeds from 15 to 30 miles per hour. it's going to drop our temperatures for highs in the 60s and 70s and lows in the 40s
5:26 am
and 50s. number six, a disabled vehicle blocking one lane on westbound 580 before you get to castro valley boulevard for over an hour now. we're up to about a three-mile delay. you can use dublin saving you between five and ten minutes. and number seven, the stars out for tv's biggest night. and this is quite the change. hulu's original series "the handmaid's tale" won a total of eight. that's a big deal because it's the first time a drama has won that has been a streaming service drama. "snl" won nine and that is the most of any show. i believe that is including the creative arts emmys which were not shown last night. a cat and dog in virginia are more like brother and sister as they battle over their favorite spot. this is the dog trying to get the cat off the couch. they both like that same exact spot right beside their owner. the cat is not budging. the pair go back and forth to determine who gets the seat. the cat wins.
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that's all. just your dog and cat story for the moment. >> thanks for that moment. that was nice. another full 90 minutes of news including rising tensions over a planned free speech week at uc berkeley. >> officials raising concerns as a group tries to bring several conservative speakers to campus. when organizers plan to address the issues. >> we're having a better day. we hope to get you off on the we hope to get you off on the right foot.
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(dog panting) another 2am stroll, huh? i'm worried. i have this medical bill.
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dave, you have anthem, and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help answer any question you... (dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution. good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. coming up on 5:30 we're hoping this is a great start to your morning. it is monday, september 18th. >> yes. welcome to fall almost. rye, mike? rye, mike? >> almost, yeah. this morning is warm. you can see the brighter clouds to our north, that's the leading edge of a cold front that will
5:30 am
make it breezy to take away the cloud cover you see over the top of us in the gray there on live doppler 7. you can't see the top of the bay bridge. that's how low they are hanging with drizzle near the coast. we're waking up and will stay in that range at the coast. we'll hit 70 around the bay and inland. the breezes kick in. look at the sunshine that breaks out. low to mid-70s around the bay. and look at that, 61 to 64. by the time we get to 7:00, our temperatures, even though it's still sunny out, about the same as they are this morning. an idea how much cooler it will be. i'll show you that up next. alexis? a couple issues on southbound 680. looking at the backup from our traffic camera. the first one just before you get to north main, sounds like a collision involving a motorcycle. minor injuries. they did run a traffic break to contain that. if you head up further flashing lights before you get to state
5:31 am
route 94. some delays this morning. a quick check of the toll plaza. metering lights on a few minutes ago. we'll look at drive times up next. the search is still on for whoever ran over two san leandro police officers and sped away last night. >> one of those is still recovering in the hospital. amy hollyfield is live where all of this happened. >> reporter: the injured officer is in the hospital suffering from broken bones but is expected to be okay. she and her partner were hurt last night. her partner was treated and released. they were trying to prevent someone from shoplifting last night around 8:30. when he took off witnesses say they felt shaken up watching this guy get away from police.
5:32 am
>> he was holding a basket of bottles or alcohol or something so he put it in his trunk. this lady cop, she was able to grab him on his waist while he was trying to get in his car. >> reporter: he drove away and hit the officers. investigators don't have a description of him and have not made an arrest. they are looking at a better idea of what happened and to get a good look at this man. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. nancy pelosi will join bay area elected officials to call for the passage of the dream for the passage of the dream act. they're urging for the immediate passing of the dream act.
5:33 am
the d.r.e.a.m. act protects 800,000 young, undocumented immigrants. >> a mcdonald's employee is expected to enter a plea on attempted murder charges. 25-year-old sarah lockner is accused of giving birth during her shift and trying to kill her newborn in the bathroom two weeks ago. lockner told investigators she didn't know she was pregnant. developing news this morning. the student group seeking to hold free speech week at uc berkeley appears to be having trouble meeting the university's requirements. that event is supposed to begin that event is supposed to begin this sunday. they say they couldn't provide adequate speaker lists. she has signed a letter urging colleagues to boycott the event. >> it was planned as a major
5:34 am
disruption and creation of absolute chaos and militarization of the campus. >> they say they're going to move their speakers outside if they have to. happening today leaders in san francisco plan to officially announce establishing the rose pact community fund. willie brown will be on hand for the announcement. pat died one year ago today. she was an advocate in the community. the community fund is a nonprofit that will carry on the legacy and the work of the activist. president trump is starting his week in new york city where he's going to attend the u.n. general assembly for the first time. it features back-to-back meetings with world leaders. how to rein in north korea after its most powerful nuclear test yet. >> if they keep on with this reckless behavior, if the united
5:35 am
states has to defend itself or its allies in any way, north korea will be destroyed and we all know that and none of us want that. >> two leaders not attending are russian president vladimir putin. president trump will not have the chance to make his case to them in person. >> u.s. senator dianne feinstein is expressing her concerns about north korea's ambitions with nuclear weapons. >> i have never been in a state of greater concern about this nation and korea because there's a certain recklessness on the other side. they now have very powerful weapons. they've done six nuclear tests. i am concerned about the safety of the united states. >> the democrat emphasized on cnn yesterday she is worried about the effectiveness of the missile defense system especially with kim jong-un
5:36 am
threatening targets. a memorial service to pay tribute to fallen first responders. they joined in on a tribute to those who pay the ultimate sacrifice in service of their communities. this is the 16th year for the event that began in 2001 as a tribute to redwood city firefighter matt smith who died in the line of duty that year. since then it's grown in an interfaith event. the three day tech disrupt event. it brings together thousands of investors and influential names in tech. kevin durant and his agent and investment partner will talk about what it means to be in control of your own brand from investment to management to media scheduled for tomorrow. it runs through wednesday at pier 48. happening today a new leader takes over the district attorney's office in contra costa county and is making history. retired superior court judge
5:37 am
becton will be sworn in this afternoon, the first woman and the first african-american to hold that position. doug mcmaster is returning to his position as district attorney. the former d.a. resigned in june amid a campaign cash scandal. new details about the cost of the coyote creek flood. 390 claims from flood victims totals up to $18 million. officials are expected how to handle the claims and an attorney says the city didn't warn or evacuate until disaster hit. it led to 40,000 evacuations and $100 million in property damage. a former military base is opening as a park. 360-degree view of the san francisco bay area. gates open at 7:00 this morning and visitors can check out the 112-acre park.
5:38 am
officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony over the weekend. the park was originally scheduled to open last october but it was delayed due to construction issues. one of the warriors biggest stars served as the marshal at the indy race. >> drivers, start your engines. >> do you recognize that voice? you see the man waving the green flag. it's warriors guard klay thompson. he got a chance to meet one of auto racing's greatest legends, mario andretti, and suited up like a race car driver. davy hamilton chauffeured him around the track at sonoma. >> let's take a look at novato. look at that. 13 degrees warmer easily leading the charge of warmer weather the charge of warmer weather this morning.
5:39 am
only warmer in san rafael. 57 in bodega bay. all the way down until you get to cupertino. we look westbound. watch out as you get near the coast. it could be wet. on the bay breezy conditions north of the bay bridge. not much of a temperature change today. 8:00, 61. we'll hang out around 64 through 4:00. down to 60 by 8:00. 65 at 8:00. noon, 68. hovering near 70 this afternoon before falling back to 62 at 8:00. i have some 30s and 40s coming up for morning lows. i'll show you when that moves
5:40 am
in. here's alexis. we're looking at a lot of brake lights here. so check out southbound 680. two problems. the first one just before north main. the second one before the interchange there. that backup continues to grow. it has spilled over. if you are coming from concord, use willow pass road between concord and walnut creek. we had an earlier equipment problem report ed just heard frm a co-worker who is riding b.a.r.t. in the east bay telling them of report of a person on the tracks that he was personally using on his train. definitely will have an update. we'll take a look at drive times coming up at 5:50.
5:41 am
>> now breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. i'm still tracking that news out of new york city. we have learned one person is dead. 17 are hurt. i want to show you these new i want to show you these new images coming in from the scene. the sheer force of the crash sent those buses into a nearby kentucky fried chicken restaurant. it looks like some small we are working to get better video as information is continuing to change throughout the morning. that is the latest here. i will watch for updates. the new user friendly at home test that could save your life and money. and it was a night to remember for some of the biggest
5:42 am
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hi, everyone. welcome back. just in, some very big business news. bay area company roku wants to go public. the video streaming company is apple tv's main rival. headquarters in los gatos say this morning that they will
5:45 am
offer 18 million shares at $14 apiece. if you are not familiar with roku they're a huge company, more than $15 million accounts. they have struggled with making a profit. it was founded back in 2002. again, here in the bay area. reggie, back to you. >> thanks, jess. sorry, my mike fell down. i'm trying to adjust it. developing news this mornin the trump administration is considering closing the u.s. embassy in cuba. secretary of state rex tillerson says mysterious attacks on state department employees prompted that review. 21 american diplomats are working with severe hearing loss. the embassy reopened when the obama administration restored relations between the u.s. and cuba. happening today the u.s. air force is marking its 70th
5:46 am
anniversary. they met with military families and watched an air show demonstration in maryland. the president spoke that day and says he is confident that u.s. options for addressing the threat from north korea are effective and overwhelming. he said america and our allies will, quote, never be intimidated. the test is called color. it launches today at $149 and is the least expensive genetic test on the market. so here is how it works. you provide a saliva sample. it's sent off to a lab. you receive your online results in three to four weeks. >> one out of eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. it's very important to have access to the tests. >> it is important to consider family history.
5:47 am
she says the test is not for everyone. the 2017 emmys full of the 2017 emmys full of political jabs and the moment for the role on "this is us." people were not very happy because he was cut off during his acceptance speech before he reached he two-minute mark. fans noted nicole kidman had nearly three minutes. >> our writers -- ♪ you can play, you can play. i didn't get that -- nobody got that loud music. you are our life's blood. our producers and directors, i love you. i'm good. >> that is disruptive. >> super uncomfortable. brown finished his speech backstage.
5:48 am
hulu became the first to win an emmy for a drama series for "the handmaid's tale." there was a surprise guest who crashed the show. >> is there anyone who could say how big the audience is? sean, do you know? this will be the largest audience to witness an emmys period both in person and around the world. >> that was sean spicer during stephen colbert's opening monologue. the appearance stunned the crowd because it looked like he was mocking his own defense of the president's inauguration attendance.
5:49 am
>> we've been seeing him on tv lately. we need to get him a motorized podium that melissa mccarthy had. had. >> he does comedy now. >> some would say now? let's take a look at our temperatures out there. this is as warm as it's going to get this week. look at the 56 in santa rosa, the 50 in napa. everyone else in the low to mid-60s. 58 and 53 respectively. we're going to have lows in the valleys in the 30s and 40s come friday and saturday morning. might not want to keep the windows open those nights. you can see most of the western span looks gorgeous this morning. a nice cloud deck right above it. cooler tonight.
5:50 am
our fastest breezes at 5:00 this evening to 3:00. we'll join in tomorrow from 1:00 to 9:00. afternoon to evening. mild this afternoon. no need for air conditioning when you have mid to upper 70s when you have mid to upper 70s there. peninsula today becoming breezy with 69 at milbrae. over in the east bay we'll have temperatures from 68 in berkeley to about union city at 74 and fremont. finally mid to upper 60s, sunny and breezy in san francisco. there's a quick look at tonight. 51 to 57 degrees. my accuweather seven-day forecast, look at these ighs in the 60s and 70s and breezy wednesday, thursday.
5:51 am
and then it gets warmer. >> warm up for the weekend. a lot of issues this morning. so take you back to our walnut so take you back to our walnut creek camera. those are both still in the right lane so we're looking at some hefty backups into the concord area. it has spilled on to 242. that may save you time. plan on delays. before you get to eden canyon road -- i didn't mean to put the thumbs up. a disabled camper in the far left lane. that backup is getting closer to dublin. northbound 101 before you get to oakland road, a multicar crash.
5:52 am
still working on more details there. i promised some drive times. we'll take a look at those in less than ten. alexis, thank you. new at 6:00, the trump administration's effort to shrink some of our national man umts. >> the reason raiders fans may still be on a sugar high this morning. and is he ready to play? and is he ready to play? what
5:53 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:54 am
we've been talking about the autumn breezes that will blow. i wanted to give you an idea how fast they will be. these are the sustained winds from 15 in san jose to a lot of us around 20 to 25 miles per hour so it's going to be much different getting home and
5:55 am
notice it will be blowing from notice it will be blowing from northwest to southeast. our bridges are going to be the most influenced by that. and then it will calm down a little bit and return tomorrow afternoon. it will be breezy again wednesday and thursday. we'll drop into the 30s and 40s. we use the dew point temperature to give us an idea of the air temperature. if you are coming from the east bay trying to make your way into san francisco looking at our typical delays there. those lanes are still looking okay. a quick check at drive times, westbound 580. 1 hour, 25 minutes, the rv sitting in the far left lane for about an hour and a half now, so that's start to go slow you down
5:56 am
out of the dublin stretch. in the yellow at 21. also heavy through walnut creek this morning. colin kaepernick says he has been working out and is ready to play. kaepernick ignited controversy when he refused to stand for the national anthem before games last season. many feel teams have avoided kaepernick because of what he called a protest against police brutality. our sister network espn reports a canadian team holds the rights to sign kaepernick. raiders fans may be on a sugar high. raider marshawn lynch teamed up with skittles. lynch has a habit of eating skittles before games and his sweet tooth has led him to become a spokesperson for the candy company. lady gaga postpones her world tour. the health concern taking her off the stage.
5:57 am
targeted on b.a.r.t. with a piece of paper. the bizarre and chilling way a robber tried to steal from a fellow passenger. and here at the live desk i am still tracking that breaking news out of new york city. news out of new york city. a deadly
5:58 am
5:59 am
now it's 6:00 a.m., a cooldown under way in the bay area. this is a look from our camera at pier 15 and it shows a foggy start this morning as some of you head out the door. good morning on this monday, september 18th. thanks for being here. i hope you're ready to go. meteorologist mike nicco. i think a lot of us ready for a cooldown. >> ready for autumn. >> please. >> since you said please, of course. this won't be your typical day. we have a significant cold front rolling through. if you were watching the niners/seahawks game, we're
6:00 am
going to miss out on the rain. you can see that cold front barreling down bringing us cool breezes by the afternoon and getting rid of this cloud cover you can see down in san jose. we're waking up very mild this morning. 61 to 64. 69 to only 71 around the bay and 70 to 73. even though we'll get rid of the cloud cover that cool air will keep the sunshine from warming us much at all. wait until i show you 30s and 40s author lows. >> back up to walnut creek. the first one around north main. the second one up further. i want to show you what the backup looks like. that has spilled over on to 242 and basically all the way through concord up to highway 4. not a lot of great alternates. willow pass road could save you time. 13 miles an hour, possibly


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