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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 20, 2017 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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pulled from the rubble including a young boy who wased by federal policecu r aesfter a ho collapse. crews scrambling to find more victims right now. in fact, the city's mayor says buildings collapsed in 44 different places within just the city limits. and right now emergency workers and the mexican ay qui ackly as apartment complex that collapsed in mexico city. i will let you knowdate as frso. a lot of people in the bay area have family or friends in mexico. they are turning to the consulate general of mexico in san francisco to look for help. people desperate to hear from lovedsinne o the consulate. the consulate general says if you are worried, give them a call. >> we have the capacity to reach people in mexico city. if they cannot find anyone, they can reach us and we will try to help. >> we posted to our facebook
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page to show support. there's a number to call to find or contact relatives in the country. it is 4:31 now. if you're just joining us lostt nicco. hi, mike. hi, natasha. hi, everybody. nu gyo a little bit. the breezes are not as aggressive as yesterday. they will be later on today. the rest of us some sprinkles as we head to lunch and into the afternoon hours. 12-hour day planner, temperatures running in the mid-50s to low 60s at the mid-e coast. upper 60s at noon. 68 to 69. you can see low 70s at 4:00 around the bay. inland 70 to 72. breezy. temperatures in the low to mid-60s. the latest on maria as it rakes puerto rico. that's next. here's alexis. >> itan w 280 on the southbound side just before you get into the balboak area we have a roll over
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collision that landed on the right shoulder. so lares blocked. i'm not seeing any delays either but use caution through the area. i will keep an eye onheck outsi. a look at the san mateo bridge. westbound 92. we have wide open lanes so far this morning and really no significant delays. desk update. another story just coming in to our live desk, new video. i'm watching it for the first time with you. this is a car chase through several different bay area counties overnight and it was wild. police were chasing a person wanted for a stolen car and als robbery. you can see how fast they were going. california highway patrol got involved and were able tond the suspectad h a dog with him
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now being cared for by the spca. parents uniting against hate. >> someone vandalized a vehicle. amy hollyfield live at canyon middle school now. amy? >> reporter: hi, good morning. they're planning that rally for 7:30 this morning in front of the school to show that they are united against hate. here are the pictures of what happened to that school truck. someone wrote racist words and drew swastikas on the truck in black marker. tingsheriff's office says 'reythenv i a hate crime and looking at surveillance video. they plan to incre patrols around castroas valleys schools. the school sent a letter home to parents saying they are committed to making sure students feel safe and welcome while they are at school. reporting live in castro valley, amy rolly field, abc 7 news. ose wchin hrica maria.
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this is very new. it just made landfall in puerto rico. i wanto show you that live image just coming in. this is in puerto rico, san juan. you can see the winds pounding ee category 4 storm could be the most powerful hurricane to ever hit that country in a century. here is arlette saenz. > >> reporter: hurricane maria barreling toward puerto rico. >> this is without a doubt the most dangerous storm in our generation. >> reporter: many heeding warnings to evacuate, streaming into elters, catching last-minute flights out of san juan. feoet of storm surge. in the neighboring virgin islands the u.s. navy evacuating all military personnel ahead of the storm. maria escalating from a category 1 to a category 5 hurricane in just nine hours.
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the storm battering the caribbean, first making ng a t 160 miles per hour, the only category 5 hurricane to ever hit the island. >> i believe we got a very bad blow. there appears to be a lde orufc. >> reporter: it is expected to east of the dominican republic before turning north. as of forecasts show maria will spare florida of any major impact. arlette saenz, abc news, washington. happening today we're going to learn more about the murder of a 31-year-old pe teacher from oakland skyline high school. police plan to release surveillance video related to the shooting death of him. they are looking to identify three people. he was shot in june during an argument on fol>m vocal oppositg to the oakland a's desired location for a new stadium. it's within a mile of laney
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college, lake merritt. opponents say the stadium and planned development would destboooroghth natei >> they're going to get pushed out. >> not only would thetur s leart but ultimately it would uproot lane lights, the trash, the cars, the traffic, you name >> the president admits he has his work cut out for him. he helped build the stadium for the san jose earthquake and knows he will have to work with opponents. >> this is a big decision. we want to make sure everyone is a part of it for its success. >> the land the a's want to own on is owned by peralta colleges. one of the most ambitious water projects in decades is in trouble this morning. the plan calls for building two massive tunnels to deliver wateo central and southern california. but now the west lands water district is pulling its support because officials say the $16
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billion price tag is too much. west lands is one of california's largest water providers. governor brown made the delta tunnel project a priority of his administration. as promised let's take a oklok ia a as it is just devastating puerto rico right now. it made landfall about an hour ago on the southeastern tip and is racing to the northwest. notice how the radar return goes away. that can mean one of two things. they've either lost power or the winds blew the radar away. i'm thinkinse the radar towers e put up sturdily for events like this. let's look at what's going on. the strongest winds there in red. greater than 111 miles an hour. that is pretty much the western half of the island. we had a 99-mile-per-hour wind 113-mile-per-hour wind at yabucoa harbor. some flooding taking place
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there. where is it going? take a look over the next several days. you can see it nails the turks and caicos friday morning and heads up towards bermuda as we head to monday and tuesday. right now hopefully missing the u.s. 54 right now. that's the cool spot. everybody else 58 to 61 in san francisco. that's warmer than we had yesterday. a quick look at your commute planner. sprinkles possible on the roads. breezy on they. mass transit cool tba o mild. alexis? all right. all that considered, mike, we are pretty quiet to kick off the wednesday morning drive. a live look at the southbound side of 680 heading through the walnut creek area. starting to see the volumes increase a little bit but no significant delays. we can see no brake lights yet this morning. a quick check of drive timt bad dublin. slight delays. antioch to concord wide open at 13. san rafael to san francisco you're looking great at 15 minutes. we'll check on mass transit coming up in less than ten.
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>> alexis, thank you. we see this everywhere, broken glass tells the story. there's a huge spike in car break-ins. the action one city the wants t. >> i'm happy to be here and support them. >> raising awareness. the difficult issue that brought nicole kidman to san francisco. we're heading to b rakrehti weather and traffic throughout weather and traffic throughout the commercial break
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nicole kidman is receiving praise for her comments on domestic violence during her emmy acceptance speech and brought her message to the bay eatbcas l 7 news reporter expl, kidman had words of encouragement for victims: >> reporter: fresh off an emmy win nicole kidman walked the pink carpet in san francisco. kidman play as domestic abuse victim in the hbo series "big little lies." a character she based on a w an>> she could leave. she didn't know how to leave and dndie 't she had to leave, if that makes sense. she was in denial which is what the character isee. committed to raising awareness about domestic abuse and is actively involved in futures without violence, the nonprofit
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that host this had event. abc correspondent deborah roberts served as moderator. >> i was riveted by the series, "big littl deghter and i watch together and i was haunted by the character nicole kidman played. r>> 30 or more thanep years futures without violence has worked to shed light on a dark subject.ffed another platform to carry that message. in san francisco, lonnie news. it is 4:43. a san francisco sheriff's deputy has been terminated after his gun was stolen from the trunk of a rental car sunday. san francisco supervisors are fed up and angry about the epidemic of car break-ins in the city. two supervisors introduced legislation that would require all ten district police stations to create property crimes unit focusing on car break-ins. the supervisors also passed a bill that would require rental agencies to hide bar codes on their cars to prevent break-ins
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because rentals are the cars of choice for thieves. >> we have to do something about it and so far all of the strategies of the police department aren't working. >> san francisco's pol not comm william scott said he has sta started a new plan. in june t county moved hearingshe to a new courthouse dublin right nt t almeida county jail. igents to oakland, ralony be rkeley andar the northern part of the county will move back to oakland. anyone arrested in the southern part will be arraigned in dublin. a federal court is blocking san francisco's plan to put warning labels on ads for sugary drinks. the th u.s. circuit court of appeals says the warning may ati svi misleading because it's required
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only on beverage ads and not other products with equal or more sugar. they are evaluating all options before deciding how to respond. new parking and shuttle system will be up and running in marin county. the national parks service selected a san diego-based company to manage the system. it will require all private vehicles and shuttle rideers to make a reservation to visit the park. officialst ll proactively manage parking to prevent overcrowding. several times i've gone to muirwoods and not go to the park because there's no parking. >> yes, but we constantly tell people that. >> yeah, i know. i don't want to show up at 7:00 in the morning. i want to go at lunch. hi, everybody. let's look at what's going on won't stay that way. clouds and sunshine, random light showers. best up in the north bay and in our mountains this afternoon and
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hills. autumn friday and then warm to hot highs coming back next week. a look at our storm and you can see radar returns as far seau as the mendocino county. that cold front is coming our way bringing us those random showers and faster zeeebr 7:00 morning and you can see along the sonoma county coast the possibility of to a light showleer. dzzri watch the green try to work its way from northwest to southeast mainly in the hrhe elevations around noon. the same thing about 4:00 in the santa cruz mountains and by the time we get to the evening hours the chance is over and we'll prepare for cooler weather. highs today mainly in the 60s around the bay and the coast. low to mid-70s inland. check out tonight's lows. those 40s are coming back to the north bay o vall us.s about 51 degrees. a look at your accuweather .then-day forecast ers breezes. below average temperatures thursday and friday, back to average saturday, and then 70s,
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80s, and 90s coming monday. what are you shaking your head for? >> i want it to be fall. i don't w. w w gtan in the 90s this late in the year the sun angle is not as strong so it doesn't feel as hot. becausehe t air sun goes down quicker it will cool off quicker. >> thanks for making me feel better. >> is that better? >> lows still in the 50s at night. >> i guess i won't complain too much. otnd a> about on the roads so far this morning either. we're looking good here at golden gate. we have the zipper trucks outoo southbound side of 101. as usual that north bay commute looking light so far this morning. and a quick look ahead for mass transit. if you ride b.a.r.t. and frequently use the warm springs or south fremont station it will be closed actually this weekend and the following weekend. so there will be a free bus to take you to fremont station to then get on a b.a.r.t. train. we'll take a look at a roll over
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collisio coming up than ten. we are just starting to hear of a deadly fire in oakland. oakland firefighters saying on twitter here, i've been monitoring their feed, that an apartment fire in the area of fairmont and pearl strides right off 580 at theulevard exit, smo visible there from the freeway. firefighters say they do have it contained right now. we are hoping to get some video for you from the scene in only a few minutes. acwill chee bhave more details. >> a big honor for a stanford professor, awarded the largest international prize in education research. psychology professor carroll d dweck will receive $4 million.k award money to develop more effective materials for heacte apologizing for a twitter tirade in which he targeted his old team and former coach.
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>> i want to move on from that. it was tough to deal with yesterday. i was really upset with myself. definitely want to move on and keep playing basketball. i still want to interact with my fans as well. >> this is at a tech crunch disrupt event. he denied having a fake twitter foray into ch some have alle ge. business. last year he started the durant company, a venture capital firm specializing in tech and hospitality. durant says he looks to invest in ventures that he's passionate about. heads up for music lovers, the treasures and help local libraries.underg oing major construction work and the impact on travelers. "tbiecthis morning's "tech h bites" an apology from amazon. >> random customers received ot- giftil from their baby registry had been purchased. most of those recipients don't have a registry and don't have a baby. >> amazon blames a glitch for those e-mails. some are fuming calling them
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insensitive. and returning items that were actually purchased on amazon is about to get a whole lot easier. >> next month kohl's will accept returns for amazon at 82 stores across chicago and los angeles packing and shipping them for free. and mcafee, the anti-virus company, has compiled a list of the most dangerous celebrities online. >> they are the celebs with the highest percentage of search engine results with malignant engine results with malignant links.
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hillary clinton's only official bookstore stop is sold out. she will visit uc davis to speak about the book titled "what happened" that covers her perspective. clinton also coming to san francisco but that is being billed as an autograph stop. >> walmart will not be doing a large scale hiring spree at its stores. it did the same thing last year. it hasn't said exactly how many yet. good news if you're traveling through sfo. the airport says you should not be facing delays because of construction. wlive look from our sfo camera k isthrn will improve one of the taxiways that links rue airport's terminals to four
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s.nw reduce departure delays and meet new federal standards. the project will last nine days and flights apparently will not take off from one of the runways as a safety precaution because that is closest to where the work will happen. the other three will operate as normal. just normal delays whic already enough. good morning, everybody. here is a look at what will happen today at at&tar rockies and giants, 63 to 64. breezy out there with the sundancing across the sky with the clouds. on the water today lk at tthheh of the bay bridge. 1:00 in the afternoon south of the bay bridge when the gusty winds will blow through 3:00 tomorrow morning. 3:00 this afternoon through 9:00 tomorrow evening. there could be sand kicked up. we have those dangerous rip currents and large shore breaks from the northwest swells at about 6 to 10 feet so there's
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places like ocean beach that face the northwest that are going to be most these dangerous currents. so be careful if you're going to be out there. how about on the roads this morning, alexis? >> we do still have this roll over crash just before you get toit o sounds like the cleanup process is under way. when it flipped it landed on the right shoulder and we never had any lanes taken away but it sounds like the driver does have some minor injuries. they were transported to thehe light volume so far out of rich mon mond. we're seeing a few vehicles at this point so no delays there. we have a problem in the vine hill ea0arefor.e you get to the benicia bridge. happening today book and music lovers will f san francis. a sneak peek at the preparations for the friends of the library book sale. this marks the 53rd year they will sell books, dvds and
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records. some people camped outside for a special preview sale last night. >> got so much -- books, movies, cds, everything you could want. >> our theme this year is take a stand for libraries and literacy owkn than ever are needed in our democratic society. >> organizers say they think sth coast's biggest book sale. it is open to the public from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. today hugresearchers think they know why some of you claim you're addicted to the flavor ofe. the spice blend usually doesn't even contain pumpkin. it's in most cases cinnamon, nu spice. experts say when the pumpkin spice scent is combined with sugar people associate that with happiness and pleasure and holidays and warm hugs and presents and love and approval from your parents that you never got, also puppies. >> whoa!
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>> made up but the rest is true. when it comes to pumpkin spice the more you consume the more you want to consume. >> is that a scientific fact? >> well, factish. i kno it's super basic but i am behind it. next at 5:00, new information about a recall coming from fiat chrysler. >> jimmy kimmel goes after a senator for lying on his show. ngthsenator is now respondi oris and i'm still track that go breaking news. a deadly fire firefighters tweeting about it. firefighters tweeting about it.
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. good morning. coming up on 5:00 a.m. a lot
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going on this morning, tracking what's happening with hurricane maria, looking at the recovery in mexico after the massive earthqua earthquake. there's a ton to talk about. >> jessica, of course, tracking a whole lot of that for us. busy morning. alexis looking at the roads, and mike nicco bringing us a good forecast. >> for us, absolutely. we'll talk about maria. the winds are blowing ashore. that means cooler weather today. so far it's dry outside as we're waiting for that cold front to roll down. look at the lack of clouds on the exploratorium. temperatures running from about 57 to 62. we'll be 63 to 69 at noon with increasing clouds. a stray shower, some sprinkles out there and then by 4:00, 64 at the coast, low 70s around the bay. the sprinkles. the chance over by 7:00. more on maria up next. back to you guys. all right. a look at the roads here this morning, mike. so far we only have one blocking


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