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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 22, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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fall, have no fear. >> that october heat wave is in the forecast. we'll get to that in about ten minutes. let's talk about getting you out the door if you're short on time. look at the breezes calm to about ten miles an hour. significantly slower than yesterday. high pressure taking over. that's why we're going to have total sunshine. still gusty in our hills up to 20, 25 miles per hour. those will also calm today. 12-hour day planner. 51 to 53. notice at noon we're still cool, 60 to 65. we'll stay 62 at the coast. 70 to 73 around the bay and inland. as we head to 7:00, 59 at the coast, about 64 for our bay and inland neighborhoods. cooler than average. wait until you see those 80s and 90s. alexis? >> one trouble spot this morning. our traffic alert on southbound 101 south of sfo. a four-car crash, one of those vehicles caught fire when it hit the center divide and the three left lanes blocked. you're crawling along at 4 miles an hour.
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southbound 82 or southbound 280 for an alternate. hearing about minor issue in the east bay, we'll check on that up next. >> alexis, thank you, uc berkeley's free speech week is kicking off sunday and the city of berkeley is asking residents to, quote, separate yourself from violence. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live for us on cal's campus. amy? >> reporter: hi, reggie. these fliers posted calling for them to shut down milo yiannopoulos. the city of berkeley is advising people to stay away. yiannopoulos is expected to speak on wednesday along with ann coulter and steve bannon. free speech week starts sunday. the university officials say the speaker list keeps changing creating planning, challenges, all speeches are set for outside in sproul plaza. our laura anthony questioned organizers on whether this is all really going to happen. >> if most of your events have to be outside, will milo,
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bannon, and coulter really show up? >> from our end we can tell you what they confirmed for us. they have confirmed to be here september 24th to september 27th and from our end we have the resources and means to put on this event. >> reporter: the city of berkeley has put out advice on how to deal with the protests. first the city says separate yourself from the violence. second, don't help create a spectacle out of an event. ro ateway from the main event. the city is encouraging residents to focus on what else is going on this weekend. other than protests and counterprotests. the counterprotests will start as early as tomorrow with a no hate in berkeley community march set for noon. reporting live in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. happening today a dental assistant from the east bay will be sentenced guilty. 24-year-old saro faces 25 years to life in prison. investigators say he molested as many as 50 young girls while
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they were sedated. he was arrested in april in concord. an 8-year-old girl says he sexually assaulted her and recorded it on his cell phone. he work at four different dental offices. investigators found evidence of more victims there between 5 and 13 years old. happening today investigators are planning a march and rally in san francisco to demand justice. artist anthony torres known as bubbles was killed two weeks ago in the tender loin. no arrests have been made. there's no evidence to suggest a hate crime took place. today's march begins at 4:00 p.m. at larkin and myrtle street. developing news now, antioch police are warning anyone who visited a gas station to check their credit and banking information. they discovered credit card skimmers attached. they found six yesterday. police are not sure how long they were there for. they think if you may have gotten gas recently make sure to
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contact your bank. >> pittsburg police need your help to identify this woman seen on surveilencla s ttehealin railroad book depot. authorities say she has pilfered more than $1,000 worth of books. now the book depot is a city owned nonprofit that gives books to various schools and organizations throughout the county. mark zuckerberg pledging big changes after admitting russian agents bought thousands of ads on facebook during the 2016 election. zuckerberg made the announcement on facebook live yesterday saying he is turning over more than 3,000 political ads to congressional investigators. the ads are linked to russia. most of them praising donald trump or attacking hillary clinton. >> you need more cooperation between intelligence agencies and tech leaders to help address these problems. these were new problems for our democracy. >> president trump tweeted this morning the russia hoax
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continues. now it's ads on facebook. he added iluenhe tce over our election was the fake news media screaming for crooked hillary clinton. new details coming in on that breaking news. uber announcing this morning that it will no longer be operating in london. it was not their decision. the city said bye-bye to uber. we're now getting a full statement from the ride hailing company saying the city and mayor simply caved in from a small number of people who don't like uber and saying, quote, if this decision stands it will put more than 40,000 licensed drivers out of work and deprive londoners of a convenient and formidable form of transport. the transport authority says they don't like how uber handles criminal offenses or blocks some data from regulators so they will not be renewing their license. back to you. >> jess, thank you. a possible big change to a popular race. the reason the san francisco
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marathon may soon have a new roof. >> and a new study at our nation's busiest airports and the rankings include l.a.x. and sfo. it is 6:06. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza as people make their way in to work for the end of the workweek. ♪ hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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kind of a chilly start half moon bay, 48 in menlo park. we have 52 there in foster city. everyone else in the mid to upper 50s. east bay shore, 50 in san jose. 47 in palo alto. 42 right now santa rosa, the cool spot. highs 48 with showers. rain, snow above 6,500 look at that. we'll have 50s and 60s and most the snow will melt around tahoe. alexis? >> we still have our sig alert south of sfo. southbound lanes just before you get to poplar avenue. they are still waiting. they are stuck in the backup and we're right around two miles now for the backup so el camino real. seeing some red on the
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northbound side. we're hearing about another multicar crash, possibly two separate ones, one involving two vehicles and the other involving four in the same spot. we'll head back there in a minute. southbound 880, we had a two-car crash now off on the shoulder. >> the san francisco marathon may soon have a new route. today the golden gate bridge board of directors is voting to reaffirm they don't want the iconic structure closed anymore for special events. they want to keep it open to traffic. they want to avoid a possible terror attack. north korea is saying they may test a hydrogen bomb. >> and search and rescue, the way families and first responders are holding on to hope. that those still missing will be found alive. >> a look at sfo this morning. thanks for being here with us.
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welcome back. that breaking news right now a two-alarm fire in san francisco and sky 7 just got to the scene. you can see the fire truck ladder there lit up in blue up to a high-rise apartment building. we believe this is the seventh floor of a 13-floor apartment building and this is in the area of 19th avenue on cambon near park merced.
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firefighters are working to get people out of there, they're trying to rescue folks from that high rise building. we have not seen any flames so smoke may be coming out of the floor. hard to see at this point. i have counted at least a dozen emergency vehicles there. there are ambulances and fire trucks on scene. you can see the lights on in several different floors which may indicate that several people were home or woke up when all of this commotion began. we have calls in to the fire department and we will let you know as soon as we do get an update on this breaking news. north korea's foreign minister says they may test a hydrogen bomb. it would be considered a major provocation by the u.s. and its
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allies and follows trump's remarks in which he threatened to totally destroy north korea. leader kim jong-un responded saying he displays mentally deranged behavior and will pay dearly for his speech. rescue teams are still working around the clock in a desperate search for survivors. the death toll has climbed with more than 2,000 hurt. over 50 people rescued. all of mexico captivated by the flattened school we're watching on tv. a glimmer of hope after officials said they believe a 12-year-old girl was trapped inside and alive. yesterday officials announced that all children dead or alive have been accounted for from the school. abc newsth that girl. >> reporter: so how did the entire world come to believe there were still children trapped in there? >> the information coming from the different teams so we were
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not certain about that. now we're certain of the permission we're giving you. >> so, in other words, that girl apparently didn't exist. mexico's president insists the search and rescue efforts will continue as long as they believe anybody is alive. happening today bay area first responders sent to help hurricane vehicles are on their way home. the last members of task force 4 are driving equipment back now. they traveled more than 8,000 miles. the team is made of first responders from several bay area departments including oakland departments including oakland and alameda county firefighters. winterlike weather is causing problems in the sierra. a deadly pileup near lake tahoe. chp says 16 vehicles got into an accident and a driver after accident and a driver after pickup truck died.
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snow is expected in the mountains higher than 6,000 feet. b.a.r.t. will be the hot topic today, part of phase two of a six-mile extension in the south bay that will run from the b.a.r.t. station in san jose into downtown and the city of santa clara. today vta board members are meeting to talk about tunnels needed to get trains to san jose and will talk about the specific location of the downtown stations. the workshop starts at 9:00 in san jose. there are car washes you pay for and then there's this. yeah. cars driving on highway 1 got an unexpected soaking yesterday. look at that convertible going through. roger dawson sent us this video. take a look. a lot of people caught off guard by this, the water line burst next to the highway in the area. we're told it took about an hour to finally get all of that water shut off. >> i do need my car washed. >> not like that. officials in marin are
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kicking around ideas to help a highway be less flood prone. levee improvements, making the road higher and wider. last winter the 21-mile highway sustained major flooding. much of the road is at long-term risk of submerging under a predicted sea level rise of 6 feet by the end of the century. officially saying good-bye to summer this morning and hello to fall this afternoon. >> at least on the calendar. it's not going to stay cool very long. we have a heat wave coming. hi, everybody. take a look outside. a look at san jose at 17. pretty clear. sunshine, breeze is relaxed today. tonight clear and cool. that building heat wave hits next week. for today 63 in half moon bay. san francisco, 66. oakland, 69. everybody else about 70 to 76 degrees. tonight we'll have 40s out there once again. a few sprinkling of 40s right near cupertino as you get cold air drainage out of the mountains into the south bay.
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the san ramone valley and clover dale. the rest of us about 50 to 56 degrees. all right, if you're going to the bacon and brew festival or if you're not why aren't you? mid-70s. make sure you have the sunscreen on down to 64 degrees by the time we wrap things up. look at the warmth. it starts along the coast in san francisco. low to mid-80s elsewhere. look at those mid to upper 70s along the coast in san francisco monday through thursday next week. mid to upper 80s around the bay. the heat is coming. >> i want to head back to the peninsula, our biggest issue and now crashes on both sides of 101 right around poplar avenue on either side of the road. we started off with a sig alert. crews are dealing with a hazmat cleanup as well involved in this
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four-car crash. we're down to the two left lanes blocked but, again, we have some delays. the northbound side of the road two separate crashes, one involving two vehicles, the other involving four and that is also blocking the two left lanes so, boy, avoid 101 if you can stick to el camino real or 280. on either side of the roadway. no issues if you are traveling. >> the importance of being precise. the clever way a student taught a professor a valuable lesson. >> and help for the holidays. airline tickets that may help you save some cash. >> sky 7 flying over breaking news. firefighters at the scene of a two-alarm fire. we're keeping you updated as we're keeping you updated as pmore inform
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when flying through u.s. airports, maybe because they're so happy to be off the flight. apparently they really like sacramento. according to jd powers 2017 north america airport
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satisfaction study sacramento international ranks highest among all airports in the country. now in the mega airport category, ninth, l.a.x. 17th. john wayne airport is number one. oakland comes in at 15. the medium airport category finds sacramento again at number one. burbank,13. it's time now to ask finney. steve from my hometown of san rafael has a question about buying airline tickets. he spoke to us at our ask finney pop-up. 7 on your side's michael finney has his answer. >> when is the best time to buy your airplane ticket on line? because it seems to change every five minutes. hi, steve, it does seem to change every five minutes. i work on this all the time. let me give you the latest best practices. for the best prices by airline tickets at noon pacific time on tuesdays and wednesdays. and purchase those between 60
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and 5 days in advance of your trip. i have to tell you right here that is an average. it is not for a specific ticket. use the app topper or kayak or both. if you go online and let those two sites know where and when you want to go, both of them will notify when you prices drop. if you jump on it right away it works. you'll get a great price. steve, good luck and thanks for your question. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it on your smartphone or tablet and share it on social with the #askfinney or go to you may see your question answered here. a student at a maryland college took her professor at his word. >> this is funny. for the first test of the semester at anne arundel community college the professor always allows a 3x5 card. now, of course the professor is talking 3x5 inches but he didn't say inches, so this student made
6:26 am
a note card that is 3x5 feet. the professor admits he made a mistake and he actually allowed the card to be used on the test saying the situation was well played. >> do you feel that's unusual? i feel a lot of professors would say, you know what i meant, take your cheating card outside. >> and also automatic fail and i hate you. that's what would happen to me. for some reason that student is getting away with it. good for her. 11 cargo containers fell into the water at the port of oakland. the big job now facing divers this morning. plus, we're live in palo alto where anticipation is building for the new iphones, or is it? the warriors ready to hit the practice court for the coming season. the big decision about last season they are still facing now. plus, we continue to track breaking news in san francisco. a two-alarm fire at an apartment building. you can see from sky 7 that firefighters are still out there on scene. we'll have a very latest update for you as they start to rescue people out of that building up
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next. and a sig alert on the peninsula. showing you heavy traffic on both sides of 101 near poplar avenue. collisions northbound and southbound.
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tile, stone, even air ducts and window treatments. and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back. that's 40% off everything coit cleans. call or click today. good morning on this friday, september 22nd.
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it is 6:30. good bye to summer but not the heat quite yet, mike. >> it will feel like autumn today but by next week summerlike once again. hi, everybody. stepping out this morning it's a chilly one out there mostly sunny. a few leftover clouds in some of our higher elevations. the gray. you can see here from our roof camera. notice the flags on the ferry building not nearly as breezy as it was yesterday. 51 to 53 at 7:00. we'll be around 60 to 65 your noontime temperature if you're sitting in the sunshine will feel good. if you're going to be in the shade a little chilly. 62 at the coast. 70 to 73 and inland at 4:00. grab the sunscreen, you'll need it at 7:00. take a look at the heat wave that begins next. here's alexis. >> i want to take you back to the peninsula. good news in the last couple of minutes. the crash most of the morning on southbound 101 has cleared. so you can see those speeds starting to pick up there as they zoom out just a little bit. we do still have our crash on the northbound side of the road,
6:31 am
so this was two separate collisions blocking the two left lanes and they're still working on cleaning that up, the sig alert with the three lanes blocked and hazmat has cleared. i will show this to you on our traffic maps and we'll talk about alternates while these start to unwind in a few. we do want to get back to the breaking news we're following and a live look from sky 7. we have just learned three victims were rescued from this two-alarm fire in san francisco. unclear at this point how those folks are doing and if they have been hospitalized. right now you can see at least a dozen emergency vehicles surrounding this apartment building. we believe it's a 13-floor apartment building, and that the fire was on the seventh floor. now this is in the area of 19th avenue on a small street named cambon right near park merced. san francisco state university, if you're familiar with that area. we are working on getting better
6:32 am
information. sky 7 looks around this building, you can see lights on on certain floors there indicating perhaps that people were inside. you see what appears to be a broken window and the huge blue fire ladder still up there on the side of the building. again, we are following the breaking news. i will let you know if we get more updates. >> certainly hoping people are okay. thank you, jess. this morning rescuers are racing against the clock to find survivors in mexico three days after the powerful magnitude 7.1 quake. >> more than 50 people rescued so far and rescuers are singing the national anthem for the country whenever they discover a body to honor that person's life. the death toll hasisen to r273 people in mexico including 137 in mexico city itself. for days now searchers focused attention on a ruined elementary school. yesterday officials announced shocking news. a 12-year-old girl who had become a beacon of hope trapped in the rubble didn't exist. all children at the school are
6:33 am
accounted for. a popular san francisco restaurant is raising money for the victims of the mexico earthquake. the owner of cala also owns a restaurant in mexico city. that restaurant is serving free food to rescue workers and volunteers. the bathrooms are open to the public along with free wi-fi and an area to charge cell phones. >> that has channelled my sadness and frustration for not being there in a very positive way. >> if you want to do something to help this weekend cala restaurant will charge $100 for sunday brunch and drinks. that fund-raiser will be held from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the civic center neighborhood. all of the money will go to the red cross, unicef, and the mexican volunteer rescuers. other ways to help now are on our website. we have links to multiple charities that are accepting donations. just check for the info. happening today divers will try to locate several shipping containers that slid off a cargo ship into the outer harbor. sky 7 was overhead soon after 11
6:34 am
empty containers went into the water yesterday afternoon. crews managed to secure ones that they could spot so they wouldn't drift away. some of the containers did sink. the coast guard and pilots are guiding ships around the area as a precaution. they're not sure how they fell in the harbor. apple's newest products go on sale. there is one glaring exception. >> and that exception seems to be cutting into demand for the iphone 8. matt keller live for us in palo alto. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. i found a nice seat here in line for the new iphone so i could relax instead of using my legs and standing because a lot of people are working this morning. i am working but i'm not standing. all of these people getting ready for the iphone 8 release, all the apple workers getting them on the display cases and out of the boxes and getting ready for people to come in and receive them. this is the big day for a lot of people although today when we got here about 4:00 there was
6:35 am
only one person in line, noah marriott. he was the first, the last, and the only one waiting here in line in palo alto. how do you feel being here by yourself? >> it sucks. >> reporter: you were hoping this would be more of an event? >> yeah, like the previous ones. not as exciting as i thought it would be. >> reporter: the numbers back up what we're seeing. the iphone 8 won't be that popular. preorders for the iphone 8 are down 78% compared to iphone 7. one review called the iphone 8 a fairly straightforward update. apple is releasing its newest version and the apple watch series three. the big lines will be here for the iphone x. now you're going to see something embarrassing, me trying to get out of this chair. noah is working with the apple people. he has been joined by a couple of friends. we have suzanne and alejandro.
6:36 am
they're cheaper here in the states. we have noah and his friends this morning. back to you. >> good that noah has a little bit of company now hitting the 6:00 a.m. hour. thank you, matt. happening today lieutenant governor gavin newsom and senator bernie sanders speaking at the nurses association convention in san francisco. the cna has endorsedim h for governor in 2018. senator sanders is the headliner of the convention and will speak at 1:00 p.m. and his appearance comes after the week of the national medicare for all legislation. afterwards sanders will be the guest of honor at city college of the ocean campus at 3:30 p.m. he endorsed city college's free tuition program before the last presidential election. a last-minute settlement will stop a trial involving the deadly asiana plane crash a. surgical dentist sued the airline claiming she could no longer work because of an injury suffered during the crash. the airline was challenging the severity of her injury. jury selection was supposed to
6:37 am
begin today. our media partner the bay area news group reports both sides reached an agreement yesterday. now that deal settles the final claim by the more than 300 people onboard the flight. san francisco police arrested one of the department's own officers following an internal affairs probe for a vehicle violation. joel babs faces two misdemeanor charges now, one count for having false license plate stickers and another for filing a false police report. he's assigned to a nonpublic contact position. a santa cru drndwoz nurses accused of molesting children face new charges this morning. the 32 additional counts stem from new video investigators say shows them abusing three children. a judge increased bail to $15 million for dr. james kohut, rashel brandon and emily joy stephens. this is kohut in a previous court appearance. he worked at dominican hospital and a surgery center. kohut is accused of luring women with intentions to molest their children. the christopher columbus
6:38 am
statue in san jose city hall has been vandalized just as city leaders were working on a plan to remove it. this is the statue before someone poured red and black paint on it. a city council committee decided it will be relocated. last month a group started a petition to get it removed. the warriors opened training camp tomorrow at the team's practice facility in downtown observing. with the new season coming up many are wondering if they will celebrate their nba championship at the white house. warriors head coach steve kerr tells espn that no decision has been made. kerr says the team plans to discuss the matter this fall. the warriors have not been invited officially yet by the trump administration but it is believed an invitation would be group.d if the team decided to kevin durant said he did not title with president trump because he does not respect who is in office. >> a quick maria update and show you where the winds are lashing the turks and caicos right now.
6:39 am
hurricane force winds over just about the entire island there, all 40 of them, i should say. just off the coast there is where the most dangerous winds are. 125-mile-per-hour winds. it's moving to the northwest at 7 which means rain is going to be an issue as it slows down and 6 to foot surge that could bury some of those 40 islands today through tomorrow morning. then it moves to the north and weakens from a two and starts to head to bermuda. maybe i'll go back to the left and weaken down to a 1. into early next week no land is threatened by a direct hit. check out rona park. 39 degrees right now. you're definitely the cool spot. just about everybody in the 40s except for san rafael. bodega bay, mid to upper 50s around the bay shore. a lot of upper 40s from lafayette to san ramon. baseball tonight.
6:40 am
rangers and a's it 63 to 60. 7:05 first pitch. football tomorrow, a 12:30 kickoff. trojans in town, 70 to 74 and later that evening 7:30 down on the farm. ucla to take on stanford. 68 down to 62. it's a week full of football. anybody you'll be watching? >> my michigan wolverines, yeah. playing purdue. 3 and 0. it's a dicey 3-0. >> they're not playing that well? >> no, you know that. >> what about the traffic around memorial stadium or stanford? >> we're going to see some congestion there, too. be prepared for that. leave early or definitely pay attention to the start times. right now we have really just one area that's been some trouble for us this morning. we are improving. southbound 101 and poplar, a sig alert cleared. and then i'm guessing we had some drivers that were distracted on that northbound side so secondary crash there and that is still blocking,
6:41 am
blocking the two left lanes. yo jmedou y from south of 92 down to just about 7 miles an hour. this is one of those spots in the bay area we have some alternates, though. el camino real looks great or 280 if you want to take tshi de alternate as well. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza looking typical this morning and those metering flights flipped on later than usual. that happened right around 5:29. we'll check on drive times coming up next. >> thank you, alexis. running to the rescue the way one police officer saved two people trapped in a burning car. and a first for northern california where whole foods is planning to open a new type of store here in the bay area. first, a look at 9:00 on "live with kelly and ryan." >> good morning, guys. >> hi there. on live, the golde circle. >> plus a pet psychic.
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without pg&e's assistance, without their training our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california.
6:44 am
a two-alarm fire and look at this new video we just got moments ago from firefighters. these are the flames that they confronted when they first got to the scene of the apartment building. as i mentioned only a few minute ago we do know at least three people were rescued. unclear, though, how those folks are doing right now. the fire happened in the area of 19th avenue on a small street named cambon near park merced
6:45 am
and near san francisco state university. right now these flames are gone. i can tell you that. there are at least a dozen emergency vehicles in that area so you do want to avoid the area. no word yet on exactly what sparked the fire. >> jess, thank you. hurricane maria is gaining strength once again packing winds up to 125 miles an hour. it's now hitting turks and caicos in the bahamas after it caused widespread damage in the dough minimum con republic n. puerto rico the damage is catastrophic. homes are flooded. the entire island has no power. desperate residents are lining up for water that is being trucked in. >> diesel for the generator. we need lights and water. >> and days after the storm search crews are still working around the clock. overnight the coast guard released video showing three people rescued from an overturned boat. take a look at this. police cam video shows officers rushing to save two people trapped in a fiery car.
6:46 am
>> get out! >> thank goodness for these five atlanta police officers who used batons to smash the windows and fire extinguishers to douse the flames before that car could explode. the fire department later arrived and used equipment to remove the victims. the city of atlanta is celebrating the officers' heroism. the two victims are still hospitalized in serious condition. two exciting events going on in the bay area this weekend. >> san francisco's richmond district is hosting an autumn moon festival, the first tim the holiday marking the fall harvest has been celebrated in asia more than 1,000 years. booths will line the street between 5th and 8th avenues beginning at 10:00 in the morning offering food, crafts. >> you go to a game lose your phone. this actually happened. jessica herrera's brother lost a cell phone during a raider's game. she answer add call from a man who said he was rickey
6:47 am
henderson. now she didn't think it was actually the rickey henderson but arranged a meeting place to get the phone back. >> and then all of a sudden this car comes up and a black escalate, fancy -- a fancy car -- and i was like, that's really him! and we just started, oh, my goodness. and such an amazing moment. >> rickey apparently found the phone just sitting on his bumper. he returned it. he took all the photos they wanted, signed some autographs. very classy move by the hall of famer. >> now the morning's money report, heading to the hot seat following his company's massive data breach. >> that exposed nearly half the u.s. population. smith will have to face questions from a congressional oversight committee about exactly what happened. this hearing will be open to the public and also will be live webcast. toys r us filed for bankruptcy
6:48 am
this week plans to hire more than 12,000 part-time workers for the holidays. applications can be turned in at its stores and distribution centers. this year toys 'r' us is hiring for a brand-new position called toy demonstrator, someone to help kids test out all the toys. a brand-new place to do your grocery shopping. whole foods announced that it's opening a whole foods market 365 on december 6th. this will be the first location in northern california. they're designed to be mostly self-service so think grab and go. prices are lower than at a typical whole foods. >> a typical whole foods is already pretty low. >> i think it's going to be pretty much -- because that's their brand, 365. i think it's all their stuff. over to meteorologist mike nicco. hey, mike. >> good morning. let's talk about sfo. you can see over on the peninsula there's a little bit of fog this morning. you'll see a lot of sunshine as we head into the afternoon hours. fog not making it up to the
6:49 am
golden gate bridge. look at how clean that air is. sunshine, light breezes today. temperatures bounce back this weekend. we have a heat wave next week. still having some snow down to about 6,500 feet, another inch to three inches of accumulations out of the showers as they continue today up in the high country. so be careful up there. 63 at half moon bay. san francisco, 66. oakland, 69. everybody else around 70 to 76 degrees this afternoon. another cool one tonight. most of us around 50 to 55. we'll have a few 40s around cue cupertino, the san ramon valley and the north bay will have mid to upper 40s. now if you're going to fog fest, not going to have much fog around but it's a celebration. 70 saturday with sunshine in the afternoon and sunshine all day sunday and at least 73 degrees. my accuweather seven-day forecast, check out the jump tomorrow. warmer sunday and then we get into the 90s next week inland. 80s around the bay and even some 70s and 80s at the coast
6:50 am
tuesday, wednesday and thursday. the heat's back. it's october. it's autumn. alexis? we have quite a bit happening on the roads. still have our crash blocking the two left lanes on 101 and poplar avenue. a hefty four-mile backup at this point. you are jammed up. i checked from san carlos up to sfo, 15 minutes on northbound 101. right now it is taking you 40 minutes. head over to el camino real and cut about 20 minutes of that off or if you're closer to 280 that makes sense as well. just have a new crash in for the south bay. northbound 87 near curtner, a motorcycle down, lane three is blocked. up to the north bay our first problem of the day up there, southbound 101 just south of state route 37 before ignacio boulevard. some slight delays. next traffic update just before 7:00. more breaking news in san francisco. sky 7 is live over the
6:51 am
intersection where a deadly hit-and-run that happened earlier this morning occurred and police have just cleared out from the scene. what you're looking at here is gerald and tolan at the san francisco wholesale produce warehouse. san francisco police saying the victim was a 57-year-old man and he did die at the scene. it has damage to the windshield and front end. san francisco police are searching for that car and the person driving it. we will let you know when we have updates. >> jess, thank you. tomorrow usc battles cal at memorial stadium but this morning one of the trojans is sharing a pretty incredible story of how he continues to defy all the odds to pursue his passion. >> earlier this month jake olson snapped the ball on the point after touchdown in a win over western michigan. olson is wlind blind. he lost his left eye when he was 10 years old and his right when
6:52 am
he was 12. the longtime trojan fan is a walk-on. he talked with robin roberts on "gma" about facing obstacles. >> i would never tell anyone that life is fair. everyone is dealt with an unfair set of cards some way, somehow. at the end of the day it's your decision and it really is up to you how far you want to push yourself what you're willing to do. the only thing that can stop you in life is you. >> did you see he was wearing usc colors even when he was a little kid. you can watch the entire interview coming up on "gma" at 7:00 a.m. >> i know we're in cal territory but that gives you trojan pride. coming back in 90 seconds.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:54. here are seven things to know before you go. number one is breaking news this morning. san francisco firefighters battled a large apartment fire right near park merced. at least three people were rescued. okay, taking a look at number two right now, we do have this issue on the peninsula, northbound 101. if you're traveling through san mateo one of about three crashes in the same area today. we're still blocking the two left lanes. stick to el camino real. more than 50 people rescued after the huge earthquake.
6:55 am
the death toll has risen to 273 people in mexico including 137 in city, more than 2,000 have been hurt. number four, hurricane maria is gaining strength again and packing winds up to 125 miles per hour. it is now hitting the bahamas after causing widespread damage in the dominican republic and puerto rico. it will miss the u.s. through the weekend and into early next week. we've got autumn-like flavor to your 12-hour day planner with temperatures in the low to mid-60s for your lunch hour. 60s at the coast. low to mid-70s elsewhere. number six, divers will be out this mornin to locate several shipping containers that fell into oakland's outer harbor. they were on a cargo ship yesterday when they toppled into the water. iphone 8 and 8 plus coming out today but it appears there may not be such a big demand for the new phones. preorders were down 80% compared to the iphone 7. >> consider this, though, iphone 8 can cost as much as $800. right? so you're $200 away from an
6:56 am
iphone x. >> from the big, bright and shiny one. >> i'm not saying $1,000 is a cheap deal for a phone, i'm just saying i can see why people might be waiting. we are saying good-bye to summer this morning. autumn this afternoon. mike, another heat wave, right? t fall short of average levels today but by next week we'll have 80s at the coast. 90s around the bay and inland. for several days. >> you can have that, mike. i'm going to enjoy the moment that i have right now. mike nicco was born to do weather. >> he's the best at helping everyone get it. >> not your typical morning guy. think master of meteorologist meets funny man. >> loves fast cars and '80s rock. >> his facebook page -- >> weather and oreos. >> that's his cat. he loves animals. >> he's helped hundreds find new homes. >> above all, mike's a family man. they arist lfe his everything.
6:57 am
they arist lfe his everything. >> b
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or your money back. that's 40% off everything coit cleans. call or click today. hurricane maria moving toward the u.s. lashing turks and caicos right now as a category 3. rescue crews working to save those trapped in the path of destruction. this new coast guard video showing the incredible moment heroes swoop in to save a family stranded by the hurricane. millions now in need of the most basic supplies growing more desperate by the minute. also breaking overnight, kim jong-un and his fiery response now threatening to test a hydrogen bomb over the pacific ocean. >> we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. >> retaliating over president trump's u.n. speech and the new sanctions. calling trump, quote, deranged. now secretary of state rex tillerson is right here


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