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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 25, 2017 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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th this morning on "world news now," growing backlash at stadiums across the country. nfl players respond with peaceful acts of defiance.tygai president trump's call for nfl owners to fire players who choose to kneel for the national anthem. plus, a deadly shooting spree at a church is now under investigation. eyewitnesss say a masked gunman opened fire at the end of sunday's services before an usher stood up to that gunman, saving many others. we have full details ahead. and next, dangerous drones. one collides with a military helicopter after flying way above the legal height. >> a manhunt is now under way for that pilot and investigators are warning this could have been much worse. the major launch happening today involving sofia vergara and underwear and how it can help women all over the world.
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fresh undies for a good cause. and it's not even ratings month. this is monday, september 25th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> every time you get a reminder of why you spent $60,000 on that journalism degree, you have fresh undies for a good cause. >> thank you sofia vergara. >> thank you. >> we'll dig into that a little later on. but we're going to start about the controversy that a lot of people are talking about. president trump going head to head with players who dare to take a knee or sit during the national anthem. >> nearly every member of the oakland raiders refused to stand for the anthem, joining players around the league, outraged by president trump's call for any team owners to fire anyone protesting on the field. abc's richard cantu has more. ♪ oh, say can you see >> reporter: after the nfl sent a clear message to donald trump
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all day sunday, taking a knee, locking arms, some players raising fists into the air, the president is somewhat back-pedaling on some aspects of his attack on nfl players who kneel during the national anthem to protest racial and social injustice. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a [ bleep ] off the field right now, he's fired. he's fired! >> reporter: many are viewing the president's reaction to predominantly black athletes, in stark contrast to his comments about white protesters. >> with the venom and anger, that he could muster more of that for colin kaepernick than for the deadly protests in charlottesville, that's just stunning. >> reporter: now trump insisting sunday evening -- >> this has nothing to do with race. >> reporter: and what about the barrage of tweets, telling nfl fans to boycott games until players stop disrespecting the
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flag and country? >> are you calling on your supporters to boycott? >> i think it's very disrespectful to the flag. >> reporter: some in the nfl openly attack the president. >> seems like every time he's opening his mouth, it's something dividing our country and not pulling us together. >> reporter: while fans like these in philadelphia clash over the controversy ignited by the president. >> i hate you! >> reporter: richard cantu, abc news, new york. >> nfl owners, many of them who donated to the trump campaign, are expressing support for their players and the right to protest. >> league owners donated millions to the campaign, but now they're hitting back. robert kraft says he's deeply disappointed in his comments. and former jets coach, rex ryan now regrets backing the president. >> i'm pissed off, i'll be honest with you. because i supported donald trump. calling our players sobs and that kind of stuff, that's not the men that i know.
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the men that i know no the locker room, i'm proud of. >> treasury secretary steve mnuchin was among those defending the president's remarks. he said the players can have the right to the first amendment off the field. mnuchin added that the league should create and enforce rules to make the players stand for the anthem. oakland catcher bruce maxwell is from a military family. he held his hand to his heart and faced the flag as he knelt. maxwell says he received both support and threats in reaction. nashville police are holding a 25-year-old man after a shooting at a church. one worshipper is dead, seven others injured. it might have been worse if not for the courageous actions of an usher. adrian bankert with more. >> reporter: the small tennessee church ripped apart by a gunman
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on a deadly shooting rampage. >> the church of christ, people have been shot that location. >> reporter: the first calls came in at 11:15 as the service at burnette church of christ let out. >> this is a level one mass casualty incident. >> reporter: police say the gunman killed one woman in the parking lot, then made his way inside, all the way to the pulpit. >> the guy came from the right side of the church and he was just shooting. he was just shooting. he just came right to the middle. >> reporter: minerva rosa's dress bloody from helping the pastor, one of seven hurt along with 68-year-old linda bush. >> she was pretending to be dead so he wouldn't shoot her again. >> reporter: after several moments of horror, robert engle, a church usher confronts the shooter. >> he tackled hi he was hurt in the head. without him, i think can be worse. >> reporter: the gunman now identified by police as emmanuel sampson was shot during the struggle. police say that heroic usher saved lives. >> this church usher, an extraordinarily brave individual. >> reporter: police are still
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looking into the shooter's motives. 've arnethat he is a former member of this church. we've learned the u.s. attorney's office has opened up a civil rights investigation into the shooting. adrian bankert, abc news, antioch, tennessee. we move on to puerto rico. there are fears that a dam protecting thousands of hurricane maria victims may fail at any moment. >> thousands are in the path of the dam and have been told to evacuate. an area that holds excess water from the dam is already overflowing. mean while, millions are affected by hurricane-related gas crises. some people waited as long as eight hours to fill up for gas. more than 120,000 gallons of diesel fuel are being sent to the island. >> and maria is expected to bring tropical force winds. to east coast of the u.s. mainland. the surge could be up to four feet. high surf and dangerous rip currents expected along the east coast throughout the week. advisories stretch from florida
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all the way up to new england. and the u.s. made a show of force against north korea over the weekend. american b-1 bombers and f-15 fighters flew further north of the dmz in two decades. it came after a sharp exchange of words between president trump and a north korean official who spoke at the u.n. treasury secretary steve mnuchin defended the president's stand against kim jong un. >> this is not about personalities. this is not personal. this is about someone testing nuclear weapons, a hydrogen bomb that was dramatically bigger than any bomb used. this is about sending missiles over japan's airspace. these things are not going to be continued to be allowed. and the president has made that very clear. >> mnuchin said the world should unite against north korea's promise to test a hydrogen bomb over the pacific ocean. senate republicans are
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making a late change to the bill. they're adding $14 million for states to spend on coverage, but the legislation remains in critical condition. ahead of an expected vote this week. lawmakers faced raucous crowds in their home states. >> obamacare doesn't allow us to innovate. it's a one-size-fits-all. and iowa is certainly not the same as texas, california or new york. >> it's very difficult for me to envision a scenario where i would end up voting for this bill. >> right now they don't have my vote. and i don't think they have mike lee's either. >> the intention itot noe ak t the intention is to make the bill better. >> you see rand paul will there and john mccain have already said they will vote against the bill. senator lisa murkowski of alaska is uncommitted and one more no-vote would sink the effort. jared kushner is under fire for using a private e-mail to conduct government business. his attorney says the
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president's son-in-law and white house senior adviser sent fewer than 100 such messages and all were forwarded to kushner's account and retained. federal rules require that e-mails from officials be kept. more scientific wonders and how bill nye, the science guy reacted to a group of young women having an impromptu dance party in a vegas elevator. and after the break, high-flying drones getting a little too much distance off the ground and collide, an aircraft. we'll have the details surrounding the latest incident. first, here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather, brought to you by liberator medical supply.
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spectators at an italian air spectators at an italian air show watched in horror as a euro fighter jet crashed into the sea. the pilot was killed in the incident. onlookers say the jet completed a loop but then failed to gain enough altitude and slammed into the water a few hundred yards offshore, about 60 miles from
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rome. >> this is actually like the second crash of that particular sort of plane in less than two weeks. obviously there's a lot that police or officials are going to look into when it comes to investigating the cause. in the meantime, police are searching for the operate egg of a drone that smashed into a military helicopter over new york city. the chopper had been providing security during the u.n. conference. >> this is the first time a drone has interfered with an aircraft and officials are worried it won't be the last. erielle reshef has details. >> reporter: the push to find the pilot who slammed a drone into this black hawk helicopter. the crash the first between a drone and a military aircraft. it happened 500 feet above a new york neighborhood. the faa says it's illegal to fly private drones that high. the 82nd airborne pilot managed to land safely. he was tasked with protecting the u.n. general assembly.
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this fragment of the drone, the only clue about who may have been flying it. >> sooner or later, we're going to lose an aircraft due to a collision. >> reporter: law enforcement increasingly dealing with these high-flying hazards. >> we just got a near mid-air collision with a drone. >> reporter: this summer one came close to a police aircraft in massachusetts. another close to a police chopper in north carolina. >> it could have been a catastrophic event. >> reporter: none of the paratroopers inside that black hawk were injured. the 82nd airborne division tells us the pilot had no warning the drone was nearby. erielle reshef, new york. >> when drones first came out, one of the big concerns was privacy and how they can affect people's expectation of privacy in places. but a lot of people are not realizing how much of a danger the drones can pose in this respect. >> a safety issue. it's illegal to be able to fly drones in new york city.
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it's restricted. but still, many times you'll see on the east side or west side, plenty of drones flying, taking pictures of the hudson river or east river. and there are many helicopters and planes in those areas. so really have to be careful up there. >> and even calls for tougher regulation. and in this case, the drone wasn't flying where it was supposed to. those regulations aren't necessarily equalizing forcemen. emorial for p,en the m a rock legend. although it looks a lot more like an actor who is alive. and sofia vergara's underwear for a good cause. "the skinny's" next. he skinny's" next.
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♪ skinny ♪ so skinny ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny we are leading off "the skinny" this monday with within of the richest women in hollywood, expanding her empire, with underwear subscriptions. >> so sofia vergara is known best for playing gloria on abc's "modern family." it's not just the show helping her rake in $41.5 million. she has various things. licensing deals and starting today she'll have one more.
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she's launching eby. a subscription service where you can get underwear and other items to your home on a regular basis. >> there are a lot of people that are in this business, actually. >> the company is for profit but hopes to do good as well by giving 10% of its proceeds to micro loans, helping women in underprivileged parts of the world start their own businesses. but this whole subscription-based thing, especially with underwear. >> i hadn't heard of underwear subscriptions. >> yes, i know some friends who do it. if only i could get away with it. but no, it's a great idea. >> it would be a better idea if they could somehow send me underwear when i go on vacation and forget to pack it. >> boom. >> then i have to go buy some. >> that happens to me as well and then i pick other options. >> we'll move on. next to the late godfather of grunge, nirvana frontman, curt cobain. after his death he is still
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inspiring artists all over the world. some were confused when a memorial mural was released in austria, resembling a different famous face from the '90s. >> so david spade tweeted the image out saying everyone is sending me this. and -- >> it looks exactly like him. >> yeah. did you see the quote? it's better to burn out than to fade out. apparently, it wasn't a mistake. the artist meant to do it, fashioning it after an already existing meme, meaning to troll nirvana fans. and others who are nostalgic toward the '90s. >> okay, so there's more that it's just a joke. the quote on it reads it's better to burn out than fade away, which is a neil young lyric. >> there are so many different layers to it.
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>> what was wrong with putting a kurt cobain quote up there and making it a picture of kurt cobain. would that have been too easy? >> and isn't shade being thrown at david? >> i don't understand what david spade has to do with kurt cobain. okay. next to the sex god that is bill nye. the science guy who gets wild in las vegas. he taught an entire generation about the wonders of science with his after-school show, taking the torch from mr. wizard making science fun. but guess what else is fun? selfies in an elevator. can we take a selfie? >> check it out. this is what nye walked into when he got into an elevator. >> no! >> oh, my gosh. >> wow! >> yeah, a group of bikini-clad
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pool partiers snapchatting in the elevator, when in walked bill nye the science guy. >> do you blame them? he had his bowtie, his sweet burgundy suit. probably because he already knows what's up with the pool parties. earlier this month, he was chillin', pool side with some friends that included flavor flav, now we know why he was so chill in that elevator. >> all right. >> in an unrelated note, i saw that neil glass tyson will be in vegas today. he's going to be riding the elevators. >> this could be interesting. finally, some movie magic real estate for sale. the home of ricky bobby played by will ferrell is for sale. listed at $4.2 million. >> so it's where they filmed some memorable scenes, giving thanks to dinner to sweet baby jesus. the nearly 10,000-square-foot home has five bedrooms and six full baths and lots of cream and
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one more way you've got what it takes to protect. yes, yes. >> some other time. >> enough of that. >> are there -- ahead? >> if there are, we will be dead. >> no more rhymes now, i mean it. >> we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of "the princess bride." 30 years. that was andre the giant, mandy patinkin. >> one of the most memorable scenes. >> for one of the most memorable movies of all time. we may love this movie now, but back then it wasn't box office gold. it only earned like $200,000 in its first weekend. the rob reiner film, but it went on to become a cult classic and getting a second chance with a
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limited release october 15th. >> inconceivable! >> it is conceivable. >> on that note, it is one of the most quoted movies of all time. let's look back at some of the most popular quotes. >> inconceivable! inconceivable! inconceivable. inconceivable. >> i don't think it means what you think it means. >> he always shouted inconceivable, five times throughout the movie. but it actually felt like he said it a lot more. >> it really did. so the actor, by the way, knew that he was not the first choice to play this role. apparently, it was danny devito. so he spent his entire time being really paranoid that he was going to be fired every day, which worked really well with the character he was playing. he's supposed to be a paranoid character. >> inconceivable. >> yeah, it was. now to the next line.
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>> you killed my father. prepare to die. >> so, yeah. mandy patinkin's since hung up his sword. you might recognize him as saul from "homeland." but he says not a day goes by that someone doesn't ask him to say that line. >> and the last line, one more. >> as you wish. as you wish. as you wish. >> so that's the only thing that young wesley ever said to buttercup and how he revealed who he was in the movie, hence robin wright throwing herself down the hill right after him. >> the movie had a $16 million budget and they had special effects. if you look at that one, the stunt double is actually a guy
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making news in america this monday morning, a show of solidarity on the football field in the face of the president's criticism. players linking arms with team owners, several nfl teams not even leaving the locker room during the national anthem. we're live with the latest. the increasing threat from maria. the storm is making its way up the east coast where tropical storm warnings are in effect. we'll have the storm's latest track. deadly church shooting. a mass gunman opens fire after services. what we're learning about the alleged gunman and a hero usher. and a welcome sign for key west. the first cruise ship arrives after hurricane irma. ship arrives after hurricane irma. you.


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