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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 28, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>> i will pay the bill for the glass. that's okay. >> that's what's making news this morning in america. >> making news in america this thursday morning. crisis in puerto rico. desperately needed supplies arriving but sit ng port not delivered. millions with no power or water one week after hurricane maria. what's behind the lifesint trum tax cut plan. who stands to benefit and who will pay for it. >> the overnight intelligence leak. fbi transcripts revealing how one contractor named reality winner smug led a secret report on russian hacking. >> the death of an icon t. remembering hugh hefner how he built the play boy empire and the one piece of advice he gave to living a full life.
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>> good morning to you all. we begin with puerto rico in crisis. the governor says maria is likely the biggest hurricane catastrophe in u.s. history. >> most redents have now power an many no water. millions of pounds of supplies have arrived to the island but sitting in eerrttspo. say dama top $100 million. >> reporter: the crisis in puerto rico growing more dire by the hour. >> it's been hell absolute hell. >> reporter: more than a week after the storm ravaged the territory lnl 4% have electricity and a half drinkable water and 80% of tell communications down. >> i want to talk to them. >> the governor sounding the alarm. >> this is the single biggest major catastrophe in puerto
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rico. >> reporter: the relief efforta country's main port. food, water medical supplies sitting in ships. shortage of truckers make it impossible to deliver the aid. donations being turned away. dozens of trailers with more than 100,000 pounds of water and supplies now on hold because there's no way to get the donations to the island. >> completely unacceptable. there are people in puerto rico that are in trouble, devastated and they need these resources asap. >> reporter: critics say a u.s. law is delaying the efforts it prevents foreign ships from delivering gods from one port to another in the u.s. a waiver was granted for hurricane harvey and irma. >> it is a frustrating
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situation. a number of celebrities from jennifer lopez to pit bull are stepping up efforts to help. athletes also pitching in. the dallas maverick's team plane delivering supplies. >> back to washington now and the growing controversy over expensive private jets used by trump administration officials and paid by tax payers. >> health secretary tom price's job could be on the line. he's under fire for spending hundreds of thousands on private jet travel. president trump says he's not pleased. when asked whether he'll fire price the president said we'll see. >> lisi'll look at it. i'm not happy about it. >> those pligts have prompted a congressional probe. tom price isn't alone.
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investigators looking into at least one chartered flight and three military flights taken by the head of the epa scott pruitt. those flights cost tax payers $58,000. pruitt is also being scrutinized for spending $25,000 on a private phone booth for his office. speaking of tax moan the president announced a plan to cut taxes. he's promising a middle class miracle. >> they're not the only ones who would benefit. we have the details and questions mounting surrounding the plan. >> good morning. you're right the president is proposing massive changes to the way all americans do their taxes. the proposal runs nine pages leaving so many questions. >> reporter: president trump is promising an overhaul of the u.s. tax code, the biggest in decades and he insists that the middle class will benefit. >> our framework includes our explicit commitment that tax
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reform will protect low income and middle income house hods, not the wealthy and well connected. it's not good for me believe me. >> reporter: there is clearly one way the wealthest americans benefit from the plan through the elimination of the estate tax something that's only paid on estate's valued at $5.5 for individuals, $11 for couples. the president's plan would also slash the tax on corporations from 35% to 20% reduce the number of tax brackets for individuals and fanlly from seven to just three and double the standard deduction meaning no taxes on the first $24,000 of family income. the president doesn't explain how the government will pay for the $6 trillion in tax cuts in what he hopes is a by partisan way. >> tax reform has not historically been a partisan issue and it does not have to be
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a partisan issue today. >> reporter: democrats like elizabeth warren calling foul tweeting not one penny in tax cuts for the wealthy and giant corporations especially not on the backs of everyone else. even among republicans there is disagreement. >> tax reform is going to make health care look like a piece of cake. >> another issue likely to inspire heated debate is the proposal to eliminate the deductions for state and local taxes. this means if communicate live in a place paying a lot of state and local taxes you could pay more. >> this is not going to be easy. thank you. >> investigators in miami trying to determine what caused a collapse at a television tower killing three workers. a piece of equipment somehow separated causing them to fall. the tower transmits signals for
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two local stations. >> california is also dealing with a deadly collapse this one at a national park. a slab of granite the size of an apartment building fell off a rock formation killing one person and injuring another. at least 30 climbers in that area at the time. >> let's take a look at your weather for this thursday morning. surf conditions along the north carolina outer banks will finally calm gown today asthmary i can turns away. checking today's temperatures things begin to cool down in the northeast. still plenty of heat across the south. southern rockies could see 10 inches of snow. a high of 58 in denver. temperatures in the 80s along the west coast.
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>> coming up the bribery scandal rocking college basketball. how one of the most successful coaches is defending himself. >> also ahead why russia is accused of inflaming the debate over the national anthem
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>> my dad has a surgery. what are you doing? >> lady let's go. >> another scuffle between an airline passenger and police. this one in baltimore. a woman was forcibly removed from a southwest flight. witnesses say she was asked to leave the plane after saying she had a life tlaening allergy to
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two pets on board. she's charged with resisting arrest. >> new details about the investigation into russia's interference in the presidential election. the senate intelligence committee asked representatives from facebook, twitter and google to testify. abc news learned some of the anti-immigrant facebook messages sent from russia during the campaign push donald trump as dwoet the only viable option. in the meantime russian attempts to influence events in the u.s. continue. just this weekend during the protests during the national anthem in the nfl social media accounts traced to russia pushed both sides of the debate an apparent attempt to stoek divisions. >> we have new details about a former nsa character accused of leaking information. she told the fbi she smuggled the report out of the facility
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in georgia by stuffing it in her panty hose. she hinted she didn't like fox news on in her office. >> former michelle obama kept a pretty low profile since leaving white house. now she's weigh in on the election. mrs. obama said any woman who voted against hillary clinton voted against their own voice. she said the election is one of many topics she considered while writing her book. >> starting sunday delta will offer free in flight texting. the airline says it's the first to provide the service. voice calls are still not allowed. you've don't have to worry about the guy next to you talking for the entire flight. just typical like somebody just texting for the entire flight. >> when we come back, new details about o.j. simpson's release from prison. >> and champion ski er may get
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>> i would like to be remembered as somebody who played some positive part in changing the sexual social values of his time and had a good time doing it. >> this morning play boy founder hugh hefner being remembered for exactly that. hefner started play boy magazine at his kitchen table transforming it into a multi-billion dollars empire. >> he died sur rounded by loved ones at his home. the play boy mansion hosted hollywood celebrities and more. >> reporter: hugh hefner the ultimate play boy hosting parties in his trademark robe
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and pajamas surrounded by women, celebrities and an awe ra of sex. >> it makes for a good party. >> reporter: for hefner the party started in 1953 in chicago. it featured a nude photo of marlin monroe and was an instant success. the magazine lead to tv shows and an e-mail poir. there were key clubs featuring waitresses wearing bunny cost tumors. in the 70s hefner was accused of exploiting women. the nation's mood changed. attendance at the clubs dropped. by 1988 hefner closed the last of them and turned over control of the still profitable magazine to his daughter christie. a year later he seemed ready to change his bachelor ways. hefner's marriage to a former playmate resulted in two sons.
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after ate years it ended and he went back to his old ways. in his mid '70s touting the benefits of viagra hefner took on several girlfriends. in 2012 at 86 hefner settled down again married 26-year-old crystal harris. >> my age has changed the women i'm attracted to has not. >> reporter: asked what he's most proud of is that he changed america's attitude towards sex. >> here's a quote from hefner. play boy tweeted this out overnight. life is too short to be living someone else's dream. words to live by. we'll have much more on hugh hefner's life coming up on "gma." >> we turn to a developing story a possible break in the case of two indiana teenagers killed back in february while out on a hike. police in colorado say an
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indiana sex offender arrested this week accused of threatening people with a hatchet on a hiking trail may be linked to the murder. they say he's also a person of interest in the death of a biker. >> a new york city high school student charged with killing a classmate. police say the 18-year-old stabbed two teens during history class handed the bloody knife to a teacher and waited for authorities toer a rief. when asked if he was bullied the suspect mouthed the word yes. >> details being finalized for o.j. simpson's release from prison ndmo awaiting transporta a facility outside of vegas. for the first time simpson's lawyers seems to be confirming he'll live in fla in. paperwork is expected completed in the coming days. >> louisville coach pitino is
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denying doing anything wrong. the punishment was announced after the school's basketball program was linked to fraud and corruption in recruiting. pitino's lawyer said he was effectively fired. his salary tops $7 million. >> lindsay vaughan may get her chance to race against men. vaughan has said she wanted to test herself the guys in a major event. now we learned at a meeting next week ski officials will consider letting her into a men's downhill race next year in canada. >> up next in the pulse the youth football league now foregoing the national anthem amid the controversy in the nfl. >> doctors thought a man had cancer after finding something in his lungs. wait until you hear what it actually was. l to seal the deal.♪
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>> time for the pulse and we start with a youth football league's response to the national anthem protest. >> organizers in texas say the national anthem will no longer be played before their games. >> some parents are criticizing that decision. they say doing away with the anthem is a solution in search of a problem. >> they're not happy about it at all. now to a story getting global headlines a new french law forcing magazines to label photos of models that have been retouch. >> now the largest stock photo agency says it will no longer accept pictures photo shaped to make the models look thinner. >> the move is expected to discourage theing of photos.
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>> there's been a big call for less photo shopping so to speak. >> i'm all for the photo shopping for me personally. >> we don't need it. now to a man who discovered something very unlikely in a very unlikely place. doctors found a mass on his lungs and thought it was lung cancerer. more testing revealed it was a toy cone. >> the 47-year-old remembers playing with the cone and said he probably inhaled it sometime after his wait for it 7th birthday 40 years ago. doctors were stunned toy went undetected for so long. >> look how tiny it is. >> can you imagine it being there for 40 years. >> wow. >> so it's a great day to celebrate your favorite brew. >> today is national drink beer day.
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shoulder but we do have heavier traffic in that area. we also have a dense fog advisory for the golden gate bridge so just an indication cooler temps are on the way. we'll take a look at drive times coming up next. this morning people around the world remembering the life and legacy of the man who built the playboy empire. >> hugh hefner tied last night at the age of 91. the first issue of "playboy" came out in 1953 and featured a nude photo of marilyn monroe. the magazine led to tv shows and an entire playboy empire. there were playboy key clubs featuring waitresses wearing those iconic bunny costumes. we asked cameron sellers' daughter about heffner's legacy. >> he didn't want sex and the discussion of sex to be taboo. he wanted it to be something people could discuss openly, so he was a big proponent of being
4:29 am
much more open, more true i think to his own feelings. >> he is survived by his wife, crystal, and four grown children. fans of all ages went to the front gates of the playboy mansion to pay respects to him last night. it also attracted celebrity home tour vans so people could take pictures of his iconic mansion. >> no doubt the memorial in los angeles growing, but i also want to show you this this morning. the playboy mansion in chicago where a small memorial is starting to crop up this morning as well and reaction coming in from around the nation. i want to show you some social media posts. this is actress pamela anderson who appeared in playboy more than any other woman. she was also the final cover girl of the last nude issue. anderson has been showing her grief on social media in various posts. here's an old picture of hefner giving her a kiss on the cheek. kim kardashian west says paris
4:30 am
and i are reminiscing about the playboy parties at the mansion and how much we love hef. she texts me the perfect hef emoji. and jenny mccarthy saying all right, thank you for being a revolutionary and changing so many people's lives, especially mine. i hope i made you proud. a lot of people reacting on social media this morning. president trump appeared on the cover of "playboy" in 1990. so far this morning no tweets from him yet. back to you. >> it is 4:30. if you're just joining us, let's get a quick update on weather and traffic. >> good morning, guys. we're going to see changes first along the coast today, cooling there and then widespread relief will hit us all by friday. out there right now, you notice the coast. we are cool in the low 50s, but where else away from the coast it's still rather mild in the upper 50s to lower 60s. so your 12-hour planner will show you a few coastal clouds so it's cool there.


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