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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 1, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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s yours. good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, october 1st. lets start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist, lisa argen. >> good morning to you. hi, carolyn. live doppler 7 free of fog. looks like the weather is cooperating with the season. we are looking at fire danger. that's per usual this time of year. it has been extended into tomorrow night but gusty winds are later on today. east bay hills, about 1,000 feet, expecting wind gusts over 35 miles an hour. we see that in some spots and relative humidity dropping below 25%. that allows for fire starts and for those to spread. as you look at this live camera,
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you can see it shaking from our east bay hills camera. by the afternoon, there is when we see winds kick up. we will see some gusts in excess of 40 miles an hour at the coast. we will detail that for you and talk about a cool down in the next few day he as welcoming up. carolyn? >> lisa, thank you. we are following developing news in half moon bay where chp officer struck and killed a pedestrian last night. this morning, agency's accident investigation team is looking into what happened. the chp says an officer was driving north on highway 1 when he hit a 74-year-old man from burling game outside sam's chowder house. a restaurant worker and bystanders tell abc 7 news, the victim was attending a wedding reception there. he died at the scene. so far chp has not identified the man or the officer.
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investigators closed part of highway 1 overnight. it has since been reopened. breaking overnight, after nine years in prison, o.j. simpson is a free man this morning. he was released just after midnight. abc news reporter, dahashahas >> o.j. simpson is now a free man. >> vote to grant parole. >> thank you. >> former nfl and movie star granted parole after serving 9 years of 33-year sentence for 2007 robbery conviction in las vegas. during the incident he forcely took miaemorabilia he claimed w his personal property. his attorney malcom laverne says during his final days in prison he was removed from general population and put in a more secure area for his safety. >> he was bored a lot.
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he was alone, not completely isolated, but certainly didn't have the collegial attitude. he was just bored to tears. >> now 70 years old, simpson told the parole board he poses no threat and they unanimously agreed. >> basically, it's been a conflict free life. you know, i am not a guy that got in fights on the street. >> not guilty of crime of murder he. >> simpson famously mound innocent in the brutal slayings of his ex-wife, nicole brown, and her friend, ron goldman. later he was found personally libel for their deaths. >> while we respect the nevada parole board's decision to release simpson, it is difficult for us to know he is a free man began. dana backus, los angeles. >> with all of the devastation in puerto rico, a twitter war has broken out between president trump and mater of san juan. the president accusing the mayor
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of poor leadership after she criticized his administration's response to hurricane maria. here is abc news reporter, linda lopez. >> there is no unity, at least on twitter, about helping millions of victims in storm-ravaged puerto rico. president trump complaining about san juan's mayor cruz, tweeting such poor leadership by the mayor and others in puerto rico who are not able to get their workers to help. they want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort. replying -- >> i don't have time. i'm worry about one thing, saving lives. >> cruz may have set off trump with her quote of killing us with the inefficiency, ten days after the island was devastated. officials admitting the clean-up will take a long time. >> i've been involved in many disasters, this is the worst i've seen. >> cruz has been out in flooded streets, locating survivors,
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speaking to residents, handing out supplies. so far fema distributed more than 1.3 million meals and u.s. military is working with puerto rican officials and island's national guard to reach those still caught off. >> we have been distributing fuel, food, and water. and they deserve all the help that we can give them and they deserve to have it faster. >> but the president not letting up. tweeting again saturday night, results of recovery efforts will speak much louder than complaints by san juan mayor much. the president and san jufirst le expected in san juan tuesday. when asked, mater sa mayor said has no problem meeting with the president when he arrives. >> fund-raisers held in oakland and san francisco yesterday. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson has that part of the story. >> reporter: frustration over president trump's comments on twitter and the amount of federal aid in puerto rico has motivated and mobilized people in the bay area.
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>> while our president is on twitter, their mayor is out on the streets, helping p em in need. and i am so proud of her for doing what she is doing. so i would say get off twitter and do your job. >> chamir rouge performed in a drag show to raise money. >> we are doing what we can to make up for the lack of response from the government. >> supporters downed jell-o shots, bought raffle tickets and opened up their to help those in need. >> believe he in having tons of people giving us 20s. just really generous. >> that generosity echoed across the bay. volunteers near jack london square packed boxes of food, bottles water and toiletries for families still without power in puerto rico. >> it is unaccept thabl people now all this time after the storm still don't have water.
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still don't have food. still aren't getting the response that they need. >> oak laland city councilmembe rebecca kaplan says the federal government should be doing more. >> but if they won't, we will. >> leah menendez, of puerto rican dehe sent, helped with the drive. >> a semi truck is now packed with diapers ready to head from the bay area to texas for hurricane victims there. abc 7 news was at target's emeryvil emeryville parking lot where people handed off donations. diapers will go to the texas diaper bank which had to hand out 20,000 boxes of diapers in the first 72 hours after hurricane harvey hit. other product will head to faith groups to be given to people in need. >> we fwheneed as many tightems
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as we he can get. please good to the website. >> next month they will help with relief effort in the caribbean. if you want to donate to puerto rico or houston relief efforts, we have everything you need to know about how to help on abc. just click on the link under the featured section. >> a man accused of robbing a motorcycle shop in the east bay got some instant karma. mcguire harley-davidson posted this surveillance video where you see the suspect running out of the store friday afternoon with several store employees chasing him. one tries to stop him by jumping on his car and ends up smashing his windshield. employees say the man stole four leather jackets after spending more than an hour if the shop acting suspiciously. >> a british climber killed in a rock slide last week at yosemite national park died saving his
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wi wife. the sunday times reports dover foster dove on top of his wife to save her on the rock slide at el captain. they had been planning that climb for months. a much larger slide happened the next day, injuring man from florida. happening today, the blue angels will arrive in the bay area for fleet week. the blue angels performed in huntington beach yesterday in front of hundreds of thousands of people. they arrive in oakland international airport at 6:00 tonight. fleet week begins tuesday and the air show starts on friday. offering free service including cable cars to those in uniform or those who have a military id through next monday. >> perfect weather for fleet week. >> absolutely.
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lots of sunshine. temperatures above normal by that time. but right now, we are looking at a live look from the tower camera. sun not up for another 55 minutes. . so the numbers will continue to cool. we have 40s and 50s. little wind in the upper elevations. that will stay with us. increasing fire danger. you know the drill. but i have the details. stay with us. my accuweather forecast is next. >> also ahead to kneel or not to kneel. all eyes on the warriors as they kick off their preseason with the anthem protests on everyone's mind. and -- >> matt cain least game. he's retiring. heart break. >> yeah, a fan favorite spent his final day on the mound. emotional end to matt cain's
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all eyes on the warriors and nug pepts after days filled with controversy about national anthem protest, would either team take a knee? abc news reporter has our story from oakland. >> reporter: you could feel the energy as warriors return to the hardwood at oracle saturday for the first time since winning the championship in june. before the ♪
6:14 am
-- warriors fostood for the national anthem. the nuggets stood and locked arms. >> they stood and locked arms and did what is right. >> it started with former 4 thor, colin kaepernick. >> we wanted to do something as a unit. vets decided to link arms. >> i put upon them the importance of respecting our flag but if they wanted to do something to show unity and solidarity, i was all for it. >> encouraging teams to address the issue in pregame speeches. >> the things that people are protesting right now, hopefully guys will take that to heart and do that when we get home. >> i'm hoping it doesn't come into any of the sport. i o just don't think it is the place for it. >> on this night, warriors did not protest the national anthem.
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>> we he don't need to please anybody. our team doesn't. no matter what we do, we will take criticism. >> i know where we stand. we don't need to do anything else to show where we stand. >> but just because they all stood does not mean the players are done voicing their opinions. in oakland, lonni rivera, abc 7 news. >> an 80-year-old man is dead after police say he was murdered in his oakland hills home. it happened late friday night. relatives say police arrested the victim's son. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has the story. >> a big shocker. >> reporter: residents in this affluent upper rock ridge neighborhood are stunned over the murder of a beloved neighbor. >> always smiling. jovial. >> reporter: relatives tell abc 7 news he was murdered in his home, suffering major trauma to
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the head, assaulted friday night. his daughter was injured during the attack. oakland police arrested a suspect. relatives confirms clark's son is in custody for the crime. the victim is a long time realtor in the east bay. a neighbor says he was a true friend to all. >> great guy. great neighbor to have. looking out for people. watching warriors games, that kind of stuff. great guy. >> reporter: neighbors saying the family just celebrated clark's 80th birthday. >> huge party last weekend with valet service. so the street was blocked off. people from all over oakland coming up here. report police say motive for the crime isn't known. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> to some important information if you recently visited graton casino in reasona park there are reports some casino customers may have had their names and social security numbers
6:17 am
compromised. human swrer human error caused the information to go out in a hidden attachment in small number of e-mails. e-mails went out between february and august of this year. customers affected will get a letter in the mail. casino is offering them a free one-year subscription to a credit monitoring service. >> a standing o for giants great matt cain who took the mound for the last time yesterday. the 32-year-old giant ace has decided to retire after 13 years with the team. it was his 331st start. only juan has more starts for the san francisco giants. >> i was on the fence about coming today. but when i heard this was going to be his last game, it just wasn't even an option any more. >> i think he has had a good run. so it is a good time to end. >> hard without him, but we have lost people before, we will move on. he will always be part of san francisco.
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>> we will have more about cane's final start coming up in sports. >> starting today, cal train tickets and parking prices go up. adult zone fair price rises by 25 cents. monthly parking sees 50% increase, up to $82 and change. it is the first time cal train is raising fares in two years. cal train says ridership is setting records and ticket sales pay for about two thirds of the cost of running cal train. >> happening today, student in belmont need your help to fund their music education programs. >> very lively there. school force hosting its annual save the music festival at twin pines park. this is video from last year's festival. it highlights local band and musicians from belmont red wood shores schools. plus, there's a battle of the marching bands between stanford
6:19 am
and uc davis. live performances from 11:00 this morning until 5:30 tonight. also happening today, season finale at san francisco sunday streets. today's event is in the excelsory street between avalon and geneva from 11:00 to 4:00. this is combined with the excelsory arts and music festival. there will be plenty of options for food and cooking demonstrations. for kids, organizers will have an interactive art project and circus games. >> good sunday morning to you. live doppler 7 is clear and breezy in spots. winds get gusty this afternoon through tomorrow moning. live look at san jose 101. still a lot of dark sky. that sun comes up after. okay. 57 in the city. 50 in gill roy. on the coast, in mid 50s. and from emeryville, nice day
6:20 am
again today with numbers maybe a degree or two above average. 49 in santa rosa as well as napa with 61, north wind up to 20 miles an hour in nevato. 51 by delta and livermore and final stop sfo. beautiful day to fly but winds may be causing a few problems later on today with some landing and take off with high fire danger. wind gusting to over 20 miles an hour near 30 miles an hour in upper elevations but getting stronger than that right before sunset into early tomorrow. so mild to warm day with sunshine but it'll be cooler time, tuesday and wednesday. let's check out that wind profile. 30 mile-an-hour wind gust. this morning breezy. i noted up in the north bay but by the afternoon, you will notice the straight northerly winds. breezy everywhere but just increases. you see the orange coming down here. yes. we are looking at a tighter pressure gradient.
6:21 am
winds up to 40 miles an sure. this is through tomorrow morning. still, no let-up. very gusty up there. and right on through the afternoon, when the temperatures will be in the 70 to 80 degree range. relative humidity in teens or below. that certainly is the way things go around here. but by the afternoon, it is very pleasant for oakland. oktoberfest low to mid 70s. if you are headed into the city, we will have 60s through about 1:00. that sea breeze making it very comfortable. low 70s, 3:00. by 5:00, upper 60s. bridge to bridge run in san francisco, this day oh, next couple of hours, winds will be variable. you will see 50s out there. with more wind, more mild at times. but we will see those winds pick up for everyone. especially at the coast later on in the day. 65 half moon bay. 71 in the city. close to average highs, upper 70s, santa cruz.
6:22 am
8 will 80 in san jose. you can keep track of temperatures hour by hour and day by tie. you will notice today one of the warm warmer days. mid to upper 60s at the coast. and stays breezy through tomorrow, high fire danger. quite gusty but then cool for october, tuesday and wednesday. highs in the 70s inland but still no marine layer and that's very typical this time of year. bit end of the week, warming up into the 80s. it is that beautiful time of year because it cools right off quickly. but of course we will have to watch the winds for you. >> yes. definitely. all right, thank you, lisa. just ahead, san jose earthquakes help make a dream come true for a young boy battling lie
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joining us from new york to tell us what is coming up on "good morning america." >> on gma, we have breaking news overnight, o.j. simpson is a free man. the former nfl star has been released from a nevada prison in the dark of night. the big question is, where will he go next? the war of words over the relief efforts in puerto rico. president trump mainor of san juan exchanging words.
6:26 am
trump will visit san juan tuesday. and what is next forrite land adds more troops are expected to arrive. finally, inviktus games coming to a close. an emotional speech with his actress girl friend also making an appearance. all coming up on gma this sunday. hope to see you soon. >> thank you, paula. san jose earthquakes have a new member of the team. quakes provide this video of jason cofnovec, honorary captain yesterday. he signed a contract to become a professional soccer player for just one day. jason is battling leukemia. he spent the day with the team watching practice and eating lunch with the players. they even gave limb his own jersey, number 17. still to come here on abc 7, an up-close look at the devastation in puerto rico. for her, it is repersonal. how a mystery
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welcome back, everyone. starting this half hour with a look at the weather. here is meteorologist, lisa
6:30 am
argen. >> good morning to you. a reminder of our red-flag warning. it's been extended. critical fire weather not only later today into overnight hours but extended through monday night. so wind gusts in excess of 35 miles an hour. and that dry vegetation, once we get that humidity below 20% and you had in wind, it get very dangerous and fires can spread rapidly. we saw that last week. with wind right now in the 60s in nevato. 49 in napa. gill roy, good morning, 51 degrees.y most of you this morning. by afternoon, 60s to low 70s. as atmosphere warms up, winds kick up today and we will talk about near average temperatures. but below average into the first week of october. that's a few minutes away. carolyn? >> lisa, thank you. looking at devastation in puerto rico. for one cnn reporter, it is
6:31 am
personal. leila santiago traveling to her hometown to see her family for the first time since hurricane maria. >> reporter: this is relief. seeing my family for the first time, hearing them tell me they're okay. that's the rehe leave i found in this small town. but it's far from the relief needed on this island. at the shelter, a school, we find more than 120 people living in classrooms. the generators went out. no power. no water he. and the staff tells me they have people here with cancer, hiv, diabetes, children with asthma, like 3-year-old joanna. and she walks everyday, about 15 minutes to get therapy for her daughter. who has asthma. she is 3 h1/2 years old and nees
6:32 am
medical attention that she's not getting here. we then find she has parkinson's and hasn't had access to the medical he is needs in dayis. she is crying because she doesn't know about her family. desperation is growing. people are waiting in line to get water from mountain streams. >> he said they can live without the power, but not without water. that's why they are filling spring water from the mountain side to use to cook and eat. people are resorting to washing clothes like this. this is juana. she's been here since this morning. watching clothes. five to six hours cleaning clothes, she tells me. i'm asking her, where's the help?
6:33 am
she says there's no help. no help has arrived here. no help at all. none from the local government residents say. nor from fema, which has only been here to do an assessment, not to deliver any aid. the people are now in survival mode. waiting for their relief. leila santiago, cnn, puerto rico. >> america's top diplomat is acknowledging the united states is maintaining direct channels of communication with north korea. that word from secretary of state rex tillerson comes even as tensions escalate over the north's nuclear and missile programs and as president trump and north cree yeah kim jong-un engage in a testy war of words. tillerson says the u.s. is probing north korea's willingness to talk and is calling for a calming of the situation on the korean peninsula. in word yet on the white house who will become the next
6:34 am
health and human services after tom prooice resigned. abc news reporter has the latest. >> reporter: there's no seat available now in the trump administration for health and services secretary tom price. >> i'm disappointed. but he is a good man, but i'm disappointed. >> reporter: price topped headlines for priscey travel. dozens of trips that cost the taxpayers more than a million dolle dollars and ultimately costing him his job. one of the trips, a trip to europe with his wife on gulf stream 5 operated by the u.s. military. >> clearly we are sensitive to the taxpayer on these instances which is why i have taken the actions i've taken. >> initially responding to what
6:35 am
he did by suspending private flights and offering to pay for the seats on the trip. but it wasn't enough. price eventually handing in his resignation to the president. the budget director fired off this memo reminding agency heads that we should recognize we are public servants and every penny we spend comes from taxpayers. at least five people have come under scrutiny for expensive travel. mnuchin and his wife took a trip to fort knox which was at the same time as the solar eclipse. >> before i get started, i would like to address in the words of general schwartzkopf, a little bs. on travel. >> zincy said he doesn't have a choice. >> no commercial options existed to meet the promulgated
6:36 am
schedule. >> abc news, new york. >> coming up thon week with george stephanopoulos, the battle over the gop tax plan. the tax policy center says the plan benefits the top 1%. treasury secretary steve mnuchin comes to the plan's defense. he is also under scrutiny for those travel expenses. also, george goes one on one with senator bernie sanders. this week starts at 8:00 right after "good morning america." game show host monty hall passed away. he is best known for his show "lets make a deal." he hosted nearly all of the 5,000 episodes and in 1973 received a star on the hollywood walk of fame. hall leaves behind three children and five grandchildren. his wife, marilyn, died back in june. monty hall was 96 years old. a mystery diner at an east coast applebee's is bringing smiles to a lot of people's
6:37 am
faces by anonymously picking up their tabs. it happens several times a month in washington, pennsylvania. last week someone quietly picked up the tab for a birthday party of 16 people. last month it was a church group. >> with everything going on in the world and so much turmoil and protest and hatred, and good to know there are people that care about each other and give. paying it forward. >> the waitresses know who is behind the kind gesture but they are refusing to say who it is. >> still ahead on abc 7 mornings, treasure chest of mark twain. all at a bay area library. we will give you an inside look at these hidden gems. here is a live look from our abc 7 roof cam, sunny and pleasant today but watch out for winds. pretty gusty creating a high fire danger. lisa's got all the facts,
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to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. food. water. internet. we need it to live. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. welcome back, everyone. it is 6:40. how is your morning going? we hope this lovely look at pier
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15 will brighten your day. lisa around shortly with a full accuweather forecast. happening today, thousands of people will slog their way through muddy obstacles at muck fest in vallejo. they do it for a good cause. the runners race through mountains of mud and of course spin, swing and fling them up, down and side ways. event raises money to support the national multiple sclerosis society. nearly $28 million raised for that organization. race starts at 9:00 this morning at salon county fairgrounds. also today, 149th annual american italian parade. they will march from fisherman's wharf to washington square. starts at 12:30 this afternoon. leading the per session are
6:42 am
actress jacqueline tobini and sfpd officer kevin downs. officer downs was shot in the head while on duty last year. he has made a if i rackless recovery and the parade should be fantastic too. great weather. >> mm-hm. you know, the rains and temperatures this time of year becomes narrower. we don't see the summertime spread. we will all be within about 10 to 15 degrees of each other from the coast to inland valleys. looking at a beautiful start to the day. look ought your window. sun rise around the bay area, just spectacular. no fog at all. upper 40s north bay. 60s with little wind out there. we will talk about how long it's going to stay clear and mild in october like in just a few minutes. >> sounds good. also ahead, another record-setting day for stanford running back bryce love. [ engines revving ]
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in sports, 49ers are taking on the raiders. and stanford looking for a second straight win at arizona state and cardinal got a school record breaking. here are this morning's sports.
6:46 am
>> good morning. with running back mccaffrey left, bryce love was next in line. big shoes to fill but he broke a record against arizona state. first drive of the game for the cardinal. giving the ball it bryce love and let him do the rest. shakes off tackle. watch the balance here. he is gone. 61 yards. 7-0 stanford and just getting started. second quarter. love, second td of the game. this time only 43 yards. gets outside. he sets the stanford single game rushing record with 301 yards. 14-3 cardinals. but in the third, love passing 1,000 yard mark. fifth game of the year. 59 yards on third td of the game. 1,088 will yards in five games. stanford wins improving 3 d-2. >> just something you practice a lot and just the nature of the position. you get used to trying to make people miss in the o. and just stuff like that, really. just a testament to the play
6:47 am
calling. testament to the guys up front. testament to the receiveblockin. opening up things tore me. just testing. >> yet against the padres, matt cain ended his 13-year career with the giants. taking the field at a perfect day at at&t park. throwing a perfect first inning. striking out wil myers with high heat and another big ovation. caine threw four innings. gets villa knew eva looking. bottom of five, facing final batter in the big leagues. groundout to brandon crawford to end the inning. caine goes five scoreless innings in his finale. final buster hug. acknowledging the crowd as he
6:48 am
dwets anoth gets another big ovation. hugs around in the dugout. giants lose 3-2. still a very emotional day. >> first couple of days were definitely on all the drilling and last three, fans just willing me along. i think i could hear two or three guys in the stands, just come on, you can do it. just that meant a lot. >> opening up nba preseason, cool moment before the game. and like he never left. kevin durant finishing with the jam. green, nice pass. cutting clay toemson. throws it down. dufs trail by three. next play, bell with the block. ball right to curry. takes it down. you know he will pull up an shoot the three. game tied at 67. but doves are rusty beyond the arc. 4 of 33 from three point land. because of that losing 108-102. about the only thing of concern for coach kerr.
6:49 am
>> hopefully we will shoot 5 for 33 next game from three instead of 4 for 33. hopefully just slowly improve before opening night. >> cal and san jose also lost. today niners in arizona. raiders raiders in denver. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann, have great day. >> now accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> boy is it pretty out there with a clear sky. sun coming up. a few high clouds from time to time. cirrus clouds visiting us. wind shift to drive temperatures up and down the next several days. so today 83 in con cord. a bit of a cool down and we are still looking at north winds through monday. high fire danger and then the temperatures yeah, not a whole lot of difference here. but at least a bit of a break before the numbers warm up again by the end of the week. where eat wind? there's the flag.
6:50 am
it is flat out there. we will look for that sea breeze to pick up throughout the day today. otherwise off-shore winds and upper elevations north and east bay hills that will drive the atmosphere into very dry conditions once again. here is mount tam, this is what you wake up to so early. beautiful shot. 59 in the city. 54 in oakland. in san jose, 57. gill roy, chilly 49. half moon bay, and for mount diablo you can see in the distance how nice that is this morning. with wind in the north bay, you have noise for sure. howling winds. numbers in the 60s. many of you live above 1,000 feet or near that and you are feeling the winds. and hearing the winds. in fact they will get quite gusty. more so by 4:00 this afternoon into sunset. look is flat and calm right now from the exploratorium camera.
6:51 am
beautiful sky. high fire danger. mild to warm today. sunshine everywhere. and numbers do drop off into the 70s in some locations throughout tomorrow, tuesday and wednesday. as we look at wind profile you can see how gusty it is from point reyes. 2:00 this afternoon, from the north at 15 to 20 miles an hour. by this afternoon into sunset, 30 to 40 miles an hour all along the east bay. into oakland, 25 mile-an-hour winds. along the coast as well. this takes us through monday morning and no change as yellows and oranges allowing for gusty winds to be right over the bay and into your monday night. still off-shore. but they are a little lighter. we are certainly in the time of watching out for that. in oakland typically and in livermore picking up nearly an inch. we could definitely use rain,
6:52 am
autumn rain no doubt. in the peninsula, mid 70s. little cooler than yesterday's 80. 71 average in city. mid and upper 70s union city and fremont. oranges, allowing for more warmth. reflected in the numbers. last day today of home game in the city with numbers very mild. towards the end of the day, quite breezy. 70 degrees about 4:00. at&t park. download our accuweather app and see the seven-day forecast. you will notice temperatures are warmest today. then the winds with us. we won't have a return of low clouds and fog so some of you will experience mid 70s around the bay and nice and sunny at the coast. they love this time of year. been pretty cloudy all summer long. >> can you believe it is already
6:53 am
october? what's coming right around the corner? >> oh. >> a rare discovery from an american literary legend. previously unpublished mark twain's chifrnldren's story fou here in the bay area. >> the author, mark twain, saved nearly everything he wrote. now that treasure chest is held at uc berkeley's bancraft library. in the archives are hidden gems. a scholar discovered this one by chance, explains robert hurst. >> i don't want to belittle his participation or role because it was quite important. this is one of the thing we had not published. >> twain told bedtime stories to his daughters but they were never for the masses and almost never written down. >> as far as i know the only one we have. we don't know what other stories were like or what they said.
6:54 am
>> in an unfinished story, the scholar fund a clue. >> hostess-suzie. >> suzie is one of twain's daughters. the note written on the manuscript proves this is one of twain's bedtime stories. >> a lot of people looked through it but didn't stumble on it. i transcribed it and didn't stumble on it. >> while a new author bring twain to life, scholars say he probably wouldn't like it. >> we have plenty of evidence he didn't like people tinkering with his stuff. >> you too can access twain archives at cal. perhaps for your only the rarery inspiration. for more about this unique discovery go to we have more of our
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at stanford health care, we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families,
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imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. san francisco's castro street fair is back. harvey melt founded the fair in 1974. one of the longest running lbgt festivals in the country. hundreds of vendors, stages with live music. donation for entry. money raised at fair helps maintain the world famous rainbow flag flying at harvey melt plaza. by the way, that italian heritage parade is actually next sunday. >> okay.
6:58 am
we have that a to look forward to. >> yes. so never mind. >> we do have a lot of nice weather today. 70s in the city. 83 in livermore. high fire danger with gusty winds particularly this afternoon into overnight hours. inland, low 80s. >> that does it for us. thank you for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. news continues on-line, on twitter, on
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breaking news. o.j. simpson is a free man. >> come on out. >> the former football star walking out of the nevada prison. >> okay. >> just at the stroke of midnight after serving almost a decade behind bars. the burning question this morning? where will o.j. go? team coverage of the breaking story. we'll talk live with attorney gloria allred. breaking overnight, act of terror. one attack during a canadian football game. a driver slamming into traffic, slabbing an officer and mowing down pedestrians. a second, shots fired at a train station in france. a man armed with a knife taken down. signs of progress, supplies in puerto rico ready


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