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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 1, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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what we at stanford health care, we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, agine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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and that breaking news is in las vegas where police say there's a report of an active shooter on the strip. this is video of a reporter with the abc affiliate there. police say the shooter is near or around the mandalay bay resort. it's a large crowd of people running. affiliates reporter on the scene said police and ambulances are everywhere. there's no word right now on any possible injuries. we'll continue to stay on top of the surgery and bring you updates on the abc7 news app and live pictures from the ground there in las vegas of -- and you see a lot of police activity and on the strip. things blocke off. this is always very busy up and down the strip. we'll of course bring you the latest as we get it. in this news cost, abc7 news app
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and mornings starting at 4:30. good evening. i'm eric thomas. we begin with the other top story. a deadly accident outside sam's chowder house. the restaurant is along highway 1 and we have more with what people are saying after a man was killed by a chp car outside the restaurant. melanie? >> reporter: there's a sizable parking lot but doesn't seem to be large enough. drivers run across the highway to get to and from the restaurant. a victim's family member said they could not talk about the collision. all day long we saw people waiting, watching and then running across highway 1 to sam's crowder house. women in heels and a couple carrying a baby. >> i think it's dangerous, very dangerous. >> i can't imagine doing it at
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night. >> reporter: an officer in a chp vehicle heading northbound hit a man just before 8:30. marquez died at the scene. >> any time that the -- it's dark, we have pedestrians on the roadway, you have to be careful. >> bad enough during the day. you do it at night when the sun goes down, ugh. people can't see you. >> reporter: witnesses said that marquez was celebrating at a wedding inside sam's chowder house. >> heart breaking. >> reporter: the same investigator who was on the scene saturday night was back outside the restaurant taking pictures sunday. >> see what it looks like in the daytime. >> reporter: there were still cars parked across the highway as night fell and only light from the restaurant's sign and a few lamps. >> the kids are in there with their dad. i don't want them to walk out this way. >> reporter: the chp did not release information about the officer involved in the collision. late tonight the owner of the
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restaurant e-mailed abc7 news a statement in part saying the safety of our guests is paramount which is why we funded a left-hand turn lane several years ago to improve highway safety for guests turning into sam's. we have tried unsuccessfully to purchase and or lease the lots to the north and south of sam's for parking. you can read the full statement on our website. in the newsroom, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> thank you. well, tonight the -- the bay area stepped up this weekend for help to puerto rico after hurricane maria. abc7 news was in oakland as donations came pouring in to the eatery's third anniversary and the owners used the celebration to ask for donations of basic items including diapers, baby food, batteries and hygiene supplies. a warehouse of items will be shipped out on tuesday. >> not going to stop. this is not from this day to the next. this is an an ongoing process an we're gone to keep going until
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puerto rico is okay again. >> one little girl named sophia donated bracelets so children in puerto rico will not be scared in the dark in the power outages there. oracle open world kicked off in san francisco this evening. 80,000 people -- 60,000 people from all over the world to attend the event. abc7 news reporter lillian kim is live with the story. lillian? >> reporter: eric, howard street between 3rd and 4th is donated to open world opening this world with larry ellison as the keynote. >> hi, everybody. >> reporter: larry ellison wasted no time announcing a new set of cyber security products including an automat itted database to patch itself on the fly. a big shift of how companies do it now. >> that doesn't work. doesn't work. didn't work at equifax. >> one, two, three!
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[ cheering ] >> reporter: this is oracle open world's 21st world and motorists are encountering the closure that is go wit. creating major delays. >> it is horrible. trying to get to work. >> reporter: when's bad for motorists is a boon for nearby businesses. 60,000 conference attendees converged on san francisco. >> we have conventions all the time but conventions don't necessarily take up the whole block and build a whole city and it is really exciting because the people who go are also excited to be there and share the energy with us. >> reporter: 30% of attendees come from overseas. this woman is back to open world for the second time. >> experience sharing, of course. see what others has done and see when's coming in the coming years. i think that's useful. >> reporter: it is not all shoptalk. it mixes business with pleasure.
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wednesday, conference attendees will be treated to a concert featuring the chainsmokers. in san francisco, lillian kim, abc7 news. tonight o.j. simpson is a free man. the former football star turned convicted felon was released this morning. a few hours later, he spoke for the first time as a free man. >> reporter: we are told o.j. simpson is here in las vegas. this same city where he was arrested for robbery nearly a decade ago. tonight the newly freed simpson not saying much about what he plans to do next. >> juice? juice? how's it feel to be out? >> reporter: sunday o.j. simpson speaking for the first time as a free man. >> you all stalking me? jesus, man. >> where are you guys headed? >> none of your business. >> reporter: five hours after he walked out of prison, a camera catching the infamous football star. >> been in the car for five hours. how do i know how it feels to be
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out? >> reporter: he was still in the denim of the prison signing the parole papers. officials with the nevada corrections said it was all about safety. >> we didn't want anything to happen because there are a lot of people that love this particular person and there's a lot of people that don't. >> reporter: simpson's release is nine years after a jury found him guilty in an armed robbery at a las vegas casino. when asked what was next, the football star turned celebrity asked for privacy. >> i been nowhere usa for the last nine years doing nothing. nothing has changed in my life. what are you guys -- what do you expect? i mean, there's nothing changed. now please can i have a break here? >> reporter: though he is out of prison on parole, his legal battles are not over. he owes more than $60 million to the estates of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman after
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being found liable for their deaths. the's no word on how long he plans to stay here in las vegas. his attorney said he wants to be in florida to be near his children but parole transfer paper work isn't issued yet. abc7 news. eric, back to you. >> thank you. some nfl players responded to president trump's call to stand in the national anthem this week, all oakland raiders stood before the game before the broncos except for lynch. the oakland native is seated since the preseason. last week almost half his teammates joined him on the bench locking arms. on his way to the locker room before suiting up in denver, lynch wore a t-shirt saying everybody versus trump. there was a tweeted video. abc7 news spoke to his cousin who created the shirt for an oakland based company. he says he wanted to express what people are feeling right now. >> standing with our people. black, brown, white for those
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when it's about a race but what's right. >> what the president see i think, everything is divisive. i think the people of puerto rico would agree with me. >> the shirt will go on sale tomorrow at dope era's store in oakland and on the company's website. it costs $45. about half the san francisco 49ers took a knee before the anthem and shared this video with the caption together. colin capper nick popularized the practice of taking a knee in the national anthem last season. california senator harris made the first public comments today about the controversy surrounding nfl players who choose to kneel during the national anthem. >> let's speak the truth that when americans demand recognition that their lives matter, or kneel to call attention to justice, that that is an expression of free speech
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protected by our constitution and should not be threatened or bullied. >> her defense of the players came while speaking at a church in atlanta and in response to president trump's push to have any player that kneels fired from the team. chaos in spain. the government clashes with voters during an independence vote. also, a warning from the highway patrol tonight. just because you don't see them doesn't mean they're not watching. i'm drew. i'll explain the fire danger next in the forecast. we'll have an update to the breaking news in las vegas. see the police presence behind this reporter and active sh
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(vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. back to the top story. breaking news in las vegas where there are sirens, ambulances and police everywhere after reports of an active shooter. multiple hotels vauted near the mandalay bay. the festival stopped when multiple gunshots were heard. we don't have word on possible injuries and police telling people to avoid the south end of the las vegas strip and will continue bringing you updates here as we get them. catalan health services in spain tell abc news 844 people injured and 33 police officers
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with mayhem on a referendum own independence. the referendum was declared illegal by the government. officials say 90% of the ballots cast favored independence from spain. in san francisco, abc news at chrissy field where a rally was under way. people say that the european union needs to stand up. >> we are disagreeing and here is not only catalan people gathered but spain, as well. complaining about the way that the government, government of the european union is reacting using violence against its own citizens. >> the spanish government vows even harsher measures in coming days. the violence appears to have hardened determine to secede. two navy airmen, one an instructor, the other a student, presumed dead after the jet
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crashed in the cherokee national forest in tennessee. crew and t-45 jet out of meridian, mississippi. officially the crew status is unknown but an observer said there were no survivors. the navy grounded its entire fleet of trainers in april because of problems with the oxygen systems. they returned to service in july. chp put the stop to a side show using a tool people may not be aware of. two cars and then relayed the information to ground units making the arrest. this is from the chp facebook page. the chp says fortunately no one was hurt this time. well, steve kerr missed the flight to china because of passport problems. abc news was there as the team boarded for china for a pair of preseason games this week.
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abc7 sports director is traveling with the team and filed this report before the plane took off this afternoon. >> we are honored, privileged to be on the trip with the warriors. china, about 7,000 miles from oakland. 14-hour flight. so it will be well rested when we land and the warriors in china for a week and two preseason games and we will be with them every step of the way. i can't wait firefighter. >> steve kerr will meet up with the team. you can catch larry's reports from china all week on abc7 news. and an accuweather, wrapping up a week of sunshine. comfortable temperatures. we'll keep that tomorrow and add gusty winds developing tonight, as well. satellite and we enjoyed clear skies for both saturday and sunday. and that's the same thing tonight. live doppler 7 giving you the
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active scan and quiet picture. a live look from the east bay hills camera. crystal clear. not a cloud to be scene. plenty of stars. despite the comfortable weather pattern we are in, we have a heightened risk of fire danger the next 36 hours. so it's for that fact, a red flag warning in effect for the north bay and east bay hills. red flg warning for east bay hills until 11:00 tomorrow night and then longer in the north bay because the winds are picking up at this hour. take a look at the wind in the hills. they're gusting at t22 miles pe hour and you might be thinking it's not that warm out there today. why do we have the red flag warning? the winds. breezy tonight and active tomorrow, as well. the high fire danger is highest in our hills, above 1,000 feet because winds at times could be gusting anywhere from 35 to 50 miles per hour. combine that with the relatively
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low humidity levels in the hills, fires can easily start and spread under the conditions. live doppler 7 and radar, high pressure to the west and there's a wind tunnel effect and aimed at us here in the bay area. the winds are turning breezy tonight and also keeping our temperatures in check. we're not going to get too warm in the afternoon both tomorrow and also on tuesday. right now it is 46 in half moon bay. 60 in san francisco. about 61 in concord. same in san jose and oakland checking in at 55 degrees. so the call overnight tonight, plenty of stars out there. cool in spots and into the mid-40s. mild locations will hold in the mid-50s overnight tonight and 12-hour day planner on the monday, nothing but sunshine. carbon copy sky today and throughout the afternoon that wind will be with us. that's going to keep temperatures a little bit below
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average for this time of the year. breezy day. 70 the high in san francisco. 74 in oakland. bright in the north bay. it will be breezy. 81 in concord and liver more up to 80 degrees. the accuweather 7-day forecast, it's a good looking day tomorrow. but we have that breeze with us and it sticks with us through tuesday, as well. that's why the red flag warning for north bay hills through tuesday evening. the winds relax on wednesday and what replaces them is a warming trend and by friday and saturday, eric, widespread 80s around the bay. >> drew, thank you very much. a live look from las vegas now where there are reports of an active shooter and hundreds of firshots fired. a nearby hospital is taking in people. not clear how long it's going on, on the south end of the las vegas strip near the mandalay
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british professional rugby player didn't heed a warning to stay back. wales player scott baldwin visiting an animal game park. the bit cat bit him. he needed stitches and missed the match. the 29-year-old apologized to his fans on twitter. his coach called it a stupid move. all right. i think we can all see that. >> agree with that. 49ers are closer to the victory as it took overtime in arizona for the fourth straight loss and the raiders lost two straight with the loss in denver and could get worse as quarterback carr -- >> a special report on the
11:26 pm
shooting incident in las vegas. >> appeared to be an automatic or machine gun sort of rifle, a weapon, being used. i know this is playing out as there's a popular country music concert taking place there near the mandalay bay. >> the medical center saying at least 20 victims with gunshot wounds right now and that number they say is growing. it is a massive police presence at the moment. ambulances coming in from all directions. a kropt described it as a sea of ambulances. people are scrambling in the aftermath of that shooting and police urging anyone in the area to stay away from that downtown section of the strip, particularly in the area of the mandalay bay casino and the tropicana and considering it an active shooter situation. they have certain areas blocked off and hotels on locked down and advising anyone who doesn't need to be out to not be out at the moment.
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>> and momentsing a, the first moment we have heard there's some injuries, some casualties that the hospital there saying at least 20 people and that number will go up. let's set the scene right now. a country music concert taking place in las vegas. kenneth is just back from las vegas, in los angeles. kenneth, you were there over the weekend. this was a big concert. vegas was alive overnight. >> really was. there was -- there were literally thousands of people in the streets up and down the las vegas strip. some would say that's not out of the normal for las vegas but over the weekend i saw that there were people who were making the way to the concert, country music festival. we actually saw people in country music traditional attire. they were in cowboy boots. they had on the flannel. they had on the cowboy hat. men and women, young folks, going to that festival to see a lineup of different country
11:28 pm
music stars. we know that as they made their way into that area, it's a gated area. secure area. but as reported, we believe shots fired came from a different area and so looking down on to the area. we know that there were a number of police officers who were doing crowd control. they were standing in the intersection making sure that traffic as people moved through the intersections, pedestrians moved through the intersections, they were safe. and just an incredible -- just a mass of people who were going inside this festival. so i would dare to say there were thousands attending this festival at the time. so definitely some chaos there as the people heard the gunshots, some of the video we have seen on social media, just incredible. people have been running for cover. just during those moments when the gunshots rang out. >> kenneth, you are talking about the size of the festival. it's the route 99 fest have and
11:29 pm
some of the biggest names in country music. sam hunt, jason aldean may have been performing when this happened and confirmation from the team he and his team are okay. but again, looking at multiple casualties here. the last report from the hospital in the area is saying 20 injured and that number is expected to rise. kenneth, from looking at the videos and having just been there, how difficult is it to secure an area like this? >> you know what? for las vegas they're used to big events like this and honestly we were there over the weekend covering the release of o.j. simpson simpson, now in las vegas after getting out of prison after serving nine years and so we were there covering that story. and so, i was able to see a lot of sights and sounds of las vegas over past two days and teeming with people, extremely busy. las vegas police seemed to have a handle on crowds that were around that concert. and again, they had the high
11:30 pm
fences up and we're used to seeing that, as well. they don't want looky lous who haven't paid to get in to be able to stand on the sidewalk and see the concert. they had high fences set up. something you couldn't avoid off the las vegas strip because it was a very large festival. it's less than a mile away from that iconing to las vegas sign and- full disclosure, i was heading down to the sign stopped by police to let literally what seemed like hundreds of people cross the street from the luxor casino hotel to mandalay bay where the festival was being held. people were in town for the festival, all dressed up, very festive. a good time. people with drinks in hand. >> as you would -- i'm sure having a great time. i don't mean to cut you off but we want to witch over to mack in las vegas at this very hour. also there originally for o.j.
11:31 pm
simpson simpson being released. matt, what do you know? what are you hearing? >> i'm seeing something very strange for this time of night in las vegas. zero planes in the sky because there's a ground stop. all planes are being held at the fest nation and right now traffic is horrific. it is chopped up by hundreds of police cars streaming to this area. what seems to be the pervading idea right now is that there is mass chaos, tremendous confusion and a lot of fear. police officers are telling us that they don't know what's going on. we're hearing reports of shots fired at multiple locations. you heard reported automatic weapons in multiple locations and seeing an ambulance scream away from the location. i don't know what's inside. but clearly, this is the city right now under -- i'm not say under tremendous amount of fear. not knowing when's going on. and what is gripping this city.
11:32 pm
>> matt, i can imagine that it is chaotic, chaotic scene. i'm not sure how far you are from this location on the strip, but tell us a little bit about this particular area. i know that it's fairly close to the airport and explains the ground stop but this is a popular part of the strip. >> it's an important note to make and actually overlooks the airport. you can throw a baseball from the window of the mandalay and have it land inside the airport basically. it is that close. which is always been a concern and which is why sometimes things go wrong at the airport people at the mandalay film it and use it. there are a number of hotels right in that area and makes it a sensitive location. la vegas is a sensitive location just in general. a huge tourist spot, one of the largest in america. and there is always, you know,
11:33 pm
heightened awareness here. but right now, i don't think any of us have ever seen something like this in this particular town. and one of my producers was really surprised by the tenor and the tone of one of the police officers saying you have to take cover. we don't know what's going on here. people were being evacuated from multiple hotels right where she was at the strip. things like this don't happen. again, it is hard to stress enough the confusion right now. officials aren't -- we have been listening to the scanners and officials aren't sure what's going on other than the fact there's apparently assailants with automatic withins using them on full automatic spraying multiple locations an people hurt. >> wait, matt. this is an hour and a half after getting the reports. are you still hearing it might be an active shooter situation and don't have anybody in custody? >> we have not -- yes.
11:34 pm
>> might still very much be -- >> there's no one at the time in custody. doesn't mean they haven't secured the location but not reported to the press anybody in custody or that either mandalay or the other hotels evacuated at this point are secure. in fact, it seems right now that no place is secure. getting around the city is impossible with so many police check points. >> you mentioned producer jennifer talking about the reaction of the police officers and the fear in their eyes. we are hearing from another colleague there describing being escorted into the mgm, hiding in a kitchen and a room. a lot of hotels on lockdown and or theists being told they have to stay inside. what's the mood there like? if the police officers are fearful, how are the people in las vegas right now? >> again, i think the police officers are fearful because no one is quite sure what is going on. what typically happens in a
11:35 pm
situation like this, anywhere in the world of an active shooter situation or a terrorist situation is that there are -- i'm not going to -- not copycat instances but people think that they hear something, report it to the police and the police have to report it on the scanners. and to others just to alert them. doesn't necessarily mean that there are active shooters in multiple locations across this city. there may be but we don't know that just yet. there's alerts and evacuations in multiple locations and police and authorities try to make sure that everybody is first safe. get them out of harm's way. if they're in a location that's precarious. people hunkering down in kitchens or storage units, finding shelter and cover in a protected area. then police try to ascertain where the shooters are and tact teams try to take them down and
11:36 pm
making sure that everybody is safe and figure out how many shooters there are and where they are located. >> matt, i know that you have covered many, many mass casualty situations and this is in the early stages. but based on some of the images we are seeing right now, it's got to be even for people who have seen this sort of stuff happen sadly in our society has to be particularly troubling. so many people there in an open air at a concert on a busy, busy part country, the las vegas strip. and then you had rapid fire gunshots. incredible. >> it's -- listen. again, we don't know what exactly happened here but this is -- this city's worst nightmare. this is the most terrifying possible thing to happen in this city like this. obviously, you fear for anybody that's been hurt and clearly there have been casualties at this point. we don't know their fate exactly an you fear the fate of this city. it subsists on tourism.
11:37 pm
and if there's an attack like this here, that's a significant threat to the livelihood of this city. obviously, right now everybody's concerned with figuring out what is going on and how to stop it. yes, this is essentially the nightmare scenario that the city only dreamed of or had a nightmare of. this is what they plan for. they have prepared for this type of thing. atf is sending officials, fbi has people headed to the scene, as well. multiple agencies working on this right now. and again, in front of me, everywhere you look you see cruisers streaming to the mandalay or in that direction. so there are hundreds and hundreds of police officers and dozens of ambulances there, as well, right now. >> matt, we heard from kenneth who were there earlier on in the day talking about how heavy the police presence once in and around the festival. so, you know, given that an all
11:38 pm
the teams we are seeing, there's no lack of attention paid to this and lack of experts on the field but so hard to understand how something like this happens every time. we're left baffled. >> absolutely. matt, hang on. we want to hear some eyewitnesses there on the scene as these gunshots started to ring out. if we have that clip let's play that really quickly. >> yeah. i was at the tropicana hotel. staging. in my taxi. i seen a lot of people running. and the opposite direction of the festival. they had worried look on their faces. i tried to stop anyone. somebody finally stopped. they told me, machine gun fire. i started walking in to the direction of the harvest festival through the valet. i had to stop because i could smell the smoke.
11:39 pm
whether it was gun fire or something else, i don't know. but that's -- i did recognize the smoke as the gun fire. it was the rapid machine gun sound. it was the old style machine gun out of world war ii. i was able to get two people into my cab. tried to get more people. into my cab. i was unable to. they were zoned out. they had -- it was as though they had one thing on the mind. get away from the area as far as possible. but i have been told by law enforcement that this would happen. you know? it was a matter of when, when a situation like this would happen. so i had planned ahead of time to evacuate as many people as i could.
11:40 pm
i was able to help out two people. two passengers in my cab. i'm half deaf and i could hear this machine gun fire and i thought, here we go. here we go. you know? a lot of people are going to get hit, a lot of people are going to die and which i have already seen a video of -- it's unfortunate. it really is. but it's survival mode out there. you know? survival, instincts kick in. but i did not have time to be afraid. i had time to evacuate people in my cab. that's what i do for a living. >> wow. >> that man may have saved lives today. >> quite possibly. >> for anyone just joining us, we are looking at an active shooter situation currently going on in las vegas. we are hearing reports of multiple casualties after somebody opened fire at a country music festival.
11:41 pm
lat last report, the university medical center in las vegas reporting 20 people shot there and they expect that number to climb. >> these are the new images into the studios here. this is when we first got the sense that this is going to be a horrible situation. this shot from the mandalay bay looking down at the con krercer people scrambling, running for cover as the gunshots ring out and most alarming to me, listening to the cab driver moments ago near the tropicana hotel and just saying that he's half deaf and he could hear all of that rapid fire coming at them and no doubt that a lot of people were injured. >> that's right. it is -- looking into the possibility of automatic weapons, guns heard in the attack. that's what that witness reported hearing. we want to bring over brad garret, former fbi agent helping us to analyze the situation.
11:42 pm
brad, what do you make of what you heard so far in terms of what happened here? >> well, it would appear that you may have more than one shooter but despite whatever it is multiple shooters, single shooter, when you go to a scene like this, the difficulty is what do we really have? and, how do i keep the officers and emergency service personnel safe while you figure out what you do have? it is just a nightmare. until you get your hands around exactly what this is. and so, the police probably maybe as much behind the 8 ball as the people at the scene just immediately gathering intelligence. what did you see? what did you hear? like the cab driver. what information do we have as to what this is? there was comments earlier there might be a dead shooter at a location and it's he or she and only shooter? so the key is, what do you have and how quickly can you figure it out before a casualty?
11:43 pm
>> right now the las vegas police department is treeating t as an active shooter situation. earlier we were talking to matt who's there on scene saying this is sort of a nightmare situation for the authorities there in las vegas. you have this open air concert with thousands of people. we have a busy, warm night there in las vegas on the strip. kind of a scenario for terrible situation, isn't it? >> there's really no question about it. and also, can be on the front end of this very difficult to control. and so, you know, you have other shooters at other locations? are people talking >> way? you don't know until you get a handle of intelligence. what is this? how do you neutralize them and then get the injured people, you know, that is scenario where i'll be shocked if you don't
11:44 pm
have multiple fatalities. >> certainly looks like it's heading that way. brad, i wonder, we're talking a little bit about how you respond to something like this after it happens but how do you prevent this from happening to begin with? what we're hearing is it sounds like the festival had a heavy police presence. talking about cops leading into this. how much more can you do? >> well, i don't know that there is a lot more you can do. you stop these kind of shooters, shootings, you know about them in advance. depending on the motivation and how much information the shooter or shooters gave to other people or said to other people, whatever it might be, if you don't know that, that is -- that is the really lemm ma with every one of these mass shootings is that typically we don't know about them until they occur but there's always information out there about them. in other words, somebody said
11:45 pm
something to someone. they had to acquire the weapons. did they go train? i'm saying they. we don't know that. pieces of information that somebody was about to do this. i guarantee you in some form or fashion is out there and that never got to the police. >> brad, give us a sense of what's -- hold on. listen to this video. do you guys hear that? that is during the concert. we're going to rerack that and have you listen to that again. it just gives you chills. that is during the concert. what appears to sound like gun fire and hear how rapid it is. listen, folks. >> it's hard to even comprehend
11:46 pm
that that could be gun fire. >> brad, i'm not sure if you could hear that or saw that video but as you listen to that, you think, what? >> i think that you could go literally dozens of people every few seconds. or gravely injure them. >> wow. >> that's the utter horror. probably going to be an assault rifle type weapon. which usually carries heavy damage to the people that are hit because of the caliber and velocity of the bullets. and so as a result, i mean, it's ging to be a horrific -- a horrific number of people injured and or killed by this. >> brad, does the use of this kind of weapon narrow down the suspect you are looking for? >> not yet. i mean, couldn't you tell by the gun fire listening to the original footage? maybe the type. but it doesn't really matter
11:47 pm
from the standpoint of the following, that there are so many mainstream assault weapons that you can get your hands on today. quite easily and many states. and so, the idea that somebody would show up at this concert in nevada with an automatic weapon is just, unfortunately, quite easy to do. >> wow. >> getting in might be an issue. however, obviously this shooter or shooters had no problem getting in. >> that, indeed. brad garrett, former fbi agent and consultant joining us right now with opinion on on on on onn shooting event in las vegas. >> we want to head back to matt on the ground in las vegas near the area where this all happened. matt, when's tat's the latest y hearing? >> frohospital, at least
11:48 pm
20 casualties brought in. that number is apparently growing. no confirmation that the shooter or shooters are down or located. that doesn't mean that there is an active shooter still on the ground but it does mean that -- batten down. just listening to that video, i spent the better part of a decade in the middle east and embedded a lot. i've also met with a lot of terrorists. and anybody who's received any significant amount of training never puts their gun or their automatic weapon on full auto. it is a sound you rarely hear in combat unless you're talking about extraordinarily close quarters in which forgive me for the phrase but it's shooting fish in a barrel or that this person's untrained or sewing mass terror. if the purpose and i'm talking just clinically here and if the purpose is to still, you choose
11:49 pm
your shots and semiautomatic. point, aim and shoot and what people all around the world are trained to do. this is something that we don't frequently hear in situations like this. first of all, it's very hard to get a gun that is full auto. you can reconfigure a weapon to make it full automatic in america and it is possible to do. there are certain licenses to get in order to buy a weapon that's -- but in general that is a rare sound to hear, very, very disconcerning. >> that it is. i do want to point out, you have experienced many a-war zones and sounds as if -- not to get you to sort of predict what you're listening to but that sounds as if somebody has placed the weapon in the automatic state? >> it sounds like if that is an automatic rifle, sounds like
11:50 pm
one. i'm listening to it right now. it certainly sounds like one. again, i wasn't there. i'm not hearing this for the first time. i didn't hear it first person. but thatike automatic fire. and i don't know if you guys can count the number of bullets but i wonder if the person had time to change a clip. how many magazines the person had on them. but if they have -- shooting on full auto, you can rest assured it is extremely likely that the person brought multiple magazines with them and had a tremendous or significant amount of ammunition and seem to be -- the casualties seem to bear it out right now. >> it's possible there's more than one shooter involved in this, as well. that situation is still unfolding. but, matt, we are hearing from people hunkered down in the hotels on lockdown mode, hiding in kitchens, rooms. what are you seeing there in terms of how this is being handled? >> i'm parked about -- i don't know. 1,500 feet from mandalay bay.
11:51 pm
there's a gas station here, dozens of people outside. they look like teenagers, young people. they're on the phones. doesn't seem to be chaos here at the moment. but people to be bewildered. they're going out outfits. you know? high heels. short skirts. gifs in t-shirts and jeans. people clearly out reveling tonight. either in the concert or taking in the night life that las vegas has to offer. the scene here is -- also immense amounts of traffic and another police roadblock. so it's impossible to get to the strip right now. and basically i think everybody's trying to figure out what is going on and frankly we are also. and we are going to get you the latest reporting as soon as we get it. >> we appreciate it, matt. probably good it's gift to get to the strip because people are encouraging not to go to the area in the area of mandalay and
11:52 pm
tropicana. big thank you to matt gutman on the ground there and want to go to lindsay davis in las vegas there for us keeping tabs on the latest to find out about this. lindsay, what have you seen so far? >> so i was just landing. i guess my flight landed around 10:30 this evening. and so that was right before they put that ground stop into effect. and so when we came out, there was a long line at the taxi stand and cab drivers informing people for the first time unaware of what had happened that you cannot get anywhere near the strip. where are you staying? and what hotel? number of people just displaced and shell shocked as far as like, well, now what are we going to do? matt mentioned, can't get near the strip. las vegas boulevard is shut down at tropicana and then southbound. i'm told roughly four miles of highway has been shut down. and initially when we landed just a little over an hour ago
11:53 pm
it was just mandalay bay and since then, lux exxon, tropicana, excalibur, among hotels evacuated. and the way that the airport is positioned, there are a number of runways this kind of butt up to the mandalay bay property. so there were reports that when the gun fire initially broke out that people started then running over to the runways because it's that close to the airport. so just a lot of chaos. i'm not near the scene but -- talking about what they have heard and the hospital beds not being enough. primary hospital. that they're trying to find locations for additional 20 or 30 more people who are injured. and so, still just trying to ascertain exactly how much devastation there is here. >> yeah. that indeed. is there a -- talking to the
11:54 pm
control room here briefly. we see the video. is there audio as well, guys? it sounded as if you could kind of hear gunshots there. we'll check back with you in a moment, linsey. moments after the shooting. and yeah. i do believe that is gunshots that you're hearing on that video there. >> these videos are chilling coming in. >> rerack it and play it again for you. that's absolutely chilling. you can see people who are just scrambling and jumping to the ground there. >> our thanks to linsey on the ground and we have a witness, an eyewitness who was there. quinn, do we have you? >> yeah, yeah. i'm here. >> can you tell us what you heard and saw? >> so i'm here with my girlfriend. we're visiting from canada. we are from d.c. we were towards the back of the festival. when the -- was happening.
11:55 pm
main stage and we were on the bleachers which were i'd say 400, 500 yards from the main stage and we heard what we thought it sounded like firecrackers and everybody startled for a second and then they went away and we were like, okay, i guess that's nothing and then two, three seconds it started again, another burst and then the gentleman behind us he said, that's gun fire. everybody get down. it was jason aldean on the stage. he ran off. everybody i saw on the bleachers hit the deck. my girlfriend went down. i shielded her and then behind me i heard -- could have been somebody dropping something and sounded like that or a ricochet along with the burst and happening at the same time so i couldn't tell you. the burst ended. again, we got up. there was like a stampede basically of people trying to run out the back underneath the bleachers. we did that. we ducked down.
11:56 pm
followed the crowd off the site through the back ways i guess through the vendors and stuff like that. got back on the strip and hearing bursts. just basically kept running. didn't really hide anywhere and decided to run and try to get as far away as we could and we ended up back at the hotel right now. i'd rather not say which it is. >> understandable. >> we're back here now up in the room and i hadn't heard anything else since then. i have my brother back home on the police scanner with updates. >> so we are talking to quinn there visiting las vegas with his girlfriend from british columbia. meantime, we were also looking at images from affiliate ktmv in las vegas. the first we have seen since two hours ago when all of us started playing out of the las vegas strip and you can see the strip was virtually shot down. quinn, you were there on the bleachers. you hear what sounded like several rounds of rapid fire
11:57 pm
gunshots. did it seem as if any particular part or area was being targeted? was it conce like several roiunds of rapid fire. who was targeted? concert-goers? >> it was everywhere, every five, six seconds it would be another ten-second burst. it has to be, i'm thinking machine gun fire or automatic fire, because it was a lot of pops and a lot of bullets really quickly. i'm thinking that's where it was from. at least ten or eleven burst i'd say. >> were you able to hear where it was coming from? did it sound like an elevated position or someone on the ground? >> caller: it sounded like it was coming from the mandalay bay at first when we were at the festival. but we kept running away. whether we we whether we were running away from the festival we running in the direction of the tropicana. then we ran the other way. we did a u-turn up the other way. but i don't know if they might
11:58 pm
have seen another shooter. but it was pretty chaotic. it sounded like it was coming -- >> it sounded like it was coming from everywhere quinn is saying. and this one update from the university medical center. obviously, there are several hospitals in the las vegas area. the this is from one hospital, umc has 26 victims transported there. so far, two people are dead, 24 injured. this has become a fatal mass shooting situation there in las vegas. if we still have quinn with us, i did have one more question i wanted to ask. did you get a sense, quinn, i know everybody kind of ducked for cover, did any of the folks that you saw, did you actually see someone get shot? >> caller: i didn't, no. outside of the ricochet and when we were running i was pretty focussed, honestly on our hotel. >> did jason aldean or anybody else say anything? as i assume they were rushing
11:59 pm
off the concert stage. >> caller: no, he ran off the stage. the stage lights went black. it was pandemonium. >> and watching the video, it actually took a second to realize that that was the gunfire. so many bullets being fired so quickly. how long did it take you guys on the ground, i know you said initially you thought it was firecrackeres. did the crowd all realize at once this was gunfire? >> caller: yeah, after the second burst, like i said, i only got a good view of what was going on around me on the bleachers. everybody got on top of who they co. i g could. i got on top of my girlfriend. and once that burst ended everybody got up. >> i know you're back at your hotel right now. this thing happened about two hours ago. your girlfriend's there with you. i can imagine that both of you
12:00 am
have got to be going through some sort of chills. give me a sense of the emotions, having experienced what you experienced, that you're going through right now? >> caller: we feel reasonably safe where we are now, ever since we've come up here, i've taken sit taken seats at the window. you could hear a pin drop. i looked out at the strip. i don't sigh anyboee anybody ba from where i'm situated. so i mean, we're doing the best we can, i would say. i think i'm okay. i'm worried for her and her emotional well-being but i think we're okay. >> we're glad to hear that. especially in the midst of the injuries we're starting to get reports about. we're glad you and your girlfriend are okay. and we thank you so much for calling in to us tonight and letting us know what happened. >> caller: no problem, guys, thank you. >> it is the top of the hour.


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