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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 2, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." hard to believe this bro moment is inside a prison where -- >> off he got four guards and two prisoners hanging out. >> see the terrifying scene as the criminals show their true colors. >> no way. >> oh my gosh. >> a woman learns her devoted dog needs surgery. >> that would cost $50,000. >> the genius plan to save little snoopy's life. a motorcyclist does a little this is an abc news special report. massacre in las vegas. now reporting, david muir.
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>> and it is good to be with you from las vegas tonight, where we have team coverage. we're following law enforcement. they are about to update us on the situation after that horrific massacre here in las vegas overnight. as you can see, law enforcement officials there, sheriff joseph lombardo, bringing us up to speed all day long. let's listen in. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm sheriff lombardo, clark county. this will be our fourth media briefing since the incident took place yesterday evening. i'm going to give you a short synopsis of the updates, and other individuals are going to make some comments, reference other issues. so, there's two things we're attempting to achieve. one is, we have to finish processing the scenes. we have three separate scenes we are working, actually, it will be four at this point. so, we have the 32 nd floor of
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the mandalay bay, the event location, the house in mesquite, we have s.w.a.t. standing by to hit a house in northern nevada. at this point, we did, in the last briefing, i was unable to tell you what we retrieved from the house in mesquite. we retrieved in excess -- how many firearms was it? in excess of 18 additional firearms. some explosives and several thousand rounds of ammo, along with some electronic divisons that we're evaluating at this point. i mentioned that s.w.a.t. is about to breach the house up in northern nevada, i'm going to give you an update on the casualty numbers. we are currently standing at 527 for individuals injured. and individuals that have died or passed away, 59. so, what we are doing at this point, we have people calling
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about personal items located at the stadium. we are not done processing that scene yet. and once we are done processing the scene, we will make arrangements for people that attended the stadium, that believe they have personal items there, to respond to the area and we will help you retrieve your items. at this point, i want to bring greg cassel forward, from the county fire department, and he will give you an update on the family resource center. prior to that, i think it's important for, and i appreciate for you to put this out, for the people's families that are responding to the las vegas area, some local pro pry tears have offered up rooms for the family members at no charge, and that is the boyd group. stations casinos, the south point with mr. gahn and also seigle suites. so, one more time, the boyd group. stations casinos, the south point with mr. gahn and the
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seigle suites. so, individuals responding to the las vegas area in need of acokoccommodatio accommodations, those individual properties will accommodate you. so, greg? >> thank you, sheriff. my name is greg castle, fire chief of the clark county fire department. a couple of things i want to mention, first is the family assistant sensor. it's set up right now, a combination of police, fire department, the coroner's office and other local entities working together to provide the services for the families that are coming into town, that are still here, trying to handle what has happened with their loved ones. they're providing all kinds of services, as the sheriff said, many places have zstepped up to provide floiights, housing, fee. that's a wonderful thing for our community to have done. this is located at the south hall of the convention center, s-2, and it's taken up the
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entire south hall. there's a donation dropoff area that's been set up to facilitate people wanting to drop off nonperishable goods over there at that site, water and so forth, those -- the entrance of that is off of sierra vista, just west of this convention center area command metro building at joe w. brown and sierra vista. so, i'd like to take an opportunity right now to thank the men and women of the fire department, the clark county fire department, obviously very near and dear to my heart. las vegas fire and rescue. hend zorn and north las vegas fire department. we were all teamed up there last night, doing what we trained for so many years we wish would never happen, but we definitely had a plan in place and we were able to execute that plan. we had 108 firefighters on scene. 155 unit hours, just for the clark county fire department alone spent last night handling that scene. teaming up with our partners from the law enforcement to reach as many people as fast as we could and to do as much as we could for the community.
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i want to take a moment to recognize community ambulance. they were there as a stand-by medical at that scene last night. they had five, six ambulances there. they immediately threw critically wounded patients into their ambulances and transported from that scene and also american medical response and medic west ambulance. they brought all hands on deck, they brought in all of their employees, they rallied everything they could from pickup trucks to vans to all of their available ambulances to bring medical supplies down to a staging area to us and make those materials available. so, i want to give a big shoutout to those private ambulance companies that have done a wonderful thing for us last night. and from the fire department side, i'll take a few questions. >> were you able to say how many ambulances? >> i could not quantify that, but i work heard for 30 years and i have never seen that many ambulances that i saw last night. dozens. dozens and dozens. >> how many firefighters --
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>> 108 combined from those resources i mentioned, those four fire departments. >> what types of injuries were there -- [ inaudible ] >> a wide range of injuries. gunshot wounds, trample injuries, so, it was a wide range of those types of incidents, injuries. >> chief, will you explain or comment or tell us what the staging process is, or, as someone said, it took a long time for people to finally get into the venue, or rescuers to get to the venue. >> we had multiple branches and divisions set up last night to cover that large area, and i can't speak to how long it took them to get into that venue, but we had some issues right out of the schuettchute, because we di know where the gun fire was, we were not sure if it was safe. that's some of our policies and procedures, to try to make our people as safe as possible. we know they're going to go into
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a dangerous situation. we do it in a format, the rescue task force with the police department, three to four police officers going into harm's way, which is something that even ten years ago, this would have never taken place. we had never trained on it, we had never planned on it. >> were any firefighters or paramedics injured? >> we had no on-duty injuries of any of or emergency response last night. >> off-duty injuries? >> from my fire department, no. >> greg, can we give john -- >> sure. john? okay. hey, john. >> hthank you, greg. and thank you, sure. again, my nai am the coroner of clark county. keep everyone involved in this incident in their thoughts and prayers, as well as the first responders, all government agencies, all of us that have come together in working on this
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incident. please keep us in your thoughts and players, and know that we're working very hard to make sure that we take care of the families who have loved ones involved in this incident. i'd like to take a moment and talk a little bit more about the family assistance center. as chief cassell mentioned, we have that set up at the convention center. we're fully operational right there. right now, excuse me. and we've met with multiple families, we're continuing to interview the families and the goal of that center is to provide families information -- >> you can hear the coroner here in las vegas, asking this governor to keep us in their thoughts and prayers. and there is no question this country has watched in horror what's played out here in las vegas overnight. i want to bring in our chief investigative correspondent brian ross. brian, now investigators must reconcile what they heard from the family of stephen paddock, what they discovered in that hotel room and now at the home. we learned for the first time, 18 additional firearms, explosives, electronic devices
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inside that home here in nevada. >> david, 37 firearms in all, explosives, thousands of rounds of ammunition, plus e electronic tronnic devices. and the family has been telling us that stephen was nothing but just a multimillionaire whose only passions were gambling and going out at night with his girlfriend. so, there are two different stories emerging here, two different narratives about who this man really is. >> brian ross with us and he'll be with us on "world news tonight." in the meantime, that staggering toll. only worsening, as you heard from the sheriff there, joe lombardo, just moments ago. 59 dead, more than 500 injured at area hospitals throughout las vegas. you're going to hear audio from inside this hotel as s.w.a.t. teams moved in on that hotel door, coming up shortly, for many of you watching here in the east, it will be "world news tonight," and for those of you watching in the western partal of the country, a special edition of "world news tonight" a bit later. i'm david
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we've all heard of crowd surfing. this dude here at this concert. >> oh my god. >> that's more like crowd crashing. >> you see him standing at the top of the balcony, he leaps toward the crowd. >> people are going to be like sorry, bro, i don't want 140 pound dude landing on my head and they split. >> that's exactly what happened. >> of course. >> right after he hits the ground security steps in. >> you can't trust people at the bottom are going to catch you. >> this guy is a fool not only hurting himself but could have seriously hurt other people. >> people in line share the sentiment. call for help to have him treated. >> split chin. i wonder if he lost some teeth. >> the next one for your friend who can't seem to enjoy your company and has to be stuck on his or her phone. notice that woman is buried in her phone she doesn't notice her friend moved the chair. >> that was an accident though.
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she didn't do that as a prank. she didn't do that intentionally. >> she did it on purpose. >> she did? >> yes! that's intentional. she moves the chair back, takes her own feet. >> she's going to pretend like she's sorry? let me help you up my friend. >> i don't think she's sorry but lesson learned. you know how jeremy got abigail? like this. they're at disneyland. jeremy handed his camera to that disney photographer. the photographer had no idea what was about to happen and neither did abigail. because jeremy drops to one knee. >> oh, is he crying? he can't even get the words out. >> they've been together for three years, lived in another state and moved oarizona. this october they're going to exchange vows. they got ex-changed a few months ago. >> i wonder how many times a day this happens on that lot. >> right by the princess' castle. >> it would be interesting to
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know how many people get engaged at disneyland or california adventure, that's where we're going next for mission mary popp poppins. see that guy in the green jacket that is alan and the girl trailing behind him is chaz lee, both from ka way and never been to disneyland so their friend took him but alan has big plans. chaz is getting the camera ready and he starts break dancing right there on that wharf, paradise pier. he's got something in his pocket. >> happens to just land in that position? he opens the ring box, has a little speech for her. my favorite part -- i take it -- >> typically that means okay i'll do it. >> cool, she has half of a churro, too. >> celebrating with her churo. >> i love you, yes! >> it's churro break. >> boy, that was a memorable
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first trip to disneyland and california adventure. he's not happy at the petting zoo. >> yeah, i feel you little man. >> gross. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, someone decided to leave the door open. >> and welcomed the world in. >> the guilty culprit behind the clucking mess. >> maybe they were letting the buffet come to them. plus an accident cost him his legs but he's not slowing down. >> he's adapted very well. >> the inspirational story behind his skateboarding skills. >> i've been a skateboarder for all my life and now it's just become more of a passion. crohn's disease,... ...i was always searching for ways to manage my symptoms. i thought i had it covered. then i realized managing was all i was doing. when i finally told my doctor, he said humira was for people like me who have tried other medications,... but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira
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>> daniel used to skate earlier in his youth and then got out of it a little bit. after his amputation, he climbed back onto the skateboard and here he is looking pretty expert on this downhill route. >> the center of gravity is lower as well. i wonder if that helps. >> exactly what i was thinking as well. >> to answer some of the questions daniel is joining us "right this minute" via skype. what's happening, brother? >> yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> daniel, first of all, tell us what happened. what was your accident? >> i was run over by a train. i was train hopping and i fell and it ran me over and i lost both legs below the knee. >> crikey! >> how long ago was that, talk about your recovery and how it got you to this point in skateboarding? >> been an amputee four years and skateboarding as an amputee three and a half. that night was a howl at the moon situation, i was searching
3:20 pm
for an adrenalin rush and i hopped on the train. i slipped and fell directly onto the tracks. it removed my legs but i've been a skateboarder for all my life and now it's become more of a passion. learning how to adapt is more than just learning how to walk on prosthetics. it's also enjoying the activities and i realized that skateboarding is one of those things that i could do with my prosthetic legs or not. that's the first time i've done downhill without my prosthetics. it was fun. the problem with downhill is if i go by myself and i ride down the hill with my prosthetics on i can walk back up. if i take them off, then it's much harder to are me to get back up the hill for a second run. but they have u-hauls going every 40 minutes so i get to go up the hill as many times as i want. >> you're part of a collective called a.s.k. >> we help people with disabilities and anybody that wants to get on a skateboard get on a skateboard or wcmx, wheelchair motocross, riding a
3:21 pm
wheelchair at the skate park. look at me i'm missing both legs and i'm a downhill skateboarder. we want people to realize this is an option for them. not everybody with a disability wants to be a track and field star. people want to enjoy different hobbies and things and downhill skateboarding should not be excluding them because of a disability. dogs are supposed to be loyal. they're supposed to have your back. in this case, that hound and the other dog in this household decided to open the door to this house and welcome the world in. >> there seem to be a bit of a situation in the kitchen. >> oh my gosh. >> chickens and ducks. >> this house is full of chickens. >> and mess all over the place, too. that's gross, in your kitchen. does she say how long the chickens were in the house? >> no, i think she's still
3:22 pm
getting over the shock. >> you guys made such a mess. get out. everybody out of the kitchen. >> this next video we have a gorge us shiba enu playing around in the snow. the owner tells the dog to walk over that log there but he also wa warned the dog don't fall, it will be a fiasco. >> poor guy! oh my goodness! i'm glad they got like a heavy coat. >> the dog falls right in the water, but you also see the dog crawling out of the water to the other side. >> well he made it to the other side. >> i feel bad for that dog. >> you'll probably feel bad for this dog as well. kiki was trying to pull a houdini and squeeze out of this collar. unfortunately, you see that the collar is now stuck in its mouth. >> and kiki is acting like there's nothing to see here, folks. >> before the video starts rolling mom caught the dog, kiki, trying to squeeze out of it. that's what we see in the video a humiliated embarrassed dog. >> hi, kiki. you want me to take it off of
3:23 pm
you? ben holderness knows. >> any time your wife is on a healthy diet -- >> you're on the healthy diet, too. ♪ >> hear his hilarious tune about the meal time struggle. ♪
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didn't think it was going to work but it sounds fine to me. ♪ for all you fellas at home, and this one in the studio, ken
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holderness has written a song dedicated to you. ♪ i woke up kinda late this sunday ♪ ♪ ready for bacon, i was hungry ♪ ♪ i smelled something else, it made me nervous ♪ ♪ i went downstairs she made me breakfast ♪ ♪ my wife gonna help me diet >> any time your wife is on a healthy diet -- >> you're on the healthy diet, too. >> i don't mind but always seems to go from normal living to all of a sudden, no meat. wait, what? >> why not just jump right in. >> that's pinpoint exactly. ♪ lunch time in brazil, and she said it will make you fit and full of muscle ♪ >> up next, you know what that
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means. ♪ >> they're green. he didn't look and say thanks, babe, for paying so much attention and wanting us to be healthy to grow old together. >> no. he wanted bacon. ♪ my wife gonna help me diet ♪ swiss chard i thought i'd try it ♪ ♪ now my butt is no longer quiet ♪ >> that's why i'm telling you, you got to ease into these things. you can't just upset the system so quickly. ♪ ♪ >> well that was fun. we'll do it all again next time.
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tonight, we are on the scene, the massacre here in las vegas. the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. the gunman firing down at thousands who were gathered at an outdoor convert, from his hotel room on the 32nd floor. the crowd erupting into mass panic. some diving for cover. others running for their lives. and tonight, the staggering new toll. at least 59 killed, more than 500 wounded. and tonight, right here, the audio, at s.w.a.t. teams move in, surrounding the suspect's hotel door. >> breach, breach, breach. >> police discovering an arsenal of weapons. the shooter taking his own life. a 64-year-old living in a retirement community outside las vegas. you will hear from his family, right here this evening. a brother in disbelief. also tonight, hospitals overwhelmed with the injured.


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