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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 2, 2017 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, we are on the scene, the massacre here in las vegas. the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. the gunman firing down at thousands who were gathered at an outdoor convert, from his hotel room on the 32nd floor. the crowd erupting into mass panic. some diving for cover. others running for their lives. and tonight, the staggering new toll. at least 59 killed, more than 500 wounded. and tonight, right here, the audio, at s.w.a.t. teams move in, surrounding the suspect's hotel door. >> breach, breach, breach. >> police discovering an arsenal of weapons. the shooter taking his own life. a 64-year-old living in a retirement community outside las vegas. you will hear from his family, right here this evening. a brother in disbelief. also tonight, hospitals overwhelmed with the injured. hundreds of them.
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at one hospital, more than a dozen dying after arriving in the e.r. others in critical condition. hundreds of people lining up for blocks to donate blood tonight. and the faces of the victims beginning to emerge. president trump and the first lady with a moment of silence outside the white house. after calling it an act of evil. "world news tonight" gbegins no. and good evening from las vegas. and we are here at the scene of the worst mass shooting in american history. a lone gunman from a 32nd floor hotel window shooting at thousands of helpless concert-goers below. on stage, country music star jason aldean. the music mixing with the sound of bullets. terrified people on the ground, during the rounds of relentless gun fire, they were huddling. and then, the pause. they would run for their lives before witnesses say the gunfire
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would then agabegin ben. in minutes, s.w.a.t. teams reaching that hotel room in that building right here behind me. and tonight, the horrific toll now emerging. just a short time ago, they revealed at least 59 now killed. more than 500 injured. what they've now discovered in the suspect's home, his family, you'll hear from them tonight. and the faces of the victims. but first, what began to play out shortly after 10:00 p.m. local time, right here in las vegas. abc senior national correspondent matt gutman leading us off. >> reporter: the chaos unfolding in the heart of the las vegas strip. 10:08 p.m., 22,000 country music fans packed in, enjoying the route 91 harvest festival. but high above them on the 32nd floor of the glittering mandalay bay resort, police say 64-year-old stephen paddock was watching. they say he hammered through the hotel's thick window, and started firing down on the crowd below. country star jason aldean was on
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stage, but automatic gunfire quickly drowning out his voice. ♪ the music stops, and he runs offstage. the audience, huddling on the ground, the mandalay looming over them. for so many, confusion. was this part of the show? >> that's just a firecracker. >> i know, but why would you do that? >> reporter: seconds later, the rapid fire shooting starts again. >> let's go! >> reporter: terrified people pile on top of each other, sheltering behind anything they could. but they were in an open field, easy targets for the gunman in the tower. >> i don't know where to go! oh my god! >> reporter: thousands looking for safety, anywhere, even a stranger's car. >> turn around.
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>> can we get in? >> yeah, get in. >> turn around. >> there's a mass shooting! there's a mass shooting! >> relax, relax. >> my his and i ran out toward our car. and there were people hiding under our car for cover. >> reporter: we found mike cronk, head in his hands, still stained with his friend's blood. >> got hit three times. >> reporter: mike used his shirt to keep his friend from bleeding out. you guys were trying to do try yaj while the shooting is still going on? >> yeah, everybody was jumping over the fences and stuff, but there's no way i'm going to leave my buddy. we had to keep compression on it, so -- once we -- we weren't even sure if the shooting was stopped. we got him over the fence, and under the stage so at least we knew we were safe. >> reporter: as an army of police descend, high above the panicked crowds, s.w.a.t. teams are closing in on the shooter. they approach his hotel door armed with an explosive. >> everyone in the hallway needs to move back. all units, move back. >> breach, breach, breach.
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>> reporter: police say they found paddock dead inside. he had killed himself. >> right now, we need your truck. we just need to get people over to the hospital, okay? >> okay. >> reporter: down on the ground, the sidewalk now a triage center. the wounded carried on barricades, turned into stretchers, even in wheelbarrows. >> we were getting in my truck to leave, and we just saw a bunch of people that needed help, so we just started piling them in the truck. >> reporter: the entire vegas strip, frozen, total lockdown. this american playground, now a killing field. >> matt gutman with us now. and police still pouring over this crime scene. and they told you, this is going to be a complex investigation at each of these scenes. >> reporter: that's right, david. because there are mruultiple scenes covering several city blocks and those hundreds of victims. but perhaps, what's most striking about this shooting is the distance between where that sniper was perched on the 32nd story of the mandalay, and that concert below, you can see, about 40 yards away from where
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i'm standing. those bullets had to travel well over 300 yards to hit their victims at the concert. david? >> all right, matt gutman leading us off tonight. matt, who has been here since the early morning hours, thank you. next here tonight, a chilling look inside the attack. from the first responders and police on the scene, tonight, we are now hearing the radio calls that they made for help. and their tense conversations when they went to take the gunman down in that hotel hallway, and they approached that door. here's abc's chief national correspondent tom llamas, also here in nevada tonight. >> shots fired from mandalay bay, there's many people down. >> reporter: as bullets rained down on concert-goers like hell fi fire, las vegas s.w.a.t. teams jumped into action to take down the shooter. >> 790-ri, i'm going to form a strike team. mandalay bay and the boulevard. i need five officers on me. >> reporter: heavily armed
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officers moving up the massive glass tower. >> we are at the end of the hall. we are going to be peeking out into the hallway. those officers that are down the hall need to acknowledge so we don't have a crossfire. >> reporter: careful of friendly fire, s.w.a.t. members advance. >> i have the hallway of the suspect's room on the 32nd floor. >> reporter: and right before they storm paddock's room, this warning, just in case they're walking into an ambush. >> i'm at the suspect's door. i need everybody in that hallway to be aware of it, and get back. we need to pop this and see if we get any type of response from this guy to see if he's in here or if he's actually moved out somewhere else. >> breach, breach, breach. >> reporter: after that explosion, officers move in. >> we are clearing this room. we have one suspect down. >> is that room 135? >> that's affirmative. one suspect down in 135, i have the floor. >> reporter: and as they discover paddock's body, they also find his arsenal. >> we have the east room secure. we've got one suspect down. multiple firearms. this is definitely the place where they were firing into the crowd.
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>> just incredible work from the s.w.a.t. teams overnight. tom llamas joins us live tonight here in las vegas. tom, we're learning more about how police tracked down this gunman, possibly, from a smoke alarm? >> reporter: that's right, david. you can see the mandalay bay hotel just behind me. it's such a massive hothem, more than 3,300 rooms. and we're told one of the ways police were able to locate the shooter was because all that gun fire set off a smoke alarm and then the police were able to locate the killer inside that room. david? >> tom llamas with us tonight. tom, thank you so much. what would drive someone to take so many innocent lives? that's the question we ask after so many of these mass shootings. tonight, a portrait of the gunman, now coming into focus. his gambling habit, his family history, and this question -- did he have any ties to foreign groups? remarkably today, his family said there were no signs that any of this was coming. here's our chief investigative correspondent brian ross. >> reporter: as investigators
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tonight search for clues at his home in a retirement community in mesquite, nevada, the motive of 64-year-old stephen paddock, seen in this photo posted on facebook by his girlfriend, remains a mystery. >> we've checked all the federal da databases and local bdatabases and state databases. we had no knowledge of this individual. >> reporter: his family remembers him as a man who grew up without conviction. >> steve had nothing to do with any political organization, religious organization, no white supremacist, nothing. >> reporter: and the fbi says no connection either to any overseas terror group, despite a claim today by isis. >> we have determined to this point no connection with the international terrorist group. >> reporter: yet, for some reason, this otherwise unremarkable man checked into his 32nd floor las vegas hotel room last thursday on a well-planned mission to kill. assembling a remarkable arsenal. authorities hope his girlfriend,
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marilou danley, can provide some insight. authorities says she is in the philippines, but expected to return to the u.s. soon. adding to the mystery, federal officials tell abc news, paddock sent tens of thousands of dollars in the last few weeks to the philippines. paddock's only real passion appears to have been gambling. his brother, eric, says paddock recently won a $40,000 jackpot, and was a multimillionaire. >> he was a wealthy guy and he liked to play video poker. he played multi-hundred dollar a hand video poker. >> reporter: six years ago, paddock sued a las vegas casino. video shows him rubbing his leg in pain. an arbitrator found in favor of the casino. until today, the only known connection to crime was paddock's late father, a violent bank robber who spent seven years in the 1960s as an fbi fugitive, described as psychopathic, suicidal, armed and dangerous. >> and brian ross with us from
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new york tonight. and brian, we heard there, in your reporting, the shooter's brother say that he had no political ties, religious ties, no criminal history. even saying today, no parking tickets. but he did describe his brother as a multimillionaire, who played high stakes poker, but even there, no signs yet tonight of any financial problems? >> reporter: yes, david. not only did he have real estate holdings, but he's a private pilot. his brother said that he made his fortune in real estate and by gambling and the stock market. he's the kind of high roller the casinos welcome with open arms, david. >> all right, brian ross and your team, our thanks to you, as well. and next here tonight, to the victims of this awful attack. officials here say they are still identifying the dead, and notifying next of kin. it will take some time, but we are beginning to see many of the faces here this evening, the loved ones lost. tonight, we are learning the names of those who lost their lives at the concert here overnight. there was dana gardner. former high school cheerleader angie gomez.
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28-year-old afghanistan navy vet chris roybal, from southern california. hannah ahlers, a 35-year-old mother of three from murrieta, california. jordan mcildoon from canada. he would have turned 24 this week. sonny melton, a tennessee husband and nurse. on the right. he died while protecting his wife, healther, as bullets rained down on them. "i felt him get shot in the back," she told reporters. among the victims, teachers, education professionals. lisa romero, a secretary at miyamura high school in gallup, new mexico. susan smith, an office manager at vista elementary in simi valley, california. manhattan beach special education teacher sandy casey, her students in mourning today. >> it was painful. there was a lot of pain on the campus today. it's a very difficult day in our district. >> reporter: rachael parker, a manhattan beach police records technician, lost her life. two las vegas metropolitan police officers were also hit, the sheriff, emotional. >> one was critical, but he is stable, and one of my officers was off-duty, attending the
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converco concert and lost his life. >> reporter: and amidst the horror, tonight we are also learning of astonishing acts of heroic bravery, huddling together, carrying the injured through the chaos and to safety, using their own bodies as protection. >> there were men going over their wives, their girlfriends to block them. there were lives saved. >> reporter: michelle schmidt packing her car with strangers before getting out and calling her own family. >> i called my his and i told him that i loved him and my little girl, in case i didn't make it. >> reporter: brian claypool trapped in a room with others near the stage. >> mrufr flifr police officers screamed go, go, and i rallied everybody out of that room. i was determined. i said, these girls aren't going to die. i'm not going to die. this is not happening. not happening. >> incredible bravery, even in the face of that gunfire that simply would not let up overnight. the hospitals and medical teams in this city are stretched to the limits tonight. the mgm resorts owner of the
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mandalay and other hotels offering help to guests and employees. but they also tweeted this today, saying we are in need of certified trauma kocounselors. and after an urgent call for blood donors, hundreds showing up to help. but even at one hospital here in las vegas tonight, they reported that at least 14 of the victims were brought there for help, died after arriving at the e.r. it is incredible scene unfolding here tonight, and abc's linsey davis is outside university medicalcenter in las vegas. >> reporter: tonight, the race to treat the injured. >> shots fired from mandalay bay, there's many people down. >> reporter: concert-goers became first responders overnight, pushing the wounded any way they could to get them help. so many rushed to area hospitals. >> it was non-stop surgery after surgery until 4:30 or 5:00 this morning. >> reporter: hospitals and doctors overwhelmed with hundreds of patients. >> we brought extra trauma surgeons, extra critical care
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nurses, extra, even, you know, evs folks to make sure we were keeping our trauma center clean to be able to move our patients through quickly. >> reporter: nevada's governor today made an urgent plea. >> we need blood. so if anybody can contribute blood. >> reporter: and now, so many are responding to his call. >> i heard this happened, the least i could do, give me blood and i'm o-negative, so, my blood is actually the universal giver. >> reporter: some reportedly waiting up to five hours to donate. >> you can see -- i don't even know if you can see how far this line goes. it is incredible. >> linsey davis joins us tonight. and some of the doctors we learned had just received some training that proved critical in their response here? >> reporter: that's right, david. many of those doctors recently had just undergone training with a physician who was on-call in orlando the night of the pulse nightclub shooting and he was able to share with them what worked and what they could have done better. david? >> linsey davis live here in hls
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vegas tonight. there is still much more ahead on this special edition of "world news tonight" this monday. the killer's arsenal. what we have just learned tonight about the heavy artillery discovered in that hotel room, on the 32nd floor. sources now revealing the assortment of high powered weapons, capable of slicing through bold armor worn by police. what else police reportedly found once they were inside. and also, the discovery at his home here in nevada. learning about that late today. and president trump and the first lady with a moment of silence outside the white house. after the president called this an act of pure evil. our team coverage continues here in just a moment. when you have a cold... stuff happens. shut down cold symptoms fast with maximum strength alka seltzer
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including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz xr, and monitor certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections are common and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. needles. a must for vinyl. but for you, one pill a day may provide symptom relief. ask your doctor about xeljanz xr. an "unjection™". we're going to turn next tonight to that discovery on the 32nd floor of mandalay bay. the hotel room filled with weapons and what we've just learned about that heavy artillery. here's abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas tonight. >> reporter: tonight, investigators focusing on the killer's arsenal. the shooting from the 32nd floor
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coming from at least one rifle functioning like an automatic machine gun. the gunman firing bullets continuously. listen. the unmistakable sound different from anything we've heard from all other recent mass shootings. none of them involving fully automatic guns. >> we are still going through the search warrant actively at this time, but it's in access of ten rifles. >> reporter: sources now telling abc news paddock had at least 16 rifles and handguns. one of them an assault rifle, modified to fire like a machine gun. sources say some of the rifles were high powered, capable of slicing through police body armor. >> this is a classic wmd, this is a weapon and a man of mass a destruction. >> reporter: we examined the first 90 seconds of the massacre, hearing nearly 200 rounds fired. hundreds more within the following minutes. paddock took brief pauses,
3:50 pm
likely to reload. the killer's perch more than 300 feet above, the packed crowd was 1,100 feet away, providing a shooting gallery for the killer. with a crowd of easy targets requiring little skill. disturbingly, a law enforcement source items abc news, a camera was discovered in the room, suggesting the gunman may have recorded himself. late today, this gun store in mesquite, nevada, confirming that paddock purchased guns here. the store saying he passed all necessary background checks. it is unknown if these were the guns used in the rampage. david, as the search continues, authorities found an additional 18 weapons and an explosive at the suspect's home. david? >> pierre thomas in washington. and when we come back tonight, what president trump said to the nation today about what we witnessed here in las vegas. and his promise to this city. each year sarah climbs 58,007 steps. that's the height of mount everest. because each day she chooses to take the stairs. at work, at home... even on the escalator. that can be hard on her lower body, so now she does it with dr. scholl's orthotics.
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>> reporter: in his address to the nation today, president trump striking a somber tone. >> it was an act of pure evil. >> reporter: he never said the gunman's name, instead focusing on the victims and survivors. >> we are praying for you, and we are here for you, and we ask god to help see you through this very dark period. >> reporter: and he called for unity. >> it is our love that defines us today, and always will, forever. >> reporter: the president leading a moment of silence, ordering flags flown at half staff and personally calling the las vegas sheriff. >> the fast response that you gave saved hundreds of additional people from being killed. >> reporter: but was this terrorism? the white house won't say. does the president believe that what happened amounts to an act of domestic terrorism? >> we are still in a fact-finding mission. it would be premature to weigh
3:55 pm
in on something like that before we have any more facts. >> and the president heads to las vegas on wednesday, where he will thank first responders. he will meet with victims family members, but first, that trip to puerto rico to survey the damage there, david, that happens tomorrow. >> cecilia, thank you. and what the sheriff here revealed just a short time ago, in a moment. woman: we demand a lot from our eyes every day. i should know. i have chronic dry eye caused by reduced tear production due to inflammation. so i use restasis multidose®. it helps me make more of my own tears, with continued use, twice a day, every day. it's also what i prescribe to my patients who have this condition. restasis multidose® helps increase your eyes' natural ability to produce tears, which may be reduced by inflammation due to chronic dry eye. restasis multidose® did not increase tear production in patients using anti-inflammatory eye drops or tear duct plugs. to help avoid eye injury and contamination, do not touch the bottle tip to your eye or other surfaces.
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tonight, our special edition of "world news tonight," massacre in las vegas. inside the attack. gunfire and panic at an outdoor music festival. investigators on the scene of the gunman's home. you will hear from the gunman's family, stunned. what they reveal, saying he had no criminal past. good evening again from las vegas, and we welcome you back to this special edition of "world news tonight." and we begin this extended program with new details, new reporting late this afternoon, about the life of stephen paddock. he's the suspect, the man who assembled a massive arsenal, police say in a hotel room on the 32nd floor of the building right behind me, perpetrating the worst mass shooting in the united states in modern times.


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