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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 3, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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hayward city hall, the hayward police and fire departments, the alameda county administrative building as well as the castro valley public library and castro valley high school. we will have more on the las vegas shooting in just a moment. let's get a quick update on weather and traffic. alexis you've been following a traffic alert on san matteo bridge. >> just a couple minutes ago we got westbound lanes back open on state route 92. this is all due to a semi fire, it's a little beyond the view of our camera, west of the high-rise, so getting close to the foster city side. at one point just about 15 minutes ago we had all lanes blocked eastbound and westbound. all lanes are back open now on the eastbound side and they have opened up two out of three lanes on that westbound side. it sounds like they are having a hard time getting a big rig tow truck to the scene on westbound 92. just a slight delay and right around that toll plaza as they released traffic, i think that will thin out. i think we will be okay as long as they can get that semi
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cleared before the commute starts to pick up because obviously the westbound side the heavy side this time of day. right now let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco with a look at our forecast. >> let me give you good news to start the morning, the red flag warning for the east bay hills and diablo range did expire last night at 5:00. the north bay, all those areas in red, that's a red flag warning, high fire danger until 5:00 this afternoon. still have gusty winds and bone dry air and a lot of dead vegetation for fuel up there. look at the east bay hills camera, not bouncing nearly as much as it was yesterday and because of that it is definitely cooler this morning. so you may want to grab a light jacket. 40s to near 50 degrees. we will be at 64 to 70 at noon, 65 at the coast, 74 to 77 around the bay and inland with a total sunshine back in the 60s by 7:00. big warming trend coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. back to reggie and natasha for more news. the wife of a san francisco police officer is still missing
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this morning. >> she was last seen amid the chaos of sunday night's shooting. a team of officers is in las vegas looking for stacee etcheber. vinnie told stacy to run but now cannot find her. she did not have her phone or id on her. the children have two children who go to school? novato. >> this morning we are also remembering those who were lost in las vegas. abc 7 news anchor kristen sze tells us what we've learned about some of the victims. >> denise burditus died in her husband's arms. bailey schweitzer lived in bakersfield, her employer described her as being the ray of sunshine in our office. dorene anderson of alaska went to the concert with her husband and two hours. neysa tonks worked for a tech firm. chris roybal served in the navy and saw action in afghanistan. jennifer parks had just begun
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her third year of teaching kindergarten in northern los angeles county. hannah ahlers is survived by her three children. jordan mcildoon lived in british columbia, canada. angela gomez graduated from college in southern california two years ago. lisa romero worked as a high school secretary in new mexico. rachel parker spent the last ten years working as a records technician near l.a. sandy casey also worked in manhattan beach as a special education teacher. dana gardner's boss called her a dedicated civil servant with san bernardino county. susan smith worked for for a school district in ventura county. sonny melton was a nurse from western tennessee, he died shielding his wife heather. carrie barnette was part of our extended family with the walt
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disney company, she worked at disney's california adventure. >> that was kristen sze reporting. you can leave your condolences to the las vegas victims on our abc 7 news facebook page. you will see this video posted at the top of the page. san francisco mayor ed lee says there will be increased security this week as tens of thousands are expected to converged on the city for a lineup of concerts and events, this includes fleet week and the bluegrass festival. as part of the fleet week the state and department of defense have medical surge units outside of western general. >> they would actually bring up trauma, you know, surgeon capabilities. >> that's if our hospitals were just so packed, right? >> absolutely. i mean, i hope they don't become overwhelmed, but we're planning for some of the worst case scenarios. >> the mayor says there is some comfort knowing that the military is here for the remainder of the week. bay area volunteers are showing their support the las vegas victims by donating blood.
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there has been a jump in donors since news of the mass shooting broke. the blood bank is part of the nationwide system, it replenishes blood supplies in disaster stricken areas. this donor says she justwanted to help. >> for me when i watched a situation like this unfold the immediate question is what can i do? how can i support my community? how can i take action to be there for those who need me? >> blood centers of the pacific has information online on how to preregister to become a blood donor. google and facebook are apologizing for amplifying false news stories that surfaced in the hours after the shooting. according to the chronicle google blamed an algorithm for highlighting stories that falsely identified an innocent man as the shooter. it came before police named stephen paddock. there were also false stories about multiple shooters and fake victims. google and facebook made tweaks to lead readers to more reputable sources but critics say this shows how easily
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systems meant to combat online lies can still be fooled. the oakland raiders are donating $50,000 to the las vegas victims fund. a go fund me page has been set up by a clark county commission chair and now it has raised more than $2,900,000 the raiders are building a new stayed why um in las vegas. the heart of the raider nation goes out to las vegas. >> now a traffic alert. >> from abc 7 mornings. we do have a sig alert on the san matteo bridge but things are starting to look better than they were even 10, 15 minutes ago. westbound 92 it's a little beyond the reach of our camera but just past the high-rise on the foster city side we had a semi, fire started near the rear axel early in morning, wuld over to the right-hand side and then we actually had a full closure eastbound and westbound while they got that tapped out. fire is under control, we just have the far right lane blocked, two out of the three lanes are open westbound, all lanes are open on the eastbound side.
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things are looking a lot better. they are having a little trouble finding a tow truck that is able to handle that big rig so i will definitely keep an eye on that. if that's blocking for a couple hours that will turn into a big deal once again. if you are just heading out right now it is not. we also have a problem on southbound 17 before the moody curve in the lexington hills area, a disabled vehicle blocking the far right lane. emergency crews on the way to that scene as well. let's check in with mike nicco. let's talk more about those winds, you can see they are considerably slower, not as noisy, not as restless and they were last night until you get up into the north bay mountains and that's why we still have that high fire danger there. you go down to the surface you can see the winds are fairly calm except for at sfo and along the coast where they're gusting to about 16 miles per hour. what it has it done for our temperatures? look at that, 21 degrees cooler in napa, you are the exception there, most of us around 9 to 13 degrees. we have a 49 in san francisco,
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look at that, west portal, sunny side, 50, park presidio 51, we have the mission and the castro at about 54 degrees right now. 57 in richmond, but look at palo alto, 47, union city 49, dress for 44 in san walnut creek at about 51. walnut creek south on 680 all the way down all those new smooth roads they have made on 24. all right. here is a look at your commute planner, dry and calmer for the roads today. we were a little breezy over our bridges, i'm not seeing that same wind this morning. mass transit, cool to mild from this morning to the afternoon hours and get ready for that sun glistening off the bay today as total sunshine if you're going to be on a ferry. some 90s coming up in my accuweather seven-day forecast, i will show you when and where. >> thanks, mike. as we learn more about the victims of the las vegas shooting rampage investigators are intensifying their search
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for the gunman's motives. next a closer look at the arsenal he collected and how he got some of those guns. also bail or jail, how some also bail or jail, how some peop
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and i take my job seriously. while i'm busy watching the game, i need your help keeping an eye on the stands. if you see something that doesn't look quite right, tell a law enforcement official. we all play an important role in protecting our communities, and you can help. if you see something suspicious, say something to local authorities. [ crowd cheering ] abc 7 mornings. >> all news, all morning. >> people around the world paying tribute to the victims in las vegas and of other senseless violence. you see in paris there the
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eiffel tower went dark in homage to the shooting victims and the victims of the weekend knife attack in the french port city of marseille. in tel aviv the city government building was lit up in red, white and blue, that is stunning. prime minister benjamin netanyahu says that israel stands shoulder to shoulder with the u.s. in mourning and sorrow. we don't know what the shooter's ultimate plan was but police say he had plenty of firepower. >> eric thomas has a look at what police have found. >> the unmistakable sound of automatic weapons fire, proof that getting a machine gun may be tough but not impossible and the shooter had many more weapons nearby. >> we are still going through the search warrant actively at this time, but it's in excess of ten rifles. >> the latest police briefing indicates he had 23 guns in his room at the mandalay bay hotel including an assault rifle modified to fire like a machine gun plus 19 guns at home. police say he had ammunition
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capable of penetrating body armor. in addition he took a sniper's perch here on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay, 1,100 feet away from his victims. at that distance with an automatic rifle and thousand of targets below the attack wouldn't require a lot of skill. this gun store in mesquite confirms paddock bought some guns here. the owner says paddock passed all the background checks. eric thomas, abc 7 news. it's 4:43. the mass shooting has apparently changed the mind of one second amendment supporter. caleb kieter is a guitarist for the josh abbott band which played during the music festival where the shooting took place. hours after the attack he tweeted that he was, quote, a proponent of the second amendment my whole life until the events of last night. i can't express how wrong i was. kieter goes on to say with he need gun control right now. abc 7's amy hollyfield and jessica castro are both in las
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vegas. amy will have a live report at 5:30. stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage of the shooting and its aftermath as it develops. turning to local news, happening today, santa clara supervisors are set to vote on reforms for the bail system. it is to ensure suspects in minor or nonviolent crimes show up for court dates without having to sit in jail because they can't afford bail. supervisors also want to partner with community groups to post bail on behalf of low income defendants. santa clara is the only county with such a partnership. wells fargo's chief executive will face congress to say he is deeply sorry for the false accounts scandal. tim sloan will testify before the senate banking committee. wells fargo says up to 3 1/2 million accounts were opened as employees tried to meet ambitious sales targets. they paid $185 million to the federal government and settled a
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class action suit. facebook is taking action in light of the russian influence on last year's presidential election. the company says it's hiring for man 1,000 people to review ads on the social network. take a look at what the weather has in store for you, definitely a cool start to the day. >> you noticed that, also, yes, definitely cooler this morning. san jose the weather window i have open temperature right now 47 degrees under a clear sky. let's take a look at my accuweather highlights, lavish sunshine today and light humidity. in fact, lighter breezes and that dry air continues over the next several days. that's going to mean cool nights but warmer afternoons on the way as the sun, yeah, it's still strong enough to bring us a little bit of a warming trend. here is a look at today's temperatures, upper 60s along the coast to 72 in san
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francisco, we will have mid to upper 70s from 75 to 78 around the bay and if you look inland about 78 to about 83 degrees. now, let's jump ahead to tomorrow. temperatures about the same, so we will call it a holding pattern. now look what happens thursday, definitely signs of warmth as 80s are taking over, even around the bay. look at hayward, redwood city, richmond. all right. let's see what happens friday. look at this, starts to spread into san francisco and the coast and then we're going to get even warmer this weekend. first let me show you the lows, 40s in our valleys, low to mid 50s elsewhere. the seven-day forecast, those are 90s for friday and saturdy inland with mid 80s near the bay and near 80 at the coast. the warmest day at the coast will be friday. you will get a localized sea breeze that will cool you saturday, sunday, monday while the rest of us will remain pretty warm. my car thermometer this morning
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hit 46 degrees, turned on the heater, thought of you, you hit the heater in the car. >> i did. i had to dee fog it again today. >> did you really? >> i did flip that on. it was a little bit told, too. i'm not complaining, i would rather have it be cold than hot. >> i imagine, yes. >> taking a look at the roads this morning we are off to actually kind of a busy start here today. we are not seeing any huge backups here at the san matteo bridge but we do have one lane closed westbound 92 past the high-rise. west of the high-rise once you get towards the foster city side this is due to a semi fire. this happened about i guess we are up to about 45 minutes at this point. so the fire is con end at that. they have found a tow truck driver who was able to handle a big rig and they are on their way coming from the san matteo side. we are not seeing any big backups, again, just one lane down, we did have the eastbound side closed when that fire was going as as well. things are looking much better than they were just even 20, 25 minutes ago. not looking so great here westbound 580 out of tracy this
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morning, getting into dublin already up to one hour 20 minutes. it does sound like we have construction that is possibly going late. we are working to confirm that. southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard you are wide open in the green at 15 and northbound 85, 101 to cupertino okay in the green at 15 minutes. las vegas certainly a popular vacation spot, the changes some airlines and hotels are letting visitors make in the wake of the shooting. >> jimmy kimmel puts comedy aside to give an emotional monologue about the shooting. flu season is arriving, how you can get a free vaccination today. first this morning's "techbytes.." equifax thinks the security breach might have been worse. >> another 2.5 million consumers may have been affected. that's more than 145 million potential victims. >> equifax's former ceo faces congress today. it appears tesla's production of the model 3 isn't go as smoothly as planned. >> the electric car maker only built 260 of the cars from july to september.
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that's blaming production bottle next for its lowered priced model 3 by starts at $35,000. half the starting price of the model s. >> and general motors says it will introduce at least 20 new all electric vehicles in the next six years, two of them based on the chevy volt will be available in the next 18 months. >> ford outlines the
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who honorably serve, but are so much more. here's to the moms and dads, the grandmas and grandpas. here's to the athletes, the adventurous, the determined. here's to those who have better things to do than worry about their benefits. because now there's ebenefits, where you can easily access and track all your va and dod benefits online, all in one place. register for your free account today at then get back out there. we're back at 4:51.
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the vegas shooting on everyone's mind including late night hosts. >> jimmy kimmel had one of the most emotional mono logs to date. >> there is probably no way to ever know why a human being would do something like this to other human beings who are at a concert having fun and listening to music, as a result of that this morning we have children without parents and fathers without sons, mothers without daughters, we lost two police officers -- >> kimmel spent ten minutes talking about the shootings and politicians he felt were in the nra's pockets. he ended by asking viewers to press congress for more gun control, underscoring the point to love and prayers are not enough. if you are planning a trip to las vegas many hotels are allowing cancellations without penalties, airlines waiving change fees. 7 on your side's michael finny warns that policies vary from
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one company to another. the mandalay bay resort from where the shooter fired into the crowd has reopened for business. mgm resorts which operates mandalay bay and other hotels is allowing people to cancel without penalties on case by case operations so is caesars, also major airlines including jetblue, virgin and united are waiving change fees for flights in and out of vegas. each airline has its own restrictions about rebooking so as always michael says please check with your carrier. bart is investigating a fire that torched three cars as possible arson. it happened at the castro valley bart station yesterday. the cars were parked along red wood road. the flames caused some damage to a nearby business. a woman that works there said it could have been a lot worse if not for two people. >> they were basically heroes. they came and they got everybody out, they witnessed, you know, a homeless man lighting a fire and yelled at him to stop. >> the flames were intense
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enough to melt a derek carr could miss with a broken bone in his back. the raiders next game is this sunday incompetence against the ravens at the coliseum. >> i wish the best for him and the team. a lot of promise in this season still left. let's take a look at mt. m tammel pie. it does show that clean air overtop of us. today's temperatures pretty close to average. we will call it a pleasant autumn day, santa rosa 83, 3 degrees warmer than average. redwood city you are just a degree cooler than average. a lot of 70s to near 80 degrees today. all right. as we head through october we start to think about the rain season and you can see we get a few healthy areas of rain like
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in santa rosa we average about 2 inches, about an inch and a third in oakland, a little over an inch in san francisco and an inch in hayward, concord and down to san jose under an inch still. so they sputter as they try to get out of the gate. here is alexis. >> we do still have our traffic alert on the san matteo bridge but really not slowing you town much. westbound 92 past the high-rise we do still have the far right lane blocked due to the semi fire, the fire is out. southbound 680 near treat boulevard we have a report of a disabled vehicle in the right center lane. still waiting for chp to arrive. mass transit this morning so no delays, bart, ace one and no delays for capital corridor. santa clara and it's library district are hosting the first flu shot clinic. it is from 1:00 until 3:30 at the milpitas library on north main street.
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anyone 18 years or older can stop by for a flu shot no appointment necessary. four more clinics will be held this month. we have a list of those days and times on our website. the concord city council will test for autonomous delivery robots. robots like these by starship technologies have been seen rolling around parts of the city. a second robot company wants to test its robots in neighborhoods around downtown, they would deliver groceries, take out and small packages. if approved the program would run for one year. tributes and heroism in las vegas, we are there with a live report as the nation mourns. plus an update from puerto rico, still ravaged by hurricane damage. we will check in with a bay area task force member who is there to help. new tess test score numbers are causing outrage for teachers across california. what they want changed. taking a live look at a quiet embarcadero in san francisco. we will be right back.
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♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> we found an escape route like this high, like 3 feet off the ground and crawled underneath the bleachers. >> survivors sharing their stories about how they escaped the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history.
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♪ like a bridge over troubled waters ♪ ♪ i will lay thee down >> and we are following vigils around the country including here in the bay area to remember the victims. thank you for joining us, it is tuesday, october 3rd. >> more on las vegas and what is happening there this morning, but first we turn to our local weather and mike nicco. >> here is a look at live doppler 7, a few clouds trying to hang around half-moon bay otherwise it is pretty clear this morning and it is sunshine it's going to reign supreme in your 12-hour day planner. grab those sunglasses and maybe a heavier jacket if you didn't grab one yesterday, you definitely need one this morning, look at those temperatures, 47 to 50 degrees at 7:00, we will hang in the mid to upper 60s at the coast, 67 to 74, the temperature in the middle that's your temperature at noon and 4:00, for our


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