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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 5, 2017 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. in las vegas, the stunning images. our reporter in a helicopter, flying beside the hotel. you will see into that room. and the new and chilling video from that night. also tonight, were there two other cities the gunman was looking into? chicago and boston. and the girlfriend, the fbi interview and what she's now saying. and abc news obtaining this check. their purchase in the weeks before. a state of emergency declared tonight in new orleans. preparing for a possible hurricane. the deadly storm already. the paths have it traveling right up to the northeast. breaking now. the republican congressman caught up in a sex scandal. he has just given his two weeks notice. the nfl star under fire tonight. responding to a female reporter,
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telling her, "it's funny to hear a female talk about routes." and the man behind some of the biggest movies of our time, and tonight, his very public apology to the women he's worked with. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and we begin with major new developments in the las vegas massacre we are learning the killer may have scouted other potential targets in chicago and in boss tone. and the dramatic new video from that night. >> run, keep your head down. go. keep your head down. go. >> you can hear the officers telling the thousands to run for their lives, helping the victims who had been shot and who had fallen. and tonight, our team flying beside the hotel and over the massive crime scene where the fbi is still carefully combing through the evidence. abc's senior national correspondent matt gutman leading us off again tonight. >> reporter: we boarded a helicopter here in las vegas for the first look tonight into stephen paddock's sniper's nest. high above the las vegas strip
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at the gilded facade of the mandalay bay hotel. inside one shattered window, pillows stacked high on a stripped bed. the other window, partially blocked by plywood buint carefully dissecting the scene. down below, you can see fbi agents picking through every single piece of debris down there on the fairgrounds floor. they don't want to miss fragment or a single piece of evidence. this is the aftermath. but tonight, new video gives new insight into the chaos on the ground. >>own!et d >> reporter: that gunfire triggering hysteria, confusion. shockingly, people seem unable to process what's happening. >> run, those are shots! run! don't walk! >> reporter: police officers yelling at them that they're under attack. >> everybody go! >> reporter: right there, there's a woman on the ground, as the crowd runs past her.
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>> let's go! >> get up, run. >> let's go, get up. >> get up on your feet. >> let's go, i'm with you. on your feet. >> thank you. >> reporter: that video shot by ray page, who went to get his truck, parked nearby, driving it back into the kill zone, turning it into a makeshift ambulance. >> right here, come in here. >> reporter: the wounded loaded in, one after another. >> get in the truck, get in the truck. >> do we have any other wounded people we can take? >> not right now. >> reporter: ray then jumps behind the wheel, drives them back down the strip to paramedics. >> ingot five wounded. >> one in the chest here. >> someone help, please, please. i'm bleeding so much. >> reporter: today, from high above, evidence of a massacre still frozen in time. it doesn't look so much like there was a concert there, but that a tornado swept through there. those overturned lawn chairs, we've seen strollers, walkers
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there. evidence of just the absolute chaos. and tonight, we are learning that stephen paddock may have scouted other targets as far away as boston and chicago. according to sources briefed on the investigation, he booked rooms at chicago's blackstone hotel in august, the same dates as the lollapalooza festival right across the street in grant park. about 100,000 people attended each day. but paddock never checked in. law enforcement sources also tell us his phone shows a google search for "hotels around fenway park" in boston. that ballpark's capacity? nearly 38,000 people. but no evidence he traveled to boston, either. instead, he stayed close to home, holing up in one of the casinos he knew so well, looking down on that helpless crowd. >> so, let's get to matt gutman live with us again tonight. matt, not you're learning, there might be someone else authorities want to talk to? >> reporter: that's right, david. investigators say that paddock was seen with a mystery woman in his last days.
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now, she was not his girlfriend. they're trying to find out who she is and what she knows. also, given the arsenal that he amassed, along with explosive materials and the fact that he may have had an escape plan, they're now saying that they cannot rule out that he had an accomplice. david? >> matt gutman leading us off. matt, thank you. the other major headline involves the girlfriend, now questioned by the fbi back here in the u.s. what marilou danley says when asked if she knew anything. tonight, abc news obtaining a check. what they paid cash for in the weeks before. and how the salesperson described the couple. here's abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross. >> reporter: new insights tonight from an unlikely place about stephen paddock, the reno car dealership where he bought this car on august 1st. paying cash, with this check for $14,411, not a sign of someone with financial problems. employees here today told us the fbi questioned them about exactly w457d with paddock and his girlfriend, marilou danley,
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when they came to buy the car. >> she wanted to get a lexus, but he was like, i'm not going to spend $10,000 more for a car that's got the exact same equipment. >> reporter: and when danley went on a test drive, she told the female salesperson that paddock had saved her from a bad troubled marriage. >> she said she had a bad relationship prior to him. and how he had, you know, turned her life around. really helped her out. >> reporter: danley's relationship with paddock has now become a key focus of the investigation. on wednesday, she told fbi agents paddock was a caring man who showed no sign of violence. and the fbi also wanted to know about the more than $100,000 that paddock wired to the philippines for danley, before sending her there just two weeks in advance of the shooting. her lawyer read her statement. >> i was grateful, but honestly, i was worried that first, the unexpected trip home and then the money was a way of breaking up with me. >> reporter: four days into the
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investigation, the fbi says it has ruled out money problems and ruled out any connection to anarchist groups, to anti-government groups, to oversea terror 2k3wr0u7s. >> and brian ross with us live tonight. four days later, still no motive. as you began to point out right there, you have learned tonight what they have begun to rule out. >> reporter: that's right. and they're certain they will find out a motive sooner or later. >> one thing, brian, so many people are asking about is this belief he didn't snap in the moment, because there's so many signs now he had been preparing this for some time. >> reporter: exactly. this was well-planned. two dozen weapons in his hotel suite, half of them concerted to be fully automatic, as well as the cameras, including the one in that room service cart outside his room, placed to give him early warning about anyone coming to stop him, david. >> still trying to figure out that motive. brian ross tonight, thank you. after the massacre took 58 lives, could there be buy partisan movement now on this in washington? the growing call tonight to ban
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or regulate those so-called bump stocks. the device used by the gunman, attaching it to some of his weapons, turning semiautomatic weapons to fire like an automatic. democrats, some republicans and a signal today from the nra on this? here's abc's senior white house correspondent cecilia vega. >> reporter: from the nation's most powerful gun lobby, today, a call for change in the wake of the nation's deadliest mass shooting. found on a dozen of the las vegas shooter's weapons, those bump stock attachments that allow a rifle to fire like a machine gun. the nra now says, "devices to designed to allow semiautomatic rifles to function like fully automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations." and tonight, a growing number of top republicans say they would consider legislation banning bump stocks altogether. >> if this is a modification to a firearm that breaches the spirit of the law against automatic weapons, then i think there would be bipartisan support to deal with it. >> clearly, s tomhaett'hisng we need to look into.
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>> reporter: one florida republican congressman even vowing to introduce his own bill with a bump stock, assault rifles can fire hundreds of rounds per minute, changing a gun from this to this. but not all republicans are onboard with tougher laws. >> i don't think the 80 or 90 million americans who exercise their second amendment rights to own a gun should be punished for the act of one evil person. >> reporter: the white house, so far silent on gun control in the wake of the las vegas massacre, but late today, president trump signaled he'll be weighing in on the bump stock debate, too. >> we'll be looking into that over the next short period of time. >> all right, cecilia vega live from 2 white house. the president saying he will look into what can be done. i want to ask you about another report breaking tonight, involving the white house chief of staff. reports in politico that john kelly's phone might have been
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compromis compromised? >> reporter: yeah, david, this report says that general kelly's personal cell phone was compromised. no indication of how of by whom or if any data may have been accessed. the white house tonight tells us that the general's phone stopped working in december, so, he stopped using it then. this is before he even joined this administration, but david, definitely raising questions about whether any sensitive info may have been accessed. >> all right, cecilia vega tonight, thank you. and we should mention, back on the las vegas massacre, that abc news and "20/20" will air a special documentary presentation tomorrow night with first person accounts and video on the heroism amid the tragedy. "what happened in vegas" taairs tomorrow at 10:00. we hope you'll watch. in the meantime, overseas tonight, and the deadly ambush in niger. three army green berets killed and two wounded during an attack by about 50 extreme imss near the mali border. they were on a joint patrol at the time. the americans assisting a counter terror operation there.
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back here at home tonight, and louisiana and florida declaring states of emergency tonight. preparing for a possible hurricane, headed straight for the u.s. the massive tropical storm, nate, already blamed for more than a dozen deaths in nicaragua and costa rica. as it makes its way toward the gulf tonight. let's get right to rob, because hurricane season is not over yet. >> reporter: yeah, david. unlike the others, this is going to be moving quick lip. right now, it's over land. once it gets into the caribbean, look out. the waters there, very warm. we have hurricane watches that are posted for cancun, so, goes across the yucatan. tomorrow night, into the gulf of mexico, intensifying as it does. so strong? we're not quite sure, because it will be moving so quick lip. at least a category 1 goo new orleans sunday morning. look at the warm waters, david. mid 80s. that is fuel for hurricanes. >> all right, on the watch in the gulf tonight. rob, thank you. next this evening, the breaking headline involving a
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republican comeman and his sex scan dam. tim murphy of pennsylvania, a his and father, giving his two weeks notice today. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: tonight, this pennsylvania republican caught in a sex scandal. congressman tim murphy effectively gave two week's notice. he's out of congress, effective october 21st. >> i think it's appropriate he moves on to the next chapter of his life. >> reporter: congressman murphy is known for his anti-abortion views. >> i don't know if women who go nor for abortion really know what happens. >> reporter: but this week, "the pittsburgh postgazette" posted six messages between him and his former mistress, making it clear that while he's against abortion, he wanted her to have one. in january, she took him to task for "posting your pro-life stance all over the place when you had no issue asking me to abort our unborn child just last week." he texted back, expressing remorse. turns out, it was a false alarm.
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but the affair became public as a result of her divorce two seedings, much to the congressman's embarrassment. the congressman is married, too. he says he'll take some personal time to get help, as he and his family sort out their difficulties. david? >> david, thank you. and one more headline out of washington t.ghni reversing an obama-era policy, saying federal civil rights laws do not protect tranendepeop fro discrimination in the workplace. sessions suggesting discrimination based on sex does not include issues of gender identity. we turn tonight to football star igniting a new outrage this evening. carolina panthers quarterback cam newton under fire, excused of making sexist remarks to a female reporter. at least one sponsor already cutting ties. and here's abc's paula faris now. >> reporter: the fallout for cam newton has been swift. >> my go-to protein snack. >> reporter: dannon pulling all of newton's ads.
3:44 pm
gatoradd calling hisomments "d "disrespectful to all wi78." it's all because of this exchange with a female reporter. >> devin funchess seems to really embrace the physicality of his routes. >> it's funny to hear a female talk about routes. like, it's funny. >> reporter: that reporter, 25-year-old, jourdan rodrigue, shot back on twitter. "i don't think it's funny to be a female and talk about routes. i think it's my job." but rodrigue also in hot water, apologizing for years old offensive tweets that surfaced this week. rodrigue was back at panthers practice today, but not commenting. the team, quiet, as well. but the nfl, with nearly half its fan base now consisting of women saying the comments are just plain wrong and disrespectful. >> if you look at everything that has added up, the domestic violence issues, the national anthem controversy, they're having some trouble with ratings. >> reporter: and ratings are a big concern for the nfl. this is where the league makes its money. and so far this season, ratings
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are down 9%. david? >> paula, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the murder at a construction site, right here in new york city. the foreman fatally shot on the 37th floor. police on the scene. the train derailment, 14 cars toppling off the tracks. one of them slamming right into a home as the resident was sleeping. and the breaking headline tonight from hollywood. the man behind some of the biggest movies of our time and his very public apologize to the women he's worked with. a lot more news ahead.ud asked : how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> because i'm so much crazier than you. >> keep europe voice down. >> reporter: he's been lauded repeatedly, by male and female oscar winners alike. >> harvey weinstein, who believed in us. >> reporter: now weinstein says he is planning to take a leave of absence to "deal with this issue head on." "the new york times" describes several sexual harassment accusations, including from actress ashley judd, who told "variety" back in 2015, "i was sexually harassed by one of our industry's most famous, admired-slash-reviled bosses." she did not name him at the time, but "variety" describes how he "kept summoning her to his hotel room under the pretense of talking about roles in hisnd "tried to get judd to watch him take a shower." according to "the new york times," weinstein reached settlements with at least eight women. in response to the allegations, weinstein said in a statement "i
3:49 pm
came of age in the '60s and '70s when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different. i appreciate the way i've behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain, and i sincerely apologize for it." attorney lisa bloom, daughter of feminist lawyer gloria allred, is advising weinstein and released a statement calling him "an old dinosaur learning new ways." but also says, "he denies many of the accusations as patently false." weinstein's lawyer tells abc news they plan to sue "the new york times," saying the story is saturated with false and defamatory statements. "the new york times" says they are confident in their reporting. david? >> linsey davis, thank you. when we come back, the major headline involving jon bon jovi. and that murder on a construction site of a 37th floor of a high rise. >>dande trailment, 14 cars right through a home. we'll be right back.
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a resident in atlanta is in the hospital tonight after a train derailed right into his home. 14 cars on the csx straight train came off the tracks, slamming into the home. the victim was asleep at the time, suffering minor injuries to his legs. and the nominees are in for the rock and roll hall of fame tonight. ♪ shot through the heart >> jon bon jovi among the 19 performers dominated for the class of 2018. among the others, radiohead, the moody blues, nina simone listed, as well. when we come back, america strong tonight. the husband, father and grandfather conquering so many challenges, but here's the question. would you do this? don't look down. i wanted to know who i am and where i came from. i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american.
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finally tonight here, america strong. the husband, father and grandfather who has conquered so many challenges, and turning 80 years old, he sent us this. he's from washington, d.c., a father, husband, grandfather. and retired scientist from the national cancer institute. he's also a black belt in tae kwon do. he's gone skydiving, climbed kilimanjaro. he went running with the bulls. but just a few years ago, he faced his toughest challenge yet -- complications during a surgery left it nearly impossible for him to walk. but he conquered that, too, and so when it came time to celebrate his 80th birthday this week, he had an idea and invited us along. >> thank you, david, for sharing my 80th birth viewers. >> reporter: takingworld's highe jump in china.
3:58 pm
he was ready. s get on.t'y to go. >>le reporter: strapping him in walking out to that ledge and down below, anxiously watching, his wife, mary, and daughter, sandy. and then, the countdown. >> five, four, three, two, one -- >> reporter: the jump over, but still hanging, he had this message. >> what an 80th birthday, i got to tell you. >> reporter: and then, back on land. >> happyeporter: and his wife a daughter, glad he's back on solid ground. happy 80th. better you than me. thanks for watching here on a thursday night, i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. un
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now at 4:00, a look at the horrible aftermath of the shooting in las vegas. >> there are new questions today about the killer, including whether he had planned attacks in other cities, possibly car to know whether he had an accomplice. the reporter is live in las vegas with the investigation. >> reporter: authorities now believe the killer planned to escape after the attack. investigators are still out today collecting evidence, trying to piece together his motive. >> a chilling view from above the scene in las vegas where 58 innocent people were murdered sunday at a country music festival. as investigators now question whether the gunman who shot down at his victims from these hotel
4:00 pm
windows may have first tried to target other large events. sources saying in august he booked hotel rooms in swhik a view of the la la palooza festival. >> it is an ongoing investigation. >> that's the confirming he rented a room in this vegas condo overlooking a festival a week before the massacre and he may not have acted alone. >> you have to make the assumption, he had to have some help at some point. >> reporter: his girlfriend, now a personal of interest. she is cooperating with the fbi andbos utay s the plans. but now an official briefed on the investigation says paddock was seen with a different woman in the days leading up to the attack. they're trying to figure out who she is and whether she knows anything about what ledtho t rampage that also led to 487 people injured. among them, the security guard, the first to approach the hotel room.


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