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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 5, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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only event drawing attention and thousands to san francisco. >> >>. >> you ctalking to local pilot. >> reporter: fleet week set up is under way and bay area will be well represented in the sky. half the team grew up around here, spoke with one pilot from fremont. that sound can only mean one thing, fleet week in san francisco. blue angels soared over the city for a site survey ahead o show. excited spectators watched and took pictures from the marina green like his and her three-year-old son. >> first couple of years, what is this? then gotten more exciting every year. >> reporter: took off from
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oakland just before othe six f area. >> exhilarating, intense, requires extreme focus. >> reporter: spoke with navy lieutenant damon kroes. grew up in fremont. graduated from college in hayward and married high school sweat hrt. says the show is something the team has looked forward to all year. >> grew up going to fleet week as kid. watching b angels.lue inspired me to pursue a career in the military and serve my country. >> reporter: hope to put on good show and inspire a new generation. elissa harrington, abc7 news. >> check out our dedicated page on our website with the show times as well, other big effect, hardly
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strictly bluegrass festival. begins at noon in golden gate park and you can bet will be added security after what happened in las vegas. lyanne melendez is live outside the site. >> reporter: has to be one of the most popular events in san francisco. it's free, very well organized and keep it very clean. this week the operative word is safe. it is the largest music festival in the bay area. over 100 performers are scheduled here throughout the weekend. ♪ >> reporter: given what happened in las vegas, people talked about sense of security. >> as far as coming to something like this, if i want to come, i'm going to come. >> just the fact that someone can pull something off like that, you know, it just changes what we previously thought was possible. >> no. i'm not scared. i was born here.
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nope. >> reporter: organizers of the hardly strictly bluegrass festival telling us safety of attendees is and always has been top priority. working with the city and county of san francisco to make sure the most up-to-date protocols and procedures are in place. mayor addressed the issues. >> because of large events, want a concentrated effort. >> reporter: performances end every night at 7:00, in san francisco, abc7 news. >> tonight federal investigators are looking into whether the las vegas gunman, stephen paddock, contemplated other massacres before sunday's attack. >> say he booked rooms overlooking lollapallooza festival in chicago and life is beautiful in las vegas in september. authorities don't know if he contemplated attack at those
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sites. today firefighters recounted the response to sunday's massacre and heroic actions of some members. >> floodgates opened and outpoured dozens of patients. swamped the engine company in the middlethf oe streets. >> says it's positively identified all 58 victims killed and made contact with all the family members to share the sad news. >> paddock used bump stocks to fire in quick succession. nra issued a statement calling on atf to review whether they comply with federal law and saying devices designed to allow semiautomatic rifles to function like fully automatic rifles should be under further regulation.
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>> greg and -- back home after traveling to las vegas in hopes of finding daughter. nevada resident with her husband vinny, a police officer who told her to get to safety while he helped victims. following the shooting couldn't locate staisee, checked all the hospitals before reluctantly went to the morgue. >> she knew. she came back with a picture of stacee. it's heart-wrenching. really. >> reporter: survived by her husband and two children. if you're a california resident and were impacted by vegas shooting as so many were, state can help through the victim compensation board, help pay for funeral and medical bills and mental health
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treatment a lost wages. applications at the website, we have a link on >> i-team update, a driver charged with killing a teen in car crash four years ago voted not guilty today. i-team exposed years of delays in the prosecution of that driver. september 2013, driving more than 70 miles per hour in mer s mercedes. killed, mother and sister seriously injured. back in court later this month. still no trial date set. recovered a body of someone who fell to death this afternoon.
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unclear how victim fell. call reported to fire department about 4:30. fort funston is popular area but eroding cliffs are treachero ucw robert reich and key figures in berkeley's free speech movement. examining how new media influences speech and role of violence in protests at uc berkeley. live at sproul plaza with details. >> reporter: symposium designed to look at how new media, social media, influences speech. also an effort to examine the past and remember lessons that could be applied today. >> despite the provocations, i think students should not rise to the bait. >> reporter: lynn hollander savio speaks from experience when it comes to free speech and what goes into a successful
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movement. widow of mario savio. one of the architects of berkeley's free speech movement in 1964. lynn savio calls some ofy's prdaoteststo counterproductive. >> when you attack and try to limit the speech of anyone, even if it's valueless speech, then you run into a wall of opposition that unites everybody against you. >> united will never be divided. >> reporter: free speech a hot topic at uc berkeley, robert reich reflected on the movement and today, given influence of social media. >> my students here at best way to learn is talk to somebody who disagrees with you. >> trying to scapegoat to be
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honest. >> reporter: why the students set up spaces to allow for free speech. >> personally curated each environment, camp site, picnic and cafe to make it more welcoming and get people to connect. >> reporter: abc7 news. today is deadline for daca recipients to apply for permit renewal. a month after trump decision to phase out the program. gives undocumented immigrants brought to the united states as children protection from deportation. urged governor brown to approve legislation to protect undocumented uc and usc students. coauthored the bill. provide students with health care, housing and financial aid if daca is reversed by the federal government. >> the decision to dismantle the daca program punishes members of
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our community who came here as children, many as infants who grew up here. >> opponents to the bill say financial unknowns are too great cash-strapped systems shouldn't be burdened having to provide the stipends. alert. after governor brown announced he signed a bill making california a sanctuary state, expands protections for undocumented immigrants. prevent police from asking people about immigration status among other things. one of the sponsors spoke today. >> won't stop i.c.e. from patrolling the streets or provide full sanctuary but it will put a kink, a large kink in trump's perverse and inhumane deportation machine. >> the law will take effect on january 1st. piece of the past was brought to the present today. >> time capsule from 1959 pried
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open in san jose. get a look at what was inside next. also -- >> paper cup, plastic lid, which bin do they go in? how san francisco is simplifying that dilemma. i'm excited about the weekend weather. accuweather forecast coming
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denial. - is this price right? - acceptance. and boooyah! wait for it. boooyah has three "o's". ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - this week, classico extra virgin olive oil is just $3.99. we are getting a new view of the site of sunday night's shooting in las vegas. you can see just how much is left behind in the field where the route 91 harvest music festival was held. people left running for their
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lives. fbi agents inch along looking for evidence left on the ground and close-up view of the windows from the gunman's suite on the 32nd floor. two broken with some shattered edges remaining in the frame. silver lining of this shooting are the stories of hope and heroism, here's one more. southern california man who lost his dog when shooting started, finally found her. french bulldog happily back in owner's arms. ran off amidst the chaos and owner finally spotted her last night in field not far from mandalay bay. >> saw her run by. i jumped over the fence. she was running from people but i called her, kneeled down and she jumped in my arms. >> poor thing, he's been living out of his truck trying to find his dog. both finally now get to go back home.
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survivors finding comfort thanks to caring california. lutheran charities brought more than a dozen comfort dogs to help. golden retriever from napa who works with st. john's lutheran church. providing comfort at closest to the strip that tweeted 200 of the wounded. and aaron with others at candlelight vigil. reuben is another comfort dog. see people petting him, lifting their spirits. reuben also paid a visit to center that serves lgbt community in las vegas, getting and giving love there. and st. louis dog esther it spe
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worked hard to be calm so he could hug me. we can all show support for victims. gofundme account raised $9.5 million in the days since the shooting. money stribted to victims and families. today people looked 60 years into the past, two time capsules opened in san jose, dated to 1959 and dedication of then new building at ag news development center. >> reporter: the original building plans said there were two time capsules sealed inside the cornerstones but no list of contents. >> excited about what may be inside. i don't know if anything but hopefully something cool. >> reporter: sealed vaults can disappoint, what rivera found in 1996 when he opened a vault tied
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to al capone on live tv and found nothing but debris. first cornerstone had no time capsule but second did. sealed tight with solder. copy of the staudgete from edmond pat brown. penny, 16 millimeter film, newsletter for volunteers, copies of san jose and san francisco news papers. opened to serve residents with mental illness, shifted to people with disabilities until it closed in 2009. time capsule kindled memories in two former directors. >> it was part of the family talked with them if they could talk. if they couldn't, might sign you or held they are hand for a minute. all about the love the employees had. >> reporter: said she passed by
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the cornerstone thousands of times over the years. >> walk and do rounds and think about how i thought this would be here forever, knowing it wouldn't be. >> reporter: you may be intrigued to know that santa clara has a museum with lots of relics from the facility and information about the history. will keep agnew's decades of service alive as area is made into school. >> time capsules so interesting. focus on the weather. >> weather anchor spencer christian joining us from the roof again.o cf1 o blue angels are gone but blue skies remain. >> nicely done and looks like will be with us. [ horn sound ] >> quiet, doing weather up here.
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blue skies stay with us. blue skies, patch of coastal fog, just minor. sutro just went dark but temperature readings. 70 and 71. 63 in half moon bay. check out view toward golden gate from emeryville, the coast is clear right now. current temperatures mild, 81 in santa rosa and fairfield. 77 in novato. 80 in livermore. santata cruz beach, going to be warm tomorrow. chilly in the morning but warm up. blue skies for the air show over the weekend and fire danger increases as temperatures and conditions remain dry. fire weather watch in effect from 11:00 am sunday to 5:00
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a.m. tuesday. winds at times gust over 50 miles an hour and low humidity. rough surf. wave heights are growing and possibility of rip currents and sneaker waves. be careful. overnight, clear skies, chilly in north bay valleys. drop to upper 30s. most others mid-40s. upper bay, to low 50s. highs climb. inland top out upper 80s to low 90s. 87 in san jose and livermore and concord. 81 around the bay in oakland. here in city, high of 76. and looking ahead for fleet week's weekend, we'll have lovely weather in san francisco. highs tomorrow and saturday in low to mid-70s. morning hours a little bit
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chilly but under clear skies, good viewing and flying conditions for the air shows by the blue angels. accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow is warmest but saturday warm as well. temperatures drop on sunday and early next week, high temperatures in mid-80s. highs on the coast in the 70s beginning of next week but gradual cooldown into the latter part of the week. >> thanks spencer. next, what lit up weather radars in denver. woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear,
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a massive wave of butterflies lit up denver's weather radar yesterday. national weather service showing what meteorologists at first believed to be massive wave of birds. ask bird watchers to verify the claim but the butterflies. painted ladies in the range recent weeks. facebook is going to spend a billion dollars to build data v. solar powered, create 100 full-time jobs.
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facebook's headquarters in menlo park, seventh state to house a media center for that giant. netflix plans are going up from $9.99 to $10.99, with four simultaneous stream it's $11.99 to $13.99 up lowest tier stays at $7.99. >> netflix stocks went up. dow added points and nasdaq a new boost. s&p up again, longest winning streak in four years. blue bins are getting bigger. recycling changes. >> break down what is different and why and setting example for
6:26 pm
other cities. latest on the las vegas shooting and friends of bay area victim remembering the life she left behind.
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♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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federal investigators are looking into the possibility that las vegas shooter stephen paddock contemplated attacking other music festivals across the country in chicago and boston. >> tonight officials say paddock may have plotted car bombings at those sites. all victims killed in sunday's attack have been identified and families notified. >> t a with bay area ties were victims in the shooting. >> 32-year-old michelle kurt von tillow was shot as he yelled for others to hit the ground. >> denise cohen, went to the
6:30 pm
same hospital as stacee etcheber. >> spoke with melanie. >> stacee was the mama of this crew, crue as in motley. >> they was the mama, always. i'm just -- i don't even know. going to do. >> best friends say they have no doubt she gave her life to save someone else's. >> shielding someone, young person, someone in need, carrying someone on her back, no doubt she would have done it. >> loved fiercely, especially children. >> every time the phone rang they jumped. is that my daddy? did he find my mommy? there was many of those leading
6:31 pm
up to the final phone call. >> reporter: outpouring of support for children and police officer vinnie etcheber has been tremendous. >> now i find myself thinking we got you. because she said it every day to one of us at least. don't worry, i got you. i got you. >> crue now wears stacee over their hearts. >> yeah. right where she should be. >> reporter: it can be rare to develop unbreakable friendships later in life. >> i found a kindred spirit in her. >> as i've gotten older, i realize it's not just a friendship but a relationship. >> reporter: in novato, melaniee woodrow. uc berkeley hosting a
6:32 pm
candlelight vigil to stand in itlidaryd w by the shooting. and 2020 tlt will be doing a special edition here on abc7 followed by abc7 news at 11:00. now at 6:00, district attorney cleared police officers of wrongdoing in three cases where they shot at suspects, two of whom died. one high profile shooting of police officer. shot kevin downs, recovering after nearly being killed. >> watch out, watch out! >> this is body camera video from the secon case. robbery suspect firing at officers in may. one shot back and missed behind a house. final case involved deadly shooting of suspected carjacker
6:33 pm
2014. district attorneys says officers were justified inll a shootings. david lopez is back in jail after being accidentally released last santa ro santa clara deputies realized he had been released by mistake. still has eight years to serve for robbery conviction. award winning film producer harvey weinstein is taking leave ab sense after expose revealing sexual -- reports from actresses including ashley judd. includes reports at least eight legal settlements. he admitting to causing pain and apologized. starting today, a lot more you can recycle in
6:34 pm
san francisco. city unveiled biggest change in recycling program in 15 years. finally have the answer to what goes in what bin. >> reporter: just one visit toc landfill and you know why san francisco fantastic three. >> three bins. >> law of the land. >> what are you doing with that when you're done? >> throw the compost bin. >> i lid? >> recycling bin. >> what stumps you? >> some seems metallic but plastic at the same time. when it doubt, recycle. let them worry about it. >> reporter: sound system powered by olympic, city leaders announced big changes. >> making fantastic three even
6:35 pm
more fantastic. >> coffee cups, file lined cartons and even -- go into the bin. >> blue bins get bigger and smle . >> san francisco is on its way to get to zero waste. >> reporter: welcome news for coffee drinkers. finally lid and cup in same bin. not good for people lazy and throw everything in landfill. new black bins even smaller. >> less room makes people think what can i throw into the green and blue? >> reporter: false bottom. it's half the size. and trucks change. one for landfill and compost and other for recycling. winds up at pier 96, sorted by new technology creating new jobs. >> close to 200 local hires at recycle center. >> reporter: people touch what you recycle.
6:36 pm
clean it out. >> where does the ice cream go? >> in your mouth. >> reporter: abc7 news. michelin just released list of the best bay area restaurants for deals. >> some of these have already closed. nearing sunset in live picture f
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we're a team. >> you don't play team sports. never have. not well anyway. >> beginning of the end for "scandal," the final season premiering on abc7. even the actresses don't know how it will all end. >> we don't know. shondaknows. >> she's gone on record saying for years she knows the ending. >> how she to end. >> final season premiers at 9:00 in between "grey's anatomy" and now to get away with murder tlt. >>. michelin guide announcing
6:40 pm
guy. >> gormnd list came out. >> dozens of bay area restaurants made the cut. chris nguyen with the story. >> reporter: for those in the restaurant bussnesi, rht ingredients are crucial to making impression. >> guest today isn't here to enjoy what they're eating only but the experience. >> dosha was named as winner again. >> it's always meant a lot for us to have most diverse audience visit. >> reporter: restaurants that offer notable food at reasonable price. two course meal plus dessert or wine for $40 or less, not including tax or tip. coqueta made the list again. >> it's exhausting effort. when you get this, almost shed a
6:41 pm
tear. it's intense experience. >> reporter: total of 67 bay area restaurants recognized down from 74 just a year ago. a few restaurants that made the cut have already shut down. including mason pacific on nob hill. can be tough to operate because costs are more opening up. >> don't have that staff. >> reporter: remain committed despite the challenges. >> hard work pays off. daily vigilance. worry abc7 news. >> ebay for apartments? >> ebay for apartments? >> 7 on your side's food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees.
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i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. a unique and controversial way to rent apartments got a boost in capital. >> michael finney loorks at what
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rent berry might mean. >> well rents are so cheap -- >> it's a bargain. >> how expensive it is to rent an apartment, even get one to overpay for. competitive market may be turning into a bidding war for some. wants to change the way tenants find rentals. in tech world, it's being disruptive. >> based on supply and demand, submit using rentberry bid as want. lichened to ebay and the comparison makes him cringe. unlike ebay not always go to highest bidder. maybe the tenant who proves to be good credit risk and tenant. >> asking for discounts. in rental price, security deposit. >> thought of bidding for apartment has upset some.
6:46 pm
tenant trial attorney. >> for them to be auctioning off rental units really seems insensitive. >> the fea is in tight housing apartment, rentberry will only push the rents higher. he claims will save tenants and san francisco money. >> get 2% using rentberry and there's rental crisis component and security deposit component. >> usedrentberry as randlord, says he gives discounts on security deposits but makes up for it on the rent. >> i don't set the prices. let the market dictate the price. >> 10% to 20% more on rent using rentberry but wouldn't hesitate to use it as tenant. although never has. >> would dictate the price i
6:47 pm
would be willing to pay. it's in 3,600 cities in the u.s. just received $2.8 million in funding, more than trilling capital raised. >> flexibility and transparence and in the end people will decide how it treat it. >> each application is $9.99. currently listings in the bay area are limited. want to hear from you. 10:00 to s up monday through 415-954-8151. or facebook. >> interesting concept. thanks michael. it's the harvest moon. >> very bright and full. sky7 got incredible view before the sun came up. reddish orange and bigger than we see most of the year.
6:48 pm
>> tonight is full harvest moon. as massive as it it get outside you snap a picture share with us on social media using #abc7now. what a lovely evening. continuing to celebrate the autumn festival. i owe you moon cakes. >> bring them on. live doppler 7, clear skies, patch of coastal fog. won't last long. chilly. mainly lows in the 40s. 40s to low 50s around the bay and hardly strictly bluegrass festival if the golden gate park. so much going on in the city. look for mild conditions with highs in upper 60s to -- great
6:49 pm
weather. tropical conditions. nate has dumped heavy rainfall in parts of nicaragua and headed to caribbean sea to the gulf of mexico. expected to intensify to category 1 hurricane and make landfall around new orleans early sunday before moving through good portion of the eastern u.s. as major rainstorm into next week. we'll track that for you. accuweather seven-day forecast. warm and blue skies to the angels. >> you're done. anthony flores is in. >> for larry and lot going on. warriors news? >> biggest team allr theve o basketball world including china. warriors' global popularity continues to grow as they hit
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the warriors are mixing business with pleasure as they take in the sights and sounds of the far east in the nba preseason. warriors hitting the court against minnesota in china. tipping off late last night.
6:53 pm
warriors had four trays in preseason opener. 10 last night, steph with three. 3 of 6 behind the arc. 14 points in jimmy butler six points for minnesota. timberwolves the dubs. larry beil in china with reaction. >> hope we gave you a good show and you follow nba all season long. >> again stefan curry. >> the warriors dropped to 0-2 as minnesota's reserves dominated the warriors subs in the quarter. the crowd started cheering for steph. steve kerr not going to risk the superstar in preseason. >> i didn't entertain putting steph back into the game.
6:54 pm
we had a minute's restriction or a number we were looking for. >> crazy. packed house. two hours before the game, wanted full experience. and you could feel that st wepheped on the floor. >> today's game was amazing. fans incredible. showed both teams a lot of love. really appreciate it. time here has been amazing. >> fun to see how the game flows. hopefully put on a nice show. looking forward to the next stop. >> lost the game, not concerned about that. didn't play that well. okay. but the big picture is we're here in china. fans are loving watching our guys. enjoying the experience. it's happy ending. on to shanghai. >> warriors play another game with the minnesota timberwolves sunday night in china.
6:55 pm
4:00 a.m. tip-off in bay area. larry beil, abc7 sports. to baseball, houston astros one of the best teams in regular season. now it's time to find out if they can do when it matters most. bottom one. alex bregman with first home run of the season and just like that houston taking 1-0 lead. next batter jose altuve sh crushes off chris sale. gave up seven runs in six innings. altuve finished with three home runs in the game. tenth player in postseason history to do so. astros take game one, 8-2 is the final. 2017/'18 pga tour keyed off in napa in safeway open. good distance and better roll.
6:56 pm
tap in for eagle. tied with tyler duncan and tom hoagy. 11 pars and 7 birdies sand share of the lead. 7 under par. phil mickelson tied at 14th. nice to have a big name at government tournamengolf tournament. warriors probably don't want to come back. >> eventually they have to. >> great trip. join us at 9:00 on coffee table 20, tv -- telephone call for president's closest adviser was compromised, possibly for months. arrested with trunk full of marijuana. charges two bay area women face. >> coming up, "grey's anatomy" followed by premier of the final
6:57 pm
season of "scandal" at 9:00 and 10:00 "how to get away with murder." >> "jimmy kimmel live," jeff bridges and isla fisher. >> we appreciate your time. dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. for the entire news team, good night. >> see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- an architectural conservator from spring city, pennsylvania... a compliance manager from brooklyn, new york... and our returning champion, a bartender from new york, new york... ...whose 7-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our show. in terms of regular games, not tournament games,
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our current champion, austin rogers, has moved up into position number six in terms of all-time earnings, and he's done it at a faster rate than anyone else. is it too soon to start making comparisons with ken jennings? who knows? todd and cathy will have something to say about austin's success in this half hour. good luck, players. here we go. let's take a look at the categories, shall we? good subjects. good, also. you all know what that means. -austin, start us. -it's a plane, please, $200. cathy. what is world war i? good. it's a plane, $400, please. with its pilot dangling beneath it,


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