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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 6, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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some people know how far they want to go. a personalized financial strategy can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. good morning. it is friday, october 6. natasha, alexis, and mike are all off this morning. it's shorter to say who is here. the "b" team. >> we're not the "b" team. i will never say -- >> sorry. >> this is the "a" team, my friends. >> thank you. >> miss sue hall on traffic today, drew tuma, and jessica has been working hard in las
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vegas. >> it's good to be back. >> you picked a good weekend to come back. it will be fantastic. >> this stretch is such a beautiful pattern. cool nights at night, no exception. outside we go the east bay hills camera, a gorgeous shot of the bay bridge and the san francisco skyline now. great visibility. clear skies throughout the day today. your 12-hour planner, sun is up at 7:10 in the morning. look how quickly we warm. by 4:00 nothing but sun out there. it's a warm afternoon. widespread 80s. well above average feeling more like summer than fall. that's weather a. check of the roads with sue. good morning, everyone. taking a look at a picture of -- looks like our golden gate bridge camera has frozen. we did have the zipper truck. also what drew was showing you was the bay bridge. it's moving again. the bay bridge is slowing us a
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make your way on the upper deck. no reports of stalls or accidents and no metering lights yet. we'll check back in a few minutes. guys? happening now, a couple storm systems hitting the coast and that means surf's up. >> for some of you that is great news. for the rest of us it comes with a warning. matt keller is live in santa cruz. matt? >> reporter: today is going to be a great day here in santa cruz, temperatures expected to reach the upper 70s which will make it great to be out here especially if you're a surfer. we're at the world famous surf spot here in santa cruz and you can see the waves are churning. talk about dedication, this surfer arrived here at the lane at about 4:30 this morning to surf under the moonlight. it will last through tomorrow night. maybe 6 foot waves for the surfers, maybe slightly overhead. a good day for surfing but it can be dangerous for pets and people. this beach hazard statement is
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going from monterey county to sonoma. watch out for rip currents. the best advice never turn your back to the ocean. we have a couple of surfers out there. you can't see them now. i'm sure they're enjoying it. we have the great harvest moon in the sky lighting their way. reporting live, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> it's great to see they are out there getting that surf this morning. thanks, matt. in addition to the beach thousands of people will head to the bay area this weekend. abc 7 news was in golden gate park as crews finished setting up for hardly strictly bluegrass. more than 100 acts will start taking the stage today. many folks thinking about more than music following the massacre at that concert in las vegas. >> i would just do what i've always done, keep my eyes open. we live in a crazy world getting crazier by the day. >> it could happen anywhere. that's why i'm n wotedor>> hard
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continues through sunday ending at 7:00 each night. this is totally free. okay, now to the latest on the mass shooting in las vegas. the clark county coronered people confirmed dead following sunday's shooting. officials in nevada are also revealing paddock may have visited several music festivals in the area in the past several months. and las vegas police say the car they were looking for was located by fbi agents at a home in reno owned by paddock. >> paddock was gambling before the massacre began. his brother says paddock was known as a big fish at the atlantis casino resort in reno. >> we took over the whole top floor of the hotel. that's in the records. my family, he brought us to reno and we took over the whole top floor. this is how he was -- this is the kind of gambling he did.
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>> investigators are still trying to determine what motivated paddock to open fire at sunday's concert killing 58 people and hurting 500 more. bay area college students are showing support for those who lost loved ones in the shooting. >> how the tragedy is touching young men and women on the cal campus. ♪ >> reporter: sorrow filled the plaza. the tragedy in las vegas is far reaching. it's touched just about everyone here and they're hurting. >> a hometown friend of mine was one of the 59 that was, unfortunately, in the line of fire. >> reporter: that friend was jordyn rivera. she was at the concert with friends and family. candles were lit in honor of all of the victims. >> i work with college students. college students don't die. they're invincible.
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nobody is supposed to die. >> reporter: students also filled a banner with heartfelt messages with their prayers and fears. and the plan for this memorial banner is to send it to concert organizers in las vega lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. hear from the heroes who helped throughout the horrific tragedy. that is tonight at 10:00 here on abc 7 followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. our coverage of the shooting always continues online. we are posting updates. san mateo police need your help in identifying a man they say secretly took a photo under a woman's dress at a target store. this is surveillance video at the bridge point shopping center. investigators reviewed the surveillance video and confirmed the man followed the victim around the store. they say when the woman bent
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over the man quickly ran up behind her and took a photo underneath her dress. he then walked briskly out of the store. officers were unable to find him. authorities are investigating a late night house fire in north berkeley. it broke out on stannage avenue. witnesses say the home is severely damaged. it appears everyone made it out okay. we have reached out to the berkeley police department for more information and will bring it to you as soon as we get it. prosecutors are no longer pursuing charges against an oakland police officer accused in a sex scandal. according to our media partner "the east bay times" the district attorney's office is dropping its case against officer giovanni laverde because of possible insufficient evidence. the city of oakland agreed to pay jasmine about $1 million to settal lawsuit. she's filed legal claims against other police departments. tesla is reportedly gearing
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up for a big expansion. according to an exclusive piece from our media partners the company leased two huge office buildings in fremont. and take a look where they're located, side-by-side in dumbarton circle. both buildings total roughly 230,000 square feet and can potentially house 1,000 or more employees. according to the article there's a significant amount of construction taking place in and outside the buildings. and in accuweather a beautiful day today, lots of sunshine. you heard minutes ago matt keler in santa cruz, that issue with the beach hazard statement, strong rip currents, sneaker waves. could get as high as 8 feet. be careful if you are heading to the coast. right now it is chilly in spots. half moon bay, 39 degrees. we're at 42 in santa rosa. you need the light jacket. for most of us out the door now heavier along the coast with
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temperatures in the upper 30s. you can shed it later on this afternoon. tons of sunshine, we're quickly rebounding. feeling more like summer than fall. about 87 in san jose, 86 in napa and concord up to a mild 87 degrees. we're going to take to you fleet week the next three days, nothing but sunshine. a gorgeous pattern. we'll be in the 70s today. upper 60s. sunny skies on sunday with a temperature of 70 degrees. hardly strictly bluegrass in golden gate park equally delightful. lots of sunshine. your three-day forecast, see that sunny sky continue. the only difference going into sunday it's going to turn gusty in our hills. we have a fire weather watch going into effect saturday into sunday for heightened fire danger because of the winds. a check of the roads with sue. good morning. we go to the bay bridge toll plaza. not too bad at all. a couple cars paying cash in the left-hand lanes there. otherwise it's a breeze. it does look like it's sluggish
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on the upper deck into the city as you approach the tunnel coming off of the new span on to the western portion of the bridge. otherwise you're looking good all the way from golden gate fields getting heavier to the mcarthur maze but still about a 15-minute drive on the east shore freeway into the maze and into the san francisco area. here we go with your drive times from santa rosa to petaluma. castro valley to the maze just under 15 minutes on 580. and 101 in the south bay just under 15 minutes from the 286 junction to highway 85. we'll come back and take a look at your north bay drive in a few minutes. major change is coming to an east bay freeway. a look at new toll lanes on 680. >> and a cell phone belonging to one of the president's closest advisers was compromised possibly for months. it is 5:10. we want to you have a better day. here is a feature you'll only find here on abc
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trouble on the film set. >> what a costume. >> what is your problem? >> next "right this minute".
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welcome back. in today's "gma first look" until the las vegas shooting not many of us knew about bump stocks. >> they let the gunfire bullets like they were fully automatic weapons. here's pierre thomas on the debate this has ignited in washington. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look" after the tragedy in las vegas, republicans reject discussions of gun control, at least willing
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to talk. >> fully automatic weapons have been outlawed for many, many years. this seems to be a way of going around that so obviously we need to look at how we can tighten up the compliance with this law. >> reporter: an issue called a bump stock which effectively allows a semiautomatic rifle to fire at about the same pace as a machine gun. half of las vegas shooter stephen paddock's arsenal stashed in his hotel room were rigged with bump stocks effectively allowing him to fire 400 to 800 rounds per minute. coming up at 7:00 a.m., talk of additional restrictions now has these items flying off the shelves. with your "gma first look," pierre thomas, abc news, new york. a personal cell phone belonging to the president's chief of staff was breached possibly as far back as december of last year. politico reports john kelly turned his phone in to the white house i.t. department after he
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said it wasn't working and the software wasn't updating correctly. the department found the phone had been breached. news has sparked security concerns hackers could have retrieved sensitive information while he was homeland security chief. officials told politico that kelly relies on his government phone while at the white house. reaction is swift and fierce that says transgender workers are not protected under federal law. sessions says title 7 of the 1964 federal civil rights law prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin but not gender. an angry nancy pelosi writes that the decision, quote, is a shocking, disgusting reminder of this white house's contempt for the rights of lgbt americans. it has been two weeks since hurricane maria ravaged puerto rico. today only 9% of the island's 3.4 million residents have electricity.
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the energy crisis is also causing huge problems on the roads. with no traffic lights puerto rico's biggest intersections are gridlocked. the governor doesn't expect power to be fully restored until march. meantime elon musk is offering to solve the power problem by way of solar energy grids. and the governor accepted musk's offer last night in a tweet. >> monday's commute may be smoother for drivers in a hurry. 23 miles of new express lanes will be opening along 680 between walnut creek and san ramone. the express lanes run both northbound and southbound. you're going to need a fastrak respondtory ride in the far left lane or you're going to be ticketed between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. the route is divided into two zones. the minimum total is 50 cents per zone. there is not an official maximum. the toll rate will be determined by space in the lane and
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real-time traffic conditions. confused yet? i feel like i need a map to figure this out. it's going to still be free for car-poolers and motorcyclists. you folks don't need to worry. the rest of you try to figure that out. >> we'll have an update and hopefully if you read it in writing -- >> read it four times and you'll get it. san francisco launching a big change in its city's recycling program. as of this morning people can put the following items in their blue recycling bins. here is the list on your screen. it includes empty store bought coffee cups, milk cartons, juice boxes, soup containers. city leaders say the changes will help bring san francisco closer to its goal of becoming a zero waste city. >> between all the recycling changes and that toll thing, my head is spinning. >> a little confusing. >> all i know is you need
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fastrak. that's your key. charge it to fastrak. live doppler 7 -- i don't only do weather. can i help with your car. it's a quiet picture. nothing but clear skies and right now temperatures under the clear skies are cooling off in a lot of spots. 41 at half moon bay. good morning, san francisco, at 49. 51 in fremont and san jose at 52 degrees. so you will need that jacket early on. by the afternoon you do not want that jacket. look at this 12-hour planner. the sun is up about 7:10 in the morning. as the sun gets up it will quickly warm our atmosphere by 4:00 around the bay. a lot of 80s on the board and inland. we're going into the low 90s. highs today, take a look, feeling much more like summer than autumn. 87 for san jose. mild on the coast. 82 in richmond. going to about 89 in fairfield. overnight tonight plenty of stars. a similar night as tonight with temperatures in the 40s and 50s,
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some chilly spots will drop into the 30s. an update on our tropical storm system. this is nate. the latest from the national hurricane center, winds at 45 miles an hour. we have hurricane watches up for the louisiana coast. this is the reason why it will strengthen to a storm late saturday night into early sunday morning likely making landfall on the louisiana coastline. it will bring about perhaps 3 to 6 inches of rail. back here at home, the winds will pick up. we have fire weather watch in effect for the north bay and east bay hills because winds mean fires can easily start and easily spread. let's get a check of the roads with sue. friday light. to the north bay with the richmond/san rafael bridge at the toll plaza. over to marin county a nice eight-minute drive. not a problem getting across the span. and a look at our brand-new fancy 3d
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which is usually heavy as you start your morning commute. let's look at your drive times if you are heading out. highway 4 to walnut creek. not a bad job at all. 24 walnut creek to highway 13. a little bit sluggish but not too terrible 580 up and over the al altamont pass. we'll come back and take a look at your south bay commute. >> sue, thank you. a bay area sculptor wants to place a message of women's empowerment right where the white house can see it. marco cochran and his team are preparing sections of a 45-foot-tall nude woman known as revolution at their studio on treasure island. they plan to reassemble the steel sculpture on the national mall within sight of the white
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house. >> nothing was done, and i thought there's something wrong with this world this could happen and nothing gets done and i've spent my life trying to fix that. >> his collaborator is working on a campaign on to cover the costs. they estimate it will take about $90,000 to move the sculpture and install it. a group of marines and sailors expanded the notion of serving country by serving meals to the less fortunate at st. anthony's in san francisco. some are crew members on the "uss essex." they say they volunteered some of their precious leave tour time to make a difference. >> just giving back is a never-ending cycle. they may be introduced to my child or husband and i would love to say we came back and helped. >> the marines and sailors joined an estimated 15,000 people who volunteer serving tot
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homeless and low-income people. but, boy, it takes a big heart to use your shore leave time to go do that. >> good for them. the seven things you need to know as you start your day. apple teams up with a major university. what students are going to get out that have deal. imagine if a man walked up to you and just handed you a
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83% try to eat healthy, yet up to 90% fall short on getting key nutrients. let's do more. one-a-day men's.
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completeith key nutrients we may need, plus heart health support with b vitamins. one-a-day men's. not for me, for you. aveeno® positively radiant 60 second in-shower facial. works with steam to reveal glowing skin in just one minute. aveeno® naturally beautiful results® 5:24. if you're joining us or heading out the door the seven things you need to know before you go. authorities say the las vegas gunman may have visited several music festivals in the greater las vegas area over the past several months. the clark county coroner's office released the names of all 58 victims that were killed in sunday's mass shooting. number two, authorities are trying to determine what caused a young woman to fall 300 feet to her death off a san francisco cliff. sky 7 was over ft. funston where san francisco firefighters recovered her body near the
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hang-glider launch site. >> number three, surf's up. surfers are happy but beachgoers be careful. a beach hazard statement is in effect which means you need to watch out for dangerous rip currents and sneaker waves. and number four a lot more like summer this afternoon than fall, perfect for fleet week. tons of sunshine. the accuweather seven-day forecast, nothing but sunshine over the weekend and temperatures gradually cooling off into next week. >> and number five, the metering lights have been turned on so delays are building here at the bay bridge toll plaza. otherwise fingers crossed that we stay friday light. fleet week's parade of ships will cruise under the bridge at 11:00 a.m. and the blue angels will perform their stunts. we're streaming the show live on and our app. number seven, thousands of music fans will head to the golden gate park for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival.
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more than 100 acts will start taking the stage today. ohio state university says all undergraduate students will get an ipad as a partnership with apple. the cthey want to create an ios lab to help students learn coding skills. apple employees will work at the lab. ceo tim cook tells "the columbus dispatch" he's impressed by the forward thinking. a man in upstate new york is on a mission to get people to be nicer to each other and he is paying up. jeff buel plans to spend the next year handing out $50,000 in $100 bills. that's only one catch, the recipient has to promise to be kind to people. buel calls the project do the itxt good thing. sister who passed away last year. >> when you end up affected by tragedy and feel it firsthand it
5:27 am
kicks knew another gear. i'm a big proponent of saying you get what you give in this world. just be a decent human being. >> he is keeping track of his cash distributions on hess win site called two buttons deep. we have a link on i don't have $100. i have about $5 in my wallet but will you be nice to me the rest of the show? >> the rest of the show i can do. how about for the next half hour? >> the rest of the year? >> you're pushing it. everything you need to know about fleet week festivities today. and the san francisco giants took a big step forward to transform mission rock. >> we're having a better day thanks to people paying me off. we hope that you do, too, by looking at your screen and weather and traffic information weather and traffic information during t
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♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours.
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it's 5:30 and it's not so bad because it's friday, october 6. a lot to look forward to this week. we'll get to that in a moment. natasha, alexis and mike, i don't know what they're doing. you have us and that's something. >> hi, good morning, everyone. we have fleet week in town. >> this may be the best weekend every year, i think. we always have the best weather this time of year. no exception. a warm one later on today. outside we go, great visibility. you can see as far as the eye can go with this camera. no fog this hour. there will be no fog at all today. tons of sunshine, look at that. quickly warming by 4:00 in the afternoon. even the coast mild in the 70s. widespread 80s around the bay, our warmest spots going into the 90s and pretty much carbon copy forecast into saturday as well. a check of the roads with sue. good morning. we're going to the south bay, san jose 280. the headlights streaming past
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the 17/880 overcrossing and an eight-minute drive from downtown san jose up towards the cupertino area. take a look at your mass transit. we have 47 b.a.r.t. trains on time this morning for a nice friday commute up and down the peninsula, no problems with muni. rail and buss are reporting on time as well. we'll come back and take a look at metering lights. they are on at the bay bridge. delays building. the massacre in las vegas may be leading to the first signs of movement in the gun control stalemate in washington. >> last night a fallen las vegas metropolitan police officer who lost his life trying to save others was honored. and this morning new details about the gunman are revealed. abc news reporter serena marshall has the latest from washington. >> reporter: good morning. as federal investigators continue to unravel the shooter's pasn i motive they've discovered he may have targeted other music festivals not just in las vegas but as far away as boston and chicago. in las vegas thousands gathering
5:32 am
to pay tribute. off-duty las vegas police officer charleston hartfield one of the 58 lives taken in the deadliest shooting in modern u.s. history. >> we have officially identified all 58 victims. >> reporter: as we learn more about the victims, fbi agents continue picking through the chaos left behind. in the hotel room of the shooter and on the ground as investigators unravel more about the shooter's past. in washington democrats introduced legislation to ban those bump stock adapters like one found on a dozen of the shooter's weapons. a growing number of top republicans also open to the idea. >> i think there will be bipartisan support to deal with it. >> reporter: as for the president's position -- >> we'll be looking into that over the next short period. >> reporter: nearly a week after the massacre the shooter's motives are still unclear. today federal homeland security officials reaching out to local police departments, warning them of possible copycats. serena marshall, abc news,
5:33 am
washington. and there's a new memorial in las vegas this morning. a man drove 2,000 miles from illinois to install 58 white crosses, one for each victim of the mass shooting. he is a car penter who has made crosses for the victims of the pulse nightclub shooting as well as various shootings in chicago. >> we can all show support. a gofundme account raised more than $9.5 million in the days since the shooting. the money will be distributed to the families and victims. san francisco is stepping up security as fleet week continues. today all eyes on the water for the parade of ships. >> it's one of the most popular events. tiffany wilson is live with some more details on the event and more. hi, tiffany. >> reporter: hi there, jessica and reggie. fleet week festivities are in full swing today. the "uss essex" is one you can tour. the first ship will cruise under the golden gate bridge at 11:00.
5:34 am
the entire procession lasts about an hour and can be seen along the waterfront. then this afternoon crane your neck towards the sky because the air show will take place starting at noon. the blue angels will take off from oakland airport and roar and soar over san francisco. this year three of the six pilots are from the bay area. fans say they cannot wait to watch the show. >> they fly so close together it's amazing. >> the plane flying is incredible. >> reporter: san francisco police expect big crowds and are stepping up deployment this weekend. there is no known threat to the city but they are reminding everyone if you see something, say something. now if you can't play hooky to watch the air show this afternoon we've got you covered. we are live streaming the show from noon until 4:00 on both our website and app. live in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> looking forward to it. thank you, tiffany. you can find the complete schedule of events on our
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dedicated page at or in our news app. hikers being reminded to be careful after a woman fell 300 feet to her death off a san francisco cliff. sky 7 was over ft. funston where san francisco firefighters recovered her body. it happened at about 4:30 yesterday afternoon near the hang-glider launch site. the victim was apparently alone. some dog walkers say they tried to avoid those cliffs. >> i don't go near the cliff. i mean, it's sandy and slippery. we stay -- keep my dgs away and stay on the trails. >> in fact, the dog walker took this photo not far from where the woman's body was found. it says in the sand, love you always. police requested a copy of the photo. they can't say if the message is related. a woman is alive this morning thanks to the rescuers from the north bay. they pulled her out of the water under the fresh air bridge on highway 37. these pictures courtesy of marin
5:36 am
chp. the bridge is on the sonoma county line. the woman was in the county for two hours holding on to a bridge pylon. no word on how she ended up in the water. california will be a sanctuary state come january 1st. governor brown has signed legislation preventing police from asking people about their immigration status or from helping federal immigration enforcement actions. the law for bids jails from holding immigrants for any reason if they're cleared for release by local law enforcement. the bill does not prohibit federal agents from enforcing immigration laws in california. >> the oakland police department is accused of violating the city's sanctuary city policy when federal agents raided a home in august. our media partner reports oakland police provided traffic control for that raid. the city's privacy advisory commissioner says the department provided false information to the public by initially claiming the raid was part of a human trafficking investigation.
5:37 am
two people were detained, one man arrested. a civil immigration case has been filed against the man arrested. the district attorney has cleared six police officers of wrongdoing and three officer involved shooting cases. two fatal. one involved a man killed after he opened fire on a police officer last october. he shot officer kevin downs in the head during a confrontation at lakeside plaza. officer downs is still recovering. >> watch out, watch out! [ bleep ]. >> this is body camera video from another case. a robbery suspect firing at officers in may in bayview hunter's point. the third case involved the deadly shooting of carjacker in the financial district in 2014. it followed a high-speed chase through three counties ttcity. happening today a group of protesters will set off on a two-week march. they are demanding police
5:38 am
accountability in the shooting deaths of several people including alex nieto and mario woods. demonstrators want officers in each shooting to be charged with murder. the march will begin at san francisco's hall of justice at 2:00 p.m. and is expected to end at october 19 at the attorney general's office in sacramento. the giants mission rock project has been unanimously approved according to "the chronicle." it would bring as many as 1,500 units, retail and office space, and eight acres of parks. the mission rock project would be built on 28 acres of paved parking lots across from at&t park. it still needs to be approved by the board of supervisors, the port commission, the bay conservation and development commission, and the state lands commission. >> who else? >> we are going to have rough surf today. a beach hazard statement in effect.
5:39 am
could get as high as eight feet. take note of that. it's a cool start for some. napa at 44 degrees. 49 in san francisco. good morning concord. layers will be key. you want that jacket for the morning and then the shorts and the short sleeves by the afternoon. it will feel more like summer later on today. that high in fremont today, 76 in san francisco. above average for this time of the year. 84 san rafael. mild along our coastline. fleet week, take to you san francisco today and over the week, beautiful. nothing but sunshine. today a temperature of 76. cooler on saturday and then rebounding to 70 by sunday. hardly strictly bluegrass and golden gate park will be delightful. lots of sunshine each and every day and temperatures on the comfortable side in the lower 70s to mid-60s. your three-day forecast no matter where you are total
5:40 am
sunshine. today's the warmest day. we'll become breezy. by sunday it's particularly gusty in our hills. that's the weather. a check of traffic. sue, good morning. metering lights turned on. not so friday light. that was about 5:30 this morning. traffic is stacking up to the mcarthur maze and sluggish as you make your way through the tunnel on to the san francisco side of things. about a 17-minute drive from hayward on over to foster city on the san mateo bridge this morning. and look at our new traffic 3d map. this is the bay bridge coming off the upper deck. traffic is flowing nicely. no delays except for the metering lights on the toll plaza side of things. drive times now into san francisco and the golden gate bridge. not bad at all. six minutes across the span. the bay bridge ten minutes westbound from the neatering lights into the city and there's
5:41 am
your san mateo bridge. even better than we thought. 13 minutes over to foster city. we'll be back with a look at your north bay drive. an inmate is wrongly released from custody. the social media selfies that led to his capture. and new details in a credit card breach at whole foods. the stores impacted. the controversial mov
5:42 am
5:43 am
we're back at 5:43 in the
5:44 am
south bay. officials say a clerical error caused an inmate to be released by a mistake in santa clara county. the sheriff's office was able to recapture him six days later after he started posting selfies on instagram. officials say a civilian clerk made a mistake with david lopez's paperwork after he was sentenced last week to eight years in prison for armed robbery. investigators realized the mistake and started, of course, monitoring his social media accounts. the deputies took him into custody on wednesday at a golf course in east san jose. >> you don't take matters like this lightly. it is unacceptable that this happened. we're working to put in measures to ensure this doesn't happen again. >> i wonder how many likes he got. lopez was rebooked into the main jail in san jose. it's unclear if he's going to face any additional charges. >> step away from the selfies. this morning president trump could be getting ready to fulfill a controversial campaign promise and it involves birth
5:45 am
control. the administration is poised to roll back the federal requirement for employers to include contraceptive coverage in their health insurance plans. according to "the new york times" a directive could come as soon as today. under the new regulations any employer or insure they're objects to covering birth control based on religious beliefs or moral convictions would be exempt. former secretary of state hillary clinton will be in the bay area taking part in a keynote conversation at an inaugural conference focused on digital policy at stanford university. clinton expected to discuss digital technology, diplomacy and democratic values. tickets are only available to stanford students selected in a lottery. clinton is scheduled to appear at 4:30 at the knight management center. nine bay area whole food stores are among the 56 hit by hackers. the company revealed the breach last month, but only yesterday revealed which stores were actually hit. customers who bought groceries were not affected by the breach
5:46 am
but people who used the in-store table service restaurants and those tap rooms may have had their credit card information exposed. you can find the list of bay area stores including the two in san francisco on our website. former nfl most valuable player cam newton turned to twitter to apologize for his handling of a female reporter's question. >> my word choice was extremely degrading and disrespectful to women. and, to be honest, that was not my intentions. to women all around the world i sincerely apologize. >> i wonder what his intention was? wednesday morning the reporter asked the carolina panther star about the route a receiver ran during a game. newton responded by say willing, it's funny to hear a female talk about routes. it's funny. well, yesterday, you know who didn't think it was funny, yogurt maker dannon who pulled him as a spokesperson. he says the sponsorship has nothing to do with his apology.
5:47 am
the ceo of blue origins says it's aiming at a tourist flight. 2019 would put them behind elon musk's spacex. blue origin wants to do frequent launches to the edge of space where passengers can briefly experience weightlessness and marvel at the beautiful view. haven't said exactly how much a ticket will cost. what willost you anything this weekend partaking in a lot of the fleet week activities. i was looking at some of the things to do and one of them that might interest you is bark at the park at debose park on saturday for canines. you can see some of the canines part of the fleet and maybe take your dog out there. >> that's cool. my pup woodstock. >> that would be fantastic weather for every activity outdoors. sunshine will dominate our weather pattern and very warm temperatures for this time of the year. to the 80s and 90s later on today. more like summer.
5:48 am
live doppler 7, not a cloud to be seen. it is totally clear right now on live doppler 7 and that is creating some cool temperatures this hour. 49 that current number in san francisco. we're at 44 in napa. 41 for half moon bay. you need the light jacket early on. your 12-hour day planner nothing but sunshine later on today and that will quickly warm our atmosphere. widespread 80s and low 90s. overnight tonight here is a similar setup as we have right now. plenty of stars. temperatures on the cool side mainly in the 40s. a couple chilly spots dropping to the 30s. this is tropical storm nate. we're keeping our eye on the storm because it does look like it will make landfall along the gulf coast as a category 1 hurricane likely saturday night into sunday morning probably on the louisiana coastline. it could bring 3 to 6 inches of rainfall there. back here at home over the weekend especially sunday the winds will pick up and that means we'll have a fire weather
5:49 am
watch in effect for gusts up to 50 miles per hour. that means any fires could start and spread rather quickly. accuweather seven-day forecast nothing but sunshine over the weekend and then a gradual cooling trend into midweek next week. that's the weather. a check on the roads. good morning, sue. >> to the golden gate bridge where traffic is very light and it's fog free this morning. southbound you have four lanes coming out of marin county into san francisco and northbound two lanes heading towards marin county. a little bit sluggish here. this is walnut creek, southbound 680 past north main to 24. you're seeing brake lights with a 15-minute drive towards the tunnel. our traffic maps are looking good. a delay because of metering lights. and as fairly typical, up and over the altamont pass. an earlier accident near greenville cleared out of lanes. you're looking at about 35 to a 40-minute drive up and over westbound into the livermore area. let's take a look at some of
5:50 am
your other drive times this morning. there we go. 47 minutes now. 17 minutes down towards fremont on 680 from dublin and highway 101 to cupertino. 85 from 101 to cupertino over 15 minutes. a look at your north bay drive times in a few minutes. thanks, sue. did i say stu? i was combining sue with steph curry and i got stu. steph curry is hot in oakland's chinatown. >> you know who else is hot is sue. let's talk steph curry. look at these t-shirts and the creation of an observing dentist that's really getting a lot of props. he came up with the design last season, raised money selling the gear for charity, all the stuff written in chinese. like the ws he has a lot of big dreams for this season. he wan to sell hats and t-shirts to fund a basketball program for kids. he sent one of the hats to curry's dad, dale, and he's waiting to hear back. >> people walk by and look at
5:51 am
it, whoa, that's kind of cute. it says the spice curry but it's written in chinese. >> by the way, the basketball court that he's standing on is the work of kevin durant. his foundation helped give it a makeover. new at 6:00, a billionaire's bat to keep a public beach private is now taking a new turn. but first, a bit of positive news emerging from the tragedy in las vegas. the reunion that brought a man to tears. you won't guess what lit up weather radar in denver. >> a better day starts here on abc 7 mornings. here is a live weather and traffic where you live for you
5:52 am
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the stories of hope and heroism, a southern california man who lost his dog when the shooting started has now actually found her. roulette is a french bulldog. she ran off amidst the chaos of the gunfire sunday. her owner spotted her wednesday night in a field not far from mandalay bay. >> we saw her run by as i was talking. i kneeled down and she ran straight to me. >> the dog looks relieved to be back. the dog's dad has been living out of his truck for days trying to find him. now both get to go home. >> another sweet story really cute, a massive wave of butterflies -- i think this would be amazing to see -- it lit up denver's weather radar.
5:55 am
showing what meteorologists believed to be a massive wave of birds wednesday but they asked birdwatchers on twitter to verify the claim. people reported it was not birds but butterflies across the entire area. a massive number of painted ladies descended on the front range in recent weeks. this was spotted in a nearby picturesque town in the rockies. >> i would love to see something like that, drew. >> you see migration patterns of birds, butterflies tracking rain and snow. you can tell a lot by looking at radar image. very cool to see that in the denver area. here today radar will not track much of anything. it's all sunshine all day. ry as could all day. this feels more like summer than this feels more like summer than autumn.
5:56 am
76 today. back into the low 70s on sunday. sunshine will dominate our weather pattern through sunday. it will turn gusty in our hills by sunday afternoon. a check of the roads with sue. through berkeley and on into the mcarthur maze you're in company but at least moving relatively at the limit towards the maze. this is 101. traffic here looks pretty good, light for this early friday morning. an earlier accident now gone. mostly green so that is great.
5:57 am
things finally pick up when you reach 242. back with an update on san jose. >> americans hoping to go shopping on thanksgiving day may be disappointed. 55 major stores will remain closed for thanksgiving 2017 includes costco, neiman marcus, crate and barrel, h&m, ikea, marshalls and padegonia. some may even remain closed on friday. >> explaining express lanes. next at 6:00 what you need to know about a new option for a faster commute in the bay area. why charges were dropped. >> investigators hope someone identifies this suspect accused
5:58 am
5:59 am
by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california. hi and good morning. it is friday, october 6.
6:00 am
natasha, alexis, mike, all enjoying a friday off. we're here. >> we have sue and drew and reggie. the weather is working. >> it's working out great. nothing but sun as the sun gets up 7:10 in the morning. up 7:10 in the morning. out there now the tamm cam. it will quickly warm our atmosphere. 80s and 90s will be widespread. sue, good morning. about 5:30, half an hour ago so could you see the delays. if you could car-pool, check it out. once you are on the upper deck it's pretty good into san


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