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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 6, 2017 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> the blue angels will soar in the sky over the bay area once again in just a few hours. defying gravity, and dazzling pe spectators as part of san francisco fleet week. the sky to the sea, the parade of ships that officially opens fleet week is getting under way right now. moments ago, sky 7 flew over some of the vessels that will take part in the parade which begins at the goaden galden gat bridge. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson is live at the waterfront at the marina green. tiffany, on schedule?
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>> reporter: hi there, kristen, yes, as sky 7 showed you, the ships are lining up from our vantage point, haven't come through the golden gate bridge yet but starting to see them line up behind the golden gate bridge. san francisco fire department fire boat "the st. francis" will be the fstirp s underneath the golden gate bridge followed by the rest. the procession is expected to be spectacular. and it should last about an hour. through the eyes of a 3-year-old, fleet week festivities can be summed up in two years. the navy can correct him later. are you excited to see some of the planes fly again this afternoon? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: the blue angels will headline the air show that starts at noon, but the humanitarian village at marina green is open to the public all day. everett and his family checked it out this morning. >> we think it's awesome. it's very cool. and very patriotic and the kids love it. >> reporter: john mcknight is in charge of the village. he says it showcases what the military and other organizations can do. >> the humanitarian village at fleet week is a demonstration of
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disaster relief capabilities. >> reporter: more than 10,000 people are expected to visit today. as ays they've increasesecuritl vegas. >> nothing the public will notice, but be assured we're keeping an eye out. >> reporter: visitors will be able to tour the field emergency room. >> this will be the first step, first etchelon of care. >> reporter: it's exciting to show off his work space. >> people are blown away. >> reporter: new this year, a s.t.e.m. center to highlight engineering in the military. >> have to use your noggin to adapt to the situation. >> reporter: see one of the ships behind the golden gate bridge. we're waiting for the official start. we're live streaming the parade of ships and will live stream the air show from noon until 4:00 on both our website and our app. live in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> tiffany, thank you. and you can also find a complete schedule of events for san francisco fleet week on our dedicated page, at
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or our app. in addition to fleet week, san francisco's playing host to the bay area's largest free music festival. hardly strictly bluegrass begins at noon. abc 7 news was in san francisco's golden gate park this morning as crews finished setting up. there will be extra security as a response to the las vegas mass shooting. three quarters of a million people are expected to attend this three-day festival. more than 100 acts are set to perform. so with all that's going on this weekend, let's get a quick check on the forecast with abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma on the roof on the abc 7 broadcast center. hey, drew, what a view. >> reporter: hi, good morning, kristen. we've made our return to the roof here. a beautiful weather for our friday afternoon. but we do have some cause for concern right along our immediate coastline. the reason why, a very active current at this hour. a beach hazard statement is up for a strong northwest and southwest swell. what this means, strong rip currents can be expected along our coastline. the weather is very beach-like.
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a lot of folks want to go to the coast. just be aware, that ocean current is strong right now. we are quickly warming already into the 60s and 70s. look at half moon bay. already at 77 degrees. we're at 73 in san ramoramon. 72 in gilroy. let's take you into san francisco today. fleet week will be under way very shortly. great weather. look at this. nothing but sunshine throughout the afternoon. and it will be a warm day in san francisco. temperature right around 75 degrees by 4:00. so take a look at how the rest of the weekend is shaping up for all the events we have. and also, a heightened fire danger has just been activated for parts of the region. we'll detail that in the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes. kristen? the surf danger may be high but with the weather so warm, lots of people will be headed to the beach. here's a live picture from santa cruz where some folks are getting a jump-start to the weekend enjoying the sand and
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surf. matt keller is live in santa cruz with why surfers in particular are so excited. matt? >> reporter: kristen, very busy out here at steamer lane in s t santa cruz. check out people photographing or taking video of the surfers. big crowds. very crowd out there on the waves. everybody has to fight to get their wave but the good news fo hear those mj call words, surfs up. run, don't walk to steamer lane in santa cruz. this year has been a figurative face plant for waves. it's taken until october but surfers are finally getting a break. >> it's been flat. it's been pretty depressing most the year. >> reporter: so today? >> it's the best day of the year. >> reporter: hard to argue when you see what our cameras captured this morning. early risers were treated to a smooth ride under the harvest moon. and a sunrise so perfect it could be on a postcard. but real beauty, at least to the surfers, are the big waves rolling along the coast from monterey county to sonoma county.
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swells could reach 9 feet this weekend. they arrived just in time for the rip curl brom search national final. >> this weekend the conditions are supposed to be epic, so, yeah, we're just really blessed and i'm really excited for this weekend. >> we got pretty lucky. the one day the contest is going to be even bigger than this tomorrow. >> reporter: while the big waves are good for surfers, they can be dangerous for everyone else. >> one inch too close. >> reporter: a beach hazard statement has been issued through late saturday night. watch out for rip currents, sneaker waves and large shore break. and remember, don't go in after your pets. most dogs will make it out of the water on their own. >> for the dog as he gets out there then gets tumbled over, he's not that smart about being in the ocean. >> reporter: lot of people are expected out here in santa cruz for the weekend. not only do you have the big waves and the surf contest, they're expecting temperatures to be in the mid to upper 70s. it's going to be beautiful out here. reporting live in santa cruz, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you so much. right now, breaking news out
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of san francisco. let's give you a live look at a grass fire burning right off of 280 in san francisco. you can see the smoke rising. you can see the fire engine there. you can see cars driving slowly. especially northbound. that is near the monterey boulevard on ramp. so you can see it is going pretty good right now. this just started moments ago. and fire crews are trying to obviously protect the homes. you can see a bunch of homes in that area as well. you'll want to stay with the abc 7 news app for continuing coverage of this breaking story which just happened. a fire in san francisco. right off of 280 there. alongmont ray boulevard. all right. we have new information on why investigators believe the gunman behind the las vegas mass shooting may have had help. abc news reporter marcie gonzalez is in las vegas following the latest developments. >> reporter: officials tell abc news investigators trying to figure out whether the las vegas mass murderer acted alone now believe the woman he was seen with in the days before the
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attack was a prostitute. authorities believe stephen paddock may have had and come police base ean accomplice, based on the amount of guns in his hotel room and officials say because some of the ammo was bought under someone else's name. >> there's people that know this individual, people that could ep us understand this individual. >> reporter: we're also learning more about paddock's final hours. the night before the shooting, sources tell abc news paddock reportedly called in two noise complaints about guests in the room below him. floyd was in that room the night of the attack. >> he just hunkered down the whole night. >> yeah. i either stayed in between the beds or in the bathroom. >> reporter: with reports paddock may have considered other targets searching for hotel rooms near boston's fenway park and booking rooms in chicago, the same dates as the lollapalooza festival across the street, some cities are stepping up security for major events including in chicago for this weekend's marathon. >> there's been a double, triple checking of everything. >> reporter: back in las vegas,
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a somber reminder of the overwhelming loss. 58 white crosses, one for each life taken. one of those victims, charleston hartfield. thousands gathering last night to honor the army veteran, police officer and father of three. >> if there's a checklist to be an american, charlie hit every single box then made up some boxes. >> reporter: and donations to help the victims' families and the survivors are still pouring in with more than $9.5 million raised so far. marcie gonzalez, abc news, las vegas. and tonight's "2020" is devoted to the las vegas mass shooting. hear from the heroes to helped throughout the horrific tragedy tonight at 10:00 on abc 7 followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. happening now a group of bay area radio stations teaming up to help mexico as it recovers from a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. abc 7 news was in san jose this morning where a donation drive
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is under way, on chavez. local radio stations are teaming with the latino community foundation to raise money for those impacted by last month's quake in mexico city and surrounding areas. >> today is live, we're getting donations here. the supermarket. but this campaign is going to last three weeks and you can go online, go to the latino community foundation website, and just donate online. >> organizers say 100% of the proceeds will go directly to local charities in areas of the greatest need. we've just learned the identity of the woman killed in san francisco after she fell 300 feet from a cliff. the medical examiner has identified the victim as arezu usafi from tracy. sky 7 was over ft. funston where firefighters recovered her body yesterday near the hang glider launch site. the 36-year-old woman was apparently alone when she fell. a few hours ago the trump administration made a change to the affordable care act. it means many american women may
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no longer have access to free birth control. that story ahead. also, the final word for aol's instant messen trouble on the film set. >> what a costume. >> what is your problem? >> next "right this minute".
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back to our breaking news from san francisco, a live look right now at interstate 280 in san francisco near the monterey boulevard on ramp where a grass fire broke out. now, just a few minutes ago, we showed you a whole lot of smoke. it looks like firefighters have made great progress.
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they've got it nearly out now. you can see the charred area, very close to homes and freeways. so this is better news now. but still you might want to avoid the area. that's little bit slow driving past right now. they're getting a handle on that grassfire. all right. developing news, president trump made good on a controversial campaign promise involving birth control. the administration is rolling back the obama-era federal requirement that include contraceptive coverage in their health insurance plans. under the new policy, any employer or insurer that objects to covering birth control based on religious beliefs, or moral objection, will be exempt. women's health care groups have already been preparing lawsuits to block the new trump administration rules. in today's "morning money report," for the first time in seven years, the country lost jobs last month. according to the labor department, the economy lost 33,000 jobs in september. experts blame hurricanes harvey and irma. whatever damage the storms caused, wall street analysts
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tell "the new york times" they do not expect it to undermine the labor market over the long term. the pioneering chat app that taught us to text some two decades ago is going away. aol announced today that instant messenger will shut down on december 15th. known as a.i.m., it dominated online chat in north america at the turn of the century. with sms and social apps like facebook and what's app having conquered chat, aol is giving up the fight with no planned replacement. costco just launched two new delivery options for its members. costco grocery is offering ne nearly 500 items that will be delivered in two days. they're also offering same-day delivering on more than 1,500 items including fresh groceries from 376 stores. now we checked for you, that option is available in nearly all of the bay area. this comes weeks after amazon closed a deal with whole foods at the online giant aggressively moves into the grocery market. a celebration of italy comes
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to san francisco this weekend. details ahead. plus, we have the scoop on how you can get some of the best seats to see the blue angels. and a live look right now. this is the bay, the parade of ships about to get under way right there as part of fleet week. how's the weather going to be? meteorologist drew tuma has your accuweather forecast coming up. abc 7 is celebrating hispanic theritage month by highlighting the bay area's hispanic community. today we're featuring la
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now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> and we're soaked in sunshine here only the roof of abc 7 studios along the embarcadero in san francisco. in store for a gorgeous weekend. feeling more summer-like than autumn. live doppler 7 along with satellite, picture perfect. we're totally clear. but as we go through the weekend, we are going to see an increase in our fire danger. a red flag warning has been issued for much of the bay area. shaded in red. because a north-northeasterly wind is going to pick up. could gust over 30 miles per hour at times. especially sunday afternoon. combine that with low humidity, and that means fires can easily start and easily spread. east bay hills camera, beautiful shot. the bay bridge, san francisco. nothing but sunshine at this hour. that sunshine very effective right now at warming us up rather quickly. already 77 half moon bay. 73 for mountain view. 65 that number in oakland. fairfield checking in at 73 degrees.
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highs across the region today, above normal for this time of the year. going to 84 in fremont. sunny skies. 87 san jose. about 76 san francisco. 90 that high in santa rosa. fleet week over the next three days in san francisco, couldn't ask for better weather. nothing but sunshine through the weekend. and very comfortable temperatures. your warmest day will be today. with a high of 76 degrees. hardly strictly in golden gate park begins today, too. also soaked in sunshine. 73 later on this afternoon. a little cooler on saturday. and then sunday, it's bright skies and temperature of 71 degrees. overnight tonight, plenty of stars out there. will get chilly in spots. in the north bay. santa rosa dropping to 39. elsewhere in the 40s and 50s. want to give you an update on tropical storm nate right now, increase of winds of 50 miles per hour and the latest track of this tropical storm does have it going into the gulf. and strengthening as a category 1 storm. the gulf coast saturday night into sunday morning. we'll keep you updated on that. back here, the accuweather
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seven-day forecast, look at the next seven days. the warmest day. the week looking picture perfect. more summer-like. then we'll notice cooler changes move in midweek around here, kristen. for all the events right now today, picture perfect the next three days. >> great job. drew, thank you so much. >> sure. all right. fleet week, free celebration of all things italian. if you're looking for something fun to do this weekend, we've got you covered. alexis smith from abc 7 mornings has some ideas from our partners at hoodline. >> fleet week is here, and as we honor the contributions of the men and women of the united states armed forces, you can set sail on a living museum. the national liberty ship memorial. also known as the ss jeremiah o'brien. the all-inclusive cruise will take you around san francisco bay with incredible views of golden gate bridge, alcatraz, visiting naval ships and have the best seats in the city to watch the navy's blue angels. tickets are on sale for saturday and sunday, include hot dogs, hamburgers and chowder.
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a line of hand crafted bee ars will be available. sailing goes from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. three days of life music comes to golden gate park with the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. no tickets needed. head there friday, saturday and sunday. enjoy over 90 acts on 7 stages throughout the weekend including robert earl keen, bran ddy carlisle, t-bone burnett, and kristen dewilliams. let your italian roots shine at the 149th annual san francisco italian heritage parade. the action starts sunday at 12:30 at jefferson and powell in fisherman's wharf. the parade route continues through north beach in columbus and ends in washington square park where you'll find the ferrari sports car display. all the parade events including hands-on activities for kids and families are free. for details on these events and more, just go to our website,
11:23 am and we'll hook you up with hoodline. finally friday. you know what that means. time to meet our perfect pet. this lovable dog needs a forever home. and drew
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coming up on tonight on abc. news at 4:00, no cheap seats. why fans in china are willing i
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shell out more than 1,000 bucks to see the warriors play. a bigger footprint in fremont, some say tesla is growing too big, too fast. at 5:00. time for our favorite s segment of the week, talking about perfect pet, of course. drew is back to introduce us to a new beautiful friend. >> our perfect pet today is a dog from our friends at the alameda animal shelter. bella, this little lady, super sweet and loves people. bella is a brindle american bulld bulldog. she's three years old. her adoption fee has been paid for by an admirer. costs nothing to take her home with you. bella will prefer a home where she can be the queen bee with no other dogs and no cat. to make bella part of your family, call our friends at the alameda animal shelter at the number on your screen. 510-337-8565. she just looks oh so cute. >> she's clearly queen bee. >> is she's clearly.
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>> look at that face. >> how could she not be? >> you said somebody paid for the adoption fee. >> yeah, so just got to take her home. >> thanks, drew. have a great day. bye-bye. ♪
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>> hey, everybody, it's whiz kids week. today, we're playing our game with some very bright kids who've worked hard in school, and now they're hoping all that hard work is going to pay off in a very big way because they're here to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ welcome to "millionaire." are you guys ready for whiz kids? [cheers and applause] well, from new orleans, louisiana, let's welcome back kaden oqueli-white. [cheers and applause] the pride of new orleans. you're looking sharp. i like the new ensemble. you're looking good. >> thank you. >> and your game's looking pretty good. you're at $7,000 already. >> whoo! >> you still have two lifelines as we get back to your game today and we try to add some money to that total, so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ we start you off today with a


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