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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 7, 2017 1:07am-1:37am PDT

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singing amazing grace in san jose, huge vigil tonight. it's now been five days since stephen paddock shot hundreds of bullets down on a crowd of unspecting concert goers in las vegas killing 58 people, including san jose native michelle voe. authorities still don't know what drove this killer to do it. abc news reporter brian clark has the story. >> reporter: investigators are baffled. >> we have run-down over 1,000 leads in this investigation. while some of it has helped create a better profile into the madness of this suspect, we do not still have a clear motive or reason why. >> reporter: why 64-year-old
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stephen paddock would hole up on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel, break through the window and fire down onto thousands of people enjoying a concert music even the note offering few clues. the high stakes gambler planned his attack meticulously, requesting an upper floor, stockpiling guns, setting up cameras inside and outside his room. tonight fbi agents and police still closely watching paddock's girlfriend, mary lou dannelly. and in las vegas every day since the shooting, vigils, tributes and memorials. >> this just shows everybody the
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severity of what happened here as you look down this road. >> reporter: brian clark, abc news, new york. friends and coworkers cheered for a police officer when he returned home from southern california after being shot in the head on sunday in vegas. ontario police officer michael garcia walked off a private plane on his own power. his fiance shielded him after he was shot. she also survived. he's expected to make a full recovery. and a look tonight now at nest week's new yorker coverer. the artwork shows bullets, 58 total, each one bearing the name of the 58 people killed in las vegas. moving on some developing news in oakland, you can see on this map someone opened fire on
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a family while driving along a freeway. it happened near ucsf children'f hospital oakland. no one was hurt in this shooting. meantime, patrol also investigating shots fired on the bay bridge tonight. witnesses report a gray car fired seven rounds at a black suv at about 7:00. chp is looking for the drivers of both those cars. traffic was never affected. there are no reported victims. tonight sailors rescued a man near the bay just after 8:00 this evening. san francisco firefighters also raced to the scene. paramedics took the man to the hospital. it appears he suffered nonlife threatening injuries. san francisco is really hopping this weekend. fleet week is bringing hundreds of thousands of people to the city. live now on what's really been
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an incredibly busy weekend. >> reporter: it really has been, dan. take a look along beside the bay bridge tonight. it's one of the many sights people can take in this weekend as the 37th annual san francisco .ayth week gets under w s.e angels had all eyes focused on the sky during the san francisco airshow. >> i always like the noise. >> really? >> it's fun. >> reporter: the six planes performing cool moves while also providing a message. the airshow did not disappoint. >> the precision of what they do, just their expertise, they're at the pinnacle of what they can do. >> how close it is and how loud it is, it makes you feel like you're right there with them. >> really important for us to see the sailors here and really
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get a chance to appreciate all the work they're doing for us. >> reporter: they wanted their kids to appreciate seeing a huge military vessel and service members in uniform. >> i think it just symbolized unity and symbolizes the importance of what they're doing. >> reporter: on chestnut street they got to pay it forward. >> it goes to our fund-raiser, the crew barbecue. >> reporter: be sure to plan your travels. traffic and long lines are expected. abc 7 news. ♪ well the bluegrass festival is taking place. it's expected to draw about a quarter million people. you can find a list of all the events this weekend at our
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website, as we said, there's a lot going on. former secretary of state hillary clinton spent her day in the bay area. her last stop was at stanford where he talked to students. >> reporter: a standing ovation for hillary clinton as she took the stage in front of about 500 people at stanford. the topic, digital technology, her focus, russia interference into the 2016 election. >> let's start with what happened, which does happen to be the title of my new book. a shameless plug. >> reporter: clinton told the audience russian agents flooded social media with ads and stories inteneded to whip up support of donald trump and suppress support for her. >> she's angry, and upset about what happened, and she's trying to get that message out.
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>> i'm very empowered and saying we should keep fighting just like she's doing today. >> reporter: most asked how they can help make things better. >> you bring your concerns, i'll bring mine. and let's try to sort them out and have a commitment to figuring out what's true and what's not. >> reporter: clinton's day in the bay area started in san francisco. she autographed hundreds of copies of her new book at a bookstore downtown. an oakland woman is recovering tonight after what she calls a road rage crash. 27-year-old madison hollen has several broken bones and a spinal injury. she says it started when a man in a maroon truck caught her off in the tunnel. the man chased her for seven miles until he forced her off the road. >> he was just relentless, and
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it was scary. it was so scary. he thought it was all a joke, so funny to be harassing someone. >> hallens car ended up upside down on 2nd street in >> federal officials say i.c.e. agents will target undocumented daca workers at home and at work. i.c.e. says it prefers to target undocumented immigrants being released from jail or prison. agents claim undocumented immigrants bill face a higher risk of being detained and deported once the new law takes effect in january. while the board of directors of the weinstein
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legal team. four of the remaining directors are backing the legal review saying they will take the allegations against weinstein extremely seriously. they issued a statement tonight saying weinstein is taking an indefinite leave from the company. they used ropes and a special stretcher to set up what's called a haul system. the worker had fallen about 15 feet into the a creek from a bridge that's being built. firefighters tell us that he was alert after hurting his leg. certainly a good sign at least. well, much more ahead on this very busy night. a peninsula high school football team comes together to help raise awareness about a difficult issue. alsoen emotional pitch that congressman steve scalise
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thought that he might never get a chance to throw. and not your normal police crawl. residence shocked to see what showed up their neighborhood. you will
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well, you are looking at a triumphant return to the baseball diamond in washington, d.c. house majority steve scalise threw off the capitals pitch before tonight's playoff game. both men were wounded before house republicans practicing for a congressional baseball game in june. well, two rivals on the gridiron united tonight to prevent teenage suicide. abc 7 news was on the side lines. you may guess that their guests wore special socks. there they are. the socks feature the logo of play for prevention. the quarterback founded it after
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his girlfriend took her own life last spring. apple is investigating a potential battery problem with its latest iphone 8. there has been several reports this past week about the new phones splitting open. the company has issued a short statement saying we are aware and looking into it. well, here's something you would never expect around here. a petaluma couple finds a 4 foot long alligator in their backyard. she has the pictures to prove the tail. >> reporter: petaluma's animal control officer took the strangest of calls. >> she said, doncome here right now. >> reporter: she spotted this 4 foot alligator thursday night. >> he was right there and sitting with his mouth kind of open. and he looked real, but it was just too weird. >> he closed his mouth and
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backed up and i went back in the house and said call 911. >> quite a few cops showed up wondering if we were crazy peel. >> reporter: the officer caught it with his net. >> this was my first. >> reporter: he ducked taped the mouth shot and put a towel over its eyes. >> they're pretty nimble. they're pretty fast. >> reporter: and perhaps hungry. you can see they have a half-dozen fish. and no joke the alligator has been in there as well for about 15 years. a woman with reptile rescue came forward. >> you have to get a permit from fish and game, and she has one. >> we lived in florida for a year, never had an eligator in our backyard in florida. but petaluma, we have annaligator in your backyard. >> boy, isn't that a picture. all right, the weekend is
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here. and as we said at the top, there is so much going on. it looks like the weather will cooperate. meteorologist andy patel is here with the weather. >> like you said, there's so much to do, so much to see. san jose, 64 degrees. really at this hour you're feeling coolness. santa rosa 57. fairfield 71 degrees. visibility is terrific. and if you do step outside, you can feel how nice it is outside. visibility will continue to remain like this. you can see all the way across the bay tonight. fa fog is not a concern, and it was not a concern this afternoon when the blue angels took the skies. this is time the if you missed the action, it was pretty cool to see them
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today. they'll be putting on oo a show. this was a time lapse from earlier this afternoon. here's a look for the forecast for fleet week. air show temperature will be in the 70s. so really pleasant weather. plenty of sunshine for your monday. live doppler radar showing you no fog, no rain. look for sunshine and mild weather saturday, 68 degrees. a little bit cooler on sunday, 66. but overall you'll need those shades and definitely plenty of water. warm sunshine on sunday dropping to about 77 degrees. in case you're going to coast and not going to these events, i do want to warn you about aboutt coast. fire danger is coming up. red flag warnings 11:00 a.m. sunday to 5:00 a.m. tuesday.
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covers most of the hills here. gusts will be pretty high, and the humidity will be low, which means fire danger will be on the rise. a wind advisory has been as well. hour by hour we go. sunday night gusts to about 34 miles an hour. that's at the lower elevations. close to 40 sunday night. higher elevations will be topping 50 miles an hour. going into monday morning powerful winds will continue at the highest elevations. and that definitely means you will have to watch out there. and here's the latest view from our exploratorium camera right now. fire danger increases, and we're looking at a cool fall feel late next week. first thing in the morning clear, cool in the mid-40s to mid-50s. on the puleeninsula,
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city. not as warm as today, 75. north bay heading into the santa rosa, into the east bay, we'll get you to 77 in oakland. quick look at hurricane nate, it is just racing towards the gulf of mexico. this is the projected path, category 1 tomorrow night between new orleans and mobile. storm surge and heavy rain will potentially cause some problems. acuweather forecast, no problems here. a little cooler this weekend. and then temperatures come up monday only to drop again down to the 70s
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even the world's biggest passenger jetliner can get tossed around by the wind. you're looking at airline bus air 380 landing in germany. look at this. cross winds or side to side gusts made the pilot's job much
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harder, but eventually pilots steadied out that massive jumbo jet for a safe yet shaky landing. >> i would not -- >> anthony flores is here with sports. >> wind not a factor here. coming up the golfer who floored it with the pga tour's magic number of 59. and
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well, the warriors are leaving a lasting impression during their field trip to far east, and the nba loves it. the doves are in china helping the game. katy brings the half-court shot at a nike event.
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everyone in the crowd got a free t-shirt from nike because katy came up big and made the shot. radar nation is fired up after derek carr was spotted throwing a practice pass in the last few days. keep in mind the typical recovery time for this type of back injury is two to six weeks. at the beginning of today's press kerchs the head coach shot down any questions before they were asked. >> there are a lot of questions on injury reports, and that's what they are. i'm not going to talk about injuries and what we may not do or who we may not play or win. we do have a number of guys that are questionable. and we've got time before we tee it up. to baseball -- game one game o
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dodgers play for the bottom of the first. had it on cruise control until the seventh and then gives up homers on back-to-back pitches. that made it 7-4. but there would be no collapse tonight. the dodgers go onto win it. they take game one. your final, he eagles the ninth to finish the front, and 30. and he would stay hot on the back on 14. we call this the tweet-tweet before twitter. that is the birdie. had four in a row. but on 17 needed to hold out for a realistic shot, but it just slides by. for a course record of 61. get this, he's still one shot back of your leader.
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brandon still heading into the weekend. >> everything seemed to go your way sometimes, and it did today, which is great. i had a 59 shot, didn't pull it off. but it's nice to play well and going into contention into the weekend. >> only eight players in pga history have shot lower than a 58. >> a lot going on
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and that is our report. we appreciate your time right now. and jimmy kimmel, liam neeson, we'll leave you with the harvest moon rising
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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> look at this. >> a menace on the road is followed pi people in another car. >> they actually get on the phone with police. >> why a driver keeps going until the wheel falls off and what happens when he runs out of steam? >> oh! >> finally. incredible footage of an unconscious deer getting -- >> mouth-to-mouth. >> the moment the startled patient comes to. >> did you just have your mouth on my -- a woman watches a movie while having brain surgery. >> oh yeah, she's awake. >> see what she chose to keep her mind occupied. and a 2020 olympic hopeful tries to show how olympic he can be, jeans and all.
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how nuland mantross stuck the landing in a bad way. this is all taking place in the fillage of oswego just outside of chicago. the problem is this maroon car right here. see all the smoke coming up? >> that's slowing everybody out the guy with at flat tire. he isn't slowing down. >> in fact he's speeding up. [ bleep ]. >> the guys inside are obviously concerned this is going to be dangerous. >> oh my god this dude is going to cause an accident. >> bearing that in mind they actually get on the phone with police and try to direct them in to help. >> hi, i'm headed on route 25, i'm going -- >> as he's talking on the phone a bit of the car falls offonto the side. do you so he that? that smoking bit of debris on the side of the road and it looks like things are all going to calm down because we approach a red light. you can clearly see the grooves
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in the ground. this is no longer a flat tire. this is a rim. >> that thing we saw on the grass was probably a hunk of the burning smoking tire. >> they stop at the red light and then it looks like he's going to hit him. [ bleep ]. >> damn it, he's reversing, at least send somebody. >> listen to this. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> why won't this person stop? >> they are confused as to what is going on, as is everyone else around. >> that is really dangerous now, because this is clearly not a normal driver. >> right, and it's going to take its toll on the car. >> oh my god. >> remember that burning bit of debris i pointed out earlier, this is about five minutes later. look ahead. >> look at that fire from the tire that flew off it's on fire now. >> just a few seconds later the driver of this car takes this turn slowly, but clearly speed is not a


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