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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 8, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning, it is sunday, october 8. i'm chris nguyen. let's get a look at the forecast with frances dinglasan. live doppler 7 is showing clear conditions all around the bay area. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. and cool in the north bay. santa rosa dropped to 49. half moon bay, 41 degrees. milder in san jose, 53 degrees. here's a pretty view as we look to the bay bridge. sunrise at 7:12. temperatures mainly in the 50s still. sunny skies this afternoon. and it will start to become windy this afternoon, especially in the north bay. but inland numbers will hit the mid-80s. near 80 around the bay. and really comfortable and mild at the coast, the upper 60s to near 70. the sun sets at 6:42. tonight, a pleasant evening. i'll have your complete accuweather seven-day forecast
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coming up. chris? we want to get to developing news, the south breathing a sigh of relief after hurricane nate is downgraded to a tropical storm. this is a live picture from mobile, alabama. nate has buffeted alabama, mississippi and louisiana with heavy rains and wind. and has made landfall twice. this footage from biloxi, mississippi, shows how it looked when nate was still a hurricane. nate was the third hurricane to make landfall in the u.s. in just six weeks. and the first to hit mississippi since katrina in 2005. we'll have a live report from alabama coming up in the next half hour. and animal shelters from silicon valley north to wine country are filled with dozens of new pets up for adoption. abc7 news was at the hayward executive airport yesterday as 40 dogs and 25 cats arrived from shelters in new orleans. most of the animals are being transferred here from areas hit by hurricane. >> many were displaced into that
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area from harvey. it would hit in did in florida as well. >> the new orleans shelters are paying it forward for help they received during hurricane condition. pets from puerto rico are expected to fill the shelters in new orleans. and today marks one week since last sunday's massacre in las vegas. the city is trying to take back its streets with people marching, sending prayers to the victims and calling for unity after the worst mass shooting in american history. here is more. >> reporter: a gathering for healing in a city scarred by violence. >> i want to show them support and love and let them know that we love them and that jesus loves them. >> reporter: vice president mike pence joined the people in las vegas praying for unity. >> in america we mourn with those who mourn, we grieve with
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those who grieve. and i stand before you today on behalf of my family and every family in america to say we are with you. today we are all vegas strong. >> reporter: as people come together to honor the victims of this week's shooting, investigators are growing increasingly frustrated as they search for the motive behind the rampage that killed 58 innocent people and injured more than 400 others. >> we thought we might find some ideology or political or social reason, some medical reason, we haven't found it yet. >> reporter: now officials are asking anyone with information to come forward posting billboards around vegas asking for tips about the killer. new details show 64-year-old stephen paddock tried to keep a low profile to avoid suspicion from hotel security by ordering room service, authorities pretended to be speaking with others in the room so hotel staff wouldn't think he was alone in the large suite. authorities say the shooter's final days included a prostitute
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and a gambling spree. and they found a recent prescription for valium and a note with cryptic numbers. >> lord, you love this city. you gave us this day so we can walk before you and represent you as lights among the darkness. >> reporter: people are searching for answers, but for now, they are more focused on helping those who have lost loved ones and those who survived. >> the body of stacey will be flown in to our area today. her husband went to help victims and stacey was sent on. and eric
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a candlelight vigil for victims today. he says it is time to come together for solidarity for the victims of the massacre. the vigil begins at 6:00 tonight at castro valley. "this week with george sttto stephanopoul stephanopoulos" will be held from las vegas today. martha raddick is anchoring the show. it airs at 8:00 on abc7 f by abc7 news at and authorities worry wor could be more victims. this is from san jose. >> they have a competition next weekend. this is everything they have been trying to rehearse for. >> reporter: larry has two
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children who attend branham high school. he said members of the high school band are shocke after learning their assistant band director is accused of sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl. >> they had no clue that in of this was going on. >> reporter: 34-year-old samuel neipp was also the music teacher at dartmouth middle school where he used his position to exploit the girl. he talked to a detective on the case by phone. >> he threatened to post elicit images, which we would then count pornography of the victim to a social media platform. >> reporter: according to detectives, neipp's relationship lasted three years. >> hopefully the judicial system will do what it's supposed to do and due process will take care of itself. >> reporter: on the band's website it says neipp was a private piano teacher and choir director for his local church. he's in jail accused of lewd acts with a minor with a court hearing set for tuesday.
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lonnie rivera, abc7 news. authorities canceled the amber alert after being able to locate a miss 2g-year-old from san francisco. the little girl is now safe. she went missing at 3:00 p.m. yesterday. many of us got an alert on our smartphones around 8:30 last night. officials were able to take the two suspects into custody just before 10:00. one of the two suspects was the child's father. the time is 6:07. marin county now where chp is looking for a man accused at potentially driving into four cyclists just before noon yesterday on point reyes pent loma road. they were taking part in an opportunity to raise money for the bike coalition when witnesses say a man driving an older model dark blue dodge ram pickup truck appeared to swerve into them. all four men were hurt. >> tough seen anything, if you have any information, please
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come to the authorities. we're just all perplexed and are looking for a safe experience. >> here's another look at the truck. it is fitted with custom rims and oversized tires. investigators say it is missing a passenger mirror and had its license plate inside front windshield. it was last seen traveling west on point reyes pentaloma road past the cheese factory. the driver is described as a white male, 20 to 35 years old with brown hair, stubble on his face and a crew cut. you're asked to call chp if you have information on this case. doctors, nurses and social workers came together yesterday to find ways to make their immigrant patients more comfortable. abc7 news was in oakland to discuss ways to talk to parents and children worried if they go to see a doctor their families could be broken up. >> you do hearen complaints of people not being able to sleep
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or going to school because they don't want to be separated from their parents. sometimes they have to make a choice and decide if they are putting themselves at risk of being out in the community and being exposed. >> solutions discussed yesterday include putting up signs to provide information to empower families to seek help from lawyers and finding new ways to speak to parents and children to ease their concerns. and today is the last day of a big weekend in san francisco. fleet squeak in full swing. and the bluegrass festival is still on. bernard has more on this story. >> reporter: nothing quite grabs your attention quite like the blue angels. the u.s. nauf svy team soars an roars over the san francisco bay as they are the stars. >> it's great to be an american. >> it's pretty amazing. >> he thought they were connected they were flying so close together. >> i'm glad they're on our side.
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>> reporter: the navy s.e.a.l.s. leapfrog parachute team landing their target. in golden gate park, music fans turned out for all things banjo and guitar. the hard ly bluegrass festival s on. >> it's free. >> reporter: police promised a visible security but richard says he won't let fear stop him. >> we'll be here today and tomorrow. we'll do things next weekend. we'll live our life. >> reporter: cornell barnard, abc7 news. it will be beautiful, sunny and mild. but we have big changes and a red flag warning coming into in
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effect soon, chris? thank you, frances. see you soon. and the growing problem as the bay area high schools are forcing them to cancel their games. and this ♪ ♪
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rapper nelly performed last night hours after being released from jail as police investigated a rape case against him.
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a woman called 911 yesterday and said nelly rap decied her on hir bus yesterday morning. last night he took the stage? ridgefield. his attorney says this case is false and the woman is being vindictive. stadium today to watch the varsity game today. ensuing threats on social media led them to cancel the game under friday night lights and play midday saturday with no fans around. >> i was almost in my car ready
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to go to the game and got an e-mail to say the game has been moved to saturday. >> just when there's a lot of things going on, i think it is better safe than sorry. >> it was no fans. it was just the whole, like, atmosphere of high school football was just off today. but it's all good. they played well. they had fun. >> reporter: it's the third time a high school game has been postponed or canceled due to violence in the last week. also, friday night, skyline high school was playing football here against oakland. in the middle of the third quarter, the game was halted because of reports of fighting outside the stadium. oakland school officials and berkeley school officials did not respond to requests for comment. last week the kennedy richmond high school game was stopped because of fights in the stands and outside the stadium. players from all the schools are focused on playing football. >> like i tell the guys, we can control what we can control.
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so i don't know exactly what happened, but we did a really good job of adjusting and look forward to playing piedmont on friday. >> reporter: leslie brinkley, abc7 news. and a job today. they have to make sure to properly staff the events. the job fair is being held at the atrium lobby . and this dog barked as officers approached it ten days ago. that led to delays and crowded platforms as bart had to shut off power to the third rail while getting the dog to safety. officials were unable to locate the owner. so yesterday the oakland animal shelter tweeted it is now up for
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adoption and fittingly decided to name him bart. good morning. i'm meteorologist frances dinglasan. live doppler 7 is showing us very clear conditions, so we are in store for another beautiful day. right now temperatures mainly in the 40s and 50s. it's cool in the north bay especially. no have a to, 46, novato. and half-moon bay down to 41 degrees. san jose, 53. for those of you getting ready for the rock' n roll marathon, it will be nice in the morning hours. it is pretty calm out there on the waters. here's what to expect, in terms of temperatures, mild to warm today also into tomorrow. but it will become windy overnight tonight. later on tonight, the winds kick in, especially in the north bay and east bay hills. and then get ready, temperatures will drop and we'll see a cooling trend midweek. we'll be below average by the end of the workweek.
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there is a red flag warning in effect that starts at 11:00 today, actually. so a few more hours. we'll see northeast winds, gusts up to 55 miles per hour. and with very low humidity, that is why the red flag warning is in effect. because fires can spread very quickly. this is for the north bay, east bay and santa cruz mountains. so that's very the next couple of days. also, the wind advisory starts at 7:00 for the north bay. the areas highlighted in red here and also the east bay. gusts of at least 45 miles per hour. it's going to be difficult to drive, especially in one of the taller vehicles. and you could see some downed tree branches. also, the winds, i was talking about how they are going to get picked up. i want to show you the forecasted animation. by this afternoon, it will start to be noticeable through the north bay and napa at 22 miles per hour. also, notice the direction, the winds coming from the north/northeast. so this offshore flow is allowing temperatures to warm up a bit, but even midnight tonight, we'll see many winds
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above 30 miles per hour in the north bay. and then things start to die down again tomorrow morning when the wind advisory expires at 11:00. but overall, it's going to be another gorgeous day with plenty of sunshine. so comfortable in san francisco, 74. oakland, 79. 84 in san jose and 86 in fairfield. it will be pleasant at the beaches today with temperatures in the upper 60s, even 80 in santa cruz. but just be extra careful and think twice about heading into the water. there are long periods northwest and southwest of swells. and this is increasing wave heights right now. 12 feet in monterey bay. so strong rip currents expected. sneaker waves and large shore break today. and, of course, a lot of folks are heading to san francisco for fleet week. it's going to be another gorgeous day with temperatures in the mid-70s for the air show today and then tomorrow the mid-70s as well. and then traffic has been
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horrendous. here is the next seven days in san jose. we are above average today, tomorrow, but things really dip down in terms of temperatures through the middle of the week. and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, so sunny and mild and warm today. but it will become very windy later on today into tomorrow. breezy morning. bright skies once again with not much change in terms of temperatures. we hang on to the warmth on tuesday. and then the cooling really kicks in on wednesday and continues to the end of the workweek where we'll be below avera average. it is perfect t-shirt and sweatshirt weather. >> it is great. >> it is the perfect time for tourists. you probably shouldn't do what this man is doing. next, why he says it was completely safe to stand with this bear.
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paula farris is joining us from new york city to tell us what is coming up on "good morning america." >> hurricane nate makes landfall lashing the gulf coast with winds, heavy rains and damaging storm surge. we are on the ground with full team coverage for you. plus, more vague threats from the president, but this time about north korea warning only one thing will work. we don't know what that one
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thing is, however. and also, what the president is saying about his secretary of state and a possible health care deal with the democrats. and finally, a miracle baby. a woman gives birth to a baby boy just days after escaping the las vegas shooting. how heroes stepped up to help her and her unborn child. that's all coming up on "gma" this sunday. we hope to see you soon. tomorrow's commute could be smoother in the east bay for drivers in a hurry. 23 miles of new express lanes will open up along interstate 680 near walnut creek and san ramon. they run northbound and southbound from rutger road to acosta boulevard. you need a first class responder or you'll be ticketed. the actual toll rate will be determined by traffic conditions. it will be free for car poolers and motorcyclists. some people stood in line for nearly six hours yesterday hoping to get their hands on a very special condiment. our media partners at the bay area news group were at the mcdonald's on monument boulevard
6:25 am
in concord. one of just four bay area locations that gave away szechuan dipping sauce yesterday. the sauce was popular in the late '90s and brought back to relevance by the tv show "rick and morty." they had just 20 sauce cups to give out disappointing many fans. mcdonald's is sorry not everyone could get the sauce. a man in florida is raising a few eyebrows and questions after taking family photos with a bear. take a look, this is dustin radney and right behind him he's posing with a bear. the animal has become a common visitor to a neighborhood in apopka, florida, not too far from orlando. radney has been having fun with the bear and posting it on social media. he photoshopped a picture of his son onto the bear. he insists what he did was safe. >> we were about 50 yards from the bear and there were cops on either side of us while we were taking our pictures. it was really entertaining.
6:26 am
he was just chilling and identifying trash. after he ate the trash, he took an hour nap. >> deputies have been monitoring the bear. wildlife officials say it's likely the animal is filling up before hibernating and asked neighbors to take measures with their trash so it doesn't attract the bear. that's a common sound this time of the year along a stretch of argentina's petagonian coastline. thousands of penguins gather there to breed. all the black dots you see are penguins looking to find a mate. the mating and breeding season runs for three months and brings about 150,000 visitors to the area from around the world. still to come on abc7 mornings, from the world of tech to a trifecta of goodness, meet the highly successful bay area entrepreneur using his you could save energy by living off the grid.
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completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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♪ ♪
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hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. it's so great to have you with us on this sunday morning. i'm chris nguyen. we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist frances dinglasan. hi, frances. >> good morning. not many clouds out there, not marine layer or a bit of fog. temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s. cooler, especially in half-moon
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bay, 41 there. and the upper 40s through santa rosa, napa and novato. san jose at 53 degrees. for those of you getting ready for the rock n roll half marathon, we are looking good. temperatures still in the 50s. this afternoon, we'll start to warm up. sunny blue skies expected for the blue angels and becoming windy in parts of the north bay this afternoon. inland areas, hitting the mid-80s. maybe even 86. around the bay in the upper 70s to near 80. and at the coast, the upper 60s. it will be a beautiful day ahead, but i do have a red flag warning to tell you about. chris? frances, thank you. a highly-successful bay area entrepreneur is using his skills to change the lives of millions of children around the world. abc7's cheryl jennings explains how he started a nonprofit to achieve his ambitious and very successful goal. ♪
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>> the goal for the gratitude network over the next five years is to impact 50 million underprivileged children around the world. >> reporter: randy haykin likes to dream big. but he also puts his dreams into action through his charitable foundation called the gratitude network that helps children locally and globally. >> this is a few of about 35 organizations who we have worked with. >> reporter: randy funded the gratitude network after a stunningly successful 25-year career in the silicon valley tech world. he's formed arifecta of goodness and applied the lessons of being an entrepreneur to mentor entrepreneurs involved in social change. >> we search for the most innovative, the most passionate social entrepreneurs and the ones that are focused on children, education and youth tend to be really passionate. >> reporter: here's how it
6:32 am
works, first, programs like the freedom story, which deals with child trafficking are carefully selected out of hundreds of applicants in an international contest. then the intense partnership begins. >> we give them a year-long program that includes coaching, mentoring, leadership development, you know, becoming more operationally efficient so they can grow. and we have removed the barriers to the growth. >> reporter: chuck fisher is benefiting from the gratitude network partnership. he's the executive director of a program called toolbox by dove tail learning in sonoma county. a program with 12 colorful visual too manies to help kids learn to manage their emotions, social interactions and their success in school. >> we're working with some of the most poorest, traumatized communities in the world. inner city richmond, one of the most traumatized communities in the nation. and kids come into the class and they can't control themselves.
6:33 am
what we do is, we give them the first tool. and that tool is accessing the breath. >> reporter: he says children can learn more easily when they can calm themselves down with the toolbox skills. >> i can take breaths or we can stop and talk and i can listen to what they have to say. >> reporter: you can't just say i can't do this. that means you're losing courage and not doing it. that brings courage when you go, i can do this. i may be struggling but i can do this. >> we have been asked for this work from over 35 countries who people have found us on the internet to say, you are just learning to scale. >> we are looking forward to help with the first business plan and executive coaching. i'm a psychologist, so i have an executive coach that is provided
6:34 am
free by the gratitude network. >> reporter: his coach renee cooper lives on the east coast so some of the mentoring is done by skype. and it is already having an impact on the future of the toolbox project. >> our plan subpoena is to be a take this to children around the world everywhere. and the scaling of that and the funding of that is a key piece. >> reporter: gratitude's funder is looking to create a database of angel investors willing to take a control from social makers or those looking at job, and is now making wine. >> it is supporting the gratitude network and brings everyone together. it's a win/win for everyone.
6:35 am
>> reporter: cheryl jennings, abc7 news. >> the gratitude network is holding the annual fund-raiser on november 5th in redwood city. learn more about the charity's work by going to all right. time now is 6:35. and developng, parts of the south are being lashed with heavy wind and rain this morning, but it could be worse with hurricane downgraded to a tropical storm still packing a punch, especially in low-lying areas. maggie, good morning. >> reporter: chris, good morning. here in mobile overnight, we were hit with heavy rains and sto storms. but it seems like the worst of the storm is over. nate coming ashore twice, first in southwestern louisiana and again on the mississippi gulf coast. the storm system lashing coastal areas with winds packing over 80 miles an hour. from the gulf coast to the northern regions of mississippi
6:36 am
and alabama, residents bracing for the worst. >> you have tornados in these things and don't know when they are going to pop up. >> we are here in biloxi. you can see the rains coming in as the east winds are piling up the water. >> reporter: causing massive flooding along the gulf coast. this family stranded in biloxi had to be rerescued. now residents are still waiting for it all to be okay. >> reporter: this couple after planning their wedding day for 20 months gets married in mobile. >> we had pains for all of them as i was holding my dress and dancing. >> reporter: one of the big concerns with nate is the big storm surge. here in mobile, many of the
6:37 am
streets were flooded because of it. now the good news is that the rain is stopping and nate is moving out of the region. in mobile, alabama, maggie rulli, abc7 news. >> it seems like cleanup should be relatively quick compared to other hurricanes we have seen this season. >> reporter: chris, that's a good point. nate is moving at such a faster place like irma or harvey. any there's there's a consistent of the winds. the water is already receding and we are looking forward to it being much clearer here by tonight. >> maggie, thank you for your reports throughout the morning. still ahead on "abc7 news," we will break down the recycling program and how it could set an example for other cities.
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and get ready for breakdown in your
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welcome back. happening today, more than 15,000 people have their running shoes on for the 12th annual rock n roll half marathon and
6:41 am
10k. the course runs past city hall, japantown and through the rose garden neighborhood and ending at cesar chavez plaza. the former super bowl champ roger craig who co-founded the race will be running the half portion today. and frances dinglasan has been tracking the forecast for us. it should be a great forecast for those heading out to the race. >> it will be very nice. these are the perfect conditions. chris, you're a runner. >> i am. >> temperatures are in the 50s right now but a few spots are in the 40s. we'll tell you about the red flag warning that comes up in the next few hours. thank you. all stanford fans need is love. it took a while for the cardinal to get bryce love going against to get bryce love going against utah, but then they couldn't and i'm an arborist with i'pg&e in the sierras. the drought in california has killed trees on a massive scale. any of those trees that fail into power lines
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could cause a wildfire or a power outage. public safety is the main goal of our program. that's why we're out removing these hundreds of thousands of hazard trees. having tools and technology gives us a huge edge to identify hazard trees. my hope is that the work we're performing allows that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. together, we're building a better california. trusted battery for your son's favorite toy?t maybe not. maybe, you could trust he wouldn't leave the upstairs water running. (woman screams) or, you could just trust duracell. ♪
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it is 6:44 on this saturday morning. we are waking up to cool conditions throughout the bay, but don't be fooled by what you are experiencing right now. frances will have a full forecast coming up. in sports the 49ers will play in indianapolis. they face the colts at lucas oil
6:45 am
stadium. the raiders will also probably be without derek carr as they face the ravens at 1:05. yesterday the cardinal was in salt lake city hoping to upset number 20 utah. here's mike schuman with the highlights of this morning's sports. >> good morning. stanford is looking for their third straight win traveling to utah to face the undefeated utes. bryce love leads the nation in rushes with nearly 1100 yards, but not only that, he has more yards than 111 teams. what would you do after an encore of the school's record 300 yards last week? second quarter, love, one move and he's gone. 39 yards down to the 7th. then chris takes it to love. that's an easy one, 7-yard touchd 13-10, quart cardinals, at the half. first drive in the third, utah fumbles the putt and stanford takes over at the 15. that's pretty good field
6:46 am
position. but the cardinal having a tough job finishing. love says, i'll finish the drive for you. finds a little save down the middle. loses his balance. 68 yards to the house. 23-13. love had 150 yards and now 1238 for the seson. stanford hands the utes their first loss of then is. the cardinals improve to 4-2. and cal head coach justin wilcox made his name as the defensive coordinator before taking on the bears job. one of the places he helped succeed was washington and he returned there with the bears last night trying to upset the sixth ranked team in the nation. big test for wilcox to see how the bears matched up against one of the pac-12's best. jake rolling throwing into the crowd. josh drake might visit, but washington's hunter bryant hangs on for the simultaneous position and the huskies toto
6:47 am
7-06789 browni7-0. 14-0, huskies. 31-0 when cal finally getting a break. donte tries for more yards and loses the ball. he scoops and stays up bounds. 31-7. the bears fall to the sixth-ranked team many the nation, 38-7. the final count now is 3-3. the sharks look for the first win of the season hosting the kings at the tank. first period, 1-0. bonniker puts in the shot from brandon dylan. boy, what a shot. now the sharks all tied up at 1-1. ten seconds left in the first period, onze kopitar past martin jones, 2-1, kings. halfway through the first period, the kings swarming. and again, copitar puts the kings up. the kings win 4-1, the final. san jose loses to fresno state, 27-10. in the baseball playoffs, dodgers over the d-backs to take a 2-0 lead.
6:48 am
and the nationals beat the cubs to even the series at 1-1. derek carr, game decision will happen at game time. i'm mike schuman. have a great day. all right, good morning, i'm meteorologist frances dinglasan. live doppler 7 is showing quiet conditions, no marine layer. here's a live shot looking down to san francisco and nothing but blue skies already. san francisco is currently 55, oakland, 51. mountain view, 54. san jose, 53. half-moon bay cooler at 45 degrees. here's a pretty shot from the live bay, mount tam looking south to the bay bridge, and we have most temperatures in the north bay in some 40s right now. that's where it's a little bit cooler. santa rosa, 48. napa, 47. novato, 46. and some 50s in fairfield, concord and in livermore. this time we're looking from the east bay out towards san francisco.
6:49 am
here's what you can expect, in terms of temperatures, it will be mild to warm today and tomorrow. and then tonight it's going to become windy overnight into tomorrow morning. and then get ready for a cooling trend that kicks in midweek. there is a red flag warning that starts at 11:00 this morning. we're going to see northeast winds with gusts in these areas of red, north bay, east bay and parts of the santa cruz mountains, gusts up to 55 miles per hour with low humidity, fires can spread quickly, so that's why the red flag warning is in effect. also, very windy conditions tonight for the north bay and the east bay as well with this northerly wind, gusts expected of at least 45 miles per hour. that's going to make it difficult for driving if you are in a taller vehicle like an suv or minivan. downed tree branches possible, even some downed trees and power outages. so we'll keep an eye on that. here's our wind forecast animation. so this afternoon, it starts to pick up in the north bay. and then overnight, we'll see very strong winds over 30 miles
6:50 am
per hour in parts of the north bay, like santa rosa and napa and fairfield, 46. and pretty breezy as well throughout the rest of the bay area. and it starts to taper off tomorrow morning. but keep that in mind. for today, expect another gorgeous day with plenty of sunshine. mild temperatures at the coast, 74 in san francisco. 68 in half-moon bay. some 80s through san rafael, napa, 84, oakland, want. fremont, palo alto, 80 degrees. and an san jose, 84 degrees. beautiful at the coast, but think twice before we head into the water with beach hazards in effect tonight. there's a long period of northwest and southwest swells. so this means strong rip currents, sneaker waves and large shore breaks. current wave heights right now over 10 feet. san francisco, 10 feet. monterey bay, 12 feet. so just be careful for that. and also, if you're headed to san francisco for the fleetweek, be prepared for the traffic. but you will find very comfortable temperatures in the mid-70s today and tomorrow with plenty of sunshine.
6:51 am
the blue angels fly between 3:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. also, we are tracking tropical storm nate right now. it has made landfall and weakened with winds of 45 miles per hour. it's going to move very quickly towards the northeast. and by tomorrow, it will be already past new york. now, we're also keeping track of the storm surge, which could be up to 8 feet in parts of the florida panhandle and alabama. tornadoes are possible as well. and lots of rain, up to 10 inches in some isolated areas. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, a beautiful day with lots of sunshine. but becoming very windy, especially tonight into tomorrow morning. it will still be breezy, but bright sunshine continues. autumn warmth holds on through tuesday. and then cooler onshore flow patterns develop on wednesday and we'll be below average by the end of the week. well, we'll enjoy the warm temperatures while we have them, right? >> yes, and the nice three-day holiday weekend. >> thank you. there's a lot more you can
6:52 am
recycle in san francisco. the city unveiled the biggest change to the recycling program in 15 years. abc7 news reporters have an answer to what goes in what bin. >> reporter: just one visit to northern california's biggest landfill and you know why san francisco came up with the fantastic three. >> three equal sized bins. a black one for landfill, a blue one for recycling and a green one for composting. >> reporter: it became the law of and there. >> what are you going to do with the cup of coffee when you are done with it? >> throw it in the compost bin. >> reporter: what about the lid? >> recycling bin. >> reporter: it's gotten confusing. what are some things that stump you? >> some pack nlging seems metallic but is small plastic at the same time. when in doubt, it goes in recycling. let the worry about it. >> reporter: with a sound system powered by bicycle. >> can someone please get freddie some water. >> reporter: city leaders announce big changes. >> we are making the fantastic three even more fantastic. >> reporter: coffee cups, foil-lined cartons and plastic
6:53 am
wrap can go in the blue bin in a plastic bag. >> get it in there and drop it many the blue bin. >> reporter: over the next two years blue bins will get bigger and the landfills get smaller. >> reporter: san francisco is on its way to get to zero waste. >> reporter: the changes will be welcomed news for coffee drinks to throw the lid and the cup in the same bin. and not such good news for people who are lazy and throw everything in the landfill. the new black ones are smaller than they look. >> if there's less room in here, it makes people think, okay, what can i put in if green or blue. >> reporter: that's a false bottom making the black bin half the size of the old one and trucks will change, too. one for landfill and one for compost. another just for recycling. the stuff winds up here at pier 96 where it is sorted by new technology creating new jobs. >> we started with 100 people, we're close to 200 local hires there now at recycle central. >> reporter: remember, people touch what you recycle so clear it out. >> scrape out the ice cream and supervisors, where does that go?
6:54 am
>> in your mouth. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan blume, abc7 news. coming up, an annual san today besides fleetweek. has crazy low prices. do you know how we do it? - how? - bargainomics! say, if california has a bumper crop and produces too many oranges. or a winemaker in sonoma suddenly has 1000 bottles too many. we've got name-brand, top-quality groceries priced 40-70% off every day. bargainomics. that's our business model.
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6:57 am
fisherman's wharf starting at 12:30 this afternoon. officer kevin downs was shot in the head while on duty last year and has made a miraculous recovery and will be in the parade. we'll see gusts up to 50 miles per hour for the mountains. fires can spread pretty quickly with the high fire danger. but that means pretty warm temperatures for us. san francisco, 74 for the blue angels. 79 in oakland for the raiders game this afternoon. and in san jose, it will warm up to 84 degrees. so mild to warm conditions today. and that will continue into tomorrow. enjoy the warmth because things start to change on wednesday. a cooler afternoon for everyone as an onshore flow pattern develops and will be below average by the end of the workweek. so enjoy the warmth. and if you want to do anything
6:58 am
outdoors earlier, better than later would be more convenient and more practical. >> good advice, as always. thank you, frances. thank you for joining us on abc7 mornings. for carolyn, tyler and the rest of the abc7 news team, i'm chris nguyen along with frances dinglasan. "good morning america" is next. "abc7 news" returns at 9:00 a.m. see you then. introducing clorox with cloromax. cleans and now protects. making your next clean-up easier. ♪ uh-oh. i think we have a winner. easier cleanup is the beginning. what comes next is everything. ♪
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good morning, america. this morning, nate comes ashore making landfall first in louisiana, hours later a second time in mississippi flooding parts of biloxi, cars underwater. roads and streets impassable. >> this is by far the strongest winds we've seen all night. >> this stranded family rescued from the rising water, and nate now heading north with threats of tornadoes and flash flooding. who is in the danger zone this morning? tough tweets. president trump is taking aim at north korea saying that diplomatic efforts by previous presidents went nowhere, and now only one thing will work as the president is pressed on his calm before the storm comments. >> nothing, nothing to clarify. >> he's now acknowledging he's had disagreements with his own secretary ofta


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