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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  October 8, 2017 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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man was approached by another man on the platform who demanded his backpack. >> that first victim refused. when that happened, the suspect produced a knife and attacked that victim. >> a person tried to help but he was stabbed too. >> both victims, 18 and 20, suffered stab wounds to the hand and head. another man who tried to intervene was also wounded. he left the station before the police arrived. the suspect got away. >> what's going on? >> somebody got stabbed on the platform. >> oh, like now? >> the station was closed while police search for the armed suspect described as a white man with short blonde hair between 30 and 40 wearing a green army jacket. a chp helicopters searched surrounding neighborhoods for him but no sign. >> it's crazy. >> a bus bridge took riders to nearby station but some didn't feel safe and decided to drive. >> it does bother me. especially here in lafayette. you wouldn't hear of something like that happening in this area. but now days i think things
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happen all over the place. >> so many people say you want to use mass transit. it is a little concerning when you have a situation where you can't do your commute safely. >> many riders want more security at stations. >> i personally have never noticed any security on the platform. >> b.a.r.t. says it is working on it. >> we want people to know that we are beefing up security and hiring more officers. >> b.a.r.t. police reviewing station surveillance cameras to help identify the suspect. in lafayette, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> an uber driver is among three people wounded. a group leaving a party got into the uber car and were heading southbound on 880 when people in a second vehicle hopopened fire them. it happened just before 4:00 this morning. three men were injured. >> i know that man pulled off to the side. one of the passengers jumped into the driver's seat and drove them to a local hospital where they are currently being assessed. >> officers are searching for the suspects.
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investigation shut down a stretch of the freeway for about tworsou h his t afternoon. they say we have reached out to the driver to check on his well-being and stand ready to help police with any information needed for their investigation. >> a bay area woman who died in a las vegas mass shooting has urn returned home. she was at the concert with her husband. she was the mother of two. her body arrived at sfo this afternoon. one week to the day of the shooting. lillyi litt lillian kim is live. you talked with passengers on the plane? >> yes. the passengers were told about what was going on that people outside their plane were there for one of the victims of the las vegas shooting. many were overcome with emotion when they saw family members and police officers outside their window. stacey was married to san francisco police officer,
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vinnie. and today many of his fellow officers were here at sfo when her body arrived just after 2:00 p.m. members of the color guard were on hand and so were many other officers, several of whom who carried the kacasket. a precession followed. we talked to officers who caught a glimpse of what happened outside their plane and they were moved by the tribute that she received. >> it was very sobering. my eyes welled up with tears and i could see the man standing there with two young kids. that took me -- yes, very sober he >> carrying someone who was taken by the shooting. even from ireland. it is upset be that so much happened over here. >> stacey was married to her husband, vinnie, for 13 years. she was also the mother of two children. a 12-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son. live at sfo, lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> thank you, lillian.
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she is among four people with bay area ties who died in the shooting. the other victims of 57-year-old denise cohen. she went to california high school the same year as etcheber. curt vontillow died as he yelled for others around him to hit the grand. michelle vo graduated from independence high school. today the process began for survivors. victims and their families to retrieve thousands of personal items like cell phones and purses left behind during the concert. today first responders said he are past the response phase. >> this is all about recovery now. and we need to get that messaging out about recovering. it is going to be a very, very long process. >> there's still no sign of a motive despite more than 1,000 leads and tips. there is new information about a handwritten note found in the gunman, stephen paddock's hotel room. a law enforcement source saying the note contained calculations pertaining to distance and
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trajectory from pad okay's 32rd floor window to the ground of concert-goers he targeted below. oakland raiders showing support for their future hometown. the team showed a vegas strong decal on the back of the players helmets. the decal is in the same style as famous welcome to las vegas sign. mike pence left the colts game in indianapolis early when several niners players knelt. pence is the former governor of indian, announcing his departure on twitter. saying he would not dignify any event that disrespects the anthem. i don't think it is too much to ask the nfl players to respect the flag and our national anthem. i stand with president trump. trump said i asked pence to leave stadium if any player neeld.
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disrespecting our country. i'm proud of him and first lady, karen. >> abc news reporter chuck seeferson hsee receiverson has the back and forth. >> president trump taking aim at senator bob corker after tennessee republican announced last month he will not run for reelection. kiking off a series of attacks today, trump wrote senator corker begged me he to endorse him for reelection. i said no and he dropped out. corker tweeted back, it is ashame it has become an adult day care. >> a great friend of mine, senator bob corker. >> but things changed and by august corker had this to say about the president's reaction about the deadly scene in charlottesville. >> there is a moral compass he
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needs to demonstrate in order to be successful. >> corker's office says trump's office called the senator last week asking him to reconsider his decision and reaffirming he would endorse him. >> nate is on the move right now. fortunately the storm's no longer a hurricane. up next at 5:00, a look at the impact the hurricane had on parts of louisiana. also ahead -- >> we will take you to one of san francisco's oldest celebrations of heritage. first held in 1868. >> and meteorologist drew tuma, the flag gently waving, but winds will crank later on this
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breaking news now in glap county. an auto salvage between napa and american county. this tweet by the county shows thick heavy smoke. high winds are keeping it raging. evacuations have been ordered and people are advised to stay way from the area. here is a live look from the east bay hills camera. can you see smoke from the fire can be seen miles away and another look here from our south beach camera. you can see it, including here in san francisco, that smoke wasti wafting into the area. hurricane nate is now a tropical depression. this satellite image shows nate as category 1 hurricane as it made its first land fall outside biloxi, mississippi. heavy rains and gusty winds continued to batter the south as nate moves inland. the storm causing major flooding
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along the gulf coast this morning and knocking out power to nearly 100,000 people in alabama and mississippi. >> in every storm we've been very fortunate because we are close to the grid and we have had power all the time. but it was a really a ferocious storm. >> nate is expected to drop 2 to 4 inches across the ohio valley and into the northeast before exiting maine on tuesday. new details tonight on the hit and run crash that sent four cyclists to the hospital. one in critical condition. chp officers credit video from a helmet cam for the arrest of this man. 20-year-old of nevada accused of driving his truck into the bikers on petaluma road in marin county. >> we reviewed the video and we could see the collision occur an second of all because it was so high quality we were able to do
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freeze frames and get good visuals on the truck. ⌞> path faces four counts of felony hit and run. >> a farewell today for a plane once considered the queen of the skies. the stories ahead. also, wild ride. man who was seriously intent on getting on this bus. what police say prompted him to take this extreme measure. >> and a breezy evening out there on the sunday night. as wind increases over the next 12 hours, our fire
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take a look at this. this man faces charges for jumping on the hood after school bus tp it happened near baltimore.
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68-year-old tried to get on the bus after a student threw a bottle from the bus tornds doran's vehicle. an officer happened to see the motion and got involved and took doran into custody. >> saying good-bye to an iconic airplane that's been with the carrier for more than four decades. abc 7 news at united maintenance base where thousands came to say good-bye to the boeing 747 better known as the jumbo jet. unite said retiring their fleet of 747s. the airline allowed tours of the plane including the upper deck during the annual family celebration. the flight will take place on november 7 between sfo and honolulu. united and delta are the only two using 747s still and both are phasing out the planes. >> italians and italians americans took part in a festival today.
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san francisco opera singer entertaining the crowd at the 149th annual italian her kaj para heritage parade and festival. the event recognizes accomplishments of all italian-americans. >> and in accuweather, you can see no matter what you were doing today, outdoors was picture perfect. but tonight the wind will be cranking very quickly and that is going to increase our fire danger the next 24 hours. live doppler 7, giving you the active scan, nothing but sunshine right now. so live doppler 7 is quiet. however, when we turn on the wave hikes, very active ocean current right now. live doppler 7 showing about 40 miles off-shore, waves as high as 19 feet. closer to the shoreline right now. wave heights around 11 feet. active current along the coastline. for that fact, beach hazards now extended through tomorrow morning. wave hikes anywhere from 8 to as
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high as 13 feet. so the risk is there on our coastline very strong whip current at this hour. you can see waves are very active right now, crashing along the shoreline. good to see very few people in the water right now because the rip currents can quickly take you out to sea under these conditions. a mild day though so not a bad idea to be at the coast and look at waves. wide spreads 70s and 80s at this hour. 70 in san francisco, about 82 right now ine and 83 that number in napa. in the north bay especially at this hour, the winds are increasing. look at our gusts right now. 30 mile per hour gusts. fairfield clocking in at 29 miles per hour and winds are going to steadily increase over the next 12 hours. future tracker wind gusts showing you when we are back on air for abc 7 news at 11:00. winds become wide spread over 20 miles per hour. even higher than that likely in the north bay, early tomorrow morning, you can see 3:00 in the morning, santa rosa with a wind
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gust over 40 miles per hour. if tomorrow is trash day for you, probably not a bad idea to hold off putting cans out until later tomorrow morning when winds relax. for that fact, a wind advisory goes into effect at 7:00. areas shaded in yellow with north and east bay and winds gusting 30 to 50 miles per hour. threat is there for downed tree branches to also bring down power lines. winds will thankfully relax very quickly midday monday. but high fire danger still exists with gusty winds. red-flag warning in effect for the areas to be shaded in red. combo of the winds and very dry air we he have jooverhead meanst can increase. a windy night, 53 in san francisco. 52 in oakland. 55 in san jose. the winds relax midday and a nice afternoon. mild even along the coast. 70s for half moon bay. widespread 80s from con cord to
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santa rosa. san jose, high of 84 degrees. accuweather seven-day forecast, planning the next seven days. breezy morning on your monday. winds relax midday. returning to the coast tuesday. but wednesday we begin the cooling trend and thursday and friday feel much more like fall and right now all indications matt saturday and sunday back it average and back to reality. spot on for this time of the year. >> pretty good. thank you, drew. all right. now to sports. trying to get back to average. >> tough for both of our local nfl teams. raiders early could not recover. niners forcing overtime against
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angel's a 3-year-old with cancer. >> he's just excited about life. >> next "right this minute." raiders and ravens have a lot in common. both start with r. both left their homes. derek carr inactive. good call by the raiders. first call of the game. joe flacco trying to take advantage of the raiders secondary. ravens would score and go up 7-0. raiders first possession. ej manual. short pass to jared cook. he will fumble. jimmy smith scoops and scores. 14-0. less than 4 minutes into the game. second quarter now 21-3. baltimore, emmanuel, escapes, buys time, finds michael crabtree back from the injury
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list. 21-10 ball game. third quarter, raiders within seven. marshawn lynch gets in for a second touchdown as a raider. now 24-17. that's it. ravens, tackle on a field goal. raiders lose falling 2-3. >> fans are sitting down, tough way to start. have a shot late. not playing well enough. and not real happy about it. >> all right. was payton the best quarterback in the building today? mac, 22-yard run. for mac, 91 yards rushing. 23-6 colts. mid way through the fourth. brian deep to marquis goodwin. hoyer throwing for 353 yards and two touch downs. sets up six-yard shovel pass to
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usecheck. under three minutes to go. fourth and one. hoyer from his back foot to kiddel. scoring the game-tying touchdown first as a pro. tied at 23. and going into overtime. in ot, adam vinatieri, 44 years old, 24-23 the final. niners drop to 0-5. lost four games by a total of is 11 points. final preseason game against minnesota and shanghai steph throwing down in victory. roger federer hanging out with fellas pregame. everyone seems to be at half speed throughout the trip. giving fans a show before heading out over the pacific. then durant for the catch and shoot three. he's good. curry cooking. ran away from the t-wolves. 142-110. larry baels he with the warriors in china. and head coach steve kerr's
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thoughts. >> is this what you expected? this is your first time in china, as is mine. >> i had never been here, as you said, but given the circumstances not really being able to practice much, worrying about the regular season and all that, we will look back on this trip with fond memories. great bonding experience for all of us. >> 49ers are that close. i'm not sure what happened to the raiders. baseball playoffs at 6:00. see you then. >> thank you. check out a traffic stop that changed a california woman's life.
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on abc 7 news at 6:00, a fast burning fire in the north bay. >> crabbing the party. >> a cross country train slams into a tour bus. details at 6:00. los angeles county sheriff's deputy used a ring instead of handcuffs to capture his girlfriend's heart. palmdale sheriff's station using a traffic stop to propose. they thought she was a dui suspect before saying yes to his arresting proposal. >> yeah. you wouldn't be so happy about that, pulling you over to do something good for you. that's it for us on abc 7 news at tonight, hurricane strike.
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one of the fastest-moving tropical systems ever in the gulf. hurricane nate delivering fierce winds and dangerous flooding. we go inside a casino under water. and now, the massive rain maker heading to the northeast. pence protest play. the vice president walking out of an nfl game after some players kneel during the anthem. president trump says he asked pence to do it. nasty exchange. the president unleashing a twitter storm against a top republican senator. that senator now calling the white house "an adult day care center." justified force? the deadly encounter after officers stop a man on a bicycle. what police say he had in his hand. and why the suspect's family says they went too far.


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